Jade gives Kara life advice
Roleplaying Log: Jade gives Kara life advice
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Jade gives Kara some relationship advice.

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IC Date: April 26, 2019
IC Location: NYC
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It's New York City and there's a lot going on. What with the latest action flick movie premiere, and the games… no wait, there's lots going on because of Registration. People are starting to take sides, and Kara has even ousted her real name. It hasn't stopped the media from using her Supergirl tagline but the few who have ran into her has made for a refreshing change.

Then a flurry of pictures come in toward Jennifer, of Supergirl doing selfies in various locations all over the world. There's a military thing happening in a desert, there's one in a jungle, she's getting targetted by surface to air missiles over the ocean, and of course the many people she's saved doing selfies with her and they all are picture taking.

Then a message pops in, "Sorry, accidental." And then a few more minutes go by, "Oh, hey! Did you see my speech? What should I do next?"

* * *

Jen just stares at her phone. She's in a SHIELD safehouse that probably isn't safe, eating rations and drinking week-old milk because they ran out of cereal yesterday. The glamorous adventure with Daisy took a turn after their big mission to get the Registration database, and now it's been a lot of running and hiding. Mostly hiding.

Jen rolls off her narrow bed— more cot than bunk— and pushes dishevelled green hair from her face. Flannel jammies and a thin babydoll tee shirt make up sleeping attire.

<sup blondie>, Jen texts. Fingers dance over her new phone screen. <lol blowing me up. looks like ur having fun. u kicked a$$ w speech. <3 should run for President maybe? LOL>

* * *

There's almost no delay, the phone is in instant showing, <Kara typing a message…> and then a kissy face image comes through, and then an immediate message. <Sorry. Accidental.> And then more typing, <Really you think so? Wanna talk about me running for President? That'd be so great, though I thought I read non-native born Americans can't run. Isn't today great though? Either way.> A pause and another message, <Thanks for the compliment though. It made me all upset to send it, or whatever, then proud, and then like… boom out of my mind.>

She's hovering somewhere up above the air, making sure to stay within range of cell towers, but near their limits. <What are you up to?>
<Wanna go get food?>

All the words are sent in individual texts in what might feel like a frantic tone, <Very bored, wanna DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO something.>

* * *

<law is all fuckin bullshit>

A few beats. <food need food and ur buying cause im broke as shit>

<lemme put some pants on jfc ill meet u at Milly's diner on 33rd in Queens in 20>

Jen gets to her feet and starts fumbling for clothing. 'Pants' means her slightly-more-clean pair of jeans, and a pair of low, ratty sandals. She pulls a worn old bike messenger bag over her shoulder, leaves a note on the fridge door, and stumbles out of the low-rent apartment and into the sunlight overhead.

A few minutes later she breezes into the diner, looking for Kara. Because of course Supergirl is gonna beat the petite meta to the punch. She spots Kara and uplifts her chin, then shuffles towards her with a near-zombie pace. Mirrored sunglasses guard her eyes and she steals a cup of coffee from a passing waitress without stopping to ask.

* * *

Kara is sitting at a booth, and her fingers are taptaptapping on the counter, and then she's quickly picking up her phone, and then typing out a message. Then, setting it back down, then picking it back up, and grinning and typing out a message. And then setting it back down. She does this about 10 times by the time Jade gets to her from the entrance.

Standing up, Kara says, "Jen!" Probably a bit loudly, and moves in for a quick, unavoidable Kryptonian hug, before she sits back down. And her eyes perk up as she grabs her phone and types out a message at near super speed, and then sets the phone back down, she's grinning really big.

And it only gets bigger, and touches her eyes, every time she has a message come in. There's no sound, and no ringtone, and yet she knows every time a message happens on her phone. Looking across the table, she's rocking her head back and forth and giggles a bit, out of no where, full smile, closing of her eyes, type giggle, and then she's back looking at Jen. "I'll totally buy. You probably don't eat a lot, I do, I mean, a lot a lot. I spent all of yesterday eating, and it was great, and then I had two whole pizzas, and I drank a lot of soda, and had hot chocolate, the melted in a cup kind not the making with water in a package, though I love those little marshmallows but the packaging is so wasteful, how are you doing? hungry for what, on the menu, I've looked it over a few dozen times, and now i'm deciding on…" She pauses to pick up her phone and message really quickly and send it, then settles it back down. Her entire speech is fast, nearing the micromachine guy's speed of speech.

* * *

"Hurk!" Jen's hugged. She stiffens reflexively and tries to push at Kara's ribs, but it ends up just being a nudge. It'd take a battleship to move Kara if she didn't want to be shifted, and Jen's decidedly *not* in that weight class.

"Christ, girl, *chill*," Jen mumbles. She tries to look cooly detached, but an honest take on her expression is sincere pleasure at seeing Kara again. "It's good to see ya. Ease off the caffeine a bit, but it's good still," she says, and ventures a smile at the blond.

Jen's definitely moving sluggishly and drops into the booth with an exhausteed expression. She curls delicate fingers around the coffee and slurps hungrily. "I don't each a whole lot, no," Jen agrees. "Sunny days're better for me anyway, and it's nice out. I'll just, like, steal some of yours, or whatever," she says. "Or not. Fuckit, I've been living on rations and Ramen for a week."

She looks over her sunglasses at the menu. "Chicken fingers, that sounds good. I'll do those," she tells Kara, and sits back to inhale the scent of her coffee for a few more seconds to try and jolt some life into her slender bones.

* * *

The hug was definitely not optional, for Kara OR for Jen, she's just filled with a ton of energy, and big happy smiles. Her eyes are widely opened, and also half-closed with how big she's smiling and sometimes laughing. And there's interruptions of her text on her phone and sending messages, they happen pretty quick but often as she's sitting there.

"Caffeine? I… chocolate has a bit of caffeine in it, but I'm pretty sure that stuff doesn't… affect me." And she takes a moment to slow down, and blinks a few times, "Sorry, was I like going super fast still? It's um, I spent all of yesterday at near super speeds. Wow, this is really awkward, feeling like I'm going at a snails pace." And she's talking like normal now.

"Sunny days are great, but I also like the rain. And I love the sun, sometimes I fly to it, and hope for a solar flare. Those are so cool to just zip right along, and feel all those tickling photons." A soft sigh and she cants her head some, "What've you been up to? And get food, chicken fingers are fine."

When the waitress comes by, Kara speaks up, "Chicken fingers, like 6 orders of those, and maybe two of these breakfast burritos, and some tater totts. The family basket sized one." And she smiles up to the waitress before turning her attention back to Jen. Elbows on table, hands under her chin, and she leans forward grinning big. "Is the coffee good?"

* * *

"You sound like you were freebasing cocain in the bathroom ten minutes ago," Jen says. But it's accompanied by a laugh, and she shakes her head. "Dont' worry. It's cool. I kinda did some, uh, some hoodrat shit a few nights ago, and we're all kind of recovering. I've got one of those migraines that won't go away. Not as bad as when the Triskelion came down," she assures Kara. "Just… lots of shitty coffee and advil, y'know?"

"Anyway." The waitress is gone. She leans forward, looking at Kara. "What's up with you, why y'all been in hyperactive mode for a day straight? Is there some crazy going on with you lately?" Her face twists in consternation; clearly she's feeling some regret over not being there to support the dynamic alien.

* * *

"Freebasing cocain…" Kara squints her eyes, scrunching up her brow, and then typing away on her phone, "What does that mean?" Her fingers move so fast they are a blur as she then settles her phone down again, she doesn't even look down when she types on the touch keypad. "Hoodrat? You are the only person who speaks English, that I know, that I cannot follow Jen." She grins big and laughs and nods her head a bunch, "I love it, its so great. Never stop being you."

And then there's some question, "What? Am I hyper? I just feel sooooo good. Like, all of the worries and rest of the world and everything has been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel like… like, I haven't, in so long. I mean, ever since I left… my home. You know? I just, it's so, I'm just, amazing, is great, and…" She is starting to speak fast again before stopping. Taking a breath and she smiles, "I went on a date. And it was super amazing. And it felt like an eternity of just happy wonderful times."

* * *

"I'll explain when you get older," Jen mutters as an aside.

She grins though, and listens carefully to Kara's bubbling enthusiasm. It's infectious, too, and she finds herself grinning sincerely when the blonde starts gushing about how great everythign is, and why.

"Oh, you got laid," Jen says, matter-of-factly. She sips her coffee. "I mean, go get it, everyone needs some from time to time," she adds, a few beats later. "I can see that being better than coke."

"What's it like, humans and Kryptonians? I mean, I assume it was a human. Or something close to it. Sounds like whatever y'all did it really did the trick."

* * *

Kara blinks and then, stops, she's stunned. Completely shocked, "Laid?" And she thinks about that for a moemnt, before giggling and blushing profusely, "Nooooo, nono no no, I didn't, I mean, I laid down, on a couch, in specific, and cuddled a bit. Though, no, I, um, no." She seems suddenly very embarassed.

Kind of fidgetting now, Kara is reaching up and brushing her hair to the side, and then shaking her hair free from her fingers, and then she's using a finger tip to run it across the table top idly, unable to really make very good eye contact, "We just, um, kissed. Some. Not a lot. I just, I'd never been on a date before." A look of concern crosses her face, energy draining from her shoulders, "Was I supposed to, um, couple with her on the first date? And, she's a speedster, I… oh, no, I… probably messed everything up." Her head droops and she catches her head with her hands, and she starts to fidget more, the table starting to bounce, the ground shaking a little as she bounces her knee in nervous energy.

* * *

Jen starts laughing, then starts to set herself up to tease Kara. The shaking, the jerky response, the sudden concern. Jen squirms uncertainly, looking out the window. When the jittering starts making the booth vibrate, Jen reaches over and squeezes Kara's wrist.

"Chill," she soothes. "It's cool. I'm just giving you shit," she murmurs, reassuringly.

She sits back once Kara calms herself, fingers splaying in reassurance. "Look, just… don't listen to me. I'm salty as shit about romance stuff and I haven't had a date in … a long time. So don't stress. I was just getting in some cheap shots, and I'm sorry. I'm glad you found someone," she tells Kara. "I didn't know you were into chicks, though," she admits a few beats later. "I guess we're all aliens, right? Not like you've got Earthling hangups."

* * *

"Really? Oh, thank goodness." Kara sighs and stops moving the rest of the diner with her nervous energy. She slumps backwards into the booth and closes her eyes. "It's just, so weird." She says and then looks across the table to Jen and leans forward more, "I mean, the whole thing. Your people, and the events, and activities. They do not date on Krypton. We are genetically pre-arranged based upon optimal traits that best serve society. And, of course, there's usually caste lines you cannot cross. It's just so… strange. Fun, and happy making, and really, hard to get used to…"

There's a look up and then a shrug, she giggles, "I dunno. I don't know if I'm 'into' girls or guys. We did not much care, where I am from. Just genetic compatibility, usually male and female, but it wasn't necessary. Genetic code can be intermingled from any sex." And then she offers, "And, it just sort of… happened. We met while I was getting pizzas, and we ate a ton together, and she took me to get chocolate. And then we ate more, and then ran around some more, at super speeds, and delivered the pizzas I buy for the homeless, and then we went to a karaoke place. All before it was a date, and then like, she brought me to a rave. And there, she told the bouncer we were on a date. And I was like, 'Whaaaat? We are?' and she was like, 'No pressure, if you want to, yeah' and it just… happened. And then we still spent a million hours together… if you consider time dilation from speed to action ratios of your typical Earthling. I mean, not a million, but probably more like a few thousand, but still." She's grinning again and quickly sends another message before food arrives. The waitress there and gone again.

* * *

"Let's just … put a pin in the whole 'eugenics and caste' system thing," Jen tells Kara, uplifting a palm. "Because you're in a good mood, and that's gonna put me in a shit mood, and I don't wanna be a bitch and pull down your good mood." Reasonable enough, if bluntly put.

"I'm …" A smile tugs the corner of her lips. "I'm bitterly jealous, but I'm happy for you," she confesses, finally. "Jealous you got to have so much fun and met someone you're into. That's a good thing," she tells Kara. "I ain't gonna be shitty about it, I promise. I just wish I could find something like that," she confesses. "I'unno. Maybe in a few years. If I'm not locked up in federal prison forever," she mutters.

"Just, ah… y'know, be careful?" she suggests, hedging. Petite shoulders shrug at Kara. "Not that she'll hurt you physically. I just … I know how it feels to have that big kick of puppy love," she explains. "It feels like it's the whole world and then it bites you in the ass when it doesn't stay perfect. I'unwanna see you weeping into a bunch of ice cream, nursing a broken heart."

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