Awkward Cinnabon
Roleplaying Log: Awkward Cinnabon
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Kara and Drake bump into each other near a Cinnabon. Then they talk about awkward life things.

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IC Date: May 05, 2019
IC Location: Salem Center - Mall
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Posted On: 06 May 2019 08:26
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* * *

The mall in Salem Center is pretty well populated. Kara's come here before, but only when attempting to get a new phone from whatever craziness she's done. And this time, she's got not only a phone that she's just powering on for the first time, having put in her SIM card that thankfully still works. And also has a few bags from various clothing shops.

Currently she's got on a blue and red top that's kind of like a corset design. It shows off her shoulders, the front gives some lift, and it keeps rather tightly to her stomach down to the tops of her hips. There's a bit of stomach shown, and then a skirt made with a shiny black material. The belt around her waist is red, and doesn't need to be there to hold up the tight miniskirt, but it breaks her torso from her lower body. On her feet are just a pair of calf-high boots, but they only have an inch heel, and are made more for walking than high-heels are.

"Activation code?" Looking through the box her brand new iPhone came in, she's looking for an activation code, currently while she's walking. Head is down, but she's managing to avoid people, heading straight toward the closest thing to a cinnabon this mall has…

* * *

Drake Riley is downright pedestrian compared to the blonde in his current attire. A conforming black t-shirt tucked into a pair of black fitted cargo pants, and simple black sneakers. The splash of color comes in a breezy green overshirt patterned in a fun, leafy texture. In all seriousness, he should probably expand his wardrobe. He hasn't done much of that since officially joining the Institute, so his options are still quite limited, outside of simple Institute swag.

At this time, Drake is making his way towards the food court of the mall. Thumbs rest hooked in his pockets, emerald eyes flitting here and there, taking in the casual denizens with distant interest. It's almost a mindjob, knowing the escalating anti-mutant sentiments, and how he can just… breeze right through them, without them ever knowing. Overhearing someone toss out a casual 'mutie' gets his attention. His head turns, and-


Drake's chest impacts Kara's shoulder, and he quickly skips back a second. "Sorry!," immediately escapes his lips before he processes who it is he's bumped. But her near-perfect features are easily recognized, even if she's wearing something different. "O-oh. Hey." Beat. "Sorry." Another beat. "For the, the bump."

* * *

A person runs into Kara, and she then takes a moment to look over at him before she blinks once, then twice, then takes a half-stumbled step away as if the force just now hit her. "Oh, I'm, uh, sorry about that. Must look where I'm, uh, going." And she looks around, her eyes a bit wider, like she just got hit. And she rubs her shoulder, "Ow." She says in a tone that clearly is made up.

With that though, she looks at Drake and squints a moment, her near perfect memory finds him… "Oh, the beach. Hi." She smiles a bit and then looks around, "Great place, the Mall, right? I should've stayed though in that phone shop, my stupid phone is asking me for something that… well, I don't think I have. Some kind of activation code, and I'm looking for a data crystal, but there's none in this box just a lot of instructions…" Which she's clearly not reading at all. Else she'd of found the activation number on the first page of the 'getting started' in her manual.

If she heard the 'mutie' comment she isn't distracted by it, though smiling big she wonders, "Were you headed to get one of those giant cinnuhmuhn…" She stops, and mouths it out again, "Sin of a bun, rolls?" Tilting her head in the direction of the place that serves oversized treats with icing on them. "I was."

* * *

Drake Riley watches her go through the motions of 'selling' a bump, quite unconvincing. As she proceeds, his head slowly tilts to the side, uncertain even why she's bothering with it. And finally, it ends. He's happy enough to roll on.

"Sin-uh-bun," Drake helpfully enunciates. Or was it 'bon'? He always gets that confused. There's a glance to the shop in question, then immediately back to Kara. "Yeah, hi. Uh, anyway, I wasn't going to? But I guess I could. I was heading for the food court…"

And yet, here he is sidling into the line of customers with Kara. He offers out a hand for the manual in question. "Lemme see. I don't know anything about 'data crystals', but I'm pretty sure I can get your phone running." Data crystals. Sounds like a savepoint in a videogame.

* * *

And Kara walks with Drake in the direction of the Cinnabon and gets into line. She's waiting there, two bags of things on one arm, as she waits and waits, taking in deep breathes of the delicious treats. "Hmm? Oh, sure. I bet that's how you say it." She comments idly as she takes in another deep breath, "Mmmmm. I particularly like the fact that the icing is just powdered sugar, whipped, you can use a little bit of butter, and milk, but that will make it more drizzly. I like the kind of soft gooey these get, and then if you leave them in fridge they get kind of crunchy which is like a cookie."

Though she adds, "Oh, I could definitely get food too, this is basically my pre-food food. And…" She just kind of hands over the box and the phone, not wanting to deal with any of it. Making Drake fish out the manual and find the pretty simple code to punch in to get the phone going. When she gets to the counter though she's fully invested.

"One of the chocolate chip ones, and one of the classics, and then one of the ones with those sprinkles o them. And a few of the ones with raisins." Turning her head to Drake, "What do you want? I'll get it cause you are fixing my stupid phone. Get it? Stupid phone." She chuckles a bit and sighs, looking back to the person who's waiting for the rest of the order.

* * *

Drake Riley is handed all of the things, and there's an alarm that sounds off in his head: you're being used. Turning into one of those 'friends' who gets taken advantage of by an attractive girl, simply because he's attracted to her. He always thought those guys were chumps - stooges, really, with no self-respect. He's absolutely attracted to her, sure. And it definitely seems to be a one-way street. But /he/ offered to do this. She didn't ask.

He'll just have to be careful.

Distracted with his thoughts and dextrously fishing out the phone manual, he almost misses the joke. His head lifts to give her a good-natured smirk, then double-takes. Oh, she's offering to get him one? That's not usually what a user does, is it? It doesn't feel like what one does. "Ah, just.. regular.. kind?," he suggests. He doesn't frequent the Cinnabon enough to make special orders.

As he looks back down at the manual, awkwardly thumbing towards the front of the booklet, her massive order hits his ear. An eyebrow raises, and he shifts his gaze towards her midsection. An order that size with a body like hers? Oh, she's definitely an alien.

* * *

With a bit of a smile at the fact that Drake is present, she's nodding her head to the order, then says, "And one more classic." To the person past the counter, before she just sticks out a 100 dollar bill. She waits for change, something new for her to be doing, and stuffs a couple 10s into the Tip Jar thing and then she's walking away with her large order. Opening that bag that contains lots of individually boxed treats, Kara takes in a deep breath inward, and lets it out slowly, "Amazing." Though she passes by one of those individual pizza places, turning her head, "You want pizza?" And it's too late, she's in the line, getting a pizza ordered.

She'll share with Drake if he wants, since she's getting 3 of them. All the toppings. Thickest crust, stuffed with cheese, and soon she's on her way again. There's a bit of a look over at Drake, she smiles to him. "There isn't any better food on this planet than sugary foods and pizza." She's already headed toward a table. Drake can come along or get his own food, but he's still got her phone and she's got his cinnamon roll thing.

* * *

Everyone has leverage on each other.

But in Drake's neck of the woods, he's found the code for her 'dumb' smart phone. It's punched in as he follows along behind her. "Yeah, actually. I was really leaning towards pizza…" But what she orders is, again, mindboggling. Is she expecting a party? Multiple people? He, himself, gets a slice with mushrooms. So he's a bit behind her when she's on her way to a table. She'll likely be seated by the time he joins her.

But soon enough, the teen has tugged out a chair across from her and plopped down with his comparatively tiny order. But with a triumphant smile, he offers the phone, box, and booklet across to her. "Got it up and running for ya, Kara," he reports.

* * *

In mid-bite, Kara has one of those large cinnamon rolls just kind of up against her mouth as she is biting at it and tearing it like it's meat. Then chewing and getting some icing about her face, as she smiles, "Oh ruhlly?" She asks with food still in her mouth, and then she reaches out to take the phone stuff and is sliding the pastry she bought Drake to him. And then she's opening one of her boxes of pizza, and grabs out a slice and takes a few quick bites there, before going back to the cinnamon treat. And she's devouring some of the food.

"This is sooooooo good. Why don't they put icing on pizza?!" Kara questions, as she lets her eyes light up a moment and melt some of the icing till it dribbles on top of her pizza slice. Then she's eating that and her eyes get big, "By Rao…" Her voice is stunned sounding as she takes another bite, this one more methodical, purposeful. She chews slowly, "I think… I have…" She melts more icing and sticks her slice of pizza in Drake's direction. "You should try this, I am a genius!"

Her phone does start blowing up with messages though. She's not gotten any since she threw her boots into space the other day, and that destroyed her phone. "You are the best!" Though she's nudging the pizza in Drake's direction, like 'eat eat'.

* * *

Drake Riley blinks innocently as he watches the beautiful blonde girl utterly destroy food in ways that would make most women who look like her likely die of jealousy. "You're.. really.. something else, huh?," he marvels, part compliment, part just stating fact. And though icing on a pizza does /not/ sound good to him, the urge to do things to impress a painfully attractive girl overrides his otherwise completely reliable teenaged sensibilities, and he's taking the offered pizza to bite.


Okay, it isn't utterly awful. It's not good, though. Nevertheless, he puts on a smile and offers it back to her. "Yours is definitely a, uh, unique culinary.. um..," he's running out of words, "..savoir faire?" He isn't even sure he's using that right.

Hurriedly, Drake seizes up his own slice of mushroom pizza to take a bite off of it. Despite chewing, he's grinning at her. The pizza bobs towards her conversationally, "I'm just glad I could help. Sounds like you're a popular girl, though." He bites the pizza, chews, swallows, then adds, "No surprise there."

* * *

"Oh, thanks." Kara mentions and then squints a moment, "That was a compliment right? I mean, people call me a lot of names… and so, I'm not too sure. It sounded like a compliment." Kara's grin goes away just a little, but she's eating again and devours some more of the food in front of her while Drake is talking, though she's looking at him she's eaten a few pieces of her pizza and all of her cinnamon roll before he's saying Savoir Faire.

"Popular?" A question as she scrunches up her face some in confusion, and then it dawns on her, "Oh, my phone. Right. Right, no, not really. I used to never get messages, but now I do, lots, actually. I guess that's what happens when you date a Speedster…" A lingering sound comes from her before she lowers her shoulders. Slumping some, "Well, depends on… I guess, if I'm still dating a speedster." A frown now hits her plush pouty lips and she stops eating, "Your world sucks. By the way. Not in any appreciable way, not like the water ways or the trees, and the views, some of which are amazing. I just wish you were like… I dunno, 30 or 40 years technologically more advanced."

* * *

Drake Riley grins a little more to make up for hers in recess. "Yeah. It was a compliment." Or at least, he'll upgrade it to one. She's prettier when she's smiling. And even without that fact, Drake is all about putting smiles on faces; not taking them away.

Oh, there's that reminder. Kara is not on the market. His own grin falters slightly as he's brought back down to earth, nodding. "Well, it's always good to feel wanted," he surmises.

Wait, what?

He was about to take another bite of his pizza when she seems to be second-guessing things. An opportunistic person (or, 'scumbag', in Drake's view) would pounce on that indication of doubt to plant the seeds of separation. But Drake isn't going to do that. "Wait, what do you mean?," he asks. "You're not sure you're still dating? Why not?"

And then he pops the pizza-bite into his mouth.

* * *

There's a small smile from the reassurance that it was indeed a compliment. And Kara sighs a bit, "Well, I found out that here… children aren't exactly grown. They are… 'carried'." Her eyes get big and she winces a bit, and shakes her head, "And wow, horror story. Right? It isn't even possible then for us to mix genetics, and have a child. So, what's the purpose then? I will be failing to do my duty as the last remaining Kryptonian. Well, real kryptonian."

Kara looks up and across the table, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be just… explaining this stuff to you. I mean, I haven't talked to her yet. I thought dating was bizarre to begin with. Where I'm from… everything is arranged by computer simulations for the best possible combination of cultural and genetic pairing. It is so easy, no need to worry about attraction, people, weirdness, nothing. Pretty close to perfect, trust the system, and it will pair each person with the right other person."

Taking in a deep breath, Kara grabs her pizza and eats more liesurely now, only having 2 pieces left on her first box, "And I just, I think it's so backwards. The risk to people, the dangers of choosing incorrectly. It's just… it sucks."

* * *

"Well, that's why some couples break up. They're just incompatible with each other." Drake blinks. "But I mean that in a, uh, personality way. Not in a genetics way. As far as genetics go, we sort'a don't pay attention to it."

Again, an opportunistic person would be chomping at the bit to undermine Kara's relationship status. The temptation is there to seize on the opportunity. But could he really do something like that? ..Well, no. Not only would he kind of hate himself, but he'd always wonder if she were ever actually happy being with him, or if she'd have preferred someone else. That's even going so far as to assume she'd opt for him in the first place.

Drake's elbow sets on the table, and his cheek into his palm as he prepares to murder his chances.

"Earth is messy, Kara. We're with people because they're special. Because there's something about'em that attracts us to'em. That makes us happy. Sure, there are some people who're really focused on keeping their lineage alive, but it's usually secondary to just… being happy." He takes a breath, then continues, "It's a tricky situation, and I get it. You wanna keep your people alive'n kicking. Can't really do that with another girl. So it comes down to.. I guess.. who you'd be happier with. Who you'd feel more… 'right'.. with. And what you're getting out of it."

* * *

There's some listening as Kara sulks some, eating her pizza now slowly, pulling on cheese and toppings with her teeth, chewing. She is a little bummed to say the least. "Well, it isn't that two women can't, here, they can't. I didn't even think about it." Kara grumbles at herself mostly, as she sighs. "I never knew what or whom, or what kind of person I was going to be with, since it would have been decided. And I don't really have a choice."

Looking up at at you, "Thanks for letting me mope some. I just, my parents told me… that I'd be the one who carries them into the future. I am to carry all of Krypton into the future. That's it, no more… chances, no others, just me. Even Kal… he's Kryptonian biologically, but he's… well, he's as much an Earthling as you are. My parents, they, died, and put all their faith in me. My entire home… gone, so, if I can't figure out a way to do some genetic combinations I… well, I don't even know if human and kryptonian DNA is even compatible in natural terms." She grimaces again and shakes her head, "Plus, I would not want to 'carry' a child and have it come out my…" A pause as she looks down, wincing, and then back to you. "That's just ridiculous."

* * *

Drake Riley frowns as he listens to her, taking in her concerns. That much pressure on a girl who doesn't look a day older than him, he can't even conceive of it. No pun intended. His posture straightens a little, head lifting from his hand. His left starts to reach out across the table to her, only to pause and blink. Oh. She's talking about the grand mystery of childbirth. Awkward.

"Ah-.. yeah. I don't blame you. It's, I mean, it's not like you have to worry about that right /now/, right? I wouldn't wanna be fathering kids yet, myself."

He lifts the cinnabon roll to finally take a bite of it.

* * *

"I guess." Kara sighs and shrugs, "I just, I don't want years to go by and then realize that I need to start working on something or that the person I'm with doesn't want to have kids." She's got big wide eyes, and she squints a little, "I don't even think -I- want kids. But, I don't really have a choice." Leaning back in her seat she sighs, and quirks her mouth from side to side.

"It just, it's a lot of weight… to carry. And I'd be finding out on Krypton who I was going to be with for the rest of my life, about now. Plus, being with a speedster, it's great. I can… just be full speed, talking, thinking, zipping around… and a day can feel like weeks of time." Looking over to you she wonders, "How do you view your relationship if you are not worried about the future? I wish I could do that."

* * *

"I don't.. uh.. have one," Drake posits. "Never have, really. I mean, I've dated a girl here'n there, but nothing ever serious. There was only ever one girl I really hung out with, and she wasn't really my type." She was more of a career hoodlum than him. He couldn't be into it.

Drake takes another bite, quietly chews, swallows, and considers her question a little more. "The relationship itself is the big draw, though. I guess eventually getting married, and having someone who'd always have your back. Someone you knew appreciated you on a level other people didn't. Or couldn't. And being really… like… /present/… in every day you spend with'em." Drake is no love guru. He's an idealist. But he offers the blonde across from him a small nod. "The pressure's real, but it's you who gets to make the call. And you don't have to make that call today."

* * *

There's a lot of confusion from Kara, as she listens and her brow gets more and more scrunched up. "You've had… more than one?" Questions the alien, as she seems desparately confused. "So, you chose incorrectly? That's… a terrible thought." And Kara groans and clenches a fist, "I would really feel better hitting something right now. This whole thing is stupid. I mean, I pick, you pick, who's choice is right?"

A shake of her head as Kara lets out a huff through her nose, "I wasn't thinking I might have to do this even a second time. I wasn't even sure if I was attracted to people… guys, girls, whatever. It didn't really matter to me, I just wanted to learn more about physics to be honest, the stars, the way the universe worked. All this dating stuff is beyond me. How did you even pick a person? It feels like there's just inherent error in that."

* * *

Drake Riley blinks owlishly at her confusion, and he finishes off the cinnabon roll while she speaks. Finally, he just smiles at her and leans forward over the table.

"Relax. This is just a day. You have a lot more ahead of you," he offers first. No need to stress about the potentiality of everything in this one moment! California philosophy.

Leaning back again, Drake fishes up a slice of the stuffed crust madness she'd offered him before. "Starts off really easy. Attraction. Physical, personality, whatever. Are you attracted to people? I mean, /I'm/ attracted to /you/. You picked up on that really quick. You feel that way about anyone?"

He chomps onto the pizza to begin nibbling.

* * *

As the conversation turns to surfer mentality, Kara leans onto a hand propped up by her elbow. She plays with her hair some and then is just, looking across the table, "Oh? Sorry. Not, really. I wasn't even attracted to Liz until, well, we were singing Karaoke and she was really sad. And I felt like I could help her, so we sang a fun song together."

Kara smiles a little bit at that before adding on, "She says I'm pretty. People say I'm pretty, or cute. Or, whatever. I just… it's not a big deal. Everyone on Krypton was… well, I guess, pretty by Earth standards. I was always more into physics, engineering, not everyone was so… removed, but most people were. We had more important things to worry about. The next generation, the world, the future… learning."

A bit of a shrugs comes up from her shoulders and then she lowers them, "I guess I… I don't really care what someone looks like. It's their honesty that matters a lot to me. I can hear when people lie. And I like science. Singing, broken people… you know, people with sad stories or are really screwed up. I guess that's my 'type'… screwed up in the head scientists…"

She humorously scoffs at that idea, and wonders, "So, is it because I'm blonde? I've found that's a big deal here."

* * *

Drake Riley screws up his expression a little at her description. Kara is into sad nerds. He's neither of those things. He's very much okay with that. He got /away/ from his hardluck case, and his life's been better ever since.

"It's hard to put into words. Maybe a scientist can tell you why people are attracted to you," Drake offers coolly before taking another bite. Chew, chew, swallow. "So there you go. That's step one. Step two, do you like spending time with the person? Do they make you happy? And step three is, why is there even a step three? You're already happy." There's a flash of a smile, and he bites onto the pizza again.

* * *

"Yeah? I'll ask her later then…" Kara mentions and looks over at Drake some more, before she mentions, "Tell me about you then? We'll have to sort of disagree on the whole, 'happiness' is the end of inquiry type conversation. I hear that a lot here. Not a very big sense of duty to the world, or others. Just… do what makes you happy." Kara smirks, and adds, "I was like that when I was home. Considered a rebel, in a lot of ways. Choosing science over religious studies, people thought I was a bit weird."

Watching Drake a bit longer, Kara wonders, "You like to go to the beach. Do you have any hobbies? Or things you do? What makes you stand out Drake? And it can't be that you don't like my icing pizza combination. Which is far more delicious than you indicated with your bad fake smile."

* * *

"I prefer 'polite' smile," Drake counters with a moue of his lips.

The remainder of his slice is set down on his plate to focus more on Kara's question. "Sometimes duty makes a person happy. Like me. I have a job that I do, that I can't really talk about. But I help people. It gives me.. I dunno, meaning. And that's really important to me. Sure, I could be fine with doing nothing abd being catered to, but would I be /happy/ like that?" He crinkles his nose and shakes his head. "No. For me, being happy is… helping people. Making other people happy. And safe." Beat. "And mattering."

He can't get into too many details, even though he knows Supergirl is technically given certain permissions. The extent of said permissions, he isn't sure. And talking about the particulars in public isn't something he can really do.

"As for what I like doing? I mean, besides that? Yeah, I /love/ beaches. I did surfing before, too. Not that great at it, but it's fun! Swimming, too. Love that. Heck, I love water in general. Pools, lakes, beaches, whatever. Music's good, but I never learned to play an instrument. Don't know if I can really sing well or anything. Never really tried. But doing things set to music's pretty great." His head tilts slightly, and a guilty grin touches his lips. "I also love pro wrestling. Don't judge me."

* * *

Annnnnd there's a lot to unpack there for Kara. She's sitting and listening but she's showing varying degrees of understanding what with the language barrier and all that. "I like helping people too. They're just, a lot of the time, feel like they are second best because Superman didn't come and save them. Instead, they only got Supergirl. I've also hurt people I try and rescue, I mean, I -do- rescue them, but sometimes… broken arms or legs are a result of me trying to move fast. At least they didn't get crushed by a building, right?"

With a shake of her head, her blonde hair bouncing about, "I wish I could just… forget about the world, and kind of… live a life." She smiles a bit before she starts to stand up, grabbing her bag of rolled sugar and bread, she puts that into one of her clothing bags, and then grabs the boxes with her other hand.

"It's been great talking with you. I'm not sure what Pro Wrestling is, not really, so I can't judge you. I -do- need to go though. I think I hear some talks in Korea not really going so well… may have to… catch a missile or two here soon." She sighs and slumps her shoulders, "Feel free to say hi from time to time. I'd really like to hang out more. If you've got cool friends, you know, try and find a hobby." A bit of a shrug.

* * *

Drake Riley blinks at her, stunned. "I have hobbies. I just listed- what do you mean?" Does she think he's boring? Yeesh. Ouch.

He exhales a sigh and lifts his hands in an animated shrug. Whatever. "Yeah, I'll see you around," he replies a little dully. "Have fun with Korea. And don't think of you helping people as being like the silver medal or something. Supergirl isn't bad. And a broken arm's better than a dead person."

He remains seated at the table, watching her.

* * *

She meant, that she'd like to learn to find a hobby. Since he just listed so many, and she's got zero. "Yeah… I know." Kara mentions and sighs out, "I just… it doesn't matter. I gotta go." And she starts to walk away from the table with all her stuff. And then there's a little rush of wind, as she moves up and over the crowd of people at a good speed. Not, super duper fast, she doesn't want to explode people nearby, but fast enough to cause a breeze.

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