Mercenaries and Manfred Mann
Roleplaying Log: Mercenaries and Manfred Mann
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Liz uncovers a robbery about to go down and tries to stop it while dancing to the tunes of Manfred Mann.

Momo sees the commotion and they end up working together.

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IC Date: April 24, 2019
IC Location: Midtown NYC
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Posted On: 24 Apr 2019 15:00
Rating & Warnings: G
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* OOC Time: Wed Apr 24 08:21:27 2019 *

* * *

Another night out in NYC! Momo was just glad to have some free time. Registration had made things tense as ever and the poor girl couldn't even vote on the problem herself. After a morning full of training, reports, briefings and phonecalls? Being out in the city walking about was just wonderful. Wrapped in a leather jacket over a tank top and a short skirt, she looked more like some K-pop girl than…well, a government weapon on loan.

Walking as she was, the girl was actually humming to herself as she listens to the iPod earbuds in her ears as she actually twirls to one particular part of the song…and stops dead. Her eyes go upwards, up and up towards one of the floors of a nearby office building. Something was wrong up there…

* * *

Just what is going on on that floor of the office building is rather weirder than one might expect. The story actually begins fifteen minutes just outside of a Big Belly Burger a couple blocks away, where Elisabete Harmon, LexCorp researcher, was ordering lunch after a fill day of lextures on Metahuman Chemical Biology Theory. Picture this:

There she was, just a walking down the street. Singing doo-wah-diddy diddy-dum diddy-doo. Tapping her fingers and shuffling her feet. … Liz, juggling a sack of hamburgers, was snapping and stomping her feet as she traipsed across alongside of the road, evincing more energy than any single human has a right to. Some people actually stopped to stare. She could dance and had a good voice —— and literally no shame. One of those people was Maxwell Oeleg Karn. And he was planning something strange to do with an office building.

No one else could have picked up on it. While Maxwell was planning out his nefarious deeds Eliza had danced past him, calculated the Fibonacci sequence to the 1000th numeral, and also noted at least three hundred strange things about his person. The out of state license plate. The hidden weapon he was carrying. A faint foreign accent. Obvious discomfort. His shady friends, and an air of tension like they were on a schedule. Something about these people screamed 'professional criminal' in a way that was hard to define. So she decided to tag along.

It turned out to be an office building down the road. Liz waited until they departed and then followed them at a sprint reaching speeds no normal person was equipped to observe, tracking that license plate. "LJ4…" The vehicle was parked outside, empty. A quick inspection showed the dark building was locked. Cue Liz standing the lobby waiting for an elevator. Ding… Flour 20. Ding…. 19…

"Forget this." The young woman took off in a blaze of color for the nearby stairwell. They clanged like the klaxon of a bell as she tore up them at phenomenal speed.

Toward the top a man calls, "Someone is coming!"

"Cover the stairs!"

Little do they know.

* * *

The great thing for Momo? A door lock didn't tend to mean much to her…and it was already unlocked. Huh. Moving into the lobby, the sounds of the rattling and the startled men was enough to alert her of direction. Convenient, even if she didn't know the cause. With her iPod tucked into her jacket, the girl exhales a breath and a faint glow overtakes her eyes.

She could see them now, the 'glow' of the robbers above moving about and something else. Liz didn't exactly register as 'normal' to her, but what was 'normal' to the heavily armed 'Magical girl'? Well, in this clase she was not all that heavily armed, but that could change quickly enough.

Making her way up the stairs, even she was a little suprised to see the robber looking in the wrong direction, seemingly trying to spot Eliza after she'd blown past him. It made for a poor lookout when the petite asian girl lept at him and wrapped her arms around him for what seemed to be a 'blood choke'. There'd be sounds of struggle, but sure enough she stands up once more, scooping up the man's weapon and checking the chamber. That was one problem solved!

* * *

"So, you know. Talking about your plans to stage a late night robbery in public? Prooobably not the smartest way to go about things. You should at least use code phrases and burner phones and stuff. Haven't you ever seen a movie?"

Eliza is standing just behind one of the bamboozled robbers when she starts to speak, those brown eyes turned upward in a thoughtful way as she lectures the same way a mother might scold her child. It doesn't matter that the men were actually speaking a relatively unusual variant of South African military conlang at the time. Though the tall, balding thirty-something she's addressing is apparently much less receptive.

The man turns and fires off a burst, bullets screaming from his rifle as he brings his sights on Eliza. Or at least where Eliza was. They shatter her after image, slamming into the walls with sharp thumps and the echo of falling casings. Liz is about a meter to the man's left, plucking such a bullet out of the air. She skis as she comes to a halt, almost stumbling backward as her knees flex and she tosses the bullet aside.

"That could hurt someone you know. What is wrong with you?" The petite woman rolls her eyes.

Momo, for her part, is apparently still going completely unnoticed. Half a dozen men have guns trained on Eliza as, to Momo's view, she casually lounges among them like there's no threat at all to the fingers ready to tense on their triggers. And then the riflemen open fire.

* * *

Oh crap! Gunfire! Already there was things going on, perhaps some after-hours staff member who'd walked into the middle of all this. It was time to quit the subtle tactics and worry about the report she'd have to write later. When she reaches the door, apparently unnoticed, she can't even quite pick at first what they're shooting at, after all she only got a little glimpse of Eliza. It was likely the only sight stranger than some apparent teen girl in a skirt kicking in the door with an assault rifle these thugs might actually get to see! Her own weapon doesn't so much 'roar' to life as 'spit', a single glowing round from the chamber hitting her target in the chest with such force he's blown almost comicly into the opposing wall. She's already turning and firing on the next man when one of the guns sweep her way and the air seems to light up with a series of blue sparks where the rounds come within a foot of her. It almost looked like some sort of sci-fi force field protected Momo!

* * *

"You know," Eliza starts conversationally, the Brazilian blur that is her tiny self appearing beside the elbow of one of the gunmen as he's firing off the first of many rounds, the rifle jumping in his grasp. She props her chin against a fist in a clssic thinker's pose. "I was trying the banter thing. Like the Flash. But I'm not so sure I'm very good at it. Do you think I should find my own niche?"

The man starts and turns toward her, but Eliza lifts a finger and wags it at him reproachfully. "I haven't even done anything to you yet. You should probably be more worried about her." She indicates Momo with a tilt of her head. Then the guns are brought to bear on the incoming warrior and the force field flares to life.

"Woah." Gesturing quickly with both hands, Eliza's eyes go wide and she gives a quick nod. She's still speaking in that same calm, rational voice she's used with the robbers. "That is seriously cool. Where can I get one? But this… Not so cool."

Gunmen begin to topple like dominos. One ends up with his rifle shoved down the back of jeans, and another trips over a chair that was apparently dragged across the room from one of the office desks and thrown in front of him in the space of a blink. The gunfire tears upward toward the ceiling, ripping holes through the wall panels, and then stops entirely as the whole formation is apparently disrupted. Eliza is grinning- and then she slips as she confronts the last of them, plowing into the tall, dusky skinned, bearded mercenary and leaving them both on the floor in a tangle of limbs.

This man is literally three times Eliza's size. She raises her hands to protect her face as he begins to pummel her with his gun.

* * *

It -should- be a 'thwack', but the sound of the magazine hitting the back of the man's head sounds a hell of a lot more solid as it knocks him clear over like he'd been hit by a damn brick. The mag was still faintly glowing blue as it bounced to the ground and left a small dent in the floor. At least she hadn't shot this one, right?

Stepping further into the mess of toppled, unconcious and wounded men, Momo is already reloading the second magazine she'd tucked in the waistband of her skirt before she speaks aloud. "DO NOT MOVE!" she shouts, as commanding as a girl her size can manage but certainly bolstered by the assault rifle in her hand. Then of course, there was the question of Eliza. "How did you…" she begins before shaking her head. "Are you alright?"

* * *

"I'm fine. Just feel like i got clubbed in the head with a M16. You know. The usual, right?" Eliza is extricating herself from beneath the man Momo disposed of for her, grimacing faitnly as she emerges. She'll probably have a bruise, but she's no worse for the wear, it seems.

"So are you special forces or something? I hadn't gotten around to tripping the alarms yet," Eliza begins slowly. She is blinking a few times to recenter her focus on Momo as she clears her vision. "Anyway. I'm fine. You showed u pat just the right time. …Thanks." She'll offer a faint smile.

"Should I be expecting an army of cops up the stairs any second now?"

* * *

"Uh…" eloquent answer to the question asked before she looks over the knocked out men and slowly makes her way to try and kick their weapons away from them. "Someone might have heard the noise. I was just passing by…" Well, it wasn't a complete lie! The girl was simply ony giving a partial answer.

Once the men were secure and the cops were on their way? Momo actually lowers her own weapon and akwardly attempts to try and wipe her fingerprints off on her skirt. It's not perfect, but she was trying regardless. This was already going to be a paperwork nightmare. "Do you work here or something?" Atta girl Momo, change that topic!

* * *

"Or something," Liz replies breezily. "I overheard too. Came to tcheck out the nois. "liz's soft, deadpan voice is somewhat at odds with the fact she has a rapid fire staccato delivery to rival the best of standup comics and auctioneers. At least she clearly enunciates. The woman watches as Momo tries to wipe off fingerprints. She walks over to the desk where she'd found that chair and begins to rifle through the contents. "I know I saw something… Aha."

Chlorox wipes. With bleach. This is what she offers to Momo, watching as the young woman is trying to clean up that rifle. "Anyway. If you're not with the cops then we should probably get out of here… This being New York City and all?" There's a wry smile at that. "The stairs are unlocked," she adds helpfully.

* * *

Accented English or not, the asian girl nods her head thankfully and bends down to wipe off the previously charged magazine before turning her attention to the weapon and then letting it fall to the floor. "Thank you. You should too." With that, she's heading back towards the staircase with one last nervous glance back over her shoulder towards the girl who'd been disappearing and reappearing earlier. If only there was time for more questioning, but she really needed to get out of here.

* * *

"I'm not too worried. I'm kind of wondering what they were here to get," Liz replies slowly. "Don't worry. I've got this. You should get moving." She'll flash Momo a quick smile and then glance around the room one more time. "And why they were armed? Compensating for something, I guess…"

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