Unexpected Drop-In
Roleplaying Log: Unexpected Drop-In
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Quake and Spider-Gwen catch up when Supergirl crashes the party. Rampant girl talk ensues.

Other Characters Referenced: Frenzy
IC Date: April 21, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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Posted On: 21 Apr 2019 22:47
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for language
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The situation has changed somewhat but change doesn't have to be a bad thing. Living out of a van really..kinda..stinks..but it allows Quake to always keep on the move. She's also made something of a game out of it. During the day she's driving around Metropolis, exploring all of its hidden treasures. Places for supplies, places to park. Places to set up for less legal activities. Every night she finds somewhere else to park then texts Gwen the location so she can play 'hunt the van.' It's a great way to learn a new city!

Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of kitchen space to be had. She's done her best to separate the cargo space between 'elite hacker den' and 'master chef' but it's understandably crowded as hell. She's taken to curling up in the front seats with a smartpad whenever Gwen's getting her cooking thing on.

This evening the 'game' commences, though Quake is sitting in the back of the van hunched over a laptop screen. She's already gotten a few pictures and Post-Its pinned to a board hanging on one of the walls as she attempts to map out Brotherhood hotspots.


Gwen hasn't been Spider-Woman since coming to Metropolis. Most of it is a desire to keep a low profile for Daisy's sake; she doesn't need anyone wondering why everywhere Daisy Johnson and Gwen Stacy go, Spider-Woman follows. A surprisingly big part of it is a sense of melancholy. With great power comes great responsibility, yes, but it's hard to feel like you have great power in a city patrolled by the people with S-shields on their chest. Nothing she can offer Metropolis requires a face mask and leotard.

Seeing the city from street level has had a weirdly stunting effect on her ability to learn Metropolis, but she's not helpless without webshooters, and she's finding the Daisy's van with increasing proficiency, if not necessarily increasing speed. She raps on the back door and doesn't wait for an answer before climbing in. "Hey, you," she greets. "Sorry I'm late. Just saw a thing where Captain America said he doesn't like registration but is gonna enforce it anyway, so… I dunno, progress, I guess? I mean, it's not as bad as if he said registration is great and we should all stop whining about it." She closes the door behind her and plops onto her butt, legs spread in a wide V. "Anyway, it's probably not important. What're you up to?"


And here Quake figured that Gwen was changing in and out of costume outside of the van. It's a new city, full of opportunity! She had assumed that Gwen would be out there having a good time kicking bad guy butt.

Tonight is a little different from previous evenings. Where Quake had always been laser-focused on finding some sliver of information, this time she's spinning around on the stool to greet the arriving incognito vigilante with a smile and a quick kiss. "Yah, I caught it online. I'm kinda afraid to admit it but I think I might be coming around to his mindset.

What is she up to? At first her smile grows slightly. "I'm in." Normally such a declaration from the hackerette would imply that she's made it into some electronic system. Not so much this time.

Quake turns enough to pull the laptop from its tiny shelf and yank out the power cable so she can go over some points with Gwen. The first image pulled onto the screen is one of the less than ideal still shots pulled from the infamous Mutant Town video. Sloane might not be too happy that she's been going over it as much as she has been over these last several weeks. Most of the sources of the video have been erased from the net but Quake has her ways.

"This is the lady I blasted out of the Helicarrier. Her name is 'Frenzy' and she's been running a secret recruitment drive at this nightclub." Here she spins around and points to a spot marked on a map of Metropolis. "Right here. She's taken me in, G. Already started training me."

But, more importantly? She practically beams at Gwen when announcing "Our hack worked." Their 'attack' on the Registration database was a success!


Gwen smiles through the kiss (she's not a complete miseryguts) and nods along as Daisy explains everything. "Alright, good for you!" she says, with no detectable worry in her voice. She must actually believe it when she says she trusts Daisy and her abilities. "So tell me about this Frenzy. You said she's a monster and you thought even I couldn't handle her because she's too strong, but aside from not liking registration, what's her deal? What gets her out of bed?"


"Gwen..good for -us,-" Quake is quick to correct. Sure, it may have been her crazy plan to infiltrate the Brotherhood's ranks and all but at this point it is most definitely a group effort!

The resulting questions causes her expression to falter slightly, hesitating as the inquiries are processed. Quake's mouth hangs open for a moment. "Here's where it gets complicated."

The laptop is quietly set off to the side for now as she tries to organize her thoughts, seeking Gwen's hands with her own.

"So it's..real easy to call someone a monster when they're out there murdering and destroying and everything but I can't say that she is one hundred percent monster anymore. She seems to legitimately believe in what they're doing. She cares about everyone who's a part of their team. Now this includes me. She promised me that -they- wouldn't let me fail. She even called in a healer so I wouldn't walk away from training all battered to hell. Check this out."

Here she rolls up her sleeves to reveal perfectly healthy forearms. They hadn't looked this good since she first removed the inhibitors after more than a month of keeping her powers at bay.

"I blew up a punching bag," Quake adds with a hint of pride.


Gwen allows her hands to be found, squeezes Daisy's, and swings their linked arms in and out the same playful way she always does when they're holding both hands. "We, sure," she agrees, "but you deserve credit for how much heavy lifting you do." When Daisy lets go of her hands to roll back her sleeves, Gwen's eyes widen in appreciative astonishment. "Wow, that's good! Do they have, like, healing powers, or is this some kind of tech?"


"Healing powers," Quake confirms with a genuinely pleased expression. "At the very least I can start to figure out what the heck makes me tick without landing myself in a hospital! It feels weird, like..ants crawling along the veins..but it works. It works -really well.- These people are connected. And super loyal to their cause."

Again she turns back to the map, pointing out another spot of interest. "There's a construction site over here. They're making use of an empty warehouse as a training facility. Single story but lots of floor space. If at any point I stop making contact with you this would be a good place to start looking. Just ..y'know. In case," is said with a completely sober demeanor.


"Stay in contact," Gwen says seriously. "I'm working really hard to not screw up your plans by getting overprotective, but, well, you remember the sniper on the island. If I think you're in danger, then I will be sad, and when I get sad, mashing people's faces with my foot is the only thing that cheers me up." She's doing a pretty good job of sounding like it's light banter there at the end, but her grave expression hasn't changed. Maybe she wears the mask to hide what a bad liar she is.


It's quite rare to see Gwen pull the serious card. In fact, up to this point Quake had never seen it in person before. Though when the sniper is brought up Gwen's emotional state is almost immediately mirrored within the darker haired girl. "Yah..about that. You -do- recall when I said -not- to attack anyone, right? You could have gotten yourself in serious trouble, G! That could have seriously backfired on all of us!


"I remember," Gwen says somberly. "And I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, but the sniper was covering the path we all had to take, and I wasn't going to risk them spotting you. I'm not saying I did the right thing, but I did the only thing I could do in the situation, and I'd do it again unless we were being covered by someone bulletproof like Kara or something."

Gwen knows and believes Kara isn't spying on her, but it didn't occur to her she maybe shouldn't have said her name out loud in the limits of Kara's city.


Quake glances off to the side for a moment as she curbs her frustration. It doesn't take long before she's leaning closer to hug Gwen. "Just..if anything happened to you, or to Jen, it would have been on me. You were only there because of me and I would have never forgiven myself."


There's a sound, a few words, and by the time Kara realizes her name is being said… she's also picking out something about a sniper and bulletproof? It's Gwen! The voice does sound a little stressed. And there's always problems happening. From way up on high Supergirl is floating but it only lasts a moment or two longer when the woman is scanning and spots Gwen … even inside of the van.

The sound of a person landing outside from a decent jump, or loudly walking. Then a few knocks on the side of the van, "Hello? Everyone okay in there?" It's Kara's voice, and she's ready to rip the door open if she hears even the faintest bit of trouble.


Gwen hugs Daisy tightly back. "No, it isn't on you, Skye. I didn't even go because I believe in you. I went because I believe in the job we were there to" Then Daisy's ribs groan as Gwen is startled into an accidentally spider-strong hug by Kara's urgent tone. "Kara? Is that you?" she calls out, both disbelieving and totally cynically believing this is happening. "Whatno, never mind, just join us in here before people wonder what you're doing out there!"


Everything seems to be going okay when there is a -most- unexpected knock on the side of the van. In an instant all of the color drains from Quake's face, whispering an "Oh shit" as that hug momentarily turns into a total death-grip upon Gwen.

The next moment goes by in an absolute blur. The laptop screen is flipped closed. The bulletin board is pulled from the wall and spun around. The sliding door is pulled open and there stands one peculiar dark haired lady with quite a lot of black eye shadow around wide brown eyes, one hand still on the van's door, and the other sort of held open-palmed toward the unknown person outside.

Someone's a little defensive, it would seem!

It takes a little while for Quake to put the pieces together, having never met Kara in person before. Gwen already said their visitor's name. Twice! "-Supergirl?- Jeezus! You gave me a heart attack!" Quake's extended arm dips somewhat as she quickly decides what to do. It involves stepping out of the van. She would -really- prefer that Kara not see any of the information Quake's been collecting!


It doesn't really matter, she's -already- seen all the information that Quake has been collecting. "What are you doing? Snipers? I heard there were snipers?" And Supergirl is looking around a bit quickly, though not 'afraid', at least not for herself. And she does start to move forward in order to get into the van, but she stops with Quake putting her hand up in a stop-like motion.

"Citizen, are you having a heart attack? Do you need me to take you to the … your heart beat sounds, regular, if not a bit elevated… usually associated with lying. Not, heart attacks." She's getting rather confused rather quickly, "My friend is inside, I need to see her…" And she grips hand in hand, squeezing her fingers a bit anxiously, "Are you okay?" She says past Quake, though abiding by the rules of the open palm for now. "Blink once for yes, twice for no if you cannot speak."


"Kara? Kara. Focus. Foc - focus!" Gwen calls at increasing volume over Kara's patter. A distant part of her brain is sourly amused she is finally on the other side of the 'you talk too much' complaint. "Kara, everyone's fine. There are no snipers, and no one's having a heart attack. Kara, this is my girlfriend Daisy. Daisy, this is Kara. Last night, she found a goober that will help me get home. We hadn't had a chance to talk about that yet."


Okay, this..is a disaster. Quake distractedly motions for Gwen to step outside as well while standing beside the door, one hand on the side of the van and the other facepalming -so damn hard.- Just..a complete disaster. The physical evidence will have to be burned. She'll never be able to use this location again. AND..she'll just have to -hope like hell- that if Kara saw anything she would either forget it or keep it to herself.

The next wide-eyed stare is sent toward Gwen for dropping Quake's real first name. Though before any protests can be raised she stops herself as Gwen mentions 'a goober that will help her get home.'

With the introductions made she turns back to Kara and holds up a hand with a thin smile and a meek sounding "Hi."

Security breach much?


There's a pause, and Kara was just about to toss Daisy aside if she weren't going to let her confirm her friend's well-being. Gwen speaks up and she sighs, slumping her shoulders, "Oh." And then, she blinks a few times, and gets a bigger grin, "Ohhhhhhhh. Hi girlfriend Daisy." She stops and shakes her head a little bit, "Oh my god, I'm so happy to meet you. Gwen's like my uber friend. Best friend on Earth." Moving forward she hugs Daisy, whether she wants it or not, just from total excitement, and then releases the hug, but excitedly stays close, "Soooo nice to meet you, glad there aren't snipers. And…" Then she gets a bit more big eyed, "Wait, did, I… interrupt… something, it just sounded like Gwen was hurt, and I heard my name, and, so, I… I'm so sorry if I um, shouldn't have shown up." And she grimacing awkwardly now, and adds, "You can call me Kara, no need for the whole Supergirl, thing, by the way. Unless there's like a super mega crowd of people… which…" She turns her ear to listen, "Nope, no one seems to have noticed I came in for a landing. Sorry it took me so long to show up, I was over Afghanistan, there was some… trouble there."


Gwen looks at Daisy oddly, but obeys the hint to get out and gives her a hopefully reassuring 'we can talk about it later' look, enhanced by a fatalistic 'no point worrying about it' shrug when Kara mentions Afghanistan. Her lips are wearing a little smile (it's nice these two are meeting) as she says aloud, "Daisy, you remember I met Kara protesting Registration, right? And that I said she'd have joined us in our other protest, but you didn't want to have too big a crowd?" That's not exactly how that conversation went, but Gwen's tone makes it pretty clear she's talking in code.

"Anyway. Kara, everything's fine, there's nothing to worry about, calm down. I'm glad you two get to meet."


And now Kara is looking super excited, and Quake is being hugged! "What—?!" she starts in before staring right over Kara's shoulder back at Gwen before awkwardly returning the hug.

Did she interrupt? "Kiiinda..yah," Quake admits while a hand finds the back of her own neck. Here Gwen chimes in regarding Kara's stance on Registration and the 'too big a crowd' bit. She knows exactly what Gwen is referring to.

With the van now emptied out she still reaches over to slide the door closed. At the very least that crappy powder blue rustbucket is serving as her home lately and she intensely values her privacy.

With that out of the way she looks back to Kara and tries to reason with her now that she seems to have something of celebrity status with the cape-wearer. "Hey listen, if you saw, or..heard anything here, could you please do me a huge favor and forget about it? I promise it's for a good cause."


"I can't really forget." Kara mentions with a big smile still on her lips, "I did interrupt? I didn't see anything I promise. Just a hug. That's all. And some of the stuff you were working on." Offers Kara as she is excitedly talking, "Oh my god, like if you need help with something, Gwen, all you have to do is just ask. I'll definitely be there. Totally."

She's nodding her head an excessive amount, and her fingers are now kind of pulling on her skirt a little bit, as she is a ball of energy. Giggling a little she looks at Daisy, smiling big and cutesy like, "You two look like a great couple. I thought you were just a room mate, but now? Now, I know, that's so cool. You two. I mean, like, neat." And she rocks back and forth on her red booted shoes while she looks between the two, "I um, swear I'm no longer like… stalking Gwen. So, you don't have to worry about that, and I am calling first before I look for her, just, this one time, I heard her from where I was… and I was like, uh oh, she sounds hurt, and I only picked up a few words, you know, so I just…" One hand claps into the other as she makes a visual of flying, "Zoomed right over. What's for a good cause though? All the stuff you were working on in there? I didn't really take a good look, but I could totally help. I love good causes!"


Gwen nods at Kara. "Thanks, but that wouldn't be good in this case. Without getting into details, let's just say your face is too famous for what we need to do." When Kara turns her face to Daisy, Gwen's brows come together in confusion. She's seen a lot of sides of Kara before, but this weirdly manic side here, gushing over everything? This is new to her.

Oh well. A problem to solve later. "And yes, for the record, Daisy is the absolute cutest, and I gain contact cuteness by being near her. It's like she's the cuteness sun and I'm the cuteness moon."


Oh no. As Quake tries to settle the moment down she somehow just made it worse. It's like..trying to reason with a cartoon character! Kara would have fit right in on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This time when she glances to Gwen the expression is one of 'save me!' Which Gwen is already taking care of. Helpful -and- adorable, she did well with Gwen!

This comes with a side effect of being right in the crosshairs for being embarrassed. "Oh my god Gwen," Quake groans in protest while rolling her eyes and trying to hide herself.

It's a distraction, at least? For -both- Kara and Quake.


Kara's just too darn helpful really. And pretty energetic, right now at least, and she's nodding her head a few times to Gwen, before she says, "I could wear a disguise." A pause and she frowns a little, shaking her head, "No. Disguises are like lying all the time. And dishonesty is wrong." It's like she fought herself on the argument, "I'm sorry that I can't help then. I mean, being famous would be great if it weren't always about this satellite I knocked out of orbit, or that building I got smashed through. The media is totally unfair, they rarely talk about how I save tons of people all the time."

A bit of celebrity blues but then Gwen is talking about cuteness astronomy and Kara grins with a bit of a laugh, and Quake groaning with embarrassment makes her giggle even more. "That's soooooo adorable. Cutenes moon and sun. I'll -never- forget that. That's so sweet." Definite distraction as she thinks about it, and then oooh oohs and rocks her head back and forth just a little, "Hey. How did you two meet? I've never heard it, and, was your first kiss like super amazing?" Apparently Kryptonians don't have conversation topics that are off limits.


"We met…" Gwen closes her mouth, thinks about how weird the story is, and you can actually hear in her tone of voice all the stuff she's cutting out to try to make a good story out of it. "We met doing hero stuff. There was a villain attack, I tried to get her to safety, but she wanted to go to SHIELD to tell them everything that happened. I had to respect that kind of bravery." All of which is technically true, even if it's kind of like War & Peace is a story about sad Russians.

"As for our first kiss, well, it was OUR first kiss. It was for us." Gwen steps over to Daisy and slips her hand into her girlfriend's before just taking the plunge and asking, "Are you okay, Kara? You seem kinda hyper."


It's a little frightening that Quake is glad to have this distraction away from business, even if the distraction itself has to deal with her personal relationship! If this is what it takes to not have the mission blow up around her, then..she's just gonna have to bite the bullet.

Already she was mentally working out her own strictly abridged version of their story but again Gwen takes point and does a good job with it. "Saved the day, and me. She is..-literally-..my hero." As this part is said she moves closer and takes the Spider's hand, almost as if they're of one mind about it.

"When I found a way to return the favor I took it. We became roomies..then…" Quake smirks a little. "What the lady said." She hesitates with a slight frown. "Also..what the lady said. Did you have too much caffeine or something..? Because whatever this is it doesn't seem healthy."


Looking between Gwen and Daisy, Kara smiles still, "Wait, you're a hero too? That's soooo awesome. Do you have like powers or something? I mean, I can do stuff… but you probably know that. People always kind of know everything I can do, there's even an app. SG App, that people report when they've seen me, who I saved. It's really nice that they are tracking all that, but I don't need to know really." And she nods her head a bit more, before the story about the kiss stops.

"Oh, is that one of those, things not to talk about? Okay. I'll, strike that from my list of conversations." And then she cants her head to the side, tilting it just a little, "Whaaaaaat? Me? Hyper? No, maybe, I mean, I feel good today. Today's a good day, like… I could take on the entire Daxamite horde if it showed up." She brings up her fists in a play double punch into the air. But then she gets momentarily serious, "That'd be terrible by the way. The Daxamites are horrible people. If you see one, call for me." And then she's grinning again.

"Caffeine doesn't really affect me, nor does much else. I just, it's nice to see lovee blossoming in the world. And people together, and my friends are okay, and yeah. I dunno. Why question it? I feel good. Great in fact. It's a new day, the sun has risen, and no one's threatening to throw me in some meta prison for a change."


"Fair enough," Gwen says, mildly, pleasantly, at Kara's explanation. "Just do me a personal favor and take a deep breath, okay? I think Daisy and I are both still a little nervous about you dropping in on us (don't apologize, there's no need), so the high energy's a little unsettling. Let's calm it down, huh? I know, let's talk about your phantom goober."

Gwen turns to Daisy and explains, "Okay, so, Kara has this ray gun that sends people to other dimensions for a pre-set amount of time before it wears off and they come back. We'd need to figure out how to get it to my dimension, and to figure out a way to recharge it if I wanted to use it more than once, but I know someone who could probably help with both."

She manages not to snort as it occurs to her, she's been acting as a Supergirl to Daisy translator. Heh.


A hero with powers? Quake kind of wavers a hand somewhat, smiling when she suggests "I'm working on it." It's a completely truthful comment, too! Nothing else on the subject is offered.

One of those things not to talk about… Here those dark eyes go wide, watching Kara work through the idea for herself with an expectant stare which ultimately results in a single, prolonged nod. (Thank you, Gwen.)

"I have..never..heard of a Daxamite," Quake admits with a slight headshake. "But whatever it is it sounds like a tile cleaner."

Then Kara voices a thought which Quake never would have given any thought. There have been some truly horrible events taking place lately. It's easy to live in the moment and not give anything too much thought. Or get caught up in work, as it is. Right after Kara mentions 'love blossoming in the world' those dark eyes turn back to Gwen and another thin smile creeps into place as she gives the Spider's hand a light squeeze.

"Yah! Phantom goober," Quake swiftly chimes in. This moment of excitement quickly changes to one of confusion when she asks "Why's it always gotta be a -gun?-"


There's a little bit of a laugh and Kara just kind of smiles still, at the suggestion of deep breathing. "It's not a gun-" Kara pauses a moment and turns her head, all of her energy sort of becoming quiet stillness. "I gotta go. Nice to meet you Daisy. Gwen, glad you are okay." And then she crouches a moment before shooting off into the sky. There's a small ripple burst of air that is enough to rock the van a bit, and even cause normal humans to stumble a step or two. Though the blue dressed woman is off, hopefully not to fight a Daxamite horde.

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