Gemtastrophe Redux
Roleplaying Log: Gemtastrophe Redux
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Omen gets an omen and drags Misfit into danger that is connected to her. Bart plays cavalry to the rescue.

Other Characters Referenced: Dark Opal, Raven
IC Date: May 03, 2019
IC Location: Gotham - Redhook - Park
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Posted On: 04 May 2019 09:32
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for Language and Violence
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Portents and omens.

Gotham City encased in a purple gemstone that slowly develops cracks and then shatters into a million pieces falling through the moonlight into the ocean in a slow cascade of sparkles.

Beautiful really but disturbing,

Also same moon as this evening. A sense of the near future.

Red Robin isn't around the Titan's Tower, but Charlie is making herself a sundae. She knows Gotham about as well as RR right. She is one of the bat adjacent teen sidekicks right.

* * *

When the stars burning through Lilith's eyes and the vision begins to fade… Gotham. Gemstone visions again… Misfit.

Lilith has been advising SHIELD since the attack on the Triskelion, but in no time at all she's left half a dozen startled soldiers in a semi-circle to appear immediately in Misfit's vicinity in the Tower.

"We're needed in Gotham. Very soon. Do you need to get anything before we leave?"

No, Lilith isn't asking, which — rude. But it definitely seems urgent at least?

* * *

Well… Tower… really… more like Secret Mall Headquarters but still many of them think of it as the Tower still.

Poor Titans.

When Lilith appears there nearby and says there is trouble in Gotham and if she needs anything, well Misfit blinks a couple of times. She has a sundae spoon stuck out of the side of her mouth and then she pulls it out and takes another bite of her sundae. "Well… I was just getting a snack before I went out on patrol. I mean I was thinking of doing it in Gotham tonight so this is actually pretty convenient."

Another bite of her sundae as she considers, then pulls her goggles down over her eyes. "Anywhere specific in Gotham?"

* * *

"Only an unnerving sense of dread growing like a blister under the skin of possibility," So it's emo poetry when she's right in the thick of it. As Misfit's goggles come down, Omen's Mask comes up - wether it's a mental illusion she was maintaining or some minor spell being cast, her civilian clothes shift into her robes.

"I can take us there."

* * *

Charlie adjusts her goggles a bit "Ditto, run a crime sweep of Gotham.. actually run a unusual activity sweep."

Then the chaosmuppet looks ot Omen and nods there. "Okay right.. well sure maybe your teleport will take us to whatever wierdness is about to go down right?"

* * *

"Ideally," Omen intones. There's always a *bit* more involved when she moves someone through space besides herself; more focus, actual gesturing - and she's hovering.

And then the space around them seems to warp and shift like watching heat shimmer off a road in midsummer.

Without any sense of movement at all, suddenly the shifting stops and the two of them are in the heart of Gotham City. Somewhere in the park, between the Opera House and the bridge to the Narrows. No *immediate* mortal witnesses, relative quiet. For now.

"I believe you are in danger, but it is important that you are here."

* * *

Charlie looks a little nauseous. She always does when someone else does the teleporting for her. Ironic really "Oh hey.. I patrol this park all the time."

Then there is pause and she addds "Wait. I'm the one in danger but you brought me here… to the danger.. because I had to be here?" okay to be fair Misfit hasn't really worked a whole lot with Omen yet so this is a little disturbing to the young chaosbat.

"Are you sure this was a good idea?"

Which is about when the sky fractures with a cascade of purple light. Well lightning to be specific which cascades down across the park. Where it strikes Trees are encased in purple gemstone, also one merry-go-round.

There are follow-up flashes of Yellow and Blue lightning as a sheet of sapphire gemstone covers a patch of park and a spire of yellow diamond.

The next moment there is are three figures. The Sapphire one is a blue skinned individual who seems to to be topless, skin pebbled, helmet with large horns, holding a war-hammer. The Purple one is an armored warrior with an energy weapon, with bayonet and armor with screaming faces on it. The figure with yellow has a cloak and yellow globes of light floating around his upper body and over his head, that one looks like a sorcerer.

* * *

"It was the only idea," Omen states - either she was carried away by the force of her vision or it's still pressing against the borders of her mind somehow, but as she continues to hover a few inches off the ground post-teleportation and the Others begin to arrive…

Yeah, there's a hint of her normal mode of speech and tone creeping back in around the edges.

"It was likely not a good idea. I will do what I can to cloud and frustrate them, but I am no combatant."

Which would have been helpful maybe to START with, conversation-wise.

* * *

Charlie just stares at the trio "Huh.. green one isn't with them this time." then again she almost lost control and beat the Green Nymphs head in. So well maybe she was benched for this engagement.

Then Charlie blinks and looks over at Omen. "Wait what.. you can't fight?" horrified at the present situation without anyone else who can fight. "This was a bad idea!"

With their bearings gained the three figures take defensive stances spreading out to minimize the effect of any one attack on all three of them and look around. The gunslinger points his bladed rifle at Misfit and Omen. "You. You did not give us your answer earthlings within sufficient time. We take that silence as refusal to hand over the Ruby Scion. You will answer to Lord Dark Opal…"

At that point the Sapphire warrior starts to run lumbering forward while the gunslinger and yellow sorcerer fire off beams of purple and yellow. Anything they hit is encased in gemstone.

To those sensitive it feels like magic.

* * *

"Fight, yes, but not like *you* can!" Omen answers, lifting up slightly higher - and suddenly her psychic presence spreads out across the field of oncoming battle. Though Misfit can see only the visual emerald eldritch flareup that is the 'Hey Lilith is Doing Something' signal, their attackers will see multiple versions of her at various altitudes and postures; she *is* a distraction.

"Our answer is NO," they all seem to intone, while Omen starts to pry at whatever mental defenses the sorcerer may have to hunt for weaknesses and exploits.

* * *

"Crud!" is what Misfit yells, not one to swear really. Though her eyes, well the iris is red, crimson now as she stares at them all. Then she vanishes in a flash of Red Smoke, also Crimson.

The Sorcerer pivots to the multiplying threat in the sky. "Then you die foolish human!" and those yellow spheres swirl around him and fire blasts of magic energy up into the sky trying to tag the Omen's up there. His mental defenses are not insurmountable. He isn't used to psychics really. Magic yes. Swords yes. Not psychic attacks. He has a decent amount of discipline though because he is a sorcerer all said.. but Omen can find fractures in the yellow gem shielding around his mind and exploit them.

Then Misfit reappears behind the gunslinger, sweeping low and knocking his feet out from under him before touching his gun and vanishing with it with another slash of smoke.

Big Blue looks confused then points his own warhammer at at a floating Omen and fires one blast of blue magic before pivoting and seeing the damage to the gunslinger and starting to lumber towards his ally. "No!"

* * *

Exploit them she does - Violence is not her style, but pulling upon perfectly explicable horrors and fears, THAT Omen can do.

Exerting her own will, she seeks to expand the fractures of the shielding, all the while seeking out anything that might slow down the spellslinger; Failure. Punishment. The harsh "mercies" of Lord Dark Opal.

Of course, while she's focusing on that her 'duplicates' vanish with each new attack. Though there are fewer, the ones that remain move faster - a gout of flame here, a psi-lash there - Distractions all, but if she can help keep them off balance then just *maybe* they can send this goon squad packing.

"YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR THE LIKES OF US," she broadcasts almost painfully, The Voice of Omen dripping with foreboding and dread.

* * *

Good intuition. The 'mercies' of Lord Dark Opal when one fails. There is a good reason the Green Nymph is not on this mission, a trip to Opal's Prison Pits for some lessons in failure.

"No!" The shots start to go wild from the Yellow Diamond Sorcerer now… more intense, not as accurate. Trees toppling as they are sheered with yellow gemstone.

The Blue Warrior and Purple Gunslinger dive for cover as they almost get hit with an errant yellow blast and while they are down are hit with concussive bat bombs, small dark spheres being chucked at them from behind a tree.

Boom booooom boooom.

Then a flash of crimson smoke from behind her tree as she repositions again, and by reposition appears above the two gemstone warriors and brings the gunslinger's gun down hard across his head with a CRACK. "I Hate You!" well that is strong words from Charlie.

* * *

One of those wild shots? Isn't quite wild enough; and Omen is Too Busy to realize it in enough time. A flash of sudden death - her own - shakes her resolve, and she gives a startled shout and vanishes just as a blast fills her space.

Her psychic duplicates are gone with her.

Misfit might notice her reappear *several* feet away near a fallen tree, parts of the left side of her billowing robe tattered and smoking - it was very, very close.

« We must hurry, » Omen sends to Misfit telepathically; she's using her power now to stay hidden from the others, and to attempt to 'encourage' the Gunslinger to *stay down* in guided unconsciousness. « We cannot allow them to regain any ground! »

* * *

Well tattered yes. Perhaps even smoking. Definitely encrustrated with yellow gemstone bits. It was a very near thing.

"Don't you think I am trying to hurry…. I'm not Impulse!" Charlie gives the gunslinger another whack to his head with his own gun even as Omen gives him a stay down psychic blast.. command..suggestion. He isn't surging back to his feet by any account.

About then Charlie teleports back out fast with a yelp and a slash of crimson smoke as the blue sapphire guy swings his warhammer at ankle height from his spot by the gunslinger on the ground.

Still she doesn't retreat. Charlie yells "Ditto call backup.. um Raven.. Bart… someone.. Gotham the park in the center.. Red hook. Gem guys. Help." even as she is twisting around one of the yellow diamond guys spheres as she plummets boot first into his head kicking him off balance before vanishing again reappearing behind a tree to take stock.

* * *

With one down and still two stompy and angry; Lilith doesn't even use the comms - just reaches out with that brain of hers and gives Impulse a 'tap' and a flash of what she's seeing right now, as well as a quick infodump on who they're fighting, where exactly and why. « Misfit and I need your help, fast as you can get here. »

Of *course* a premonition got them in over their heads. They almost *never* result in anything happening smoothly, right?

* * *

It's one thing to get a message over the comms for assistance. It's another thing entirely to get it with visuals. In your head. Some might consider it freaky. Impulse thinks it's convenient, if not a little weird. But weird is fine, and his friends need help. …fast as you can get here. It almost makes him laugh.

It's mere seconds before Misfit and Lilith get a response. "Help incoming."

It's not long after that he's within Gotham city limits, and although he's still not very familiar with the layout of the city, SIRIN maps out the most direct route to Red Hook, relaying information across the band of his goggles in that way that just makes it feel more like a video game. "Targets identified!" the AI announces cheerfully in his ear as he sees the layout of the scene outlined for his benefit.

"Cool," Impulse says, charging right in.

The speedster is not known for raw strength, but he can still pack a decent hit, especially when coming out of mach speeds. In this case, he's a human pinball, angling himself to throw a swift punch or rebound off however many offensive targets he can, a red and white blur. He practically pops out of nowhere with a kick aimed solidly at Mister Blue as though he were winding up to punt a soccerball. "Da-dananaaa! The cavalry's here!"

* * *

"Thank the gods of ice cream" Charlie mutters and then leaps back into the fray now that she isn't fighting two of these guys on her own.

Blue Sapphire Warrior had just picked his large self up of the ground using his warhammer to lever himself up. Right in time for Bart to appear out of nowhere and kick him with superspeed. "WUT!" is the exclamation as he goes topping back down and skids away from Bart.

To be fair he swings his hammer around and legs out a wave of blue magic light causing shards of blue sapphire gemstone to shoot up from the ground .. like instant ice cover but sharp racing towards Bart

Charlie shoots Omen a thumbs up and a grin, then vanishes with another slash of crimson smoke and appears kicking the yellow Sorcerer in the back of his knee even as he is turning to shoot yellow beams at Bart from those floating spheres. "Tell" she vanishes and appears to pung him in the front of his other knee "Lord Dark Opal" KICK…and vanishes appearing at head level "To get in the SEA" which is a Misfit way of saying get bent, or go F yourself.

Then Charlie yelps as the yellow orb blasts her and encases her arm in yellow diamond.. she hits the ground with a thud as the Sorcerer staggers about hurt.

* * *

Ok, Help is here and now Omen is going to figure out how to *clean this up.* Because… because. This group was coming anyway, and now the statement has been made, and it almost went terribly bad entirely too quickly for her liking.

Once more, she reaches out with her mind to seek out those same weakened mental defenses - though not just on the sorcerer this time; no, even the Blue Meanie and the fallen gunslinger. How did they get here? How do they breach the dimensions? Is it a device? Is it a spell? Is it something *she* can maybe take control of or reverse or make *them* do? They have to go.

« Keep them busy, keep it up! » She needs the distraction.

* * *

"Ooh, shiny!" is naturally Impulse's response when he sees the blue crystals lancing towards him. He hears warnings ping in his earpiece as SIRIN alerts him of incoming from the Yellow side as well, and while it all happens simultaneously he sees it all so slowly while it spans a few heartbeats in reality.

And then he moves.

He dashes to the side, leaving yellow blasts to collide with blue in hopes that it would halt the latter. That doesn't mean he stops, himself.

By the way he weaves and dodges while still appearing quite visible in between, it almost seems like he's trying to make himself a target. It's all fun and games until one of his teammates gets hit. "Grife- Misfit..!" he gasps, but Omen's command startles him. Still, it's a plan of action, nevertheless. Keep them busy? Okay. That he can do. And hopefully it'll be to busy for them to do anything with crystallized Misfits.

He zooms towards the sorcerer, zipping around him faster and faster before peeling off in another direction- namely the Blue Wonder. He wants to borrow that warhammer!

* * *

The yellow and blue gemstones do make a pretty explosion of gemshards when they hit.

As for the dodging and weaving as Omen gets busy at work, well it is effective. Both of the still upright warriors are launching many volleys trying to pin Bart down and not doing well.

It also does a fine job of keeping them off Misfit while she recovers. Thankfully though Misfit's wear armor all over, though the armor on her arm may need to be repaired. Still she vanishes and reappears all over trying to shake the gemstones encasing her arm and failing. It keeps porting with her.

Finally Charlie appears on top of the yellow distracted Sorcerer .. and by on top she gives herself some serious altitude and momentum and brings her gem encrusted arm down on his head shattering his helmet and the gems on her arm with a THUNK!

Bart meanwhile is fast enough to snag the warhammer. The question is if he is strong enough to do anything with that beast of a hammer once he has it.

Omen finds cracks in all their mental defenses. The answer to how they got here is Magic. Lord Dark Opals Magic. The where they came from is Gemworld where ever that is.

As for how to reverse it, well purple lightning is already starting to crawl the sky above you all….

* * *

Hopefully that's it « Round them up! Bart, can you pin them in a cyclone? Keep it tight? » Omen offers him *and* Misfits the inklings of her plan - the warriors, the coming lightning « It will send them home or it will hurt them, either result is fine with *me*! »

Redoubling her own efforts, Omen teleports the gunslinger to the place where she feels the lightning most likely to strike, then starts feeding the other two Gemworld warriors misdirecting images to help herd them to the same location.

*Please* let this work!

* * *

He's lanky, but Impulse is stronger than he looks! Still, he's no Superboy, and it's obvious that he's putting all he's got into trying to pick the thing up. He might almost resemble a kid trying to pull the sword from the stone at Disneyland, feet braced against the ground, arms straining as he puts himself at practically an angle. Yeah, the plan was to distract but for the moment he's gotten distracted himself. Which…is nothing new, really.

All at once he hefts..! And while it doesn't go very far, maybe he might get a lucky (accidental) hit on the warhammer's owner depending on what state he is in.

The purple lightning above draws his attention not long after, and with Omen's suggestion bringing him back to focus, the speedster abandons his toy (it's way too bulky anyway) in favor of making with the localized tornado again, but this time he intends to gather up the two who had been giving the most trouble, especially now that they're slightly stunned.

* * *

Charlie is favoring her formerly encrusted arm until she teleports clear of the staggered Sorcerer.

Really Charlie is getting clear for Bart's tornado and Omen's illusions can herd them into the spot the purple lightning seems to be concentrating. The Blue warrior this time notes "You… will regret this!"

From there it is very rapid, the portal shattering open the sky as the lightning strikes down … blowing rivets in the ground…. encasing some trees.. but also catching the three warriors from Gemworld and then with a krack booooom… they are all gone and the sky is clearing rapidly.

Charlie just collapes in the grass panting "I.. hate those guys."

* * *


The lightning makes more of an impact than the speedster had accounted for, the first of its strikes drawing him to an abrupt halt, the next throwing him off his feet and into a near cartwheel. Windmilling his arms, he still doesn't quite manage to keep himself on his feet once he rolls back around, falling back just as the colorful invaders are sucked back into whatever dimension they'd come from.

Impulse stares up from where he sits, legs sprawled out in front of him. With SIRIN reporting an all-clear, he pulls himself to his feet, glancing around at the sparkling aftermath, but more importantly to check on his friends.

"You two okay?" he asks, trotting over towards Charlie with a faint frown.

* * *

Charlie looks up and around, not entirely sure where Omen has gotten off too. Then she pushes her goggles up onto her forehead. "I am.. I mean I think…" her iris's are still a bit crimson though. "I really think the last time they showed up may have not been entirely random."

Charlie extends a hand up to Bart asking for a hand up now. "We should probably go home Impulse."

* * *

It's not the first time he's seen her eyes like that, and given the circumstances of then and now, it's a bit troubling. Frowning a little more, Impulse tilts his head as he thinks back. It had been months ago, but he can still recall when the crystal fiends had first arrived in Times Square.

"Last time they were like, 'You will surrender the scion of House Ruby!'" he says, pitching his voice in an attempt to mimic the purple one who'd made such confusing demands. He holds a hand out to haul Charlie onto her feet then.

"Did they say anything this time?"

* * *

Charlie checks herself over now, her sleeve that was encased in gemstone, flicking a bit of yellow diamond off it. "They said that. Also our time to give them our response was over… Then Omen got all doom and gloom on them. After that it was lots of grunts of pain.. cries of no… and all that." she smiles though. "Also that we would regret this." and Charlie sighs.

"Hopefully Omen got more out of the situation than I did… I just wanted to beat them with their own rifle…." she wiggles her fingers "Home and pizza?"

* * *

Impulse rolls his eyes. "Sooo mostly typical stuff," he says. "Yeah. Guess we can work that all out later. But for now…" He grins a little, nodding. "Home and pizza sounds great."

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