Captain America does the right thing
Roleplaying Log: Captain America does the right thing
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Captain America and Kara jog for a bit, talking about Registration.

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IC Date: April 20, 2019
IC Location: Running Trail
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"Do you have a few moments, Captain America?"
"Rogers, what do you have to say on the American government's use of the robotic sentries?"

"You haven't yet offered an official stance on the registration, but rumors state that you are currently working on a speech for yourself and the Avengers, do you wish to comment?"
"Captain America?" "Cap?"

"Steve Rogers!"

The shouts of the reporters can almost be heard still as Steve Rogers jogs calmly through the park of Prospect Park. The hour is early, about 6 AM, both due to Steve's military mindset of early rise as well as the desire to avoid crowds. It used to be that Steve loved talking to people and encouraging hope and defending the importance of integrity. Now it seems everyone wants to make him a talking point, which seems to only further his desire for silence.

The Man Out of Time is clad in simple running clothes, black gym shorts that display his Super Solder legs and grey shirt that clings to his chest, sweat gathering slightly around the neck and armpits from a few hours of swift jogging which seems to most almost like a continuous sprint. Running shoes with the Red, White, and Blue colors beat against the road. The only two accessories visible on him is a camelback slung over his shoulder, which he uses to take sips from and his phone held in his hand. A white cord dangles from it, allowing him to listen to… whatever he is currently listening to.

* * *

Running in the park seems like a fun activity. And it's one that Kara doesn't do very often since… well, she's as strong as she's going to get and she's as fast as she's going to get. But, here on Earth it's an enjoyable bit of 'getting away' as well. The news people don't bother much with the blonde woman who's jogging past them, and since Steve is the only person nearby Kara makes sure only to surpass his speed by just a bit. She's still unused to what is 'normal' speeds and what are 'super' speeds, so it's probably a bit out-of-place to have a blonde in some spandex leggings with Disney characters all over them, and an athletic top that exposes her midriff, hair pulled back in a ponytail, as she listens to some kind of music on her own earbuds.

Passing by the man she smiles over to him, "Good day for a run, right?" She nods her head, not even winded, no sweat on this girl, as she casusally caught up to Steve and is offering a friendly wave and smile.

* * *

It's uncommon for people to really pass by Steve outside of the superhero community. He is heralded as the perfect of humanity, so as the woman is able to race forward and speak to him in a conversational tone, a brief quizzical look is given. Blue eyes study her briefly, clearly trying to see if he recognizes her. The fact that he has a hint of wariness within his gaze suggests he does not.

Despite the situation, a warm and honest smile does form as the 'First Avenger' offers a nod to the hand wave. "With all the bad weather, nice to get out and enjoy spring while we have it," Rogers admits as he takes a gaze about, his attention on the newly arisen sun.

With Kara's highened hearing, she'd likely be able to pick up the music from Steve's phone if she chose to: 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong.

* * *

Her own music is in her ears, but she doesn't have to pull her earbuds out to hear everything still. It's just another thing to focus past for the Kryptonian's extemely heightened ears. Slowing down to Steve's pace, she's still got to move her legs more since she's a substantial bit shorter than the man. "That's not a very … upbeat song." Kara mentions as she looks over to Steve with a bit of confusion on her face.

"I heard that you are supposed to have upbeat music. Fast songs, to keep the pace high. I have a list of songs, mostly from these animated films by a company called Disney. Have you heard of it?" She smiles a bit, jogging easily while keeping her head to the side, and even as the sun comes up she closes her eyes for a moment, while still jogging before opening them, "I love mornings on the ground, how the sun appears to rise. It makes me think that no matter what darkness is about, we just need to maintain hope and the sun will rise again."

* * *

There is a moment or two of silence, Steve considering the words spoken to him. Finally, he admits with his smile still in tact, "I'm listening to it because it's recommended. Usually people tell me stuff to listen to and I try to when I have the time."

Cap's blue eyes continue to gaze forward, taking in a couple of joggers, one appears to be a very fit man while the other is a woman who clearly is here due to the man, struggling to keep up. He offers them a nod from the other side of the trail, which the man returns and the woman does not, too focused on not falling over apparently to even know she was being nodded to as the two pairs pass by.

"I've heard some Disney here and there. Mostly the newer stuff since it's important to know to talk to younger people. 'Let It Go' and all that. Amazing to see how far animation's gone."

While he doesn't remark on the final words, he does give more silence, perhaps figuring Kara will continue on with her well-meaning thoughts if given the chance.

* * *

"Recommended?" Passing by others on the trail, Kara doesn't nod over to them, though she thinks for a moment, as she runs a bit more. She smiles a moment and gets a bigger grin, "Yes? You know Let It Go? The snow blows white on the mountain tonight, not a foot print to be seen. A kingdom of isolation… and it looks like I'm the queen." Her face is very expressive unable to hold back both the slight smile, and her eyes showing a distant sadness. "It speaks to my heart, so many of the songs. They are… important." Her tone has grown soft in tone, serious in nature.

Her hand comes up to her chest, in a light fist, as she speaks about the songs speaking to her heart. "I heard the news reporters asking you questions. Are you a celebrity? Or politician? Of some kind? They were talking about The Registration Act that … has hurt so many already. Even then, though, I see people coming together, people who would never have talked."

She continues to jog and she hmmmms, thinking a moment aloud, "You should listen to Katy Perry as well, she is very upbeat. I also like this band called Aqua. They have fun songs to dance to…"

* * *

Rogers continues his jog. Due to the nature of the super soldier serum, he doesn't seem winded, but the need to improve is always there. That and considering he is the only 'true' recipient of the treatment, he needs to make sure it's still working since one day, who knows, it might begin to fail. A faint smirk is given as the excited woman starts to recite the lyrics, but doesn't add much to it nor the other recommendations though he does nod to understand they've been given.

As Kara inquires about who Steve is and why people are talking to him about the Registration Act, Steve is again silent. The pause is longer this time, both to form his words as well as consider the situation. Little things are starting to add up. "As Captain America, I'm considered the 'official' voice of American ethics, though I don't pretend to be anything but a man who speaks his mind and tries to do right."

Steve notably doesn't remark on the Act, though his smile has faded, the weight of the issue now in the front of his mind once more.

"I take it you're not from around here."

* * *

"Not at all. I am from Kr-Kansas." Kara pauses a moment as she stops, and even mouths out the word Kansas in a strange way. Though she ohhhs and nods her head, "You are Captain America? Interesting. I could not figure out who you were without the … uniform?" A bit of a shrug comes her way, not terribly fangirlish or anything about Captain America. "I have heard that you do good things. And that is important. Plus, you sound like you are telling the truth right now, which means I know you believe you are doing what it right."

Looking back a moment, as if she could still see the New Reporters, which unbeknownst to Steve she can, she just is doing it as a signaling of 'them'. "I can understand why they would flock to you. You have America in your name. And you are highly ranked in the military structure here. I am against the Act, it is clearly unfair and unjust. Though I have been convinced that this country votes for things, and even when it is opposed to their best interest or takes precedent over the rights of social minorities, people still expect their vote to go through. That seems wrong."

* * *

The blue eyes of Rogers continue to look forward, the moral question making the issue of Kara's origin a back burner conversational point. "States have the right to exercise their own laws, more so in times of state emergency. When heroes decide to pick and choose what laws they respect, it sets up a dangerous precedent," Steve begins. New York has lost untold millions due to it, mutants and some metahumans have had a history of causing manslaughter or property damage from their abilities becoming manifest for the first time or irresponsible use of their gifts. Many places you have to declare you have a hand gun; it seems natural for places to wish for you to declare the ability to rip someone in half with your mind."

It's here that Steve stops. Not because he's tired. Well, not physically at least. A glance is given back as Kara does, but if he notices the reporters, he doesn't make note of it.

"I've gotten a letter from a mother. Her son was dating a girl. Both in middle school. When the two were getting a little closer than my PSAs recommend, in her excitement, she learned her hands could become over 300 degrees. It was a miracle the boy survived with the injuries to his back, though the burns are extensive and he'll carry that with him for the rest of his life. Is that fair that he had to go through that, when it could have been prevented? I hear your thoughts on it, but I have to consider hers too."

As Steve gives his dramatic example, he sighs. "I'm not saying the Registration Act is fair though, don't get me wrong. But there are always two sides to every issue. There is enough wrong, blame, and moral high grounds that this nation could have this debate for decades and likely will. The important thing, however, is that we come up with something that does the most good for everyone: Mutants, humans, and metahumans alike. And that will take time and all parties weighing in. To do otherwise? That's seems wrong too."

* * *

"And yet the act exists, today. Without the opportunity to hear the sides, without knowing if there are alternatives." Kara mentions and offers, "I hear what you are saying. Some people, are simply more dangerous than others. It is true. The Registration Act does not stop what you have mentioned from happening. That girl did not know till her powers were manifest that they could."

There's a pause and Kara mentions, "I woke up, one day, without a place to call my home. And I had… abilities beyond my imagination or control. I was out of place, I had lived most of my life without worry or fears, without concerns or cares. With the knowledge that my special gift were my parents and their caring tutelage. Not anything else. I feel for that girl, who made someone suffer who blames herself, who is blamed and feared by the ones she cares about. Though that's not who is to blame. Those generating the legitimacy of that fear, they are to blame."

Kara shakes her head a little bit and takes in a deep breath, letting it out slowly, "When reviewing your history I have seen two recent instances of registrations. That of the Jewish population in Germany, and those of the Japanese here. Before that the slaves were kept on a Registration. In each instance, the group being registered were thought of as dangerous, less than human or different from. Not many know what it is like to have a life, and lose that life, waking up to a new world with strange things about it. How many times worse would it be for those who suddenly are in a new world, but have no support… only fear." She looks up to Steve, "I have hope for this place, this home, that its constitution was written not to protect the majority vote but the minority from the majority. To prevent people from being judged without Due Process of law. If a crime has not been committed, why are we forcing these people into a system that treats them as criminals? An 8 year old boy, even if he can melt stone, is not a hand gun. Any law that says so removes our … shared humanity."

A soft smile comes to her lips, "I know that you have much weighing on you. I did not intend to bring this to our conversation Captain. I can stand in the way. I do not wish to do so, I do not wish to be the unmovable boulder in the way of Progress. Everything about this feels wrong. And all that evil needs to succeed, is for good men, and women, to do nothing."

* * *

"I lived through World War II, so I understand what you're talking about," comes the deadpan response.

Steve takes in a deep breath, letting out a slow exhale. While his gaze is to the ground in the wake of the breath, when his eyes lift to meet Kara's there is a calm compassion that meets her own youthful idealism.

"In the cases of the Jewish people and Japanese, both were different in their own way. In the first, it was a mad man using racism to support his climb to power and his own radical claims. In the second, it was a fear and anger of a nation geared toward their attackers, which was used to justify imprisoning a people in fear they might be conspiring with Japan. Whether or not it was right or wrong, I've been asked by the government not to comment on it."

With the historical context explained, Steve goes into the issue at hand. "I have no desire to imprison or punish the innocent, but I don't want innocent people to suffer and die because we ignored these issues. If the Registration Act was passed, the issue with the girl could have been stopped. She would have been IDed as a mutant and if it went as it should, she would be trained to use her powers or at least warned. Perhaps even by other mutants who worked to make the process as painless and empowering as possible; not locked away in some camp never to see the light of day like some would want. Training and use of abilities to make the world a better place, that would be my hope, not a government looking to make some sort of witch hunt. As for yourself, I'm glad that you didn't hurt unintended people with your abilities."

A long pause is given as Steve's moral hand is forced by Kara's own admission.

"I'm going to presume from this conversation that you have metahuman abilities," Steve states, clearly unnerved by this turn of events. "I am required by my position by the state government to ask for your Registration card if you are in the state of New York as a citizen or a visitor. If you don't have it present, I'd ask for you to go get it as swiftly as possible." That stated, Rogers takes a step back to give Kara space, the song 'It's a Wonderful World' drawing to gentle close as he tucks his phone away.

* * *

"So, then what the news reporters were talking about was true? A man out of time." Kara must not watch the news much, or at least the news of Rogers's return was prior to her arrival here on Earth and not old enough for her to have found it while doing research for various things. "Different and the same. Fear of a people, before they had done any wrong." Then she pauses to let Steve Rogers continue his words, and she takes in a deep breath before letting it out slowly. "The support mechanism you talk about isn't present. The information on Registered mutants has already been stolen once. People picket and riot around the Registration locations. And it is still, targeted. Those who seek to keep their powers secret, even if they just have really long toes? Or can breathe under water? They too, the government wants to have them register but the man who is strong from body building, who takes a bat to those riots and would crack skulls… he we wait and see. Only perhaps will he hurt, or kill… we give -him- the benefit of the doubt and do not seek to force him into training, or how to learn to use his muscles and size?"

Kara is growing frustrated, and then she squints at Captain America when he asks for her ID. She clenches her hands and then takes a moment to look up at Captain America with a conflicted, and pained facial expression. "I am my ID. I wished that you, might see. That it is one thing to protect what is right, to create a space where Hope can succeed. It is another thing to enforce a law that is against a specific group of people, not for their crimes, not for their actions, but for who they are. You and the other Captain, you are the same. I hoped, that you were different, your words are different, but you obey the same injustice."

* * *

As Kara mentions the 'other Captain', Steve sighs and just slides into a stance. His hands are still at his side, but it's clear he's preparing himself. It's clear this woman 'isn't from around here' which means that she could be an alien, from another dimension, have magical powers, who knows.

"I know," Steve states when the talk of his proposed system not being there. "And it will never be if people decide to fight the government instead of working with it to make a better solution. If you want to make a difference, work to find the ideal middle ground. Otherwise, you're just part of the problem and fanning the flames of something we can't afford to let get worse than it already is."

As Kara claims he's the same as Captain Marvel with a different rhetoric, Steve's tender tone firms into grim resolution. "And you forced me to. You know I stand with the American government and work alongside law enforcement, yet you tell me you're a willing criminal. It's one thing to disagree with me, I'm fine with that. Trying to guilt me into treason? That's another thing altogether," Steve states, his tone becoming frustrated. "If you are not going to register, then you need to leave New York until this matter resolves itself. And if you refuse to comply, I will be left with no choice but to do my duty."

* * *

"I promise you Captain, as I did to the other Captain. That I will not hurt you or anyone else. I am a boulder you can easily push. And I am trying to work a middle ground. Marches, handing out flyers, TALKing, opening the dialogue to those who enforce this unjust law. Instead of threatening them." Kara mentions and she sighs with an exasperated tone, shaking her head, "I did not 'trick' you. That, Captain Marvel lady, she told me so long as I did not stop the Registrations from happening any longer, I was fine. I am allowing them to continue, but I am also protecting innocents. I cannot look away. When things are wrong, I will not look away because my duty is not to some organization of people, but to the people themselves. And I have made them a promise."

A soft sigh comes from her, "You can… pretend to be whomever you wish to be. You can threaten me with jail, like Marvel did. You can … attempt to stop me. But I will resist with non-violence. I will stop metas from being attacked even if they register. I will keep even the, jerkfaces, attacking those metas safe. And I will continue to do as my father would have done, and defend the spots of hope. You cannot defend a law with what it might do for someone in the future, you cannot defend a wrong because someone told you to… that's not justice, and that's not good."

The idealist teen does not look concerned about the Captain's tensions but she offers, "Tell your organizations. That if they help to move this Act to only voluntary, for specifically receiving support like you have said. Then I will support you and your organization. I am, and will continue to help prevent metas from causing harm to this city and every other on Earth. Stay on the other side of the line, and know that I will defend those who cannot defend themselves. I do not seek to hurt anyone, even those who would seek to do me harm."

* * *

There is a long pause as Steve rubs his head. "Listen, kid, I really respect what you're trying to do, but you will be hurting people. 'Passive' resistance and looking for a fight means you'll paint a target on yourself. And the more you fight the legislation, the less time you have to defending other people in other areas like Gotham or Metropolis. Or any other state that isn't New York. Not asking for your support, just that you don't be in the way so I can help as many as possible," Steve explains.

A glance over his shoulder shows that the press is coming. The American Hero is really not pleased, placed between trying to apprehend this girl in front of a live studio audience or live with the fact that he broke the law to let this girl go free when he just explained the importance of following the law. For now, he seems to justify hypocrisy, as painful a thing as it is to him. "Go now. I wish for everyone's sake that things work as you hope," he states solemnly before making his way toward the news crews.

* * *

"I'm fine with a target on me." Kara states before she offers, "When everyone else is cowed in fear, the one who remains standing is always targeted. Just, please, whatever you send. Send it after me. Not… the people I'm protecting. I can live with being hurt, imprisoned, whatever you will do to me. I cannot abide others getting trampled." And when Steve turns to look toward the News folks, there's a rush of wind, and then if Steve looks back toward Kara. She's gone. Disappeared, just a small dust cloud moving along the trail and sort of 'upward' but whoever she was, she's gone. Captain Marvel might be able to piece it together though for Steve if he asks.

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