We Are Now Even
Roleplaying Log: We Are Now Even
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Carol confronts Eliza Marshall.

Other Characters Referenced: Angel
IC Date: April 18, 2019
IC Location: New York Presbyterian Hospital, NYC
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Posted On: 21 Apr 2019 02:47
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NPC & GM Credits: Eliza Marshall as played by Ursa
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It's early in the evening on a Thursday at New York Presbyterian.

There is the general buzz of activity that is a hospital in a large city. Gunshot wounds and a few late cases of the flu in the ER. The last few surgeries of the day recovering in the surgical wing. Births. Deaths.

But in one wing, there is a different sort of presence. There's a DPS agent next to a door, chatting with a couple of uniformed NYPD officers. They drink their cups of coffee and joke about the latest internet celebrity scandal.

It's easier, that way. It makes everything feel normal — as if guarding a fourteen year old minor on the eve of her being transferred to a high security prison could ever feel normal.

The girl inside the room they guard, presently sitting cross-legged on the hospital bed and playing an ancient Nintendo Gameboy, got a stay a couple of weeks ago while her case got challenged. Who, after all, would want to throw a kid who had nearly died into a situation like that.

Someone, apparently, is okay with it. …The challenge was thrown out.

And so she sits. And she waits. And she looks to the game console in her hands, her dark hair hanging in straight curtains on either side of her face.

This has been a long time coming for Carol Danvers.

She didn't think this moment would come at first. At first, Carol thought this would be a conversation she might be having over Eliza Marshall's gravestone. Due to the incredible efforts of an Angel and a Ghost, the teenager remains among the living. Ever since she saw Worthington carrying the woman, miraculously healed, Carol started to wonder what she would say to her.

Her first decision is that she'd say nothing. She didn't want to see her again, if she did she'd strangle the girl for what she pulled on her! She'd.. She didn't think she could bare to see the girl look at her. Everytime she thinks of the girl's face her last words echo in Carol's mind.

'C..can't take.. take my sister..won't.. please don't?'

That was weeks ago now. Carol has had a great while to stew and think it over, especially in the wake of her forced leave and demotion. This opportunity was given to her by the Angel that saved the girl's life and Danvers has taken it with renewed determination. And purpose.

Danvers walks the halls of the Hospital in casual wear. Her old leather flight jacket over a US Air Force shirt. No hat, her blonde hair swept back with aviator sunglasses pushed high on her forehead. Fists in her blue jean pockets as she pauses a moment while the officers and Agent come to recognize who's come and stare.
"Give me a few minutes with her. Alone." Carol states in an even tone that can not be mistaken for conversational. Not waiting for how they respond, she steps into the room and closes the door behind her.

For a short time.. Carol just watches her. Watches the teenage girl sit on the bed. Watches her do something so trivial like playing a video game. Strange how death makes even small things seem so.. momentous.

A few minutes alone.

"I'm afraid I—," the DPS agent says. By the look on his face, it may or may not be orders. To call the older man, maybe in his late forties or early fifties and certainly old enough to be Eliza's father, skeptical? Would be a comedic exercise in understatement. And then the door shuts before he can say anything about it. He looks to the officers with him, and then just widens his eyes, offering without words: 'Did that just happen?'

The door reopens, and that agent camps himself just inside it. He crosses his arms, leans against the hinge of the door, and just eyes Carol with an open challenge for her to try to do something about it.

The girl on the bed hears the click of the door, and then just turns her own eyes towards it. And Eliza looks in that moment, like a startled rabbit. Her game boy, neglected by now fear-stilled hands, bleeps and bloops its way through a dejected tune as she loses the level.

The fear hurts the most. Seeing those eyes focus in on Carol with remembered terror.. She didn't know what she expected. Maybe outrage? Some kind of anger mixed with a martyrdom complex about dying for the Brotherhood cause? Those things would have made it so easy. People being angry at Carol.. That she can handle. Plenty of that has gone down over the past few weeks.

People being afraid of her? Carol's blue eyes close as she bows her head. Hands moving to her sunglasses, taking them from her brow and folding them closed. She holds the dark lenses in her hands pensively a moment.. Before she listens to the door open behind her. She makes a low grumble of annoyance, tightening her jaw as she decides to ignore the officer for now and not look back.
She opens her eyes once more, deciding to take a look around the room. Specifically looking to see if others are in the same room or if this is solo. Also glancing up to the corners to see if they have security cameras rolling in the usual places. Does she even get a window?

"I'm not going to hurt you. Not today." Carol murmurs as she investigates slowly.

For what it's worth, it's a nice enough room. It's meant for two people, but the bed nearest the door has been vacant since the teenager was moved in. The curtain on its metal track has been pulled back, giving a view out of the small window beside the girl. The camera is definitely in the usual places, but there's an additional one set atop the medical cabinet in between the beds. A different feed, most likely.

The promise gets Carol little else from Eliza except a quiet flick of the Gameboy's power button, and a quiet question. "But all bets off tomorrow?"

Once Carol has taken in the surroundings does she finally give the Agent a look of extreme dismay. The expression lingers as she expertly performs the Riker Maneuver on a guest chair just out of view of the security camera high in the corner, but in full view of the one on the medical cabinet.
Her gaze returns to Eliza as Danvers does not answer her question. Instead she continues with one of her own, her tone a soft neutral, "Tell me about your parents, Eliza. What did they say to you when they met you here?" The question comes easily and with rehearsed precision. This is something she thought a long time about.. What would she say?
This is her answer.

Eliza looks past Carol, to the agent, and then back again. Then, very quietly, she turns her Gameboy back on. "I don't wanna talk about my family," she says, affixing her eyes once more on the tiny screen. She does, at least, turn the volume down.

She's no longer in a hospital gown, it's worth noting perhaps. She's in a well-worn kelly green tank top, and a decidedly baggy pair of drawstring pajama pants with cartoon dog faces splattered across it. St. Bernards, beagles, chihuahuas, pugs, and huskies stare out with lolling tongues and happy smiles. She should, perhaps, be comfortable.

Comfy pajamas. An attitude that - were it delivered in anything other than a murmur - might be considered belligerent. Except that her tone is a murmur, and there is a certain tension in her frame that never dissipates. "If you're here for the car ride to my intake, you're too early."

A pause, and then she looks up with more concern. "They… They didn't move it up, right?" The concern deepens as she looks past Carol again, to the officer beyond, pleading in her gaze. They didn't move it up, right?

Carol watches her carefully. Once again evading the girl's question in turn as she continues with her own. She rests her elbows on her knees, hunched forwards as her fingers play together. Just watching her now and fully ignoring the officer watching them both.

"Why did you make yourself look like Neutron?"
Upon a time Carol thought she would ask that question in a rage, pushing the girl to the wall and screaming at her. But the anger.. It doesn't come. The only volume she manages is soft. Some would call it a quiet plea.

Her eyes come back to Carol, and her eyes narrow. The Gameboy no longer is draped from her knees like a lazy hammock. No, it's started a slow migration to her sternum. Another sign of her defensiveness and discomfort. "I don't think I'm supposed to answer questions like that," she says after a long moment, dropping her eyes to the game again and tucking a thin strand of dark hair behind her ear. If she didn't do that? Her face would be lost from view.

"Why do you even care?" comes the quick retort. Eliza looks up, and her expression is a muddled combination of so many different emotions they become hard to pick apart. Defensive is the easiest, perhaps. But it nestles in, twining around fear and anger and resentment.

At the end of the day, she's still just a fourteen year old girl. These feelings come easily, even without cause.

"I did what I did, and you did what you did, and they did what they did, and they're still shipping me off in the morning because clearly I am the most wrong." There's a sullen snort. "Why are you even here?"

She then looks sharply to the agent at the door and a hand comes off the handheld device so that she can gesture in Carol's direction. "Is she even allowed to be here? I feel like she should not be allowed in here. I bet I could call this, like, harassment or something."

The man at the door shifts uncomfortable, and coughs to clear his throat. But he doesn't immediately intervene.

Angry then.
Carol watches the girl carefully as her fury and confusion are finally tapped beneath her fear. Her eyes slowly close once more as she feels its full force, leaning back into her chair and rubbing her eyes. Danvers has no immediate retort to the outburst, nor does she pay the guard any measure of attention as he's called to request ending this 'meeting'.

Why is she even here indeed?

The silence becomes awkward as Carol processes her thoughts, hand sliding down to cover her mouth as her eyes search back and forth. Considerations being made, second thoughts about something perhaps? After a long exhale the SHIELD operative rises from her chair. She skirts the edge of the bed to walk over to the window and crack it open half a foot for fresh air. .. Even if it happens to be locked.
"Don't worry officer." She regards the man finally, even if she doesn't look back to him, "I'm leaving."

The look that Eliza shoots in Carol's direction seems to have all the same show, because fear looks a lot better in her book than any of the other myriad feelings that could bubble up instead. It could have been the fear, instead.

But deep down, the teenager recalls what her father always said about fear. 'You will never do anything in this world without courage.'

Still, her courage has - at the very least - found limits. For now. No longer does she have the desire or will to stare Carol in the face; she needn't any longer. Instead, she turns her face back down wordlessly to her Gameboy to afford the other woman the opportunity to see herself out.

Without looking to the girl, Carol moves back around the bed and absently readjusts her jacket, nodding towards the agent to indicate she'll be right behind him if he goes first. She then tugs the curtain half-closed without looking towards the door, inadvertently obscuring the sitting girl from the viewpoint of the camera on the medical cabinet.
Waiting until the agent turns around and heads out first, Carol files out after him.. But just beforehand she absently tosses a folded towel sitting on a small pile of them beside the open bed near the door. It just so happens to drape over the remaining camera in the corner of the room.. All while the Agent's back was turned of course. She then closes the door behind her, filing out in short order.

Why was Danvers even there? What could she hoped to have.. Oh hey!
On the frame of the now half-open window, a pleasant orange tabby steps in from outside. Somehow having managed to climb along the emergency fire escape a few windows over and along the edge of the floor's window sills. The cat looking upon her soundlessly, perhaps waiting to be petted?

Eliza doesn't really notice the cameras losing their vision. She noticed the deal with the one window getting cracked open; it wasn't really made for opening like that, and yet…? Eliza doesn't is immediately investigate it. Instead, she ignores the world and plays her video game.

But then there's the sound that catches her attention: a cat that shouldn't be there. The young woman gives the pet a very odd look, and then rises to her feet to approach it. Her hand stretches out towards it, and confusion is all over her face - even as she softly clucks her tongue towards the feline to reassure it.

The orange tabby just continues watching the girl, sniffing twice perhaps to confirm something. Then - In a moment straight out of a John Carpenter film - the feline's head splits open in several directions. A truly massive organic maw unfolding in complete defiance of space and physics. More than large enough to fit an entire human into with several massive pink-orange tentacles fling themselves out and wrap about the girl with great strength. In a horrific moment there's movement and it all goes black..

..The moment passes and the girl finds herself.. Not dead? Actually quite whole and intact inside of a mildly slimy room. Roughly the size of a studio apartment, the chamber seems.. Alive, like the belly of a whale. Within which are several piles of surprisingly normal junk. At least fifteen drones are littered about, twenty basketballs, five bicycles and half of a car. Any one of a hundred urban oddities.

In the middle of it all? A neatly folded letter that's sitting in the very middle of the pile with the word 'Eliza Read This' written on the envelope, underlined several times.

Eliza does what any normal human being would do in her present circumstances.

Despite being a mutant girl straight from the heart of Mutant Town… A girl who has seen more than her fair share of things that others might consider to be beyond weird…. She wasn't expecting that.

So… Eliza starts to scream.

But then she's in the middle of her new reality, and she adjusts with surprising speed. Her breath is shallow and quick; her eyes are wide as saucers. But she is adjusting, both to the fact that she is alive and that she can someone see inside the slimy room.

"Ohmigawd," she whispers in a rush, as she sees her name on the envelope. "I'm dead. This is the letter that's gonna tell me I'm dead." Still, if one is going to be dead, it's probably best to know it. …Wait, if she knows it… does that mean she's a ghost?! She doesn't want to be a ghost!

All of this means, by the time she gets to the envelope, her hands are trembling. They are shaking so badly, in fact, that she has problems opening the letter. But she does manage the task eventually.

The letter reads as follows..


I know you must be scared but you are safe. You are not going to the Raft. You are currently being smuggled to Canada.
The moment I realized what I did to you was one of the worst moments of my life. For the pain I caused you and your family, I am truly sorry.
Understand this. Following the path of the Brotherhood got you killed. It was the X-Men that saved your life and gave you back your freedom. Do not waste this second chance. Choose who you want to be. We are now even.
When you leave this place you'll be in Toronto General. You'll be using the name Suzie Dobson and one of the X-Men's associates should find you soon.

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