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Warren reaches out to Dani and Kitty to investigate Domino's background.

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Domino may have gotten away from Warren Worthington once, but she won't get away from him forever.

When he sets his mind on something, he usually gets it — sooner or later.

He's already started prying into her background via the normal channels available to him, but it's well past time to start leveraging some more unconventional resources too. Now, most people would probably say, "Warren, shouldn't you do background checks on people BEFORE you tell them where to get some sweet guns," but Warren can be rather… blase about all that sort of thing, on occasion. He has the sort of overconfidence that comes about when things almost always work out the way you want them to, anyway.

To that end, he's asked Dani and Kitty to come up and meet him in the Mission Room at the base. It's got the best screens, in the event they do need to use them, and also the most comfortable chairs.

Warren is ensconced in one, waiting, reviewing a few files on the holo-globe in the middle of the large central table. Notably, it's the one without a back, which seems to have been custom-made for him a long time ago. He's dressed casually, at the least. No uniform in sight, even despite the location. Scott would have made everyone show up in uniform.


While a uniform isn't a requirement for today's meeting Dani's arrival shows her to be in one.

Although it's not her typical X-Men uniform.

Instead, the woman wears her typical costume that she often wears as an agent of SHIELD. Black top, black pants, boots and belt. It's obvious that Moonstar has come straight from work to this particular meeting.

As she steps into the room there's an automatic appraisal of who's inside and when her gaze lands upon Warren, the Cheyenne woman offers a greeting, "Evening, Warren. How's it going?"

The idle chit-chat of meetings even the X-Men have it.

Dani moves to the nearest chair and settles into the comfortable seat and swivels slightly to keep half an eye on the door and half an eye on the winged-man.


The first announcement of Kitty's arrival is of the small purple dragon that perches on Warren's chair. Lockheed sits up straight, but then immediately attempts to look into whatever it is he may be doing. Both curious and protective, the small alien dragon is there as both announcer and bodyguard.

Kitty arrives a few moments later, not even realizing that Lockheed is guard dogging. To her, the dragon does what he wishes and she rarely reins him in. She trusts him and he has done nothing to break that trust. Much like Warren, she's dressed casually, in jeans, a t-shirt that looks like it has some alien writing on it and a leather jacket. Looking to Dani and then to Warren, she smiles in greeting. "Hey you two," she greets. "Something up?" Pause. "You know, other than the impending fascist state that New York is falling into." Badum bum ching. She should do stand up.


Warren dims the display a little as people begin to arrive, so the radiance isn't making it hard to see one another's faces. It's still bright enough that what he was reading is visible: it's a record of a recent Danger Room session. Just the raw combat data. The video is not currently playing.

"As well as can be expected," is Warren's dry acknowledgement to Dani, his wings lifting a little in what seems to be an avian hello. "Appropriate outfit. It's relevant to what we're going to discuss."

His eye turns as Lockheed precedes Kitty into the room, and he lifts a wing slightly as the small dragon edges under it to get a closer look at the paused readout on the holo-globe. "Hey, you," is his amused greeting, though his attention doesn't stay long as Kitty soon makes her appearance with a quip. "Other than the fascist state," he replies, "yes. There's something I wanted to talk to you both about."

He folds his wings back in. "I know you're already familiar with Domino," he directs to Dani. His gaze turns to Kitty. "Have you met her?"


The frozen video is given a not-so-subtle look by Dani and then her eyes shift over to Warren when he returns her greeting.

The mention of her outfit brings an automatic look down at it, before she then raises her eyes back up to the winged man.

She could say something to his words about just how relevant her outfit of choice is for today's meeting, but it doesn't take long for Kitty to arrive. Well, Lockheed first and then Kitty. The sight of the purple dragon brings a brief smile to Moonstar's features and that smile is turned to Kitty when she physically arrives in the room as well. "You sure it's fascist? I was really thinking totalitarian myself."

And then, with that quip of hers offered, Moonstar turns her attention over to Warren when the winged man gets right down to the business at hand. The mention of Domino brings a nod from Moonstar and then a look to Kitty, to see if the other woman knows who she is.


Lockheed shifts his claws a bit like a cat on the edge of chair, shifting his wings much like Warren does as he looks first at the screen and then back at Kitty. Things seem safe here! Kitty can proceed as usual!

Kitty looks at Dani's outfit and then back at Warren with a raised eyebrow. SHIELD is an appropriate outfit? She's not sure she likes where this conversation is going. "I think a little column A, a little column B," she concedes between facism and totalitarianism.

Then, she answers Warren's question: "I have not yet met Domino, no. Though I imagine this meeting has something to do with this." She looks at the screen and then at Warren and then back at the screen again. "Are you…are you studying danger room footage?" Almost suspiciously, she narrows her eyes. "Who are you and what have you done with Warren Worthington the Third?"


"It does," is Warren's brief reply. "Domino was a contact of Piotr's who he met in Mutant Town, I believe. I met her myself for the first time on a separate occasion, when I found her looking around the site of where we fought the Purifiers. I engaged her to do some looking into the Purifier situation, and she did the job well enough. She expressed interest in joining up with us, as well; she's mutant, registration concerns her as it does the rest of us, and she intimated she'd rather come in and run as a pack in these… fascist-totalitarian times."

His long fingers drum along the table's surface. "Which is all well and good — except I've seen some tics in her behavior which concern me. It was fine when she was a contractor; if she's to be one of us, we need to know a little more." A pause, before he adds slowly, "At the raid in Mutant Town, I saw her have what appeared to be a sort of… post-traumatic episode. I didn't see clearly what she was doing prior to turning and running hell-bent, but there were bodies on the ground. I cannot be sure she did not make them."

His aquiline blue eyes turn to Moonstar. "Then there's the matter of this Danger Room footage from your run with her the other day…" He trails, allowing Dani to explain herself.

Though first? Warren's feathers — all of them — bristle as Kitty asks him if he's really studying Danger Room footage, and what exactly did he do with the carefree Warren Worthington? "Listen, my darling, desperate times call for desperate measures," he says, with a graceful shrug of his wings. "I'll tear off my shirt and throw a yacht party later to restore your sense of balance, if you like."


Dani must agree that the world, or at least New York City, is definitely a bit of A and B.

And while that thought flits through her head she doesn't quite get a chance to say it. Not when Kitty accuses Warren of not being the real Warren Worthing the Third. That brings a corner of Moonstar's mouth upward.

His reaction, specifically the floof of feathers, brings a broader smile to Moonstar's lips. She'd laugh if the conversation weren't so serious.

"Desperate measures indeed." Is all she'll add dryly to the last part of just WHO this Warren is.

Then she turns back to the conversation at hand, picking up the story-telling baton from Warren. The Cheyenne woman turns slightly in her chair to face Kitty more fully, as she explains what happened in the Danger Room the other day. "Domino and I ran a scenario where the school was raided by the DPS. She started on one floor, I on the other. We met somewhere in the middle. At the time I hadn't realized she was using lethal force to bring down the DPS agents. I noticed she was much more intense than what I normally see her act, but I figured it was because of the session." A look shifts to Warren and then the paused footage, "Most of us take those scenarios seriously, but it wasn't until after I watched the recording that I realized just how serious Domino was taking it. I went back and watched the Sentinel session and there's a definite change from that run to this one. She was far more jocular and easy going with the presence of Sentinels trying to crush us versus the School being hit."


As the information mounts, Lockheed flutters upward for a moment and then lands on Kitty's shoulder. This is a heavy conversation and he imagines that his friend may need some comfort in the wake of it.

First, Kitty has to get the joke out of the way. She has to: "Why wait for later? We're in desperate times now." It's a wry joke, one that just needs to be said. Then, she's focusing on the task at hand. Processing the information, she frowns. "So, she used lethal force to protect the Institute or against the DPS agents, but not against Sentinels. Are we trying to figure out where she stands? Or how she fits in? I mean, this is a confusing time for all of us. I can imagine taking out some steam on some DPS agents that we know are fictional."


Warren holds his silence as Dani explains what she observed in the Danger Room session with Domino. He seems rather deep in thought, but periodically his wings flick. He doesn't appear consciously aware of the gestures. They call to mind nothing so much as an bird on a perch, agitated, shuffling its wings to straighten its feathers.

His golden head only lifts to Kitty's quip. His hair drapes with suspiciously-perfect artfulness as he tips his head. "Oh, you want to see it that badly, eh?" He starts to lift his right hand towards the top buttons of his shirt… and then points at her instead. "No, you'll just have to wait. It'll teach you patience." A smirk winds its way across his features.

It passes on quickly enough, however. The topic is serious. "I want to know what makes her tick," is Warren's frank response to Kitty's inquiries. "I can take where she says she stands at face value — opposed to registration and interested in flocking with a group for safety — and how she fits in is something that we won't know until she's thrown in among the others. Human interactions are such dynamic things."

His eyes narrow. "The individual humans involved, though… you can get a good idea what a person will do, in any given situation, if you know the history that has made them who they are," is his opinion, garnered from a lifetime of learning to handle other people. "I'd… like to think what she was doing was just blowing off steam. But… it does not quite account for her behavior in Mutant Town. And in my experience, confusing times often boil people down to their most instinctive impulses. Hers are… curious." A pause. "I'd like to be more certain of who we are dealing with."

His gaze lowers back to the hologlobe. Its light reflects in his pensive blue eyes. "I asked Sloane Albright to use her SHIELD clearance to see what she can find about Domino. At the least, the real name behind the codename." His mouth quirks. "This is, in a way, a means to take the measure of Miss Albright as well, though I didn't tell her as much." For obvious reasons. "I thought you both were obvious choices to help see what can be dug up about who she is."


Kitty's quip pulls Moonstar's gaze back over to her and in that same dusty dry voice, Moonstar interjects quietly, "Please don't encourage him.", and then her look transfer to Warren at his mention of *patience*.

Patience! A black eyebrow arches high at that word.

Then it's back to the conversation at hand because it is serious. She listens to what Warren has to say about Domino and at several points the Cheyenne nods. However, at the mention of Sloane, Moonstar's gaze sharpens slightly. "I have faith Sloane won't do anything to endanger us." Comes Moonstar's prompt endorsement of Sloane, "I trust her with my life."

As to that trust, Moonstar adds, "I would also like to trust Domino, I think - for the most part - she has her heart in the right place, but like you said Warren -" They don't know much about her and with that thought Moonstar says, "There are some quirks to her behavior that are concerning. I'll see what I can find out about her." A look shifts to Kitty, "Then I'll give you whatever information I locate to see what else can be found on less 'authorized' channels."


The time for joking seems to subside and after Warren deflects her shirtless joke, Kitty is quick to fall right into line with the proper discussion. This is, after all, important. There's a wrinkle in her nose about SHIELD and their contacts. "SHIELD," she spits out, obvious in her distaste for the organization. Then, she is quick to correct herself. Despite the fact that this has happened multiple times, her outright distaste for SHIELD tends to make her put her foot in her mouth around Dani. "No offense," she adds.

Quickly, she changes the subject. "So, you want us to find out if she's worth all the trouble?" This isn't a condemnation. Instead, she's starting to understand the scope of it all. "So, make friends, she what happens?"


Please don't encourage him. It's probably one of the most common sentences said about Warren Worthington of all time.

After a last tossed-off wink at the girls (especially Dani and her 'are you kidding' look when he talks about having patience), Warren sobers back to seriousness. He says what he has to say about his intentions for a certain Domino; though his brows lift a little when Dani pipes up and says what SHE has to say, in turn, about Sloane Albright. "I like her," he says mildly. "And she's been vetted both by yourself and by Rachel, so I don't have concerns, per se. I'd just like to see how she works, as well." His blue eyes half-lid. "Get to know your personnel. Rule number two." Wait, what's rule number one?

It may or may not have to remain a mystery. Warren's eye turns to Kitty at that hissed 'SHIELD.' "As I told Sloane," he says, with an amused cast to his gaze, "what better thing to do with people who strive to use you, than to use them first?" His head cants lazily towards Dani. "So long as Dani's got a set of keys, we may as well see what doors they open."

Dani's thoughts on the matter draw a slow nod. "Most people's hearts are in the right place," he says. "But that isn't always — quite — enough."

He nods towards Kitty, at her conclusion. "Fair summary," Warren says lightly. "She costs me money. It may not matter at first, but eventually — I do like to know what I pay for. This is a risk assessment exercise, my dears. Her behavior becomes erratic if pushed in a certain way; I tried to ask her quite nicely about herself, and was nearly crashed into a flatbed trailer. If she's liable to crack on the field, then it would be prudent to know the triggers beforehand."


Get to know your personnel.

That brings another look from Dani, though not surprised, or astonished, just a look of understanding. She gets that completely. Just like when you get a new partner, you have to figure out what makes them ticket.

Kitty's rather harsh reaction about SHIELD causes Moonstar to shift her attention back to the other woman. There's something of a lop-sided grin there now, for Dani, as this isn't the first time poor Kitty has reacted so poor to the mention of SHIELD. "None taken."

Then it's back at the conversation at hand and at the mention of using Moonstar's connections within SHIELD, Dani nods, "Warren's right. Might as well use them while I still have them. I believe I have slightly higher clearance than Sloane, so I may be able to find a few more tidbits about Domino than she might."

The mention of almost car crashes brings a faint head-tilt from Moonstar, "She's definitely very tight-lipped about herself and her history. I've asked a few times and typically she deflects with humor or just shuts me down quickly. I'll keep trying though, to see if she lets anything drop accidentally."


Kitty has made no secret of the fact that she does not have any love lost about SHIELD or anything of the like. She didn't like the organization before Registration and now? She finds it way worse.

The words from Warren are met with a nod. Lockheed on Kitty's shoulder lifts up at that. While she still distrusts SHIELD, she does trust Dani. And therefore, she gives a purse of her lips and then nods. "As long as we can use them." And not the other way around. "Let's use it and let's make sure we can trust the people we will be sticking our necks out for, especially if they have a penchant for damage."

She looks between Warren and Dani, "Never thought of myself as a spy. Could be fun. Come on Lockheed, lets find some fedoras, that's proper spyware right?"

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