Hide and Seek
Roleplaying Log: Hide and Seek
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Cassie's misplaced something, but surely that won't be a problem with a little help!

Other Characters Referenced: Starfire, Silkie, Zatanna Zatara
IC Date: May 05, 2019
IC Location: Titans Hideout, Long Island
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Posted On: 06 May 2019 03:15
Rating & Warnings: G
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"Well.. This is bad."

Cassie Sandsmark has a problem. Compared to most, it probably isn't much, but it's a problem all the same. Dressed in civvies, that your everyday slightly baggy pants, sneaks and a t-shirt (with a 'WW' on it of course), she's been rushing up, down and all around the headquarters with an expression that's a mixture of annoyance and worry. Currently she's crawling on the floor checking under all of the tables in the food court area.

Of course it always comes down to the food area when it comes to her, doesn't it? "This is ridiculous, it was just here."

"Weekends go by too fast. SIRIN, can we buy more weekend time?"

"No, I don't think it works that way. Sorry!"

"Eh. I figured."

Bart wanders into the common area, tugging on a dark red hooded sweatshirt over his typical shirt and jeans combo, his last two words muffled behind the material as he pulls it over his face. "There we go. Okay team, heading back to Alabama for dinner- Oh hey Cass. What's up? We playing a game?"

Of course that would be the first thing that comes to mind, even as he wanders over to peer beneath the table she's currently crawled under.

It's always the food court.

Despite their team number, Raven can usually tell when someone (or a few someones) is within the vicinity thanks to her empathic abilities. But there has always been a huge difference between controlling her own personal feelings and handling the other Titans' special blend of emotional output — which is to say, she doesn't really do anything with the latter. If emotions run high, they run high; as much as she would like to put a cap on it, she chooses to let these emotions wash over her while she continuously practices maintaining her cool, figuratively floating in a stream of consciousness no matter what time of day or night it is.

This time, however, it's of a different strain. Hurried, pricking tension that wavers through the air above her headspace, fading and blooming back in at an uneven pace. Very noticeable, since there aren't too many signs of life close by.

It's enough to end her accidental nap right then and there, anyway.

"Is there a problem?" comes a similar question, albeit whispery as it comes from another direction within the common area. Dressed in unsurprising black clothing and a knitted gray cardigan, Raven can be seen departing through the closest wall, meaning she didn't want to waste her time going all the way around from point A to point B. Violet eyes drift over to where Cassie is on the floor, arching a dark brow in turn before her gaze slides over to the speedster. "Hey Bart."

".. Uuugh." is Cassie's initial response to Bart's question, and she turns her head to his direction, "No, I'm not playing a ga—"


"Or am I?" the second question is directed more toward herself as she strokes her chin with a smile that suggests she may have just come up with a brilliant idea. But before the plan can really formulate, is when she catches the soft voice of Raven- A voice that she takes in a more positive manner. No offense, Bart, but frankly she rarely gets to engage in conversation with the (much) quieter Titan, "RAVEN!" she cries as she springs upward so suddenly that she slams her head against the table.

That ends up flipping right over from the impact. "Ow. Hey! How's it going??" another pause then she bops herself on the side of her head, "Oh wait, you asked me a question first, right right.. Bart and I are playing Hide and Seek! You want in? It's an animal~."

Bart's smile starts to fade along with his waning interest as Cassie starts to claim the negative. A brow ticks upwards as she turns that answer on a dime, and he tilts his head at her.

"Heya Raven," he says when they're joined by their other teammate, offering a small wave. His greeting's probably far overshadowed (not to mention drowned out) by Cassie's much louder one, followed by the clattering table as she slams her head against it in her haste to get up. The speedster can't help but wince at the sound, even though he knows Cassie's built almost as tough as Conner.

"…we are?" He's included in the game that Cassie wasn't sure she was playing a moment ago? Huh. That's news to him. It shows quite clearly on his face. He blinks at Cassie.

"Wait, that's not how you play hide and seek…" Or is it? Not like he's ever played it for real, after all.

The greeting and action of Cassie slamming her head against the table along with the result of its surface meeting the ground makes Raven wince a little, shoulders still hunched even after the noise comes to an abrupt end.

There's still a pause that comes into play. "It's…fine. I guess." She cants her head downward, letting her feet touch the ground now everything's been established. "Not that the order of questions asked matters…"

Again, her brows shifts, furrowing a bit more this time. "Hide and Seek." No tonal shift, no invisible question mark in repeating what Cassie says. She does briefly glance at Bart to know he's not actually in on it, but she considers.

Well. It's either this or going back to sleep. The former unfortunately sounds much more interesting. A small sigh escapes her as she runs a hand through short hair — a weak attempt at fixing the strands that may or may not be out of place. "…Sure, why not."

"Bart, keep up," is Cassie's answer to Bart's 'we are'. Sure, technically she volunteered him, but details! She doesn't seem to catch on that Raven's already caught on to her bluff though, as she continues, "Well it makes sense that animals don't play the same way we do, right? But don't worry, the rules aren't completely different."

Her attention goes back to Raven with a weak hopeful smile to the other's response, but once she agrees, the delight is written all over her face as she slaps her palms together, "Awesome!! All right, with the three of us this will be super easy! .. In theory. Basically I'm looking for a cat-" There's a reason for the pause. "-like rabbit. Like, it kind of has green eyes like one, but it's obviously a rabbit. It has white fur, except around the eyes and back where it's black. Oh, and it's name is 'Domino', but it doesn't really answer to that, so that's kind of what's making this whole thing so difficult."

Shrugging at Raven, Bart then scowls a little at being told to 'keep up.' "It'd be easier if I knew what I was trying to keep up with," he mutters. At least Cassie goes into more details without him having to ask just what kind of animal they're looking for.

"Like…a live rabbit? Cat. Wait, cat rabbit? How does a cat act like a rabbit? Does it eat carrots?"

He scratches his head, not really familiar with the ways of rabbits to pull much other comparisons than that. "Maybe Clawmy found it already." Pause. "Or Silkie. I don't know what Silkie eats though, never actually seen her. Or was it a he. It?"

"Right," Raven replies, shaking her head. Cassie is another one of the Titans who wears her heart on her sleeve, but there's nothing wrong with that. She means well, and her brightness at the moment can compete with Bart's eternal ray of sunshine. "Find the cat-rabbit."

A beat. "I would say this sound strange, but with the pets we already have…it really isn't." Unlike Bart, she hasn't even thought of what Silkie is exactly. But hopefully (hopefully) Clawmy has her attention elsewhere.

She looks away from the other two, thinking of where a fuzzy thing called 'Domino' would hide. "Is there anything else we need to know about 'Domino'? Or is what you've already told us mostly it?"

"No no no, it isn't a cat that acts like a rabbit," Cassie replies as she shakes her head, "It's a rabbit, it just.. Kind of reminds me of a cat- It's hard to explain but if you saw it you'd know what I meant! But basically, if there were like, seven rabbits here that had spots, you'd know which one was Domino right away. Roxie, one of my classmates over at University, asked me to watch it for the last two days so I took it as an opportunity to-" A pause as she looks to Raven. "Right! What I was using it for isn't important, we just need to find it! As for any other details.. Hmn, well.. I do recall Roxie saying it likes 'quiet and relaxed' spaces. But that could be, like, anywhere."

Her eyes then widen, as one of Bart's words hits her late. She raises her hands to her mouth, "Silkie? Oh no.. No no no, I didn't even think about that! Ok seriously, we need to find it fast."

"I'm pretty sure I fed Clawmy already but I haven't got a chance to find her since I got back," Bart says, glancing at Raven to see if maybe she has any better ideas. Clawminator Destrucat Mk. II did make it a habit hanging out in her room more often than not.

"Quiet and relaxed, huh? Okay, I'll start looking!" He turns and just as good as disappears. Looking everywhere is something he excels at.

"Well, Clawminator apparently left my room before I realized she did," the half-demon offers as a clue to the pink cat's whereabouts. Which doesn't really help. The poker-faced look she gives Cassie on the subject of Silkie doesn't help, either.

She exhales softly. "Okay then," Raven adds, floating up a bit so that she can begin searching down one corridor. "I'll try over this way. Good luck, you two."

"Hmn, well while Clawmy could be a problem, at least we'd be able to hear if they were chasing something. Silkie, I have zero idea how it hunts- If it even hunts? I completely forgot to ask Starfire." Cassie replies, which only makes her even more nervous. She isn't sure where Bart zipped off to, but she has faith in him! Her attention back to Raven, she gives another sheepish chuckle in response to the look she's given. Then claps her palms together again, "I *really* appreciate you helping me find Domino. And thanks! You too!"

And so she sweeps off to another area. In truth it really shouldn't take much longer than ten minutes if even that because said rabbit is tucked away wherever Raven was sleeping.

So of course the rabbit is in the only place Bart doesn't think to check as he tears down the wings and lower levels of the mall.

Variations of, "Heeeeeere Domino,?? here rabbit~!" can be heard echoing up and down the Titans' hideout. And then quite abruptly there's an, "Oh! There you are, Clawmy! - you didn't eat a rabbit with an eyepatch by any chance,?? did you?"

His search is quickly resumed, but eventually he returns to the former food court in defeat. "Sorry Cass, no luck. Maybe Zee can use her BPS?"


After what seems like a few minutes, Raven gives up.

What? That's it? Well…yeah, that's it from her. She sees nothing fitting the description of Domino, and seeing that there is nothing, she finds heading back into her room better than telling Cassie and Bart her search has been less than fruitful.

…So of course she looks less than surprised when she sees the little creature taking refuge in her room.


She needs to contact the others. That's what people usually do when they find lost pets. Instead, she lets the cat-like thing stay there for a while, taking to her bed in the meantime.

Oh, but she'll tell them. Eventually.

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