Juggernaut and Kara become... friends?
Roleplaying Log: Juggernaut and Kara become… friends?
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Juggernaut and Kara are both in Mutant town for different reasons. They end up chatting about morality and more.

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IC Date: May 04, 2019
IC Location: Mutant Town
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Mutant Town has seen better days, that's for sure. Registration, Riots, Angry Metahumans and Mutants and Sentinels and who knows what else! It's all left quite the mess and done much in souring the attitudes of the locals who already have it hard enough as is with anti mutant sentiment a constant concern and now the law itself against them and their very existence.

Of course, such matters are seemingly beneath the attention of one Cain Marko .. or so he'd have you believe. Truthfully, he does have an opinion on such things. He has viewpoints, beliefs, points of views and all that.. they just take a back seat when a job is in order..or at stake as his current contract is.

"Whaddya mean you're backing out!" the gigantic red head man bellows into his smartphones headset while standing near a large pile of rubble on a taped off corner. One huge foot is propped up on a piece of uprooted concrete while a huge finger presses against his ear to keep his bluetooth stablized.

"After your performance in Queens and the failure to capture The Hulk…"

"Don't go blaming that on me! You pulled me out!"

"Our confidence in your ability to face The Hulk and The Avengers not high…"

"You calling me a weakling!?" Cain's voice raises into a slight bellow that causes those nearby to duck and shrink away, retreating to the shadows. The movements remind the big man that he's hardly in a private location and he grumbles, "Look, this aint the place to call and bug me with this! The Hulk aint out the picture yet. You Weapon Plus jerks need to learn a little patience.."

* * *

It's a horrible sight, the places that Supergirl has been. She's seen things damaged and destroyed, people in dire straights, she's heard the cries and tears of those who have lost. She's on her own mission though, and stopping by people and asking them if they have any idea of where one Eliza Marshall has gone? She gets some horrible looks and other people take a few moments to talk with her about it. "I am think it's wrong that they blamed a fourteen year old girl for all of this, I want to find her to protect her from… from what they might do if they find her."

It's a common conversation she's been having down here, up above, with mutants and others for sure, but on her way to the next group of people… Cain's words are more easily heard. Though, to be fair, as soon as he's drawn her attention even the conversation on the phone is easy enough for her to hear.

Walking in the direction of the big man, Kara reaches up and taps him on the shoulder, "Cain? The Hulk is not someone to fight. He's incredibly strong, and he isn't an enemy. Who are the Avengers?" There's really no pause in her step or her question, she's just interrupting the phone call. This person does look an awful lot like the blonde girl Cain met in that pizza place a while ago. To be fair though, she's dressed very differently. Blue top that reveals her entire midriff, and a blue miniskirt that'd be too short if she weren't a super hero, and a lot of red and gold lining… plus, a cape. Really. A cape. A big red S kind of design on her chest matching the symbol on her cape.

* * *

A Super…….Girl?

Cain blinks, clearly caught off guard as he turns to look on the blonde girl who shook the earth when she was getting angry at social injustice. He's so confused he doesn't even have time to get angry at being interrupted or at the non stop flurry of comments. He just sort of stares blankly at her and then lets a confused looking grin crease his features with one eyebrow raised.

"Uh..I need to call you back.." he grunts into his phone and hten clicks, disconnecting the call.

"What a minute..wha? Uh.. Kara right? … The Avengers? Wait, what? How the heck did you hear that? You listening in?"

He pauses again, trying to clear his mind as he looks her over and then finally asks, "..You a fan of Superman or something?"

* * *

The stares are pretty common. Supergirl's gotten used to them. Some people it's cause she's got a short skirt, other people because she's holding a building up over their head, still others just… when she speaks, she gets looks at times as well. So, that part isn't really bizarre, the length of time is a little strange, but ignorable. Earthlings.

Once Cain starts speaking though, she smiles and nods her head, "Right. Kara. We got pizzas together. Talked. And, yes, yes I was listening in. It's technically… overhearing, but there's not a lot I can't hear." And she then squints, and rolls her eyes at the question, "No, by Rao, no. He's my cousin, and ugh, he's so…" Clenching her fists together, to calm herself, like that's a button and you just jabbed right into it. She qickly moves her hair out of her face instead of punching something, "Forget about it. Kara works."

* * *

Oh boy. If there's a button - Cain's going to push it. Plus it seems to be capable of distracting her from her previous line of questioning. It also helps that he's damn curious here.

"Wait, wait. So..you're not a -fan- but you're dressed like a..uh..what..gender-swaeped version of him. Right." there's a pause and then Cain's grin gets even bigger. A schoolyard bully that loves pulling on those pigtails - "I think yer a fan.."

He chuckles and quickly pockets his blue tooth before rumbling, "Well if it's Kara you want to go by instead of..I dunno..Super..girl..then, Kara it'll be. No problem. Cute outfit though. I dig."

* * *

It's like her jaw suddenly broke and gapes open, "What?! No, I am -not- dressed like him. He's dressed like me. Really, it's not… actually, he's dressed in the manner of the House of El. And yes, I did take some of Earth's fashion and altered the more traditional look, but… nothing that I may not have done… before, here." Kara grumbles and is immediately showing that she's flustered in an angry way, not an embarassed fashion.

"He's so… frustrating… he's friendly, and nothing really bothers him, and he's ALWAYS doing good, and never screws up. Sometimes a building just won't hold up it's own weight from the corner, alright? That's not my fault, it's just physics." Putting her hand on her chest, as she's explaining before she stops a moment and then breathes in and out through her nose before she lets out a sigh, "Yeah. Kara. Thanks. And… you think so? I like it…"

Suddenly smiling Kara is looking down at herself and she kind of twirls a moment, "I made it myself. Well, with the materials I brought with me. And the cape just helps… you know, I can block or guard people with it." She holds it up, stretching it out, "Pretty durable stuff, probably wouldn't tear before I do… And - for the record - it was your planet's media that named me Supergirl. Not me."

* * *

Okay so maybe that worked a little -to- well. Cain blinks in confusion, is briefly reminded why he's glad he didn't try and have any kids, and then holds up both of his hands to calm her down as she nears the end of her..well..tirade isn't fair but he's abit worn out.

"Whoa, whoa, wait a sec. Alright, alright. House of El? What, are you royalty? Look, I dunno."

Cain lowers his meaty hands and shrugs a bit before reaching a hand up to scratch the back of his head in confusion, "So you got an older family member who does everything perfectly and that everyone loves…"

There's a brief pause as -that- irony hits him and he grimaces a little bit and then shakes his head and grunts, "Alright, I get it, I get it. Believe me, I understand. But..uh.. you out here trying to save and guard people. Why're you trying to -do- what he does if you don't want to be compared to him and he does it..uh..better? Folk are gonna just call you Super'girl' and put you up next to him, right? Why not..I dunno..be different?"

* * *

"No, no, it's not…" Kara brings a hand up to her forehead, and she shakes her head lightly, closing her eyes a moment. "I'm not Royalty. It's… here on Earth you have Family Crests with some cultures? Similar." And she sticks out her chest and points at it, likely pointing right at the symbol not her chest for staring or anything. "This is my family crest. It isn't an 'S', it's Kryptonian for El. House of El. It, means hope."

There's a look of a person who's trying to slow down, who's upset still, and then she folds her arms under her chest, "My cousin, he won't… he won't take a stand against the Registration Act. I did. He… throws people in jail. I just beat them up and hopefully they learn their lesson." Kara offers a shrug, "He disapproves of me wearing the skirt, or going out, or doing anything fun. Or anything that isn't… just… pure good. He wouldn't want me down here trying to interrupt whoever is looking for Eliza Marshall from finding them. Even if I have to fight that… Captain Marvel lady, I will."

Taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, she sits… in mid-air, just floating above the ground in a sitting position. "You haven't… by chance, seen this Eliza Marshall girl? I'm super worried about her… being made into the scapegoat for… for what happened down here."

* * *


Cain doesn't answer that question. He listens, well enough at least. His jaw tighten slightly and he then shakes his head and rumbles, "Hmm..yeah a real holier then thou type…it sounds like.."

He looks off to the side, as if thinking, and then says, "..Still.. 'Kara'.. I'm sure even where you're from..sometimes laws get passed that everybody didn't agree with, right? It's the job of some folk to uphold the law..even if others don't like it. That doesn't mean they like the laws, y'know? But..gotta do a job. I told you before..I told you when we last talked that you had to be prepared for some consequences depending on what you did..right? You ready to fight someone like Captain Marvel? Someone just doing her job? You know.. it's real easy to..kinda..step over the tracks, so to speak. Be doing what you think is right and then you look up and now you're a super villain."

Cain rubs his jaw, scratching his unshaven hair thoughtfully before he grunts, "I'm just sayin'.. everybody aint cut out for that.."

* * *

Putting her elbows on her knees, and then resting her head on her hands, Kara nods her head, and sighs out, "Yeah, that's one way of saying it. People here think he's that Jesus figure in your religious text." And she then pouts a bit, listening, but not looking up, she's more looking down. Kind of bummed after talking about Superman.

"Yeah. I know, I'm not stupid. I'm actually super smart, especially here." She grumps as she listens a bit more, "Cain, I get it. I really do. I'm not planning on killing anyone, but if I have to fight someone to defend some … kid. Even -if- her powers did something to escalate things, she'd never of been in that situation if people just… left her alone." And Kara sniffs a moment, "Just, allow her to live the life she should be allowed to live. Be a lawyer, or a doctor, or something, who knows? Right? No one gave her a single chance… and now they blame her. It's -not- her fault."

Standing up, Kara looks at Cain, floating upwards so she's more eye to eye. "I don't care what people say about me. I'm already called a barbie doll, and I'm not even sure what that is, but it is an insult, that much I can tell. I'm told I ruin more of the city than I save. I have police who hate me because I can do their job better on my way to save the city. I've got no group, I'm the only one of my kind… I'm the only true one of my kind, at least. In the entire Universe. And besides… I'd like to see them try and lock me up. They've never dealt with me." Her eyes flare up, white hot but no beam comes out of them, it does cause the skin around her eyes to glow red though. Like staring into the sun itself.

* * *

What to do. Really he shouldn't care and it's not his business but..

"..They can find a way.." he grumbles. A hint of 'knowing' in his voice. The pang of wounded pride at knowing full well the unstoppable actually -can- be stopped with enough high tech genius and firepower involved to keep it in place. "They got.. 'things' … that'll do the job if they need it to. Aint cheap though..not many of 'em.. Raft might have it. IF not there's other holding places. The Vault, some joints overseas.."

He clears his throat and then raises his voice, "Tough talk though girl. Even if they didn't.. who is 'they' exact. YOu including a certain guy named Super-man- in that category? You gonna fight him?"

* * *

"High Tech." Kara almost scoffs at that phrase, and she rolls her eyes, "Your people are barely beginning to even understand the atom. Your geneticists are marvelling still at the simplicity of DNA." She laughs sadly, "It's like I flew backwards in time to an age of idiocy." A shake of her head, and she sighs, "I'm sorry, I'm just not having a good day."

And she nods her head, "I believe you. I believe they have things that could stop me. They'd have to catch me first. I do not doubt this, not really. I've seen… what strength metas have on this planet. I just… I can't stand by while innocent people get hurt. Even if… even if I'm the one they blame. I've tried to have them target me. I want them to… I can take it. Others? Little girls, children? Parents? It's not something they should be forced to bare."

Her tone fluctuates between sadness, hope and defiance as she talks. Though when you bring up… Superman, her eyes look down and to the side. She speaks quietly, "I… I don't know. I just wish… I wish he would stand up for what was right. People would listen, they'd stop fighting. I can shout it at the top of my lungs, and people don't care. But… they look up to him, he wouldn't even have to fight. And yet… he's too much an Earthling to… to feel that push. Not that all of you are the same, just a lot of you obey authority, instead of doing what is right."

* * *


The chuckle from Cain is somber though still amused, "Don't get to high horse on me 'Supergirl'. This 'fear of authority' you're talking about..it's everywhere. Not just on Earth. Besides..if you push people hard enough they do begin to push back.. But I told you the last time that people stand to lose things and sometimes people aren't ready to give things up or lose them in the name of a fight, versus fallin' in line. Or they want to use another way to 'fight'.. Don't ge to over confident. There's other metahumans around and stuff like that pushes technology. You're not immune to being taken down a peg.."

Cain catches himself at that point and then says with a shrug, "Look.I'm not trying to scare you I just..you know…. I don't wanna see you make a bad decision is all. It only takes one."

* * *

"I get it." Supergirl says with a tone that teenagers have mastered. Though she slumps her shoulders some, "I can't go down any further though. I'm not brave, I'm just… I've got nothing to lose." Kara offers before she smiles lightly and raises her head up and nods. "I don't really… get scared anymore. When you've had everything taken, watched your home explode as you were forced to escape… even though… even though you wanted to stay…" She reaches up and wipes a tear from one of her eyes.

Turning her back to Cain she lands on the ground and rubs her eyes with her blue sleeve, "What can they do to me? I don't fear pain, or death. I'm not worried… for me. I'm… worried I'll… I'll do something I can't take back."

* * *

Whoops. Looks like she's on the verge of crying. That's a step to far and Cain's not prepared to go down any sort of emotional ramp. He seizes up internally and the gruffer mor rugged attitude returns.

"Yeah, look, dont' get all teary eyed on me. I'm just a concerned citizen…" he grumbles.

"You haven't lost everything yet Kara. You still got your freedom. Your dignity…your pride. You haven't reached the point of loss some…folk have. But you get it. I get that you get it."

Cain looks somber but then shakes that off and answers an early question, "Sorry. Don't know that girl. She caused the riots eh? Fourteen? Well they can't put her in The Raft. To young. DOesn't mean they won't try and figure something else out if she's actually guilty. How much do you know about what happened here? They wrecked my favorite bar.."

* * *

There's a few more wipes of her eyes, taking her hands up to her face and rubbing a bit before Kara finally manages to turn back around with reddened eyes. She sniffles a bit but then just says, "I'm not free to do the one thing I want to do." She looks at Cain now very seriously, and she says, "Your brother. You should go and see him, talk with him. Reconnect. I… those who I'd call family, they, I can't… no matter what I had to give up, if I could just have one more conversation, one more lesson on physics, one more talk about responsibility, one more laugh, one more hug. You should… family forgives."

And she has no clue what she's talking about with regards to Cain and Charles, but she's definitely on board with her idea. Though she lets out a tired sigh, "I don't know much of what happened, to be honest. I was… away from Earth during the attacks. Otherwise I'd of stopped it. I know people got hurt, some people died, and that it wouldn't of happened if the Registration Act wasn't in force. They even have the audacity to say that any expression of an ability is… is… illegal. That's -just- like saying it is illegal to be Black, or Purple, Green, short, tall… it's dumb. And, I don't drink… I would, but it doesn't do anything to me."

* * *

"Kinda impossible that.." muses Cain, thoughtfully, "Sometimes just…being..is expressing the ability.."

He then blinks and frowns, as if the first statement only jus tnow hit him.

"Huh? What??" He looks blankly at Supergirl for a moment and for the briefest of instants it looks like he might actually get angry at her audacity. He then just laughs, "Family forgives, eh?? Hah!" Cain places one hand on his hip now as he leans forward to look at Kara, "You get by the mansion, eh? What those losers fill your head with? Nothing good from the sound of it.."

* * *

Supergirl blinks a few times and pulls back, she shakes her head, "They thought you were a bad influence, enough to want to attack me. Though… they didn't know Charles. Either there are a lot of them there now, or they didn't want to tell me. It's sometimes hard to tell when I'm hearing heartbeats for the first time."

Kara adds onto that, "But, you. I was actually thinking back to our last conversation, and you told me to visit him but… you wouldn't. I figure you've had a disagreement so you don't see one another." A little shrug and Kara just mentions with a soft tone, "My family's flaw is that we have… hope. It's kind of our job, can't deny the name. Right?" Grinning a bit at that she takes in a deep breath through her nose. "And, I agree. For those people who… just are… I'm pretty much invulnerable. Am I breaking the law now? It's expressing the power. What if someone punches me, am I the one who's a criminal now?"

* * *

Cain rolls his eyes and just shakes his head, looking disappointed and mildly annoyed, "Don't know 'Charles'? Tth..it's his house. THey were just tryin' to protect him and throw you off any trail in case you were a danger. They ujumped to conclusions just because of being afraid. He's Professor freakin' Xavier..world renowned.." He sneers a little at that and then just shakes his head again, "FIgured they'd wanna just stay out of it all though I'd bet some of them are mixed up in this stupid registration mess…"

He considers the rest of her words and then smirks a little, "Bad influence eh? Hmm..that's not surprising though sounds like you had a bad batch of 'em. Most are smarter then that. If I wanted to do something to them I'd come myself. To bad. I send 'em a 'Supergirl' and they drove her off. Sucks to be them.. As to the rest? Yeah I agree. It's a stupid law. Gonna cause nothing but trouble.."

* * *

"There's just… people who are afraid there. And a pegasus. Brightwind. He's pretty cool." Kara mentions with a small smile on her face, "I promised him I'd fly a bit with him from time to time, but…" A bit of a shrug of her shoulders. "There was someone who teleports, and another person who looks like a robot who was made by picasso. I met the owner of Brightwind and a guy named Doug. Two visits, really, the first one they said they'd get back to me. This second time, I was trying to say, hello, no one got back to me."

Shrugging her shoulders, "It may be them, like you are saying. I'm kind of used to it, none of thee groups I know about want me. I don't get it, their entire team can't solve a problem I can on my own. My cousin said, that's why. Being… powerful, doesn't make you a lot of friends. Except, maybe, The Hulk." Then she blinks, "Oh right, you were talking about The Hulk on the phone. Please, don't fight him, he really is nice. Just… angry. I get that. I'm angry too."

* * *

So much to unpack here. Cain breathes heavily, shaking his head and questioning himself on where this patience has come from. But then again he's not without it even with his inward grumbling. Brief flashes of a certain irish teenager redhead come to his mind and he just sort of nods to himself and just accepts this all and continues on.

"Right, well, it doesn't sound like you talked to anyone actually..-important-.. That's the problem. Just some of the stragglers. Some who might not even know who I am by name. So that all makes sense then. To many people there like you said.."

His voice trails off but then The Hulk comes back up. Figures things would come full circle and Cain grunts.

"You shouldn't listen in on conversations y'know. No telling what you might learn. Besides..didn't you know the Hulk is like..like..The strongest creature out there? Well maybe you do know now if you..fought him."

This part surprises him a little bit, "You can't weight more then a buck-ten and you fought The Hulk? I guess you do nkow Superman.. Well anyway.. what makes you think -I- could handle a punch from him? And if I could he is kinda dangerous. You get angry you just fly off and sulk. Hulk gets angry.. buildings fall and things end up in orbit..right?"

* * *

Skipping to the last bit of the conversation, first, Kara is kind of grimacing, wincing almost a bit. "Um, actually. I … if, I get… angry, really really angry. I cause enough property damage as it is…" Kara gives an awkward look, like she isn't sure which facial expression to take there. "And yeah, I did fight The Hulk. He hit me a few times, more than a few times, … a lot more than a few times." She adds and then says, "But, in the end, we were friends."

Smiling at that part she adds to the conversation, "It's not just that he's strong, he's angry. But anger clouds the mind from strategy. And smarts win more battles than raw power."

Then she goes back to the bit about listening in on conversations, "Well, then I'm super rude. I listen in on everyone's conversations all the time. I've learned pretty well to listen for Supergirl, or Kara, memorizing voice patterns, pitch, tones, so I kind of know if it's me Kara or some random person named Kara out in the world. I can also hear and see radio waves… most cellphone signals are encrypted but I can generally trace them to their source." A bit of a shrug, and perhaps oversharing, "My best friend kind of got mad at me for spying, stalking, her. Since I can see through things as well… really, it's basically impossible to hide from me if I wanted to find you. I just need to know you, which is why I need to find a recording or something of that girl. Maybe some of her clothing… so I can follow her smell… I dunno."

Adding at the end, "It was just, the way you were talking on the phone, is all. It sounded like you -wanted- to fight the Hulk. You shouldn't fight him, it's not fun for him. It might be for you, and me, but him? It's really kind of sad."

* * *

"Listen, first off, spyin' on folks conversations..that's just as immoral as this whole registration thing, right? Tth. That cape don't put you above folks right to privacy. There's laws abou tthat to y'know And secondly..I promise you..the Hulk enjoys fighting and proving he's the strongest there is. Don't let that sob story fool you. You gotta get the whole story, Kara, before making decisions about people you know?" Cain actually seems a little amused but then shrugs and adds, "Also..you're being kinda casual about the idea that I could even fight The Hulk. He's one of the powerful folk in the world. Stronger even then your buddy Superman.."

Cain pauses and then considers, "..What..exactly..did those folk at the mansion tell you about me?"

* * *

There's a bit of a shake of her head, "You think it's immoral. There's no objective idea of listening in being immoral. I save lives by doing so." Kara shrugs her shoulders some, "I keep a lot of it to myself. So, it isn't like I'm spying on people in their shower or anything… I let those kinds of things go and I don't look." She mentions seemingly unphased by the moral argument, and she chuckles a bit, folding her arms casually, "It's not at all the same to the Registration Act. The Registration Act is wrong. It doesn't matter if it's a law or not. It is good to protect people, one of the ways I can do that is by listening in. I'm not sure where your argument is going but logically, reasonably and morally, you are incorrect about my listening." Sounds like she's had this convesation before, perhaps even with her cousin the Big S.

"They didn't tell me anything. You told me a lot. Your body posture while you were on the phone, your tone, what you were saying. How you asked whoever was on the phone, defiantly 'You calling me a weakling?' Or something like that." A bit of a shrug, and Kara offers with a smug smile, "I told you. I'm not stupid. Okay? And my cousin just hits things harder if he doesn't win at first. I was able to come to a stand still with The Hulk. How? I outsmarted him. Though, the people at the mansion being afraid of your name, -did- confirm for me you were likely a meta of some kind, and considering your density and biomass, it isn't difficult to tell that you are probably pretty strong. And then… the phone, thing." A quick look around before she shrugs her shoulders, "I don't listen to what other people say about people. I make up my own mind."

* * *

"Yeah, okay. I guess the jig is up. You're right." says Cain, shrugging a little bit, "No sense in pretending now. I'm what you call a mercenary but some might call me a super villain. I don't much like titles though but whatever works for people. The names Juggernaut…"

Out of habit, he pauses there, as if expecting it to cause some sort of revelation to hit whoever hears the name but..it occurs to him it won't matter to Kara so he doesn't let the pause last to long.

"And listen..I don't care how hard you think your cousin can hit something or yourself.. aint nobody or nothing can hit harder then the Hulk when he gets going.. except me. I'm not a 'meta' the way you think either. My powers are magical and that's a whole other realm of nonsense.. So..yeah.. I'm on the clock regarding The Hulk. Sorry, girl. It's just the way it's gotta be…"

* * *

"Juggernaut?" Kara snickers a bit and nods her head, "Well, okay. I mean, who am I to make fun of -your- name right? I'm Supergirl." And she shakes her head a bit at that, and just shrugs a little, "If you hit harder than The Hulk. Just make sure you don't do anything really really bad. Okay? I'd hate to find out how hard you hit… if you can even touch me."

"I guess at this point I should go. It's… bad for my super hero brand to be hanging out with a mercenary." A sigh and she shrugs her shoulders, "Well, anyhow. You probably won't need it, but if you ever need help. Or, if you think you'd be willing to join a march against the Registration Act. Just… sort of… say so. Maybe with a - Hey Kara I'm talking to you Supergirl, and I'm good with marching just let me know when." She says that last part in the deepest grumbling voice she can impersonate, which is just comical without her using her super voice to make her pitch and tone change. So it's just a slightly gruffier version of a soft toned feminine voice.

"Kal will be so angry if I tell him I know you. I'm sure he knows who you are. So, if you guys… you know…" She brings her fists together, "Could you… maybe… not tell him you know me once your caught?" Squinting a little bit she smiles a small questioning smile.

* * *

Whoops! If she checks the news later she'll find out he was involved in wrecking at least two sections of New York in the past eight months. Last time in a fight with Hulk. But that's not here or now.

"What..hey!" he rumbles with a frown, "Juggernaut is a -real word- okay? Look it up! It's awesome!" His petulant brief tantrum ends and he shrugs, "Didn't I say earlier you should just do what you want? And caught?" He folds his huge arms, "Yeah, you need to look up what the word 'Juggernaut' means…" he waves it all off in the end, "Fine, don't worry about it Kara. Your rep will stay squeaky clean."

* * *

Grinning bigger, Kara will actually come in for a quick hug, and then back off fast, super fast. She giggles, "Yes, caught. He isn't very bright, but he has some of the… well, he inspires people. That's more dangerous than anything else in this universe. Juggernaut." Shaking her head she can't help but crack up a little more, right on the spot. And she's flying backwards, then more seriously. "If you hear anything about that Eliza Marshall girl, let me know first. I'll make sure I um… I dunno, get you something… like, a rock from one of Jupiter's moons. Okay? Okay, deal, bye!" And she then jets off faster than a speeding bullet, by a long shot.

* * *

"Stop making fun of my name!" is Cain's only response. A deep, deep frown that only persists after she flies off. Teenage Superheroes are quite literally the worst. Is nothing sacred to them.

"Man..how'd I manage to get on the good side of Supergirl.." he mutters before turning to step for a dark side street.

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