The Right Kind of Science
Roleplaying Log: The Right Kind of Science
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Daisy visits Eliza at the lexCorp Laboratories in order to get testing done to determine the extent of her powers!

Other Characters Referenced: Kara
IC Date: April 26, 2019
IC Location: LexCorp Labs
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Posted On: 27 Apr 2019 15:06
Rating & Warnings: G
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* * *

Opportunities like this one don't come often. After a chance meeting at a park which resulted in lunch which THEN resulted in scheduling an appointment, Quake now finds herself in exactly the opposite sort of setting which seems appropriate for her. The gleaming and expensive lobby which simply -oozes- of value is not the sort of place that a gothling would frequent. The receptionist's desk alone costs more than everything she has to her name!

In an attempt to seem a -little- less conspicuous the left the dark cosmetics have been avoided and she's dressed in more muted earth tones instead of blacks. Now Daisy looks more like she's ready for a walk in the park rather than an industrial nightclub.

She's still looking entirely lost on her way to that desk to get all checked in, making sure that she really -does- have a scheduled appointment. Today. -Here.- Then comes the verbal roadmap of what turns to make and where to go. It's complete with a guest pass to get past some of the security. Only the doors leading to and from where she's scheduled to be, of course.

Somewhere in this building lurks a peculiar metahuman with a penchant for never sitting still. How's about behind door number five?

"Hellooo..Ellie? Are you here?"

Calling out is almost more of a formality at this point. If Eliza is here then Daisy may very well be able to sense it.

* * *

Eliza is actually hard to sense this time. She was just a feeling, a prickling sensation on the back of the neck that would have been felt persistently drawing closer a Daisy called out to her. The Ellie who appears beside her a moment later is not the same awkward girl, trying to shake apart with violent energy, she was the last time they met. For one thing, she's in a labcoat.

"Hey! You made it. Great!" Eliza signals a nearby guard to indicate 'she's with me', and then proceeds to indicate Daisy with a tilt of her head before briskly walking past to lead the way. "So. We're going to be in my lab, which is… More of a room full of computers right now. There's some other stuff further in, but… Well, anyway. What I really wanted to do was some tests to see- well. What you can actually do. That will help me figure out how we can do something, right?"

The smile Eliza offers is brief, but genuine. She's still softspoken, but it's been a whole second since she started fidgeting wildly. It's a start.

* * *

The sudden appearance is met with a stifled yelp as Daisy about jumps out of her skin! The same motion leaves her about a foot further away from where Eliza now stands. "HOh..god, you're fast!" And seeming like a completely different person..? Happy, though. That's good. Definitely good.

Liz doesn't have to do the super vibrationy thing to put Daisy a little on edge. Maybe it's normal for Liz but for everyone standing around her it's like nervous energy ramped up to triple digits. Already Daisy's having trouble keeping pace with the other meta. "Hey, I'm not gonna have to..slow you down I?" She hesitates then promptly adds "I'm gonna insist if there's any needles involved. Just..fair warning."

Computers, though? Computers are good. Daisy will feel right at home surrounded by so much computational prowess. "Yah, that's as good a place to begin as any." The smile is returned, though she has the look of someone who's a bit overwhelmed and perhaps a little out of breath. "At least the testing should be over with quickly, huh," she tries to joke.

* * *

"No needles. And no, I'm actually fine right now," Liz will assure Quake cheerfully as they are entering the room in question. Broad counters, computers everywhere. A large pad at the back of the room for people to stand on and be observed by the cameras that have been set up for the purpose. Electrodes are available, along with the necessary equipment to apply and monitor them.

"Needles would be medical treatment. This is just- measuring brain activity, movement, energy output. I had to have something put together on short notice." Liz is speaking in a measured way now, no longer cramming everything together into a long syllabic string. It's much better than before, fortunately.

"So… We'll figure this one out. Together." The woman offers a quiet smile, forcing herself to slow dwn enough to offer her new friend a brief nod. "It'll be good. Really. Just… Need to decide how to start. What helps you focus?"

* * *

So this is what 'fine' looks like with Eliza! Okay, baseline established. Everything seems to be good here, though upon actually walking into the lab and seeing the entire setup Daisy starts to feel like she was perhaps a little too quick to jump on this opportunity. She hasn't had a lot of experience with actual lab environments before. The last one had been when she had to register through SHIELD.

"That sounds simple enough," is thought aloud with a somewhat muted voice.

The announcement of them figuring it out together brings Daisy's attention back around. The smile returns as well, with a bit of nervousness to it. This smile quickly erodes away to a more thoughtful expression.

" when I'm using my power? Uh. Well… For little stuff I just..try to concentrate. For something bigger I've found that a little anger seems to help. Hey listen," she cuts herself off with a bit of a worried note. "I can't..really -focus,- per se. If you want me to do any power related work this room is gonna shake. Maybe more."

* * *

"The walls are pretty thick and also reinforced. We- have had other meta types in here. I wouldn't worry about shaking it apart," Liz suggests cheerfully. "I haven't broken it yet when I'm… Out of sorts." She is in control, still moving quickly but within the realms of normal behavior, at least. It's likely she'll never completely calm down.

"So, if it shakes too much we'll run for the hills. It'll be good. I've got you. And it's on me if we break stuff. So… Let's just see what we can do. …I wonder if a richter scale will help." Liz takes a deep breath and then starts to move through the room. "And maybe we can figure out how to help you focus focus as we go. How do you suggest we start then? You know what will happen better than I do anyhow. You were able to make pebbles bounce around… Would a bowl of rubber balls work? Get them bouncing? Sounds kind of fun to me."

Liz tilts her head, gauging Daisy's reaction to the suggestion. She might notice the balls sitting nearby.

* * *

Daisy seems uncertain but it's given a slight dip of her head. Liz seems pretty confident. And she has an escape plan. Daisy's concern breaks with an unexpected laugh at the offer to run for the hills. "Alright. I am free of blame today."

..Huh. It seems as though Liz had already prepared somewhat for this visit, what with the bowl of superballs already set up for the experimenting. "Okay that does sound kind of fun," she admits before frowning somewhat. "I can try, but..well, you know how I had 'felt' your presence back at the park? Certain objects kind of to me..? more than others. I guess? Like this room. Heck, this -building,-" she looks upward and motions all around the room.

"Marble. -So much marble.- It's different from everything else. It's practically screaming at me. It's like a different texture, or..or -flavor- or something. It kinda drowns out smaller objects."

But no, wait, hang on a moment… This isn't something super rigidly solid. It's also not a cookie. "Well what if I—" she cuts short while picking up just one of the balls and giving it a good toss straight down to the floor. It's caught and tossed again. Then a third time, hard enough to almost hit the ceiling.

Daisy absently nods a few times then sets the one ball onto the table. An open palm hovers right beside it. She thinks about it. Then
the superball -leaps- off of the table as if shot out of an air cannon, bouncing crazily off of the walls and threatening to damage anything more fragile in nature. Daisy's hands dart up to shield her head with a "WHOA sorry I'm sorry that was a little much Ah!"

* * *

"…Gah!" For a second, Liz is shielding her own head as well. The ball bounce of f the walls, ricochets off some of the equipment, and shoots around the room, rampaging. Then Liz pauses, lifting a hand to smack her forehead. She takes a step then explodes into a sudden blur of motion, leaping to catch the ball before it crashes into a monitor. She turns back toward Daisy slowly, holding the ball aloft. She blinks a few times as she contemplates her friend past the edge of the ball.

"That was amazing! Do it again! I'll catch. It'll be good," Eliza insists, grinning beatifically. It's the brightest smile Daisy's seen from her so far. "You are incredible. We'll get this down. Okay. Feeling good? Maybe a little less if you can. But if not, don't worry. I've got you." She nods once, firmly. "Let's do this."

* * *

It's like firing an arrow straight up into the air then being terrified while waiting for it to come back down. Daisy's all huddled and going "Oh god I'm sorry oh crap!" when Liz seems to simply blink out of phase with the rest of reality. It all happens so FAST that the ball is suddenly out of the air and safely within the other lady's hand. And she looks so damn happy about it all!

Daisy just STARES at Liz then the ball before a nervous laugh overtakes her. "That was an -amazing- catch, Ellie! Yah..a little less. Okay," she bounces on the balls of her feet and rubs her hands together. "-Yes.- I can do this. A little less." She still 'aims' at a bare wall within the room, just in case. "Aaaand—"


The second attempt is more on par with someone having kicked the ball. If Liz lets it go it'll bounce harmlessly off of that wall then come back in their direction, as easy as can be to snatch out of the air for someone like her.

Any apprehension which Daisy might have had coming in is thoroughly gone now that they've already made a game out of her power. It doesn't hurt that it's fairly hilarious to toy around with! "I feel like I'm six again. Science has -never- been this entertaining."

* * *

"It has, you just weren't doing the right science," Liz will call confidently, having caught the bal lon the rebound with an uncharacteristic degree of patience. She really is on a far more even keel than she was the day before. Liz bounces the ball a couple of times gains the floor before tossing it back into the bowl of superballs.

"This is what I do. Now do you see why I wanted to be stuck in a lab running experiments all day? I get paid to goof off. And I can help people." Eliza seems quite pleased, both with herself and Daisy, and the smile is likely infectious as she returns to her friend to watch intently. "Alright. Let's do this a couple more times. Then we'll try with the electrodes on so I can see what your brain activity is like. Sound good?"

Liz is really asking. Everything is at Daisy's discretion here. She seems to be happy just to have someone else in her lab. "But first- see if you can toss one up high! This is the best game of catch ever."

* * *

When was the last time that Daisy put everything else aside and just had some honest fun? It's been a very long time! While it might seem like a trivial thing to flick a superball around the room it has her feeling almost giddy. No pain, no worry about taking down a building or hurting someone else Just pure childish -fun.-

While she won't admit to it, Daisy would not be here right now if it hadn't been for the training someone else had been giving her of late. Frenzy's guidance is already paying off.

The smile is completely returned, it's clear that Daisy is feeling better about trying out her powers now than she ever had been before. "Sure. You got it. Uh."

Just like with the DPS van during the last protest, right? Physical contact doesn't interfere. In fact, it can make for a better symbiosis between potential energy and power.

With a single ball poised atop of fingertips she reaches way out as if she's about to perform a magic trick then lets it go, the ball leaping away from her hand and punching a clean hole through the ceiling tile before she can get her hand out of the way.

"Ah…" she winces while the ball bounces around somewhere overhead a few times. "Sooo. That just happened." It would seem that physical contact seems to amplify the power transfer!

* * *

The ball punches through the ceiling tile and slams into the reinforced floor on the far side of it. The walls, as promised, are heavily supported, the tile mostly relegated to a facade. Fortunately. Liz blinks at this and then she nods a couple of times. "Huh," she comments in a thoughtful tone. "Interesting. So we'll need to make the gauntlets you mentioned extra strong to compensate for that then."

There's no sign of Eliza being upset or even concerned by these mishaps. They are just part of Science!. Exclamation point necessary; Ellie is really that sort of mad scientist to judge by the glee with which she is indulging in practical trials of unknown superpower with violent potential.

So Liz comes close and then tilts her head again, looking up at the hole. "It'll be fine. We'll go find the ball later. Or… Someone on the maintenance team will. Anyway. We'll keep this up for a bit. Right? I think the physical contact thing has a lot of potential. Might even help you control it. I mean- only the ball shot off. Not the whole room. You mentioned that was a thing before."

* * *

"Nnnoted," Daisy absently agrees to the call for reinforced gloves. "I have to admit, that was also a lot of fun. Like a champagne cork breaking the sound barrier."

"It is," Daisy immediately confirms about the 'extra' shaking. " was. Used to be. It took some time to learn how to dial it down to what amounts to idle speeds. Seems to keep the 'spill-over' to a minimum. If you asked me to start pushing cars around then it would get a lot more scary. Lately I've been trying to learn a little more about it, myself."

The game itself has already taken root in her mind. It's too late to back out now! Another ball is pulled from the dish. This one also gets thrown straight down, then she 'catches' it on the rebound by neatly flicking it back over to the wall without coming into contact with it. This works so well that she's already working out an idea for how to take it a step further, though unlike Liz's super catching ability she retrieves the ball in real-time.

"Already my wrist feels a little tingly. Nothing painful, just..letting me know."

Once more the ball goes down then up before getting pushed toward the wall. Instead of catching it she gives it another little push as it comes back.

Congratulations, Eliza! You've taught Quake how to play catch with her powers and no physical contact!

* * *

"Hey, I know the focus is kinda on me today and all, but seem different," she says with a thoughtful look while trying to keep her attention on the ball. "You aren't the nervous wreck I had met in the park. By comparison you almost seem Don't take this the wrong way, but you seem more 'normal.'"

* * *

"No offense taken," Liz will reply earnestly. She is about to continue speaking when a persistent buzzing begins to sound from the left pocket of her slacks. She'll reach beneath her labocat to produce it. "One sec."

Fingers fly across the key pad with phenomenal speed. Then a pause of half a second. Then more texting. They text so fast the phone barely has time to vibrate, limited only by the speed of the connection and the device itself. Liz has found someone who can keep up with her?

"Anyway. Yeah. Sometimes I am more noraml than others. It- all depends. My powers kind of goin a cycle, right. I have to let off that energy somehow. Find a way to slow down. Drugs help sometimes, but…" She shrugs.

"Anything that relieves stress can do something for me. I wore myself out last night. It was good for me." Then Liz takes a deep breath and continues with, "Okay. So. Gauntlet. Needs to handle the vibrations. But more than that- I think it needs to vibrate /with/ them. Something flexible, that will be responsive to your power around the fingertips, but grounded along your arm…"

A beat. "Well. I think I have an idea that I could send over to the R&D to try making into a mock up. Maybe. Are you ready to do the electrode thing?"

* * *

The furious flurry of texting is so jaw-droppingly incredible that Daisy's attention wanders, gawking so much that the ball bounces back then rebounds against her sternum. This breaks her out of the momentary trance, leaving her in a mad fumble to try and catch it before it rolls away. Too late, the window is lost. She's left standing there without something to toss around the room again. Her hands join together behind her in a show of pure nonchalance, smiling brightly back to Eliza.

"And people used to tease me about how fast I was with a touchscreen."

As curious as she is as to how Ellie managed to 'wear herself out' last night, she's not curious enough to actually voice the question. It almost sounds a bit personal? Also Liz is already talking about gauntlets.

"For as many times as I've wrecked my arms, my hands and fingers seem to have survived pretty well. I feel like maybe I can -kind- of focus where it goes with how my hand is formed..?"

Even better, Liz has an idea in mind for a prototype and she's already talking about sending off the plans! At her question regarding the electrodes Daisy simply nods, now looking oddly enthusiastic about the idea. "Yah. Let's get this dialed in."

* * *

"Right? Perfect. If that's how it is then something like this should *totally* work," Liz will reply in an excited tone. Given her usual soft deadpan it's quite the change. "Okay. So mostly I need you wear this white plastic hat. Then I'll be attaching these to your arms to see how the vibrations play out…"

It won't take too long for Liz to lay out the plan and go about setting p the equipment in question. She'll leave a now decorated Daisy with the bucket of superballs and a big thumbs up. Then Liz darts over to the nearest computer.

"I am ready when you are. Do whatever works for you." Bzzt! Another text. They are coming almost nonstop, now.

* * *

And so the testing gets to commence, now with Daisy feeling eighty percent more awkward! Fortunately no one else has to see her all wired up. With the thumbs up given she starts the same as before, bouncing a ball without any physical contact. This time it's aimed straight down, effectively dribbling one of the superballs without touching it. It gives her something else to concentrate on and take her mind off of the electrodes. Sometimes she gives it too much of a push, other times not enough. The game here is to balance it out and keep it going.

The readings already have quite a lot to show Ellie. At such a low level of power it's difficult to pinpoint the origin but there's some disturbances found as far up as her shoulders. The real eye opener comes at her elbow where these disturbances rapidly grow in frequency, almost as if something is acting as a signal booster.

It's the opposite of traditional waves, instead of spreading out further away from the source these grow exponentially tighter. Her claims about having fractured her forearms now has some strong supporting evidence. Even at lower levels the pitch shift looks almost violent as it's being graphed out. It would easily explain the 'tingling' she had mentioned earlier.

* * *

"That really has to hurt," Liz will murmur a bit more soberly when she steps out from the computer. Perhaps tellingly, she doesn't answer the next text message for several seocnds. Liz moves over to Daisy and reaches out a hand slowly. "So. When did al lof this start happening?"

It's time to start getting into Daisy's past a bit, it seems. She's studying Daisy's expression tos ee how she reacts to this line of questioning. "And you mentioned moving cars. Would I need to worry about your arms exploding if you did that…?"

* * *

Throughout this Daisy is in her own little world. It's all about creating data points, right? The exercise is repeated, ever dialing in her own proficiency with the action while Eliza gets to ponder the results. It only ceases when Ellie levels the question. This time the ball is caught. Held. It has a new purpose as a stress ball now.

"Just a few months ago," comes Daisy's answer with a notable absence of energy. "Exploding—no. No, nothing that bad. There's been ..lots.. of hairline fractures. Some pretty gnarly bruising which looks like it follows the muscles as far as the shoulders. The occasional nosebleed and headache when I'm really pushing it."

Sure enough, the ball is squeezed a few times as she talks.

"As far as I can tell it was first triggered by stress. Was having a really bad day then -one more thing- happened, and..the building started to shudder. For everything that I've done so far I haven't caused anything in me to -explode,-'s gotten to be painful enough that I've had to stop." Her head bobs a couple of times. "More than once."

As if to push all of these details aside she picks her head back up and asks "Who are you messaging so much?"

* * *

"Okay," Liz will reply with a hint of concern in her voice. She isn't going to press further, it seems. Instead, she sends off another of those rapid fire text messages before setting that phone aside again.

"Stress makes sense. It's part of you, so it's a reflex defense. Just not- properly handled yet. The same way people break a fist when they throw a punch." She is looking at Daisy once more now, lightly cradling her device in hand.

"Kara," Liz will respond to the question in a vague tone. Then she offers a brief smile and shakes her head, glancing at the phone. "She can't quite keep up but she's totally trying." That seems to please Eliza to no end. "Anyway. It's - not important. Sorry. I'll focus on our work more now."

* * *

"I've heard stress is often a trigger for power manifestation," Daisy agrees. "It's one of the few connections which has actually made sense to me in all of this."

Huh! She hadn't expected Ellie to give an honest answer about the texting question. "That girl really gets around, doesn't she…" Daisy softly thinks aloud. "Bit of a handful, too." It's said with a thin smile, the matter easily being waved off before she idly passes the ball between her hands. "It's not like it's distracting you any. I've got some idea of how fast your mind moves."

Next she motions toward the computer with an upward tick of her head. "Got any more hoops for me to jump through while I'm looking like a robot?"

* * *

"That girl?" Liz will ask, suddenly all ears. You know it's serious to her when she actually puts her full attention on something. The eons it must take for her to focus that long. "You know Kara?"

That is now the most important quesiton buzzing around in Liz's head. She does, however, purse her lips for a second and then shrug her shoulders slowly. "We're going to want to try the balls agian. Then maybe… Something harder? Try to break something? Stress tests sound like they might be dangerous, but it's the only way to be relaly sure whatever we make won't fly apart when you really exert yourself."

Judging by Liz's expression it would be a mistake to think she's fogotten about her question.

* * *

Um. Oops? Daisy's eyes go wide and her mouth hangs open for a count of three. "We've met once..?" She hooks both thumbs off to one side when saying "Someone I know is friends with her. It was ..interesting…" she thinks with a scrunching up of her face.

This seems to be all that she's prepared to offer in regards to Kara beyond a "Why are you so interested in her?" Though already the ball is getting flicked back up into the air again. As before she's switching over to having it rest upon her fingertips before flicking it toward the ceiling. Fortunately without putting any more holes into the decorative tiles. Pop, catch, reset, repeat.

"If you have something for me to break then I'll give it a shot," she offers with a slight shrug. "Just be really sure about it."

* * *

"Why am I so interested in her?" Liz asks, quirking a brow. "You're the one who asked who I was texting." There's a bit of laughter in that pronouncement, with no indication she's taking that particular istuation personally. "We met and weee just- hitting it off," the woman, finally notes with a faint shrug. "That's… Basically it. It was nice. Talking to her…"

Now Liz seems like she may be taking a cue from Daisy because she starts to frown slowly. "Is there a… Reason I shouldn't be," Liz asks then. "Interested in Kara, I mean." She shifts her weight a little and then looks around the office. Liz moves to pick up a piece of what looks like sheet metal. It's fairly thin, probably bendable with human strength if one puts effort into it. This is what she presents to Daisy.

"Does this seem good? If I should pick something softer or anything let me know."

* * *

Daisy gives a blank shrug. Sure..yeah, okay. She's just curious. But she's one of those people who always tries to dig down to find the truth. Maybe Eliza's used to texting people so quickly but from where Daisy is standing it almost seems obsessive, like Liz herself is frantically trying to dig to the heart of -something.-

Eliza's somewhat awkward response gets a surprised "Oh!" from the hackerette and another smile. "Sorry, I was just …" she holds up a hand, "none of my business."

At the shift in Liz's demeanor Daisy shakes her head. "I mean she's, like, SUPER high profile, but..she -seemed- fine, just..she kinda drove me crazy?" she admits while squinting toward Liz. "We aren't compatible. Kara and I."

Hmm. The ball is set aside before she accepts the thin metal panel. It almost seems to puzzle her while she looks it over in her hands, front and back. A fingernail gives it a solid flick, sending a vibration through it. "Alright," she thoughtfully starts in while staring at the panel. "-Destroy- it. Don't shake it."

For this she sets it on the nearest table then takes her stance. Thinking. Focusing.

Within seconds there's a low humming sound which fills the room. The panel starts to vibrate upon the table. It's clearly active but the overall hum couldn't -possibly- be made just from a small loose panel…

Both hands are brought into play as she takes a quick breath. Little by little it begins to crumple inward like a sheet of paper being wadded up within someone's hand, but there's a bit of a problem this time around.

That humming is so intense within the room because it is coming from -around the room.- The panel is very similar to the ductwork hiding within the building, itself. Her earlier claims of being 'unfocused' will now make a lot more sense as she's affecting ALL of the sheet metal within about twenty feet of her. Already a hollow clunking sound rings out from random locations as the vents threaten to buckle under the unseen strain.

It isn't until there's a more acute *KRUMP!* from somewhere beyond a wall that she stops the attempt, now keeping her palms held upward more as if to show that she's unarmed. "Okay that was -totally- me."

* * *

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* * *

"Starting to think I need a stronger lab," Liz replies, blinking as she does. "So you seem to be recurring the effect on like objects. Which makes sense if there's a measurable resonant frequency…" Eliza is continuing to take notes now.

"Want to go grab some lunch? I think we have enough for now. Mostly just need to test materials… Make sure we pick something strong enough?

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