Decent Plans
Roleplaying Log: Decent Plans
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Tim and Charlie discuss Sentinels and what to do about them.

Other Characters Referenced: Impulse, Iron-Man, Batman
IC Date: April 21, 2019
IC Location: Batcave - Gotham
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Posted On: 22 Apr 2019 03:47
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* * *

Sure Charlie could probably talk to Tim at Titan's Tower but between Raven and Oracle it isn't necessarily the best place to have in depth talks that may stray to bat-business. It is probably already bad enough that she sent Bart off on an errand knowing she had talked to Batman about it.

So Bat cave it is.

Charlie is seated at one of the Bat computer terminals at the moment, not in her gear but rather jeans and a hoodie she got on a trip to Universal Studios Harry Potter land with Bart, perusing the files on Trask Industries, Sentinels, and currently reading the transcript of Supergirl's speech while the video plays in another window. In the background the various articles and videos of Captain America's speech are also present.

* * *

It isn't often that Tim is in the Cave, these days.

There was a time, not too many years ago, when he would've been there every spare moment he could find. It was a simpler time, probably. When he didn't have to worry about much outside of Gotham, when he was just Robin, the Boy Wonder, and his biggest concerns mainly revolved around not getting shot by some goon and also making sure his homework was all done on time.

It wasn't long after he was replaced as Batman's sidekick that he struck out on his own otherwise, too: His own place in the heart of Gotham, with his own secret lair. Maybe there was an inevitability in that. The Batcave was, after all, the base of operations of Batman and Robin. For those who were Boy Wonders no longer, there was something bittersweet about coming back to it.

In contrast to Charlie, though, Tim arrives in costume. The Redbird, his own custom-built crimefighting supercar, arrivesthrough the same secret entrance the Batmobile otherwise might, and he climbs out in the heavier costume he prefers when he's not doing Titans work, the first costume he wore as Red Robin: Still red and black with hints of yellow, but caped and cowled, though he pushes the latter back once he's in the Cave, letting it settle on his shoulders like a hood.

"Hard at work?" he wonders, but it's kind of rhetorical.

* * *

If Charlie were to ask why she doesn't get her own MisfitCycle or MisfitWing or some such, it would probably be pointed out that she doesn't really need it and also doesn't know how to drive or fly very well.

When the car pulls in she leans back and looks over at it before brightening. I mean it is a crap shoot which person will roll in, car or not. On the bright side she wasn't scared out of her chair with a brooding question right behind her while absorbed in the article.

Also Tim will always be Robin to Charlie, if only with a Red now in front of his codename.

"I am pretty sure most people don't believe I actually do hard work." her smile is still present though, if a little crooked there. "I am glad you could swing by Tim. Kind of hitting a wall on the whole Sentinel thing and I can't just put them all in a Volcano." she hesitates "So I was talking to Bruce and I actually came up with something he said was a decent plan." not a good plan but decent.

* * *

"Probably not," the young man agrees, heading up the stairs to where Charlie sits at one of the Batcomputer terminals. He isn't quite as bad as Bruce is about that sort of thing - and really, he's less bad about it than he was even a year or two ago, before reuniting with the likes of Bart and Cassie; before a certain magician started to have an influence on his life - but if the teleporter paid close enough attention she'd probably notice that his footsteps don't make any sound, even here.

Perhaps it's discipline… Or perhaps he's worried about what the Dark Knight might think.

Or about running into Damian.

He does lean an arm against the back of the chair, looking over it at what Misfit is working on; Tim's dark hair partially falls in his face, but those blue eyes are locked unerringly on the data from the Trask Industries files.

"If he said it was a decent plan, then it's better than most. What was it?"

* * *

Charlie notes, I mean has been trained by some of the best even if her good natured demeanor and joking around hides all of it. It also makes people underestimate the chaos muppet, that and she is genuinely a happy person and never got advanced scores in brooding.

"Well we need to know more about the Sentinels. A lot more. They are way too wicked advanced really. The adaptive technology. They are also too dangerous and I know Bell absolutely orchestrated the Mutant town mess to justify using them. No proof though." that part she adds because when she said it to Bruce he asked her where her proof was, because gut feelings aren't proof. "But Tony and Bruce could both really use the details on these mechanical monsters."

"That leaves two options, one with some variations. Either we somehow subdue a Sentinel in the field or we get the plans and data from either Trask Industries offices or one of the factories." at this point she will spin up a list of Trask Industries assets. Offices and locations.

"The problem is the giant robots can identify metahumans and mutants with their scanners, so you bet they have equipped the offices and factories with them. Bart may be able to move in and out fast enough.. but…" she trails off and looks back at Tim. "It might be a better job for a Ninja who can just walk right past the sensors."

* * *

There's a faint click of Tim's tongue when Charlie refers to Tony Stark as just 'Tony', and in the same breath as Bruce at that.

"Assuming Stark doesn't already know more about this than he's letting on. He's one of the world's premier creators of murderous robot technology, after all." And Tim very much remembers having to fight some of that murderous robot technology when Stark Tower went extremely rogue. Besides, he didn't last several years as Batman's partner in the field without a healthy dose of distrust and paranoia.

But the more immediate issue, the more important issue, is the murderous robot technology itself. Getting their hands directly on Sentinel tech was the very definition of a thorny problem, especially, as Charlie points out, given how dependent their team is on metahumans.

"What, Bruce didn't decide to go do it himself?" the vigilante wonders, at best half-jokingly. It is the sort of thing the Batman would just go off and do. "Subduing one might be difficult. If they've got any common sense, those things have anti-tampering tech in them. Probably self-destruct. Sneaking in might be the way to go."

* * *

"I mean I assume Stark knows more than he is letting on, which is why I asked Bart to figure out what Stark knows and isn't sharing." which could be a good idea or it could backfire. How much of this was in her plan that Bruce said was decent anyhow.

"So I was brainstorming through the problem and how we could tackle it.. I guess I was probably talking we as in Titans and didn't really pause to see if he would just do it for us. Thing is this is less a Gotham problem to Bruce and more a New York problem for us in his mind. I mean he wants the threat to stop before it spreads everywhere including Gotham but… you know how he gets."

"If they adapt and repair and potentially self destruct.. then yeah I figured getting into their computers or factory was easier than trying to pin one down. I know I'd make my killer robots self destruct if I had them."

* * *

…which is why I asked Bart to figure out what Stark knows and isn't sharing.

Oh boy.

The shift in Tim's expression is subtle, nearly imperceptible, but he can already feel the seed of a headache starting to bloom. Bart Allen was one of his best friends, someone he loved like a brother, but surreptitiously gathering information wasn't really part of the speedster's skillset. For a moment, the Red Knight's mouth works soundlessly, but then he just closes his eyes, gives his head a few quick shakes, and waves it off.

No point in stressing about that right now.

"Yeah, okay," Tim says instead. "Right. Well we'll be very lucky if it stays a New York problem. Sentinels stomping through Gotham means about a day before there's Joker-themed ones stomping around instead." And isn't that a comforting thought? "So, we need to figure out the best site to infiltrate. Any other leads?"

* * *

"Well I also asked Bart to ask Pepper how hard it would be to just acquire Trask Industries." there is a pause "I probably should have just asked Bruce that question now that I think about it for a longer moment."

Back to the thought about a Joker Sentinel. "That.. is really worrisome Tim." eyes flicking around as she thinks about the possibilities. "Ugn…" she turns back to the batcomputers terminal and brings up a list of sites on the main screen. It isn't a really long list either. "Okay here is the R&D Facility, the HQ, and one of the factories. The real problem is they do a lot of black operation government work so I imagine they have black sites that are a lot harder to find. I'm not sure if any of these actually will have what we need on the Sentinels or just a foot in the door to actually finding the site we need someone to hit Tim. Maybe Dick can help too or Barbara can Oracle it up a bit?"

* * *

"That's not really how that sort of thing works," is the dry response from Tim about 'just acquiring' Trask Industries. "For one thing, buying an ongoing government contractor would draw a lot of attention we don't want, even if it was allowed to happen. For another, 'designing and building metahuman-hunting super robots' isn't something you do for pure profit. Any company doing that sort of stuff is probably going to be doing it because they believe in it. They had all this stuff ready to go as soon as metahuman registration was active."

Especially once Misfit starts talking about 'black operation' government work, it's clear that a financial solution is off the table. Even if they did, somehow, manage to pull it off, the true believers would remove their data and sprout up elsewhere.

"Maybe," he muses, looking over the available information. "We'll need to take a thorough look before we pull the trigger on anything. Maybe create some fake IDs who can get work at Trask and get inside more easily."

* * *

"Which admittedly isn't my specialty. I've pulled up a lot of research on them and Bruce had some files already started but…." she wiggles her hand side to side.

"I am definitely not the world's greatest detective or his protege in that field." a smile to Tim. "I am.. very good at what I do but I know myself well enough to know that while the plan to involve you and get your help was decent. I don't have a hard plan on executing past asking you for help and backing your play on this Tim." a grin "I can't teleport my way out of this one.. I mean.. I could definitely provide a big distraction but you know."

* * *

"Ideally, we won't need any distractions," Tim says; he says it in the confident tones of Red Robin, because this is one of those times where he needs to project that confidence. To make sure that Charlie, herself, feels confident about their chances. "We need this to be by the numbers. If they know somebody's been in there and nosing around, then they might change access codes, or find some other way to retaliate."

But then, he knows as well as anyone - and better than some - that the best case scenario rarely plays out. Fortunately, Tim Drake has a few tricks up his sleeve.

In one case, literally.

"I'll look things over. Maybe talk to Barbara about it in case we need some overwatch, or another body in the field." Another non-meta body, anyway; that narrows down the usable candidates. "It's a good idea, Charlie. Now we just need to make the most of it."

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