Meeting on a rooftop
Roleplaying Log: Meeting on a rooftop
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On a rooftop Jess, Kara and Liz conspire.

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IC Date: May 15, 2019
IC Location: Roofttop
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Posted On: 17 May 2019 15:34
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* OOC Time: Wed May 15 23:37:18 2019 *

* * *

Jessica has been all over the place. Well all over Earth visiting various allied and governmental facilities and perusing the resources she could start to tap or redirect into her recent program efforts.

She has also been talking to experts and trying to track down people like the Guardians.

One group she hadn't yet talked to though were the Kryptonians, and it wasn't any struggle to get Kara's iPhone number. The pitch was a talk about something other than registration but important to the safety of the planet. The meeting spot a roof top in New York. The promise of no traps and one person from SHIELD there alone.

Now Jess is waiting in her leather jacket on a roof top.

* * *

Likely, Kara was at Liz's apartment when she took the call. Putting it on speaker phone so Kara can munch down on cereal right into the speaker. "Hmmuhhhuh. Uh huh. Planet. Yeah, I got it. Roof top. Are you there now?" She questions and then shrugs, giving eyeballs to Liz, in a questioning tone when a particular building is named. "Just um, when, you are *crunch crunch* up there, say, Supergirl I'm here."

And then hanging up the phone she'll grin to Liz. "Hey! Someone's asking about something…" She crunches down her cereal at super speed, "About defending the planet or something. I'm totally going. Could be fun, might get to go to space."

Soon Kara is changed into her Supergirl uniform, and then will blast off so long as Liz is coming along. Even as Trajectory her new alter ego. Kara never made any promises about not coming alone… and seriously. A kryptonian showing up is as good as having a trap setup. To the roof top!

* * *

To the rooftop indeed. Trajectory is just another speedster, but even those are far from a dime a dozen. The fact she's beeen seen all over with Supergirl of late is sure not to have escaped the notice of SHIELD. Jess would probably be able to reasonably expect that the olive-skinned woman would be there clad in her blue and red costume…. Bodysuit? We'll call it 'running attire'.

Trajectory will arrive as a coloured blur that will have taken the stairs up and come to a skittering halt beside Supergirl.

* * *

Jessica blinks as she loiters and then remembers "Supergirl I'm here?" more than a touch skeptical about this part of the whole arrangement.

Frankly Jessica is surprised at how fast they both arrive, and well she isn't worried about being betrayed by Supergirl. She is painfully heroic after all.

"Oh. hey…. that was fast." and she looks between the two woman. "So .. glad you could make it Supergirl and… friend." she doesn't seem upset that Supergirl brought a friend. "Agent Jessica Drew of SHIELD. I was hoping to chat with you a bit." she does seem to have a superhero costume on, with her jacket open so the pattern can be scene and those yellow goggles.

* * *

"L-Trajectory." Supergirl starts off with Jessica, and she smiles in the direction of the woman. "Don't worry about it. We're pretty quick. Granted, she can't fly, but I can. So a rooftop was frankly a good choice, instead of say, the moon. If it were the moon, though, we'd not be able to speak very well." She's landing on the rooftop. Her eyes are big and bright, and she smiles, showing pearly white teeth.

Practically giddy as Jessica keeps talking, "Uh huh, yep, SHIELD. Got it. Chat with me?! ME! Yes, I'm listening." And she takes a particularly hero-oriented pose, fists on her hips even as she walks a bit closer to make it more 'conversational' distance. Clearing her throat a moment, she speaks with a more high-toned voice, looking off toward the sky a bit, "What is it I can do for SHIELD?"

* * *

"Technically, I could probably run my way out of orbit and with enough momentum and the proper- trajectory- I could potentially make it to the moon before I suffocated," Trajectory suggests in a bright tone. The petite Brazilian hero seems to be intending this as a joke as there's a bit of a grin on her lips as she speaks. Trajectory, for her part, has a rapid fire staccato manner of speec h that is at once clearly enunciated and too fast, giving the impression that she is wildly hyper. The tapping of her left feet and emphatic hand gestures to emphasize her words don't really help matters too much. "Don't mind me. Moral support."

* * *

Jessica tilts her head a little bit one way then the other, studying you both very quietly while you talk.

First Jess points a gloved finger at Trajectory "Do not do that. First off, sounds like a bad idea. Second you might hit one of my satellites and i'd be sad." she .. is joking right. Okay she smirks, definitely snarky.

Then she looks to Kara "Well I am talking with all of the resident aliens that I can manage to get a conversation with about space and threats from space right now. Also space technologies."

* * *

As Jess comments, Supergirl squints at her, and moves her face forward just a little like she's looking at fine details of the woman pointing. "Heyyyyy, you were at that demon fight back a while ago." She comments, with a bit of a smile, "Satellites? I've hit a few of those. No fun…" She's definitely not joking despite laughing lightly. It's true. She's even fried the camera sensor in one from the ground a couple months back that was spying on her or a friend of hers, she couldn't tell at the time.

And then Jess says why she's here and Supergirl kind of quirks her mouth, "Well. I didn't spend a -lot- of time in space. I mean, I did, just not very awake time. I've flown around the solar system a few times, and I've fought some aliens here on Earth, and a giant alien robot …" Her tone lingers a moment.

"As for technologies. I mean, are you asking about weapons? Travel? Faster than light engines?" A bit of a shrug as she loses some of her energy and sits down on the raised edge of the rooftop. Putting her elbows on her knees, and resting her head on her hands, "I could ask my cousin … probably who you actually wanted to talk to anyhow. Everyone does, it's okay, he's been here longer and done more stuff."

* * *

"I mean honestly I figured Superman might not know since he has been here so long.. but if you think I should also talk to him." thoughtful tones from Jessica.

"I'm trying to gather intelligence on threats the earth may be facing from an extraterrestrial origin. Not all of them… as you just sort of layed out with the list of aliens you have fought here.. are going to be like you or your cousin."

There is a pause from Jess "And no weapons no, there is no reason I would expect aliens with advanced technology would hand out weapons even if we had good intentions. No I am looking for travel and observation I guess."

* * *

Thinking for a moment, Supergirl takes in a deep breath. "Well, there's a lot of aliens who used to travel and interact with Krypton. Trade, and stuff. Lots of them are probably dangerous. I know, we sent a lot of them to the Phantom Zone, and my parents were contributors to that project." She shrugs a little bit, "They didn't really agree with it, after it was all said and done. But there are lots of records of different species … on my pod's data records. Problematically they are all in kryptonian."

And she then sits up a little more, "Daxamites, they're dangerous. Horrible group. There's clones, of anyone, bad news. Genetics go haywire and they go crazy …" She thinks and adds, "Probably the Aellons, the Martians from super close, Mars. I mean, I don't know how most of your population -doesn't- know they exist." A bit of a scoff as she shakes her head, "Braniac…" A bit of a flare of her eyes, turning them white hot as she clenches a fist, "And others. Most of them have interstellar travel capacity. So, they can get here. Quite a few different aliens are already here …" A bit of a shrug, "I can get you a list, but it's going to be long."

* * *

Trajectory, for her part, is listening intently. She might even be taking notes. One thing she does not do is interrupt, fidgeting aside. She's tapping out the beats to various songs in perfect percussive timing with a toe. Ocasionally, her left hand will slap her hip bone. Anything to keep occupied, it seems.

* * *

There is a thoughtful look to Trajectory as she fidgets and then the look slides back to Kara listening to her thoughtfully going through the whole list and then making the offer.

"Honestly long is fine and good… and I'd love to learn kryptonian. Mostly if it means you'd let me look through those files." Jess pauses "Oh and while this is a secret, I'm assigned to try to keep the earth safe from exterestrial threats.. which has the added bonus of me being so so busy and unable to do anything with the registration bullshit."

* * *

Supergirl shrugs her shoulders a little bit, "I mean, Kryptonian is pretty complicated compared to any language on Earth. In 3 characters I can express a complex idea. It's… like your E equals MC squared. It's small, its itty bitty, but hugely complicated in terms of Earth science." Supergirl adds, "Annnnnd, I mean, the pod is sort of being kept safe right now. I'm not going to just hand the information over to SHIELD."

There's a pause though and she listens to the idea about keeping things safe, "Maybe what you guys need, is some kind of person who's familiar with space. And already fights exterrestrial threats… and speaks Kryptonian, as an added bonus." Looking around, as if to 'play it cool', "Who, might just be able to break the gravitational pull of the Earth with… ease. And, I dunno, maybe doesn't need a helmet, so if a ship cracks or something… still have a person in the game. Just, a thought. If, you could find someone, like that."

* * *

Okay there is definitely a laugh there, not a mean one though, no just one that is very amused. "Okay for the record you would make a terrible spy Supergirl." there is a pause "Aslo I thought you said you could get me a list and some information, but it would be long?"

Jess tilts her head. "With your history of defying the government… hmm… I could probably figure out some way to make you a consultant with limited clearances focused on space threats…." it would be cheaper than launching all the satellites for one thing.

* * *

"I -can- get you a list. I'd just write it all down in English. It'd take a bit, since your language is dumb." Supergirl says it plainly, "That said. You can't really 'spy' on alien groups." She just waves a hand in Jess's general direction, "They'd know you were some kind of Earthling before -I- can blink." And she sighs, grumbling a little bit.

"I just can't get a break." And she lays down on the edge of the building she's on, "SHIELD won't take me, no one from the Avengers is really returning my attempts to get in contact with them. I do have a contact in the Brotherhood that I haven't asked yet, but they blow things up… and that'd not be great." Turning to look at Jess, "So, how'd you get recruited? My cousin says no one wants a Kryptonian because we can basically solve any problem without anyone else there, and so… I guess, jealousy sets in? No exactly his words, but paraphrased."

The consultant idea comes up, "Would I get paid to be a consultant? Annnnnd, would I have to register?" She winces a bit, expecting the answer already.

* * *

"I have no idea how it would work to be honest, would you be hanging around New York all the time.. would you be like a private contractor on a retainer for emergencies… lots of stuff that I am generally not the one trying to figure out to be honest." there is a shrug from Jessica. "I'd have to think about the logistics and see how good the list you can provide is as well."

Jess mmms "I was genetically experimented on by my parents for an evil Nazi organization.. then frozen in stasis for decades… while frozen I was experimented on by the High Evolutionary… and then woke up and it was about a decade ago." there is another shrug from the young woman. "you know the usual…" okay she is definitely a snarky sort.

That is followed up with a pause and a squint "The brotherhood are criminals and terrorists who murdered a lot of innocent people."

* * *

"I mean, I don't hang around New York now, all the time. Just keep my focus toward it. IF there's a problem, you'd just have to say… Supergirl there's a big threat." Supergirl shrugs, "Or something like that, just not from a super advanced sound proof room. Or, in space, sound doesn't travel in a vacuum." A smile and she adds, "It's so nice, on the moon, or Venus, or in Saturn's rings …" Staring off she sort of sidetracks herself.

"I'm not too sure who the High Evolutionary are, but at least -someone- is making children correctly here. Wait, was the genetic experimentation pre or post growth chamber? Or, um, body rupture?" Scrunching up her face, she shivers a bit in traumatic thought disgust. "And sure, the brotherhood mostly are bad people. But, there's some good people in there, or at least, friendly. And it's a group, friends, I probably annoy Trajectory hanging around her all the time." She smiles over in the direction of Trajectory, then back to Jess. "But anything I can do to fight bad guys."

* * *

Well Jess doesn't feel too good about this bit with the whole Brotherhood in the mix. It is likely a deal breaker if it comes out with any of her SHIELD coworkers and for very good reason. Still one thing at a time.

"I will definitely remember that when dealing with huge threats I can't handle or from outerspace. You can also text me when you have the list written out as well and we can meet up again to discuss it."

* * *

"Um, just remember aliens can do all kinds of crazy things. You should all be really thinking about surveillance figuring out how close certain groups are, and striking first. So, think of me also if you need some surveillance. If I know what I'm looking for, it'd be pretty hard for anyone or anything to be hidden from me." A little shrug at that then Supergirl stands up, floating a foot or so from the ground.

"I've got your number, I'll let you know when the list is done. And, we can talk about alien threats. Weird to say that, I mean, I am probably on some alien threat database somewhere." She chuckles a little, smiling, "I'm not a danger to anyone." Except for breaking arms, bruising, etc during her rescues. "For now thouggh, it's free pie night at this restaurant I go to get pie. Let me know if I can help!" She starts to move back over the ledge, to fly away though lingering long enough to give Jess a chance to say anything.

* * *

"Sounds like a plan. Have a good evening out there Supergirl and enjoy your pie." honestly that enjoy your pie is said to both her and Trajectory really. She pulls out her tablet as she turns to walk away, checking her feeds

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