Win Some, Lose Some
Roleplaying Log: Win Some, Lose Some
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In which spider-sense meets its match.

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IC Date: May 05, 2019
IC Location: New York
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Posted On: 06 May 2019 08:00
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Huan Li wasn't really what one would consider the biggest of wigs within the Triad of New York, but he'd been working to change that. A few bloody skirmishes here and there, a few new rackets taken over and money stolen? The man and his crew were on the fast track to notoriety and had been enjoying the benefits of all that came with it. Of course, after the last firefight had injured a police officer, the cops had tried to take him down, but he always seemed to be forewarned before the police could get onsite. Finding the leak was a problem for Law Enforcement that hampered them greatly, but Amelie Chevalier was no cop.

His name had come up, his face was in the file and half the funds had been paid, that was enough for the French Assassin to be here tonight. Wrapped in her figure-hugging catsuit, her harness and with her glasses removed to leave her unnatural amber eyes free, the woman had been resting on an opposing building with her sniper rifle for hours. Then she'd noticed something: not only had her target been remaining inside the 'gentleman's club' building and away from from the windows and doorways, but his security? They kept looking up. A scowl crosses her fair features.

Had someone told him -she- was coming too?


Amelie's vision suddenly goes black. It's possible she's gone blind, but opening the eye not currently looking through the scope of her rifle will reveal the scope is simply blocked by a head in a white and black mask (and a white hoodie whose interior is lined with pink webbing), attached to a woman who is hanging upside down from a line of translucent webbing attached. Her face is four inches away from Amelie's as she asks loudly and cheerfully, "Hi, excuse me, is this the NRA Fight For Your Rights convention? Because I have been looking EVerywhere for a group of like-minded people to defend my right to defend myself with sniper technology!"

Spider-Woman tugs on the webline she's dangling from, a casual jerk that, with her strength, is equivalent to hopping up so she can spin around and land on her feet. As subtle displays of strength go, it's not bad. "So hey, love your outfit, but are midriffs coming back? I was a kid when showing your belly was last cool, and to be frank, I am not sure I'm prepared to modify my costume for the times if that's the fashion. And now that we've established a friendly bond to show how much we have in common, I'm sure you're about to tell me why you're trying to murder people and I shouldn't kick you in the face until you stop, right?"


To sneak up on Amelie was no easy task. Certainly most couldn't manage it, but then most weren't repelling down from above on someone already on higher ground…it was a tactic that she herself might have liked in another scenario so the irony wasn't lost on her. Pausing a moment, the assassin actually seems to just…stare for a second before she sighs. The rifle comes down, lowered to her side before she folds her arms over her bust. "Forgive me," she speaks in noticeably accented tones, "If I do not take advice from one dressed as a bug."

The hand lowers, everything about the posture clearly made to look relaxed, calm and non-violent…but the guns at her thighs are worryingly within reach for the would-be assassin. "Run along child," she speaks, even having the gall to flash the girl a smile. "This is a night for bad things to happen to a very bad man. Things that require someone like me."


So far, Spider-Woman's spider-sense isn't warning her of incoming danger, so she's pretty relaxed. "No offense taken. I was just hoping we could, you know, not commit first degree murder tonight. I know, I know, it's asking a lot, especially of a stranger, but gosh, I just feel so close and connected to you that it seems natural to ask for that kind of favor, you know?"

Spider-Woman's own hands are loose at her sides. She's aware of Amelie's guns, but figures spider-speed will let her win a quick-draw competition.


There's a slight turn of her head towards the warehouse and consideration. Even with her most impossible shots, Amelie DID actually need to know where her target was. For everything that she could see, she couldn't actually peer through walls. A sigh, perhaps drawn out lightly as she slides her hands behind her. A feline-like stretch that was clearly meant to broadcast frustration, but there was an ever so slight 'tingle' of danger.

"And what alternative would you prefer, ma petite araigne Will you go in there and give them a slap on the wrist?"


"Them who? Men who go to strip clubs?" Spider-Woman asks with such exaggerated innocence it's nearly a joke. "I mean, I'd be more likely to take photos of them leaving and post them on Instaface for their parents to see, but I can see how shooting them is also a reasonable and well-measured response…"


There actually WAS a roll of her eyes before the click noise that comes from behind Amelie's back. Twitching and suddenly flinging a small device forwards, the charge erupts halfway through the air between Gwen and Amelie in a flash of bright light and thick smoke. Unfortunately, it was going to be removing subtle from Amelie's approach, but she was pretty past that anyway as she dives backwards off the building's edge and plummets out of sight. A sudden whoosh and a grapnel line comes from the assassin's own wrist, attaching to the building behind her and slowing her descent while the armed guards come running through the door, their own extremely illegal submachineguns raised a moment before Amelie's own hand snaps up and fires off a pair of shots that drops them both. Elegantly turning herself from her inverted position to stand, it's pretty clear she's intending to simply storm in the front door as quick and dirty as she can before the Spider-Woman can get her bearings.


Whether by luck or skill, the choice of a non-lethal distraction is actually more effective on Spider-Woman than the alternative would be: her spider-sense is less concerned about it because it's less dangerous, so it gives her less warning to get out of the way. She jumps backward, away from the smoke grenade only half a second ahead of it, not fast enough to escape the sudden flash of light that contracts her pupils defensively and seals the world away from her vision behind a wall of psychedelic light in her eyes.

It's bad to be blinded when you're in freefall. NOW her spider-sense has something to say.

Spider-Woman does the only thing she can: she fires both weblines straight ahead, and hopes at least one of them hits something more substantial than a window. As luck would have it, both tacky sprays adhere to brick, and her fall is arrested by swinging her toward the building's outer wall instead. Even with her legs out ahead of her to break her impact, she hits roughly, the shock numbing her up through the shins while she waits for her vision to clear. By the time she can see, she's heard two gunshots already, and she's already thinking that whoever this killer is, getting down from a building that quickly without breaking a bone means she must have powers.

"Okay then, no more Miss Nice Spider," she mutters to herself as she dives off from her perch, fires a web to break her fall, and lands beside the two dead men. Her jaw sets with anger as she runs into the building, yelling, "ACTIVE SHOOTER ON THE GROUND FLOOR! EVERYONE TAKE COVER!"

Spider-Woman doesn't know where the shooter IS, exactly, but figures if you want to track an assassin, you should probably just go in whatever direction your spider-sense tells you not to.


Already it was strange, not quite what Spider-Woman would expect in the club when she'd walked through the door. There was no other clients, no girls…not even any music. Either this was the absolute crappiest club out there, or there was a reason why Amelie had chosen to make her attack in the middle of the day while most in her profession would prefer the cover of dark. There was a roar of gunfire, a few wild rounds that Gwen would actually see punch through the thinner walls of the interior, but it was suddenly silenced by the sharp single blasts of Amelie's own gun. Seems guards were fighting back, but so far the assassin was still moving!

Amelie's awareness was perhaps her best power, it was what allowed that ever-perfect and near impossible marksmanship. Yet it also came with its downsides, she -knew- it would have been impossible to shoot all of the thugs before they shot back and the men's own stray bullets would have hit bystanders. She was a professional killer after all, not a crazed gunman, so she'd have to accept the fact it was going to be that little bit harder to get away. Perhaps a -lot- harder now with the spider on her tail.

Pausing in a doorway, she clicks another device and tosses in the path behind her. A 'mine' of sorts filled with anaethetic gas, perhaps she might catch the spider girl in a 'web' of her own. The thought brings a smile to her lips as she holsters her handgun and reaches for the MP7 strapped to her other thigh. She could practically see her target already, sense him hiding behind his desk with his remaining thugs pointing all their guns at the door. Now she needed to change tactics from simply running and blasting, but she could already hear Gwen's shouting behind her.


Spider-Woman is aware of the mine two seconds before she sees it. At her speed, it's too late to stop, so she doesn't even try; she just jumps, a low, smooth arc any Olympian would be envious of. In mid-air, she fires two weblines at the door frame and pulls hard, firing herself like a bullet from a sling through the doorway, feet first. What the hell, her legs already gonna ache after this morning, they may as well take another impact, right?

The hallway is shorter than her momentum is brief. She strikes the wall ahead where the corridor turns toward the office, legs splayed so her feet catch the studs rather than just crash through the drywall (and even so, her impact embeds two footprints forensic examiners later will really be scratching their heads at. Her knees bend and her hips flex to absorb the landing like springs before straightening and vaulting her forward toward Amelie. Banter is done: all she can yell as she flies, fist cocked back near her ear, is, "Murderer!"


Amelie whirls around and her gun comes up towards Gwen on instinct…but it doesn't fire. Instead the girl seems to twist and move almost impossibly out of the way of the fist before lashing up with her own leg to try and slam her knee into the girl and force her back. Spider sense might have given Gwen warning and she -had- guessed Amelie was more than she appeared, but otherwise? It was likely rather surprising for the web-slinger to find herself in a fist-fight with someone who could move like Gwen herself!

"We do not have time for this child," Amelie speaks, holstering her gun and raising her hands defencively. "I'm merely killing worse kil-…" she begins, then the sounds of gunfire ring out and Amelie curses before ducking as more bullets start to punch through the wall near where she stands. Seems the mooks had taken on the idea of shooting through the walls before she'd got the chance, but they didn't seem to care who might be hit either.


Spider-sense solves most problems, but unfortunately, inertia isn't one of them. There's only so much twisting you can do in mid-air, so while Spider-Woman can blunt the effect of a knee to the ribs, she can't stop it. She grunts as the kick redirects her toward a wall, but even in her pain she's moving, rolling toward her opponnnnnoh crap they're gonna start shooting "Drop!" she yells at Amelie as she lands of her belly. Her palms hit the floor and she pushes hard, shoving herself backward, away from the firing zone. It's also, unfortunately, away from Amelie, which limits Spider-Woman's ability to deal with it unless she wants to run through bullets, which… nah, let's not.

Rising up to a crouch, Spider-Woman glares across the killing ground at Amelie. "Yeah, yeah," she calls, belatedly, as if there hasn't been a gap of speech and activity between this to make it really confusing what she's talking about. "They're bad, so you're the one who gets to decide if they live or die, and once you've killed everyone who has a higher body count than you, you'll shoot yourself because suddenly you're the biggest mass murderer who needs to be taken down. THIS IS SPIDER-WOMAN!" she yells over the sound of the gunfire, or at least tries to. "STOP SHOOTING AT ME SO I CAN KICK HER IN THE FACE!"


It was the right idea, absolutely. Just…the wrong crowd. When Spider-Woman declares her presence? The gunfire renews in ernest, but this time is clearly far more directed towards Gwen herself. For her part? Amelie just shrugs her shoulders and oh-so-calmly withdraws her weapon from her holster once more. "Not at all," she offers lightly. "I'm just someone doing a job I'm very good at." If Gwen could even hear her over the noises of gunfire and plaster flying through the air, the French woman gives a little click of her tongue. "You wouldn't know true murderers and monsters if one shook your hand little spider."

Finally, Amelie raises her gun towards the wall, seeming to count the holes punched towards Gwen's position for a few moments as if she were trying to do the maths. Then she begins to fire back.


Hey, distracting people with insults is Gwen's shtick! She's not gonna fall for it. Spider-Woman's arms flash up, three outer digits extended in classic thwip position, and she thwips. She wants to fire two long lines to grab the guns and yank, but in this case, she'll settle for hitting the actions with a quick web ball to gum them up so they can't fire.

With that, she leaps and twists, landing fingers and toes on the ceiling to slither across it over the bullets toward Amelie. As she crawls, she yells at the people in the office, "THIS IS WHY NO ONE CAME TO YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY, BRENT!"

There's probably no on in the office named Brent, but if there is, she just rocked his world so hard he's out of the fight, so she figured she'd take a chance.


Sounds of panic suggest those first few shots were on the money, but when the webbing hits Amelie's gun? The weapon is well and truly gunked up. At least it didn't explode, that always hurts like hell! There was a hiss of irritation, after all the gun wasn't at all cheap, but she tosses the weapon aside before she rises to her feet and grips a piece of shattered drywall, flinging it upwards towards the roof-crawling heroine.

Alright, so Amelie can't quite mimic THAT move.


Spider-Woman flinches away from the thrown gun and keeps coming. She's past the shooting range in a moment and lets her toes detach from the ceiling while keeping her fingertips stuck: her back end falls from the ceiling like a pendulum, feet swinging forward for the long-promised face kick. She doesn't expect this kick to land; she's seen too much of how this chick moves to think it'll be that easy, but you always miss the shot you don't take, and she has the benefit of coming from a weird angle few people have the reflexes to block. Spider-Woman might get lucky.


It was a powerful move on Gwen's part, but big enough to be telegraphed. Amelie's arms come up and she blocks the kick on her forearms while taking a step back, then she's springing forwards with a few furious swipes, punches and jabs. Immortality came with perks and one of them was training. Even as the surviving mooks fired a few more stray bullets towards them she seemed to be on the attack at the dodging and weaving spider.


Spider-Woman can't afford to dodge at her best, with a hail of bullets at her back. Between that and the confined space of the hall, she's at a pretty bad disadvantage.

But on the plus side, she has webshooters.

Spider-Woman fires not at Amelie, but at the ceiling as she tries to avoid or at least blunt the effects of the incoming strikes. A backflip away from Amelie in mid-thwip connects the lines to the floor, making a single, sticky trap between hero and assassin, an X of webbing for Amelie to have to either cut or risk getting stuck in.

This would be a good time to web Amelie up, but Gwen's head is a little fuzzy from taking a few punches on the chin. She fires two long lines at Amelie, but…


Amelie's moving fast, dodging and twisting well. She could avoid the woozy webline, she could even keep up the pressure and hope she could shepherd the other woman back towards that hopefully forgotten gas mine on the path backwards. She clearly had an advantage.

Then suddenly…she didn't. It was maths really, but finally a wild bullet deflects through the wall and slams into Amelie's form, staggering her into one of those lines with a pained cry. Seems that luck was finally turning Gwen's way as she gives a pained cry, trying to push herself back up onto her feet.


Spider-Woman growls and fires a webline at Amelie's wound. It's a crappy bandage, but better than nothing. "Stay down," she barks at the assassin, and leaps back up to the ceiling again, slithering around up there looking for a vent… ah, there's one. She pulls it open quietly, then fires three times; the men inside yell in surprise as the gunfire stops. "Aw heckfire, I'm sorry, I went and done gone gooed up your guns!" she yells with an angry imitation of goofy cheer as she drops down, kicks the door open, and charges in to get in some face kicks. "And here you was usin' 'em just to SHOOT ME WHILE I'M TRYING TO HELP, YOU JERKS!"


There were already several bodies laying in the room when Gwen bursts in and starts knocking heads of the thugs she'd saved. One of them? He was slumped behind the desk with a rather ornate looking handgun in his grasp. Seems Amelie might have caught her target after all, but there were still criminals that had managed to avoid death thanks to Spider-Woman's efforts.

It wouldn't take Gwen long, but it was long enough for the Assassin. By the time she returns to the main room? It seems the French killer was nowhere to be found.

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