Danger Room Session: Kobayashi Maru
Roleplaying Log: Danger Room Session: Kobayashi Maru
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The X-Men practice against a Sentinel post apocalyptic world scenario. Otherwise known as 'how Dani turned into Scott for a day'.

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IC Date: April 21, 2019
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Posted On: 22 Apr 2019 12:45
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It's field trip time!

While some training does occur on the grounds of the Institute and within its hallowed halls, any actual training for the X-Men occurs elsewhere.

In their *secret* X-Men base. Where all the fun and exciting technology exists as well as their secrets.

Like the Danger Room for instance.

Which is where those currently assembled find themselves today. At this particular moment the room is in its generic stand-by mode; white walls, white floor and white ceiling. A control booth sits high above the room and within it sits Danielle Moonstar. Her attention is mostly focused upon the various buttons, switches and displays that are at her fingertips. It's only after she finishes entering all the various parameters she's going for that Moonstar speaks into a small microphone.

"Alright team, I'll be your GM for today. If we're all ready I'll get us started." GM. Dani must have picked that acronym up from Doug. "Hope everyone went to the bathroom, this is going to be a bumpy ride."

And as long as there are no OMG STOP, NOT READY, ONE SECOND, Dani reaches for the start button and presses it.

The walls, floor and ceiling shimmer, and when that blurriness recedes the group finds themselves somewhere else.

A cityscape. Familiar, but not. Some buildings stand, others are crumbled. In fact, most buildings seem to be some level of demolishment. Fire rages around different parts of the city and those flames give the sky an orange-reddish cast.

The air is likewise heavy with heat and dust and also the smells of burnt metal, plastic, and decay. Each person finds themselves upon a rooftop and all in small groups. The groups themselves go no higher than three and the distance between each group is far. It'll take more than just hopping over a few rooftops to meet up with the others.

In the distance the sounds of something large approaches.

Or rather *somethings* and it comes from multiple directions.

Good luck, X-Men.

Noriko had made sure that there was going to be an extra pair of gauntlets on hand in case hers broke or just went on the fritz. It was something she'd worked out with Dani beforehand because she had made it clear she was going to go all out today. Even though she'd been here the last two years, she'd barely had any interaction with Meggan, even during the missions where she'd gotten to be an X-Men. And Sloane? Well. Her and Sloane had been better acquainted the other evening when Noirko managed to do what she was told and lead a large number of people to safety with help from a few others.

"Alright. So. My goal here is to try and drain some of it's power. Doubt that'll stop it, much. But, if I can feed that power back to it, I think we can overload the sonofabitch." Her jaw is set. Yeah. Noriko is ready for this. And she has something to prove. To herself, if no one else. Especially after the protest encounter.

The Danger Room is, by now, practically a second home to Warren Worthington. Put Scott Summers in Dani Moonstar's place, and it could be thirteen years ago, when the first five X-Men were taking their first steps in the first iteration of the Danger Room.

…which was not nearly so advanced as this one has become, a few alien encounters later.

By now, he's logged enough time in the new version of the Danger Room that there isn't a flinch when the setting changes seamlessly into one of devastation and flames. "Things always seem to be on fire," Warren muses to his companion, as he surveys what he can see of the landscape from the rooftop he's found himself on with Alison. "You'd think we could get enough 'ruined landscape' without fire in the mix. Well, I suppose Dani has split us up. It's certainly what Scott would do…"

He trails off. His head turns to the sounds of multiple incoming.

He squints to the full extent of his vision, which is capable of picking out text on a screen from about two miles. If he doesn't see any immediate anti-air threat, he turns to Alison. "Let's go upstairs," he says, "see if we get a bead on the others." Friendly — or hostile. Picking her up, he will take off from the roof in a flurry of white wings, staying low at first in the event of immediate reprisal before cautiously winging higher.

"The Danger Room! It's such an exciting name, isn't it," Meggan said during the ride over.

But here she is, now. She is wearing her forest-green singlet with long sleeves and leggings from (allegedly) a parallel dimension. It seems comfortable and durable, even if it's not quite X-themed. Perhaps she can have it redetailed at some point.

When the horrid reality fades into place, Meggan… wiggles. In… delight? "God it's just like the Holodeck on 'Star Trek'," she breathes out, beaming at Noriko as she does. But then she focuses up. "I think," she says, "if we can knock it down we can at least hurt its joints or something, right? To be honest with you I haven't had much luck with giant robots."

Meggan looks hopefully at the third member of their merry band, even as her form seems to change subtly. It isn't drastic but her limbs seem to be thickening slightly. She is certainly packing on metamorphically induced musculature, probably in case she has to punch a giant robot.

For those who have never experienced the wonderous joys of the danger room before, it leaves a couple of unanswered questions. Such as "What..are we supposed to beat up each other or something?"

Domino may have joined the team but she hasn't spent much time around Xavier's and way less time around their nifty secret base. Where most mutants only need to bring themselves, Neena has to rely on some tools being given to her for whatever this training run is supposed to be.

Naturally, she's -really freaking surprised- at the apocalyptic hellscape which suddenly comes into existence around them. She's equally really freaking surprised at the collection of goodies which takes shape in front of her. Score!

A nimble flick of a foot tosses a grenade launcher upward where she can catch it out of the air. "Groovy."

A glance is given to Laura and Roberto, two people she knows nothing about but now gets to fight alongside. Oh, and here come the targets! "Hey, uh—Oh crap."

Any remaining gear is hastily retrieved and dumped onto her person. "Cover! Cover'd be real good!"

Hey..wait a second. They're scattered. The enemy is already incoming, they know where the X-Men are. It's not like they have any stealth here, right? So why not signal to the other teams where they are?

The first shot of the session goes straight up into the air with a *Tuk!* and explodes high overhead. 'Over here, guys!'

Laura is very familiar with the Danger Room, even if her time at the institute hasn't been that long. With every use of the facility monitored and logged (if only by the computers, at times), her near-obsessive perfectionism is rendered into concrete numbers: hundreds of hours logged, countless sessions completed, with clear times and evaluation scores for various scenarios listed in great detail. A casual review might simply note that she spends a lot of time here, studying the accomplishments of her predecessors. A more careful analysis could probably tease out a variety of patterns.

One is the fact that she's working through every one of Wolverine's recorded sessions, and systematically improving on his recorded times and scores.

But this is a new scenario, and so Laura approaches it with a certain distanced respect. She has a pack with gear, and checking on comms is one of the very first things she tries. "Communications are degraded, indeterminate if interference is ambient or targeted." She turns her gaze across the strange concrete canopy of rooftops. "Visual signalling may be-" Oh, Domino's got that, with her CHUNK shot into the air, and the young woman continues, "-but range to other teams unknown." As for the ominous sounds in the distance, her heightened senses aren't really required here. "Multiple contacts, type unknown, disposition unknown. Probable large target silhouettes, high power weaponry, or both." Because of the big booms. Duh. Despite churning out all this word-data, she doesn't leap to any course of action, but glances back at her teamates. Leading is one of the rare things she has little experience with.

Truth be told, she didn't expect to be invited.

Perhaps an agent — or double agent — at first, the scaly metahuman has started to throw in more and more with the people of the Xavier Institute in recent weeks-becoming-months; the actions and outrages born from the metahuman registration law setting her resolve.

With the majority of her worldly possessions buried under literal tons of stone and rubble, she is perhaps the most out-of-place in terms of attire; a loose tanktop with the iconic circular X branding on the front, sport bra, leggings, sturdy thick-sole sneakers, and padded cut-finger gloves worn on her hands. A pair of canteens hang from between her fingers, showing signs of use and age.

"This is the most trippy gym I've ever seen. How is this a 'Danger Room' again?"

Moonstar answers the question as the ground ripples and shimmers with light, her eyes going down first, then searching for the walls as they start to shift and vanish from sight. It becomes — the city. A decimated verison, no less. Sloane's eyes are wide, her mouth opening slowly to speak only an, "… Oh."

Clipping the canteens to her waistband, the ginger woman looks first at Noriko. "We have to be careful. These machines are no joke. You do electricity, right? My water isn't distilled, so you should be able to use it as a conductor, too." Sloane glances to Meggan. "Very exciting." She then whispers, "Like a murder TARDIS," nodding slowly.

"All right — let's move quick and careful."

"MURDIS," Meggan confides to Sloane.

"Geez, it's like high school all over again," declares Roberto da Costa, AKA Hot Bobby, AKA Sunspot. The honeybee black and yellow of a New Mutants suit is at least sort of distinctive even these days, though it's notable that the Brazilian hasn't done anything to customise his costume at all. The dark-skinned mutant seems wholly unfazed by the sudden change to the Danger Room, and instead as the blank gray room metamorphoses into a cityscape in ruins, he's just… Limbering up. Stretching his shoulders, that sort of thing.

So: Cityscape. Fire. Angry giants.

"All right, so we've got lady gunsalot and we've got child soldier," he muses; he's stretching his legs now, because who wants to get a charlie horse in the middle of a training session against giant murder robots? "We're all in separate probably random groups, can't easily communicate beyond…" Domino, sensibly, provides a big flashy signal for the other X-Men; the mercenary is well ahead of him on this. "…Big flashy signals, cool. All right then. Could try to lure one out, see if we can split them up. Just need bait." The light around the Brazilian man… Changes, bending towards him as he starts absorbing it. It leaches the colour out from him. All the colour, very nearly, until he's a human figure carved out of pure darkness, vantablack from top to bottom, even his costume vanishing. But his eyes gleam sunlight-gold, and the motes of blackness that float around him, like tiny bubbles of antilight, are likewise surrounded by a faint golden aura.

"So I guess that'll be me. If I can get a bad guy over our way, you two get Rambo on its giant ass."

He starts to lift into the air, a seemingly unsupported hover that starts to turn into flight, because some people really hit the lottery when it comes to powers.

Normally, the Danger Room is designed for a perfect simulation of the environment, and very little is capable of ripping a person out of their training simulation. However, today isn't necessarily a -normal- day, apparently. Near enough to the third team, in the direction from whence everyone came, there is a sudden and jarring shift in the lighting of the environment. It even causes- for half a moment- a disturbing shimmer amongst the holograms…

As the door opens.

Chewing a piece of gum and, for better or worse, still on her phone, the highly objectionable form of Negasonic Teenage Warhead makes her way unimpressively into the Danger Room. She's silent- apparently not caring to speak about anything for the first few moments of her arrival- before she stops as soon as she (somehow) perceives that she's standing next to other people. She's dressed for business, as it were- the armored suit she's wearing just as out-standing as the rest of the suits in its black-blue and bright yellow design.

Does she say hello? Is she apologizing? Does she even appear to notice that she's stepped out of the sterile halls of the underground base and into a post-apocalyptic seeming simulation likely populated by All Too Many Sentinels (Which may in fact be the name of the simulation scenario that is being run)? The answer to some of these questions is No, and there is among them one Maybe. The Maybe is the last one. She doesn't seem to be getting off of her phone any time soon.

Eagle eyes find nothing incoming from the sky above. Threat-wise, at least. What actually falls from the sky is a constant drizzle of ash from all those fires that burn. Wherever that ash lands it leaves a noticeable greasy imprint upon the surface.

That quip about there always being fires brings a faint quirk to Dani's lips and then she touches a finger-tip to a nearby screen.

As Warren and Dazzler ascend upward to that hellish skyscape the two gain a bird's eye view and what the two see isn't good.

Sentinels. Everywhere.

The familiar purple and gray forms can be seen throughout the city-scape, moving, analyzing, patrolling and now approaching.

The flash-bang of Domino's signal might seem like the catalyst of the next few things that happen, but really it's not. The Sentinels course were already set and they were already on track.

The rooftop that Meggan, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Noriko and Sloane are on finds itself suddenly falling into shadow, as a Sentinel seemingly just *appears* right next to their building. The soulless eyes of the robot stare down at the small group of mutants and in a loud voice it booms:


And while it could ask the mutants to surrender, this particular Sentinel is clearly not feeling sympathetic today, as it brings both hands upward in a rather aggressive manner.

Dual blasts of white-yellow energy flashes from each palm-emitter and the group finds both beams set for roof-wide dispersal.

Berto, Domino and Laura aren't left out of the fun either. As Domino now calls for cover and Laura details just how deep in shit they are, Berto activates his powers and begins to rise in the sky which affords him a better view of what approaches. Two Sentinels for their group. One from the left and the second from the right. The two say simultaneously: MUTANTS DETECTED. EXTERMINATE.

Then the nearest one (on the left) raises one arm and turns its palm to the group, this time it doesn't shoot energy beams, however. Instead steel cables lash outward and they seek out to enwrap the most tantalizing target that can be found.

Roberto da Costa.

On 'their' side of the Danger Room, Noriko glances back to her team. She frowns at Negasonic not taking the mission seriously - and the Teenage Warhead will find her phone suddenly shutting down as the battery is completely drained of power. Noriko is turning her gauntlets to their 'max' setting, in the meantime. "Time to pay attention," she tells the bubble-gum chewer with a tone that doesn't bother to hide her irritation. This training session is /very/ personal for her.

Neck twisting, Surge then looks towards Sloane. "Good." A nod, at the gameplan. It's certainly one she can get behind - with their powers combined! … or, something. Luckily the Danger Room's been somehow insulated from Noriko's power drain otherwise this whole affair would be shutting down rather quickly.

Then there is a Sentinel. Directly. In. Front of them. This one tells her to stand down, too. Just like the other one did. The real one. "Move!" Noriko shouts as the palms come up. Then she's running, fast as the hands come up to emit those blasts. And since Sloane is 'lucky' enough to be nearest to her, she's grabbing the woman and utilizing her speed and momentum to run across the roof and hurtle the gap from this roof to the next. Landing? Well, that's something she handles, albiet not with the grace of a gymnist. But, she manages to not take a spill, even if she does stumble and sets Sloane back on her feet.

"Hey, jerkwad!" She calls to the Sentinel, to give Negasonic and Meggan time to act. Then? Noriko starts to shine - literally. White and blue lightning collascing around her, as she begins to do her damndest to drain the full power, or as much as she can, of the Sentinel. "Gonna need that water. Quick," she asides to Sloane.

"Wow, Dani," Warren mutters, mostly to himself, as he tries to take a count of the number of Sentinels which he can see. "Really taking a page from Scott."

His eyes catch the flash of Domino's signal in the distance a moment later, and Warren immediately drops a wing to roll into a turn, swerving around in the direction of the other groups on the ground, which the signal now helps him easily pick out.

As he flies, he keeps trying the comms, though he has a feeling it might not be distance which is the problem with them. "I am in the air. Multiple Sentinels are inbound on both your positions. You're in two groups about two, three miles apart. Surge, Merrow, Meggan, if you head northeast and you'll hit the others if they come southwest towards you."

It remains to be seen whether any of that information makes it across the comms. Warren is flying as fast as he can towards where Domino's signal went off. "We have better odds if we get everyone back into one group," he asides to Alison as they go. "But let me know if you want to do a strafing laser run along the way. I'll fly lower."

"Wow. Would ya look at that? It's all realistic and shit!" Domino exclaims while motioning toward the airburst grenade. That earlier thought about seeking cover can wait a moment because "That is seriously legit!"

It isn't long before her excitement of the moment dies out and she's left giving Laura a peculiar look. "You sound pretty awesome for missions but for everything else you are gearing up to be a world-class buzzkill."

With a healthy mix of economy of motion and showmanship she's got the launcher reloaded, listening to both Laura and Roberto as they verbally run through their current predicament. Then Roberto sort of fades to black with some glowy bits tossed in for good measure. And offers to be the bait.

"Miss Gunsalot is ready to Rambo," is confirmed as her attention turns back to the incoming threats. Under her breath comes "I hate big bots and I can not lie…" Then another sidelong glance is given to Laura. "Sunny boy wonder's shown us his," is said followed by an upward tick of her head. "What's your party trick?

Roberto's offer to be a distraction works perfectly! Dom shoulders the launcher and concentrates. Where to lob the sucker… "Forty millimeter, corner pocket." *Tuk!* Right toward the palm where those cables are coming from.

The sudden crack of bright blue lightning off in the distance seems to point out where one of the other teams is hiding. That's ..that's like REALLY far out there. Not gonna be so much of a help.

There's a flare in the distance? That might be one of the other teams — and a late arrival. The scale-swathed young woman lifts her hand. "Yo," she says, then pulls a thumb toward herself. "Merrow." Wasting no time, the Sentinel rises like the giant monster from the middle of nowhere; Merrow pivots and her eyes go wide. "Oh for fu—"

Suddenly, arms are grabbing her, the metallic pressure of gauntlets, and then a static rush of electricity against her skin as Sloane's senses try to keep up with the movement she's gone through in the next moment; her slit pupils twitching wide and tight as she gets her footing again.

Two facts will become apparent to Surge in a matter of microseconds: For one, Sloane actually weighs a lot more than she looks. The other, she turns a livid shade of green and looks ready to vomit the second they finish moving at that rush of super-speeds.

Keeping it down for the time being, the canteens are plucked from the waistband of her leggings, the caps spun off and the water spilling out into the air. Collecting both into spheres of water with a deft gesture, one is kept hovering to the side — the other is pressurized between her hands, formed tightly, and then ejected toward the Sentinel like a high-pressure water jet with enough force to require the metahuman to brace herself so that she doesn't skid across the rooftop.

"All right, get ready to hit it hard!" she calls out.

The comms crackle to life for everyone for a few seconds. Some words get through, but it's clear not all.

*Zzztttt* in the air. Multiple Sentinels *zzztttt* inbound *zzztttt* positions. *Zzzrtttt* three miles apart. Surge, Merrow, Meggan *zzztttt* northeast and you'll hit *zzzttttt* southwest towards you.

Buzz-kill or not, Laura keeps on: "It's likely the other teams will converge on the targets regardless of communication. Right now, they're the loudest things in the area." This is a fancy way of Laura saying that she's not going to sweat the communication details. Especially not with Bobby going all burny and immediately starting to fly off. Without the blessing of fancy wings or internal jets, she starts running in pursuit, aiming for the edge of the roof and presumably the next beyond.

Planning is done in transit: "My typical technique is to jump on them and tear things apart until they malfunction." It's a oldie but a goodie. "With this team, I can focus on opening sections of armor to expose as targets for higher damage attacks." Such as whatever kind of solar flare-y nonesense Roberto has going on or… grenade launchers definitely count.

Of course, as Laura would happily explain in one of her military textbook style lectures, this sort of planning rarely survives contact with the enemy. For instance, it seems like the robots are converging on -them- more than the other way around. Also, their flyboy is under assault by robo-tentacles before she even makes it to the next building. So, this is where a bit of 'contextually adaptive improvisation' comes into play. IE, making shit up.

First, a Sentinel appearing there doesn't discourage Laura from leaping in the slightest. Heck, it means it's a shorter jump. She sails into the inevitable cloud from the grenade, sinks both rear (which is to say, lower) and one set of foreclaws into whatever she finds on the other side, and if the grenade hasn't fully dealt with the cables, takes a swipe at those first. And then, well, this is where she gets to play 'scramble over a big metal robot while it tries to crush you like a person crushes a mosquito'. It is a familar game.

Also, because they got *TWO*: "Suggest maneuvering to to use target alpha as cover against target beta."

Negasonic Teenage Warhead arrives. Meggan beams at her. She does not, quite, go for a hug. It is a near thing, though. After a slight warm-up stretch, there is a sudden burst of shadow - and she looks eye to eye with a Sentinel.

It's chilling, even in simulation.

Meggan tenses upwards. When the ray fans outwards, she raises her arms up as if to shield herself, but she is already changing, as she often does. The ray is calibrated for a mutant woman, perhaps a muscular one, and instead it strikes something halfway between a rhinocerous and a deep-sea crab - Meggan is smashed back, staggered, but not disabled or (worse!) slain.

Dear God, she thinks, it's like I got hit by a truck! Being shot in the leg hurt less! When Surge and Merrow move, she glances at N.T.W. and tells her, "Going low," before running TOWARDS the robostrocity and leaping - behind it?

Her legs ripple into something more like a rabbit's, or a cassowary's. Her toes dig into the side of the Sentinel, braking and throwing sparks. Once she's low enough she immediately bear-hugs its ankle.

Christ, Meggan thinks, what am I doing. She starts to pull regardless, and when she feels the great mass above her shift… Oh God, she thinks further, no kicking, please no kicking:

"Right?!" Alison agrees on a matching aside to Warren. "This is totally swiped from the Summers playbook — that jerk loved Kobayashi Maru-ing the crap out of us." A pause. A wince. Her eyes angle back on Warren. "Tell anyone I made a Star Trek ref and you'll pay for months, Worthington."

Currently aloft in Warren's arms — and getting more used to being aerial these days — she turns her own look on the holographic vista: the sky swollen with the distant, dark shapes of endless Sentinels. Nightmare fuel, really. She's certain the foreknowledge that none of this is real (and won't ever be true, right?) keeps her wits about her, but truth be told, Alison's gut weighs with a hard, solid stone of anxiety. Been too long since a training scenario. She hopes she doesn't embarrass herself.

Switching on her comm, she absorbs Warren's battle instructions in stereo, and tilting her head, covers her closer ear. Her mouth pulls tight for a moment. "I'm not sure if they got all that. Which means we might need to be more festive about it all. They're sitting ducks on the ground — shall we provide the diversion? Laser sounds good. Get ready to evade; it's going to drain my charge like nothing." She pauses. Eyes him. Her mouth jumps at one corner in a brief quirk. "Just — don't make me toss my quinoa?"

And as Warren swoops them perilously low and closer, the Dazzler is ready, lighting the both of them like a beacon: white light like fire flicking off his feathered wings. Opening one ungloved hand and pointing a finger. From its tip, she focuses her light — a lightning-bright strike of focused photons, carving up the back of the closing Sentinels, cutting through the armored hull.

The bait plan works… Maybe too well, since they wind up with two Sentinels instead of just one.

"Ah, this always happens," Sunspot remarks as he twists in the air; he might not have the raw speed of Cannonball, nor the natural instincts for the sky of Angel, but he's still quite deft and aerobatic, with every intention to play keep away even while he acts as an attention-getter.

"Ah, this sort of thing always happens, you go somewhere and suddenly everybody's fighting over you," the Brazilian mutant remarks, though it's difficult to tell if his glib words mean he's taking the simulation any less seriously than he should. He does seem like the sort of guy who doesn't take much of anything seriously, but on the other hand getting Dani mad at him is pretty low on Roberto da Costa's to-do list…

But then, neither is 'getting caught by robo-tentacles'.

"Hey, fresh," he complains, though the words are lost in the explosion of Domino's grenade, and honestly smack talk probably doesn't work on Sentinels anyway. While Laura gets to work with her stabbers, one of the flying mutant's ankles gets caught by a grappling cable: It's quite possible that those claws take care of it nearly immediately, leaving Roberto with a big, sunlit grin and now holding the remaining length of cable in his hands. It's okay, he's really strong.

"Good suggestion, I like it," he agrees, maneuvering in the air to try and keep the currently besieged Sentinel between himself and its battle buddy. Though either way he's swinging that stolen cable with monstrous strength - hard enough and fast enough that it makes a terribly loud *CRACK* in the air - at roundabout the Sentinel's neck.

Negasonic is used to these sorts of greetings. At least the one that Noriko gave her. However, Noriko takes it a slight step further- for reasons that are hers and are certainly altogether valid- and in response, Ellie lifts her head. She looks over at Noriko. Fully nonplussed, but certainly not angry. If Passive-Aggressive was an expression a person could have, it certainly would be, in this case. Still, Meggan being somewhat oppressively cheerful balances out the intense seriousness, despite both of these attitudes being… Well, the opposite of NTW's.

Then, there's a giant robot. That's neat.

Ellie's response is pretty simple. She takes her phone, and slips it into a sleeve- which constitutes some level of illegal uniform modification, but somebody would have to be watching and also, you know, care- and she turns to address the Sentinel as it raises its Laser Hands. "Yeah, sure." she responds, pulling her hands into fists just as the white light erupts and engulfs her. Whether or not Negasonic can create a field of nuclear energy powerful enough to withstand the blasts is an important metric. The answer is that she can- but probably ought not to do so too often.

The energy shifts from protecting her, to propelling her. If Meggan is going to go low, Ellie is going to go high- at an incredible speed. Given that she's awash in energy that she can absorb and redirect, it's an easier thing to fling herself at breakneck speeds in a sphere of nigh-impenetrable explosion, a self-propelled fastball special aimed right at the metal dome of the Sentinel's head.

Kobayashi Maru.

Dazzler's reference to Star Trek is now saved for all eternity within the data banks of the Danger Room.

Good thing the Danger Room recordings are never used for blackmail purposes. GOOD THING.

Noriko lights up like a beacon, which of course draws the attention (ire) of the Sentinel. Its great head swivels as it focuses upon Noriko and it the emitter upon its chest begins to glow. Only that glow sputters after a second and the great machine booms:


Desist, but that last word dies in a wash of static. It's obvious that Noriko's drain is proving effective.

Meggan bear-hugs the Sentinel's ankle and then exerts all her strength against it. The weight of the Sentinel is immense and for a few seconds it might seem like nothing is going to happen, but then slowly the beast begins to shift. The Sentinel senses the change in its own balance and while it must contend with Noriko's attack, it still lashes out at Meggan. Or better yet, shakes out. The leg that Meggan strives to move rises upward as the Sentinel picks its leg upward and then shakes it. Hard. Literally back and forth, trying to fling Meggan of its ankle.

And while the Sentinel could potentially come back from both Noriko and Meggan's attack, the added bonus of Sloane and Negasonic seems to seal its fate. That jet of water rips a destructive path inward, damaging circuits and machinery alike. When N.T.W makes herself into a literal cannonball and slams herself into its head, there's a fantastic explosion from the impact which then causes the robot to teeter.

Sentinels may be big, tough and scary, but unbalanced and now without a head, it can only do one thing. Fall backwards.


It crashes down into the half-crumbled building behind it.

Surge, N.T.W, Merrow and Meggan now find themselves with a few seconds of breathing room.

The grenade that Domino launched flies at the Sentinel's hand. It hits and explodes and with that explosion comes a spray of metal and smoke. It doesn't necessarily stop the Sentinel, but it does slows it down as one cable falls toward the ground. The rest are severed thanks to the timely intervention of Laura Kinney's claws. This then allows the clawed woman to scramble along the Sentinel and where the game does become 'mosquito slap'.

The Sentinel brings its other hand around to try and slam it down upon Laura's fleet-footed form and if it misses it just keeps on trying.


Which leaves a great opening for Berto to swing that purloined cable of his right at that robot. With a deafening *CLANG* the cable wraps securely around the Sentinel's neck.


Dazzler's laser tears into the Sentinels, burning neat wounds into their backs as she lashes out against them. In fact, her attack is what pulls the attention of several more Sentinels further out. The heads of those Sentinels swivel around and the 'closest' robot raises a hand upward. A laser shoots from it and that attack speeds across the airspace seeking out its target. They could aim for Alison Blaire, but instead that attack instead goes straight for someone else; Warren Worthington. Specifically at those gloriously feathered wings of his.

And while Domino might possibly feel safe on that rooftop of hers (relatively speaking) the sound of a door being kicked open might be heard.

It's the door that gives access to the rooftop and from that stairwell a small tactical group emerges. They're dressed in something that looks like riot gear, but more high-tech, and at the sight of Domino their guns raise. Do they even yell for Domino to cease and desist? Nope! The only thing the leader yells is, "MUTANT identified!"

Then they just straight-up open fire on the woman.

Noriko's energy is quite literally surging, and she moves to launch her counter-attack, but … it's not needed. Between the four of them, they've effecivetly stunned, counter-attacked, and ripped apart the Sentinel. At least she did learn -one- thing. Her drain does have an effect, however temporary, on a real Sentinel. "What did the static say? Northwest?"

NOriko looks to Sloane, then to Meggan and NTW. "We need to group up with some of the others, offer support." The fight, afterall, isn't over until the session ends. "Meggan, can you and Warhead keep up?" Clearly, she's intending on speed-boost travel.

In more personal space, she asks Sloane, "Up for another trip? I think I can get us to the next fight." No, she's not going to tell Sloane she's heavy. It's not something you tell a … friend(?) or at least an ally in the heat of a battle. "More Murder Tardis." SHe offers Sloane her hand.

"I won't tell a soul," Warren promises, with half a smile. "But you might want to erase this session's audio data after we leave…"

A moment later, Alison provides the diversion she suggests by firing her lasers. The flare of her light flashes off his white wings, turning them into a temporary comet across the sky. And in the distance, a gaggle of Sentinels takes notice of them. "My darling," he says, "I believe your diversion was successful."

Very successful, in fact, as the Sentinels start to attack. Warren reacts earlier than the actual fire of the laser. The moment the Sentinel's hand lifts, he says, "Hang on to your quinoa," and immediately folds his wings in. The laser punches through the air right where his left wing used to be: his airspeed keeps them going forward a few moments, before gravity asserts and the two of them start to plummet.

They were already dangerously close to the ground. Hopefully he knows what he's doing.

About twenty feet over the street, Warren's wings open again, straining to catch air, and their lost altitude translates into breakneck speed. He hurtles between the burning, gutted-out buildings at what must at least be a hundred miles an hour, tracking obstacles and flicking his wings to duck over and below them as they skim by. These obstacles include the bodies of the group of Sentinels that just fired on them; he weaves between them, cutting around them with tight folded-wing turns which make firing on him pretty hard without hitting one another.

"Noisy enough for you?" he inquires of Alison. "I'll need you to keep shooting, before they actually manage to hit me. Let's see if we can lead these in for the kill." He swings around in the air, practically taunting the Sentinels with his white wings, as he tries to lead them back in the direction of the other groups, weaving in such a way to keep them more focused on him than on where the other mutants might be.

'Multiple Sentinels.' 'Three miles apart.' THAT was three miles out?? Whatever caused that electrical disturbance must have been pretty intense!

The suggestion from Laura is interpreted slightly differently by Domino. Why take cover from one bot behind another bot when she can try to encourage one bot to -attack- another bot?

There are numerous angles, directions, and a whole slew of various probabilities which could choke a supercomputer while trying to process. Dom just goes off of instinct.

It starts with an 'over here!' whistle at one of the Sentinels. And a pair of raised middle fingers. "Hey Botsy Collins, eat me!"

Just gotta get its attention before she sets off in a dead sprint across the rooftop! And damn is it a good thing she started running because in THAT moment the door bursts outward and a bunch of armored soldiers start pouring out.

Shots ring out and spark off of objects in their narrow pursuit of the albino as she goes sliding under and leaping over obstacles as necessary. She does take some hits but nothing major. Then she's leaping right off of the edge, spinning about to thump another grenade out of the launcher toward the knot of baddies. Parting shot!

Then Sunspot's messing up the one bot with a cable around its neck while Laura's causing it to go utterly spastic while trying to swat at her. This can only work in Dom's favor. Trust the system!

Another light show flashes in the sky but she has to mentally kick herself not to get distracted by the spectacle. Instead, she takes a turn on the comms. "Hey guys—Rgh!" A rough landing has her rolling across the second roof before offering "if the skies are full of these things then we're not gonna take 'em all on. Unless this is a last mutant standing I'd suggest we get the hell outta Dodge. Just a thought!"

As if supporting the idea an errant blast punches a hole in the rooftop right at her feet, sending the mercenary into a freefall through several of the weakened floors. Oops!

Hurray! It only took four of them to knock one over! Meggan does not think of it in those terms, exactly; the fall of the huge machine feels somehow satisfying, but not from achievement alone. She doesn't have time to question it, instead letting her feet lift off the ground. She looks to Surge, beams, and says, "I think we can."

"Relax and try not to think about body mass," is Meggan's advice to Sloane, and then she rises upwards, trailing sparkling lights of - something; it seems related to her shapeshifting, anyway. Certainly less explosive than N.T.W. but perhaps it's all a matter of degree and dose.

She rises. It's a risk, but you have to take them sometimes. The distant flash of light against the familiar (if, at this range, teensy) silhouette of Warren makes Meggan gasp. Significantly closer, though, is an affray between Domino and -


Domino seems to be diving into the building. "OI" Meggan shouts, before leaning inwards. The sparkling lights that trail behind her glow beautifully. Her arms raise before her, fists clenched tight. Her goal is to hit the hindmost police officer and knock them down, and from there - well, improvise.

She does send a sort of emotional signal regarding antipathetic feelings towards law enforcement officers actively engaging in violent suppression of mutant existence. This might be her version of a flare.

Merrow nods firmly. "Right. Just don't overdo it, Meggan. We'll catch up."

Sloane steps forward, scanning the horizon. The heat is false, but it feels so real; fortunately despite the dust it doesn't feel like a 'dry' heat, at least not yet … but this ended up being a really messed up funhouse and not a gym with a cute name, so she's staying ready for anything.

"Surge, don't hesitate to use the buildings for cover. We need eyes, but we need to be able to keep these things off-balance and unable to track us as long as possible. If we get caught, put me down and go," Sloane says firmly, pulling the spare sphere of water back into one of her canteens and clipping it to her waistband. Getting an arm around Noriko's shoulder and grabbing her offered hand, she sucks in a breath and steels her stomach.

"A'right, do it."

Quietly, she adds, "I will not promise I won't puke."

Laura has run Sentinel programs before, and she has the basics of close quarters claw-and-scramble down pat. Their reaction times, speed of motion, and so on? These are known quantities and the clawed woman weapon is prepared to evade them. At least as long as they're not sporting any new tricks. Scrambling up one arm to its shoulder, she slashes across its neck (a second ahead of Sunspot, peeling open a raw target for his cable-whip), and then leaps and claw-slides down to the middle of its back: when you make your robots humanoid, they end up with some humanoid blind-spots.

Her plan is that, perhaps, if the thing survives (they don't really NEED their heads), it's awkward flailing might be of some use, her position forcing it to expose its back to the other Sentinel (so it can shoot her!) or something of the sort. That's the complicated, X-23 Rapid Tactical Evaluation version. At the more immediate, instinctive level, it just keeps her out of easy smoosh-reach for a moment.

But the essence of it isn't different from Domino's thinking. 'Using them for cover from each other' absolutely means 'make them shoot each other or maybe just fucking ram into each other?' just in prettier words and a bit more planning and agency, compared to Domino's leave it to stupid-ass luck approach. The underlying premise, nonetheless, is the same!

When the two Sentinels inevitably crash into each other (let's be real), Laura rides the first right into the second. She's intent on further mayhem, to be sure, carving through metal muscle and severing the electronic arteries in a display of unleashed repressed mayhem and digital gore. Except…

"Shit? Where's Domino?" Just like that, her priorities change. "Do you have eyes?" she wonders at the designated air support, while sniffing the air. Then, just like that, she abandons ship. Of course at this point things (Sentinels, BUILDINGS) are crashing into each other and probably exploding so her return to the rooftop is somewhat less ceremonious.

'You might want to erase this session's audio data…'

Alison frowns.

Distantly, she also hears (absorbs) that distant CRACK of Beto cabling another giant robot. A wistful look. Must be nice to beacon it up without a charge. Lucky ass New Mutants and their upgrades.

But, fortunately, she does not saturate in that thought for long; the environment of the Danger Room may well be wholly simulated, but there is nothing feigned about the sudden, kamikaze-plane drop Warren takes, chasing her insides up to the back of her throat as the g-force pulls them suicidally down.

All Alison can do is close her eyes and hang on for dear life. Warren's evasive maneuvers make the ground rake by, too-close, before she feels the heady swoop of intertia pulling them back into the air.

"You're — showing off," she chuffs, but not without some amusement, before stiffening at the sight of Warren banking them between the bodies of Sentinels. Is he crazy?! And — is she?! — because she has an idea.

"Ever seen Tomorrow Never Dies?" asks Alison, through the scream of the wind. "Turn me around! And don't — drop me!" She twists in Warren's grasp, just enough to brace her ribcage against his shoulder, facing his opposite direction like some dogfighting gunner.

"Noisy — enough! Keep it coming!" she shouts, and with both arms free, fires her white-hot, photonic lasers — bright enough to be blinding against the dark skies — at those Sentinels in pursuit. Between Warren's aerial acrobatics, and her shaking hands, the Dazzler's aim is touchy, grazing shots at the edges of those metal bulks.

"Damnit!" she snaps. The wind whips through her hair, and breaks up her shouting voice: "I can't — Warren, you have to get me above them! I need a shot down on the back of the head! Just — don't — " do something crazy.

It would, of course, be absurd to assume that at this point Sunspot isn't considering the possibility of a Sentinel Rodeo.

He's got that cable wrapped around its neck, the things are all big and stompy, and…

"If I had a dollar for every time I heard that," the solar-powered Brazilian quips. Violation of the laws of this land, indeed. "It's usually public indecency, though. But the way I figure it, when you look this good the bigger crime is not showing off, am I right?"

Again, Sentinels aren't great for banter. It's sort of disheartening.

The program Dani's devised - or maybe is currently manipulating on the fly - proves to have some unexpected wrinkles, though, as not only are there giant stompy robots, but also some kind of strike teams with itchy trigger fingers. Possibly even itchier than Domino's, who makes some good points about a tactical withdrawal, but…

"All right, no more mister nice Bobby," he mutters; more strange phenomena occur around him, crackling golden lightning as his already absurd superhuman strength surges even further, and he yanks the cable around the Sentinel's neck tight like a garrotte, since Laura has already nicely done some extra harm there.

Assuming he can remove the Sentinel's big purple melon, he lets go of the cable to go and catch it. Why?

Well, so he can spike it into both Sentinels, obviously, propelling it down with tremendous force.

"She fell into that building," is the reply to Laura. "Looks like we've gotten rendezvoused with while we're at it."

There is a lot to be said about being able to explode on command. It gives a whole lot of momentum, enough to help decimate and eliminate a sentinel in short order. This ought to be an amusing statement- but to be truthful, the fact that the third team, containing someone very much described as 'not a team player' and various fashions of 'standoffish' is working pretty well together is already a hallmark of the success of the training regimen. So that's cool.

Negasonic emerges from the wreckage of the Sentinel without a whole lot of ceremony.

She had ridden it down, having slammed into it to break apart the head. During that time, she gathers enough energy so as to protect herself for the impact, and then strides free of it, stepping to the edge of the rooftop and looking down over the battlefield. For the moment, she enjoys the respite- before likely, the combat comes back for them.

Sentinels are not always the brightest of beings.

They're sort of like the point and click type, versus the more intuitive and adaptive programs.

As such, when Warren and Alison drop low to the ground, the Sentinels continue to try and attack.

Warren's speed and nearness to the ground is enough to play havoc with the Sentinel's targeting systems. It's something they just can't compensate well for, and so, the robot's lasers flash here and there to randomly hit pavement, buildings, lamp posts, and just about anything else that's a stationary target.

Dazzler's shots likewise infuriate the robots, as they find themselves sniped and burned, by the Singer's own-set-of-out-of-this-world lasers. It causes the Sentinels to stomp and heave, as they try to catch the two mutants.

It only gets better (for the Sentinels) when Angel purposely turns himself into a target again. He weaves the pair between the group that lashed out earlier and rises up between the robots like some sacrificial lamb. The nearest Sentinel doesn't think twice and raises a hand -

An electrified metallic net deploys from that out-stretched and speeds on its way to Angel and Dazzler.

Laura's clawed-scrambled does what she intends it to do. It rips through the metallic skin of the Sentinel and causes rents, tears and slashes to open upon its body. When Laura literally slides down the Sentinel's back, sparks dance from the wounds her claws create. The robot tries to rid itself of the 'flea' upon its back, but even it can't quite manage that particular feet.

That gives Roberto time to successfully yank the head off the Sentinel he battles. That causes the body to wobble and crash haphazardly against the robot, X-23 just finished sliding down. It only gets worse (for the Sentinels) when Berto slams the head down into both and with a loud burst of static, the two mutant-hunting-machines slump down upon the ground inert.

Noriko, Merrow and N.T.W continue to have wriggle room, as the teams close the gap between themselves.

In fact, just as Meggan hits that rooftop, so too does the last grenade Domino launched. The agent of Excalibur hits from behind, while the grenade slams in from the front, and both act similar to a bowling ball. The military officers go down in a heap of legs, arms, guns and with varying degrees of shouts, curses and much flailing.

However, it's Laura's arrival upon that rooftop that Meggan just hit that causes the Danger Room to actually react.

Robots, laser beams, falling ash, all freeze in place and from the Control Booth above a more humanoid (albeit still robotic voice) speaks:

'You have successfully completed the tasks put in place for this scenario. Program Ending.'

And with a flash of light and pixels, the Sentinels, the city and the destruction fades away to reveal the blandness of the Danger Room once again.

Robots fall; things explode, parts go flying everywhere. It's realistic enough that even Sloane is almost convinced of it at points; her eyes reacting with tension and nose smelling the burning stench of air and debris. It reminds her of the Invasion, for a bit, for better or worse, even as —

— even as Surge propels them through the simscape to meet up with the others.

As the simulation comes to an end, however, she wobbles on her feet; the reorientation from hellscape to a neutral room and she finds herself taking a moment to get herself squared off with the actual distances of the chamber — and the actual distances of those whom she was in the Danger Room with this whole time.

"That was —"

And then, as her body is reminded that she is stationary again and not in a larger space, and not moving incredibly fast, her eyes shift from lidded halfway to wide as saucers, the skin of her face not swathed with scales shifting to a pale green. "— speed —"

And then with a 'mmph!!' her cheeks puff out and she bolts for the door, to burst out into the hallway and find the first trash receptacle to hork into.

Behold: The might of SHIELD.

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