Kara gets a phone upgrade
Roleplaying Log: Kara gets a phone upgrade
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Kara goes to X-mansion to talk, ends up getting a phone upgrade

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IC Date: April 28, 2019
IC Location: Xavier Institute
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Posted On: 04 May 2019 22:36
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For Danielle Moonstar the day started with the intent to be a hundred percent relaxing, however, it's now slowly morphed into something far more busy.

Or perhaps far more duty-bound.

Dani has a finely honed sense of responsibility and it's hard to keep quiet, even on her 'off' days.

As such, the black-haired woman has sussed out where Doug has hidden himself away, and pulled him outside with her. "Come on. You can help muck out Brightwind's stall. It'll do you good to get some fresh air."

And while she truly means what she says (hard work does anyone good) there's also a hidden agenda. To see how Doug has been fairing, to make sure he's okay, to make sure he knows that they still care.

And so the two can be found trudging across the grounds and towards the little area that holds a good-sized stable.

* * *

Doug has, all told, remarkably little objection to horseshit in his life. "What are you feeding this horse that he's making so much whatsit?" He asks, as he shhoulders a pitchfork and heads toward the stable. He's dressed in ratty jeans, and boots, and a T-Shirt that says 'I'm Fine' on it with a (fake) bloodstain on the side.

This is dark humor, you see. It's all part of the healing process.

He heaves another forkful and he says, "Aside from persistent *worry* and withdrawl symptoms because nobody will let me have a computer yet, I'm FINE Dani. Which is to say, I'm broken, but no more so than anybody else around here.

* * *

It's a day. That's for sure, and Supergirl has spent the last week basically not doing her duty to New York. Anyone who's very keyed into Supergirl's activities could discern that though she's been active, perhaps not as active. Where she was getting complaints from local law enforcement because she'd even intercede on small matters, or normal people capable matters… she's now subsided in a lot of those. Sort of suddenly. But it's just the background noise, Superman and the Registration outshine her, Lex's comments, etc.

Instead, she's coming back to the place where she sought guidance a month or so ago, and she's yet to receive a call. No text. Not even a call out for 'Supergirl' which she would have heard and arrived in response to but… nothing. Looking around the grounds from way up, she comes down at a relatively fast speed from high up.

Landing just a bit away from thsoe shoveling and taking care of the horses? Horse? Whatever happens to be in the stable, Supergirl always lands like a superhero. Hitting the ground with one knee bent, fists impacting the ground, before she stands up smiling brightly. "Hello, citizens. I have an inquiry that has gone unanswered."

* * *

"Hay. I feed Brightwind, hay." Remarks Dani dryly to Doug's inquiry on what exactly Brightwind eats. "It's all of you who feed him the sugar cubes, not me."

And then it's down to business, a smelly and messy business, but a business.

It's only at the mention of a computer, that Dani pauses in the cleaning. "I'm sure we can get you access to a computer, Doug. It'll be monitored, but you can have access to one with some preinstalled controls on it. Just pretend you can't code around them and we'll all be good." Comes her wry response to his mention of the withdrawal from the precious tech that everyone has at their fingertips.

As for what's in that stable, it's a horse. Singular, for certain.

Well, perhaps categorizing Brightwind as a horse is a little much. He's actually a winged horse, from Asgard.

Which is what allows him to hear the arrival of Supergirl seconds before she swoops downward. His head comes up and there's a whicker for Dani, which prompts Dani to look away from Doug and out the doors of the stables themselves.

And when she sees the arrival of Supergirl, all Dani's hard work stops and a look shifts over to Doug for a second. It only takes a few steps to bring Moonstar out of the stables and into the open air, "Good afternoon. Supergirl, isn't it? I heard you were helping with the fight against Registration. What inquiry has gone unanswered?"

* * *

"Well that's the point isn't it. There's no monitoring app you could put on it I wouldn't be able to spoof. Even I'd make that argument against myself." He grunts, as he sets to work, forking up whatsit and dumping it into a wheelbarrow.

Then he pauses, and tilts his head, and leans the tines of his pitchfork into the ground, as he tilts his head, and listens.

* * *

Supergirl's eyes brighten as Dani mentions that she knows of Supergirl's fight against registration. She grins a bit, nodding her head, "Yep, that's me. Probably saw me on the Youtube, or on some of the online News." Hah Batman, eat your heart out. She walks forward a few steps and she's giggling a little, "Is -that- a pegasus? Can I pet it? I love animals. My cousin has Krypto, who is ridiculously fun to play with. Cuddle up to, he even gets a bed that is super soft and comfy." Completely derailed it seems.

She would go on but there's a conversation about computers and technology happening. "Oh, are you unable to afford a computer? I could wipe my phone…" She reaches down into her boot and pulls out her iPhone, and starts walking at normal pace in Doug's direction. "Siri barely listens…" She's interrupted with a boo-duhp from her phone and she tenses some, as a small eye twitch happens in the blonde teen's expression. "I -hate- you Siri." And then the phone's voice pops up with <Here are all the food places nearby> and Supergirl quirks her mouth, with some more twitching, taking in a deep breath, and letting it out slowly, "Unsure why you would want this, your artificial intelligences are … aggravating."

It takes a few more moments before she realizes she was here to do something other than talk about flying horses and tech she hates. "Speaking of phones, I left my number here to be talked with once two people, A purple teleporting man, and a strangely picasso styled robot, had a chance to let others know I was seeking help. I was told to come here from a very nice man, Cain. He is brothers to a Charles who is here?"

* * *

The remark about how Dani knows of Supergirl's antics isn't necessarily responded to, though it does bring a slight twitch of her eyebrow upward.

Anything else that could be said, however, is interrupted when Kara spies Brightwind. The pegasus in question immediately responds with a whicker and then he trots out of the stable. Once outside he high-steps right on over to Kara in an obviously friendly manner.

Dani just stifles a quiet sight. Why does it seem like all winged creatures have an ego the size of a planet?

"Brightwind is obviously fine with accepting any pets, so by all means -" Comes that same dry tone from Moonstar that she used earlier.

Of course, when the caped young woman offers Doug her phone, Moonstar can't quite stop another look to be sent towards her teammate. She holds her tongue to see how he responds to the offer of the phone.

It's only with the mention of Charles' and his brother that Moonstar's expression shifts to something more serious. "What sort of help are you looking for? Specific things, or generalized help against Registration?"

* * *

Doug murmurs, with something of a squint, "He's not a robot, he's an omni-morphic alien-" You know what, nevermind, because this lady, however charming, just mentioned the Juggernaut like they're besties and THAT puts Doug a little bit on edge.

He looks down at the phone, and then takes it, and absently fiddles with it, his expression fixated on it.

* * *

By the time Dani is giving permission, Supergirl is face to face with the pegasus. She's grinning at him, and shakes her head, "I do not know who made you, but you are very beautiful." She pets the side of the pegasus's face, and treats the animal like it has all of her attention. "At some point we should fly together, I can show you my favorite places. Though, some of them you probably can't go to, one is inside of a volcano, it is just so… amazingly comfy."

The attention is given to the Pegasus as much as it wants while Supergirl hands off her phone if Doug is missing one. "You can wipe it, I can get another one." She offers and shrugs her shoulders a bit at that, "I don't use it much… I was looking to help stop registration. I have given my speech, I wanted to be part of the march that was held, but was… stopping a nuclear explosion from destroying a dam that would have wiped out 14 villages. And I need allies."

* * *

Brightwind is all good with all the pets.

All the pets.

He isn't ashamed of soaking of any and all adorations. Truly. It's something that drives Dani to drink sometimes.

Still, there's an affectionate look from Dani to the pegasus, before she quickly chimes in, "Yes, volcanos would be bad for him, but he's free to fly whenever he wants. Whether I'm around or not."

Then it's back to Doug for a few seconds and finally back to Supergirl. The casual mention of a nuclear explosion gives the Cheyenne pause, but eventually she speaks again, "Well, I'm glad you were there to stop the explosion. As for marches, I'm sure there will be more to attend. I think any and all help is welcomed to show support for bringing down registration. All of use who fight against registration are always looking for allies - though one thing that we, specifically here, want is to make sure we're fighting smartly. We don't want to give anyone any more fuel to add to the mutant and meta 'problem' they see. So, we need to be judicious in how we fight back when it's in a very public venue."

* * *

Doug tilts his head, and then hands the phone back. "Here, I replaced Siri with one that I use. The activation word is 'Douglock'." When Doug says that, the phone goes 'Ping Ping' and a black and yellow entity that looks like it's half Doug's face and half the alien Supergirl met on her previous visit to the school appears in the lower left corner.

"Douglock, please transfer all voice control commands to Supergirl the next time she speaks."

'Self will comply, Boss.'

Doug looks up, and says, "Douglock is my own work, way more responsive than Siri. I worked him out theoretically in my head, and implemented the code just now."

* * *

There's just more and more and more pets from Supergirl. She's never seen a pegasus before and is eyeballing the animal with big wide-eyes. She grins to him, and starts to even rub her cheek up against the winged horse's face, or neck, where ever Brightwind allows. Very much just a kid at a candy store.

"Well, that was what Cain was saying. He said that you here could help me. And, that's why I showed up. He was very nice, and seemed to know what he was talking about. And very very big, I suspect he's some kind of meta." Supergirl offers to the others before adding to the comments. "Well, I've already been threatened by two Captains. Marvel and America. For saving people from law enforcement violence." She sighs, and shakes her head at that, "I could avoid Captain America easily without a fight. I'm not worried about him. Marvel, she… I think if we got in a fight, even if I didn't fight back, there'd be… bad things that happened. I couldn't see through her at all, she was a black hole… even silenced the radio waves around me." Confusion sets in a bit, but she is grinning once more when the pegasus's face is up against hers for another rub. And then Supergirl gets her phone back, "Douglock." Ping ping, "Find me nearby ice cream." And soon some results come up and she sighs, "Thank you! Earth technology is quaint, but sometimes it is just very frustrating."

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