Taking AIM
Roleplaying Log: Taking AIM
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Domino tracks down the Scorpion to settle things but Carm has a different idea in mind. An uneasy partnership is formed.

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IC Date: May 11, 2019
IC Location: A motel just outside Gotham.
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Posted On: 11 May 2019 19:43
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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* OOC Time: Sat May 11 12:37:48 2019 *

* * *

Tracking down Carmilla over the next day or two proves to be rather difficult. The first order of business was breaking back into her room about fifteen minutes after the streetside confrontation to pick up her "go" bag - water, protein bars, rope, toolkit, zip ties, flashlight, first aid kit, disguise kit, a Glock 19 with custom sights and grips tucked into the main bag, and a little Glock 26 hidden beneath a fabric panel most people would miss in the tactical bag's webbing. She then took off through the streets, disappearing into an abandoned building a few blocks away where she splinted her thoroughly sprained and contused ankle, disinfected her wounds, and rebandaged them properly. Only afterward did she stop to take a deep breath.

A good ten minutes was spent with Carmilla holding a pack of waterproof matches, staring balefully at a syringe from her medical kit. Pain medication. If only she wasn't completely fucking immune to that sort of thing. On the plus side, a few minutes of rest and she was feeling more or less good to go. Walking stung like a bitch, but at least the bruises weren't really on her face and her shoulder had only been dislocated, not broken. She wasn't going to be running any marathons but she could keep moving.

Carm is able to find a new place to hole up easily. For some reason, no one wants to mess with a girl who looks like she just ran through the back alleys of Hell and shot the Devil in the face before she bugged out. She's made a big show of getting the place in question, got plenty of people talking about it, went up to a room on the third floor, locked the door… And sat down to wait. The rain had stopped by this point, so it wasn't too bad. The fresh air did a lot to help her think through the night's events.

So when Dom does finally find Carm again it's on the edge of town in a pretty normal motel room rented with cash, with blonde hair, brown eyes, and the blinds down. She's on the first floor (that cost extra), the place smells like smoke but is otherwise clean, and right now there's a HK VP9 on the table in the midst of being field stripped.

Carm is taking good care of Dom's gun. The bitch.

* * *

Normally it would be foolish to take a second shot at a failed hit so soon afterward. Given the circumstances Domino doesn't want to risk losing her mark. With someone of Carmilla's pedigree she could vanish without a trace and never resurface. Or worse, she could resurface from the shadows long enough to retaliate. She's also expecting a good and proper hunt. After their initial tussle it stands to reason that Carmilla would go to ground, pull herself together, arm up, then start hunting the hunter.

What she isn't expecting so much was for so many people to apparently know exactly where the Scorpion showed up and around what time of day. Is it a trap..or an open invitation..?

Dom's still not going through the front doors. Or taking the ever popular fire escape. Those are much too obvious. She doesn't want anyone to see her coming. So, it's the rooftops. Neighboring buildings provide the starting point, then Dom's platform-hopping from one structure to the other. It's one of the perks of densely urbanized cities.

Perhaps against her better judgement for a hit, the albino isn't lurking half a block out with a precision instrument. Rather, she's -right outside- of the window. Hanging upside down on a rappelling line. Maybe being in Bat territory has her in the mood for being inverted, who the hell knows. It's a clear view inside and it's easy to find the other woman.

Feet are braced against the wall, holding her frame far enough away from the building to level the sister VP9 toward the glass and take aim. She's not going to miss at this distance. Not again. She's got this shit. She
the goddamn—

All it would take is a few more ounces of pressure. A twitch of a muscle. A healthy sneeze. Scorpion is -right fucking there!- Dom could make this shot in her SLEEP!

But that's her lost pistol spread out across the table. Being maintained. By the person she had tried to kill. Who has no idea what any of this is all about. Who still dragged her sorry white butt to safety.

The gun drifts away from the window, the side of it instead coming to rest right against the albino's face with a muttered "-Dammit.-"

* * *

Carmilla isn't exactly sitting idle. Domino's come down the building to drop in on her, following that trail of bread crumbs, and the Scorpion herself rises to her feet in order to glance toward the window. She cocks her head slightly- and looks right at the Albino who is, at the moment, hanging upside down on a line right outside of her window, holding a loaded gun. It might be inconceivable to Domino that the Scorpion walks right over to that window and opens it up, ostensibly unarmed.

The young woman calls out, "If you want your gun you're going to have to come inside. I'm not throwing a weapon this nice out a fucking window for you to pick up off the street."

With this done Carmilla walks over to the door, flips the lock, and then stalks back over to the table. She's in her boots- the same ones she wore the night Domino first hunted her down. She's also wearing dark clothes, a gray swearter and dark pants that will play far better in the shadows than actual black ever would. A webbed belt with a couple pouches on it. Some other garment underneath bulking her up slightly. Domino's experience would tell her the "blonde" is wearing some kind of body armour. She's a tiny thing and that profile doesn't match.

Rather than say more, Carmilla leans back in her chair and reaches into her belt. She pulls a cigarette out from a pack of Lucky Strikes and makes a show of striking up one of those matches she'd been holding. Not that cigarette smoke is likely to bother the Scorpion.

* * *

Domino had to have seen this coming.

Scorpion KNEW she'd be showing up here. Dom KNEW it wouldn't be so easy to take the shot. And because of points 1 and 2 she also KNEW that Carmilla would want to 'talk it out' following point 2's inevitable failure.

Now here she is, hanging upside down like a total doof and being invited in through the window. It's ..well frankly it's kind of embarrassing. Dom's not playing with a full deck tonight.

Even while upside down some points of interest quickly become apparent. Besides the stripped VP9 laid out in full display (was that intentional?) The Scorpion's choice of attire and how she carries herself tonight tells the would-be assassin some useful points. Armor, definitely. Likely packing, probably more than one. What about that peculiar gauntlet from the other night? The one that put the gash across the albino's face and very nearly made her cut her own arm off thanks to whatever manner of aerosolized 'injection' it had delivered?

Regardless of what happens here tonight her primary goal is really quite simple, and it doesn't start and end with 'kill Carmilla.' It involves -not getting stung again.-

With a quick leg sweep the albino spins about to right-side up then climbs inside, sitting on the sill long enough to disconnect the line from her harness. The gun is put away. She makes a beeline march for where Carmilla is sitting with her cigarette.

Then she takes a swing at the other woman's face. Just once. She still has to get it out of her system.

* * *

Carm looks up as Dom rushes toward her and arches a brow. There's a certain level of recognition there and- perhaps to her credit- she takes the punch square across the cheek, her head swinging out, blonde tresses floating out in all directions. The cigarette flies out of her mouth and extinguishes itself in the blankets on the bed. The Scorpion is left with a red fist mark on her soft skin, taking a couple quick breaths to steady herself.

There's no sign of that gauntlet. The only thing on Carm's left arm is a little steel bracelet around her wrist. Same colour as the gauntlet, but notably much less extreme. The young woman reaches up and presses on her jaw slightly, as if she's adjusting it. Then she grimaces. "Oh good, you didn't dislocate my jaw." She doesn't swing back, unbelievably. Maybe she's just happy there's no shooting.

"Cigarette?" Carm asks, indicating the pack with a sweep of a hand. There's also a six pack of beer sitting on the table beside the tv, where it would've been hidden from sight from the angle of the door.

"So. I'm not going to repeat the question because I already screamed my head off like an idiot enough last night," Carm relates. "And I know no one hired you for this. At least, no one's advertising. So… I'll just wait."

It might be part of Carm's plan that there's no earthly way Dom could actually take her gun and run. There are way too many pieces. Carmilla is also nothing if not methodical in how she handles them.

* * *

The thing about facepunches is that they hurt. They feel good to the person doing the punching..but they fucking HURT. No one truly wins when you take a swing at the head. Domino's hand sort of bounces back off to the side, jaw clenched as she slowly curls those fingers inward once then shakes out the entire arm.

Yeah. That sucked. But it felt good. But -motherfucker.-

"Lucky you," is grunted before she stalks around Carmilla and, sure enough, heads straight for the now noticed beer. The offer of a cigarette is dismissed with a grumpy wave, she's got her poison of choice already sorted out.

With the first of what is likely several beers to be cracked open she slowly (hesitantly) drifts around to the other side of the table. A chair is pulled out with the toe of her boots. An undignified flop places albino butt into seat. The beer is set down with a firm and somehow meaningful *thunk.* Then..she just stares at the Scorpion for a good..long..while.

When she finally speaks it's firm and directly to the point. "You're the daughter of Monica Rappaccini. She once took something very important from me. I was going to return the favor."

The beer is lifted. Drank from. Her eyes never leave those of her 'opponent.' Dom may have psyched herself up that this person needs to die but Carmilla has at least earned the courtesy of a 'why.'

And here it is.

* * *

Domino might have expected an arched brow, a sarcastic quip. A brief nod to show that the girl is acknowledging what she's been told. Any of these would be in character with the smoking, nonchalant poison-wielding assassin that Domino has both been prepared to expect and witnessed in action (albeit not her best). Instead, however, Carmilla… Stares. Her mouth falls open a little bit.

"..*That* bitch? How many people are going to try to kill me because of her fucking Eugenics bullshit? Oh. My. GOD." There's audible groan from the Scorpion, who rises to her feet and moves over to collect a beer of her own. She is shaking her head as she moves back to the table and slides back into her seat. Thump. The can hits the table in much the same way as Domino's. which as much metaphorical weight as physical.

"So. We can both agree my mother is a fucking psychopath. There's a start anyway. Carmilla cracks open her can and takes a sip before setting it aside once more. "Who'd she take from you?" The young woman asks more seriously, her voice just shy of a whisper. Brown eyes seek out Domino's as she stares across the table.

"If you want, I'll go first." A beat. "My parents. The ones who raised me, I mean." She gestures with the can before taking another sip. "Now you."

* * *

The studying stare goes both ways. How is the Scorpion going to handle this news? Apparently by exploding somewhat. So. Taking out Carmilla would -probably- have amounted more to 'taking away one of Monica's toys' rather than 'axing Monica's precious daughter.' That would have had a bit less of an impact, admittedly. Probably more of a pissing off of Monica rather than dealing some much sought after emotional devastation.

Well crap.

"Seems like," Domino deadpans in regards to them both agreeing about Carm's mother. Though when the question as two who was taken from Dom is pressed she subtly shakes her head. No, she is absolutely NOT planning on answering that. It doesn't fucking matter—

Then Carmilla goes first. And puts Dom's ass On. The Line.

She doesn't share personal details with anyone. A.N.Y.One. Contractors, allies, enemies, one night stands, that shit is on -total- lockdown. Scorpion here may have an evolving position on the 'friends/enemies' sliding scale but what the hell, who the hell does she think she is to be asking such personal fucking—

"My husband."

(Goddammit Thurman!)

* * *

Scorpion closes her eyes for a second and then gives a slow nod. Barely an inclination of her head, really. she takes a deep breath and shakes her head slowly, sipping at the beer one more time.

"That's where we are then." The finality with which Carmilla says this suggests she too isn't ordinarily inclined to share personal revelations. Then again, this is clearly a special situation in some sense of the word. Perhaps a night of playing Spy Versus Spy is a good source of bonding. Who knew?

"I am planning on going after her operations. People who work with her. Who are close to her. AIM in general." This is related in a rather measured way as Carmilla watches Domino across the table. "I was in town looking after a lead," the girl continues then. Slowly. "But I don't have enough hands to seal the deal."

Carm takes a deep breath then and holds it for a couple of solid beats. SHe's letting the moment draw itself out while she studies Neena's face. "Truce? At least long enough to send a few fascist assholes to Hell and maybe blow up some fancy toys.

"My parents named me Carm."

* * *

The moment plays out both quickly and slowly. Around this time last night Domino was attempting to put several bullets into Carmilla's head. Now they're reluctantly sharing a drink and ..gradually.. talking about what this 'war' had already cost them. Dom may still need some time to work out all of her feelings regarding their predicament but it's once again proof positive that her luck ability works in some extremely bizarre ways.

Why couldn't she kill Carmilla before?

Because Carmilla may very well be the single best asset on the planet for getting what she's ultimately after.

It won't even require any coercion. Scorpion is -asking- her to help! Not many people can turn an attempted murder into being handed such a lovely offer upon a silver platter but that's just kinda how Dom rolls.

"That so," is all she says at first about the plan to go after Monica. One hand wanders out across the table to take the stripped down pistol slide, bringing it closer for a quick but thorough examination. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their gear. Perhaps even more when it isn't their own.

Nothing is said back to the question of a truce. Instead she waits for the introduction. That she can respond to. "Domino." Then "What's our first move?"

So, that'd be a 'yes' to the whole truce business.

* * *

"So, this is what I'm looking at here." Carmilla has produced a blueprint for a warehouse down by the Gotham docks. After a moment of digging for a pen the young merc eventually unrolled one of her cigarettes and started drawing out arrows in the dried tobacco. It makes for a surprisingly effective visual aid, if nothing else.

"There are at least six exits from this place. Large packages are moved in through the bay doors during the evenings. They're supposed to be shipping, but way less product comes out than in if you count the late deliveries," Carm relates. "Security is armed, posted by each of the doors. VIPs move in and out fairly regularly. There's a lab underneath here. Probably a fairly large one, put in Gotham because NYC would be watching too closely.

"So, I am planning to hit the place. Flush some things out. Find Antonio Romano, who is in charge of AIM operations in this sector." The guy Carm accused Dom of working for the night before, as it happened. "Problem is that if I go in and set off an alarm, he'll go *out*… I can't cover enough ground to keep them from rabbiting. With me so far?"

Carm even draws out a tiny tobacco bunny. She's actually skilled artist. Probably played with sandboxes too much when she was a kid.

* * *

It's like Carmilla was planning on this alliance being confirmed well before Domino showed up. Out comes the blueprint and a drawing medium is improvised. Quickly the pieces begin to fall into place. Like this whole scenario had been predetermined somehow.

How quickly her mind can shift from revenge mode to business mode. Either Carmilla already did her homework on this plan, or..she's gearing up to drive Dom into a much more elaborate trap. Not likely… But worth considering. If you don't want to get blindsided, never rule out potentials.

While the plans are laid out the pale lady keeps her hands busy ..briefly.. by recollecting the pieces of her HK and slotting them back together. It's muscle memory, she could have done it blindfolded. Taking her time with reassembly while studying the map is a simple multitask.

The name Antonio is recognized from their last run-in. It's a good sign that this is personal for Carm.

"And with an 'extra set of hands' maybe you'd -want- him to rabbit," she suggests with a level tone. "Be a lot easier to grab if he throws himself out in the open. Six doors, six guards. I could take these three out before any of them reached for their comms," she points out three exits around the same corner of the building with the muzzle of her now rebuilt sidearm.

* * *

"Right. It's worth mentioning that we don't really know how many security guards they'll have in the lab underground. When he runs he'll probably have some company," Carm notes carefully. She nods, reaching out to point at the warehouse doorss as Domino is indicating the blueprint with her gun.

"So if you're going to be overwatch you'll have to be prepared for it to get hairy, fast. Sounds like something you'll be able to handle."There's a bit of a smile from Carm then and she glances at Domino before turning her gaze back to the work in front of her. "So I am thinking that I'll attack the warehouse on foot from the west side. You can take the guards on the east near those three exits. This door here leads to a narrow alley. Ambush territory. So if he wants to get to a vehicle he'll have to exit through the north east.

"So while I'm tying up the guys on the inside that's where you'll have to get to." Carm taps the blueprint a couple of times with her finger, scattering the tobacco drawings and erasing her work. She scowls at it for a second.

"What do you think?" The girl settles back into her seat and takes a deep breath. Slowly. "If that all works out for you there's only one order of business left to address."

* * *

"I think I'll manage somehow," Domino confirms about acting quickly. "These guys don't have an apartment to hide behind." Here Carm's smile is met with a thin black smirk. She's not ready to be all nicey-nicey, after what she put Carmilla through there are -going- to be some hurt feelings involved. She's not letting her guard down yet. The throbbing of her knuckles from the earlier face-punching serves as a good reminder. After that hit the albino's certainly got one coming.

"I get that you need this Antonio cheeseball alive, but just 'how' alive are we talking?" Because nothing stops someone from running like being shot in the leg!

Or dropping an air conditioning unit onto them.

The blueprints are given another thoughful looking over. If letting Antonio make a run for it works to their advantage, why not take it a step further? "Suppose he does make it to a vehicle. What are his options from there? I'm thinkin' maybe we give him that head start, let him feel that he's in the clear before we pop the engine. On foot I could reach him before backup even knew where to start looking for him."

Another long drink of beer follows, then she looks back to Carmilla with brows raised. One order of business left?

Already she's preparing to intercept a punch to her noggin.

* * *

Carmilla purses her lips. She glances at Carm's hands and shoulders, then back to the other woman's face. She arches a brow before picking up her beer and throwing back the last of the contents. The can is crushed and lazily tossed into an nearby can before she answers that stance with a, "…Calm down. I'm not going to hit you until after we're done here."

Shaking her head, Carmilla rises to her feet now. She's partially turned away from Domino as she continues, "Letting him book it and intercept works for me. We do have an advantage; he knows I am after him and knows I've been working solo. So he shouldn't be expecting you."

After a moment Carm adds quietly, "Anyway. Last order of business. I am starving and they don't do room service here. Betting stabbed, shot at, hit by a fucking /air conditioner/, and dragging your happy ass halfway across Gotham makes you hungry. Who knew? There's a diner like half a block away."

* * *

Not going to hit her 'until after we're done here.' So there's the score. Domino has a present to look forward to after the job's all squared. Frickin' yay.

Letting Antonio make a real go at fleeing the scene is greenlit. That brings another teeny tiny smile to the crazy albino. She has ways of handling traffic stops, alright. This just went from another job to a fun night out on the town.

The remainder of her beer is quickly finished off and similarly crushed/tossed after Carmilla's own. Her reassembled and reunited pistol is returned to its holster. Though..is Carmilla only making a statement here..or is she actually asking Dom to join her for dinner?

Yeah. Not happening.

Her idea of a 'get out of jail free' card is, in fact, a card. A business card designed front to back to look like a black domino game piece, six and one, with a phone number worked into the square with the single dot. This gets neatly flicked down against the table with the expert flourish of a gambler.

"Have fun with that. Nudge me when it's go time."

She'll see herself out now. Through the window. All of that rappelling equipment is going to have to be picked up.

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