Less Epic Debrief
Roleplaying Log: Less Epic Debrief
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Clint and Jessica catch up and she gives him an unofficial assignment to help her out

Other Characters Referenced: Rocket, Groot, Captain Marvel, Peggy, Fury, Twins
IC Date: April 23, 2019
IC Location: Roosevelt Island - SHIELD HQ
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Posted On: 24 Apr 2019 05:29
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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Roosevelt Island.

The SHIELD base those that remain of the New York City branch of SHIELD have retreated to is not the most up to date of SHIELD branches. This one in particular was built in the late fifties and stopped being updated in the 80s. While structurally sound, it is not the most technologically advanced place SHIELD agents have ever worked. Everything is under ground. Above them is the ruins of an old smallpox hospital. The rookies, if they're skittish, wonder if the place is haunted.

The entire place is still in a state of repair as it has been years since any sort of attention was given to this space.

Agent Drew, aka Spider-Woman, is busy at work. She claimed an office near one of the ventilation shafts (never can be too safe considering the last SHIELD Base). All of the junk, which consisted of a whole lot of storage boxes and files were shoved into someone elses office. She has her laptop, tablet, and some other tricks.

Despite said tricks, there is a shout from the opened door room "STUPID WIFI" and the sound of something hitting something else really hard.

Jess smash.

* * *

Clint had been out of the mix since the Trike fell, word was he took a bit of falling debris trying to get people out of the building and had been (grumpily) on the sick list ever since. Technically he was still /on/ the sicklist, but that really didn't stop Clint from coming in, SHIELD was hurting, he knew where he needed to be.

Of course, finding anything where he neded to be… that was the trick.

So it was that Clint finds himself outside that door as the shout of 'STUPID WIFI' filters out to him.

The archer smiles as he takes a sharp right turn to poke his head in the door, "Problem?" he asks knowing damn well the answer was yes.

* * *

There is a fist print in the sturdy but old and out dated metal desk that Jess is sitting at.

And Agent Drew looks up at Clint figuratively darkening her doorstep like that and she glows out a deep breath. "I am not sure how we are supposed to be getting any work done with this .. they said they had fixed all the bugs in the network." she takes another deep breath and closes her laptop and slides it out of reach.

"Right.. Clint… how are you Barton.. feeling better I hope?"

* * *

Clint's eyes cut to the fist mark in the desk before the fix on Jess, a touch of concern is there along with the put on amusement. "The best we can," he offers, as he steps into the office. "Want me to take a look?" he asks her about the network. He's no technician but he's been on ice so long, he's willing to do anything at this point.

The sliding away of the laptop is noted and so, Clint doesn't push the helping out instead he leans in the door way and answers: "Better than a lot of people." He lets out a breath, "So, the people around here, that's what's left?"

* * *

"I should probably take a break anyways… I really wonder why I am not just camping out at Stark's in Metropolis working on this project." and Jess leans back now in her chair and looks up at the ceiling.

"Well there are floors to this place.. lots of people left… just not all on the Island. Some of them were transferred to other posts away from New York…" a light shrug.

"Glad you are feeling better though… I wish we had a solid lead on the Brotherhood .. but I know they are outside my weight class." she frowns. "So other projects…"

* * *

Clint nods, shoulders easing slightly from the tension he didn't know he was carrying there. There were more survivors, /thank god/. He really was just getting back into the game and had been kept largely in the dark while he'd been healing, which had ultimately hastened his departure.

"Tony always has the best digs," Clint allows of Jess' choice of locale, before he adds with a faint, smile. "But I dunno, this place has its charms, I think someone's got a legit Pac-Man machine working in one of the lounges I passed. Must got left from the last time SHIELD was using this place."

"And thanks, full disclosure, my arm still hurts and my leg's a little stiff, but I did shows with worse at the circus," he offers with a shrug. "Still, figured it was time to get off the bench."

The news about the brotherhood isn't a surprise, but it does earn a slight grimace from Clint. "Shame, because, I'd love a clean shot at The Twins," he muses idly before his brow raises a little. "Other projects?" he asks picking up what Jess put down.

* * *

"Can't say I blame you.. I would probably go stir crazy locked up in medical." which honestly hasn't ever happend to Drew, but then she cheats. "Though I have never played Pac-Man.. I'll have to go check it out and see what it is about." a glance past you to the hallway before focusing back on you.

"The Twins .. I got a look at one before she blew the quinjet I was on.. off the Helicarrier and into the Hudson.. I am pretty sure my punches ..and I punch hard.. would just tickle her based on the field reports. Captain Marvel is the gun for that job and I think Carol is on leave or something after the Mutant Town mess."

After a pause "Honestly it is all a mess. She considers the other bit about other projects and seems to be chewing on it. Then again it isn't a secret she was tooling around working on space stuff. The only secret is it is greenlit.

"Working on a proposal for a space based arm of SHIELD, to recon threats to the whole planet. I'm going to call it SWORD."

* * *

Yeah, lacking powers sucks. Honestly, it's a small wonder that Clint is in as good as shape as he is doing what he does without them. "Yeah, it sucked, definitely giving them a shitty Yelp review," Clint jokes of medical. "And you haven't tried Pac-Man? It's pretty basic, but it's a classic, some of Podunk towns I visited when I was a kid still had them."

The glance to the hallway is noticed and Clint glances over at the open door and back to Jess to see if he should close it.

Clint frowns at the assessment of The Twins. "Still, if I get a shot," he murmurs before running his hand through his hair at the news about Carol. "Really? Helluva time to be without our big gun. There anyone who can talk her into coming back?"

Clint grins about the name of Jess' project. "Definitely fits the naming scheme," he says. "What sort of threats are we talking about?"

* * *

"Honestly I think it is a talk to Peggy or Fury. I get the feeling she is laying low maybe on orders because of the civilian casualty.. DPS isn't SHIELD work.. she should not have been in Mutant Town when they rolled in. Whole thing is a mess." pause "As for a shot at the twins.. aim for the eye or up the nose. maybe they are only invulnerable skin… I wouldn't count on it but maybe we can be lucky for once."

"As for Pac-man.. come on Barton I was in a cryo-tube like Bucky for the better part of the 20th century.. except he got out more… I do what I can but no I've never played Pac-Man." a frown and a gesture to really shut the door this time.

"Well May and I ended up on an alien space station and let me tell you that shit was real.. so SWORD actually stands for Sentient World Obervarion Recon and Defense. It Isn't a sharp pointy weapon.. spy agency.. spying. Gathering Intel."

* * *

Letting out a sigh, Clint curses, "Jesus," as Jess illuminates him on the situation with Carol. His face caught between horror and sympathy. "Got it, definitely a Fury or Peggy talk," he agrees. "Still, someone should probably drop in on Carol, see how she's doing."

"Great, I'll make eight arrows special, one for each nostril and eye," he jokes darkly. Clint's not much for wetwork, not anymore, but in this case, he's more than willing to make an exception. He'd lost too many friends.

Clint shuts the door chuckling about Pac-Man, "Man, Hydra really /is/ evil, they didn't even let you play Pac-Man?" he shakes his head as the door clicks closed and Clint leans against it again to look at Jess.

"No shit?" he asks about the space station. "What was it like?" he asks her. As for SWORD and its mission, Clint has to nod, "Makes sense, I mean we'd have done a lot better about the Chitauri, if we knew they were coming, or, hell, that they were out there at all. If you need any help, which yeah, I know, likely the last guy in the agency to be much help there, let me know. It sounds like a solid idea."

* * *

"Oh I highly recommend someone who knows Carol better than I do check up on her. She is always so professional and serious with me when I back at HQ.. well here at HQ." there is a sigh at the reminder the Trisk was flattened.

"Man Hydra didn't even let me watch TV or movies… I have been binging Netflix ever since I joined SHIELD between missions like you would not believe." light hearted change away from the Brotherhood.

"It was halfway across the Galaxy evidently.. called NoWhere. Mining colony more than space station. Full of pirates.. mercenaries.. hostile aliens of all sorts. They had so many energy weapons." a light shrug "Tony would have been at home…" a smile.

"I'd love the help but you get to help me figure out .. hmmm" she considers him. "How do you want to help?"

* * *

"Isn't that Carol though? Ms, ahem, sorry, Captain Professional?" Clint asks with a bit of a grin. One that doesn't last past mention of the HQ. There's a pause for Clint a brief flicker back to the panic and the chaos of the Trisk's final moments, before he comes back, pasting on a smile as they move on to brighter topics.

"Damn, forget trying to take over the world, that's Hydra's real crime right there. So do you've got a list going, because I can definitely add a few suggestions there," Clint says trying to throw enthusiasm at his prior morose mood.

That effort follows into the next subject as well, though in this case, he has to admit, that sounds pretty badass. "Yeah, Tony would love that, hell, I'd love that, sounds like Madripoor had a baby with the Mos Eisley Cantina," a beat. "You have seen Star Wars right? Like the originals?" he asks before swinging back around to being semi on task. "Must have been a hell of a time, how'd you guys get home?"

As for what Clint could do for Jess' SWORD project, grinning Clint asks, "Don't suppose you need an envoy to that Knowhere place?" Joking, but only just. "Where's the project at? Might help me find a place to help, and seriously, if this is your thing and you want to keep it that way, just say the word. I'll butt out, I'm just stir crazy and looking for ways to get back into the game."

* * *

"We caught a ride with a Green Lantern seeming metahuman that lives in Metropolis." she just sighs and shakes her head "But yes I have seen Star Wars. All of the ones out so far. I based my list of binging on movies and shows I would need to get all the nerdy inside jokes around here Barton."

She picks up her tablet and flicks it unlocked and then shares her TV and Movie list over the intranet, WIFI must be back up, with Clint.

"Feel free to make suggestions. As for NoWhere.. you do not want to go there. We left a really bad enemy behind us. Kidnapped all the humans for a Zoo. Goes by the Collector… best avoid." she smiles "I can use the help organizing things Barton, I won't turn down your help."

* * *

"Wow," Clint says of their choice of ride home. "That's something," he says before allowing a chuckle at her comments, "Good plan," he says of her choice of binging. "The place practically runs on those."

With the return of wifi, Clint fishes out his old battered smartphone with the cracked screen and when he gets the list, adds a few titles, mostly nerdy stuff, a few cowboy movies and some cop shows. And just for fun types in the HBO Go code he may have 'borrowed' awhile back, along with a recommendation for Game of Thrones.

"Done," he says when his fingers finish flying over the phone screen. He tucks the device away. "Collector huh?" Clint says looking back up. "Yeah, I think I'll give the space zoo a miss then, sounds too much like medical," he offers with a grin. As for his role in the project, he nods, "You got it," there's no hesitation, even though he can't help but joke. "And if you happen to mention you've got me to help organize something, and people look at you like you're insane, ignore them, they don't know what they're talking about, I'm super organized. Honest."

* * *

"Thanks for the additions." looking it over now and then tucking her tablet back away now.

"Collector. I figure he is too high and mighty to get his own hands dirty. He is much more likely to send space assassins or mercenaries.. maybe pirates after us." there is a pause. "Oh hey I have an idea. Have you met Groot and Rocket…. formerly guests of SHIELD… still maybe in New York. I need to pin them down and figure out how they and their friends may be able to help with this."

* * *

No problem," Clint offers with a nod.

"You had me at space assassins… I am definitely onboard if any of those come sniffing around, can scratch fighting one of those off my bucket list." He's joking but the offer of help is real.

"Groot and Rocket? No. Haven't met them, but what's their deal? If they're in NYC I should be able to track them down."

* * *

"They.. may be in New York." she puts down a small piece of Stark Tech and then taps it on before pulling out her tablet.

A Holographic display appears above her desk filling the air now. She pulls up too personel files now. Spinning out two pictures. One looks like Rocket and the other like Groot.

"So yeah they are aliens, literally.. don't call the Raccoon looking one Vermin or anything. He loves big guns and explosions."

* * *

"Well…" Clint begins before Jessica takes out that little device, he knows enough to wait until it's on to continue. "…depending on how much profile these guys have-" he carries on until those holograms pop up from Jess' tablet.

"Ho-lee-shit," Clint swears after he blinks and stops staring. "Space is freaking weird, I assume, those guys are from space, right?" he asks Jess, it followed if she wanted to speak to them about her project. "And if they look like that all the time," Clint says, "I can probably track them down anywhere."

The warning though, that's met with a brief: "Noted," and a faint smile.

* * *

"They are definitely from space, with a group called the Guardians of the Galaxy which .. I think they are still on earth. I'd love to get their ideas or help with this effort. I figure if nothing else they can be milked for intel about what we need to watch for and surviel." Jess seems amused about Clint's reaction.

Then the hologram flickers and a dead network message pops up to float. "God damnit all!" she doesn't hit her desk but she does shut down and pocket the electronics "I vote we go get coffee and brainstorm.. because if I sit here I'm going to throw a desk through a wall." pause "And then I will have to find another desk… so .. coffee?"

* * *

"Guardians of the Galaxy? And here I thought Tony was full of himself when he called us the Avengers," he says with a laugh as he pushes off the door. "Well if they're on Earth, I think I can find them." He hoped so, or all that SHIELD training was for nothing. I mean, the guys were a Racoon and a tree. "Just need to hit up all the plant food stores and gun shops in the Tri-State area."

Clint flinches at the sudden loss of net. "Sooo close to the 21st Century there for a bit," he says, before turning to open the door, and steps aside with a grand sweeping gesture. "And coffee and brainstorming sounds great. Lead the way oh wifiless leader."

* * *

Jessica heads through the door and pops Clint one on the shoulder, super light for her and knowing he is injured, as she leads the way.

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