A Questionable Element
Roleplaying Log: A Questionable Element
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Noriko asks Dani for some advice on a mutant problem

Other Characters Referenced: Warren, Daisy
IC Date: April 28, 2019
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Between spending time in Mutant Town and helping people out with the whole Registration Thing as best she could and doing some personal training in the Danger Room on some of the more mild and lower setting automated sessions that she had access to, Noriko lately hadn't given herself a whole lot of free time.to chill.

Now was one of those times, though. She recognized she needed some downtime, and was finishing off a bowl of cold cereal while watching the final action sequence of 5th Element, her bare feet tucked up beneath herself on the couch and her lap her 'table' for the oversized serving bowl she was using for an oversized portion of cereal. Probably half a box.


It seems quite a few people are doing the whole 'time to relax' thing.

Or trying to.

It's what brings Danielle Monster into the same room that Noriko finds herself in. Unlike other times today Moonstar is dressed extremely casually; an overly large slouchy gray t-shirt and a pair of seen-better-day-leggings. The rest of her outfit is minimal, barefoot, very little make-up, and her characteristic two braids has been combined into one.

As soon as she's within the room her eyes immediately go to the tv and the movie that's playing out. It brings a quirk to her lips as she sidles over towards an empty chair. "Afternoon, Noriko."


Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Swallow. Noriko doesn't even look guilty as the puddle of oat bits and rainbow colored milk at the bottom of the bowl that can only mean one thing: Lucky Charms.

"Aww, if I knew you were here I would've asked if you wanted to watch it with me," Noriko says forlornly. But, she smiles just the same. "Taking a break, too?" A knowing look is exchanged, and then she sighs a litttle as the credits on the screen begin to scroll.

There's a pause, "There /is/ something I've been meaning to bring up to you. Or Jean. Or Scott. Or, well. Any of the senior members," she says, thoughtfully. "But, if you wanna watch the whole movie, I'll totally rewatch it with you instead. I don't wanna spoil your time."


The Cheyenne woman settles into a very plush looking wingback chair. She even goes so far as to mimic Noriko's pose; feet tucked beneath herself. It's a very relaxed pose, something that Dani doesn't often do especially when dressed for business.

The remark about taking a break brings immediate agreement from Dani, even as her gaze flicks to the credits scrolling swiftly upon the screen of the television. "Definitely taking a break. I think we could all use one."

It's only when there's the noticeable pause from Noriko that Moonstar's attention swings back to the other woman. She waits patiently for Noriko to speak and when she does -

That causes the woman to straighten within her seat, "Well, I can't say I'm as senior as them, but I can try to help. What's going on?" She asks, the question of rewinding pulling a swift head shake from the woman.


"Well. There was a girl who was in the crowd with us, at the protest," Noriko begins. She hesitates, "You might know her. I found out later she works for SHIELD. Sloane knew her, fleetingly." Noriko lifts the bowl of cereal up to her mouth, drinks half of the mllk before setting the bowl aside. She takes a breath.

"Anyways, in the crowd she lost control of her powers. Almost ripped apart my gauntlets, as a matter of fact. I talked her down. But she's afraid, some. Like I was. Before. I gave her my info, and told her to come find me. Well, she did. She found me here."

Noriko gestures, "I couldn't turn her down, I mean, …," they had -so much- in common, about their powers. "I shared my story with her. Everything. Well. Almost. Not who built the gauntlets, or that I'm an X-Man, or anything. Though, she can probably figure that out. Still. I thought maybe Hank, or Forge, even Jean, could help her out? And, either help her get some modicum of control of herself, or …," she holds up her gauntled hand and wiggles fingers. "Something."

Noriko, desperate to help.


It's obvious Dani listens quite attentively to all of what Noriko says. Her expression has that look of concentration-turned-seriousness, which is often the expression she wears when she's not relaxing.

That expression only shifts to something more when Noriko mentions SHIELD and Sloane. There's a moment where it flicks to something almost unreadable, dark, before Moonstar regains control and puts on a more neutral expression.

"We help all in need, Noriko, so no feeling like you stepped on any rules. If this person needs help they need help. If we can help, we help." Are the first words out of Moonstar's mouth and then comes the next.

"What's the woman's name?" Though there is perhaps a tone to her voice that might show she has some inkling of what name Noriko might just utter, but first she waits for the other woman to confirm her suspicions.


"Daisy." Noriko, too, suspects Dani at least knows the girl. It speaks to a matter of trust that she's sharing this with Dani, because, well, she also suspects by her features and mild way in which she gives the name out that she's got a strong inkling Daisy has done some things her employers might not be altogether happy with. But, she doesn't go that far into detail.

She nods. "Just, with everything the way it is." She exhales, "I told her I'd help her, regardless. But she's, well, she's not as uncontrolled as me. She just can't control it so much once it gets going, from what she's said. And she's said she thinks she could rip the city apart if it got too out of hand. I don't think she was kidding, either. She's afraid of herself, Dani. Nobody should be afraid of themselves." Something to which Noriko has a very personal experience with, no doubt.



It's obvious that Moonstar knows the name as she allows a small nod to be given.

Her eyes shift off of Noriko for a few seconds, as she considers what to say, which allows Noriko to explain Daisy's situation more in depth.

With that mention of being afraid of oneself, Moonstar looks back to Noriko. Her expression is less stern and neutral and more open, as she says, "I agree. No one should be afraid of themselves. Nor should they have to constantly worry that they're going to destroy a city, or worse. What did Daisy want to do? Did she want to come here?"

"Or was she too skittish to commit to anything with us?"

The us in that sentence emphasized slightly by the Cheyenne woman.


"I didn't think I was in the position to be able to offer her a place here," Noriko confesses. "But. She said she would be willing to take any help we could give her. That I could arrange for. I told her I knew people. I mean, she's smart. She knows I didn't make the guantlets out of a Lucky Charms box, or in someone's garage on my weekends off," she half-jokes, wryly.

"And she gave me her contact information. I promised her no matter what happened, I'd be there for her. She needed, needs, a friend, Dani." Noriko's determination on that shows through.

"But I didn't want to involve anywhere here - with her being part of SHIELD and everything - or give out names, without their consent. Or make promises I couldn't keep."


"In these particular instances, when it's complicated, it's best to seek out senior members." Moonstar says in regards to Noriko's confession, "So, it's best that you didn't commit to anything. Her position is definitely complicated." The black-haired woman murmurs with quiet wryness to her voice.

Then in a more normal voice, Moonstar adds, "And I'll need to pretend I didn't hear the majority of this conversation."

Due to the obvious conflict. And while Moonstar's expression doesn't shift much, her thoughts turn pensive. Unless something drastically changes with registration Moonstar knows soon she'll have to choose a side. The school or SHIELD, and she knows which she would choose in a heartbeat.

With effort Dani pulls herself away from such depressing thoughts and back to the conversation at hand.

The mention of Noriko's gauntlets bring an automatic glance to those ever-present-gauntlets, "I can't say how much I can personally help her, but we help those in need. We'll just need to do this one quietly. If you can continue to talk to her and perhaps try to pass along some of the training we've given to you to her, I think that's a place to start. For other more technological means I'll need to pull in others."


"That's why I figured either Jean, Hank, or Forge would be best," admits Noriko. But clearly she has an admiration for Dani, otherwise she wouldn't have brought it up, trusted her with the information.

"I think," she agrees, "I could take her out somewhere, outside the city. And maybe start giving her some of the lessons I got, to start out with." She hadn't thought of that, and looks pleased at the idea, nodding. "See? You have all the good ideas."


"Let me see if I can talk to Jean." Moonstar says, "And then I can go from there."

Her expressions thoughtful for a moment as she considers just who else she might want to talk with. There are a few others, for certain, but she doesn't quite voice her thoughts aloud just yet.

She's quiet for a few more seconds, before she returns her attention back to Surge. "When you meet with her be careful and be alert. Her position really is … complicated. I don't want to see you get caught up in that complication." Her head tilts to the side, "In fact, if she's okay with you bring a friend I'd bring one. Back-up is always good to have on hand."

And then Moonstar flashes a grin of amusement at the last of what Noriko says. "Sometimes I have a few good ideas, sure. Sometimes not. I'm pretty sure I'll never hear the end of the Sentinel scenario I just ran for you guys. I sure heard all those Scott remarks from a certain someones."


"You might as well make it as bad as you can," Noriko states, dryly. She shrugs, "We'll all be grateful when it comes down to the wire, if it does. I ain't mad." She half-grins, shrugs again, and then blows Dani a kiss.

"But sure. I can see if Sloane wants to go. Or maybe someone else, once we get something set up. I just want to help her." And, by Noriko's attitude, she doesn't seem to think, despite said complications, she's in any jeoprady. But she's also not discounting Dani's advice.

"Heck," she says after a few more moments. "I'm ready for another one. I never got to see what a full charge blast could do to one of those things. Negasonic I Don't Pay Attention, Sloane, and Meggan made short work of the one we were fighting after I started pulling it's power."


There's a faint snort from Moonstar, at the mention of making the programs as hard as they can get.

The sound is both amused and not. She understands exactly what Noriko means.

The mention of Sloane for back-up brings a faint eyebrow raise from the Cheyenne, but that's about it.

"They did do a great job with the Sentinel." Moonstar says as she pulls her feet from beneath her, "You all did. Next time I'll scatter you all by yourselves and see how well everyone does. There may be a day where we all find ourselves in such a situation." Which brings that pensive look back to Moonstar's face, but she gives herself a shake and offers a faint grin to the other woman, "I haven't forgotten about our one on ones either. I'll send you out an invite for a session in the Danger Room. I really do want to see what we can figure out with your powers against them. It'll be easier when everyone isn't dog piling on top of them all."


"Dog piling is really fun though," admits Noriko, casually. "Sloane and I were actually going to do a combo attack, like in a video game, with her water funnel and my lightning zap." She looks somewhat disappointed, "Oh well. Next time."

She exhales, nods. "Scared. But up for it." The one-on-one sessions, that is. "It's time to show that I'm a true X-Girl. And I can kick ass with the best of 'em. I guess." A half-lopsided smile, impish, and she shrugs lean shoulders.

"You wanna watch Leloo Dallas Mooltipass again? I'm totally up for it."


"After our one on one scenes we'll have to bring Sloane in on a couple too. So you both can practice the combination move." Moonstar says with a smile, "So definitely next time."

The mention of being scared and showing she's a true X-Man, prompts a serious look from Moonstar, "You are a 'real' X-Man, Noriko. Don't sell yourself short just because of fear. All of us make a difference in this fight, no matter how big or small our powers are. Remember that."

And while Moonstar looks to be about to say something more, the offer to watch The Fifth Element again instead prompts another one of those lopsided grins. "Sure. I haven't watched the movie in years. I wouldn't mind seeing it again."

And with that said Moonstar strives for a casual and relaxed look again. She pulls her feet beneath her once more and turns her eyes to the television.

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