You're Hired!
Roleplaying Log: You're Hired!
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ROCKSLIDE gets a job at a new Gotham nightclub, working for one LENA ZELLE. Who is absolutely posilutely not Harley Quinn.

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IC Date: April 30, 2019
IC Location: The Punchline, Gotham
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Posted On: 01 May 2019 19:47
Rating & Warnings: G
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It's a beautiful day outside today in Gotham. It's surprising, perhaps, but today is proof that they do indeed happen. As such, the front doors have been opened to let the fresh air in and let out the stale air that comes of decades of neglect. It also helps with the sound bouncing off the walls, hammers and power sanders. Electric drills. The sounds of progress, friends.

The late afternoon breeze is pleasant, even though it stirs up the dust in the sunlight that chances through the small, opened windows and those red painted doors.

In the midst of all the chaos, there's a perfectly coiffed brunette woman who looks distinctly like she doesn't belong. She's seated at the newly refinished antique bar, dressed to the nines in a well-fitted skirt suit of red and a white silk camisole underneath. Her long legs are crossed, and she balances an open folder across her lap. Her toe occasionally bounces through the air as she listens to her phone with one earphone set inside her ear.

It's a good day to be preparing for business, t'would seem.

So the New York based mutant has decided to find a job, cause well he can't be a leech all the time dang it. Plus people have been avoiding him so he can't bully them into giving him the money. He had started to browse the internet looking for jobs he could do, and he stumbled across the one about the club.

Sure they didn't mention what he was going to ask about, but any club needs a bouncer. And having a 7 foot tall golem is well the best bouncer that you can have, right? Unless you have a robot, then you pick the robot. He decided not to call and just show up to the place though, cause who can say no to him when they are looking at the size of the guy.

He decided to dress to show off for this of course, a black muscle shirt and a pair of jeans. As he walks into the club he bends over to enter the door. And well clears his throat and then speaks in his gravelly voice, "You posted an ad about hiring. Do you need a bouncer?" Hey, bouncers can make good money as well, plus who will be dumb enough to start crap with the rock guy.

The woman on the barstool looks up, blue eyes sharp behind a pair of cat's eye glasses. She doesn't start, but there is certainly something… tense about the way she sits. Her lips, shiny and stained purple, frown as she considers. The earbud falls from her ear as she tilts her head sideways.

"I am. And I do," she says primly after a long moment, slipping from the stool. Her stride is a long one despite her modest, natural five-and-a-half feet - aided perhaps by the staggering height of her shiny red stiletto shoes. She looks upwards at the tall man, unbothered by the nearly foot gap that divides them. "Full-time or part-time?"

"I was thinking part time to start. I have never been a bouncer before, so would need to learn how to do it. I figured however it should be easy for me." Cause again 7 foot tall rock guy. "I do have practice bouncing people though, so I can do that part easy enough!" Especially the vapers, the most annoying people of them all.

As the lady eyes him, he looks down at her, he is just tempted to rest his arm on her head. But no can't be the bully here, has to be nice. "So how much does the job pay?" Hey money part is always important.

As if the brunette can hear his very thoughts, feel the pull of his temptation, she narrows her eyes shrewdly. "I'd imagine you will certainly do well enough. What did they feed you as a child? Miracle-Gro?" She shakes her head lightly, and then continues briskly. "Sixteen an hour, cash. A token for the bar every three hours you work."

There's a lull in the electrical equipment, and then? In the silence, there is a faint and altogether strange …moose-like sound. Wait, no. Not a moose… It ends in a yelp? What the heck is that?

Lena Zelle of the posted want ad - as one must assume she is - quickly starts to talk over it. "I expect timely arrivals and discretion. Otherwise… It's likely you're headed straight for termination.” The best jokes are sometimes the ones you keep to yourself. “Do you think you can handle that?"

"I am a mutant. I hope that won't be a problem." That is of course said matter of factly as in there won't be a problem. "I guess that pay is satisfactory." Hey it beats flipping burgers after all.

When the sound happens, when he says nothing, either he doesn't hear it, or well he just doesn't care. "I think I can handle that. If not, well, I'm not as suited for this job as I thought I would be."

“Looking at you, I sincerely doubt that will be a problem. What do you bench? 300?” Lena chuckles, and her purple smile pulls up unevenly. “Anyway, that’s to say that your genetics are not a problem at all. I’m a little allergic to… paperwork, as it were. And this really isn’t New York, is it, Mister—?” A hand stretches out, the nails painted a rich red to shake the young man’s hand.

Whatever the sound is, it’s coming from upstairs. And it changes, becoming harder to pin down. Is is a coughing sound from a worker? Distorted laughing.

The woman’s gaze only becomes more intense behind the lenses of her plastic-rimmed glasses, her eyes wide with expectation as she awaits the name.

Except that she never gets that far. Because there’s a terrible crash from upstairs, and the sounds amplify. She starts to walk briskly away, calling over her blue-wrapped shoulder. “You’re hired, Mister Whoever You Are! Leave your information on the bar, and I’ll call you with the day you can start!”

And after that, her shapely legs and savagely tall heels are the last things seen ascending the stairs to the rooms above.

I mean, he's hired. Rockslide can show himself out, right?

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