Earthquake Gauntlets
Roleplaying Log: Earthquake Gauntlets
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Daisy and Eliza finalize plans to create gauntlets that will harness her powers.

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IC Date: April 27, 2019
IC Location: LexCorp Labs
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Posted On: 30 Apr 2019 00:19
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* * *

The last visit to the labs of LexCorp had been so recent ago that it could have been measured in hours instead of days, yet already she's coming back for more. The initial experience seemed to be a good one. They got some definitive results, nothing had been invasive, the atmosphere had been surprisingly friendly and positive, but what had really gotten Quake hooked was the feeling, itself. Nothing could quite beat the rush that the newer meta who goes by many names is finally making some honest progress in learning about her abilities. It's like a drug, a sort of high which nothing else is able to provide.

A high which is so powerful that she's back at LexCorp. The very sort of megacorporation which she otherwise would not have trusted -at all- and would have forever questioned what kind of secrets they might happen to be hiding from the world.

"Morning, Ellie," she offers with a smile as the guest pass gets her through the lab door. "I wasn't sure what octane you ran but figured something was better than nothing." A cup is held upward with the logo of a nearby coffee shop. Not one of the big chain ones, either. Quake's a bit more eclectic in where she finds her brews.

* * *

"Oh, great. It smells wonderful!" The sentence isn't finished before Ellie has more or less /appeared/ next to Quake and retrieved the cup with both hands. She sips on the coffee, hard, and breathes a soft sigh of releif.

"I would have thought you'd be leery of giving me, of all people, stimulants," Liz notes in her usual perfect deadpan. She lets that sit for a beat before adding, "Don't worry. I have an atypical neuotransmitter reaction to caffeine and many other stimulants. It acts like a mild sedative. So—— it helps." So noting, the woman heads back toward her computer with the cup in hand. "Thanks."

A few buttons are pressed quickly and then Lizzy looks up and over at Daiy, studying her briefly from head to toe. "So. Wanting to do some more trial runs. Shake some things apart? Crack another ceiling tile? …It's good. I got some material samples you'll want to see. We need to figure out if we can find one you… Can't shake apart."

Liz gestures for Daisy to join her. She points at a basket, in which there are a few sheets of different materials. Mostly metals, but there are ceramics… Or durable plastics? mixed in as well. "Candidates. Pick one and knock yourself out."

* * *

"On the contrary," Quake grins slightly, "I know how draining all nighters can be. I mean, I've seen you move pretty damn fast. I don't think it's possible to go any faster." Her grin slowly fades upon hearing the news, replaced with a wide eyed look of surprise. "It -sedates- you?" Then, muttering to herself, "God, and I thought I was weird."

Right back to business. This is okay. It's why she's here, after all. Today even comes with a complimentary gift basket! She wanders over and is soon poking about at the different tiles. "You want me to find something that I can't break? Oh — I get it. Trying to find limits. Right. Okay."

Her jacket gets rolled up and set aside before going for the ceramics first. They have a habit of shattering when struck, making them the easiest of the samples to crumble. Place a panel between her palms, think for a moment, ramp up the frequency until the panel starts to shudder, then a little push beyond and the first tile turns into dust. It still makes her jump as chunks of the material scatter about, there's some explosive force involved.

"Well. That made a mess." What's next? She eyes the metal pieces and shies away from those. Plastic, however…

Quake's learning. This piece is placed upon fingertips as if it were some kind of serving tray. The process repeats itself but there is no sudden shattering. The panel starts to ripple, the material much more elastic than anything else. Her concentration grows and it starts to look more like a liquid than a solid.

"Feels like it's..resisting me…" is described while her frown grows. More power gets pushed into it. When it finally crumbles into marble-sized chunks she takes a step back with a quick gasp, rubbing at her wrists.

* * *

"Yeah. Sedates. It's also how they treat ADHD in kids. They give them amphetamines, but the brain hasn't developed to process them yet so they sedate instead of acting as a stimulant… I've been on stimulants since I was young too, so." Liz blinks a few times, shifting in her seat as she considers these words. Somehow, she seems to be a little distrac ted for once, staring off across the room.

"Anyway, need to find something I can make those gauntlets out of, right? if it breaks… Then, um…WOah!" Ceramic shoots past Eliza but there's no chance of it hitting her. Instead she trails off, and as she watches the plastic sample be selected. She stares at the basket as it shakes, obviously taking mental notes.

"That's something new from the lab I was working on. I thought it might be the one," Liz observes. "It's resisting. But… You broke it eventually. Maybe a composite would work… But that's a good starting point. Plastics are pretty vibration resistant. Hey, are you okay? Do you need to stop for a bit?"

* * *

This morning comes with a free lesson on the development of brains and chemical interactions. Interesting! Not why Quake's here today, but interesting nonetheless. Liz can expect a lot more caffeine in her immediate future.

Liz's reaction to the ceramic detonation brings a sheepish smile to Quake. That's definitely not the one!

At the question she nods a few times, dismissing Ellie's concern with "I'll be fine." She wants to keep going. Keep pushing herself.

"If you're looking for something that can stand up to it, we may not be quite so limited. I mean, my hands are kind of the ends of the barrel, right? Would it matter so much for anywhere else? Here, hang on."

Another piece of ceramic is pulled out along with a second polymer panel. "Okay, you've kinda gotten me all into this 'science' thing. We know how easily this stuff shatters, right?" With a little careful positioning she gets the ceramic to rest across the bottoms of her forearms. The polymer one gets held in front, again resting upon fingertips. While this is only a trial run she's feeling pretty confident!

A quick breath out. More concentration. She's only trying to warp the polymer one rather than crack it. After a few seconds it starts to ripple again as if it's somehow become sentient atop of her fingers. And yet, the ceramic piece isn't breaking.

"This is the same wavelength that broke the first panel," Quake explains through her teeth. "..I think…"

* * *

"Composite. Like what they do for tank armour. The ceramic provides enough reinforcement for the plastic to not warp into oblivion, but it is able to shunt the force off into the malleable plastic and disperse in order to- perfect!" Liz is almost shouting now. She zips over to Daisy and reaches out to her, despite the vibrations tearing through the plastic and ceramic she is holding.

"I think," Liz begins, a hair from actually touching the item in question, "That we've got this. I can make you gauntlets that will direct your power. Because if we shape the plastic and it reacts like this… We can figure out where the vibrations go." Liz snaps her fingers and poitns at Daisy, offering her an actual bright smile. It shaves years off of her features, softening the expression consierably.

"Amazing work," Liz states seriously. "Really good. WE can keep going if you want, but if tis seems okay to you then, well."

* * *

Way, WAY more caffeine is in Liz's immediate future. There's that explosive pulse of hyper vibrant energy again! In some ways these two really are quite similar. Liz's power stays inside, Quake's travels outside.

So maybe Ellie would benefit from composite pills..?

Quake quickly stops the demonstration and catches the two pieces of material to set aside before shaking out her hands. "That plastic kinda numbs my fingers a bit," she explains with a thin smile.

"Yah, hey, I can bust material samples any time I want to. If you have an idea I say we go check out the idea." Breaking things is fun but there are quicker routes to progress. If anyone can find the fastest way there, it's going to be Eliza!

* * *

Liz breaks into a quiet grin, nodding slowly. "I wish I could stop the numbing," she admits quietly. "But otherwise- perfect. Then I'll get these drawings over to the engineers to draw up a working prototype and we'll get this ordered for you. Next time we can see how they fit."

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