Interview With A Bird
Roleplaying Log: Interview With A Bird
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Noriko has a quiet discussion with Warren over fried chicken.

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IC Date: May 01, 2019
IC Location: Xavier Institute
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* * *

The school is quieter these days than it used to be pre-registration, but there's still a decent amount of activity from the older students lingering on at the Institute. The weather is beautiful this evening, so of course most of that activity today happens to be outside, or at nearby Salem Center; it's May and exams might be coming up, but people already have the summer break on their minds.

Of course, things like 'summer breaks' are now many years in the past for certain individuals, who were the first to come to this school thirteen years ago — though most people by now know better than to remind Warren Worthington his misspent youth is now thirteen years in the past. His outrage over the matter, at the least, has softened over time into resignation… especially given the responsibilities he has taken ever since Charles Xavier went missing nearly four years ago, which don't really allow much room for delusions.

A small mote of rebellion lingers on in Warren, in that he eschews using any of the staff offices when he does have to do work. At present he has taken over one of the tables in the kitchen, near the French doors leading out to the mansion's rear grounds. There's a ream of what looks like very boring financial documents spread on the table's surface, most held down by a paperweight, but his attention seems to be split half between the papers and half between the conference call he's dialed into on his phone.

It's 8:30 PM, which seems like a strange time for a call, until someone speaks over the phone in Japanese. «They're nervous,» whoever it is is saying. «The Nikkei hit a 20-month low today. The situation in America — »

«The Nikkei has always been volatile, this is nothing new,» Warren interrupts. His business Japanese is accented but serviceable. «As for the situation in America, well, let us worry about that. Look, this isn't a good time. I'll call you back in a few hours.»

* * *

Is it the Japanese that has Noriko peeking around the corner into the kitchen, or the fact that the teenage girl is famished and just realized only several minutes ago that she had not eaten all day.

Depending on just how much Warren was keeping an eye on things in the mansion, he may or may not know that ever since the 'protest' and that first Sentinel had actually dropped, Noriko has been working OT in the Danger Room, often in the safer 'solo' missions with safety settings on, but she'd run at least one full blown 'mission impossible' Scott Summers level Danger Room scenario with a full blown team and multiple Sentinels that Dani had arranged for them a week or so back.

She moves into the kitchen, smiles at Warren as he speaks and opens the fridge, and after a bit of internal debating, pulls out a tub of coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and a bit of cold fried chicken. « Want some? »

She looks at the man, while plating her own meal, clearly intent on nuking it.

* * *

Recently, Warren had been reviewing the Danger Room simulation logs extra closely for rather unrelated reasons, but while he was at it he had taken note of how much everyone was in there in general, and what they were doing. Laura's activity, of course, is a constant flood, but he picked out Noriko's increased activity too once the 'usual suspects' were filtered out.

He supposes he's not surprised. Incidents like the last few which have transpired have a way of motivating people.

He glances up when he hears Noriko slip in, and ends his call immediately, turning his phone over. Her smile is answered in kind, though Warren looks a bit tired, his usual beauty a bit dimmed from its customary 'radiant' to 'could use a few hours of sleep.' «Yeah, actually,» is his response to her inquiry. To his credit, he gets up and starts to come over to have a look himself. «If I have to look at this much longer I shall flip the table over.»

Perhaps not so strong on speaking the language colloquially — or because there aren't really ways to say the things he's about to say in Japanese — he swaps back to English. "You've been logging pretty well in the Danger Room," he notes. "You holding up okay?" They didn't see each other much in the group session Dani ran, but he remembers that she was at the ill-fated protest.

* * *

Noriko starts prepping a second plate, as full as the first. And, she seems to have no problem easily switching back to English, commenting, a bit bitterly, "Japanese businessmen are all jerks." Not personally motivated. At all. Nope. Not her. Not because her dad is one, and disowned her. "They think the moment something bad happens to their business, or might, they have to take some sort of action to prove they're invested, or their honor is at stake." Cue the eyeroll.

She stuffs the first plate into the microwave, taps in a time, then leans against the counter, arms-crossed. "I'm doing okay." This is followed with a smile, faint, but sincere. She nods, a little. "Yeah. Got a lot on my mind. But, who doesn't around here?"

It's no secret that Noriko registered to avoid the same fate that befell Rachel and getting deported back to Japan where she'd be completely ostracized, and homeless again. "I just want to make sure when I go up against those things for real, I can. Because we -are- going to have to go up against them. It's just a matter of tomorrow, or next week."

* * *

Leaning his hip against the counter, Warren listens as Noriko speaks. His blue eyes flicker to note the bitterness in her voice. He is mostly aware of the circumstances under which she came to the Institute, though perhaps not of the finer details. "That's been my experience," is his easy agreement with her opinion on Japanese businessmen. "Most American ones are as well, of course," he smiles self-deprecatingly, "and German ones… and so on and so forth. But I find the Japanese to be… well, as you describe them."

His feathers lift a little, though the body language is not human and thus a bit tough to read. "Hence why I'm having to take insistent calls at 8:30 at night. We have a few partners in Japan who wring their hands about losing our business anytime their performance slips. I dread to think how they are overworking their people at the moment." He regards her thoughtfully. "I've tried to get them to stop, but one man cannot stop an entire culture."

Her remark on how everyone's probably got a lot on their minds draws a faint answering smile. "I'd wager the students are pretty carefree," is his amused response, "judging by how they all went charging out the door and left me alone with the 990s for this place. Ah, but children are always ingrates. I was myself, not too long ago."

It's just small talk, though, and they both know it — Noriko's getting at something else. Warren's easy sociability turns a little more serious. "It does seem that way," he says slowly. "The new Director they have found for the DPS seems to favor brute force. In a way, that works in our favor. As long as our actions in fighting back are always easily framed as protecting the safety of bystanders against excessive government force, the optics will always be in our favor." His brows lift. "That does require us to manage ourselves well when we do have to fight, of course, so training to contain those Sentinels without excessive collateral damage will continue to be important."

* * *

"I have a hard enough time trying to figure out how to take one down, without also trying to mitigate fallout. Kinda worried about my own ass. And that of my friends," admits Noriko, after a pause, and taking her dinner out.

Warren's is stuffed in, and nuked just as thoroughly, the smell of cooked chicken and mashed potatoes filling the kitchen, and she scoops a heaping couple of spoonfulls of coleslaw onto her plate. "I just hate that we have to wait on them to act. They're controlling the battlefield. And patience is really not my best virtue," she admits, freely. That, too, is no secret. Noriko's impulsiveness and brashness is something no doubt all the senior members and staff identified from the beginning. And in many cases, it's what makes her effective.

There's a longer pause, and she admits, "I don't know what we would've done if you hadn't shown up and blindsided that Sentinel at the protest. You gave us time to escape. You, and whoever that telepath was."

* * *

"It's difficult," Warren admits. "But the balance is necessary. I've been doing this a long time, and after a while you come to see there's… public relations aspects to it all. Slip-ups are scrutinized. They become excuses for people to confirmation-bias all the fears and anxieties which they have about us. Though of course, in the end our safety is paramount." Or so he says aloud, but there's a slight twitch to his wings like he's got martyr blood in him. Not surprising, giving how he looks.

He tilts his head as she speaks on. Her profile was reviewed recently in anticipation of a ramp-up in active-duty engagements, and her characteristics reminded him a bit of himself when he was eighteen. Potential leadership qualities due to a headstrong and assertive nature… hampered by that same nature lending itself to impulsiveness and lack of forethought. "Patience wasn't mine, either," he confesses in turn. "I was always flying in first before Scott said 'go.' Sometimes it worked. More often, it did not." Sometimes he's still that rash — old habits die really hard — but no need to set a bad example here.

He preens absently at his own feathers, pulling a few disarrayed plumes back into place. "The fact they are making it a battlefield," he points out slowly, "is, I believe is an overextension on their part. Right now we're visibly in the role of defensive responders to some very obvious oppression. In that sense, we are in control. Whereas if we were hitting them too hard, it would be easy for them to call us aggressors… to equate us with the Brotherhood, who do go on the offensive often, and unprovoked." He pauses. "That said, there's other ways in which we should be proactive. The next Sentinel we see, I want to see if we can neutralize it and bring back with us. There is too much about their development we don't yet understand."

Warren pauses when she mentions his arrival at the protest, however. "My dear," he says, with a faint smile, "you would have done exactly as you already were doing. The best that you could, under the circumstances. You saw people to safety, and that was the most important thing." His voice turns wry. "I happen to be very visually distracting, and have a lot of practice using that — that's all." As for the telepath? "Ah. Betsy is her name. I imagine you'll see her around sooner rather than later. She stops up here once in a while."

* * *

Noriko finishes preparing Warren's dish, and then slides it over to him along with a napkin and silverware, then she pulls up a seat and flops into it. She does all this as he speaks, listening intently because - well, he's Warren. And pretty. Even if he is out of her league. And way older than her. And he has more experience. All the good things.

She dives into the fried chicken first, ripping it apart enjoyably and nods in satisfaction. After chewing, "I made a friend, too. Didn't realize it at the time, but she's a member of SHIELD. And I think she's on our side. Sloane knows her. Daisy. She's - she reminds me of myself. A lot. She can't control her powers. I talked with Dani about her. I'm going to take her out of the city, if she'll come with me in a couple days and help her practice. I'll be careful," she promises, before Warren can protest or say otherwise.

Then, she cocks her head. "You know. That reminds me of a book I read last year. Dune. There's a point near the end of the book where this group who has done a bunch of guerilla raids is talking about their enemies, the people who control the cities, and they basically say, 'They're in the city and on the defensive, while we're free to do whatever we want. We control the battlefield, and the war. They've lost the inititive. I just wonder if that's -real- or if that's just some science fiction wishlisting by the author."

* * *

Warren inclines his head in thanks as Noriko slides the dish over, joining her in the seat opposite her with a flick of his wings to accommodate them around the chair's back. Not a hair out of place, even as he starts in. His tertiary mutation must be his looks and the maintenance of a certain aura of unearthly beauty, even in such mundane matters as sharing a thrown-together meal with someone; that, or it's just the rigid lessons in decorum he's had ever since he was young.

He pauses thoughtfully as Noriko starts to tell him about Daisy. "I recall," he says. "I saw you talking to her in the midst of everything. Her hands were shaking — badly." It's remarkable that he saw that much even in the chaos and darkness, and from that distance, but then one of his more understated but heavily-used abilities has always been his extraordinary vision. "I did not know she was with SHIELD. Of course that doesn't preclude her from being sympathetic to us. A significant number of agents seem to disagree with the law." He twirls his fork slowly, thinking. "What has Sloane told you about her?"

Her promise to be careful before he can speak brings his brows to lift. "What are her powers? And where do you mean to practice?"

As for Dune? "That concept has its roots in the principles of siege warfare, I would think," Warren remarks, perhaps having had to listen to too much of this tactical nonsense from Scott over the years, "which is real enough. Those sieging are always more free in movement than the besieged, though… you do need to take into account the relative strengths of either side. A sieging force with no supply line is much worse off than people in a fully-stocked city." He lifts a brow at her. "Do you believe we're the ones in the city, or the ones outside?"

* * *

"Vibrations, I think. She didn't go into a lot of detail. But, she said she's pretty certain she could destroy the entire city if things got out of hand," Noriko answers, honestly. There's a nod, "I got her to focus on helping the people with me. Once she stopped being afraid, and had something to put her mind to, other than being afraid, she got a reign on it," to the question of Daisy, adding, "But Sloane didn't seem to know much about her. But, seemed okay around her too. Accepting," Noriko decides.

At Warren's latter question, it does cause her to think. Hard. "Right now? We're the ones in the city, I guess. It doesn't mean we've lost the fight. Just that it's going to be that much harder."

* * *

Warren nods slowly at Noriko's elucidation. "I did see some tremors happening with the vehicles," he says. He doesn't blink, really, to the news that Daisy could potentially destroy the city if she truly lost control; one of his best friends nuked a star and the other has nukes coming out of his face all the time, so really it's just been a fact of life, for most of Warren's life, to be surrounded by teenagers who could explode cities by accident. "Interesting that she is with SHIELD. They must have her leashed in some way…" Because he highly doubts they'd let her run about with that kind of ability unchecked.

Sloane is a different story; she can control her powers. And to speak of her? "That's a positive sign," he allows tentatively of Sloane's attitude towards Daisy, "but inconclusive. SHIELD has mastered keeping secrets, even within its own ranks." He lifts his wings in what seems to be his version of a shrug. "There's plenty of acreage out beyond the lake," he mentions. "Take her there, when you help her." A pause. "I would be curious to meet her."

As for Noriko's answer to his question? "Hmm," is Warren's initial thought, considering her with aquiline blue eyes. He's momentarily pensive, his feathers ruffling, before a sly sort of smile cuts across his lovely features. "It's not the worst position to be in. Our possible movements are restricted, but we can make them from a position of strength. For now. There is a challenge to the law being filed in the courts, even now." He folds his wings back in. "Meantime we will do what we have always done; use our abilities to protect people from whatever threatens them. Especially when it is the DPS."

* * *

NOriko nods, "Well," she manages, "As long as we have people like you, and Dani around, and people like Sloane backing us, I'll stay hopeful. Besides, where else am I going to go?" It's said as a half-jest, but the core of it is loyalty. Xavier's, afterall, /is/ Noriko's home. Sure it's most of theirs. But unlike some of them, she would literally have nowhere else to go. Not that she'd leave without being forced anyways. The poeple here are her family - like so many others. Like Warren.

"We protect our own. You, and Scott. Piotr. Jean. Kitty. All of you taught me that. So, guess we're stuck here." And, with that, she digs in fully.

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