1,000,000 First Dates
Roleplaying Log: 1,000,000 First Dates
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Kara and Liz meet in a Pizza Parlor. Liz deduces the 'Supergirl' identity immediately and they end up on a whirlwind food crawl through NYC. Superspeed hijinx ensue.

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IC Date: April 25, 2019
IC Location: Downtown Metropolis
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* * *

It's Papa's Pizza Pies. A place down in the Brooklyn area of New York, and there's always patrons, not a ton, but always some people in there while it is opened. And Kara is certainly one of those people, she's currently at the counter, smiling and taking in a deep breath, her eyes are a bit heavy perhaps though its impossible to tell. Poor Kryptonians, always look their best even when tired or a bit down.

There's a large man behind the counter who has on a name badge that says <Papa> on it. And he comes up to ask, "Your usual, Kara?"

It takes a moment as the blonde still-teen adult looks up, "Papa, no, I want pineapple and jalapenos, olives, and some of your famous chilli, beans and all, on the pizza. Would that be alright? Just make two of them that way, and 7 others, like my usual."

There's a look from Papa that says he's taken aback for sure, eyeing the young woman, he then nods his head, "Why don't I throw in one of those mystery chocolate cakes you like, and a drink. On the house, you are always such a good customer." And he moves before she can argue against not paying for something. Though she fishes out cash, to pay but now is stuck holding onto it till someone else comes to the counter to take the payment and return change. She'll stuff a good amount of the remainder into the TIP jar before going to 'wait' for her pizzas.

* * *

"Oh, wow. Will they give you seven pizzas? That- sounds amazing, actually." There's a young woman not too far away, not too much over five feet tall, and slender. She's been staring up at the board considering her order for a few seconds- and briefly eyeing Kara as well as the teen passed her on her way to the counter.

"Oh! Thanks!" Eliza is a whirlwind of barely contained energy. From the twitch in her left arm to the tap of a foot on the floor. She's always in motion. In multiple ways. For someone who has particularly keen sight this sort of movement would be very noticeable. Always with a perfect rhythm, and almost incredible degree of mathematical insight. Depending on who is watching, of course. It's not normal. It starts with Fibonacci. 1, 1, 2…

"Extra large pepperoni. Extra large sausage and mushrooms. Um. What was that one she just asked for? Pineapple, olives, chili…? I want try that too. Right. No, seriously. And also-" Liz pays with a gleaming platinum credit card and offers a disarmingly bright smile- however brief- that makes it hard to argue with her. Then she'll slide over to where Kara is standing to wait herself. Liz only ordered five pizzas. But that's still an incredible amount, really. She might be planning a party.

As the only two people queued up it's hard not to be aware of one another. The softspoken Brazilian woman even flashes Kara a smile. Then another, wider-eyed look. Still friendly, anyway.

* * *

"I am paying for the 7, in this case 9, pizzas." Kara makes not to Eliza, just getting the facts straight, but being a person of science and so detailed oriented she makes the correction. And there's definitely movement, Kara can probably sense it in multiple different ways, but there's a smile attached to it, and so Kara smiles back.

A soft little giggle in response to the buzzing energetic woman, "Well, I just made up the chilli one, though he serves it on the side, so I figured, why not? I'm in a chilli kind of mood. Those two are mine. The other 7, are for other people." Kara leaves it open but Papa comes by to settle the tinfoil wrapped up chocolate cake that he had told her he get her, and an empty paper cup for soda. Kara smiles and nods her head a bit, to move up to snatch her 'free' things.

"She brings the pizza to nearby homeless. I know, some of them have come by to offer thanks, thinking it was me." And Papa walks past, heading over to the oven, and working with others to get the two large orders going. He's got an entire wall for pizzas, so they can make quite a few at a time but still, preparation and all.

A shake of her head, as Kara confides to the stranger, "He gives me too much credit. I only do it 5 or 6 times a week. And his pizzas are absolutely delicious, and smell so good, the way he puts the …" There's a clearing of his throat sound, that comes from behind the counter, and Kara toothily grins with a bit of a grimace, "Oh, right. He doesn't like it when I talk about the ingredients. Kara, nice to meet a fellow lover of pizza. It's my favorite food here. Along side ice cream, cake, soda, these yellow almost cake like snacks with a creme filling, Twinkies? Mmm, so good." Her face kind of lights up with the talk of sweets, and she starts to idly open the chocolate cake.

* * *

"That's incredible of you. I wish I could say I'm being that charitable today. I'm just really hungry." It probably draws a stutter from Papa but she'll just flash him her most winning, wide-eyed smile to allay complaints, watching as the man comes walking past.

"Eliza. And those are all my favourite foods around here too. Also the Big Belly Double Bacon Belly Buster, oh, and there's this shawarma place that's absolutely incredible. And *god*, don't get me started on twinkies…" Liz speaks clearly and carefully, but also in a rapid fire staccato that makes it hard for many people to keep up. She's got that infinite energy in everything she does- even if the precision remains a bit uncanny.

"Here. In Metropolis? Are you from another country? Your accent is excellent." A beat follows and then Liz adds, "There's a chocolatier near here you'd absolutely love. I was going to go after I get done with lunch. Probbly won't be too long."

Food begins to arrive and Liz watches it, rapping out the beat to a popular song on her hip as she does.

* * *

There's a lot there in such a short period of time. The energy is super contagious, as Kara starts to mimic Eliza's disposition, and energy levels. Her smile stays more firmly planted on her plush lips as she starts to nod her head a lot more quickly, and her motions are picking up speed to match the other woman's. "Oh, thank you. Not really anything that big of a deal, not at all. I mean, I just feel like if there are people unable to eat, you have to feed them right? If you can. I never realized there were people who couldn't eat, food seems like a requirement, you know, I read a book about that. Aristotle's Ethics, in Greek, and though there were a lot of wrong things in there. The basic requirements of being a person, were rather important. Governments are slow, though, it seems, because wow, that was a long time ago, right? Right. And still? People without food? Ridiculous!"

Kara never says anything in a bad tone, in fact she's got an upbeat, chipper voice, and is continuing to nod her head, then lots more, fast enough to start causing her blonde hair to bounce about. "Yes! Yes! I love Big Belly Burger, that is amazing, you can add Bacon? I did not realize that, I get like 18 of those Double Doubles, with the fries, meals. And wow, I can't eat after that. For a bit." And she laughs in a very giggly kind of way, "Wait, there's a chocolater? Please tell me that is someone who all they do is make chocolate things? I love chocolate, and vanilla, strawberry ice cream too, and strawberries. Do you like blueberries? I love blueberries, and raspberries, and raspberry lemonade." Not even getting winded, she shakeds her head a little bit, "Accent? What? Do I have an accent? I thought I was mimicking the local dialect rather well. Am I not?"

* * *

"Blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries. Blackberries… Oh my god. Even grapes! ANd cherry tomatoes, which are pretty berry like, right." A brief pause for air, a split second. " And yes, chocolatiers are just chocolate, all the chocolate, all the time. It's incredible!" Liz gestures with both hands for energy. They seem to be in a feedback loop, where Liz's manic energy rubs off on Kara and then Kara begins to become more upbeat, which causes the smaller gilto then become more extravagant in her motions. Her voice is softer and less dynamic, but that might just be so that she can fit more words into a simple delivery.

"Governments are way behind the times. It's been proven we can feed everyone on earth, and provide their basic needs, without impacting the ability of people to be rich and swim in their money or whatever thwy want to do. It's all about greed." Liz nods quickly, but then there's a grin as she skips back into the food question.

"I can eat at least twenty Big Belly combos," the Latina continues confidently. "And there's shakes and-" Kara asks about accents. Liz pauses. "No. Your accent is perfect actually. I just thought that was a little odd given-" Liz glances around at everyone surrounding them, waiting til the nearest person goes past. "-Well, everything. Where are you from anyway? And if you really want to know about the chocolate after we eat I'll take you."

Liz picks up her huge stack of pizzas and wobbles. She's not really tall enough for this! But she'll manage. "Shall we?"

* * *

Moving over quickly, Kara gets her pizzas with one hand, there's the cake on it, and a quick walk over to the drink fountain she fills that up, with perfect balance. And she's talking the entire time, this girl could easily be chewing bubblegum while doing all of these things. Perfect control over the balance of her stack of 9 pizzas, not even a wobble or the half-opened cake to slide off the top. "Yesssssssssssssss! Kara lets out a big wide-eyed exaggerated sound, like she were about to explode with joy.

"Oh my god." She picked that up now, "Yes, all the berries are great, did you know that pumpkins are related closely to berries because of the plant connection. THey aren't a berry, mind you, just similar in plant formation. Crazy, huh? They don't look anything like a yummy raspberry."

Back to another topic, "Where I'm from, the government was pretty quick, but they didn't have as many layers as they do here. Me? Oh, I'm from Kryp-" A pause as she's moving so fast with her mind and words she almost lets it fully out, then corrects herself, "Kansas…" A lingering slowness to the word as she quickly glances around, before starting up a bit, "Wow, you can eat so much!"

It's a good thing, a super good thing, "I met this guy Cain, here, who cold eat a ton as well, probably literally." She giggles before settling her pizzas down on a booth and with a quick motion slides her bottom two pizzas out from the stack, which then slides perfectly onto the table, and in one motion she's got her chocolate cake, soda, and a pizza box opened as she sits. "Really? I'd love to! I mean, I do, yes, want to go, that'd be great. I have to delivery all these pizzas, of course, but after that I would love to, my favorite cake is better than sex chocolate cake. It's really good, not sure of the accuracy of the title, but wow, I practically die each time I eat one of the larger cakes. So goooooooooooood!"

* * *

"Kansas. Kryptonian Kansas," Liz will repeat back after she checks her vectors again to be sure no one is too close to the two of them. She's not telling anyone Kara's secret. Just spouting them off casually in conversation. "You're right. I eat too much, really. More than I should be able to. But you know, it keeps the body moving and also some of it is *so* good. Oh my god! You'll have to show me the cake your'e talking about. Maybe sometime after we get done buying out all of the chocolate."

Liz is nodding quickly, no longer gesturing and instead bouncing slightly in her knees as she walks over to the table to set aside the pizzas on the table. "Right! So. Delivering pizzas. I'll come with if you want a hand? That'll probably be easier than figuring out where to meet up. And then we can, well, figure out what we want to do next then. I mean, eat everything obviously, but *what* we eat…"

* * *

There's a pause and then Kara sighs out big, smiling, eyes big, "Sorry, is that weird? I mean, I am told I have to keep it all underwraps." Yeah, she did that really well by being on internet news and saying her name is Kara, and that she's able to fly and is Supergirl, and all that jazz. But she's not really seeming super concerned with Eliza knowing about it, actually more relieved if anything. "It is very strange here, all this food, and none of it is very good for you but it tastes super great. Where I am from, it was all computer picked, made by robots, and was yummy, I thought, but wow, imperfection is so delicious. And we'd never of eaten Ice Cream."

Yeah, she's rattling on quickly now and grabbing a piece of pizza that she eats, with just as much of an energized state. She's probably borderlining on really fast energetic teen, and slightly superhuman in speed of eating. And she's mmming, moving her head, opening her mouth, biting quickly, perfectly white teeth, and chewing, swallowing. All able to be seen in relatively slow motion still for Eliza, no doubt, but fast.

"If you want, you don't have to, I do it super quick, and it seems like maybe you could keep up, but I like to not let anyone know what's going on." And she's talking rather fast now, and continuing to giggle and grin, and feel just super manic. And she's adding, "Oh oh oh oh oh oh, I will show you, it is great. They probably have it, it's like chocolate cake, with fudge in it, and some kind of chocolate icing on the outside, made of, I think, another kind of fudge. And wow, the way it just, mmmm, and so then just a… yummy. It's great! I can't buy all the chocolate, I used my money for the day on the pizzas, minus my change really. I have to bum money from my cousin, and he hasn't a lot of money. He says I should get a job, but I have a job, it just doesn't pay."

Seems like she's not even concerned now, as soon as she picked up that you know. What a secret keeper. "Ohhhhh, my god, you know what would be amaaaazing, if they just melted chocolate into a cup. Hot chocolate, they do it that way in France. Have you ever been there? I go there a lot, not as often as other places, but wow. It's so good."

* * *

"Nope, I'm buying the chocolate," Eliza will reply immediately. "All you need to bring is your company. And they *do* do the hot chocolate thing. It's a Belgian chocolatier. Which, Belgium is closely related to the French, although the country is split between the Belgian French Walloons and the Flemish. But they really do make amazing chocolate."

The feedback loop continues. Kara goes faster, Liz goes faster. They're probably just barely on the right side of believable for those who are observing them, though the raw energy on display is no doubt attracting a little bit of attention from people going past on either side.

"You know, I think I can help you with keepign things under wraps if that's what you want to do. You probably shouldn't just tell anyone who asks about it who you are, you know? But you can totally trust me, so it's okay. I'll come with you so I can see how you do the deliveries and then we can get some hot chocolate and eat our way through downtown. It'll be nice just to have some company who can… Keep up-."

Liz trails off there for a second and then pauses for a nentire beat. Given her pace that's like stopping for the length of an entire conversation. But then she'll flash Kara a quick smile before she adds, "I can't fly but I can keep up wherevery ou want to go. So let's do this thing, right? I have all the time in the world if you do. I mean, I might have to go check on the lab later but that won't take long. There are so many great places around here to show people but they never seem to have enough time in the day, so you can be my food crawl buddy and we'll see how it goes, right? You deserve it with how generous you'r being."

Somewhere along the line Liz plowed through two pizzas. Her eating speed is suspect, especially since her stomach should probably explode given her size. And obviously low body weight.

* * *

"That sounds amazing, and the chocolate, I don't understand how you got that all in the world. Did you make it? Your technoogy is super limited for genetic manipulation. And if you did manipulate it, how did you decide, why did you decide, from such a plant, and then… like coffee, don't even get me started on coffee or olives. It's as if you stumbled into greatness." Kara isn't meaning to condescend toward the entirety of Earth, it's evident in her tone and exuberance about the topic, but still.

And you talk about things, keeping under wraps, and she sighs a bit, this being a sore topic as she rolls her eyes, and her head cants to the side. She gives Eliza a look, before she smiles again brightly, "I think everyone is trying to tell me that. Safe from this, here that, thing, but I hate lying. Your people are so dishonest." This all said in between bites of pizza, drinking of whatever soda she got, and then quickly stuffing her face full of the mini chocolate cake she already got. Yes. She's probably a bit full after two chilli pizzas, but it'll be not-so-full very soon.

"I love eating, it's so great. I'm not even sure I have to anymore, but I love it, all the same, and it's so yummy, I probably still have to, I mean, I'd suspect I do, but I don't know, you know. You eat, I eat, did I say I love it? I did, didn't I." She giggles a bit more an then is standing up, "Alright come on on on on, we'll go delivery these, and eat and stuff, and you can show me around? That'd be super cool, Eliza. I, oh, once we're outside I have to… change really quickly, just in case then I'll change back. Okay? okay." And she's already moving toward the door, probably at far faster a step then she normally does, "By Papa!"

She calls out the owner's nametag name, but probably not real name. By the time he goes to turn and look, there's no Kara any more in the restaurant and presumably no Eliza.

* * *

"Actually," Eliza will begin in a rather dry tone. A bit acerbic, really. It's just in her nature, plus maybe a little bit of pride in the race which gave her birth. "Early humans cultivated coffee, chocolate, and other plants, choosing prized recessive traits over centuries. They managed to genetically engineer things like the banana, different varieties of peppers, cacao, koka, coffee without so much as the help of a lab or any equipment."

With that set aside Eliza will gesture animatedly some more. "You don't need to lie, just don't. Bring it up, right? People might be less likely to ask if you- I know!" Liz snaps her fingers. By this point they are already out the door and on the street, discussing between themselves. " Break up your facial features. Make them just… Less likely to recognize you. You know, a hat or something."

With that sage wisdom doled out they are on their way. It starts with a local chocolatier named Arnault, who seems to know Eliza fairly well and accepts her plastic payment without question. Hot chocolate, fresh made on the spot, dark confections with mint or toffee. Even Eliza can't buy literally everything, but they'll leave with bags, not a small box or two.

Afterward, there's an ice cream parlor that is't too far away that does double fudge sundaes and strawberry coated cones. And then a big belly burger (with Bacon!) for second lunch. They'll probably hit a dozen places. Shawarma with extra feta and baklava, hot dogs from a food truck they just happen to pass by.

Eliza will enthusiastically describe everything, name the people, identify the ingredients, and gesture animatedly as she leads Kara through their escapade. But eventually, she'll actually stop. They're near the promenade of a local mall, and Liz is staring up at the second floor. For once, not at the food court.

"Ever done karaoke?" the girl will suddenly ask. "Like. They have a great nacho plate, but you know. Singing. Dancing. Talk about aliens. Whatever!"

* * *

There's a lot of fun in the world, living like a person for an evening. After of course, she does a super speed costume change, which… come to think of it, might be a bit embarassing even though it's not a full clothing change. Normally no one can really 'see' what she's doing. Good thing she doesn't think about it too long. And off they go to deliver the pizzas to homeless groups. Apparently Kara knows all the places, apartments without food, and some a long long distance away, but what's distance for superspeedy super heroines?! Nothing! A few minutes later she's back in her tshirt prominently displaying Girl Power on it.

"Glasses?" She questions a bit after the comment with the hood, wonder where she got that idea from? Kal might … brag, later if she gets a pair eventually. For now she's just having fun, eating, zipping around, being energetic, seemingly never stopping in her talking, and rambling, and giggling, and talking and eating, and eating some more, and BACON! "Wow, this is soooooooo good. I'm gonna eat is slowly…" Still gone in a matter of seconds, but slower than the rest of the evening.

Ice Cream!!! Kara bites it, like it's not even cold, and mmmmms, and yummies, and another bite as she giggles more. It's a whirlwind of sugar and food, fats, and yummy food. "Karaoke?" And that's kind of when she slows down, and gets a bit more anxious looking, and smiles lightly, looking up at the second floor. Though she closes her eyes, and smiles a little, she pulls on the edges of her shirt, "Dancing? I…" She swallows harder, "Sure? Anything you want, I've had the best night in a long long long long long time. Really. Truly. Eating, and running around, and laughing, and chocolate. You've dragged me around this far, I'll keep following. Sure. The guy right now, he's… pretty alright." She smiles and nods her head a little less, and then starts walking forward. "And, definitely nachos."

* * *

Liz snaps and points at Kara, nodding firmly. "Right! Glasses. Glasses will work for you. Alright, that's a good plan. So moving *on*. We can take the extra food by the homeless shelter too…" So, there are some super speed deliveries along the way that make the route ultimately more interesting, but then they are in the Mall, staring upward, and Kara is suddenly looking a bit more reserved. Liz will give her a light elbow and a wink.

"It's just us, making a fool of ourselves. And talking about whatever we want. Right? You'll be great. Really." Eliza snags Kara's hand and then takes off at a sprint- which, for her, is very sedate. The Kryptonian can stop her at will, but Liz is energetic and quick on the draw ! She might even surprise her new dance partner with it.

"This is the best time I've had in… Ages. Honestly. You're the first person who could keep up with me. You know. Kinda sorta. And you're kind- and crazy smart. So." Liz gives a wobbly hand gesture and then laughs. Up, up, to the third floor. And then… Standing in an elevator to get to the arcade and karaoke parlor.

Liz is twitching. She can't help it. It's the most still she's been since she met Kara. And, judging by her expression, not exploding into sudden motion is killing her.

* * *

Since being on Earth, Kara has learned a great deal about people… and how easily they break. That first night she almost killed a lot of people just trying to find anyone who could understand her. She's learned, and now reflexively responds to other people's motions even more than her own. So, when her hand is grabbed quickly and she's being moved… she could have stopped and prevented all motion but her default is to go with!

She's got her hand grabbed, and she's being led in a direction, and then it's… dance partner? "My father used to say that fools are just inventors before the invention." She smiles a bit at that and doesn't really pull her hand away or anything, just being taken along. When she's at the elevator, she's just, going up and up and slowly moving. It's about the slowest they've moved for hours and she's quirking her mouth about, moving it left and right, "Glasses? Though, I just think it is so close to… lying, regularly. My.. people, were always very direct, blunt. Honest. I… maybe, if you think it isn't lying, I might see." She sighs and looks up, "6 more meters…" And then she's practically counting till the elevator hits the doors and they open. "I am smart, thank you. I was top in my class, for physics and gravity field generators. A bit of an engineering spirit…"

*DING* And the doors open and Kara assumes she's being bolted out into the room where the Karaoke restaurant might be present. Bursting from the elevator with a giggle, and still, unless Eliza has let go, being led by the hand. She goes into the big event. And sure enough there's some guy finishing up a small song routine, some country song, he isn't even -that- drunk.

* * *

It's a huge complex. It starts with an arcade, with plenty of flashing lights, spectacle, and laughter. Video games everywhere. There's a small bowling alley on the left side —— and the karaoke? Is by the bar at the far end of the complex. It's one of Metropolis's best features. Indeed, Liz does explode from the elevator as soon as it opens, grinning and pulling Kara along like a hapless kidnapping victim, subject to the merciless ravages of Liz's raw, unfetted enthusiasm.

"Earth science is… Limited. I've studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Robotics… You mentioned the technological advancements of your race, not to mention that you traveled here, you know, in a spaceship." The breathless speech isn't likely to be audible to anyone they pass, given how quickly it goes and the pauses and detours to avoid trampling anyone.

"Maybe you can teach me some things some time. I promise I'm a quick learner." There's a bit of a sly grin fro the slight pun. They finally skid to a alt just in time to hear the most recent song ending. Tone deaf as it was. Liz stares up at the stage. "Right. Sign ups!" It turns out that these can be done from a cellphone. Liz quickly produces hers with her free hand and enters the virtual queue. Better than making Liz actually stay in a line. Her fidgeting is far less disruptive standing amidst the tables after all.

One thing to note. Where does she intend to dance? They haven't seen a dance floor yet. "Anyway. You could try sunglasses, then? They aren't anything like lying at all. You know. Fashion… Oh! Look. Someone's going up to sing."

It's a slender young woman with dark hair and large glasses who seems to brim with confidence before breaking out into a screechy, loud version of Beyonce's "Run The World".

* * *

Pulling up her cellphone, Kara follows along with what Eliza is doing and then is finally got her own song attached to her name and she's in the queue as well. She doesn't know if it's random or not, but now she is feeling a little more fidgetty once she's put her name up on the queue. She smiles, with that clear teenage anxiety about everything.

Though with quick processing she's onto science! Another favorite topic of hers, "Yeah, I definitely could, I won an award of excellence. Normally in my caste there wasn't supposed to be anyone in the Science area, but I've always been kind of a rebel." Yeah, a geek rebel from the sounds of it. She's smiling though and looking around a bit, "Sunglasses? I don't like to hide my eyes, I think it means people can't trust me." She comments easily before quirking her mouth some more and just lightly holding onto the hand that is connected to hers, and the Beyonce song is soon enough over.

She looks over to Eliza, "So, I think it might be one of us coming up next, I heard them, talking, I could… go up… before you, or you me, or… I dunno." She rolls her eyes before she practically bounces up and down on some of her feet. "Promise… you'll stay around even if I'm singing? I… I'm nervous."

* * *

"You heard them? Over this? You really *can* do anything," Eliza rwill reply, clearly impressed. She squeezes Kara's hand firmly and then gives a firm nod. "I'm right here. Cheering for you all the way. Promise. You can do this, Kara!"

Indeed, Kara is now being called and Eliza is pushing her gently toward the stairs. "Kara! Whooooooo! Knock it out of the park!" She's a one girl cheering section. All the enthusiasm in the world, it seems.

Then she'll murmur, "Would it help if I sing with you?" She stops near the stairs leading up to the stage. It's all on Kara to decide whether or not, for once, to drag Liz along with her instead.

* * *

"Oh, uh, yeah?" Kara smirks a bit to Eliza, and then shakes her head, "Not… everything. I…" And then she pauses a moment as her name is called. And she flushes at her own personal cheerleader from Eliza. Moving with ehr shoulders kind of slumped, she moves forward and up the stairs, having a shy bit of demeanor. She gets up to the microphone, and steps up to it. Realizing it's a bit high, she works the device like she's been around a few microphones before, unscrewing the tension at the middle so she can push it down.

Looking back to Eliza she shakes her head a little bit, "Maybe… a second song? I… got this." She is talking right into the microphone, and there's a few people chuckling as Kara looks up toward the rest of the crowd, and grins goofily to them as she figures out what's going on.

Unlike many songs at Karaoke there's not a lot of lead up into this one. There's immediately words. They are airy and high pitched, as Kara starts to sing, "Right now, I'm in a state of mind" She takes a quick breath in, not even looking at the words, "I wanna be in like all the time, Ain't got no tears left to cry" Then the song takes a bit of a change, starting to go faster, "So I'm pickin' it up, pickin' it up, I'm lovin', I'm livin', I'm pickin' it up, I'm pickin' it up, pickin' it up, I'm lovin', I'm livin', I'm pickin' it up - Oh, yeah." It's Ariana Grande's no tears left to cry. And at this point the music is going a bit faster, more hip-hop-y as she sings.

There's mixes from more spoken word, to actual singing, to hip hop, to straight up rhythm. And Kara's got the microphone stand in hand, and she's got her eyes closed most of the entire song. She does the whole thing by heart, and every time she goes into the refrain of "I'm pickin' it up, I'm pickin' it up" She moves her arms, and even drags the microphone on the stage moving up to the edge and leaning over the microphone as it's tipped, like it's a dance partner and she's dipping it.

And then the song is over, and there's some people in the crowd just sort of stopped. Some stunned, some others just kind of listening like it's the radio. Either way, Kara's able to sing, and she's flushing when she finally opens her eyes again… setting the microphone back up, and saying into the Mic, "Um, thank you." And then she's half-running / jogging toward the stairs with slightly flushed cheeks.

* * *

"You… Were amazing." Liz is there to greet Kara with more encouragement but in a much more earnest, gentler spoken way. She'll offer Kara a quiet smile and then take a deep breath as she looks up at the stage in turn. "You'll be here for me too, right?"

Liz takes the stage with something of a swagger. People are a bit nonplussed after the supermodel gorgeous blonde is replaced with a little beanpole of a Brazilian girl, but the rowdiness calms down quickly enough.

Liz turns out to have a rich, melodic bluesy voice. Everything about how she stands changes. She stops fidgeting or bouncing around. Doesn't even tap her foot. The young woman's eyes slip shut as she begins to finally sing. "Skies are crying. I am watching… Catching tear drops in my hands…"

It's a familair song, but sung a little deeper, more bluesy. Her own personal rendition of Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper", sung like her heart is probably going to explode on stage.

When it's done, Liz will sort of stumble off past the stairs to the tune of complete silence. She's keeping her head down and hiding her eyes as a result.

* * *

"I wasn't." Kara mentions as she breathes a little fast, smiling, and looks over to Liz, "But… thank you." She then nods her head a few times, and she says in parting words. "Music is the soul of the universe, you got this." And she watches as Liz starts singing a song Kara knows well.

During part of the song, if anyone were to look at the Supermodel blonde, she'll have her eyes closed, and she's swaying back and forth to the music, lip singing, and starts to sway more and more, raising up her arms, and just general slow swaying motions with her arms adding to the tune. She can't help it, as the song continues and then when it's done she rushes up to Liz and gives her a big hug.

It's a bit tight, "Come on, wanna sing one together?" She is grabbing Liz and just moving up to the stage again, pulling on Liz. "Please? I want to sing another one. What do you want to sing? Do you know … Spice Girls? We could do that? Come on…"

She is willing to take no for an answer, but Kara's excited and smiling, "You were great. But we gotta do something super fun. Wannabe? Or we could do another group." She isn't even worried about others who might of been in queue, she's just moving back on stage again. "Or, um, Let it Go, from Frozen? I loooooooooooove Frozen."

* * *

When Liz does look up there are unshed tears in her eyes. She disappears into the tight hug without any complaint. Kara gets to lead her back to the queue as she slowly returns to herself. A quick smile. A bit forced- but also honestly grateful. Liz is soon back into things, nodding excitedly and making broad gestures. But she doesn't let go of Kara.

"Do you know Wicked?" Liz suddenly asks "I know /exactly/ what song I want to sing," she'll declare confidently, scrolling through the musical to pick out the song. "What Is This Feeling?", would be the name. "You have time to listen if you don't know. I think you can pull it off. And then… I'm game for Frozen. What do you think?"

It seems the reins have been handed off to Kara now. Liz will be okay. It just takes a second, maybe.

* * *

"Um, one second." And she puts in an earbud from her iphone, finds something really fast, and plays a youtube video at 3x speed. And yup, she's standing on the stage listening for a minute or so, to the whole song. She smiles a bit as she giggles a little, "So, am I Golinda? Cause I'm blonde?"

She wonders a little bit, and then walks over to the device for the Karaoke and the person there. She shows the iPhone, there's a small conversation about this being unusual, and the queue says, and, kara just bats her eyes and holds up her hands together. In a move that's genuine, but also abuses her blonde supermodel status that she doesn't really know she has, but people like to do things for her cause she's nice. And, attractive. So, they get another round.

Coming back and smiling, she gets the microphone and keeps it at the height good for Liz, not that she's terribly shorter, she smiles, "Ready? Just, we'll go when you are."

Once the song starts, Kara will take the role of Golinda unless Liz has a different idea. And it's like she's sung it a bunch of times before this… her super speed, super kryptonian yellow sun powered cells, work incredibly well for memory and other things as well. Though her vocals are all her, not that she'd need a microphone, but she does use it. Singing, looking at Liz instead of the lyrics, smiling, and having fun with song since it's goofy anyhow…

* * *

Let's be honest. All other concerns aside, Liz and Kara were /made/ to be Elphaba and Golinda. Right down to their appearances, they're picture perfect for this role. And Liz /sells/ it.

The girl is small but she can belt out a tune. She might be only a couple inches shorter but Liz is a tinier, and so the force with which she offers up that call of, "Unadulterated loathing!" is that much more impactful. She's got her game face on too, like she really believes this young woman is the *worst*.

At leat until the song is ending and it's time for her to be laughing and giggling, bouncing all over the stage they're sharing.

And no, Liz never takes her eyes off of Kara. After the end she's gasping for breath between giggle fits and dragging Kara back down from the stage so that they can discuss events.

"You really are /fantastic/," Eliza will crow a bit as they get down from there. "Totally a Golinda," she observes then in her trademark deadpan voice. Though she's definitely loosened up. The gestures are more frenetic now, a bit sharper. Like she's shaking apart. In fact, Liz isn't walking the straightest at one point. Kara gets to be her anchor when this is happening. And her words are a bit faster, even. Instead of crisp and clear, Liz is jamming them together until it's like she's forgotten how to punctuate a sentence.

"So. What do we do now? Have I kept you too long? What do you think it's- I mean, we could always just go and do whatever. We still have our dancing or, well, anything. I mean, really. We could go wherever, I just don't know if we can-"

The rambling is getting out of hand. Even if Kara /can/ follow it.

* * *

Even if they weren't perfect, Kara and Eliza both can understand things at super fast speeds. So, for everyone else they are in sync when they need to be, sounding like they practiced this act. And when done, Kara isn't even paying attention to the crowd or other people she's just walking with Liz off the stage and getting down there.

"I need to see that play, but I can't sit still that long. I'd have to catch it in multiple flybys." She offers as she sighs and smiles, a bit, slumping her shoulders, and would be skipping if it were something to be done here. And then she moves with the other woman off of the stage, "Me? Oh, um, no. I just, I… played music, back … home." She offers in that tone that's still fun but a little softer, like she should avoid the topic. "I dunno. I mean, we would… dance?" She tilts her head, and then shrugs her shoulders, "Or talk."

The question about too late, comes up and Kara chews her lip some, before turning her head a little like she's listening, "No, I think it's a quiet night. I mean, except certain areas of the world… but, I think some of that's under control. So, I kind of want to let that be handled by someone else right now. I haven't had… fun, in like… well, for a long time. It feels like forever. Thank you, so much Eliza. You don't know what this means to me."

She quickly kind of reaches up and wipes an eye, that's getting a little wet, "Quick, what should we do next? You decide, I decided on the duet, and the pizza. So, it's your turn… whatever, I'm game."

* * *

"… Okay. Let's dance. Um. But not here. I was going to just introduce you to DDR- but, um. Dancing. Right. Let's do this."

It's Liz's turn to be nervous, bouncing all over and she's all but vibrating as she goes. That energy is concentrated and intensified, like the small woman is on the verge of simply flying apart. She has Kara in a death grip as she's leading her out of the karaoke parlor.

At some point she'll use her free hand, and - moving so fast that even other speedsters might have trouble catching just what happened- will quickly pop a pill from her pocket into her mouth, and swallow. Then it's just deep breaths. Quick ones. "Let's hit a rave. Or something. Come on!"

It seems to have been the thanks that does it. Liz is back to being determined - even if she is shaking a little and talking like an auctioneer on fast forward.

* * *

"D D R?" Kara seems confused, not sure what that is as she shrugs and smiles, "Okay!" Kara giggles a bit at the let's do this comment. And she's not even paying attention enough to really be focused on Liz when she grabs the pill and pops it, the sound might be noticeable, but Kara isn't paying enough attention to discern 'hard swallow' and pill. Normally she could, but she's pulled out of the Karaoke parlor and… off to a rave?

They can move about the city rather quickly since both of them go super fast, and once people aren't looking they can zoom if they like. And off to the rave they go.

On the way Kara offers, "I know it's kind of weird, cause I'm not exactly … your people, and all. So, if you have questions you can always ask me. Oh and before I forget." She pulls out her iPhone from her back pocket and says, "Phone, tell me my number." A pause and then she closes her eyes, "Right. Um, Siri…" She waits for what feels like a life time to her energized self, "Tell me my number." And then Siri has been trained to give her the information and she gives Eliza her phone number, "People find this little rectangular screen less creepy than just… saying my name, and I show up. But either way works… if, you want to say hi or whatever, in the future too." And then it's off to where they are going.

Kara's not really shaking, just super energized, and the buzzing from the other woman probably only just inspires her to move faster, talk quicker, and keep pressing forward. Though she doesn't exactly fight the death grip, she does make sure that Eliza's hand is doing okay with her x-ray vision, so as to make sure nothing is broken from how tightly she's grabbing. Subtly of course, seeing all is good she just goes back to smiling big. "What's a rave?"

* * *

"You'll see," is all Eliza has to say on the matter. And it isn't long at all before the two of them are in a line outside of a converted warehouse on the Metropolis outskirts. People dressed in everything from jeans and a t-shirt to… Virtually nothing, holding glowsticks and other odds and ends. There's a man checking them for bracelets. Liz doesn't have one. The man starts to let Kara through, but then holds up a friend to stop Liz. So instead…

"This is my date." Eliza offers to the tall, brooding man at the door, indicating the woman beside her, whose hand she's still firmly grasping. He takes a long look at the Kryptonian and arches a brow. Then he opens the door to allow the two women inside- despite a chorus of complaints from other people who are still waiting. It's just how the world works here. Beauty gets a free pass for- various reasons.

Inside it's hot, and darkness is transposed against the flashing lights and the deep, rhythmic pulse of the music. Liz is going to drag Kara right toward the dance floor through the pressing crowd of people. Somewhere she can actually let that energy go. At this point, at least, she's calmed to the point where she's not risking vibrating through the walls.

* * *

The lack of clothing doesn't even get a glimpse or comment from Kara. If her Supergirl costume is of any indication, Kryptonians aren't modest people, and value strength and aren't concerned about people showing themselves off. Though she's only got a t-shirt and some jeans, Kara is looking around at some of the more interesting outfits and taking mental notes about how this area dresses when she's interrupted by the guy at the front.

Getting waved in, she smiles, brushing her hair with her free hand as she goes to go in, she gets stopped by that hand still being held. And Eliza saying she's her date, and then there's… wider eyes, nervousness, now Kara is a bit… fidgetty. Though she doesn't say anything just yet.

Once inside, she's there, and sees how everyone else is dancing, and how close everything is she's reaching up to her hair and before the dancing starts. "Is, this a date? I just, I did not know." She questions a bit, and scrunches up her face a little, "I just, I was not sure. There isn't really dating where I'm from, and, I have just gotten it from the… tv, well, other people's TVs. I'm just, I, I didn't know, and I wasn't sure, I just, I am having lots of fun, so, um, I just, I… well, it'd be my first, just, so, I didn't know, I…" She's looping into a circle of uncertainty. She doesn't lie, or at least has a very hard time doing so, but she's now running fingers through her hair, and lightly shaking it as she stumbles through words.

* * *

Liz will pause on the edge of the crowd. to listen to all of the rambling. Now she looks briefly uncertain as well. She diguises it with a shrug and a quick smile. "It's a date if you say it is," she'll resolve. "I'm having lots of fun. So are you. So…"

Eliza doesn't admit her first thought had just been lying to the guy at the door so they could get in. The idea is discarded in favour of gauging Kara's thoughts on the matter. "You've seen it on tv, so I guess you have some idea of- what it's about. So it's a date if you're okay with that. But you're not sure, then we'll call it, um. Friend's night." she suggests with a slight shrug of her slender shoulders.

"No pressure! This is supposed to be fun, Kara!" With that laugh, Liz is going to step backward into the press of people on the dance floor, reaching for both of Kara's hands to pull her with. Let the music and the rhythm answer the question and wash away the uncertainty. It works for her anyway.

* * *

Moving with Liz as she pulls her further into the crowd, Kara is clearly confused. Her mouth isn't smiling so much anymore as she's deep in thought. That little bit of a poutyness, her long lashed eyes, all in a state of cute discernment. Weighing the information presented, and somewhere in her mind comparing it to the television show bits she's seen.

There's the random meeting, the food, awkward progression, random humor, moments of showing and expressive concern and care. And singing a duet? That's in tons of shows. And now… dancing? "Okay. It, seems like a date." She starts with, almost having a pure questioning tone, and then she smiles a bit more. "I think I would really like it to be a date. I'm really happy, right now. I… I feel good. If, I don't do something, I should be doing, let me know."

And she follows into the crowd, hands being taken, as she is smiling with wider eyes now, and she starts to follow Liz's lead in the dancing. Since, well, she's never been to a rave, though she is looking around at others. And she's trying to mimic to some extent the motions and dancing of others… but mostly she'll take Liz's lead.

* * *

So, some background. When Liz was 'normal' her parents gave her years of ballet lessons. She got into some Hip Hop dancing, learned basic tap, and at one point talked about being on Broadway before science became her compulsion de jour. But when the girl hits a dance floor? She's just an explosion of energy.

No one is going to come close to matching that pair. They might just be within the bounds of human potential in terms of how quickly they're moving and how much force it is. Liz times it perfeclty with the beat, something they can both manage easily because it's moving at what seems to Eliza to be a relatively normal pace. Finally, something she isn't /waiting/ for so much. A chance to really belt it out.

At times, Liz will sing along with a particularly catchy song, but for the most part she's just dancing until her skin glistens with perspriation and she's shaking more from exertion and excitement than the jitters she'd exhibited earlier. Kara is invited to just- match her, in any way she sees fit. It's not like they can exhaust themselves doing this, really. But for Liz? The catharsis of an all-out dance is really only matched by the emotional release of her singing earlier.

Eventually, all good things will have to end. Though it might go on for quite some time if Liz has her way.

* * *

It's a dance party! Finally something that Kara isn't just a pure expert on. She's good, and she has an intense and very specific control over her body, to the point that this kind of thing still makes her look like she's better than most. And she dances, rave dancing has a lot of 'almost touches' and fast movements, and then some actual touching or close dancing.

She's doing all of it, really. If any of it is strange, it's the fact that not all the dancing is done in formal wear and for some kind of pre-arranged coupling. After a long while of dancing in the place, Kara looks around and then starts dragging Liz out.

She won't literally drag her out, but she's going to grab her hands and grin, "Come on, follow me." And she heads out of the club, and over to an alley. Looking around, she just says, "Hold on." And flies up to the top of the club's roof. The beat is still quiet audible, and she'll smile, "There." And she'll go back to dancing if Eliza is willing to let her.

From there it'll last as long as Eliza wants it to, since, Kara isn't even sweating, she's powered pretty much by radiation. And she's gotten used to not sleeping, and being up all the time, and is a non-stop energy source. Though, now on the top of the club, where there's no one else present, just the beats of the music and the loudness of it all. For Kara she can probably still hear everything going on inside, but now is alone with her date. She seems to be a lot of smiles, and energy as well, but also some giggles, and she shifts her hair about with her hand here and there. Bringing strands behind an ear, something she wasn't necessarily doing before the rave.

* * *

Liz can eventually dance herself out, if Kara stays with her for long enough. Until the rave is dying, perhaps. She's soaked in her perspiration, her hair clinging to her neck, t-shirt doing much the same. Breathing a little heavily. It isn't that Liz is going to collapse, but she's obviously worked off some real energy. At some points, their dance wasn't anything a normal could possibly have kept up with, with Eliza taking advantage of her partner's speed and resilience to finally, finally let go. For real.

So at some point Liz ends up leaning into her date and resting her head against the buxom blonde's chest and shoulder, pressing close. With just a little bit of swaying. "Thank you. So much," Liz will whisper then.

"WThis has been-…" The young woman trails off without finish. She takes a slow, slightly shake deep breath then. Giggles a little, and then shakes her head. "What are you doing after this?" Liz will ask, with poorly feigned disinterest. It doesn't help that Kara can hear how fast her heart is pounding.

* * *

Closeness. The sweat doesn't bother Kara at all. She remembers doing that, and has sometimes when fighting giant super mega planet killer robots. Though… touching, while doing crazy dancing is one thing, and fun, and energetic. Now… just, a person leaning against her she kind of gets choked up.

Kara doesn't move though, she stays, and shakily kind of wraps her arms about Liz as they sway much more slowly. There's a little shake of her head, "Oh, um, no, thank you. I… mean, I had fun, or am having fun. I'm, having fun. Yes." She chuckles a little bit, and then swallows, "What? I… don't know. Probably going back to patrolling New York. Or, seeing if there's something in the middle east I have to take care of, or a terrorist in Europe to stop." She shrugs a little lightly, "Though, I've still got time, for… anything really."

She says it and then smiles a bit, "We could go… eat some more, or like try and find a carnival. I'm sure there's one happening somewhere. Or, um, another karaoke… or anything." It's no good to hear a fast heart in a speedster who's likely had a fast beating heart for this entire time. "Do, you have, any ideas? I'm… not sure I want to have tonight stop. It's just been so fun, and good, and not about… the registration act, or robots, demons, or anything else. Or being yelled at for crushing someone's car with the robot that almost killed them…"

* * *

"How about…" Liz seems to be thinking about something as she begins to speak in an unusually slow and measured way. Actually pacing her words a bit. She sound almost norma, really.

"It doesn't have to end," Liz finishes finally. "We can go do whatever we want, and if you want to go help someone in Europe or New York City…. I could come with you. I can keep up," Liz promises in a firm tone. "And that way we don't have to split up until you're sick of me." That last is stated in a sly tone. Liz prods Kara lightly with a finger, right along her rib cage on the left side.

"Carnival's probably closing. We can totally get more food if you want. But at this time of night… Well." A pause. "We could see how far we get into a movie before we get sick of sitting around and go do something else?"

"And hey. I run into things sometimes, or fall through walls. I get the whole being yelled by people thing. Really, I'm pretty chill. If an impossibly beautiful, brilliant blonde-haired alien woman wants to keep me around then… Here I am."

* * *

"Movie!" Kara blurts out a bit, before she gets a little wider eyed and pulls back her shoulders some, then laughs it off a bit happily. "Like, maybe a … sit on a couch, kind of movie? Not like a movie theater movie, because you can hit pause, and everything stops. And… wait, no. I don't have an apartment." Kara admits, as she slumps her shoulders, "Theater, works too."

A bit of a shrug as Kara nods her head, "Well, if something happens in Europe, we can leave." Though then you go into describing someone and she frowns a bit, and starts to think, "Who are-" She pauses a moment, and then grins, giggling, "Oh, you are talking about me? Thank you. I do not think I'm that beautiful. I am just, another person. Really… I think everyone on Krypton was like me, and we dealt with the ease and simplicity of… pre-arranged coupling. Nothing that required… dating."

Then her eyes get big, "I didn't mean, to suggest, that coupling, was what I was, intending, or anything. Or that you had to, or that it was… I swear. It was the furthest thing from my mind. I just… I'm very sorry, I wasn't, I am not. My mind is very empty of such thoughts." She defends her thoughts, "Movie? What movie? Maybe something from Disney?" Her excitement perks up at that idea, and it's a distraction from her previous foot in mouth conversation.

* * *

"So you know, telling a girl that you absolutely do /not/ want to, ah, couple with her sounds like you don't find her attractive," Liz will reply in a tone that is a little sly but still very deadpan. She's a snarker, this one, even if she's toned it back for Kara since they've started talking. "You don't need to be so emphatic about it."

Liz will let that steep as she moves on to responding to the rest of what Kara has said. She's got a rhythm now- let the other person speak, then respond like it's a list so she can blurt out all of her thoughts all atonce at full speed and a conversation can actually happen. "Well. If you don't have a place. We can go see one at my place? Rewind things, fast forward. Sing along with all the Disney movies. If that's what you want let's go. My place is on the other side of town, so."

Liz, for once, does not take off immediately. She keeps her place resting against Kara bonelessly. Relaxed for the first time since they met.

* * *

Well, that backfired, and now Kara is blinking a bit, shaking a little bit, "Ummmmmmmmm, not what I meant. I…" She pauses and tenses up her jaw a little bit, "I like you, a lot. You are completely and totally fun, and very attractive, and smart. And you vibrate oddly, which is fun when you are holding my hand. It feels like I'm getting little electric shocks that kind of tickle." And she grins at that, though she isn't sure how to word what she's trying to say. It's clear she's struggling with English at this point.

"I am very aroused thinking about you, while you stay close to me?" Kara tosses in a questioning tone, and closes her eyes, shaking her head. "Can we just go watch the movie? Please? I hate words right now. And I'm an idiot. I probably just ruined this date. My first one… I do want to sing along, snack, play them in loops…"

* * *

Eliza freezes, listening to Kara go into her spiral of self-dobut. She leans back slightly so that she can see the blode's face while shes speaking and lets the words go by a few at a time. Then Liz does something drastic. The speedster rises carefully to the balls of her feet until they are even in height. Then she slowly leans in and plants a firm kiss on Kara's lips. Slow, sweet. Not too hard—- but distinctly more than platonic. A few seconds is a lifetime for her, but she'll hold it nevertheless unless she's shoved away.

"…No words needed. Let's just go watch movies together until we pass out on the couch an alien warlord tries to take over Metropolis or something." With that stated, Liz will be able to clear the distance from that rooftop to her apartment in about a second without overexerting. It's a nice place too. Clean, with wide open counters, modern appliances, a nice, comfortable couch and a huge TV and home theatre system. She makes pretty good money, clearly.

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