Accidental Partner
Roleplaying Log: Accidental Partner
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Batman's stakeout gets slightly interrupted, but when life hands you a blazing, nuclear teenager, you roll with it.

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IC Date: May 06, 2019
IC Location: Gotham
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Night. Is it always night in Gotham? Perhaps not, but with the tall buildings, there is generally an illusion of darkness. Not only that, night is when The Bat prowls. More accurately, in his mind, it's when he patrols and watches.

Tonight, his eyes are on the docks. It's where most of the black market dealings happen and he has heard word that a large shipment is incoming of weapons and illegal goods. It's not so large a job that he feels the need to bring in the entire Bat Team. Though he has become used to operating his large network of operatives and family, there are still times when he feels it most beneficial to do things alone. Tonight is one of those nights.

Posted up on a corner of a grocery with apartments on the floors above, he watches the docks carefully, monitoring movement, listening for the telltale signs that a deal is about to go down.

It sure seems like the place is in an ever present gloom, at the very least. For the few times he's actually been out this way, it's always been late night, so Firestorm will give it the benefit of the doubt that the sun likewise shines upon the dark city just as much as it does in Metropolis or New York.

It's overcast this evening, which not only gives an even more dismal atmosphere to the place, but suffices to provide some cover for the blaze-headed young hero as he soars in the skies high above, a trail of flaming light in his wake.

He is by far not the most inconspicuous, and fiery head aside, he's dressed in bright yellow and red.

"I think I need like, a GPS or something, Prof," he mutters to himself, squinting against the gauzy landscape. "Pretty sure we must be in Gotham at least. Think I'll dip down for a look. Better than having an airplane hit me while I check my phone. Sound good? Cool. Break!"

Down he drops, cutting easily through the cloud cover, the glow of his passing reflecting off the clouds as he goes, reminiscent of muted lightning.

The one thing about a stakeout is that it only really works if the people he is observing is not aware that anyone is watching them or if anything out of the ordinary is happening. As he watches, the sudden light reflecting off of the clouds immediately catches his eyes. He checked the forecast and there was no rain predicted for two to three days. This would classify out of the ordinary, however have the people on the docks noticed?

Batman quickly checks the docks and then the sky again, eyes narrowing. Pulling out his grapple gun, he swings to a closer rooftop to try and gather who or what is descending from the clouds that may be blowing his mission.

"Oh that's much better," Firestorm sighs, hovering a few miles below the clouds. He brings a hand to his forehead as he casts a look around before he starts spiraling downwards to the nearest rooftop below to set down upon. "Mmm…yep. This definitely looks like Gotham. But hey! Better than ending up over the ocean in the middle of nowhere, right?"

Oblivious to any in-progress missions or mildly miffed man-Bats, Firestorm walks over towards the ledge, looking out towards the docks as he tries to mentally reorient himself. He tilts his head. "Wait, I thought I just saw something…" Movement out of the corner of his eye? He turns, frowning.

Ronald, be careful, Professor Stein tempers. He's not sure that he'd just seen something as well, but it was easy to jump at shadows around here.

Professor Stein is right to caution. The movement in the corner of his eye?

Suddenly, there is the sound of a ping and then a burst of smoke puffs up around him. Hopefully they're high enough up that people will think this a fire and not a Bat attempting to keep his cover by surrounding a man on fire in smoke. "Step back from the edge of the roof," he commands in a soft but compelling tone. It's clear he does not generally hear no from the people when he talks like this. Standing further back, the Batman stands, fully upright now that he is not worried about sight lines.

"What are you doing here?"

"What the-?!" The sound and the smoke to follow thankfully dismisses the thought that he might have actually caught something on fire- despite knowing that such wasn't really physically possible for him to do. Not by accident, at least. Firestorm coughs, waving a hand at the billowing smoke around him, but the voice that speaks up amidst the cover has him freeze.

Yeah, there's just something about that tone that makes it a very strong suggestion that one should follow through, and Firestorm manages to oblige.

"Ugh, what's up with all the smoke? This place has enough air pollu—"

His eyes go wide once he makes out the shadow that just seems much more solid than the rest, that unmistakable silhouette. And then it, er, he speaks. Again.

"B-Batman..!" Firestorm yelps, his volume just bridging a whisper, perhaps by some automatic cue taken in the soft-spoken tones that he'd earlier been spoken to.

"I er, um. Hi?" The Professor recovers faster than him, prompting his head-space sharer with a clearing of his throat. …which is kind of weird to think about when for the moment he's just a disembodied head only Ronnie can see. "-o-oh, yeah! Uh. I was flying. I mean, duh, of course I was flying. But I was just trying to make sure I didn't, you know, miss Metropolis."

The Batman doesn't acknowledge that he is, indeed, Batman. Instead, there is a pointed pause. "You're the new member of the League." It's not question so much as a statement. He knows that he is. "Unless you are another as of yet unknown man who lights himself on fire and operates in Metropolis."

There's another pause and it's almost like Firestorm can imagine Batman lifting an eyebrow underneath his cowl. That isn't, however, able to be seen, simply an impression given.

"You came down from the sky randomly on this rooftop in order to find if you had missed Metropolis?" It's no so much incredulousness in his voice as a desire to ensure he has gotten all his facts straight. "Right in the middle of my stakeout." He looks over as the smoke starts to dissipate in the wind. "Is it possible to turn," he waves at the flames that are still casting a glow, "that down?"

The uncertain look he'd adopted vanishes like early morning mist in the noon sun, replaced with a bright grin of confirmation. "Yup! That's me, Firestorm. Nice'ta finally meet you!" he pipes. It's a little difficult to tell from a look, but demeanor and voice suggest he's on the young side. That's fine though, Batman is totally used to dealing with teenagers, right?

"I used to frequent New York but obviously things are a little…difficult now." He shifts a little awkwardly where he stands, unsure of how to react or act in general to the infamous Caped Crusader. Plus, it's really hard to make anything out. "Er, yessir?" he replies, feeling vaguely like he does when unsure that he's answering correctly in class. "Wait- did you day stakeout? Oh crap, I am so sorry..!"

Way to make a first impression, Firestorm! He hunches his shoulders, looking very sheepish. The following question has him try ducking his head even further.

"Um…not…really, I don't think," he admits. Although it seems his flaming head starts to lessen juuuust a touch, cowed enough that it flickers as his mood ticks down a few notches.

Whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, Batman certainly has dealt with his share of teenagers. "I imagine being on fire does give away your identity when Registration is involved." His words are very dry. Also, it is more than likely that he is used to people not knowing how to talk to him for the first time.

"I did." Whether he accepts Firestorm's apology or not, he waves a hand. "If you could, at least, crouch down." That way there will be a glow but it will be at least a little less identifiable.

The introduction is met with a nod, as Firestorm already knows who he is - at least by reputation. Stepping forward, he moves towards the shadows that Firestorms glow is affording the corners of the roof and looks forward. The people of the docks seem to be maintaining their position but certainly have noticed the roof. Frowning, he looks back to the newer member of the Justice League. "They've spotted us, or at least the roof. I'll need you to distract them."

"Least he has a sense of humor," Firestorm mutters. He can feel how unconvinced Professor Stein is about that but as Batman tells him to crouch, Firestorm does so.

He follows the other's look back out towards the docks, hoping he didn't screw things up too much. That just would not be cool. He seems to have the worst luck when it comes to first meetings with Batpeoples. But at least this time he didn't crash-land in a dumpster!

"Huh? Distraction?" That perks him right up as he looks back over at Batman, just barely remembering to keep down. "Oh yeah, sure! What kinda distraction? Something flashy, something more 'surprise!'"

Does Batman have a sense of humor? Perhaps when one of his main enemies is a man called the Joker, he has to evolve.

As Firestorm looks toward the docks, they look perfectly normal. There are a few people patrolling. A few are definitely looking their way, though they do not seem to be moving from their position.

Ducking back down, the Bat looks back to his glowing accidental partner. "Flashy. I don't want them to know I've been here. This was supposed to be covert. An element of surprise, however, will certainly work in our favor. Make them forget about this roof and then I will jump in after you. Simply subdue them and I can work my way inside."

Firestorm looks intently at Batman, nodding. He's got his game face on and he does not want to screw things up any more than he might have. By the time he's been given a rundown of suggestions, he grins.

"Okay. Don't worry B-man, I got this." Cracking his knuckles, he casts another look towards the ledge. Make them forget about the roof, huh? No problem. Well, except for the whole part about him glowing. But he'd gotten a glimpse of the area. There were some cars around, right? Yeah, he can work with that. "One flashy surprise distraction, coming right up..!"

He'll have to do this quick, but if he manages to pull this off, they'll forget about the roof in no time. A hand flexing, he takes a quick peek over the ledge, light spiraling around his hand behind him, echoing briefly within the confines of a parked car near the dockside. "I just gotta futz up a few things and spark it, right, Prof?" he asks…the air, or he could just be calling Batman 'Prof' but who knows. Still, for whatever confusion might follow, it's about to get more so for the abrupt car explosion below, lighting up with a flare of fire and smoke. Whoops, too much? Well, distraction- get!!

B-man. The shortened version of his codename is met with another look. Again, hard to tell exactly what he's thinking, but it's clear he does not like that.

Batman keeps himself to the shadows and watches Firestorm takes his suggestion and then waits to see what it is this kid comes up with. Is Firestorm a kid? Well, he certainly talks and acts like one to a certain extent. Therefore he'll consider him as such.

While he listens to Firestorm talk to the air, he doesn't seem to have anything to say about that. Batman has never been called 'Prof' before so he will not assume that the man is talking to him so much as someone else or himself. Sometimes people need to psych themselves up. He has worked with enough teenagers to know how that goes.

If Batman is going to say anything, it is paused by the time the car explodes violently below them. Suddenly, there are car alarms going off and shouting. That was certainly a distraction.

"Keep them occupied," Batman tells Firestorm as he leaps across another rooftop to circle and take the docks from another angle.

The men on the dock that were curiously looking at the rooftop now have pulled guns and are circling the on fire exploded car.

With him being preoccupied in getting things to work right, Firestorm misses the scrutiny from the Batman, which is probably better since the look he'd been given at the nickname had somehow been chilling, even though there really wasn't any way to discern a difference from the default.

As Batman makes his move, Firestorm moves closer to the building's edge to look down. "I'm taking that as a 'good job, Firestorm!'" he says with a crooked smile. Don't let that ego inflate too much, Ronald. You still have to make sure they won't double-back, Professor Stein tempers.

"Ooh, right. Keep 'em occupied. I got this."

At least with everyone looking at the car and on edge, they (hopefully) won't look back up? Firestorm launches himself back into the sky, hands flicking forth as though to conduct a full orchestra, and as the men below begin to move in, he manipulates the ground beneath them, the ground glowing briefly as he transmutes it into its slightly less solid state.

Firestorm can take that as a good job. Batman is not generally effusive during a mission. Or after a mission, really.

As he has given his orders, he's launching himself forward and assuming that Firestorm will figure things out on his own. He makes his way around the warehouses and as the ground starts to glow and turn less solid, the people they are attacking start to wobble and try and gather their balance. As Firestorm predicted, they are too busy with their new challenges than to worry about the glow on the roof.

And Batman? He uses the opportunity to make his way into the warehouse. There are pictures taken and a few well placed tiny incendiaries in order to ensure the illegal materials never make it out of the docks.

Decisively, he lands back on a rooftop nearby and watches the distractions Firestorm are capable of with interest.

"Yeah! Okay, distraction, subdue them- am I missing anything?"

I believe that's all that was specifically stated for your part, the Professor notes as Firestorm flicks a look between the struggling men and the warehouse he supposes Batman had been talking about. He squints. "Well, I can't see crap from here," he mutters, supposing dressing in dark colors does have its advantages.

The goopy ground's integrity hasn't been completely compromised, so feet wouldn't sink more than ankle deep at most, but it would still be a mess to try to get free of. Firestorm's just glad they haven't found anything or anyone to fire at as he perches back on the rooftop's edge.

Although perhaps that wouldn't be a bad thing to take care of either, Stein suggests as he studies the drawn weapons the men below have.

With a grin, Firestorm nods, snapping his fingers. "Nice call, Prof." But surely the gunmen are too concerned about being stuck to freak out when their guns suddenly fall apart in their hands, turned into tin cans that plop in the gooey mess at their feet.

Below them, the guns fall apart. The people below drop the pieces in horror. Strange things are going on. And while that is something of a norm in Gotham, this part of weird not so much. A Bat who fights crime is one thing. A sidewalk that congeals around them? Guns that dissolve in their hands? That's something else entirely.

Batman swings across and finally lands next to Firestorm and then steps backward and back into the shadows he's most comfortable with. "I think that is enough. I did what I came to do and I do not believe they will see it coming." After the ground melting and guns dissolving and a strange glowing man, who would suspect the Bat? Of course, they may also think that this man is now working for The Bat an if he doesn't completely dissuade that issue, who is to blame there?

"Good work, Firestorm."

The fiery-headed one nearly jumps as Batman rejoins him. Any protest from him on that note quickly fizzles as the darker of the two carries on with business as though he didn't nearly give Firestorm a heart attack just then. What's that, twice tonight? With Batman's assessment he can only look back down and nod in agreement, even if he has no idea what exactly was done on Batman's part, but he doesn't doubt the guy for a moment.

And then it comes. In actual words. From Batman's actual mouth.

"Good work, Firestorm."

"…Prof, did you hear that?!" he gasps, beaming. Is that a rhetorical question, Ronald? the Professor replies, with a hint of a smirk.

"Erm, y-yeah anyway- you're welcome, Batman. Anytime, even..!"

Batman sees no need to let Firestorm in on his part of the mission. After all, he wasn't going to include anyone else before Firestorm showed up and he didn't need to see what happened inside.

Instead, he gives the words of approval and his head tilts a millimeter to the side as he talks to the Prof again before gushing at Batman more. "Let's keep up the illusion, make a bright exit back toward Metropolis and I'll clean up."

As for any time and he is welcome, there's something of a smile there. "We'll see." Then, he tilts his head up to the sky. "Until next time." That's apparently Bat for goodbye.

"Bright? Yessir! You got it." Firestorm's too giddy to object to letting Batman handle the rest, but then the man's been doing this far longer than he has. The fact that he doesn't say there won't be a next time (but that's silly because why would he?! They're what, practically teammates!) is just as encouraging, but not nearly as much as the simple words that follow.

Thankfully Professor Stein's advice doesn't go ignored as he suggests they make their exit before Firestorm can have further chance to gush. "Oh, right! Close your eyes, Batman, things're gonna get hot!"

And with that warning and a quick two-fingered salute, Firestorm throws his arms over his head and launches skyward with a bit more flare than needed, but Batman had suggested he make it bright. …or was he just being smart? Eh well, too late for that.

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