Mouse Trap
Roleplaying Log: Mouse Trap
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After an alarm goes off, Clint, Michael and Peggy investigate.

Other Characters Referenced: Nick Fury
IC Date: May 06, 2019
IC Location: The Renwick
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Posted On: 08 May 2019 17:24
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The Renwick. Still somewhat spooky, despite the renovations.

It's late for SHIELD. Though they are generally like the city they reside in - never sleeping - there are certainly shifts. This is one of the more bare bones ones. Despite the higher alert, people do still need to sleep.

On one of the above levels, an alarm goes off. It's not loud and it sounds almost like a recess bell. It's coming from one of the offices where Fury and the Level 9 Agents have set up their hats. The floor itself is empty, as far as can be seen. The lights are off, it seems quiet.

* * *

Despite his decades of experience, Michael Carter still ends up with the crap shifts. Or maybe he chooses them to interact less with other agents. It's rather understandable either way, considering he was compromised not that long ago. But that was before the Triskelion. At least he wasn't compromised willingly.

"Responding to an alarm like a glorified security guard," mutters the be-suited Brit as he makes his way down the hallway, sidearm drawn.

* * *

Clint had been down in R&D when the alarm sounded. The entrance wasn't going to secure itself and he had some ideas he needed the lab rats to help him with. They were in the thick of it, when they heard the alarm and Clint, sighing, got up from where he was explaining some of his trick arrows to the techs, "Wait here and I'll explain /again/ why the boomerang arrow is an awesome idea," then he's out the door.

Reaching the level with the alarm, the bow gets clicked open and an arrow's set to string, he starts down his own hallway on that level unaware of the other responder.

* * *

And make that three. Peggy Carter stalks down the hallway, gun in hand, safety off.

This is something that security guards would generally do, yes, but in the wake of the Triskelion no alarms are false alarms as far as she is concerned. Turning the corner, the gun is trained on the forms also stalking toward the alarms.

Pause. "Agents," she greets. A not skeptical look is given to them, more of a once over. "Any movement?"

In the hallway, no movement is posted. "Wilkinson, take point. Barton, take left I'll take right. Door by door, let's do this by the book."

* * *

Michael's form is impeccable as he sweeps with his sidearm. He swings the weapon around at first to Clint, and then Peggy. He relaxes only a small amount. "Haven't spotted anything as of yet, but that doesn't…good lord, is that a bow and arrow?"

* * *

Good news! Clint doesn't shoot Michael or Peggy when they bump into each other in the hallway. His arm tenses, the string is tugged back half-an-inch only to be slowly allowed to go slack. He nods to Peggy. "Got it boss," he says taking the spot to Michael's left, before his lips pull into a grin about the bow and arrow. "Got it one," he says to Michael before adding. "Though with all the English in here, I feel a little like I'm appropriating your culture."

* * *

Systematically, the trio knock down doors and move through the the high level agent offices. They each survive meeting each other and continue their way down the hallways. "How's the research on the door going?" she asks to Clint even as she pays more attention to the seemingly empty spaces than the conversation. "Are you attempting to call yourself Robin Hood?"

To Michael, she raises an eyebrow. "Is there something wrong with being old fashioned?" There's a clear amount of teasing in her voice.

* * *

"There's old fashioned, then there's 10th century," murmurs Michael to Peggy. But he quirks a grin even as he says that. "I don't think you can compare your classic hairdos with a weapon that's a bit of string and a pointy stick. Right, Loxley," he nods towards Clint. "Feel like taking point?"

* * *

Despite quipping, Clint moves through the rooms with a practiced ease, checking doors and corners as he sweeps through the high level offices. "It's coming, should have the resin ready for testing in the next 48 hours, had to speed the drying time, just in case someone throws another speedster at us," he says.

The Robin Hood crack earns a snort, "More alluding to it than claiming," he says, "Now Green Arrow, that guy's trying to be Robin Hood."

There's a laugh for Michael's remarks. "Hey, Victory Rolls work for Agent Carter, old ass bows and arrows work for me," he continues before nodding and stepping forward. "Sure. Got point," he says as he takes over the front position.

* * *

"Are you calling my look old fashioned? That's practically like saying I'm old." Peggy asks Michael with a pointed but almost smirk laced barb. The sort of a thing a sister can do.

"So are you saying you're better or worse than Green Arrow?" Then, with a smirk, she opens the next door, and clears it. So far this seems to be a false alarm. This is an older building, after all, and they have been updating both the electricity and the security system. However, it's always better to be safe than sorry. "And thank you. Victory rolls are not only classic, they're a look."

Near Fury's office there's suddenly a bang. Either something has fallen or someone is in Fury's office.

* * *

"I know it's highly likely you've heard every bow and arrow joke. But I claim freshness and originality as I deliver those jokes in a British accent," drawls Michael. Peggy just gets a look and a noncommittal head-bob, along with a twist of a smile. No comment.

But then, there's banging. "Could it be incredibly large mutant rats? I'm certain those are thing. Everything is a thing these days."

* * *

"I am saying I'm less like Robin Hood than Green Arrow," Clint offers conversationally from the front of their little group. "What with his get up. Game respects game as far as his archery goes. And never said Victory Rolls were a bad look on you, Agent Carter, they're just" he picks his word carefully "…classic."

There's a laugh for Michael as Clint reaches the door to Fury's office, nodding to the others to get ready while he goes in, "Rodents of Unusual Size?" he asks nudging the door open then sweeping in. "I don't think they exist."

* * *

And were this Princess Bride, a large rodent of unusual size would jump out and attack Clint Barton right where he stands. Instead, however, a small mouse squeaks. It hits the wall with another thud and then runs out into the lights and away from this room where it has apparently been trapped. The lights to Fury's computer dim back into their safety mode. Did the mouse did that? Or was is there someone else here?

Peggy leaves the quips to the wayside for the moment, sticking to the back. Too many cooks ruin a soup and if someone is actually in Fury's office and hiding, someone needs to cover their exit.

* * *

Michael didn't startle and lift his foot when the mouse comes skittering out. Nope. He had a completely cool spy-like reaction and absolutely didn't curl his lip. "Lovely," he murmurs. "Do you see any non-rodent movement?" he asks of Clint. He casts a glance over his shoulder at Peggy.

* * *

Spotting the mouse Clint snorts, but doesn't make any comments. The lights dimming on the computer holding his attention for a moment before he checks the corners of the room and behind the door. "Let you know in a sec, Wilikinson," he replies to Michael as he continues his sweep.

* * *

Peggy lets the mouse by as she keeps the exit. As Clint checks out the office, it's hard to tell if anything is out of place. Fury keeps his office devoid of personal touches for the most part. It's simply his computer and a keyboard. This could be a place no one has actually occupied since the eighties. However, as they look about, there is no other disturbances. Apparently, it's been just a mouse.

* * *

Michael keeps up his guard until the sweep is completed. When it has been, he exhales and shakes his head. "So. We've been security guards. Now we're exterminators. How the mighty have fallen." He looks between them both. "I call not it when it comes to telling Fury a mouse might have shit on his keyboard." He says that dead seriously.

* * *

"Clear," Clint announces from inside the office when it's clear no one had been stirring except for that mouse. The bow is lowered and he breathes out a sigh. "Well guess it's a good thing it's a false alarm," though the rest of his thoughts are unspoken 'but since we got our butts up here, might have been nice to be something!'

* * *

Peggy's shoulders relax and she lowers the gun. She does not yet holster it, however. Along with the others, she sighs and then steps into Fury's office. It actually feels strange and like she's trespassing. However, she looks at the screen and then frowns. "Does Fury seem like the kind of person who would leave his computer on?" It's clear by her tone of voice, that she doesn't think he would be. Even if everything is triply password protected, that doesn't sound like his style.

"Something that a mouse could turn on?" While it's pretty clear there is no one here now, something seems off. Is that simply nerves? The stress of the Triskelion? Or maybe there's something else here.

* * *

It does feel odd to be in Fury's office, at the same time a little disappointing that there's nothing really to snoop through; no pictures, spare eyepatches, or leather long coats to be found. Despite all that Clint's on his guard, and at Peggy's comment he makes his way over to Fury's desk. "Only one way to find out," he says crouching down to get a better look at the computer to see if there was a switch a mouse could trigger. "But you're right Fury doesn't seem like the type to just leave something on."

* * *

Perhaps Fury just hasn't had the time to leave a personal touch. More likely, he's not the sort to leave clues or personal items out at the ready for people to peruse. The less known of him the better, it seems.

As Clint searches, it seems a normal computer. Touching the mouse - the computer mouse, that is - will turn on a prompt screen, asking for a password.

"Was someone here and the alarm interrupted them?" Peggy steps out of the office, Michael already off searching the other rooms to ensure they are truly alone here.

Another pause. "If I am sounding paranoid, this is the time to tell me."

* * *

Try as Clint might he could never master that, the whole keeping every bit about himself contained. If this was his office, there'd be pictures, coffee mugs and probably half-eaten food too. It wasn't that he didn't understand the discipline, he just wasn't able to make his life about being a spy, not as completely as some of his colleagues.

Clint pushes the mouse and eyes the password prompt for a moment, "A month ago, sure, I'd say yeah, you were paranoid," he says, "But now? After what happened on the Helicarrier and the Trike I'd say you're just being smart."

He looks up then, "How may failed logins do you get at this level on the system?" he asks her. "If someone was here, tried and failed, maybe that's what set off the alarm." He wasn't sure how things were rigged like he had at the Trike, so right now he wasn't ruling anything out.

* * *

"With Fury?" Peggy keeps near the doorway and looks back over her shoulder at Clint. "I'd bet a single failed password would set off an alarm. However, I'm also not sure why someone would even try if they didn't think they knew exactly how to get in." There's a lot to parse, there. "And I'm also not sure he'd have let it go to main security rather than something personal." Fury's always has some secrets.

"There's no one here, though. And we didn't see anyone on the way in. They'd have to have been in and out. Either that or invisible." And with people having the abilities they do right now? That's actually a possibility.

* * *

"Point," Clint says about the password thing. Who'd come all the way into their base just in hopes of cracking the password of the most paranoid bastard in the world? "So scratch that theory," he says. He leaves the computer where it is before he suddenly finds himself repeating Peggy's request, "If I'm sounding paranoid, this is also the time to tell me, but, what if the intruder was the mouse? I mean some people change shapes, can make people see what they want us to see, it sounds crazy, but these days, is it?" he sounds exhausted just at the thought. It was hard not to feel like the little Dutch Boy trying to keep up with all the way mutants could mess with their security.

* * *

Peggy's lowered gun remains where it is as she looks over at Clint and he abandons the computer. There's only so much they can do without Fury or without security tapes. For now, they're wandering in the dark with their conjectures. Frowning, she echoes his own sentiments: "Before, I would say yes. Now?" She sighs, looking almost resigned. "Now I think our main suspect may be a mouse."

Shaking her head, she glances about the hallways an all the mouse shaped places a spy mouse may now be hiding. "You know, I was told quite a lot about the Cold War and how I should be glad that I skipped it, but I have a feeling that Nick Fury never worried that his main security breach was possibly a mutant mouse. Or maybe he did, who knows what scenarios he has prepared."

Thinking this through, she scrubs a hand across her face. "I think this may be more suited to a video surveillance. I'm sure they have something hooked up here. We should look into that."

* * *

Clint lets out a sigh, "Yeah, swear to god it sounds like a Madlib, but yeah, I think our suspect is definitely that mouse," he says shaking his head. Yeah, the whole thing definitely hard on the brain.

"From what I've heard about Fury, he probably did," he says. "Though from what Romanov's told me they only had a guy that could turn into a bear," he says matter-of-factly. "A little on the nose if you ask me, but, I guess the guy didn't pick his powers."

He comes out to the doorway of Fury's office, peering out in the hall as well.

"Yeah, getting a look at the video would probably be the best way, I hope all it shows is some mouse bumping /his/ mouse. Otherwise…" there's another tired shake of his head. "Think it's ever going to feel normal. Prepping for things that a year, or a couple of weeks ago, would have seemed crazy? I mean, I'm an Avenger when I'm not doing this and I still struggle with what's out there."

* * *

"If you would have told me five years ago…which I guess would actually have been seventy years ago, that I would seriously be considering putting out a suspect report for a mouse, I would have tossed you out on your ears."

Flicking the safety back onto her gun, Peggy holsters it, but keeps her hand close, just in case that mouse somehow comes back. "I am not an Avenger, but I have been waiting for things to feel normal for quite awhile and I am not sure they ever will." Giving Clint a bit of a grin, she shrugs her shoulders. "I think we may just have to resign ourselves to the fact that we do not live in a normal world any more. However, we are still here. That means something."

* * *

"Well, I wouldn't have blamed you if you did," Clint says of being tossed out on his ear with a chuckle. His arrow is stuck back into his quiver, the bow is folded up and slipped away as well.

There's a bit of a flinch an abashed smile from Clint, "Jeeze, here I am going on about the weirdness of being an Avenger and you started in on century and ended up in the next, that must have been something."

Though, there's a grin for Peggy's optimism about living in the weird world they've found themselves in. "Yeah, despite the best efforts of temporal anomalies and falling filing cabinets, we're still here," he says. "Hope it means more than we can't take a hint," he says with a genuine chuckle.

Then it's back to business, "If you want I can go check those video files if you've got stuff to do. I can give you a call if it's a mutant mouse."

* * *

"It's certainly was an adjustment." Peggy gives Clint a smile that turns into a very neutral expression. "However, I did already know how to use modern technology such as guns. I found that helpful." Pause, her tone incredibly dry. "Was electricity quite a shock?"

Then, though, there is the proper talk about what to do next. "I'll take half." They'll cover it in half the time, then. "Let me know if you find anything, I'll let you know if I do, too."

* * *

The dry quip gets a grin from Clint, "Okay, my Britishometer isn't finely tuned yet, but I am guessing you get that one a lot," he says about of awkward time travel comments. "Sorry, I bet that's a real pain in the ass to go over all the time."

"Half works," Clint agrees. "We may even get done before the morning shift shows up." he says, as it was given the late hour even half would mean burning some serious midnight oil. "What do you say? First one done brings the other one coffee?"

* * *

"It was more in the beginning." Peggy laughs. After a second, she confides, "I was actually attempting to be sarcastic about your bow and arrow again. However, I think I was a bit to wry on the delivery. It's something I'll work on. Despite the years of working for Yanks I still get a few things lost in translation. And also it must be just as tiring for you to hear the bow and arrow jokes as it is for me to hear time travel jokes. I have watched a multitude of time travel movies simply to keep up with the references. I have a question perhaps you may be able to answer for me: why do people not talk about how Doc Brown is a terrible influence on Marty? Or asked why a quantum physicist who buys uranium from terrorists has such a longstanding friendship with a high school boy? That seems as if that should be quite obvious to me."

The split of their watching detail is met with a nod. "That seems like quite a fair trade."

* * *

"I totally got that," Clint lies badly and on purpose, before chuckling, "Yeah, totally missed it. Which is not something I say a lot," he says making his own bow and arrow joke now.

Despite that he grins, "Yeah, a little bit," he admits of the jokes. "Makes me wish they had more people with bows in the movies, pretty much cycle through Legolas, Meridia and Katniss pretty quick." There's a shrug.

Peggy's question has the archer grinning, "Oh come on…" he says beginning to protest before really thinking about it. "Okay, wow, you might have a point there. I mean, I got the weird vibes with him hanging with the kid, and sure, it was shady dealing with Libyian terrorists, but I always figured he was something of a good influence but damn you're right all he does is get him into trouble," he laughs then. "Well, got no real explanation for that besides, it was the eighties, best I can tell, no movie made back then had to make sense, we just go with it."

* * *

"Of course." Peggy looks to Clint and while she definitely can see through a lie as bad as Clint's, it's hard to tell whether she believes him or not. Either way, she is not going to make it a thing.

"I actually knew all of those references," she laughs, unable to help being pleased at knowing every culture reference someone has said.

Moving away from Fury's office, she makes her way toward security. "I guess there would be no story without the trouble." Perhaps that is also the case with their lives as it happens now. "A pleasure as always, Barton. I'll see you at coffee time."

* * *

Whether Clint believes Peggy believed him or not he lets it all pass by without further comment, though he laughs when she gets all the references, as much at how pleased she was by it as anything. "That's a good start, I'll quiz you on parts two and three next time," he grins.

For now though, worked called and it was time to get to it, "Likewise Agent Carter," he says with a grin. "And see you at coffee."

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