Roleplaying Log: Resonance
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One of these oscillation patterns is not like the others…

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IC Date: April 23, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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Posted On: 24 Apr 2019 01:29
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It's kind of funny in a way. Back in New York City Daisy had a old and drafty but nice sized studio but ran the risk of legal trouble simply due to her meta status. Out in Metropolis the laws are more friendly and the city is so much brighter and cleaner yet she's living in a slowly rusting 1983 van and has gotten into a more punk goth sort of presentation. To some people it might look like she is, in fact, homeless in the city with greater prosperity.

About the only disruption to this assumption is that she's got a smartpad in her lap, sitting on a park bench in a shady spot with the last bite or two of a cheeseburger nesting close at hand within a crumpled wrapper. Heavy shadowed eyes rarely look up from the screen as she does ..whatever it is that she's doing. It's a nice day, though there's enough of a cool wind in the shade to make her glad to have a biker jacket to huddle into.


It's a good, clean neighborhood on a bright, sunshiny day in the midst of the self-proclaimed greatest city on earth. There are birds in the sky chirping, and children play on the other side of the park. Daisy found a bench far enough away that those children are not currently a bother but this could, of course, change at any given moment. Right now, however, they are distracted.

"Woah! What's going on with this tree?"

"Is it an earthquake?"

Daisy would feel the strange, intense vibrating field from well across the park. It's not an earthquake, though it's similar. It's much more localized… Unbeknownst to observers, as she was moving somewhat faster than the eye can follow, Eliza Harmon tripped and plowed through that poor tree, displacing its atoms just enough to send the enitre thing quivering like crazy for several seconds before reality reasserted itself.

The vibrating girl finally tumbles out of the trees surrounding the edge of the park and sort of plows into the ground mere meters from where Daisy is seated. Most people ignore her as 'just some clumsy girl'. But Daisy is different. She might even have seen Eliza coming.


Where the matter of metahuman powers are concerned Quake still has a whole lot to learn about her own. It's only been a couple of days since she's been able to accept them without straight up being afraid of it all. Part of learning involves taking her time. Going slow. Keeping things familiar and comfortable. No surprises.

Today there is definitely a surprise.

It's a most peculiar tingling, like a thousand mites crawling along the inside of the veins of her arms. It's enough for her to hiss slightly and all but drop the pad in order to roll up one sleeve then the other, wondering if maybe she had disturbed an ant nest and they were busy filing a formal complaint with her. Nothing of the sort. No, it feels…
…like it's coming…
…from over there—

Large brown eyes immediately go wider as she gives a proper startled yelp. Within that span of time she's also leaped up far enough that her feet are well clear of the ground and are now hooked onto the edge of the bench!

Here she sits, staring down at the 'clumsy girl' as that tingling feeling briefly radiates throughout her arms then begins to settle.

"You—Something's not right. What are you doing? How are you doing that?"

How does one explain what they're feeling, and how -would- someone else be causing it?


Liz takes a moment to compose herself, grimacing as she slowly forces her way to her feet, leaving prints of her palms in the soft earth. She's about five feet two inches tall, most likely Latin American in origin, with slightly darker than olive skin and wide, doe-like brown eyes. She's also now got a fair amount of dirt and grass on her short-sleeved blue t-shirt and faded jeans.

"H-how am I doing what?" Eliza asks, brow furrowing as she turns her gaze upward to settle on Daisy. She blinks a few times, wobbling as she straightens. "I wasn't *trying* to do anything." Her words come quickly, bitten off at the ends of syllables like she's trying to spit them out rapid fire.

"Who are you?" Eliza asks then, blinking slowly. "What did you see me do? Or not do. I'm not sure I understnad what you mean."

Liz isn't entirely lying, of course. She blinks her wide, dark eyes as she reaches up to run fingers through her dark hair, brushing free any stray twigs and shoving it back from her face. She isn't able to stand still long before the tics begin. Her left hand slaps against her thigh percussively. Then her knee starts to flex, like she's bouncing a little to a beat only she can hear.

"Did you… See me?"


"See, what" Daisy blinks then quickly shakes her head. "NoI mean I see you right now, came out of -nowhere- and I just got this ..really strange feeling before you … Yah," she dumbly trails off while trying to come to terms with her own story. It sounds pretty stupid now that she's hearing herself! "I just..well…"

That feeling, that -vibration- was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Like an after-image burned into the retina she tries to focus on the lingering feeling. Her hands move out with palms turned downward and a look of concentration comes across her face. That weird feeling she had just experienced can be mimicked, recreated and sent back down into the ground. It's a subtle thing and it takes a lot of focus from the girl as she essentially echoes those pulses, but they do return in a diminished state.

"You feel that..don't you?" she presses with a downright expectant stare turned toward Eliza. "It started just a -second- before you appeared in front of me."

An introduction will have to wait, it would seem. She's too dead-set on trying to figure this out!


"…I felt *that*, at least. When you focused on me." Eliza's left foot is tapping. Tap-tap-tap-tap. She's a frenetic frenzy of ocean, a series of excited molecules in a universe that is otherwise standign completely still. The girl stares at Daisy intensely for a few seconds before blinking. Once. Twice. Rapid fire, like she might be confused.

"…Got it." It's been a split second;. What was there for her to even really get? "You can- sense. … Me. Or at least. The vibrations. I, um." She's takes a couple steps forward with a great deal of deliberate care. Slowly, Eliza lifts up her left hand. And it begins to vibrate.

Faster and faster, echoing the sensation that Daisy had felt. There's also the smell of ozone, the telltale notice of the gathering off static electricity around that limb as the speed of movement increases. "I- it's… Complicated," she admits, as her hand begins to become a blur. "…What can you do?"


The other girl's seemingly endless reserve of nervous energy is noticed, alright. Piece by piece Daisy is starting to draw a picture here. Still looking rather stunned and with mouth slightly agape she nods back to Eliza.

As soon as her hand is brought up and begins to shake Daisy has her confirmation. It starts like a small ripple in a pond, a pebble thrown into the center except that the waves coming off of it don't grow longer the further out they reach. No, it's because the -center- is vibrating at an ever higher frequency.

This close to the phenomenon causes the hairs on Daisy's arms to stand on end. It feels electric. Borderline painful. And it keeps growing by the second—

With a flinch and a slight baring of teeth Daisy's hands shift to directly face that vibrating one of Eliza's. Already a thin trickle of blood starts to worm its way out of her nose before that invisible signal is copied and sent right back at Eliza, as if she's trying to neutralize it by combating the waves with more of the same.

It looks like it really hurts her, too.


Eliza tenses as well. There's a brief grimace in turn, like she's sharing some amount of Daisy's pain. But- the vibrating stops. She sucks in a harsh breath, closes her eyes for a second. Steadies herself, mostly by force. "I-" A wince follows.

"You—-" It's hard to formulate a response. She doesn't even have a frame of reference for this situation. Though it helps that she has all the time in the world in a span of a split second to think through what comes next. Eliza resolves for stepping forward, closing the distance between herself and Daisy.

"…You're hurting yourself. It's okay. You can- let it go. Thanks." The brunette takes a deep breath in order to keep herself calm. She'll hold out that stilled hand toward Daisy. Slowly. "My name is Eliza. …You should call me Ellie. Or Liz?"

That twitch is still evidence. Daisy didn't cure her. But the girl does seem to be in a lot less distress with some of the excessive energy being neutralized.


By comparison it feels as though Daisy had somehow -absorbed- some of that energy. As soon as she stops, as IT stops, her hands cradle the sides of her head with a low groan. This quickly morphs into an almost frantic rubbing at her sleeves, that itchy-tingly feeling suddenly amped up to eleven. "Aah..this is new..ow..ow ow..dammit…"

It's a little longer before she notices the small drop of blood, quickly swiping the back of her hand across it to clear most of it away. Fortunately it's the -other- hand which winds up being offered back to Eliza.

"Quake," she offers in response before pressing "What the hell kinda power is that? Some kind of ..molecular disruption? No one's ever done anything like that before. Agh..head's still -pounding.-"

But at least she knows where that strange feeling had been coming from!

"You take being anxious to a whole new level. I don't know how much more of that I could have taken."


Eliza squeezes Quake's hand firmly rather than just taking it. A warm, steadying presence. She's pretty small and not too strong, so even a tight grip isn't enough to hurt.

"…Basically, I move really fast. Sometimes all of me does— and sometimes it's just, you know, parts. The Physics of it doesn't really make a lot of sense, but if you figure that all atoms are already moving, all the time… Some weird stuff happens when you change the speed."

Another blink follows and then Liz offers a quiet smile, showing off those perfect teeth and a slight overbite. "Sorry. Not much I can do about the nerves. Sometimes it's hard to slow down. Like, at all." The words come in a rapid fire staccato, but at least they are clearly intelligible.

"What did you do? I feel like I can /breathe/ again. Normally, I'd have to-" Eliza trails off abruptly there. "Sorry about your head. Are you feeling okay?"


Her next question comes with further disbelief, "You can make your entire -body- move like that? I don't even…" Holy crud Eliza is full of energy! It's like she's living on permanent fast forward from where Daisy is sitting!

"It kinda feels like a..hangover..made of -bees,-" Quake hesitantly replies while trying to find her words amidst that buzzing sensation. Similarly to Eliza, perhaps -because- of Eliza, she's able to step back down to reality and bring her feet off of the bench in a more relaxed pose.

What did she do? "I'm not entirely sure. It was like..notes of a song that got stuck in my head and I just tried to match their tune." Wince. "I'll survive," she admits with a thin smile being offered to Eliza. "I think. Did that really make you feel better? Because to me it felt more like two hammers being slammed together at the speed of sound. I've never even -tried- to reach that pitch before."


"…Well, it sounds like we met in the middle." Another shaky smile. Given the energy shared between them it's very comfortable for Eliza to keep hold of Daisy's hand. Part of it might be the shared frequency. Daisy matched Eliza's 'tune' and so when in contact it's… Complementary. Neutral. So she keeps it for now.

"I… Move fast. That's it. Really, really fast." A beat. "Sometimes, faster than others. I just have trouble slowing it all down. From where I am standing most people aren't even moving at all. But- you're different. Sort of. It's… Hazy."

Liz grimaces faintly, but she moves a hair closer anyway, that wide-eyed gaze studying Quake a bit more carefully now that that introduction is done. "A hangover made of bees though, huh? I… Think I know what you mean. It's a bit of a trip. And somehow even when I can move at the speed of sound I keep showing up to places late."


"Yah..hazy," Quake admits while just letting her one hand hang there as if Eliza's touch is somehow helping keep her grounded now. Talk about a role reversal!

"If you make ripples like that every time you're moving fast I think I'd be able to feel it from like half a block away. -Nothing- comes close to the energy you had been putting out. I just..well…"

Here she takes her hand back and looks down to the ground where a small collection of gravel has congregated together, probably left behind from melted snow. Once again she concentrates, going so far as to set her jaw and just about glare at those tiny pebbles before she can get them to shift and bounce around like kernels of corn resting in a skillet. Those small vibrations can easily be felt in the ground but they dissipate quickly, she's keeping it very localized.

"I've only handled lower frequencies before. This is all still quite new for me."

At the mention of it being a bit of a trip Quake nods, the ground still again as she looks back to Eliza. And chuckles. "A speedster who's always running behind? There's a sitcom waiting to be born out of that."


"My entire life is a sitcom," Liz replies without missing a beat, her naturally soft voice slipping into a pretty convincing deadpan. She watches as those pebbles are quivering and bouncing about, nodding slowly.

"I like it. Your power, I mean. It's - tidy. Vibrokinesis. No wonder you're called Quake." Another quick smile, though it soon vanishes again in favour of more solemn expressions. "So. You're basically my hero until I get distracted and wander off again. That'll probably take, you know… Five minutes." She bobs her head from left to right, shifting her shoulders like she's weighing options.

"Hungry?" Nevermind the cheeseburger. "My treat. Call it a thank you?"


Quake isn't sure whether to laugh or offer her sympathy to Liz's response! "Could always be worse, right?" she suggests.

As for her power, 'vibrokinesis.' Huh. That's kind of a spiffy name for it. Again she smiles at being the Five Minute Hero but before she can say anything (gotta be fast around Eliza!) there's the offer for food.

Sure, she did just reach the end of a meal but she's living on a very fixed income for the forseeable future and free food is free food.

"Taking a walk sounds like a really good idea. I've gotta shake these jitters."

The pad is tucked away into a courier bag and slung over a shoulder. The last of the cheeseburger is easily put out of its misery. She's up onto her feet ready to follow. THEN she can go back to the matter of her party trick.

"They come at a bit of a cost. My power..I mean. Whenever I use them I run the risk of seriously hurting myself. Fractures..and the like. I've had that happen quite a lot since first getting them a couple of months ago."


"Don't use them just to help me then," Eliza will reply slowly. "It's not worth hurting yourself over. You're still my hero either way." She looks around the park briefly and then back to Quake, her expression becoming a thoughtful frown as she considers something.

"My powers just- don't like to turn off. It's like being fast all normal, you know? And everyone else is just a bunch of statues. Pretending to be going about their lives? It takes some getting used to. But there are, um. Things I can do. Anyway!" Still talking a mile a minute Eliza quickly jumps to the next subject.

"What would you like? Anything. I could eat an entire Big Belly Burger, so just point the way." Eliza, to note, is thin. Bean pole thing. Wonder if she's actually eaten this week thin, just short of being obviously unhealthy. Regardless of this answer Eliza will set the pace for their walk without hesitation. Keeping still isn't one of her strong suits, after all.


"Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I could help, but I really had no idea what would happen," Quake admits. "At first I was just trying to cancel it out. Felt like my head was being put into a blender. Though if that's all that it takes to be your hero then you might leave feeling a bit let down."

"Maybe they don't turn off but we've proven they can be interrupted. I think I found your 'pause' button," is suggested with a soft chuckle. "That must be kinda awful though. I lose patience just waiting to order lunch."

Hmm. 'Things I can do?' That earns Liz a curious look.

"Yah, I just went there!" Quake chimes back in with another joke. "Now I can order the other half of lunch. But rewind for a second here." Still sticking with the music analogues, it might seem. "You said there are 'things you can do?' What did you mean by that? I've already met a few others who have ways of taming or channeling their powers. Is that what you meant?"


"To calm myself down? Yeah… Sort of." Eliza waves this off with a quick gesture of her right hand and then gives a quick shrug. "It needs some work. A lot of work. It doesn't just… Slow down because I want it to."

The walk is allowed to progress. Liz can set a normal human pace, even if she clenches her jaw fixedly when she first starts to avoid moving faster than Quake can keep up with without actually running. A brisk walk never hurt anyone healthy, right?

"I tried meditation. But I just kind of get lost in my own head… But, you know. Anyway. If you think ordering lunch is bad try waiting at the DMV. Thank God I don't need a driver's license really." Eliza makes a face at that, but it quickly becomes a sly smile.

"It's a lot more than you think. At least be hero long enough for lunch. We can reevaluate later. But who doesn't need a hero once in awhile? Maybe it'll be good. Maybe you'll kick me and take my lunch money. The world is full of mysteries, right?"


"But you do have a way to calm yourself down?" Quake insists. A subject like this is NOT going to be dropped so easily around her! And boy does it feel like Liz is trying to literally walk away from the subject. It takes some effort to keep pace with her!

"I've done meditation too but it's not something I can just jump back to when there's a riot or something going on, you know? It's more so I don't cause any tremors while I'm trying to rest. Eugh, and the DMV lines are like the -worst,-" she agrees with a bewildered eyerolling.

Alright, well! It looks like Eliza isn't going to let this 'hero' thing go. " you know?" Quake almost hesitantly returns. "I'm already taken. So I'll be, like..your friendly..hand-holding hero and we'll keep it at that." Pause. "Also I am not going to kick you and take your lunch money. We both know you can outrun me."


"Now spill. What's your trick for staying calm? Fellow inquiring minds with quasi-stable powers would like to know."


"Taken? We just met. You need to relax, Quake." Liz laughs at that and shakes her head quickly. "Five minute hero, remember? It's already been two… And like seventeen seconds. Eighteen. Nineteen… Oh, call it three minutes."

Liz forces herself to slow down, halting in midstride to stop for a second so that she can turn to look back at the woman beside her. She flashes her a smile and then winks once. It quickly slides away, however. Liz takes a deep breath.

"It's not going to be any good for you," Liz replies soberly. "I got into some drugs. You know. Downers. Slow the body down, slow down the mind. Get an even keel. LexCorp has been helping me find better options, and I'm trying to stop. But it does help. ME. I wouldn't recommend it for you." A beat. "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news."


"-I- need to relax. Hey, you're the one that didn't want to let my hand go," Quake points out with a light smirk. "Besides, isn't moving quickly sort of your deal? I just didn't want there to be any potential surprises." She holds up her hands in silent protest. "We're all good."

The truth about Eliza's trick does cause Quake's shoulders to hang somewhat. Though she offers "I've met another who used to do that. Her power is way different from mine but it seems to also use the arms as conduits. She's got these gauntlet things which help channel her energy. No idea how it works but it's pretty—did you say LexCorp?"

Quake suddenly interrupts herself with a blink and another sidelong look to Liz.

"Like..the same LexCorp CEO who's been on the news recently about trying to help? That was the first bit of good news I've heard coming out of this whole Registration nonsense. Are they… You know." It seems like a silly idea to her, buuuut… "Actually trying to help people like us?"


"I can't relax, Quake. It's a lost cause." Eliza laughs delightedly at that and quickly shakes her head. "Might as well get used to that now. Anyway, have you ever tried to vibrate directly out of your skull and into another parallel dimension? You wouldn't want to let go either. Besides… It seemed like it helped you too. Right?"

Immediately, as is her way, Eliza forges on to the next thought with nary enough room for a breath to separate the two. "Well, they've been trying to help me. I'm one of the researchers there. Everyone's been really supportive… The ones who know, anyway." Liz is gesturing with both hands, manically emphasizing her words with action. She tilts her head slightly to the left, brow furrowing.

"Gauntlets? To direct the vibrations in your arms, centralize them where they'll do the least damage? Actually.. .That does give me an idea. I can't do anything about it myself. But- do you want to come into the lab sometime? Maybe see if there's something one of us can work out? …After lunch, of course."


Quake's expression does go somewhat blank when asked if it had also helped her. It was ..weird. Like 'this doesn't make any sense' weird. Maybe Eliza wants to immediately move on but Daisy isn't quite ready to make another subject shift.

"It did," she agrees in a lower pitched voice. "I can't… I mean the only way that I could -sort of- compare it is like the purring of a cat. It's just kinda ..soothing..somehow," she shakes her head. "I don't get it. But that's kinda par for the course with powers, isn't it."

It isn't long before a lone brow arches in Eliza's direction upon discovering that she's one of the freaking researchers at LexCorp!

"Well..maybe. See, her power was nothing like mine but I have to wonder if a similar approach might somehow also help me. Even when I try to focus on affecting just one object—" Come by the lab? "Serious?" Another one of those pauses follows, likely giving Eliza a sufficient amount of time to contemplate Pi to the ten thousandth decimal. "Yah..sure! I mean if you really think you might be able to help?"


"I think it's worth trying, isn't it? They've really stepped up to try and help me," Eliza replies, nodding quickly. "We're developing something that might help me control all of - this, without… Self medicating." She makes a face at that term.

Afterward Eliza takes a deep breath, apparently doing her best to steady herself long enough for Daisy to catch up. It must be an eternity for her. It's obviously not easy. But a few seconds elapse before she adds, "Gauntlets are a good idea. If it goes through your arms and causes fractures redirecting the energy can probably do something. And vibrations are fairly simple at their core, right?

"I'll /try/ to help you, at least. What could it hurt? Unless the gauntlets look stupid, I guess."

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