Time Out
Roleplaying Log: Time Out
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Kara lands in front of Drake on the beach, and they attempt to be normal!

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IC Date: May 12, 2019
IC Location: Beach on Staten Island
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Posted On: 13 May 2019 01:21
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Staten Island has some nice beaches - yes, beaches. Multiple. Plural. And between training and intermittent meetings with individuals, he's keeping his pursuit of finding the most ideal substitute for what he's come to miss in California. Nothing's quite met his high and admittedly unreasonable expectations, but Staten Island has come closest with its idyllic breezes, gentle waves, and general lack of population. Indeed, the stretch of beach the teen is traversing now is practically vacant.

Drake is dressed as one might expect a beach-goer, in the same trunks he's been using since expanding his wardrobe in New York City. Bare feet are leaving prints along the otherwise smooth, even glassy undisturbed sand. The sun is setting off to the side, casting the cloudless sky awash in vibrant colors. The gentle breeze carelessly toussles his hair, gently scattering his hanging bangs. Vibrant emerald eyes are cast out over the sea, distant, thoughtful.

* * *

It's like a person leaping into view, but a little less arcing. Kara lands with a mini explosion of sand right nearby Drake. She's got under one arm a surf board, is wearing a black bikini, and she's got a bit of a smile. "Hello, Drake. You said you like to surf. Correct?" Just right there into the conversation she goes. Looking at him a bit curiously.

Other people on the beach either completely missed the sudden arrival of the blonde, or are staring. Gawking, there's only a few blondes who fly, and it probably doesn't help that she's got her surfboard to carry her family's crest on it… kind of almost adverstising the fact that she is, in fact, Supergirl. Even though she's not wearing the uniform. Secret identity? Who cares really?

* * *

There's an immediate squawk of surprise! Drake leaps back like a startled cat, landing in a crouch low enough to brace one hand against the sandy earth, eyes wide and assuredly fixed on Kara. Naturally, Drake immediately recognizes the immaculately beautiful girl in front of him. Naturally she'd be wearing even /less/ than usual. Not that it matters. He's been making an effort to actively push any lingering thoughts in /that/ direction out of his mind.

Drake straightens his posture and breathes a quick, cleansing sigh to compose himself.

Then and only then does he take the moment to process what she's saying. "Hi. I did. Uh, I.. thought you said..," he trails off. He thought she said he needed to /get/ hobbies. It was kind of insulting. Doesn't seem so important now, anyway. He moves forward again to join her. "I don't have a board in New York, but I could kind of teach you?," he suggests. Which he knows would be completely awkward, attempting to not touch her while guiding her through the motions, sans his own board to demonstrate on. "Unless you'd rather.. walk? Talk?" Anything but check out her generously on-display figure?

* * *

"Oh, you aren't actively surfing?" Questions Kara as she's seeming a little confused. "Sometimes your language does not make any sense. Harder still, most humans lie on a semi-regular basis. Intentions are difficult, as well as fully grasping what you all are going on about all the time. The references to popular culture and such are -especially- hard to follow. I think people really forget that I'm an alien."

A pause as she shrugs her shoulders, "Is walking and talking a hobby that you do as well? I was told I should get a hobby and relax. Get, as if you could take a hobby." She laughs and shakes her head a bit, letting out a small sigh. "My only consistent hobby is eating…"

Someone walking past yells in Kara's direction, "If I'm drowning, don't come save me lady. I don't want to end up like that bridge!" And that immediately gets Kara to tense up a bit, eyes glowing white hot almost instantly, but she starts to calm within seconds, eyes taking a little longer to cool.

* * *

Drake Riley shakes his head. "No. Not actively surfing. I'd be in the water if I were. And your arrival would've been more of a 'splash'," he muses. And then he realizes she probably won't get the colloquiolism. But before he can say anything else, a random passerby makes a comment about the bridge situation in Metropolis.

Kara's immediate reaction sees an equally immediate reaction from Drake. His hand quickly moves forward to set on her shoulder. Should it land, he'll be a firm, but not forceful presence. The objective is to take her attention and redirect it onto himself. Should /that/ succeed, she'll find those bright emerald eyes meeting hers - warm and gentle.

"Hey. Forget him. You're doing what you can, and it takes time to adjust. The thing that matters is that you're trying. That you're /good/."

* * *

Eyes still obsfucated by the fact that there's heat coursing through her cells, gives a very ominous eye to eye contact with Drake. Only for a moment though as her eyes fade, and cool off they return to those blues with long eyelashes. Every part of her must be rather immune to such heat since she's not burned off those eye lashes yet.

Though after a moment she says, "No, it's okay. You don't need to comfort me. I'm… not my cousin. He's the good one. I'm just… well, I'm me, and I've got bad parts, and good parts, and well… that's the most Kryptonian thing there is - anyhow."

"What about splashing, though? I thought surfing was on a board, and you ride it through the water from the motion of the wave. Catching it at the right angle so that it is a pushing force, much like a sail in the wind. Not, like in a bathtub playing with toys?" Curiosity kind of sets in, as she asks the question and doesn't really respond to the guy. Trying to forget him entirely. She adds on, "Anything you want to know about aliens? Or kryptonians in particular, feel free to ask. Sometimes people feel… nervous, like I'll take offense."

* * *

"Only if you have any equally hot friends or family," Drake jokes dryly.

His hand drops to his side again. "Everyone's got good parts and bad parts, Kara. Me, you, your cousin - I think it's more about always trying to be good. Everyone screws up." His smile doesn't falter, nor does he shy back from her gaze. Sure, the thought that she shoots lasers out of them is… unnerving, but he's persistent in his support!

"Splashing, because.. how you landed. Like, in the sand. If you did that in the water, y'know.." He leans back and raises his hands to gesture, with, "Splsshh~," in mimicry of splashing. His head tilts slightly at her. "We can give it a try, though? Like I offered? I was just walking'n thinking about things."

* * *

The first joke, happens, and Kara responds by looking down toward the sand, "My family is all dead." She swallows a bit hard, as she sighs and keeps looking down. "My cousin, he's… not really a friend and he's barely family. He's more Earthling than Kryptonian."

As Drake talks about being good. "I'm not trying to BE good. Not, from your standards. Not from… his standards either. Sometimes I get angry and I take it out on people doing bad things. Sometimes… I ignore people I hear who need help… because, I'm 'busy'. I try and do everything, and the police get mad, I don't do anything, and I get yelled at in the newspaper." Squinting her eyes some, her tone shifts a little, "It's just, stupid words by stupid people. Ask me a question about quantum mechanics, or advanced bio-chemistry. Dimensional travel, or… anything really. These are things I learned by the time I was six. I'm smarter, AND stronger, and yet HE gets all the good press? Makes no sense, I've even saved more lives in the past few months than he did. I hate him."

Frustration brews enough that Kara's arms tensing up just snap her board in two like it's a twig. And then she is blinking a few times, looking at her board, she says something in a very bizarre impossible to understand language, almost sounds like jibberish. The tone is definitely swearing though.

* * *

Drake Riley blinks as the board snaps! He cringes a little and reaches out again for her shoulders. Once more, it's that soft, but steadying grip that likely doesn't threaten to tilt or lean Kara - but the intent is hopefully clear. "Kara," he says again, head canting to her, smiling weakly. "First - I'm sorry about my joke. Temporary derpy moment. I wasn't thinking. That's my bad. Definitely didn't mean to make you feel bad or dredge up.. bad mojo. So- yeah. Sorry."

Drake glances aside briefly, then back to her. He's not famous enough to get that level of bad press for his heroics or lack thereof. But he gets flak simply for existing by the mainstream media, politicians, activists, and even some military organizations. Not the same, but he at least knows what it's like to be unfairly hated. He eases a step closer to her. "You have permission to be a person, Kara. No one can take that away from you. Alien or not. And just because you /can/ do something doesn't mean you /have/ to. That's your choice. People are gonna be jerks, but the ones you help? Their lives get changed. And they're not gonna hate you. They're not gonna be mad at you. And maybe I'm biased, but /I/ think you're pretty incredible."

* * *

"Some of them still hate me. Some of them HAVE gotten mad at me. A lot of them, in fact. Sometimes when I am trying to save someone, they tell me they want to wait till my cousin can arrive. Or they tell me, that Superman wouldn't of broken their hand saving them, or ruined their clothes, or broken their stupid burning house… It was ALREADY burning, flash news. Then they want to sue me because, why? Their insurance doesn't cover Supergirl damages…" Kara's voice gets louder and she takes a step backwards from Drake, as she's breathing in and out slowly, and shakes her head, "You don't understand. You don't know what it's like to have to hold back every single fiber of your entire being, just to… what, not ruin an automobile, a house, or maybe even a planet? Do you know what that's like? No. I don't want sympathy, I didn't even ask for it. I just wanted to escape for a bit. To get away from it all."

She's clearly upset at this point and she's already broken her surf board, but she pulls in a deep breath, and lets it out slowly, closing her eyes, "Everywhere I go, I'm Supergirl. I'll forever BE Supergirl. I HATE being Supergirl. Supergirl is incredible, Kara's … I don't get to be my own person. That was taken from me, and it makes me want to break something… but everything is so" She pauses a moment, then whispers, mostly calmed, "fragile. I don't even get that. I can't punch a wall, get a tattoo, or hurt myself doing something stupid." Sounding drained by the time she finishes ranting.

* * *

Drake Riley's hands drop to his sides, letting her retreat. He does know what that's like. His power is /lethal/. She's perhaps more accidentally-lethal, but when he discovered what he could do, it was with the price of another person's life - he thinks. A part of him wants to share that with her. To let her know that she's not alone in that.

But the more she talks, the more he reconsiders. It doesn't seem to be the issue. Her inability to get away from that pressure seems to be the real complaint. "I- okay, no, I don't know what it's like to be you. Not /really/. I'm not like most guys, but you're incredibly powerful by default, because you're not even human. I get it. I don't get it."

His arms fold gently over his toned chest, and he exhales a gentle sigh.

"I should've just brought you out to the water. So I'm sorry again. You deserve to be able to get away from it and just… center yourself. To enjoy life a little. Can I make it up to you?"

* * *

Looking up from the sand, Kara sighs and looks over in the direction of Drake. "Make it up to me?" She questions a little bit and then wonders, "I do not know what that means. Make what up? Are you going to tell me a story?" That's the part of the whole thing that adds frustration. She listens to all the shows and all the people, but she doesn't really hear them.

"I mean, I guess. A story is… fine, I would rather find pizza or ice cream. Or… some kind of intoxicating drug powerful…" She stops herself from going down the route of being unable to do something. "What is it that you want to make up to me?"

* * *

Drake Riley blinks. "Nono, wait. It's just a phrase. I screwed up your having a distraction from being Supergirl, to be normal for a bit. I wanna fix that. That's what I'm saying." He glances to the halves of the board, then back up to her. "And I could maybe repair your board later, if you like."

The teen bobs once on the balls of his feet. "You came out here to get into the water. Well, surf, but that's outta the question. But we can still go for a swim. Relax for a while. Forget about.. like.. pressures from people, and just be whoever we wanna."

* * *

"Swim." Kara looks out to the water and she hrms, "Okay. But, don't get upset. I am a faster swimmer than you are." She says it like she knows, without knowing much about Drake she still makes the statement. Kryptonians and all their perfection and power.

She then turns full on and shrugs at the board, "It's okay. I will get more money from my cousin to buy another one. It is strange that your entire planet still works on a currency system. You could get rid of a large portion of your crime if you required work, but everything was provided for. Ideally in a caste based system, where each person was optimized toward different tasks." And then she's stepping into the water, and smiles a little bit, before she walks in further, "Where did you want to swim to?" Water hitting up to about her calves as she's walking backwards. "Have you ever been to Atlantis?"

* * *

Drake Riley smirks at the mention of the board. He'd meant to do that as a means of making it up to her as well, but he won't press it. That might be weird. Besides, the swim will hopefully be enough to get things back on track. As for her boast? Drake isn't even offended. He's an excellent swimmer, but he's seen her strength. Strength certainly plays a role in it. Besides, she can fly. So she can probably fly underwater, too, right? Like a torpedo?

All this and more, on their next issue: Underwater Escapades!

The thought gets a small, guilty grin.

"Yeah, but we're humans. Humans don't like to get bossed around. For better or worse, we like being distinctly us. Whether that means looking for our own line of work, or even being criminal, or living in your parents' basement forever, humans have this pesky urge to follow their own pursuits. But the benefit to this setup we have in the U.S. of A.? If you work hard, or work smart, you get big benefits. If you do nothing, you live on scraps. It ain't flawless, but I'm into it."

He sloshes into the water behind her with a more relaxed smile and solid determination to /not/ check out her backside in the process. And so far, he's managing that quite well. Even moreso when she turns around to face him, preferring to fixate on her big, pretty eyes instead. "Iiii can't say that I have," he muses. "Swimming too far for humans is dangerous. We tire out, we drown, we get nibbled by sharks'n other mysteries of the deep. So I hope I don't bore ya."

* * *

"That's not true. I have seen many humans who prefer to have others in authority over them. In addition, there are plenty of poor people in this very country that work incredibly hard but do not manage to live good lives because of… well, money." Kara seems confused a bit at Drake, "There's a lot of it. Also…" She holds up her hand, "Racism, sexism, ageism, which I did not even believe was a thing until I read through your equal opportunity employment regulations. Baffles me how you can devalue wisdom."

There's a bit of a shrug and Kara mentions, "Humans do not bore me. Your inability to understand basic sciences, while you stumble into space. Your lack of self-honesty, and the constant advertisements that play throughout your entertainment. It is all… rather fascinating. Like… looking into a bizarro world and wondering… could Krypton have ever been like this?" She chuckles a bit and shakes her head, smiling some, "I find humans and other Earthlings wonderfully far from perfection. It is as if you all do not even know you could be, if you just worked together." Not that her planet was free of all strife and oddities, but a caste system and a culture that supported genetic optimizations toward certain job-types certainly helped keep those underwraps for the most part. "Okay, then, there's a few tall rocks out there, we can go to if you want. While I'm around, I promise, you will not drown or be eaten by sharks. As long as I'm not distracted by the sounds of whales… they are beautiful singers." A bemused smile on her face at least, like she's got some kind of joke running through her head. Probably at the expense of humans.

* * *

Drake Riley's expression flattens a little. All the '-isms'. Hearing her recite it all, it's as if he's living in California again. The constant defensiveness wasn't something he missed about it. "Yeeaah, maybe don't listen to the mainstream news so much. It's not /that/ bad. And then you get people whipped up into a frenzy over things that either aren't happening, or happen so rarely that it's barely even a thing anymore. At least not in America." The thing that most impacts his life is a thing she didn't even mention, though. He's not so inclined to bring /that/ up, however. They're trying to be normal, after all. Right?

"Anyway, I'm glad our weird lil' oddities interest you!," he laughs, not at all offended by how an alien girl views humanity. "And I guess I'll just have to 'blub' extra hard in the water to get your attention, huh?"

Suddenly, he's running forward! Splashes of water kick up in his wake as he attempts to overtake her, reaching out to lightly nudge against her bare shoulder in passing before diving headlong into the water. Beneath the surface, his form is excellent, in such a way that might even suggest training. But the reality is, he's spent so much time in water that he's practically a fish. He can certainly be outperformed by other normal humans, but every motion, stroke, and stance are optimized, clean, and natural. After swimming a little distance from the shore, he breaks the surface and draws his clinging hair back from his face and scan for Kara.

* * *

As Drake pulls up out of the water to look around for Kara. She's not anywhere to be seen, and then ahead of him, 50 feet or so in the water, is Kara, "Hey, over here." She comments to him, and then she goes underwater again, and then pops up a bit from Drake. She doesn't need to kick to stay afloat, she's literally just willing herself to stay head out of water. Swimming to her is like flying… easy.

Though she does stop a moment, and listen, "Well, that's no fun." And she grumbles, "Alright, next time we can go to the rocks. Right now… I gotta go. I think I'm in trouble about something or other." And she offers a small wave to Drake, "See you next time though." And then she's shooting up and out of the water, and once she's about 20 feet in the air, she rockets off into the sky, disappearing into a small dot that quickly vanishes into the clouds.

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