Roleplaying Log: Thurman
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Kitty whips up some computer-fu in figuring out some more of Domino's shrouded history. Lockheed is on moral support.

Other Characters Referenced: "UncleBirb" Warren Worthington
IC Date: May 09, 2019
IC Location: The Milano, Gotham City
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Posted On: 10 May 2019 01:42
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Some individuals are inherently difficult to track but there's always a way in. One clear point of curiosity revolves around where in the heck Domino had come from. Compared to most of the mutants in the tri-city area she simply appeared out of nowhere one day. One of the first things she did was contact Colossus, though he may not have shared that detail with anyone just yet.

Someone with her face would have been easy to spot coming in through an airport. The traffic camera network within the urban areas should have picked up something as well. Though prior to January 1st there is no sign of her at all.

The answer comes from the harbor. The earliest known photo of her within the New York area had been caught around the same time that a freighter had docked. Digging into the records it looks plenty shady. Who knows who or what they had been transporting or who had been paid what amount in cash to bring her to America so under the radar.

With the ship comes a name and a route of travel. The previous stop had been down in the African region, where the direct search becomes more cloudy but some other curiosities emerge.

One of them happened mere days before the ship had been scheduled to leave harbor. A crime lord who went by the name 'Obesandjo' had been murdered, completely unexpectedly and with no apparent connections to any formal rivalries. Seemingly put down by an independent party. This had been a big enough event to have merited a bounty of $200,000.

The name connected with that bounty was 'Domino.'


There are hacker lairs and then there are neat desks…really there are multitudes of ways to put together a computer set up. Kitty Pryde is currently doing hers from what one might consider an unconventional place: The Milano. Quill's room has gotten quite a bit tidier since Kitty has stayed there a few nights every week or so and she has made herself something of a little nest a corner of the room. Wrapped in a blanket and eating something out of a bag that has alien language written on it that she hopes are chips, she leans back and types a few things in lazily.

Lockheed circles and pulls at the blankets to make himself a little nest, too. This one is more literal. "Don't put holes in those sheets, buddy, I'm warning you." Kitty says this without even looking back.

The general intrigue turns into a deep dive rather quickly as many of her general avenues dry up quicker than she was expecting. Frustrated, she starts to take the typical hacker pose: leaning over her keyboard as if getting closer to the monitor will effect the outcome of her typing.

A trail emerges, she hopes, and she quickly starts to follow it down the rabbit hole. A freighter, a warlord, a bounty and the name Domino. That sounds promising. She starts to looking to Obesandjo as well as all the other ports that freighter took before to see if there are any other sightings. In another tab, she starts to look into other possibilities: bounties + domino.


The freighter seems to have made a lot of journeys over the months but it seems to be something of a dead end here, as there is more to be pulled out of the search for the crime lord.

What can be discovered about Obesandjo is that he was quite the ruthless sort. Arms trading, drug peddling, multitudes of slavery, the occasional exotic vehicle, and ties to local piracy. His favored tactic of 'personally' dealing with problem sorts involved taking a machete to anyone involved for as long as they remained alive.

His empire was large enough that there was a definite chain of command, it's very likely that most of the people whom had been working for him didn't realize he was behind it all. Satellite contractors, in a sense.

Digging further into his rank and file reveals that Domino had already been taking contracts from one of the men in his crew and had been on the payroll for nearly six months.

Just as with New York City, prior to her first gig with the crime lord there is no hint of her at all, but there are other pieces which can be followed. In this instance of 'follow the money' the details can be found in the underground world of mercenary life.

Around two weeks before her first appearance in Africa she could be found in Madripoor. Then the search starts to get really interesting.


The more Kitty starts to look into Obesandjo, the less she minds that he was bumped off. However, seeing a pattern makes Kitty start to worry at the bottom of her lip.

Perhaps sensing a bit of tenseness in his friend, Lockheed stops his own nesting and grabs the blanket, pulling it over to her for added comfort as he attempts to drape it over her shoulders. Absently, she scratches at his snout with a fond, "Thanks, 'heed."

Then, she keeps going. This is important and she's hoping that the added bonus of space firewalls (is that a thing? she thinks so) will help her. Frowning, she tries to find out more. Were the contracts she was taking helping Obesandjo? Or were they directly in conflict.

Now finding a thread, she starts to tease it out of the ball of string that she has hopefully now just found. This is where things stop becoming a mess and start crystallizing: it's her favorite part.

Moving backward, she opens yet another tab for Madripoor, closing others as they yield nothing of importance.


Following the timeline backward reveals a string of linked events starting in 2017 with an explosion in a Hightown building which left it completely demolished.

In 2016 another contract went out against her. This one to the tune of half a million dollars.

Right before this, a story of a CEO's stolen three million dollar supercar being driven into the bay and totaled.

A year earlier, back in 2015, there is photo evidence of her and an unfamiliar dark skinned man in what is clearly a wedding photo taken somewhere within the city. She also looks like she had been drinking quite a bit prior to that picture being taken, but the smiles seem genuine. The names listed are 'Milo and Neena Thurman.' With such a chaotic history it's a peculiar sight. One brief moment of normalcy.

Milo seems to have been something of a ghost himself prior to this wedding. The next time his name comes up happens to be in the obituaries, mere months after the ceremony.

Then comes a spotty two year collection of surveillance photos from numerous bars and nightclubs within the Madripoor area, both in Hightown and Lowtown. Most of these businesses have connections back to smaller criminal movements, it's quite likely that she had been taking on mercenary jobs wherever she could. It has the hallmarks of someone who is both highly driven and completely new to the scene. After all, merc types tend to not be very accepting of new blood cutting in on their profit margins.

Once again, back in 2013, the trail goes cold. However she had gotten into Madripoor seems to be a mystery, probably due to such a lack of modern day surveillance measures in the Lowtown area. Perhaps she had played it smart.

Or…perhaps she had a reason to keep such a relocation secret.


Kitty peels further back into what she thinks is Domino. The photo evidence is met with interest. She saves the photos to a folder on a separate drive for later, just in case. On a pad of paper next to her, she writes the name 'Neena Thurman.' This is all information she didn't have before, that could be useful. For a few moments, she hovers on that wedding photo of Domino and the man. In that second, she attempts to imagine the night, the things surrounding it, how a year later that same woman would be murdering a tyrant in Africa. The two are not mutually exclusive to her, but the dichotomy is interesting.

Then, she pulls up what she can on Milo, what little of it there is. The obituary is read with a frown. "Oh no," she says softly to Lockheed as the dragon moves to wrap around her neck like a living scarf. "How horrible." She pauses again, trying to imagine that mental state.

She goes through the surveillance of the bars, the mercenary haunts, the trajectory of her career. To Kitty, at least, a few things click into place.

Determined, though, she attempts to delve back into Neena's past. Any sort of birth certificate, diploma, anything of the like, anything else that may add onto this story.


For a woman with such a unique looking face it would seem reasonable that more information would exist somewhere out there, though if it does it would seem to be just outside of Kitty's reach. It might seem likely that the albino had been in less technologically advanced corners of the globe where there aren't any measures of catching those elusive pieces of photo evidence of someone passing through.

Trying to find a birth certificate is a proper needle in a haystack. With only a first name to go by and no images to be found anywhere of an albino child with a black spot around one eye, it doesn't seem likely that anything is going to turn up there.

Through what Kitty has already managed to find there is clear evidence of one change. Right around the date of Milo's death the use of the name 'Neena' seems to have outright ended and the name 'Domino' seems to have been born in its place.


The more Kitty searches, the more frustrated she gets. She's used to getting answers. This, though? This is not that. Either the woman they now know as Domino carefully erased her past, or there is quite a bit there that they simply are unable to find. It's hard to for Kitty to decide on one or the other.

As Lockheed crawls from her shoulders to rest on the top of her head to take a look at the computer screen, she starts to take screenshots and save them to a protected folder of her findings. Another document is added to with all her search keywords and results those brought forward. Once her documentation is done, she frowns, fingers hovering above the keys for a few moments.

Shutting down her connection to the internet, she goes back into the folder and pulls up that wedding photo again. Then, she re-reads the obituary. "No cause of death," she tells Lockheed softly. "Maybe it was a heart attack, but maybe it wasn't, you know what I mean?" Lockheed lets out a breath, one that says he agrees with her. "There's certainly a pattern here, though. Something to discuss."

Pulling out her phone, she pulls up the contact: "UncleBirb" in her phone and texts: "Got some deep background, let me know when you'd like to discuss".

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