Bringing Down the House
Roleplaying Log: Bringing Down the House
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Frenzy brings Quake along for her first mission with the Brotherhood. Things fall apart.

Other Characters Referenced: Phil Coulson
IC Date: May 16, 2019
IC Location: Some undisclosed location in New York City
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Posted On: 17 May 2019 01:06
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for language, violent acts
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Things have been somewhat low-key for Daisy within the ranks of the Brotherhood. Low-key in the sense of meeting other high ranking members of the Brotherhood itself.

She's met some of the day-to-day in her time spent with Frenzy during their training, but otherwise there hasn't been much beyond that. In fact, Daisy still finds herself in that same safe house that Joanna Cargill brought her to on that first night. Thankfully, at least, the former SHIELD member does have the freedom to come and go as she chooses; unless otherwise engaged by Frenzy.

Along with that safe house Daisy is provided a new burner phone every week. That furnished phone holds only one number programmed into it; 'Frenzy'. Earlier in the day Daisy's phone buzzed to life with a singular simple message from that contact -

'Tonight will be your first mission. Be ready.'

A time wasn't given on that text message, but when the sun has finally set completely and the sky dark, the front door to the safe house opens. It reveals Frenzy and behind her a much smaller woman (which isn't unusual) with blonde hair. She follows meekly behind the tall Lieutenant of the Brotherhood.


There's something a little ominous about the timing of it all. Just two days ago Quake had been talking with Coulson in one of those rare face to face encounters. He had warned her about this. That she might have to do things she's not comfortable doing, without hesitation. She always knew that it would happen, somehow or another, sometime or another.

Now it's clear that tonight is the time.

Yet, this is also her chance to get some forward momentum going. If she does well here then it'll get her noticed. Being noticed means she gets places. Places are where she wants to be.

Quake is on location ahead of time. If nothing else it gives her a chance to psych up for whatever it is that the Brotherhood Bruiser has in mind. She's already rigged up with the newest revision of power focusing gauntlets. The dark eye shadow has been freshened up. Attire is all black with street boots and biker jacket with sleeves partially rolled back. Quake isn't going to be any more ready than she is now.

And there's a new girl. Some unfamiliar small blonde. As they step inside she comes up to her feet, wide eyes silently regarding the two. Ready to move.


As soon as Frenzy lays eyes upon Daisy there's a long silent look of assessment. It's a look that's trying to take in both the mental and physical readiness of the kohl-eyed young woman.

Those new gauntlets aren't missed either and while it causes a question to flare in Frenzy's eyes, nothing is said in this particular moment.

"Good, you're ready." States the Bruiser, a small note of approval in her voice and then she gets straight to the point, because (let's face it) Frenzy is a rather straight-forward person.

"Tonight we're taking down a lab that has ties to the anti-mutant movement." Frenzy's brown eyes flick to the blonde woman, "Sarah, here, will be our ride there. She's going to teleport us in and then it's up to us to dust the building.", and with those last words Frenzy's eyes return to Daisy's form. "We clear?"

And while Frenzy waits for Daisy's acceptance of the mission, Sarah steps forward, so that she's near both Frenzy and Daisy.


Okay, yes, it's a risk surprising Frenzy with the gloves but Quake has a couple of different ways she could spin why she has them. Plus she'd rather not risk botching whatever this mission is because of a fractured arm. It seemed like it'd be worth the trouble of bringing some extra hardware.

To the acknowledgement that she's ready Quake dips her head once to Frenzy. Even when the Bruiser is being (shockingly) considerate in looking out for the new recruit she's always been direct. Really quite an intense sort of person, Frenzy is. It's no wonder why she had been brought in to kick SHIELD to the curb.

As the mission is laid out it certainly doesn't -sound- too bad.. Destroy a lab. Simple! That doesn't imply mindless murder, right?

A humorless smirk writes across Quake's mouth but she gives another nod, looking at Sarah as she does. "Perfectly clear. Been anxious to see what happens when I cut loose. Let's get this done."

It's no lie, either. Between the training with Frenzy and the assistance from LexCorp Quake has come a very long way in a very short period of time. With some added confidence that the gloves provide she's ready to see what's what with this whole nuanced power of hers.


It never sounds like mindless murder.

Not at first, at least.

And tonight's mission does seem very straight forward.

"Good." Frenzy states again, when Daisy seems ready and willing to go. "Sarah will drop us near the building and then I'll get us inside. Your part will be to bring the building down. Completely."

Jo steps closer to Daisy and once within arms reach the Bruiser of the Brotherhood shifts a look over to Sarah now, "Drop us there."

As soon as the word is given, the blonde woman steps forward. She lays her left hand on Frenzy's arm and then her right hand on Daisy's, "Good luck." She says quickly and quietly and then for both Frenzy and Daisy the world twists.

The world turns and tumbles and with a heart-shuddering thump the two find themselves suddenly in a parking lot.

The parking lot is relatively empty with only a couple of parked cars nearby. The lot itself holds only one building, a two story thing, and over the front door it reads in understated metal lettering - LabCorp; Quality Assurance. It's hard to say what state the two are now in, but the weather isn't too different, nor is the night sky, which probably puts the two still within the United States itself.

Frenzy recovers from the teleportation rather quickly and when she does, she turns to watch Quake a moment. "Here we go."

And just like that the Bruiser does what she does best. She knocks politely upon that front door -

A fist, with 'brass' knuckles hits the glass and metal door. It shatters upon impact and explodes inward. Once the door is opened (as it were), Frenzy steps inside.

The front lobby itself is mostly deserted. There only sits one person; what can be best called a 'rent-a-cop' at the front desk, and as soon as that door implodes inward, the man jumps to his feet. "What the hell is goin' on here?"

Frenzy straightens to her full height and when she speaks her voice is cold as steel - perhaps that tone familiar to Daisy, as it's the same tone she used upon the helicarrier some months ago. "You and the scientists here and the lab itself have been deemed a threat to mutant kind. It is time to pay for your crimes."

At this point the security officer does what he can only do. He reaches for the gun holstered at his hip.


Oh damn. Okay, so yeah this is gonna be -illegal as hell- but for all of the times that Quake had ALMOST taken down a building without meaning to and now she's being TOLD to? There's some excitement brewing..! Breaking the law is nothing new in itself. The lab they're going after is probably insured, anyway.

Quake honestly smiles. Just a little… But it's there. So far, so good.

It's also her very first experience with teleportation.

Dark eyes bug out as the two are suddenly left alone in a parking lot, the smaller of the pair reeling slightly in absolute silence. A half step back. Rapid blinking. Turning to look from one side to the next.

This new experience can be nicely summed up in one word: "..Wow."

A glance is sent back to Frenzy, then she's following after the Bruiser. Her mind is running a mile a minute wondering what to expect. How is this going to go down? Is the building empty? Is she just supposed to stand outside and try to level it? Is—oh. The door explodes inward and Quake instinctively ducks and brings her arms up.

Holy -Shit!- Frenzy is strong as hell, remember?!

And someone's inside. Of COURSE someone's there. She hangs back while Frenzy lays down the law but the newbie's still paying attention. It doesn't take a skilled agent to know where this is going to go. The guard goes for his gun, it probably won't tickle someone like Frenzy.

That's not the point. Either Quake can put the guard down..or Frenzy can. He stands a better chance of surviving the encounter if she steps in first.

Hands go up and the pressure within the air immediately oscillates within the ears, shoving out toward the guard and his desk. Both go flying back. Papers scatter. Filing cabinets crumple and get thrown onto their sides. The wall -behind- the guard bows outward with a large web of cracks suddenly appearing at the center of the blast.

It's kinda like exploding a punching bag, really. And look, the building didn't shake on its foundation this time! That's -progress!-

God, she didn't just kill the guy, did she..?


The gun is brought up and Frenzy just watches, waits -

She's not afraid of bullets. To her bullets are so mundane. Something to ignore versus panic about.

And while she waits for the security guard to pull the trigger, the Bruiser turns her head slightly to bring Quake into her peripheral vision. She watches the woman to see what she does and thankfully, isn't disappointed when Daisy takes initiative.

The build-up of the pressure is felt by both Frenzy and the guard, and while the guard shakes his head at that pressure, Frenzy just waits.

Her patience is rewarded as the man goes flying backward, along with his desk. When he hits the wall there's a loud pained grunt and downward he slides to the floor. His gun clatters noisily to the floor and when he hits that floor he slumps forward. He's clearly out of commission, but the question that remains is whether he's dead or not? It's hard to say, but with a careful look Daisy (and Frenzy) will see the faint rise and fall of his chest.

"This way." Comes Frenzy's clipped tones and the woman strides towards a set of doors. They look normal enough and while Frenzy could have just pushed them open, she doesn't. She just punches her way through them. Once more the doors shatter inward and the two find themselves in a long hallway; something that gives the impression of a hospital. It's wide, well lit and very sterile. In fact, there's the astringent smell of some kind of cleaning agent that lingers heavily upon the air.

At the end of the hallway sits heavy metal doors, with each door sporting a red stripe upon it with white lettering that reads: AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. Next to the door is a small back keypad and card swipe. Looks like it's locked.

While Frenzy could punch this door down, she doesn't. Instead her gaze turns to Quake, "Give the door our credentials and authorize us in.", quips Frenzy, a corner of her mouth twitches upward.


As Quake edges closer to the downed guard with hands kept at low ready she isn't prepping to knock him down again should he miraculously come to his senses. She's checking for signs of life. Thankfully, there is one. Her jaw momentarily sets as arms come back down. A low voice states "They never listen, do they."

The next instruction from Frenzy is met with another one of those quick nods. Best to keep this moving so they can do what needs doing and get out.

Silence befalls Quake again while Frenzy takes point, seeming to know exactly where to go. The scary lady definitely has her shit in order, running with a frightening level of efficiency. She doesn't need the newbie here. It's obvious!

Down the hallway it's easy to tell that there's a lab nearby, the sharp scent in the air hitting nostrils like a physical force. With the sterile environment and the bright lighting these two look so terribly out of place.

It's..kind of a power trip. Truly. They've only gotten started and already Quake is feeling strangely invincible.

Standing behind Frenzy helps.

Then they stop in front of the big scary metal doors. THEN the buck is passed to Quake. She blinks twice then glances sidelong to Frenzy. So much for feeling invincible! "Yaaah," is the slightly hesitant response as she turns back to the doors and brings her arms up again. Add a look of concentration and a tensing of muscles, aaaand…

Nothing happens.

Quake's mouth hangs open, hands turning within her field of view. "Uh… Just..gimme a sec here… I—I got this." Frown. A sidestep brings her close enough to the wall that she can smack one of the gauntlets against the hard tile surface. Arms shake themselves out then she tries again.

A deep groan of heavy gauge metal comes first. Then a low rumbling within the floor. It's a few seconds before the individial rivets start to rattle back and forth, subtly at first then further as the pieces begin to rapidly wear down.

Everything has a weak point. The doors are STRONG. The frame around it is strong. The wall around the frame..aren't quite so strong.


It sounds like an explosion going off behind the doors followed by a much more intense groaning. Rivets fire out the back side like individual gunshots. Before the doors fly apart they get shoved a foot further into the room, freed of the frame before they can be freed of one another to crash against the floor. yelling as they fall. From the strain, the adrenaline rush, the fact that she just broke them -into a freaking vault.- There's that invincible feeling again, OH yeah!


Did Frenzy miss Daisy checking on the guard?


Does she say anything?


Perhaps later, depending on just how well this mission goes.

That first false start brings an eyebrow rise from Frenzy. There's even a cant of her head as she levels a look at Daisy. Thankfully, before she has to say anything, Quake tries again.

There's enough pause between Daisy trying again to something actually happening, that Frenzy's fists tighten into fist. The Bruiser can easily take the doors down and while she begins to raise a fist upward, that movement pauses as the sound of stressed metal is heard. Her eyes swings back to the door now, curiosity held within her gaze.

It's only after the doors crash to the ground that the woman says, "Not as flashy as me, but it'll do."

With that praise given, Frenzy steps forward the mission once more at the forefront of her mind.

As the two walk down the long hallway an alarm goes off. It sounds like a fire alarm, but likely it's some kind of security alarm. "Looks like they know we're here." Mutters the woman, "Good. That'll just make destroying this lab even more fulfilling." And with those words the two come upon the end of the hallway and more metallic doors, this time Frenzy handles them. With a one-two punch, both doors fly inward and crash against the opposite wall. Much like the wall in the lobby, the wall that felt the brunt of that collision now sports a spiderweb of cracks that radiate outward from the point of impact of the doors.

Once again, Frenzy steps into the door. A hard eyed look from Frenzy sweeps the interior of the room and only stops when they come upon two scientists.

The two scientists are dressed in blue scrubs, both men, both middle-aged, and it's clear the two were in the process of packing up. Laptops are hastily shoved into bags and one scientist stands at a filing cabinet, pulling out reams of paper.

The two pause when the two members of the Brotherhood enter and slowly both look over to Quake and Frenzy.

Frenzy speaks her cold steely words, "Your crimes against mutant kind has not gone unnoticed. It is now time to pay the price for trying to harm those that are the future to this world."

Neither have weapons, nor does it seem like either will suddenly produce a weapon, instead the one near the filing cabinet makes a small noise of fear and with a voice that trembles, he says, "Please don't hurt us."


Quake is stuck somewhere between exhaustion and elation as Frenzy gives her approval in the form of 'I could have done better.' She glances to Jo again and lifts eyebrows as if silently asking 'is that so?'

Then the smirk returns. Still faint. But still there.

Freaking hell..Daisy -opened the vault.- Somehow it's even more impressive as they walk through the ruined entrance and step across the warped remains of those heavy doors.

"I'd be more surprised if they didn't," she replies through heavier breaths. "Now we'll have an audience."

Frenzy handles the next doors. they're nothing… Quake rolls her eyes slightly and lifts a hand in a 'fine, there you go' motion.

Then to the lab proper with two suited up men trying to scrub the place of valuables. What had Frenzy's exact words been before? Something about 'dusting the lab?' She didn't say that anyone HAD to die and if the goal is to trash everything in the room, well..that's going to take Daisy a little.

"You can leave everything and start running..or…"

There's something about this part of the building. Quake had been feeling it ever since they reached the first vault doors. The construction of the place is different. Heavily reinforced. Way more dense than the rest of the facility. It's an energy which has been tingling in her fingertips, the gauntlets helping to cut down on the interference and allow her to tune in to the way in which they resonate.

If Frenzy wants to deal with the guards then that's on her. Quake couldn't stop the bruiser if she wanted to. Thus, she ignores them and steps further into the room with hands held a few degrees out to either side. Almost as if she was getting a read on the room. Fingers flex a few times. Hands reach further out. From the outside it looks as if she's physically grasping onto something, the moment her arms lock rigid the room itself suddenly 'bumps' in response.

It would seem that Quake's now dialed in.

It's a really weird sensation when someone feels the ground trembling for the first time. Unlike with the guard, unlike with the set of vault doors, this is a full-on deep rooted seismic event. The entire building is tied to these walls, buried far within its core. They transmit the energy surprisingly well. All around the four things begin to shake…

And Quake starts to live up to her name.


She didn't say anyone had to die, no.

But, when Quake gives the two scientists permission to run, they do.

Their valuables are ditches and the two dash for the hallway. Only they don't make it. Not when Frenzy steps up and grabs both of them by the scruff of their suits. With easy movements she slams the two men together - hard enough to knock both insensate. Then, like day old stale bread, Frenzy tosses their limp forms aside. Both careen into the same wall and lay in a tangle of arms and legs, unconscious. Then the Bruiser steps over to the table the first scientist was at. She picks up the abandoned laptop bag and then moves over to the folders the second scientist was trying to retrieve. Those folders are likewise gathered up in Jo's hands.

Once the research is taken Jo pivots upon heel and turns to watch Quake with a critical eye. It's not hard to identify when the other woman locks on and as soon as the world begins to tremble, Frenzy seemingly calls to the air. "Sarah."

The small blonde woman appears next to Frenzy and her ghostly hands extend for the bag and papers. Frenzy passes them along and with a nod the teleporter disappears.

Now it's just Quake and Frenzy and as the floor jumps and jitters and the walls vibrate with the force of the ex-SHIELD's powers, Frenzy steps over to Daisy. "Bring it down, Tremors. All of it."



Dammit. Quake tried… Maybe those two scientists aren't dead yet but this time she's almost hoping that they are. The alternative could very well be death by crushing and she'd -really- rather not have that riding on her shoulders!

Don't think about it, Daisy… Stopping now only means that she'll get to be lying on the floor alongside the two. Just focus on the overwhelming -presence- of this structure. She's digging so far into the feeling that Sarah's brief passing through goes completely unnoticed.

Then Frenzy is at her side. 'Bring it down, Tremors.' "Naah… Yah… Just—"

Objects are rattled off of desks. Computers, cabinets, lamps, tables, everything starts to dance about then hit the floor with a crash. Dust starts to fall from overhead like a fine sprinkling of snow. Lights flicker and burst with a shower of sparks. The security alarm still rings out in her head but the energy of the room is immensely stronger.

Next the cracks begin to show. Angry dark fissures which spread across the bright surfaces like frozen lightning, shattering ceramic tile with sharp musical chimes. The shuddering only continues to grow, the building and the ground it's set within thrumming with nervous energy.

Quake lets out a proper howl and drops to a knee in tune with the ceiling rupturing, pouring so much debris into an ever expanding funnel of destruction. Chunks of concrete the size of Frenzy break free and turn into an avalanche while the steel rebar set within the poured foundation explodes out from their rocky tombs. The ruptured fire suppression lines dump so many gallons of water -everywhere.-

The lights all go out.

All save for the light of Sarah's teleporting in to grab the two metas and pull them out.


Frenzy takes in all of the destruction. The crashes, the motes of dust, the fissures and cracks, all of it.

Whereas some might be afraid of the destruction coming down, Frenzy isn't. Instead the Bruiser of the Brotherhood finds herself happy; happy that this place will soon be destroyed. The shattering of the tile music to Frenzy's ears.

It's only at Quake's howl of pain and the drop to her knee, that Frenzy steps closer. The debris that fall near the kneeling woman are punched aside. Frenzy, for what it's worth, keeps the young woman safe from the falling concrete. Up until the destruction is so great that extraction is needed. "Sarah!" Frenzy shouts, her voice strives to rise above the chaotic din of the destructing building, "Evac now."

And just like that Frenzy and Quake find the world going topsy-turvy one more time.

For the building itself, it cracks and crumbles and slowly it drops downward into a mutant-made sink-hole. The collapse of the labs is complete. Surely they won't rebuild and instead write-it off for insurance purposes.

For Frenzy and Quake they reappear in that safe house. Frenzy still near Quake and Sarah several paces away from the two. Frenzy gives the other woman a look, a clear dismissal, and Sarah fades from existence. Now Jo waits to see just how Quake is.


Quake is..exhausted. Something about the gauntlets seemed to have kept her arms from breaking but it probably wasn't the most comfortable experience in the world. The cold shower from the sprinkler system probably did her some good, holding back the effects of shock. The destructive feat has clearly taken its toll! On the inside her ears are ringing and her head is pounding, but compared to how she had been when Frenzy first took her in? The difference is night and day. Quake will recover from this. Quite possibly without metahuman intervention.

The bigger wounds won't be so easily discovered. She's -pretty sure- that she just got some people killed… It'll be a first for her if it's true.

Not that she's willing to let Frenzy suspect. A weak thumbs up is given to the Bruiser from where she lies on the floor, gasping for breath.

"Pretty sure..that was all of it…"


Frenzy gazes at the exhausted woman and only after Quake offers those last words of hers does the Bruiser of the Brotherhood react.

Her right hand extends downward to the collapsed woman. It's clearly an offer of a helping hand upward.

Whether Daisy takes it or not doesn't seem to stop Jo from saying, "Agreed. We'll send some scouts out shortly to verify."

"You did good, Tremors. Very good. Now it's time to rest and heal up. The next mission can come at any time." Those words of hers might show Frenzy's approval far more easily than her tone of voice. Her tone is pretty even, pretty flat, and the possibility of other missions is said in that same flat tone.

"You have any questions?"


The offered hand is taken with a wince and a grunt.

The praise from Frenzy is bittersweet. It's proof that Quake is gaining trust within the Brotherhood but darnitall if Coulson had been right all along. It feels as though it comes at the cost of some of her soul. The show of power is both a subject of awe and terror, she'll be processing tonight's events for months to come.

But, Frenzy had held true to her word from weeks back. She had gotten the shakey new meta girl here. Helped her to connect with this power. But is she grooming Quake to be one of their family..or a weapon for them to unleash?

Any questions? Just one. Quake carefully pulls one of the gauntlets off to scratch furiously at the full length of her forearm while asking "If the goal was to level the place..then why did you take some things from it? Do their 'crimes' somehow benefit us?"

Okay, so just -two- questions.


As soon as Daisy takes Frenzy's hand the Bruiser of the Brotherhood helpfully hauls the much smaller woman back to her feet. Once Daisy seems steady that hand of Frenzy's is brought back to her side.

Now with the two as eye-level as they're ever going to be, Frenzy seeks out Daisy's gaze. She's looking to see what emotions can be found in the other woman's eyes, upon her expression, but mostly in her eyes.

The questions bring a thoughtful expression to Frenzy's own features, "Does their research benefit us? No. Can we learn from it and protect ourselves for future attacks? Yes."

"Information, whether good or bad, should never be buried. Otherwise when it comes out the consequences are far worse than what they originally would have been. We'll study what they were working on and make sure we have counter measures against all of it."

Jo's eyes harden slightly with her next words, "It's easy for people to assume all we want to do is attack and sow chaos and violence. To kill because we like to and enjoy the kill, but that's far from the truth. We want to be safe, we want our children to be safe, we want a home to go to. Freedom to be who and what we are. Same as anyone else."


At the moment it's easy for Quake to hide behind the look of someone who is power-drained. It's legitimate fatigue! Though behind the filter is the look of uncertainty and doubt. Frenzy's been around enough death to likely piece it together. Taking down the building, while stunning, doesn't have the same impact as the idea of being responsible for crushing a whole bunch of people. She's still very much green. With power use, with combat, with fighting.

Although she does understand what Frenzy is talking about.

"Right..of course, that was stupid of me. It's no different than what you had pulled out of the Triskelion. Sorry, I'm just..a little rattled."

And itchy. The other glove is pulled off and tucked under against her side so that she can scratch at the -other- forearm. "Feels like I just stuck my arms in a fireant nest," is grumbled.

It takes a while to meet Frenzy's stare but Quake gets there. "I understand. If I thought you were all nothing more than murderers and thugs I wouldn't have bothered signing up. I'll get used to all of this. Now that I'm not hiding, or..being kept in the dark."


The mention of 'stupid of me' prompts a vague dismissive wave from Frenzy.

She gets it and she understands. Some of this is new to the other woman. That she understands and can forgive.

The comment about immersing her arms into a nest of hellish fire ants brings a look from Frenzy to Daisy's forearms, but for now she doesn't offer to call a healer for the ex-SHIELD agent.

Instead, the Bruiser allows the silence to stretch for a few minutes longer. Then, finally, she speaks, "Doubt is natural. Especially for someone in your shoes. For all intents and purposes you're a civilian and this life is far different from what you're used to. In your old life there was room for empathy, sympathy, compassion for the enemy, but here in this life know that there is no room for softness. No room for sympathy for those that want to attack us, or kill us. Lines have been drawn and it's either fight and protect those weaker or die."

Heavy words, which prompt heartbeat of silence again, "You should rest now. We can get a healer in here for your arms if you think you need one."


The words Frenzy offers are ones which Quake had been expecting to hear. Maybe she's not a fighter but she's not an idiot, she knew how this would ultimately go down. Denial can be a powerful force. Gloss over on the really dark stuff while diving headlong into a project because 'hey, she's totally got this.'

By now anything she might have to say in response could be taken as an argument or an excuse or a sign that she isn't willing to make this change and properly side with the Brotherhood's ideals. She has an easy way out this time. All it requires is ducking her head and accepting Frenzy's lesson.

But how many more people are going to have to die while she's trying to do the 'right thing?'

Is she really strong enough to see this through?

The belief that people are now counting on her helps to keep her motivated for now. That Frenzy could rip Quake apart keeps her malleable.

The offer for a healer is ultimately dismissed, though the call to rest does have her nodding once more. "I'll be alright. Gotta learn to deal with this feeling sooner or later."


Frenzy's weighted stare stays on Daisy as she considers the shorter woman's words. While emotions whirl within her head Frenzy's stoic features show very little in what she's thinking.

"We'll talk more in the morning." Jo says simply, "When you've slept and had time to process. If you find that you can't accept the death toll then perhaps we will have to change your role. There are other things that can be found for you to do. Not everyone is equipped to be a soldier."

She steps closer to Daisy and brings a hand towards the other woman's shoulder, "Sleep now and find some peace."

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