Crisis Hotline
Roleplaying Log: Crisis Hotline
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Daisy takes Noriko on her prior offer to visit her at the Xavier Institute. Daisy encounters Sloane and catches up, and some friendships are sealed.

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IC Date: April 21, 2019
IC Location: Xavier's Institute - Grounds
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* OOC Time: Sun Apr 21 14:11:18 2019 *

* * *

It's a bit of a hike from Metropolis out to Westchester, particularly when favoring the mass transit network. Quake has to play a careful game lately, which is why the van is left partway behind. The dark eye shadow is omitted. The punk-ish black is swapped out for her older wardrobe of muted blues, greens, and browns with a pseudo forest blob camo hoodie and jeans. Today's excursion has her stepping back into a more 'pedestrian' identity, though she's still deciding on the long journey out this way as to whether she really wants to use her real name or yet another alias. Time will tell.

She's already done what research she could into Xavier's, which didn't amount to much in the way of dirt. She's also done some digging into the name 'Noriko Ashida,' which did scare up a little more of interest. There hadn't been any record at all, which in itself was the telling point. Still, she's going into this with way too little information and with way too much on the line. But..could she really afford to NOT go through with this visit?

What dangerous games we play, standing at the Institute's gates as the taxi pulls away. They already know she's here, she can -see the camera- out front. So, why not just hit the intercom?

"Um. Hello? Noriko sent me."

* * *

Atli heads to the FRP Room Hub.

* * *

At the intercom, someone says just a minute. Then, the voice tells her to wait there. The gates don't open, but the camera does roll over to focus on her.

It's a few minutes of silence, but soon enough a very familiar girl in a bright shirt that shows off the navel ring exposed between shirt and the waistline of her jeans that rest loosely over her hips. And, of course, there is (considering how dark it was when they met) the very familiar electric=shock-blue hair, cut short. The gates open, and Noriko says casually, "Sorry. It's a private school. And, these days, we're a little careful about who gets let on the property." The gate closes behind the two. And then Daisy gets a quick hug.

"How you doing?" Asks Noriko both warmly, and truthfully interested. Even a little concerned.

* * *

This is a bad idea. This is suuuch a bad idea..this is a bad id—

She'd recognize that hair in a crowd and she -definitely- recognizes it out by itself under daylight.

"I'm not about to fault you for that" is said in regards to the privacy matter. The hug is unexpected..but returned. Then the awkwardness is permitted to continue unrestrained.

"Still kinda rattled, but..okay," Daisy claims while running fingers through her hair. "It isn't easy to think this might be the norm for us. Though, you really seemed to know what you were doing back there. I can't imagine that you've had a lot of experience with those kinds of situations?"

* * *

"With Sentinels? No." Noriko's jaw sets, some, and she shakes her head. "With assholes? Yeah. I've been dealing with assholes my whole life. Honestly, though? I'd rather have fought." She lifts one gauntleted hand and lets a tiny bit of blue-white ligthning energy crackle between her fingers. Briefly.

"But, it was more important to get people out that -couldn't- fight. And, even more honestly? We were pretty much expecting them to pull that. You saw what they were doing, right?" Noriko tilts her head as she begins to escort Daisy at least towards the mansion that is also a school. For 'Gifted' Children. The grounds are both expansive, and rather beautiful.

* * *

This is Daisy's first opportunity to really look at one of those gauntlets up close, along with the arc of energy which flows across Noriko's hand. It looks really freaking dangerous, yet mesmerizing in a way that those desktop plasma spheres can be. "Wow…" she mutters at the show.

Now she has one more piece of the curious Ashida puzzle.

She follows Nori without too much hesitation, the question bringing a frustrated frown to her. "'Saw?' I got to -experience- it. I showed them my card and the guy still shoved me over to one of their vehicles for questioning. I was guilty just because I was -there.- Regardless of what the laws might be, -that- is not the way to enforce them."

It is pretty out this way, at least. And peaceful. It helps. There hasn't been an abundance of either in her life for quite some time.

* * *

"That's not what I meant," states Noriko, mildly. "Everything they did was calculated. They stayed within the boundries of the law, didn't do anything illegal. Sure, they pushed the hell out of those boundries. But," she taps the side of her head meaningfully, "It was all psychological. Everything they did was to keep pushing -us- until someone snapped, and did something. They wanted us to riot back. So they could get it on film. They wanted to drop a Sentinel on us so they could show it off. Show they had the ability to control us. They had the fucker ready to drop, for God's sake," Noriko says, darkly. "They don't give a fuck about registration. That's not their real motive. It's just the starting point."

She ends her little tirade with a huff, "But I'm glad you're doing well. I was worried about you. Does that happen often? I mean, you not being able to stop it?"

* * *

The people who supply the weapons stand to gain the most out of war," Daisy quietly remarks with Noriko's explanation. "It wouldn't surprise me if this agenda is being pushed by whoever is building those machines just so they have a reason to sell more of them."

It's -exactly- the sort of greed and corruption that she's been chasing other companies down for with the Rising Tide. Noriko's head is in the right place.

What does surprise her is Nori saying she was worried about Daisy. They had only met for..what, a couple of seconds? In that amount of time Daisy had first nearly run Noriko over, then she nearly vibrated the other girl's gauntlets into oblivion while she wore them!

"Sometimes," Daisy starts to say then catches herself. "Most of—well…" she frowns again. Talking about the power inhibitors is probably not the smartest idea. She leaves that part out.

"I've done everything that I could to not think about it, to keep all of that pushed down and forgotten, but it has a habit of coming back and every time that it does it's a struggle to turn it back off."

* * *

"See, I'm kind of like an open circuit," Noriko tells Daisy, soberly. "Without these, I'm essentially a flesh battery and lightning bazaar. I never had any control over what I was, until someone made these for me." She doesn't say who. But, Daisy probably can guess well enough. And she doesn't mind telling her story.

"When it first happened, I lived on the streets, away from almost everything as much as possible. I was afraid to take a shower, or get wet. Took any drugs I could find to numb it down, turn it off. But, no matter what, it's still a part of me. I had to accept that. It wasn't until I was at my wits end that I - managed to go to the one place, the one group that could help me, on an off chance, and a rumor."

Noriko shrugs, smiles, wryly as she continues to lead Daisy into the grounds. Not into the mansion itself, though. But starting to curve around it. Maybe giving her a tour? Maybe just enjoying the out of doors. They are, however, headed towards the pool area, ultimately.

"You can push it down, but you can't ever forget it. It won't let you forget it. Because it's a part of you. So? You have a choice. Just like I did. You can either keep hiding from it. Or, you can find a way to accept it. Learn it. And, make it a functioning part of you. Maybe you don't need gauntlets. Most people just need - practice. And, confidence. At least, from what I've seen."

* * *

"Oh, wow…" Daisy blinks in surprise with hands shifting into hoodie pockets. Her voice takes on a sheepish note when saying "I just stuck with herbal teas and meditation."

It is kind of a curious parallel with these two. Noriko had a more extreme situation but had the bigger bounce-back, now openly talking about her history, her powers, and how she got to be here. Daisy had kept things mostly level and not quite as extreme with her isolation from the rest of the world. So far, even now, she is an intensely private person. In this instance some of that guard comes down. She genuinely does want to figure this problem out.

"With me, this only first started a couple of months ago. Not only do I have difficulty in getting it to stop but it physically harms me whenever it happens. I've fractured more bones in these few months than I have through an entire lifetime."

Her arms may be covered in sleeves right now but her hands certainly looked fine a moment ago. Maybe she's a quick healer?

"What you said before, about being a 'lightning bazaar.' That's similar to what I go through. There's no ..focus," she frees her hands long enough to aimlessly gestures about. "It's like ..filling a blender then letting it rip without a lid. Or, if I -can- focus anything it's like a fraction of what's being put out there. I've developed a bit of a reputation for collateral damage," is suggested with a humorless smirk.

* * *

"Yeah." Surge can -certainly- relate to the latter. "That's how it was for me, before. Except with me, it wasn't just once in awhile. It was - anything random, from walking by a random neon sign, or having a dog bark and wake me out of my sleep." Again, her mouth twists as she leads Daisy along the path that winds to the back of the mansion, to the patio that opens up into the rather large pool and deck area.

Noriko slides into a seat, and convienently there's already a couple bottles of root beer, and a pitcher of cold water with lemon wedges along the rim.

"I'm not the expert, by any means," Daisy answers. "But, if you want, I can ask some people. See if we can't help. Even if it's not training. I'm pretty sure someone here can help." She can't mention the telepaths, yet. Or commit to Xavier resources. But she also know her friends can at least do something, offer experience, tips, anything, to Daisy that's more than the '#metoo' uncontrollable mutant power movement she's bonding with Daisy over.

"I'm pretty sure you're strong enough to control it, though."

* * *

Her voice is heard in the near distance: "I'll talk to you later, nerd."

When Sloane L. Albright rounds the bend, she's dressed in her usual incredibly distressingly casual manner of late: Light jeans, running sneakers, and a dark sleeveless t-shirt branded for an old band tour, the track jacket slung over her shoulder the same one she wore at the protest just the other night. A large canteen is holstered on her hip in the same way law enforcement would holster a pistol.

Compared to the last time Daisy saw her, the SHIELD Agent looks about ten thousand times better; she sports a few bumps and bruises, but she looks like she's actually slept. She looks … better. Almost happy, even if she then stops short, looking at the pair taking a break on their walk. Tour?

Her brows scrunch, eyes wide-but-narrow-but-still-kinna-wide, gaze shifting from Quake to Surge and back again. That deer-in-headlights sort of look where someone is wondering if they're going to be in some big trouble. Did someone — send her? "Johnson," Merrow says, movements stiff and almost robotic as she slips her phone away.

The scaly metahuman's hands shift to her hips. "What brings you out … here?"

* * *

Daisy is not going to ask how the refreshments had wound up being in the right place at the right time. Water with lemon works just fine and she's soon helping herself. It would seem that someone else isn't far away, she smirks a little at the 'nerd' comment around the corner.

"It can't hurt, right? I'd hurt more if nothing was done about it. I don't enjoy not knowing if I'm going to bring down a building if someone accidentally spills their coffee on me, or something."

As far as being strong enough to control it she admits "I'm..trying to get there" while taking a seat as much across from Nori as she can without rearranging any of the furniture. Just as she's trying to relax…

A wild Merrow appears.

Daisy very nearly spits a mouthful of iced lemony water out upon spotting the other meta. If not for the peculiar scales and coloration she might not recognize her! "-Sloane??-"

The glass is set aside and she is -right- back up onto her feet, though..something is amiss. Merrow is looking highly suspicious. Which..means..she isn't here for Daisy…

At first not a word is said to the question of what brings her out here. She simply points to Noriko, at a total loss of words. Then, finally, she states what would now be obvious to them all: "I didn't know you were here!"

* * *

Noriko looks confusedly, for a moment, between the two. Clearly, there is history. But, is it good history? Bad? Noriko isn't sure. She, too, is up and out of her seat and immediately placing herself between both of them.

It's Sloane she addresses, first. "She came here because I invited her here to talk. As my guest. She was part of the group that we helped get out of the last protest, before a Sentinel stepped on all of us," she tells Sloane. "You know, the group you made me promise you to help get out?" Slightly arguementative, because that's Noriko's nature when confrontation is around her, but not angry.

And then Noriko looks back to Daisy, addressing her in turn. "Sloane's a friend." It doesn't matter than Noriko barely knows the aquatic-looking girl. She's made her definitive statement.

Then, the blue-haired girl is looking between them both. "Please tell me you're cool, and we can all get along?"

* * *

"Yeah, it started with sleepin' on a friend's couch and then I just never left," the ginger replies with a mild smirk.

It takes a moment for Sloane to settle; her hackles(? do scaley people have hackles?!) going from raised to settled in a matter of moments after Noriko offers an explanation as to what she's doing there. She gives Daisy a long look-over, as if trying to ascertain the young woman's situation right now from gaze alone.

"Yeah, while I was distracting a bunch of agents by letting them club the piss outta me," she replies, letting her arms fold. "I remember. I didn't know she was there, though."

Her hand lifts with a mild shrug. "It's fine. We just have some mutual acquaintences."

* * *

Daisy just..blinks. Looking stunned that this is happening. That Noriko is intervening. That each suspects the other is here for them. It would be pretty funny if it didn't feel like reality just gave them both a sucker punch!

"Yah" she almost stammers while giving her head a quick shake. "Totally cool. Iwe know each other already. It's been a while.'ve you been?"

She had personally met Sloane all of two times. The other dozens upon dozens of times she had seen the inhuman came from the shaky footage she pulled from the net which showed Merrow in a much worse situation. Only now does it strike Daisy as being an invasion of Sloane's privacy, even if she had no idea it was happening across the last month and change.

"I're looking -way- better." Not hooked up to machines in an infirmary or limping back to an apartment, for instance. Though similarly Daisy is looking perfectly healthy. Not a scrape or bruise anywhere upon her. Or gauntlets. The inhibitors and tracker are long gone.

"Wait—you were also at the protest?" AND Sloane got beat up. Again. There's a look of sympathy. "Girl, you really gotta stop blocking with your head."

That one was an honest attempt at a joke.

* * *

Noriko hugs Sloane for her statement about being a punching bag, "Yeah. I know. Never thanked you for that, and says something completely innocent, but that could be easily taken out of context. She knows what she means, though. "You were totally awesome last night, by the way."

Then, satisfied that her friend, and the other girl she's really invested in helping aren't going to go at each other's throats, she literally flops back into her chair, and points at the other two. "Now, sit down," half-amused. "I was just telling her," she tells Sloane, conversationally, "About my past. I'm going to talk to someone here about having someone - experienced, see if they can't help her." She doesn't say with what, just yet. "I offered it when she asked me for help." She shrugs, helplessly and gives a rather impish smile. "Can't go back on my word now, can I?"

* * *

"Just doin' what I do," she replies.

Noriko explains her side of things; Sloane nods. "If you really can't control it still, that's probably a good idea. I know things kinna fell apart and got crazy in the last couple of weeks. SHIELD, and DPS, and all of that." There's a vague hint of nuance to that specific list — mostly that she isn't sure if Daisy is still running with the Agency right now.

"— Yeah. The second things went nuts they look at the fish-dragon with big ears and went nuts. I got out of there okay." Thanks especially to that super-tall redhead with crazy arms, there. "Bells rang in my head for a bit, but I'm alright."

* * *

On a scale of 'normal' to 'uncomfortable' this now ranks somewhere around the 'slight unease' category. No tremors in the ground today! Yet.

Nori's insistence on them sitting causes Daisy to give her a momentary 'really?' look before she gravitates back down to the chair. Now that her mind isn't in freak-out mode she finally knows what name to go with. Sloane's presence makes it simple.

"I'm the way."

When Sloane mentions things falling apart Daisy slowly nods in agreement. Somewhere between SHIELD and DPS she's unable to meet Merrow's eyes. It's a difficult subject to talk about and this is so not the place where she'd like to have that discussion!

"I'm registered and still nearly got shoved face-first into one of their vans," she repeats for Sloane. "They're not the most accomodating of agencies. Glad to hear you're okay, you've already been given the short straw more than enough times."

Next she passes a look from one visually striking girl to the other. Following this is an arched brow. "Okay. I'm gonna go out on a limb here. You don't strike me as the teacher sort and I'm -pretty- sure you aren't going back to school," she points to Merrow. No trouble holding that eye contact now! "So what's the deal? Because this place doesn't look like a shelter."

Finding the truth. It's what drives this meta.

* * *

"It's a private school. For Gifted Children," Noriko says, pointing That Way, where the big sign right before the gates that Daisy entered through is that she clearly saw, and probably read muliptle times. She pauses, and answers Daisy completly honestly though, at least as much as she can.

"It's my home." Which is entirely true. It is.

"My father disowned me. I left Japan because - well, being disowned to a rather wealthy businessman in Japan is not a good idea. Xavier's gave me a family."

Sloane, apparently, is included in that now by the glance Noriko gives her. Her brows furrow and her lips draw into a thin line, "I'm staying because I want to help people, and they're letting me. Sloane is here for the same reason. It's a tough time for us. As you've experienced. So, I'm not leaving. Because I want to help."

And all of that is -very- true. Even if it isn't the core answer to Daisy's question.

* * *

Noriko's parents disowned her. That leaves something of a troubled look on the fish's face, having had her own problems with family since her abilities emerged and she had changed; that definite look of 'I've been there before' that is sometimes hard to properly share.

What was she doing here, though?

"I was a mess for a bit. There was a lot going on, and I didn't know who to trust. A couple of friends came to check on me, and then they both got me out of town so I could get some help and some rest. It was a little rough at first, but I've settled in."

Sloane twists at the waist a bit and glances at the Institute. "They're not kicking me out yet, I don't think."

Looking back, she nods at Noriko and looks back at Daisy. "And just so you know, I could totally be the music teacher here. Or swimming." A pause, and then a mildly overdramatic, thousand-mile-distant stare to the side. "Or small unit tactics, infiltration, firearms …"

Her jaw sets, then her eyes drift back down and up Daisy one more time. "You're not burned, are you? Were you at the Triskelion?"

* * *

Daisy gets more than she bargained for with this question, as Noriko seems interested in answering it as well. With the first description of it being a private school she says "I know that." Which would imply anyone here is either a student or a teacher. Nori still has the student feel going for her. But what about Sloane? She had already been in SHIELD, so unless she decided to start getting into teaching…

Noriko's continued explanation checks out with what little Daisy had been able to uncover. The lack of any record in this country plus the name and appearance, the pieces are a perfect match.

Ah. It seems that Noriko might have been in part trying to answer the question for Sloane. "Really, they just let you both stay here? That..sounds like it would get expensive."

She's suspicious. Not enough to immediately start digging into the matter but there's an empty space within this picture and she will continue to idly puzzle over it for some time to come.

For the time being there are much more pressing concerns for her to worry about.

When Merrow openly talks about being able to teach various tactical courses Daisy starts out surprised but holds back a chuckle until it's nothing more than an amused smile. That meta is -way- better trained than she is. Maybe some day that will change…

"Burned?," Daisy dips her head as the fall of SHIELD is brought up next. "No. I was on the helicarrier. At least..for most of the way down. Somewhere along the way I fell out of the bridge and into the bay. Captain America hauled me out onto a Quinnnn…"

The last word trails off as it suddely strikes her just how easy she got to talking about having been connected with SHIELD. Which..Noriko now knows. -Dammit.-

"Who knew they could do water landings, right?" she asks with an almost timid smile now settling into place. "And regaining consciousness in his arms is -exactly- as you would expect it to be like."

* * *

Noriko doesn't seem all that worried that Daisy works for SHIELD, and that revelation. Surprised, though? Quite. She squints her eyes, tilts her head and assess the 'Agent' whom she helped, who needed her help, and who still does. Her assessment, at the end of it all, "Well, I'm glad there's still some good people where it counts. Maybe there's more hope to be had than I thought."

"Hey," Noriko says, getting Sloane's attention. "You think you can teach me to play like Jack White?" She air-guitars, then, and starts to make the sounds, "bew bewbew bew bew bew, bew, … I'm gonna fight 'em off, a Seven Sentinel army couldn't hold me back, …" She grins, impishly again, "I mean, I -can- play a mean air guitar," she boasts, gesturing to her example.

Then her metal-wrapped finger is tapping at the table, "I'll need a number, or online-whatever to get ahold of you," she prompts Daisy.

* * *

"It's tough to explain," Sloane says to Daisy, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "At least in my case. I've got my reasons for being here, though."

"Yikes," Sloane says, frowning. She knows she just outed Daisy on the grounds, but … she hasn't exactly been too secretive of her own past, not that she's out from under the more shadowy parts of SHIELD just yet. Drawing in a sigh at the mention of 'Captain America,' recent events and news broadcasts are brought screaming back to the forefront of her mind.

"I'm sure Cap gave a friendly speech about seatbelts on the way down, too."

Her head tilts a little toward Noriko. "I mean — yeah, kinna, probably. It might be a little tough with the gloves, though," she adds, gesturing to Surge's gauntlets.

"Clearly you know where to find me now, too," the ginger metahuman says. "Phones are a little more tricky — my other phone's buried under, you know …" After the dramatic pause, the corner of her mouth bunches up, eyebrows up in some form of defeat.

"… the Triskelion."

"I'll be in the city again pretty soon. I'm chasing a few leads on my own time."

* * *

"I do what I can," states Daisy before taking another drink. She'll just leave it at that.

The air guitaring brings another moment of amusement as she looks between the two, curious how Noriko's suggestion might play out. She never realized that Sloane was so into music. It's pretty cool.

Sloane's comment about the Captain has Daisy snorting out a laugh! "Okay, he was a lot more interesting at the time it happened." Her description of the phone being buried and all causes the hackerette to sober up and nod understandingly. "I've always thought that you'd be a good person to keep in touch with, Sloane." Particularly now that she knows Merrow is hunting down some leads of her own. How curious! "I'll look for you here first."

When Nori mentions needing some contact info Daisy's brows lift with an "Oh yah." The glass is set aside and out comes her phone. She pokes at the screen some then sets it back into her pocket and leans back with her drink. The only explanation offered is a seemingly distracted "There you go."

Seconds later Nori's phone will signal an incoming text message.

* * *

Noriko's phone, indeed, beeps. The asian girl looks at Daisy's gesture, then picks her own phone out of her pocket, squints at it, then looks at Daisy. "Okay. I'm officially creeped out, now. But, thanks." She taps her phone a few times to log the entry in so she knows whose number it is.

"I've never met him," she says, regarding Captain America. "But, he sure seems to be in a helluva pickle. Gotta be all 'Go America', and at the same time, he knows this all sucks big rocks. I listened to his speech. Well. Both of them."

* * *

A little digging into Sloane's dossier might yield a lot more than 'into music' for Daisy later down the line — but she doesn't seem up to sharing her own past at the moment. With it taking a split-second for her to almost seemingly already know Noriko's number, her eyebrow cocks. No wonder she got picked up by SHIELD, for good or ill.

Her mouth opens, and her hand slips to the back of her neck, sliding across a swath of scales cool to the touch versus warm skin. "Yeah. It's a pickle, yeah. I mean — he's a good guy, don't get me wrong."

"I gotta get moving, there's a thing I need to — talk to someone about. Her hand lifts, making a few quick nebulous gestures. Y'know. Stuff." She nods her head back at Quake. "It was good to see you, Johnson. Tell Coulson I said hello, if you see him."

Sloane eases past both and their seats, slinging her jacket back on and adjusting the fit. "Don't be a stranger!" she calls back, throwing up her arm in a wave.

* * *

Officially creeped out? Why? What did—

Oh yeeeaaahhh…

"Ah, sorry," Daisy impishly replies. It's a force of habit but she probably shouldn't admit to that part!

"They were good speeches. I mean, the guy's in a tough situation here. I think he voiced his thoughts pretty well. Some of these guys, there's only so much they can do." It's been giving her something else to think about, too. As much as she hates the idea of registration, having been in SHIELD she's come to understand how important it can be to know which people are capable of what abilities. How does anyone balance that? Not by force, but…

Sloane's shift is rather peculiar, though the only indication Daisy gives is a subtle tightening of her jaw when Coulson's name is mentioned. "Yah. Stuff." A wave is offered in return as the trio goes back down to two.

They sure did get sidetracked out here, didn't they.

"Those gauntlets of yours. That's proof that powers can be channeled. That there are ways to focus that energy without burning out the person who has the ability. Can you ever take them off or is that too dangerous?"

* * *

That's one of those Uncomfortable Questions. And, probably if they hadn't had their encounter, Noriko would brush off the question, or come back with a snarky answer. She goes quiet a long moment. A long several moments.

"I can take them off. For a very little bit. I usually take them off to wash. And that's about it," she answers, her voice very quiet. She's not looking at Daisy, now. Instaed, she's looking at the table just in front of herself.

"I've been through a lot. Ostracized. Homeless. Drug addict. I stole to buy drugs. Was basically a hermit, because I didn't want anyone close to me. For fear I'd kill them. On accident. Because I couldn't control my powers. I spent - a very long time doped up."

Another long silence, but she doesn't seem to be done. She just keeps staring at the table. Finally, she finds words again, "I'm more scared of these things breaking, then I am of dying," she admits to Quake, brutally honest. "I'm scared, because I don't know what their limits are. I've never tried to test them. But now? I may have to." Meaning, of course, the Sentinels.

"You told me you were afraid, Daisy. Well. So am I. These are my lifelines. And, my biggest fear."

She laughs,briefly, bitterly. "I've stayed awake at night, somtimes, wondering if I'll ever be able to feel what someone else's skin would feel like again."

She continues to stare at the table, going silent further. But she's still not done. Finally, she says quietly, "You have control, now, Daisy. Your - abilities - they only surface when your focus is shattered. Sure, you can't control them when you manifest them. But, that can be learned."

FShe looks up. Her smile is genuine, if shakey. Her eyes wet. "You aren't like me. You won't need gauntlets."

* * *

Daisy didn't have any idea how sensitive the subject is that she's now bringing up. In short order it is proven that what she's looking for is much different from Noriko's own requirements. To hear that she's so afraid that they might break brings back the memory of the night of the protest when Daisy had wound up grabbing onto them while out of control.

She could have broken them right then and there. Shattered them without a thought or any hope of holding back. To think that it could have resulted in people -dying- because of another runaway power?

"God, I'm so sorry," she somberly offers. "I didn't know."

She has control now. That's..debatable, at best.

Daisy is similarly dipping her head forward now. "Not long after SHIELD took me in they gave me some gauntlets of my own. Mine were designed with one purpose in mind, to shut down my power. The first time it triggered it wasn't anything major. The ground shook and some people got freaked out and left. The second time..I nearly leveled half of a city block."

Granted that had been some -other- meta hijacking her and making her go bonkers, but…

"A lot of people were injured. A lot of damage had been done. It would have been a lot worse if someone wasn't around to balance the scales. I might seem pretty in control of it now but I feel like a ticking time bomb every minute that I'm awake. No one could trust me. I couldn't trust myself. I lived in those gloves for weeks. Hated them but knew that I needed them."

"But, you were right before. Our powers are a part of us and we have to learn to live with that. We can't always live in fear of what we -can- do or what we -might- do. We should be proud of what we can do, and what we -could- do."

* * *

Noriko nods, briefly using her shirt sleeve to dab at her eyes, "Woo," she says, "Sorry." Another shakey, but geninue smile. She takes a long, cleansing breath, reasserting her mood back to something more casual in her head. She sniffs and then she says, more calmly, "I have faith in you, Daisy. I'll talk with some people I know. And, I'll text you, when I have some answers. But, right now I can only speak for me." She's pretty confident Daisy gets that.

"But as for me? You call me. Night or day. I will be there for you, okay? No matter what." She reaches across the table, her metal hand, cool and slick, gently wrapping over Daisy's. "Promise."

* * *

While Daisy would like to be more comforting, moments like this she isn't quite sure what to do. She's still kind of an isolationist and this idea of having 'friends' still seems quite foreign to her. Plus they've only met twice! Noriko's so quick to be accepting, it kind of makes Daisy's head spin!

Some might recoil slightly at being touched by a metal hand. She isn't one of them. Instead Nori's hand winds up gently sandwiched between both of Daisy's, not seeming to be put off in the slightest by it. A smile and a genuine "Thank you" is given in return. Then in an attempt to lighten the mood slightly, she declares "You'll be a part of my crisis hotline."

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