Little Practices
Roleplaying Log: Little Practices
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After visiting with Noriko and Sloane, Daisy bumps into Betsy.

Other Characters Referenced: Sloane Albright, Noriko Ashida, Tony Stark, Matt Murdock
IC Date: April 21, 2019
IC Location: Xavier's, New York
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Posted On: 22 Apr 2019 18:15
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The former conversation may have come to an end but no one had told Daisy that she has to leave the grounds just yet. She's kind of appreciative of that as well considering she'd have to call a cab and wait to get picked up at the gates. Even though she hasn't been let inside of the building yet there is plenty of territory to explore outside. And the weather's agreeable! She can take in the scenery while waiting for that cab, it'll probably be a while.

At first appearance she looks pretty ordinary. No dark 'undercover' cosmetics. Barely any black in her presentation. Faded blue jeans, hiking boots, and a pseudo forest blob camo hoodie of which the pockets frequently hide her hands.

Still… She doesn't -belong- here. She's not one of the X-Men, nor is she at all associated with this school.


There's someone who hasn't been here much lately, whether or not she belongs. Purple hair, long legs that give her that model height, the striking facial features. Daisy may recognize the woman from the demonstration, even before that British accent is apparent.

Violet eyes will lock onto the young woman on the grounds, unfamiliar-ish face. She's certainly not a student, since most of them have been sent to another campus in California to avoid the registration act nonsense and pressure. "I'm sorry, are you a guest here?"


The question is not unexpected. It's the abruptness which causes the new girl to stop short and turn with widened eyes toward the woman whom had leveled the question at her. Even prefaced with an apology there's something about the encounter which strikes her as being pretty guarded.

"Ah—yah, I was just…" she hooks a thumb back over a shoulder, "talking with Noriko and Sloane. Nori had suggested I come see her out here a few days ago." During the protest. In fact..that accent does sound rather familiar… If Nori AND Sloane had been there, maybe this lady was as well?


There's a moment of energized silence, as Betsy just barely lowers her shields. "Ahh yes, the young lady who shook their van apart, correct? I think I remember you." There's a hand offered. "Betsy. I was there, in my limited capacity to help." You know, telepathically herding people and using TK against a Sentinel. She's quietly modest perhaps.

"I'm afraid I've been away a good deal as of late, I am not acquainted with Sloane and Nori."


The situation goes from one form of tense to another. The British sounding lady seems to have recognized Daisy but in describing the memory she's suddenly looking kinda worried. "Yyyeahhh..that..was me."

With the offered hand she does reach out to give it a slight shake. "Daisy. And I was kind of hoping that my little display back there hadn't been quite so noticed. I really didn't mean for that to happen, it's just…" She's going to have to go through this again, isn't she? "Once something triggers it I have trouble handling it."

Wait, really? Betsy doesn't know those two? "Huh. They were both at the protest, as well. It got pretty ugly though, easy to miss people." Like Daisy had no idea Sloane was there during the protest and what had resulted.


"Don't worry. I notice things a lot of people don't. That mental shouting, for everyone to … Follow Nori." There's a nod there. "That was me. So like I said.. notice things other people don't. But I've been away from here a lot. There's a newly manifested mutant with powers that would be an issue in the city, and get them forced to register. I've been away trying to help them with that, so they can regain themselves and rejoin their life."

There's that easy, model perfect smile. "People here are often busy, running hither and yon. I've been out helping that new mutant, and trying to do some research, taking meetings with my lawyer about a possible lawsuit about the whole registration thing, and I still have work to handle. Some small shoots around the tri-state area, to keep myself busy."



Daisy looks like she just mentally hard-crashed. "Did you say -mental- shouting? I thought..that was just regular shouting. Like..someone with a mouth…" Waaaait. "You don't know Nori but you were telling people to follow her?"

She has no idea how this whole psychic thing works.

Honestly, what's way more interesting is this lawsuit idea. "Can you actually do that? Uh—WOW I am, like, asking a TON of questions all of a sudden. I don't even know where to start, sounds like you're doing a lot of good work around here. I would have loved to have someone like you come give a hand when my power first triggered."


Both perfectly shaped brows lift over those violet eyes, as she looks at Daisy. "Nori was silently hoping for telepathic help. I was listening on a broad band, to try and help people avoid trouble, you see. She shouted out, and so…there you have it.

There's a shine of mischief on her face « It's not all that complicated, really.» Though her telepathic voice is somewhat lacking that British accent. "Can I actually do what? I mean, you can ask, and I will answer or not, of course." There's a smile. "A lot of people wish for help when powers come online. It can be difficult. Do you like tea, per chance?"


Daisy's own brows rise upward as she glances off into the distance. When Betsy puts it like that it seems to make perfect sense. "Oh," is all she can think to say.

This moment of confusion is immediately switched out with an "Oooooh god there's a voice inside of my head" while hands come up to temples as if that might somehow alter the situation.

She quickly shakes her head. "I meant—I didn't know you COULD go after Registration from a legal standpoint, that's..really clever, actually. I hope that goes somewhere useful."

Then, out of the blue, common ground is established. 'Do you like tea.' "As a matter of fact, I do," Daisy confirms with a smile.

This lady may have -awesome- purple eyes and a power which freaks the hell out of Daisy but she can't help but like her for some reason. Hopefully that isn't a part of the mental power package deal.


Psylocke will smile. "Come on, let's go settle in the kitchen for a cup, and you can ask me whatever you like. So long as you understand that I may not be able to, and may just be unwilling to, answer everything. After all, not all secrets are mine." She will slide her hands into her pockets, and head to the door to get to the kitchen.

"You see, I'm a dual citizen of the UK and the US. I spend a great deal of time here, fashion being big in New York and all. So I'm trying to help other people that are suing, to find all the cracks we can in the act to blow it apart. My solicitor is a brilliant young man." There's a grin there, before she will hold the door for Daisy. If she'd been listening, she could have eased the young woman's mind. But she's not, so Daisy will have to ask, or wonder.


Oh hey, she's going to get to see what's on the inside of this place! Cool. Movin' on up. Daisy does make a point of listening to all Betsy says along the way. It's not the sort of sphere she spends much time in but a few thoughts do pop to mind, and some pieces of the global puzzle can be brought into play.

A 'brilliant young man.' A lawyer brought in from Britain. A desire to crack open Registration.

She steps inside but barely looks around before she's spinning back about to look at Betsy.

"It's Tony Stark, isn't it?" comes her next sudden question. "It was all over the news, we all know he doesn't like the idea. He's brilliant and he can afford whatever fees are set. It's totally Stark, right?"

Betsy probably can't answer that question but one doesn't need to be able to read minds in order to read expressions!


Betsy will lead her towards the kitchen, completely at home. Then again, she's minorly noble back in Britain, so rich surroundings are not new to her.

Violet eyes land on Daisy as she gives her next question. "Tony? Tony does not have a law degree, so far as I know. He's a wonderful flirt, and yes very rich, but not a lawyer. My lawyer is Mister Murdock, from the infamous Winter Soldier trial. He's very intelligent, quite impressive.

"To be honest, I haven't seen Tony since he handed over his company. I should look him up, buy him a drink. He's very entertaining, even outside his tech-y brilliance."

Betsy will step into the kitchen, and the teapot will come to meet her at the sink, versus her going to fetch it and back. She'll fill it with water, before it floats back over the stove that will turn on beneath it. "Please tell me you like cookies."


Blink redux. "Okay, I had that backwards. I thought that you were the lawyer. I mean, you can read people's minds, right? That would -so- come in handy for that sorta thing."

Feeling somewhat silly now Daisy turns her attention back on the school's interior, and ..whoa… It's like being in a whole different realm of existence! Daisy's never had much. Her drafty old studio apartment had been paid for by hacking ATM's and other cyber crimes ongoing over the years. Now she's living in an even smaller space! The -kitchen- of this building is practically bigger than her studio.

"I've heard he's quite the character," Daisy distractedly replies. "Ah—the teapot is floating. It' the ..oh my god." Stare. "That's a silly question" she responds as if from a million miles away.

STILL staring at the teapot.


Psylocke laughs, looking at Daisy with amusment. "You are the most adorable woman. Me, a lawyer? I will take that as a compliment that you think I am smart enough to be one. It's most kind of you. I'm a model, when I'm not rabble rousing."

Betsy is up into the cupboards now, pulling out her secret cookie stash. It's in one of those blue Danish cookie tins, but once it is opened, there are chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin, and some orange marmalade ones. "Tony? Very much a character, especially if you're an attractive woman. But there's a man under the mask, too."

She will glance at the teapot, and bite down on laughter. And because she has yet to lose all her humor, there's a cookie that will float in front of Daisy. "Just another little parlor trick."


"Well..maybe you could have been both," Daisy tries to counter. "What with all of your running around and all. Ugh, I've been in something of information overload ever since I got here," she dips her head to rub at her brow.

And then with the cookie—

Daisy's eyes slowly narrow, looking past the floating cookie to the woman who is -clearly- responsible for it. "Alright…" She brings a hand up right in front of the cookie, not touching it. Just there. Waiting while she concentrates.

There's the faintest of hums, just enough to set some of the nearby glassware singing like a chorus of tuning forks which all hit the same note It fluctuates slightly as if dialing it in juuust right…

Then the cookie splits in two. More or less. It's hardly a perfect split.

Daisy draws in a deep breath, smiles faintly, then plucks one half of the floating treat out of the air. "I wasn't sure if that was actually going to work."


"The telekinesis is actually somewhat new to me, but I'll save that story for another day. You've probably got enough going on inside your head to sort through and condense to workable." Betsy will pluck the other half out of the air to nibble on.

"See, you have the basics. You just need some fine-tuning to help you fully gather control. It's not an unattainable goal, by any measure." She leans against the counter, almost lounging. "With lots of little practices, the bigger things come easier. Promise." She smiles, popping the rest of her half of the cookie in her mouth.

Once she's done chewing on that, she will roll her shoulders, and start to relax. "Again, flattered. I'm not sure I like learning enough to be a lawyer. But between protesting the registration act, helping people get out of the state or even the country, mentoring that new mutant I mentioned.. I don't have time to do much else."


That's somewhat NEW? Your control over it is incredible!" Daisy exclaims. "You seem as comfortable with it as if you had been born with that ability!"

..Huh. You know, it's a ridiculously simple thing to say. Start small, work your way up. As soon as Betsy mentions this path Daisy could just slap herself right across the face. This whole time she had been looking at it as one colossal, highly volatile and utterly terrifying monster of a challenge. No wonder she had been getting stressed out!

She, too, leans against the counter. In her case it's more of a necessity while mindlessly nibbling on the other cookie half.

"I'm an idiot," she mutters. "No, really. I'm an idiot."

When she picks her head back up it comes with another light smile. "Well you still found time to teach me something important. Thanks."


"Well, I've been a telepath since I manifested. The telekinesis came much later, bundled up with a bunch of stress that made it much, much harder to handle. For a long time, I couldn't trust myself to do something delicate like pick up a cookie. It was much more brute force than anything gentle." Betsy will confess, one shoulder lifting and dropping.

A cupboard will open, a couple of mismatched mugs floating down to the counter. "Now, it's much easier. I'm even learning to do really deft things with it, like pick locks and such. It's interesting."

Violet eyes will watch Daisy, a line between her brows. "How are you an idiot? You seem like a very bright, forward thinking young woman to me." Then she looks even more perplexed. "I've taught you something?"


Through the story about how such a power came to be Daisy is almost in a trance watching various objects float about and seem to take on a mind of their own. It's almost a game of trying to guess what's going to start moving next. "Suddenly I feel like I'm in a Disney movie… I wouldn't be that surprised if the tea kettle started singing 'It's a Small World.'" Nod. "'Interesting' is a word for it."

Once again she has to snap herself out of the moment before looking back to Betsy. "You did! Ah..that was a compliment there, thanks." Ahem. "I got caught up in this being some giant problem but it's -not.- Lots of 'little practices,' as you said. The first few times it had triggered I nearly brought an entire building down, I hadn't really considered doing something -small- with it. Not many people can look at a sledgehammer as a delicate instrument, you know? But it's all there. It's just down to controlling it."


"Wouldn't Mary Poppins be more floating objects?" Betsy asks, sounding unsure. "I mean, she flew with an umbrella, right? And she was British, so the tea mugs make sense." There's a hint of amusement in her voice.

She will move to get the tea balls out and the various collection of tea tins manually. "See, when you look at the big picture at one time, yes, it can be overwhelming. When it comes to control, it really is about the small steps you take. Then you can be completely confident."


"I was kinda thinking 'Phantasia,'" Daisy suggests with a lopsided smile. "Household objects moving around on their own. But Poppins is totally a solid pick."

A hand comes up to run through wavy hair. "This is the first time since getting powers that I actually want to ..I don't even know how you'd say this. 'Play around with them?'" She looks uncertain. "Okay, that sounded a little foul. But I don't want to risk ruining your kitchen or anything. I mean this is a -really- nice place. I probably couldn't afford to replace a spoon around here."


"I am not very up on Disney movies. They are not quite as popular in Britain, maybe?" Betsy suggests with a shrug. "Is there a kind of tea you prefer? There's chamomile, peppermint, some Orange pekoe, blends, green.." She flushes. "I may have gone a little overboard with stocking tea. But I don't like coffee quite as much. Tea is much better in the evening."

She flashes a quick, bright grin. "Playing around with them doesn't sound foul at all. It sounds like taking a little better look at them, maybe even gasp! having fun." Betsy will smile as she selects the tea she wants to start filling one of the tea balls. "I could help you with that, but with your powers, outside may be better."


At the tea offerings Daisy's eyes light up a little when one is mentioned. She probably doesn't have to say the words "Orange pekoe," and Betsy probably doesn't need to read her thoughts to know that's the magic flavor. Then she is quickly in Betsy's defense. "Hey, you can -never- have too many kinds of tea. There's one to suit every mood. And a whole bunch more to fill in for everything else."

Outside. Yes. "I think you're probably right. Ah..oh crap," she suddenly looks down while pulling out her phone. "Whew. Okay. Listen, I already called a cab to come get me but there's still a little time left. We could shake up the yard another time, maybe?" She pauses for a second. "I'm not joking. Literally shake up the yard. I hope the owner of this place has good insurance. Maybe by then I'll have learned enough to not disassemble myself while we're out there."


"Of course. I have no problem making time to help." Indeed, the other diffusing tea ball is filled with orange pekoe before the whistling kettle floats over to add hot water. "I do like tea. I refuse to do tea bags, perhaps that is the British in me." Or the Japanese… either way. "See, I was offering to help, because we start small. I can lift something for you to target, and we can put up a shield around us to protect everything else. It's a small step, and we can go bigger and bigger without ruining anything else on accident." There's a smile. "This is a school for mutant kids. What sort of insurance do you think we have?"


Japanese? In Betsy? But the accent… No. No, Daisy is not going to think about that one too much. Around here she has to take everything that she thinks she knows and leave it at the doorstep.

"I know you mean to start small, but if I ..I don't know, like 'slip the clutch' and go into something stronger, it could …" Stop talking, Daisy.

To the matter of insurance her brows inch higher again. "Do you really want me to answer that? Given the current situation and even how things had been before Registration, honestly I'm surprised that you guys found -anyone- that would insure it. Public images aside, that sounds like a pretty risky business venture for any agency."


"We were insured long before the registration act. And well, we don't advertise that it's a mutant school. It's a school for the gifted, we just don't say how gifted. The Headmaster is very, very persuasive." Betsy's smile is a little amused at that.

She looks at Daisy, sliding over the mug before she's putting teas away. " Daisy, if you slip the clutch, that's why I would have us endomed in a telekinetic shield. I would be providing protection, so to speak. And if you start to get too out of control, I may be able to help you… kill the engine, to continue the mechanical metaphor."


The mug is taken with a nod in thanks, though once again it's the subject of powers which holds Daisy's interest above all else. Specifically the part about being 'endomed in a telekinetic shield.' "That sounds rather ominous. I mean—I get that it's a safety net, a giant hamster ball, but it -sounds- kind of terrifying from where I'm standing. Though..hmm," she frowns lightly in thought.

"I have a friend, she isn't telekewhatever so much but she can create these temporary ..manifestations? Right out of thin air. She doesn't have trouble with it so much but she's really kinda behind the curve in thinking about what all she can do with it. Do you think maybe you would be able to help out with that? Or someone else around here? If they'd be alright with a guest bringing in a guest, that is. Security around here is kinda …" she trails off with widened eyes and a slight showing of teeth.

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