Helping Hand
Roleplaying Log: Helping Hand
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Lex Luthor meets Ms. Harmon's latest project.

Other Characters Referenced: Eliza Harmon
IC Date: May 05, 2019
IC Location: LexCorp
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Posted On: 05 May 2019 21:01
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"… move forward with the dismantling of the ship. I want to know what makes it tick. I don't care if you can't put it back together, we're on the verge of some of the greatest scientific revelations of our time. Get it done."

Lex Luthor hands the phone that he no longer wants to be holding to Mercy as he and his Amazonian bodyguards make their way from the elevators and down the hall of various lab doors that each house a specific experiment. Or just a space for many of his employees to work.

Lex has been keeping tabs on a handful of the more promising projects down here and it has come time to check on them and the people running them. To see who has made progress, who may need more resources to make progress or who may need to be fired.

Lex opens the doors to the lab belonging to Eliza Harmon and walks right inside. Time to see what's behind door number one…

* * *

Scheduling another 'appointment' had been no big deal. This is now the third time that Daisy's been down in Eliza's lab for any number of sciency reasons, though before the second visit had come to an end Eliza had already worked out an initial prototype for some power focusing gauntlets. The lady works fast, that's for certain!

For the moment it's only Daisy who is sitting in the lab and waiting for what she expected to be more of the same. With earthen tone street clothes and a courier bag containing said prototypes she looks perfectly unassuming. The sort of lady who would easily melt into most any urban crowd and not draw a second glance. That she's also been masquerading around various shady corners of Metropolis with the same alias 'Quake' and a much darker themed color palette is a detail which she has not been sharing with anyone associated with LexCorp.

These guys didn't need to know her real name. As far as she's concerned, no one really NEEDS to know it.

When Lex comes to the door he'll find the mild-mannered woman sitting alone, bouncing a superball from her palm to the wall and back. What makes it peculiar is that she's never actually -tossing- the ball. Instead it seems to pop right out from her fingertips. Upon hearing the door open the ball is soon caught as she stands and turns around, an automatic smile quickly changing to something more of confusion or surprise.

"Oh, uh..hi." Wait. Is that..?

* * *

"Yes. I'm Lex Luthor."

The immediate response to the facial expression of the girl that is decidedly not his employee is answered without missing a beat. Lex Luthor knows exactly how to make sure that he stays in control of rooms, conversations and whatever else may be happening in his immediate vicinity.

The two huge bodyguards that stay near the door also help.

Lex immediately takes a quick stock of the lab and commits so many things to memory after a cursory glance that he's making sure that there's not much that he doesn't know or understand about what's going on in here. "And you don't work for me. So." Lex Luthor moves over to one of the computers in the room and accesses the most recent project files because he can do that.

"Tell me a story."

Probably the only chance this person's going to get to explain herself before Hope and Mercy show her the way out.

* * *

This is not what Daisy had been expecting on so many levels! Sure enough, that is Lex Luthor, and his presence within the room is almost physical. What had managed to become a relaxed and friendly environment within Ellie's lab is suddenly replaced with a feeling of pure intimidation. That he also shows up with said bodyguards only serves to make the moment that much more tense.

And it seems that Ellie hadn't mentioned anything about her to Luthor beforehand. awkward.

Daisy quietly swallows once, never taking her wide eyes off of the trio of people now effectively hemming her in. "Eliza found me. I was having some problems with my meta abilities. She offered to help. I'm here because of her."

Short, direct, and truthful without divulging too many details. Hopefully it's enough, though already she's trying to map out an escape route if one becomes necessary. Could she blast through those guards and make a run for it? Maybe..but she probably wouldn't even make it to the elevator before the place got locked down.

She's had a taste of the tech around here. As a very skilled hacker she's all about the electronics and security measures, and this place? It measures up.

* * *

Maybe Lex Luthor knows more than he's letting on. Maybe he knows the entire story. Maybe he just wants to make sure the stories match up. Maybe he's just being a bit of a jerk because this is his building and he can do that. He doesn't even seem like he's paying attention while he listens to the words that are coming from the girl's mouth. He's much too busy scrolling through the information on the computers about what they've been doing down in this lab.

Lex finishes catching up on the experimentation files and steps away from the computer. "Very well." He must be okay with whatever she said because he's not having the bodyguards do their thing. Which is interesting because he doesn't actually need them in this building. Team Luthor is all over the place.

"We should continue making progress, then, hm?" Lex reaches for the button of his jacket and pulls it off, folding it over and handing it to Hope as he walks past. "I can only ascertain so much from the notes." Lex starts rolling up the sleeves, neatly, of his expensive button down shirt. "I work better once I've seen things first hand. Show me."

* * *

Throughout Lex's reading of the notes Daisy can just stand there, watch, and wait. Is this going to be the turning point where Lex questions why his time and resources are being dumped into some girl practically pulled off of the street and has the 'project' canned? Or…

The 'very well' doesn't -seem- too threatening but it also doesn't seem particularly welcoming. What sets that into motion is Lex suggesting that they continue, a statement which causes Daisy's brows to tick a little further up. The removal of his jacket and the rolling of sleeves marks that clear impression of 'getting down to work' but something about it almost seems wrong to her. This guy has a huge corporation to run, why does he suddenly have an interest in her little problem?

Daisy looks uncertain but it's pushed aside for now. The superball is set upon the chair she had formerly occupied then an empty palm comes up beside it, inches away from touching. Then—pop! The ball leaps across the room, bounces against the wall, bounces off of the floor, then gets caught in her hand. She's been practicing, though a superball is still small potatoes.

A lot could be said first-hand regarding her power but Lex has all of the notes already. With how quickly Liz operates she's probably documented every single word to have come from Daisy's mouth since the moment they had first met in the park. Thus, for now she remains silent in the presence of the CEO.

* * *


That's the bulk of Lex Luthor's response to seeing the super ball in action. He doesn't need to see it again because he's got that kind of memory that makes things stay in his head. This is probably why he always ends up a few dozen steps ahead of his enemies. Why he always manages to have a way out or around a given situation. Why he seems to be quite content with always being prepared even when it looks like he's not.

Why he wanted to see it in action in the first place.

"What happens when you can't control it?"

The question is asked as if he's expecting a demonstration of more power or something of that nature. He's not exactly sure the lab can take what may be about to happen but he's more than willing to reinforce this lab to make sure she gets the help she needs. Or maybe move them to a different facility. He has lots.

* * *

Lex might be expecting a demo of a 'loss of control' but Daisy's not feeling up to trying it. She's still trying to figure out a sure-fire way to turn it off. There's a lot that could go wrong!

"It..varies," she starts in while casting her gaze downward and gently passing the ball from one hand to the next. "On the outside it could be tremors in the ground. More dense objects might crack or crumble. Lots of broken glass. Machinery might start to fall apart. Sometimes things are sent flying away from me. On the inside I often develop micro-fractures in the forearms. Sometimes there's headaches, vertigo, internal bleeding…all of that fun stuff."

The ball is caught in one hand down at her side, the other catching the elbow across her middle. "I've seen and felt it do a lot of different things. I can never really be sure if it's going to be a 'little' outbreak or a potentially building-leveling one."

Looking back to Lex with a bit of caution, she adds "I would not suggest trying for a demonstration. There's no guarantee that I'd be able to regain control."

* * *

"So what you need is something to minimize the ramifications of loss of control while also stabilizing your meta abilities to allow you to have a more complete control over them. Preferably something that can be modified and tweaked while in use."

Lex is probably just speaking to himself while designing some rough things in his mind.

"Why the gauntlets?" Lex taps his chin for a moment. "Are your meta abilities focused only through your hands and arms?"

Lex might as well get as many questions as he can while he's making mental blueprints about what changes he'd make to Eliza's already considerably well done design.

* * *

It seems a little strange to be talking about all of these details twice, particularly without having Eliza present (AND with having those two guards still standing in the room!) However, Daisy persists. When the gauntlets are mentioned she goes to pull them out of her bag.

"Exactly that," she confirms. "Without anything protecting my arms even a little outburst can leave some pretty heavy bruises as far up as my shoulders, but..the fractures seem to be centered around the forearms."

The prototypes are next to be placed upon the chair. Unlike the ball, no efforts are made to launch them across the room. "Eliza and I had determined that the vibrational waves get tighter the closer they get to my hands, to the point where I'm..literally..shaking myself apart. Her ideas for the gauntlets, and partly my own, is to protect my arms while helping to focus the effect through the hands. Anything north of the elbows seems pretty insignificant, really. It's only become an issue if I've already injured myself pretty badly."

* * *

Lex is over at the chair and inspecting the gauntlets quickly and in shorter order than he went through the notes. "Hm. This is a very good start." Lex makes sure to compliment the work of one of his employees before he starts tearing into it. He doesn't do much more than poke and prod. "Perhaps Ms. Harmon and I can work together on the next version. I have some thoughts." Lex raises an eyebrow and looks back up to the one that will be wearing these things.

"As impressive as your abilities are, if they harm you, you'll be no good to the world. To helping the world survive this new wave of darkness that seems to be overtaking it. The faster we protect you, the quicker you can protect us." Lex sprinkles a little of his reasoning on wanting to have a hand in it.

* * *

Of course Daisy had seen some of Lex's public statements on the news. Eliza had been a key component in her being here but it had been Lex's speeches which had given Daisy some of that initial hope. Maybe he's all super-intimidating in person and while inside of his own facility, but this hardened demeanor seems to be hiding something much more potent.

He doesn't just seem interested in helping Eliza's project. He seems genuinely -motivated- to help it succeed.

Daisy actually smiles a little. Lex sounds downright invested in it after a few minutes of talking. Furthermore, neither Liz nor Daisy are getting into trouble for having gotten started without formal approval.

"O—of course," Daisy stammers while briskly shaking her head once. "Yah. I mean, if there's anything I can do to help move this forward. I'm just…" A little timid? "Thank you..sir. I can't tell you how much I look forward to not destroying myself."

Realizing a moment late how negative that sounds she pushes a smile back to her face and stands her ground, willing herself to just stop talking again. The look remains in her eyes, however. -Real- smooth, Daisy.

* * *

"Don't worry. Nobody destroys themselves with Lex Luthor's help."

Lex sets down the prototype gauntlets and moves over to take a moment to look into the meta ability haver's eyes. "I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that you never hurt yourself again. The world needs heroes. And if my only role in this game is to ensure that our heroes don't fall… then that's what I'm going to do."

Lex then moves off towards the doors, giving a nod to his bodyguards as they open the doors so that he can make his dramatic exit.

"Mercy. Give her the same access as Ms. Harmon. I want us all on the same page while we work this out."

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