Moving Forward
Roleplaying Log: Moving Forward
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Tony has the weirdest dates.

Other Characters Referenced: Warren Worthington
IC Date: April 24, 2019
IC Location: Somewhere in NYC
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Posted On: 25 Apr 2019 21:39
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for language, suggestive sarcasm
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When someone the likes of Tony Stark asks someone to dinner it is always a bit of an adventure. Sometimes the place is the peak scale of New York or Milan or whatever city he feels like at the specific moment of that specific day. Sometimes it is a dive bar. Sometimes it is somewhere in between. Most of the time it isn't boring.

Because Stark just seems to be incapable of doing that.

This time is at least less boring than the last time. No giant bug alien. No cult. No real anything. The place? A small Middle Eastern restaurant. Not that much on the outside at least, but the smells that drift from the inside are enough to make up for any lack of superficial flare.

The inside itself is larger that it appears, long with a wide dining area near the glassed in front. Booths and tables scattered around. Not too busy but popular enough to have a steady stream of customers in and out the door.

And in one back corner lounging in one booth, chatting with what looks like the owner is one Tony Stark. It is basically impossible for him to be anyone else after all.

The sunglasses, the manner. He isn't even trying to hide, though the Iron Man suit is no where to be seen. Neither is the bespoke ones that he usually wears when out and about in public. No he's dressed more comfortably, denims and long sleeve t-shirts. Double layered of course to hide the glow in his chest. Even dressed down though…he can't help but be the center of attention.


There had been some apprehension leading up to this moment.

Stark is now the second uber-wealthy person Neena had spent any amount of time around and the first one to have offered dinner. Aside from the obvious questions which immediately come to mind, such as 'where,' 'when,' and 'what the heck to wear,' she of course had to question the man's ultimate motives.

Warren, the OTHER stupidly rich guy she's spent some time around, had gone so far as to ask if Tony had asked her out, to which she had promptly shut him down on her way out the door. He didn't need to know, though by then he already did.

The real victor of this evening are the albino's feet, she's sticking with some combat treads. Black jeans with some ribbing detail and a black long-sleeved shirt gives her sort of a 'hitwoman lite' look with a lightweight leather jacket helping to keep the various tools of her trade hidden from prying eyes.

Most people won't be looking her over for hardware, anyway. They won't get much further beyond 'holy shit that lady is white' and 'is it pirate day already?'

Only suckers ask for permission, she comes in, walks over, and takes a seat at Tony's table with no lack of confidence.

"For a second there it almost seemed like you were being considerate of my comfort level. That was before I remembered who I was meeting," she teases.

The establishment as a whole had already been given the quick and dirty assessment since she had first opened the door. All exits have been mapped out because old habits die hard. She knows where the kitchen is, where to find at least three different fire alarms, where the restrooms are, and what the evening's specials are, but what she STILL doesn't know…

…is why she's here.


"Of course you remembered, I've very memorable. Most people really want to forget I exist and can't. It's a curse." Stark shoots right back with a smirk that is angled over the rims of his glasses towards her. "I just wanted some shawarma really, I mean I got a taste of it after the Battle of New York and just get the craving every so often."

The manager, a slightly balding, slightly nervous looking man glances between both Stark and Neena for a moment as he shuffles his feet.

Stark, spending that moment watching his new partner for dinner glances back up towards said owner. "Oh yeah, forgot you were there Otto. My bad. Don't need anything beyond drinks right now. Thanks."

There is a moment of relief in the managers stance before he starts to walk off, pausing to get Domino's order as he goes.

The building isn't /that/ hard to map out, but seems to have been rebuilt on occasion. A mix of old and new construction. Also a lot of reinforcement that seems almost redundant. Very clearly defined emergency exit doors and the like. Lots of electronics too, digital menus on the walls and the like.

Stark doesn't even seem to notice as Otto strolls off. There /is/ a smirk though once more angled in Neena's direction. "I wasn't quite sure if you'd show up. Glad you did though, nice combat boots by the way. I was half expecting you to drop down from a vent or something. But…I suppose this works."


"That's one word for it," Domino agrees. It is a little interesting hearing Tony reminisce some about the battle, admittedly. She was still neck deep in Madripoor's underworld during that colossal mess. It's kind of a pity, what could be seen on the news back then had made it look like it could have been fun.

Though it probably wouldn't have paid nearly as well.

The foot-shuffling beside them causes the albino to roll her head in the manager's direction. "If you have to take a piss don't let me stop you."

Aw yeah, she brought her A-game mannerisms to this engagement. This calls for some bourbon!

As Otto hurries away she looks back to Tony but hooks her head in the manager's direction. "Is your boy alright?"

With that said and the table effectively being down to just the two of them she leans back in a notable slouch with an idle smirk playing across ebony stained lips. "What can I say? You had me at the concept of free booze. Get enough drinks to my end of the table and you might get to see a trick or two. I don't know about the ceiling, though. It looks like these guys got a bit enthusiastic during the last renovation," she thinks aloud with an upward glance. "That'd take more thermite than I have on tap."

And then..she gets to the matter of Tony Stark. "-Speaking- of memorable… I must have left a good enough impression to have warranted this offer. You've got ladies standing in line outside of your place, and yet you chose this bitch. Feel free to explain that logic."

Is it for a job offer? It's for a job offer, isn't it?


"He just get nervous when I come by personally and don't order out. There is a non-zero chance that the place gets trashed by people who hate me after I show up. I mean…" A flash of a grin. "…I'm kinda a asshole. A lot of people really don't appreciate my specific brand of being me." He shrugs slightly. "It's fine though. I always fix it back up."

Which explains all the renovation.

"Sometimes my bots can get a little enthuastic but you look resourceful. I'm guessing you could get though the ceiling if you /really/ had too." He adds with a smirk as the drinks come, along with menus but the drinks are the important part.

"Oh you've left a couple of impressions." Comes a smirk from Stark as he pulls a small disk out of a pocket and sets it on the table. It turns blue for a moment before he sets his drink on it like it was some kind of coaster. "First off you were nice enough not to run screaming when dealing with a giant other dimensional bug that could accidently rip doors off cars. You got him away from a bunch of cultists without panicking. So that is a plus. You just admitted to carrying around thermite and who knows how many weapons. Which is defiantly memorable. And there was that whole…issue at Mutant Town."

A quirk of his eyebrow at that.

"Which was a mess by anyone's estimation." That 'what did you think I forgot' look just says volumes.

"Don't worry though Casper, I didn't ask you out here just to try to arrest anyone. That would totally be rude wouldn't it? I'm just wanting a friendly little chat. And free booze. And possibly some of those tricks later now you have me intrigued."


Dom's brows rise upward. "You, an asshole? I find that hard to believe. Clearly these people haven't gotten to know you well enough. But thanks for the warning, maybe I'll get some action tonight after all."


Another look upward to the ceiling, her idle smirk still in play. It isn't entirely for show, this -is- already proving to be kind of fun. "Might be a gamble, but I've been up against worse odds."

When Tony mentions not panicking from cultists she makes a dismissive sound and waves it off. "Buncha hive-minded idiots. I'm not worried about them until there's more than fifty in a sitting." Then she mocks a look of pure innocence when asking "Wait..doesn't everyone carry thermite?"

Then he brings up Mutant Town…

A darkness edges into Neena's stare.

That quirk of the eyebrow. He's testing her. She knows it. And now they -both- know that he's successfully landed the shot.

"It did get rather ugly," she admits in a calculated and entirely level voice. Being called Casper again doesn't seem to bother her any, though it could be argued that her ire is currently engaged in a different battle.

"That's real neighborly of you, Stark. I'd hate to jump the gun and see this place leveled before happy hour."

A slow breath is claimed as she settles back into the seat, never breaking eye contact with the techmaster. "Alright," she returns to a more conversational tone. "Then let's drink ourselves stupid and talk friendly."


"Action is totally on the table, again I suppose depending on just how many drinks we finish between us." A longer pause. "I gotta warn you though…" And there is a slightly lupine grin. "…I totally cheat."

He makes the comment as he reaches for one of the glasses that are brought. The manager was smart enough to just leave the bottle of burbon there on the table as well, and so Stark pours one for his guest.

That dark, angry look from the albino doesn't even seem to give him that much of a pause. He just smiles, one that grows slightly sharper at the reply. "Come on. You know I'm going to ask about that." He drawls as he works on his drink, hardly blinking at that stare that is locked on him. His eyes are sharp and every so often she might catch just a hind of gold in them as he keeps them fixed on her. "I'm already ahead of you on the drinking." He points out.

A pause.

"And I have to ask here. Just want makes a person see a confused bug-man on the side of the road and go 'oh man I should stop and tell him to get in my car'."


'I totally cheat.'

"Then you're in good company," Domino deadpans in response with no further explanation forthcoming.

With regards to 'business' in Mutant Town, she swiftly replies "I was rather hoping that you wouldn't. Now I have to straight-up tell you not to go there rather than peacefully leaving it buried where it belongs."

Mmh. Then he mentions The Bug. Okay. That's a fair question. That is something which she can be prepared to answer. But not until the first glass of bourbon is slid her way. Not until she's had a chance to put some of it away. Thus begins the 'friendly' chapter of tonight's conversation.

When she leans forward and laces fingertips together, palms flat upon the table, her defenses remain hovering right around low guard. Higher than when she walked in through the front door. Comfortably lower than a moment ago.

"Since you so -thoughtfully- brought up the matter of District X..then you know what a shitshow it's gotten to be around there. I'm not going into the politics of that mess, frankly I don't care. What bothers me is seeing innocent people getting put under the gun when all they want is to live their lives in peace. As for your bug friend..let's mark that up to a case of mistaken genealogy. I thought he was another meta trying to find a way out from ground zero. All my luck, nothing can ever be so simple in this town."

She glances off to the side and lightly rolls her shoulders before turning back to Tony. "At that point I'm not about to kick him out of the car. The guy still needed someone's help and my ass had already dived into the deep end. You'd be out of your mind if you'd think I'd turn someone over to a bunch of damn cultists. That's a scenario where nobody wins."

Black nailed fingertips drum across the table once as if to signify that's the end of her excuse, though the action is followed with pale blue eyes gliding back up to give the man an expectant look. It also comes with a complimentary question of her own. "Curiosity satisfied?"


"I figured," The engineer replies with a smirk as he pulls his own glass to his lips again. His eyes close just a touch as he lets the drink burn its way down his throat, open just enough to keep watching her. Finally though he puts the glass down to focus on her again.

"Yeah well," And now there is a frown from Stark. A glance away from Domino for a moment. "That shitshow totally wasn't my idea. But they didn't consult any smart people about it." He grumbles for a moment before his gaze shoots back towards her. "It galls me too, if you want me to be honest. I guess that's why I don't live in New York anymore. Even if Metropolis is /way/ too shiny. I mean seriously. It's like someone decided to guild everything. Trying to make up for Gotham."

He nods though to the bug explanation as if he finds it tracks. "Yeah, and he's doing fine too. If you were wondering. They made him a storyteller when he got back. Going on about the 'lands of the gods'." A shake of his head. "I keep trying to tell them I'm not but…"

There is a vage 'what can you do' gesture.

"They think you're a goddess now, you have statues." He says with a smirk. "They are very good sculptors though." A smirk again. "I hope you got a bit from that bracelet he gave you."


Neena is no stranger to the news. She remembers Tony going on public record in his protest, and subsequent move, regarding Registration. It makes him easier to talk to where the subject is concerned. Maybe she doesn't one hundred percent agree with his decisions, but given the complications involved? He did alright by her.

"Why wait and be rational when you can be impulsive and please the morons who keep spitting money at it," she agrees with a heavy expression. Following is a nod, "That's the kind of city where wearing sunglasses at night is more of a necessity than a statement."

Hearing that the bug is doing okay causes a gentle bobbing of Domino's head as her eyes flick back to the glass now resting between her hands. Maybe she didn't ask or doesn't go as far as to comment with words but she seems to appreciate the news.

Then she nearly snorts expensive bourbon through her nose.

"Okay, I did -not- just hear that," she grunts through a wince and a furious pawing at her nose. The other hand is held palm forward in anticipation of having to further halt the subject for a while longer. "-MMH- that stuff burns wherever it goes!" *Sniff!* "..Okay. I …" she blinks a few times until Tony's image comes back into focus. She almost looks stunned. Did he really think she would have just pawned it off somewhere?

"I still have it." Spoken in a low voice as if it physically pains her to admit. Getting attached to physical objects is like becoming emotionally invested in another person. In her line of work you simply -do not- do either of these things! "I mean, in case a race of giant bug people ever tried to invade our world or something. It seemed like a pretty slick Get Out of Jail card to have on hand."


"-Statues.- Really." She pauses, one brow rising much higher than its neighbor. "Where..exactly?"


"Different dimension," Stark smirks slightly after she stops coughing. There is a flash of a wicked grin. "You really shouldn't try to breathe bourbon. It isn't healthy for most people. Just you know. Trying to be helpful." He drawls as he lets the smile warm just a bit. The man seems mostly relaxed at least.

Well as relaxed as someone can be when sitting at a table with someone who admits to carrying around thermite.

…I mean really that's just like having dinner with Bucky.

There is a nod though as she mentions that she still has it. A flash of a smile. "He'll like that. I was wondering if you would, so…you know. In my normal charming way I brought it up. If you want to see some of the statues sometime I'll take you for a visit." A smirk. "Dimensional shifting is pretty odd for the first few times but you get used to it!"

The voice of experience there.

"And yeah, the'll always be morons with more money than sense. Unlike me. Who has both. Don't listen to anyone else who would tell you otherwise. I totally have sense. Sometimes." A smirk at that. "But yeah, the bug and his family send their thanks. And so do I. I mean I kinda feel responsible for all those guys. Had been trying to find him for a few hours before he had the good luck to fall in your lap."


"Felt like trying something new," Domino grunts while an irritated hand swipes the water away from her eyes. "Though if you really want to be helpful you can start with minding your own damn business."

Okay, hold up. Did -Tony Stark- just offer to take her to -another freaking dimension?- If he ever wanted to know what surprise, suspicion, apprehension, and disbelief looked like when they were all mashed into one singular expression, tonight he would have his answer. "No shit," she mutters while trying to read the man's oh-so-VERY-smug expression.

She'll come back to that point in a moment.

"'Sometimes' like when you aren't asking albino women out on dates," she 'suggests' with a humorless smirk.

"Yeah. That was some kinda luck. And now that series of events has led to this moment." And she is -dying- to know WHY. Moments like this happen in her life for reasons. While everything may be entirely random it ALWAYS works out for her in the end. So what the hell is the endgame here?

It's become clear that straight-up asking is not going to get her any satisfying results when dealing with Stark. He does enjoy having his wildcards. Right now, she may as well be one of them. Even if he didn't have evidence of her going off the rails in Mutant Town he still has her hooked through other means, and dammitall if he seems to be enjoying it.

So maybe she'll be direct from a different approach vector. A question sucker-punch.

"What's the catch?"

She stares back at Tony, shrugging once. "You're not gonna take me to another dimension free of charge unless it's for a one way trip, and I'm not getting the impression that's your interest. If you wanted to see me uncomfortable there are easier ways than surrounding me by six foot sentient bug people who want to worship me. You didn't bring me out here just to tell me that the one guy is doing okay."

Her hands lift from the table in something of a 'well, where is it?' gesture. "You just -really- want to see me burn a hole through the ceiling, don't you. Take the 'hot date' to a new level."


"Yeah, you should realize by now I'm /really/ bad about minding my own business. I'm sticking my incredibly good looking nose in everything. Just how I am." The man drawls as he reaches forwards to refill her glass once again. See how helpful he is.

"Very attractive albino women who are apparently is also a deft hand with a bomb. Which does make her more interesting in my book. Just so we're clear on the subject and everything." The man adds with just a touch of wicked in his smile.

But then she asks the question and he pauses for a moment. A twitch of a smile. "What? I like to show off for a pretty lady isn't enough of a reason?"

He polishes off his drink though before putting it down on the table.

A long pause is had before he glances back up towards her. "Lets say…I wanted to meet you. See just what you were thinking when you helped out. See what you thought of things. Just in case I might need a job for an independent contractor in the foreseeable future. I like to keep a few options open is all. Since you know, people around SHIELD seem to have an affinity for stupid ideas." A beatpause. "And I mean that is /me/ saying it. I have had some hella stupid ideas."

The smirk comes again as he leans back for a moment. "That clear things up a little?" He asks as he raises his brows in a question. A slight pause before he smirks again. "Also you /are/ interesting. And that totally helps."


"And I happen to enjoy my privacy and have really good aim," Neena suggests with another partial shrug and a sly little smile. "Just how I am."

These two could have back and forth banter for -days.- It IS kind of fun, darnit! A guy like Stark has sarcasm endurance. In another lifetime he might have done well in the mercenary world.

'Just so we're clear.' "Crystal," is offered without any hint of suggestion before she takes another drink from a refilled glass. Another point in his favor for that, by the way.

And then the truth comes forth.

Domino hears what he has to say without any hint of being judgemental, though she does smirk when he talks about SHIELD and himself having had some terrible ideas. He said it, not her! Not that she's going to try and argue with the admission. Truly the man speaketh the truth.

"Similarly..I find the heart of the matter to be quite interesting," she thinks aloud while leaning onto elbows with her drink held up by the side of her face. Her initial hypothesis about this 'date' seems to have been accurate, and she's good with that. Tony has money, power, connections, and an abundance of all three which directly results in some pretty crazy life situations. As a potential employer the coin is guaranteed to be good and the antics should prove to be memorable.

"Well," she continues to 'think' about the idea. "As luck would have it you already have a way to contact me. You've already seen my live action resume. And I'm still looking for some action. So. Here is where we can move on from the past," specifically referring to the events of Mutant Town, "and work towards a mutually profitable future."

One brow curls upward as if daring him to counter this statement as she takes another drink, eye contact remaining firm.


That is one of Stark's points for him. He /can/ be blunt enough when the time takes him and for the most part his banter game is on point. That last one is one of the only reasons he's still alive most likely. Someone would have ended him if he wasn't just /slightly/ charming enough.

Just slightly.

He leans back to watch her for a moment before he nods. He seems to consider the words, the way she holds herself. There is a slight nod as he slowly leans forwards as he settles his elbows on the table. Somewhat mirroring her own posture as he chuckles.

"You know I'm not going to forget it anytime soon but I think we can move past it." He's going to assume it won't happen again. Mostly because of the way she's reacting to all this. "But yes, we can totally discuss a mutually profitable future. Over several more dinners. And slash or breakfasts. Because you know I'm flexible."

Again that wicked little grin.

"But yeah, I can entirely go with the whole mutually profitable future." A pause. "And a massive new drain on my good bourbon stocks."

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