Tricky Business
Roleplaying Log: Tricky Business
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As it turns out a SHIELD agent X-Woman and a mercenary X-Woman have very different views on combat. Who knew!

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IC Date: April 28, 2019
IC Location: The Danger Room
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Posted On: 29 Apr 2019 04:01
Rating & Warnings: R for violence & gore
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Being a part of the X-Men means being prepared for any situation, and with the current political climate 'any situation' covers an incredibly large amount of territory. Some scenarios might even be too disturbing for some of the less prepared, such as the students. All the same, sometimes these situations need to be taken into consideration.

Today's run through the Danger Room involves a DPS raid upon the school, itself.

It's the dead of night with little ambient light to be found. The building's already been infiltrated but silent alarms have been triggered, buying the mutants a small amount of time to prepare. It's a worst case scenario being run by only two individuals.

Dani Moonstar.

And a total lunatic.

The sound of bullets punching through the wooden door and into the agents beyond makes more noise than the gun itself being fired, cutting down two from the back of the pack before the rest of the door explodes outward amidst splinters. A flurry of motion results, flashlights zipping around the hallway as if it suddenly turned into some demented kind of rave. More shots are fired, some suppressed but most of them not.

What's left are eight bodies, simulated blood spattered across every available surface including a valuable marbled bust sitting upon an ornate wooden pedestal, and one properly armed albino.

"First wing's clear. Don't know for how long. No sign of Sentinels yet."

Night vision goggles let her see in the dark while she goes about a most unpleasant business. In this scenario Domino is playing for keeps.


For this particular scenario Danielle Moonstar finds herself upstairs and alone. Well, let's rephrase that; she has no back-up, but she's hardly alone. There's a troop of DPS agents right there with her and the men and women of that particular agency bristle with guns.

It's not a pleasant sight. Especially for Dani, but does that stop her from acting? Hardly!

As soon as the Agents round the corner into the second floor hallway that Moonstar is in, the Agent of SHIELD and X-Man does what anyone would in this situation - she swears. "Shit."

While she understands this is a simulated scenario, it doesn't stop the adrenaline that spikes, nor does it stop the woman from flinging her hands outward. Daggers of psychic energy coalesce in front of the Cheyenne and then they fly towards the heavily armored individuals at the other end of the hallway.

While the psychic constructs take down the individuals at the head of the line, that still leaves the tai and the tail (five of them) raise their guns as one.

"Well shit." She says again and then she flings herself into an open doorway of an abandoned bedroom. She slides in just as the bullets begin to fly heavy and fast and while she's safe for a heartbeat, the situation still isn't the best.

She's effectively trapped herself in a dead end, though there's a window - she could jump out.

Several ideas run rampant through her brain, and the woman can't help but add, "Now who's like Scott?"

SURELY not her.

Either way, when Domino calls out her clearance of the first level, Moonstar's voice finally filters over the comm. "Help on the second level would be appreciative!"


'Help on the second level?!'

"Are you serious?!" Neena snaps into her headset. "Big badass X-Woman SHIELD agent and you get taken out by a couple of DPS cronies??"

A quick look back to the first pile of bodies and Domino finds what she's looking for. The team leader has an arm mounted screen which would have allowed him to coordinate with other teams. She doesn't have time to carefully unbuckle it so she slashes it off with a swipe of a blade. It's ..ugly. The guy's already DEAD..but it's pretty bad.

"Hold 'em off, coming to your position."

More agents are on their way but coming from the opposite direction. She has a little time to work. Along the way one of the bedroom doors is cracked open to reveal a worried pair of eyes glowing in the darkness like a cat's, prompting a swift wave of a hand and a hissed "Doors closed, take cover!"

Of -course- the simulation would take students into consideration.

The device leads her into the rec room where the knot of DPS'ers are almost right above her. Dom looks up, taking her best guess before tossing a couple of small remote charges onto the ceiling.

"Hang on, Moonie. We're gonna do a sinkhole extraction."

The albino takes cover behind the pool table and trips the charges with a *THUMP* that shakes the building to its foundation, carving a fairly neat hole between the two floors. It isn't a subtle approach but the entire bed from that abandoned room falls straight down into the rec room.

Already her pistols are raised and ready to provide cover. "Time to fly!"


The door, with those glowing eyes, closes quick as can be when Domino hisses her instructions.

The students aren't dumb. Scared, but not dumb. They all understand what type of world they live in.

As for Moonstar, she's just slammed the door closed and locked it. She knows it won't hold the DPS agents long, but it'll have to do. Her thoughts are interrupted, however, when the comm lights up with the dulcet tones of Domino. "A couple?" Exclaims Moonstar, "You and I both know it's more than a couple!"

And that's all Moonstar has time for as the sound of many booted feet come down the hallway. The Cheyenne turns to the window and its given a calculated look as Dani considers next steps.

Only the next steps aren't made by her, but instead Domino. Moonstar has enough time to frown and ask tersely, "What the hell is a sinkhole - " Then the charges detonate and the world literally explodes. When the dust settles the black-haired woman can only stare at the hole that can now be seen. She looks down into it and can't help but offer a mutter of, "Yeah, that makes sense now."

And while she could stand there and stare stupidly for a few more seconds, she doesn't. As if on cue the door behind her bursts open thanks to a well-placed kick by a DPS agent. That prompts the Cheyenne to jump down that Domino-made rabbit's hole, crouching as she drops. She lands with a solid sounding thump upon that bed and then quickly rolls off of it and away. Which is good, because guess how many muzzles now point down into that hole?


"Definitely time to fly. Five above us, probably more coming in from the back entrance, probably the roof as well."

"We need to get the kids evacuated and ourselves. They're playing for keeps up there."

Which means the DPS agents shoot first and ask questions later. Before the two move again, Dani does pause long enough to say, "Thanks for the assist."


Extract one Cheyenne warrior to continue!

Dani's through to safety and the DPS are closing in fast. "Unless you've got a -really awesome evac plan- there's too many people to move, we have to secure as much of the building as we can!"

Five muzzles from above?

-Four- muzzles from above.

The first agent loses his head over the conflict. The others start to rain fire down into the rec room, prompting Domino to dive under the pool table. Splinters and dust kick up around the green felt surface as they blindly engage the two women.

"Keep moving!" Domino yells to Moonstar while priming a concussion grenade in her hand and letting the seconds tick down.

A bit of fancy footwork and the smaller sphere bounces up through the hole and detonates amongst the four almost as soon as it touches the ground. Doors and windows are blown out of the room as the four get shoved apart, one of the agents being ejected right out of the school and onto the lawn.

One more problem solved, but now the DPS knows where to find the active mutant resistance!

"I question your commitment to kicking their asses, Moonstar," Neena harasses the Cheyenne while sprinting down the hall with her. "Tell me this place has something we can use or this is gonna be a REAL long night!"

This is a different hall from where the pile of dead guys are, right..? Neena's pretty sure this is a different hallway. The place is a friggin' MAZE!

"Are you hurt? Can you keep going?"


"In fact I do have a -really awesome evac plan- it's just contingent on whether we can reach one of the teleporters before -" Begins Dani, but her words are soon lost as Domino takes it into her own hands to help keep the duo safe.

That brings a sharp look from Moonstar - Danger Room Session or not - but there's not much she can say, not when the bullets begin to rain down from above. "Moving!" Agrees the Agent of SHIELD and X-Man, as she runs for the door that Domino came in from. Bullets seem to track her movements as they chew up the floor right behind her, it only stops when Moonstar slams through that door and back into the connecting hallway.

She turns and grabs the door, to hold it open for Domino and when those concussion grenades blow up above them, the woman can't help but look up with a 'what the hell' expression.

Her gaze immediately drops when Domino appears in the hallway with her. "You question my commitment?" Is said with a touch of incredulousness, but before she can even come back with a counter the two run.

"This is going to be a real long night." She says and as the two go down a different and far less bloody hallway, Moonstar reaches out to grab the other woman's arm to help direct her. "I'm fine. You? This way. It'll take us nearby the cafeteria. That's where most of the kids are probably hiding."

And if they find DPS agents there they definitely are screwed.


Was it this way? No—Dani's got it. This way!

"Still got eighty percent of my ammo and all of my blood, I can keep dancing to this beat for a while," Domino replies with a quick glance over her shoulder. Clear back there. Waitaminute, she has their tracker pad! A quick check of the device aaand—

"They're about to breach the door ahead but I think we can cut 'em off. Dani," Neena stops to make eye contact with the Cheyenne. Even if it requires yanking her around by the arm. Eye to eye through nightvision is a little awkward but she does her best!

"These people are out to kill us. Don't think. Just -do.- I'll take out the breachers, counted four more behind them. Put 'em down fast and hard. Okay?"

No time to wait for a response, too much time wasted on the pep talk! Now Neena's sprinting right toward a closed door. Solid wood. She'd sooner dislocate a shoulder or knock herself out than bust through it. Can't seem like a good idea…

Then a couple of holes appear where the hinges used to be. Breachers armed with shotguns are trying to come through in force. There's a little surprise when the door comes flying open -toward- them! Domino's already rolling across the floor and kicking upward at one of their shotguns, bringing the barrel right in line with the other breacher's temple—


"Hard contact, get her!"

The remaining five are distracted. Focused on the pale woman. Dani's got herself a window. Dom's taking aim on the second breacher as promised but she hasn't gotten to him yet, though four others armed with assault rifles still remain.


They're about to breach the door ahead? That pulls a grimace from the Cheyenne and while she was just about to say great, Domino pulls her around and eye contact is made.

The pep talk definitely does something for Moonstar, as she opens her mouth to reply back, but too late. Domino is already on the move.

Straight for the door.

Whatever response she had for that pep talk is swallowed. Then the Agent of SHIELD swallows again, this time as an expletive as it tries to worm its way out when Domino moves for said door.

Nothing more can be said, not as Domino shoulders that door open and bursts into the room. Seeing the window for what it is, and seeing Domino put herself into such deadly danger, causes Moonstar to quickly pull upon her powers. A bow of magenta energy appears in her hands and then three arrows are 'nocked'.

It takes but half-a-second to launch all three arrows through the doorway and at three DPS agents.


Three arrows launched, three DPS agents down, neat as you please. Dani's aim still holds true! They're out of the fight which gives Neena a clear sight picture to deal with the second breacher, shot through the throat between helmet and chest plate.

Which still leaves one behind. One who is very, -very- freaked out. He levels his weapon at the albino and pulls the trigger—

—only for his gun to explode.

The broken pieces fall away as he clutches at a particularly gruesome wound to his face and neck, gurgling and slumping to his knees. By now it's a mercy killing, Domino barely hesitating before putting an end to him.

Her power isn't always a friendly one.

The other three agents are covered by pistols. Dom doesn't know what Moonstar's arrows do. Are they still alive? Are they down for the count? There's one real simple option in which she could make sure, but…

"Go find that teleporter so we can end this, Moonstar!"

Dani knows where to go, right? Hopefully she does! Neena's going to let her take point. First so she can find their primary objective.

Second so Dani doesn't see what's coming for those three stunned soldiers.

Dom is NOT going to risk getting shot in the back because Moonstar might not have finished the job.


As soon as those three arrows are loosed Moonstar creates more. It's an automatic gestures on her part, only she doesn't need them. Not when Domino handles the last DPS agent.

Whether it's a mercy killing or not, Moonstar's expression is grim as she steps further into the room, her gaze on that last agent. The amount of violence they've had to expend in this particular scenario isn't surprising to Moonstar. The school is under siege, but what's surprising is possibly the level of intensity that can be found.

It brings a swift look from Moonstar to Domino, when the other woman instructs her to go on ahead. Go find the teleporter to end this, which would leave Domino behind.

"Splitting up isn't the plan here. We go together, Domino, or not at all. Your choice."

And while it may seem stupid to waste time, the Cheyenne woman does just that. She takes those few seconds to give the other woman her choices and then Dani spends the extra seconds to wait for that answer as well.


Together or not at all.

Domino sets her jaw. The look to Moonstar then the look to those three guards. It'd be REAL easy, she could have dealt with them well before the lingering doubt crept into her head. But Dani's standing -right there- watching her… It's like her mere presence draws the line between operative and murderer in Neena's mind.

A darkly muttered curse slips from her lips as she turns to follow Dani, leaving three psychically tormented but very much alive DPS agents behind. It's not an easy decision for her to make. If they know what's good for them they won't try a second attack.

Catching up to Dani, the questions begin anew. "Is there -anyone- else we can get in the field to help us? Shield projectors, stonewalls, illusionists, psychics, -anything.- We can't put our entire success on one teleporter." Yep, she's talking about employing potential children for active combat roles. A resource is a resource.

"There was that one guy made of goo, they can't even -hit- someone like that," comes her distracted thoughts while looking at the tracker pad. "Clear front and left. Running out of time."


There's something there for Moonstar to read, or sense. Thankfully, Domino chooses to take the higher (not necessarily better) path and some of Moonstar's tension eases.

Then it's back to the scenario. Trying to win against everything the Danger Room sends at them. It is, after all, an adaptive sort of technology.

The question of who else they can use brings another pensive look to Moonstar's features. She understands a resource is a resource is a resource. She also doesn't raise too much fuss over it, after all she was raised to fight from a young age. Going on missions well before she was legally considered an adult by the state.

That doesn't mean she has to like it though.

"Depending on who we find there we could find all those power types." Answers Moonstar as she zigs down one hallway after the other. It may be maze like to Domino, but for someone who grew up here it's not too bad. No matter the situation at hand.

"But we only have the kids help if it comes down to it. As long as I can see the bastards attacking us I can trap them within one massive psychic illusion. If it comes down to that you'll need to take point on getting the kids out of there."

With her last words said the two women find themselves in the final hallway. It's long, dark, and foreboding.

For Domino, her tracker pad lights up with half a dozen blips. Not too far ahead and directly inside the cafeteria.


Dani doesn't have to like it, she just has to accept it. Domino would rather not use any of the kids either but she's a Mission First kind of girl.

"Then let's hope we get lucky," is added while trailing after the acting guide that is Moonstar.

Maybe if Neena actually bothered to spend some time around the school she would know her way around it better… Crazy thought.

"Hang on. You can trap people within a psychic illusion and you -didn't- do that back upstairs?" She could have facepalmed if it wouldn't have interfered with her goggles.

Speaking of… Upon reaching the last hallway she lifts those goggles up to her forehead, filling her unaided eyes with so much darkness. "Six of the bastards ahead. If you can do your illusion trick this would be the time." So much as a single stray bullet, whether from the DPS guys or Domino, and they could start losing their own. Fast. But that isn't her only concern.

Telling the other youth to keep the door closed wasn't only about safety concerns. These are KIDS. She can't just go in there guns blazing in front of …



"I'll cover you, Moonie. Put 'em down and I'll get the kids."

Everyone else had been fair game up to this point, isolated as they were within the halls. Once they breach the cafeteria, the rules change.

For Domino, that is. Dani's already been playing by the book.


Moonstar says, "As long as I can see them. Sometimes it's faster just to do the arrow trick - less concentration required." Moonstar explains to Neena's question about illusions and whether to trap or not

And at the revelation that there are six within that room, the SHIELD agent frowns. Much like Domino, Moonstar silently swears. The question remains what are they going to find inside the cafeteria once they themselves breach it. It's a question that might haunt Moonstar for a few seconds, but then she pulls her game face back on and looks over to Domino.

Sometimes it's truly hard to remember that they're in a very sophisticated alien-tech-holodeck.

"Ignore anything that doesn't look real." States the woman seriously, then, "On the count of three then."

"3, 2, 1 -"

And just like that it's Moonstar's turn to slam through the closed doors the lead into the cafeteria. The six DPS agents can be seen at various points within the cafeteria. The students can likewise be seen within the room and on the floor.

The guns immediately come up and swing around thanks to Dani's sudden entrance, but before the triggers can be depressed and bullets fired, the Cheyenne reaches out with her powers.

Like wind-up toy soldiers all six agents freeze in place and for a few seconds there's absolute stillness, then that changes.

Around each agent various images begin to appear, each depicting the person's greatest fear as decided by the sophisticated programming of the Danger Room.

For the first agent, it's ghostly spiders crawling all over him, the second is engulfed in flames, the third surrounded by clowns, the fourth moving shadows, the fifth sees himself, but the sixth -

He's not in Moonstar's direct line of sight which is what allows him to continue to track his gun over to Moonstar, sight her, and tighten his finger upon the trigger.


True to her word Domino is right there after Dani to back her up, pistols held high and ready as they seek out targets. Targets which are easily spotted. Targets..which are just standing there. Completely immobilized. She, too, hesitates for a breath to make sure they really are out of the fight before pushing further into the room to 'rally the troops.'

Whatever Dani's doing, it's sparing all of these kids from additional trauma. Rare moments like this Neena is good with not pulling the triggers.

Or so she had thought.


Just like Domino had said before. Don't think. Just do. The switch is flicked in her mind. Active threat, ally in danger, action required.

(Don't aim for the head.)

Shot after suppressed shot gets dumped into the one agent's chest, punching against his body armor but failing to go through. It stumbles him back and drops him to the floor. Alive..for the moment.

Alive enough for the barrel of his rifle to sweep across the room, toward where the kids have been detained.

The next shot sounds peculiar as it pinballs around the room, sparking in the darkness and changing pitch three different times before the deformed slug rips into the downed agent in about the only angle it could possibly end the threat. Blood spatters outward, lightly misting the cold-eyed albino and very likely Dani as well.

The kids are spared from one kind of fate, but…

The simulation comes to an end with the lights fading back to full power and the simulated school fading back into alloy grey walls. The students, the agents, the blood and the guns all vanish into the aether, leaving Dani and Dom behind.

"That got a little tricky," Neena softly remarks through heavy breaths. "Not bad, Moonstar."

Only in a world like hers could that massacre have rated a 'not bad.'


The scenario ends. The room fades.

Moonstar's power disengage and the concentration that laced her features eases.

Then Domino speaks.

'Not bad.'

It brings Moonstar back around to the other woman and the Agent of SHIELD has to agree. "It could have been worse, yeah."

With is truth! It could have been so much worse. Their outcome this particular session was very favorable especially with the scenario they ran.

"Let's clean up and get some drinks." Comments Moonstar easily enough and only when Domino turns her back to the Cheyenne does Dani allow her frown to finally show. It's both a thoughtful and troubled expression as she considers her work-out partner this day.

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