Trajectory Enters the Field
Roleplaying Log: Trajectory Enters the Field
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Trajectory and Supergirl stop an attempt to bomb the Metropolis Memorial Bridge!

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IC Date: May 09, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis Memorial Bridge
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Posted On: 11 May 2019 03:59
Rating & Warnings: G
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* OOC Time: Thu May 09 00:22:56 2019 *

* * *

The Metropolis Memorial Bridge.

The scene is pretty much your average day. There's commuters going over the bridge in both directions, people taking routes that bring them over the water, to get where ever they are headed. And some gruesome gang of cybernetically enhanced humans who are setting up barricades on both sides of the bridge. Meanwhile a small group of them are climbing under the bridge, like weird looking humanoid spiders, placing bombs all along the belly of the bridge.

These folks are professionals and they have high-tech energy weapons designed to hurt, if not obliterate, even some of the local Metas. They live in a town with Superman, so they are coming packing. The bombs are also setup so that if even 1 is removed from the chain, a signal will travel to all the other ones to automatically trigger them. So, they have this thing pretty well wired by the time the news is showing up.

On the TV there's a news crew who, over their shoulder, a gang of 3 of these cybered up mercs are standing. They walk up and the spokesperson grabs the microphone, "Listen up Metropolis. We've got a few hundred people on this bridge, and if you don't pay us 12 billion dollars in the next few hours… boom." He drops the mic, turns around and the 3 walk back onto the bridge.

* * *

Eliza wasn't actually out patroling or anything similar when she heard the news about this. In fact, she was in her laboratory eating a bowl of curry and jasmine rice, her spoon moving at a positively phenomenal speed, when the ultimatum came blaring over the small television in the far corner of the breakroom. The chemist looked up just in time to hear the men intoning the words, "Pay us 12 billion dollars in the next few hours…"

In the span of a second, she's changed her black work shoes for a pair of comfortable hyper-reinforced sneakers, swapped her labocoat for a jacket, combed her hair lightly, put away the dishes, realized she's taken someone else's similar jacket, swapped for her own jacket out of the work closet, and then taken off for the Memorial Bridge at speeds that leave her as something of a Brazilian blur zipping past the various people along her route.

So it is that Liz comes skidding to a halt just inside the visual range of the terrorists, too far out to be likely to be caught unless she just happened to cross the wrong person. Eliza has the advantage of knowing where they probably are, something which allows her to scan the bridge at large at her own leisure.

"We're going to have to disable the bombs They've taken a lot of precautions, but… Maybe I can- …Or what if I…" At least she can think through all of these plans in the span of a couple breaths.

* * *

Floating down to just above Liz, Supergirl is there, crossed armed and speaking in response to some of the ideas, "You need to get the bombs. I've analyzed them from here, they… will trigger the other ones. If they are remove quickly enough you could stay ahead of the triggering mechanism." A pause, "Can you move faster than the time it takes to process, trigger, send the signal, and then connect to the next one?" Looking to her she winces a bit, "I really don't think you are bomb proof."

A deep breath in, "But, we can't have anyone stopping you, and we need someone to stop the main guy from triggering the detonator on his belt. So, I'll go and distract on the bridge till you can do the whole… diffusion thing. I might.. get shot a lot." A bit of a shrug, and she smiles to Liz, and waves a bit, "Though this'll be really cool. You know, you, me, saving people."

Letting her mouth gape open a bit she sighs, "People. I… can clear the bridge while I fight, and when you can, you can help. Just, um, stay out of the way of the guns… okay?" Worried look follows toward the speedster, as Kara spends some time thinking about this one. Normally she'd of already flown in and starting beating people up and hoping for the best, but… she saw Liz show up… and doesn't want her to go boom.

* * *

"I can outrun an explosion. I think," Liz will relate. She is scannign the bridge over carefully, brows furrowed while she considers. "I'll have ot outrun the signal," she decides then. "We don't have any other options to stop this. If you just attack them the dead man switch will drop and we'll be setting them off anyway. So this is the one for me."

Liz is continuing to stare at the bridge, her left foot scuffing lightly against the ground. "But I feel like I am missing somethi-… Oh!" Eliza takes off in a brief blur of blue denim and olive skin that denotes her most rapid shenanigans.

Liz returns in a costume in blue. It's worn pretty tight, a bodysuit made of sheer materials that provide as little drag for her as possible. She's wearing goggles for now to hide her eyes, and ends up slipping past Kara and striking a pose in fornt of her to show off her new duds.

"…Okay. Now we're ready. You should distract them for me and I'll zip in and stop those bombs. It'll be good. Hopefully we won't find out if I can outrun a bomb, right? …Ready when you are. Okay. …Oh." She pauses ofor a beat and looks back at Supergirl. "Call me Trajectory, for now."

* * *

"Okay… um, wait a second, Trajectory." Kara blinks a few times, and looks over the costume, "Sorry, was still in X-ray, that's a great costume!" And she nods her head a few times, "Oh, right! So, can you run upside down? Since those bombs are on the underbelly, with enough speed I'm sure you could… it's just… that's a lot of speed." A tilt of her head, she takes a deep breath, "Let me get in there, get them distracted, probably shot a few times, and then go. Cause, by that point I'll be keeping anyone from touching that… detonator. And if, if you need me, just… shout, I'll … get you."

Chewing her lip, Supergirl hasn't had to worry much about others yet while she's been fighting. Most of her gigs have been solo, or clumsily destroying things next to her cousin the perfect hero. Closing her eyes, she readies, "Going, now."

Supergirl rockets forward, at far faster speeds than she'd normally do in a crowd. Creating a gust of wind, and soon after a ripple of the sound barrier that tears up some of the road, she flies straight turning into a blur of red and blue, moving in hot. That's right, with Heat Vision.

A gun explodes in the hands of one of the cybered up goons, burning some of the bridge, the person holding it about to shout out when he's suddenly tossed off, over the edge, toward the water. With the splash and scream of their falling companion, those guys who were working under the bridge climb up the sides…

"Light'er up." The lead head honcho says, pulling out a pair of dual energy pistols and they start firing at Supergirl. She's avoiding most of them, but a few shots hit her and she's shot into a car, sliding it across the ground, denting in the side, when it almost tips off the edge until she grabs it, pulls it back onto the bridge, getting shot a few more times in the back, groaning out in pain till she's got the car back on the bridge. Then she's off to start ripping weapons from hands, crushing them, while getting pewpewpewed as she moves around starting a lot of ruckus. For now, the cybered goons aren't going to set off the explosions themselves while they are on the bridge, but they start to retreat toward one side of it… likely in preparation of boom boom.

* * *

"Okay… You can do this." While Supergirl is flying off to engage the enemy it seems that Trajectory is busy giving herself something of a pep talk. She takes a few quick breaths and then holds the last in for a couple seocnds. "Okay. You're just nervous. Maybe you're a little- out of sort.s Um. Okay. What do we do when our powers are fucking with us…?"

Liz produces a couple small blue pills and pops them both into her motuh quickly. She swallows them without anything to drink and closes her eyes for a seocnd. The drugs hit her enhanced ultra-speed metabolism almost instantly and her pupils dilate slightly. Liz's breathing slows a little. She quickly shakes her head. "What was I doing? …Woah!" She looks up to see Supergirl plowing into a buick, one which is now hanging down toward her, dangling ominously from the bridge. Thankfully, Supergirl is quick to deal with the situation.
"Okay. So. … Right. The bombs!" Liz takes a deep breath, then bends forward slightly to eeach for her toes. She grasps the toes of her Running Shoes (tm) for a second. Then Trajectory begins to run. The speed of that run is such that her movements are creating small clouds of dust which are then swept into her wake. This cloud of dust descends on the first of the bombs.

"… This isc cmplicated, " Liz begins, staring at the bomb iwth its heavy plastic casing and lack of markings aside from a serial number. It does not, it appears, ascribe to the comic book school of villainy and provide any convenient colours or buttons for her to deal with. Liz pauses here, and then takes a deep breath. She frowns. "…Tools. I have no tools. I didn't bring any *tools*… Damn it!"

So the speedster takes off again, a blue blur screaming across the city to… "Welcome to McLendons, ma'am," a pimple-faced 19-year-old greets Liz at the door, doing his best not to stare at her attire. "Can I help you with anything…?"

"Screwdrivers, wirecutters, allen wrenches… NOW."

"Working on a lawn mower…?"

"Now, gringo!" The boy yelps and scurries to assist her.

* * *

The group of cybered goons are getting disarmed, and they are beginning to realize they can shoot at civilians to slow Supergirl down as she flies in front of blast after blast of mega powerful energy shots. Does it hurt? Yes, most definitely, the the woman of steel knows pain. That said, she's also getting knocked into vehicles, all over the place. Her body flying in front of high intensity blasts, and so she's taking the larger share of the force, but is also crushing part of a passenger van filled with a family here, and knocking a semi on its side over there. It's not looking good for collateral damage, but at least people aren't being incinerated.

Anger is growing and Supergirl finally lines the ground up with a blast from her vision, then moves up at super speed to the line she drew, starting to tear up the rooad to make a curling of the road to block most of the cars from being targets any longer. Yep, that's a lot of money of city tax dollars to repair this… she can't help but think about it. Metropolis has only put in the headlines of the paper 7 times an attempt to sue Supergirl for property damage. Superman NEVER got press like that.

Once the blockade is done she's up and over it quickly, seeing the big head honcho heading more quickly to the edge, and now she's angry. Moving forward she's grabbing super strong cybered goons and tossing them off the bridge like she did the first one. And moving forward, punching probably harder than she should, and knocking people backwards. Blasts still hit her and she takes a half step back before blasting with icy winds over another small group creating ice up along their legs.

About to move after the leader, Supergirl is dogpiled by multiple cybered goons, who are using their enhanced strength to punch and kick her while she's at the bottom of tech enhanced fists and feet, that are kind of keeping her curled up and using her arms to protect the back of her head. That leader is getting closer to the edge, it's like a burning dynamite fuse… the closer he gets, the sooner he can make the bridge go boom.

* * *

A catchy nondescript jingle plays in the background as Liz is entering one of the aisles at the hardware store. "Ma'am, what size allen wrench did you need?" The boy asks, a bit hesitantly, as he studies the Latina garbed in what might as well be blue spandex with red highlights.

"What?" Liz pauses, brows furrowing. "What do you mean? Come one, out with it, out with it." She gestures quickly with both hands at the boy in front of her, staring.

"Well, you can't really use the wrong sized key on a bolt. So there's 5/32 inches, and 5/16 inches, or metric hexes if your product is from Ikea…?"

A couple minutes later Liz is checking out from the store with a box of screwdrivers, some pliars, wire cutters, and a huge kit full of allen wrenches of almost any conceivable size. She pays by quickly scanning a LexCorp company credit card, and then she's taking off again, so fast she halfway knocks the shop door off its hinges when it doesn't open fast enough.

The speedster dashes through traffic, causing a semi truck driver to swerve and nearly crasah into a building, but he self-corrects in time to accidentally trigger the camera at a red light and ensure himself a ticket. She cuts off a little old lady crossing at an intersection, then pauses, and doubles back to help the woman across the street by scooping her up and then plopping her down on the far side. In the process, she drops her allen wrench kit and sprays little metal tools everywhere. She scoops them up from the pavement so quickly she could have left scorch marks on the cement, and then the race is on again. Fast. Faster. Fast enough to create mini sonic booms in her wake if not for the power of the Speed Force defying reasonable Physics.

By the time Trajectory reaches the bridge once more the leader of the cybernetic goons is almost at the edge of the bridge. It's been about three and a half minutes in total. Just in time for the bomb to be about to touch off. It doesn't help when a car door goes flying past Trajectory's head and smashes into a fire hydrant just beside her. She manages to outrace the spraying water, but it soon begins to flood the street leading up to the Memorial Bridge. Nevermind the many angry or terrified civilians getting out of their cars to stare at the carnage.

* * *

Lifting up from the pile of people punching her with incredibly, superhumanly strong fists, the kryptonian blonde gets to be standing. She's holding the arms of two of the goons and she does a quick, super speed, spin, that knocks down and over the rest of the goons before she throws those two off into the water as well. Hopefully they aren't unconscious so they don't drown… but Supergirl isn't that forward thinking.

Eyes glowing red, she's about to shoot the leader with her heatvision when he holds up the detonator. Supergirl powers down. "That's right girly. All you capes are the same… some lives in the way, and suddenly you won't do what you need to do." Then he levels his pistol at Supergirl and shoots, making her stagger a half-step back. Then another half step in the other direction. "You see? You won't do what you need to do."

More goons are starting to arrive, but staying off of the bridge. They're going to make good on their promise, blow everything up. Liz has all the time that she was fighting these goons after her return, but Supergirl's not thinking about that. Hopefully Liz can make it in time, because the blonde starts to move so fast she makes it seem like the road she tore up is being tugged by her on an invisible string.

Time for Supergirl almost seems to stop, it's not as slowed as how Liz can do things, but Kryptonians can play at being speedsters when they need to… and Supergirl decides its time.

A punch here to a goon who goes flying backwards, kick over there, head butt to another one, throwing a gun into a fourth, and she's moving in blurs as the leader is moving in super slow motion to attempt to click down on the triggering mechanism of the detonator. Liz, erm Trajectory, has just a little bit of time to remove all those bombs while Supergirl goes semi-berserk. Heat vision lashing out, no one's dying, but arms are broken, cybernetics ripped from locations and paralyzing people, punches that crack ribs… heatvision that explodes guns… she's not nice Miss kryptonian right now.

* * *

* OOC Time: Fri May 10 22:42:36 2019 *

* * *

"Okay… We can do this… Okay." Trajectory takes off at the speed of sound. No, faster. Further still. She streaks past people in the midst of shouting, running up a support strut on the memorial bridge and along the side. Now it's tricky, because she'll fall the moment she stops moving to deal with the boms. Which means she'll have to be faster than she can fall away from them.

In slow motion, the goon is reaching the edge of the bridge to press the detonator. Eliza scrambles with her allen wrenches and other tools, juggling items from the grocery bag and letting several fall toward the river in slow motion as she tries to locate the correct tool. He presses the button that sends the signal. In less than a second the bomb that Liz is working on is going to blow up. She'll be falling by then and in midair, and the explosion will toss her like a ragdoll toward the far side of the bridge.

"Blue wire or the red wire… Wait? They're all blue. Damn it. I don't have a manual. This is *not* how this goes in the movies…" Liz growls in frustration and then squeezes her eyes shut for a split second. "If I could reach the detonator cap I could just——"

Then the Brazilian brunette is lifting a hand. She lets go of the tools. The speed at which she's moving is such that even though they're falling they might as well be suspended in midair for her. But right now she's going to try something new.

Liz tries vibrating her hand, moving so fast that she can literally attempt to phase through matter. She's done it before, though never under this much pressure. She reaches out - and slams her fingers into the bomb casing. Hard. With a yelp, Liz tries again, and this time pushes her hand all the way through. She disconnects a few of the key components of the weapon and then shoves off from it to continue toward the next of the explosives. It's only a moment before she's gotten them all disarmed. Her tools are long gone by this point.

Those watching would have seen a blue blur stumble through traffic, zig around, run up the side of the bridge while lobbing tools in all directions, and flail awkwardly as it haphazardly stumbled from bomb to bomb. Unfortunately, Trajectory's grace was pretty much only ascertainable for those who move at an appreciable percentage of the speed of light.

But at least Liz made it in time to save the day.

* * *

And up on top of the bridge Supergirl is moving forward, in ultra fast speed, not as fast as Liz of course, because she unfairly has access to the Speed Force, whatever that is… but Supergirl is using science. Solar powered genetics. Makes total sense. Anyhow, the man with the detonator clicks it and Supergirl is only a few inches away from him…

And then, nothing. Stopping and looking at the detonator, both Supergirl AND the genetically altered cyber goon kind of look at one another, then back to the detonator. And then he clicks it again and squints. Supergirl smiles, standing up taller, all of the other cybered goons fallen on the ground. She cants her head toward the guy and she sort of slumps his shoulders.

Reaching out she grabs him, and drags him back to where she coiled up some of the concrete, pushes him up against it and punches him once, then twice, till he's sufficiently dazed. Then she rolls him up in bridge concrete. Smiling she puts her hands on her hips, "L— Trajectory, I think we did it." Then she starts to scrunch up her face some looking back over the entire length of the bridge.

Lazer marks, cars on fire, lots of them busted up and dented, smoke everywhere, and of course a good 30 feet or so of rolled up concrete at the end. And she fist clenches and stamps her foot on the ground, cracking more ground under her super strong mini-tantrum. "I can see the headlines now - Supergirl Strikes again. Eeurrrrrrrgh! I swear someone has some kind of hex power and they are actively using it against me."

* * *

"We… Seem to have done it," Liz replies in a rather flustered tone. She stumbles a little as she slows down to something vaguely resembling normalcy, joining Kara atop the bridge to stare out at the people surrounding them. "I mean, I had to make a couple of side trips to try to figure it out, and then I realized I dnd't even need the tools anyway but, um… It's working." She shakes her head slowly. The woman wobbles on her feet, apparently a little out of sorts. TShe flashes Supergirl a grin, however, and the nnods.

"We've saved the world. Mortals rejoice," Liz intones in her best deadpan. She looks out and squints. "And also… Rebuild. But less rebuilding than if, you know, the place blew up. So we can definitely clal that a win. That's going in the notebook."

* * *

Supergirl lets out a little sigh out and there's just a small slump of her shoulders. She nods her head a few times, "Yeah, tell that to the news… when they get around to it. Guns destroyed, and out of the hands of criminals? Check. People saved? Check. People unhurt, mostly. And… crooks… also mostly accounted for. I threw some of them off the bridge, I should've probably just… knocked them out…"

Looking over to Liz though she smiles, "You, did all the hard work though. So, maybe it'll be… Supergirl Strikes Again…" She moves her hand through the air above her head, like a headline, and then a second line, "And Trajectory Saves the Day". "Ready to go? I don't… stick around, and do the whole, cheer-rah rah, thing."

* * *

"Yeah, um. Let's get otu of here," Liz agrees quietly. She looks out at the people surrounding htem and breathes another of those sighs. "Maybe sticking around and saying hello would be good once in ahwile," she murmurs, but there's no attmept to push it. Instead, Trajectory takes a deep breath. "I'll catch up to you realy soon. ANd… From where I am stnading you did way more than I did. I ran in circles while you shot at. You know? Don't beat yourself up too badly for the collateral damage." Wiuth that, Trajectory turns as if to go. SHe'll vanish in a literal split second if she isn't stopped.

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