Breaking Down Glass Walls
Roleplaying Log: Breaking Down Glass Walls
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Lots of food, lots of social interaction. Kara finds a potential job.

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IC Date: May 18, 2019
IC Location: Jade's apartment
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Posted On: 19 May 2019 05:19
Rating & Warnings: Some mild twerking
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"Christ, Kara."

Jen stares at her cell phone on her nightstand, which is positively blowing. Up. From Kara's texts. The Kryptonian doesn't do texting etiquette super well, and from experience Jen knows that either she responds to the texts or Kara's going to show up and demand /why/ Jen's not responding to her texts.

So, late in the evening, and already in her pajamas, Jen fumbles with her phone and taps out a response. "Fine. Yes. Bring milk," Jen mutters, texting Kara back.

She heaves to her feet, moves to her living room window, and opens it. Eyes are already rolling and she's gesturing indoors without even needing to look. "Kara, hey, c'mon in," she invites with a very dry tone. "I hope these midnight cravings for tuna mac aren't gonna be a regular thing," Jen adds, and sets some water boiling on her tiny induction rangetop.

* * *

Tuna Mac?! Oh my god. Kara is so there. And she's brought a small net worth of milk. You know, about a dozen gallons or so. And she's flying inside of Jen's apartment and landing. She's not wearing her uniform, but some more normal human clothes… and YET she still flies around. Clearly not for a secret identity ever.

"Great! Nice to see you." Blurring around the apartment, Kara is already making quick order with things that are mixing, and she's getting some basic prep work together not the actual cooking part. That's WAY too slow for the Kryptonian, but she's got whatever out, if anything needs to be chopped, done. Something forgotten at the store? Or in low supply, it's soon here.

And then she's sitting down on whatever is closest to the kitchen so she can smell everything as it's being made like a little kid waiting on an ice cream cone. She does that too by the way, get wide eyed and happy waiting to get ice cream.

"How are things? You still with that SHIELD place?" Questions the woman of steel, in pretty fast a bit beyond micromachine man speed of words, "You have any hobbies? I'm trying to figure out hobbies, you know, so I can stop being always so much Supergirl. It's exhausting, but went to go surf the other day, broke the board, yelled at someone, almost shot him with my eyes. Went swimming, but the guy was suuuuuuper slow."

* * *

A wall of green light snaps up around the immediate cooking area and encloses Jen in a little bubble. With Kara almost (literally) bouncing off the walls, the petite metahuman's taking some measures to account for her bumbling somnolescence.

"It's kinda complicated," Jen admits, and stands with one palm braced to her lower back and her other hand stirring noodles as they boil in the pot on the range. "There's some hairy shit going down. Straight up Cold War-style espionage. I'm trying to stay on the right side of things. Far as SHIELD knows, I guess I'm on a junior assignment status. I thought about quitting, but Da—my friend said I shoudl try to keep my clearances active."

She glances over at Kara. "I don't really get to have hobbies, Kara. I'm broke as shit. I wake up, I get to work with the photography equipment, I try to make a buck, maybe save the world on Saturdays. You know anyone needs a photographer? I had someone cancel a wedding gig when they foudn out I'm a mutant." Her face twists angrily. "Three grand for that contract, and now I'm gonna have to get into my savings to pay rent next month. Fucking bigots."

* * *

"Money is a horrible institution." Kara points out and looks at the bubble, and squints a little more. "Where'd you get this bubble?" A question to Jen and she moves up to it, poking it. PRessing against it, trying to see how much force it can take as she's literally trying to pop the bubble.

"Okay, so you are doing espionage stuff? That's scary? You should just invite me along. I'll stop it, whatever it is. I mean… I am the biggest and the strongest, and I don't even work out." She is trying to do a bad big male voice impersonation as she chuckles a bit. "I saw on TV this movie the other night, it seemed kind of old. But there was a large man, and another one in black, and they foolishly fought with swords and such. Used boats to cross the water, instead of hover engines of any kind." A little shrug though she's smiling.

"You could take pictures of me, as Supergirl. And then sell them." A bit of a shrug, "I mean, I hear Cat Grant is looking for compromising photos she can use to yell at me some more through the newspaper. And then you'd have time to do hobbies, and tell me about them. Right? And yes, just because you are a mutant does not mean you cannot be a good photographer. I mean, don't they realize you are superior to them?"

* * *

"Uh, yeah, it's fucking terrifying," Jen agrees, and starts straining and draining the noodles. Margarine's added, then powder, then milk and finally some warm tuna. It's all stirred, transferred into two plastic bowls, and served to Kara. The other bowl's put in Jen's place and she starts grinding pepper into it immediately.

"But this is…like, human stuff. Getting an alien involved in our spy shit? I bet the government would have a hernia. I'm sure if they knew what we were up to, we'd be dead."

She hesitates, mid-bite. "But, uh…. if I'm really up shit creek, I'll start screaming," she assures Kara. "Or set something on fire, I guess."

She takes a few bites, wipes her mouth, and balances her fork on the edge of her bowl. "I'm actually a fucking awesome photographer, but what this… 'Grant' douche wants is pictures of you like, naked and shit. Doing inappropriate stuff. 'Compromising' is blackmail material, honey," she explains. "He doesn't want to do you any favors with 'em."

* * *

"I don't understand." Kara mentions as she gets food and ooohs, and then is eating at super speed, and then food is gone. "Mmmmmmm." And she pushes the bowl forward, holding it out like a female Oliver Twist. "So, you are upset with someone not wanting to let you be a photographer because you are a mutant. But it's okay to not want me to save your lives because I'm an alien?"

Kara shakes her head a few times at the comment, before she adds, "I'd be a great spy. You can test me. Ask me anything. I'll tell you something, and you determine if it was the truth. I've been practicing all kinds lately. Humans find it difficult to accept the truth." And she keeps holding her bowl out.

"Cat Grant is a woman, and she just wants anything she can use to tarnish my name. So, if people see me naked, wouldn't they like me more, not hate me? And … what is blackmail? I know most envelopes are white, is that whitemail, and then there's yellow mail, I guess, and green as well as red mail during that stupid winter holiday…"

* * *

Jen's appetite usually vastly exceeds her actual sense of hunger, so it's not the end of the world that Kara wants more food. Honestly, the green-skinned girl could get by on a glass of water and a few slices of bread a day if she really wanted. Food is a habit for her. And from the look of it, she's packing on a little muscle that her skinny frame doens't normally carry. Chalk one up to SHIELD's training protocols.

She slowly scrapes more tuna mac into Kara's bowl. Then all of it. Then sighs, gets to her feet, and starts cooking another batch of it. "Five minutes, try not to starve while it's boiling," she tells Kara.

Water's set to burbling and she turns in place. Thin camisole and warm red flannels contrast her bare green skin. "I'unno why they call it blackmail," Jen admits. "It's a fancy word for extortion. Like, this is New England, so all those frickin' WAS— uh, upper-class folks, they're always looking for reasons to tear each other down. Getting caught having sex, being naked, being gay or using drugs, or anything that's not their white-picket-fence version of being absolutely perfect and above mortal temptations," she eyerolls. "It's fucking stupid, but…" Her slim shoulders roll in a shrug. "So yeah, some people would be all 'hell yeah, Supergirl porn', but the people with the real influence and power would use that to try and tear you down."

* * *

And Kara could get by most days with zero food at all. She just really really really enjoys eating. And eating a lot. Not that she needs it. She basically draws the vast majority of energy from the sun that she'd ever need during the day. And yet she consumes a lot of food most days. It's awesome being able to eat and eat and eat and never gain a pound. "Okay." At the comment about 5 minutes, Kara starts to count, not aloud but she has those eyes that kind of look up toward the ceiling as she's counting seconds.

"Oh, and don't use a fire. There are a lot of fires. Use screams, or even more specifically just say my name, and that you need help. Doesn't have to be loud. Not really. I mean, if you are in very very amazing sound proofing then, sure, probably has to be a bit louder but…" A bit of a shrug as she listens to you talk about blackmail.

"I am gay? I guess. I don't know. I have a girlfriend. I'd of been willing to have a boyfriend, but I'm glad it didn't turn out that way. Oh, does SHIELD have a growth chamber, and DNA splicer?" Offhandedly, she asks, like it's part of normal every day conversation. "So, what kind of espionage stuff are you doing? It's gotta be super exciting. I think it'd be great to be part of a group. No one wants Supergirl though. Kal explained, it's because we're too good at everything. Not exactly his words, but that's the quick summary."

* * *

"Oh shit, that's right, you and that speedster chick." A little flash of envy crosses Jen's face, but it's gone in a second. "I didn't realize that things were going so well." The spatula scrapes against the bottom of her cheap pot, dislodging noodles from steel.

"But that's me, I been… I mean, this whole spy thing," she says. It's a lame excuse and she knows it, and Jen focuses on her cooking again.

"I don't know what SHIELD's got, but I'm gonna assume if it's illegal or unethical, they got something stored somewhere," Jen confirms for Kara. "What would you do with any of that shit anyway?" she inquires, curiously. "And trust me, I'd have whistled you up in a hot second to help out, but D— my friend says that we gotta play this close to the books. No aliens, and only a really few metahumans we know real well. It's her, me, and two other people. That's it."

The macaroni's mixed again, 'cheeze' added, and then Jen's spooning more food into Kara's bowl. "There, try to make that last. I ain't made of money," she tells Kara severely.

* * *

"This stuff is really good." Kara remarks as she waits for more food. She nods her head, "Why would I think you were made of money? You are green…" Smiling a bit, Kara laughs a bit, fork in her mouth and she shakes with some laughter before she pulls the fork out of her mouth. The fork is now bent, and she sighs, "I -hate- when that happens." And she starts working on fixing it to get it reasonably back to what it looked like before but she's not getting that close.

And with your comment about the speedster chick, she offers, "Her name is Liz. But, yeah. It's going, really well." Kara grins bigger and she rests her elbows on the kitchen counter and then her chin on her hands, "She tells me I'm smart, and pretty, and strong. It's great. I eat lots of her cereal. Did you know there is more than just Lucky Charms? I mean, like, a LOT more options. All of it is pretty good."

"So, this D person is a metahuman? Hmm." A quirk of her mouth, as she thinks and then wonders, "There's you, this D person. Who are the other two? Ooh." She gets a little distracted by the new bowl of food and eats it. Seemingly just as fast as the first time, though technically it is slower. "You don't get paid to be a spy? I should get a job… but with all the heroing it's almost impossible to go job hunting. Is there a job where I can get paid, and never show up?"

* * *

"Congress," Jen says, automatically. "But you've gotta be a US Citizen to run for a political office."

Jen glances at her larder. It's nearly empty, and the sole cereal is off-brand Cheerios from a bulk outlet.

"Yeah, D is running the show, and I ain't supposed to talk about it," Jen tells Kara. Her tone carries that characteristic bluntness. "So stop … poking, okay? Because I don't wanna be a bitch and tell you to fuck off, but I gotta keep this shit tied up so my friends don't get kilt."

She puts a few spoonfuls of noodles in her bowl, making sure to scrape the pot completely clean, and then sets it in the sink to soak. "You could get a job doing all kinds of stuff. I mean, if you /want/ to make some money modelling, my Patreon page goes crazy for the boudoir pictures," Jen snorts. "But I got a feeling your cousin wouldn't be real happy with me for doing that. Or your new girlfriend." She pauses. "I mean, she /might/," she allows, "but that's the sorta thing you talk about ahead of getting published, y'know?"

* * *

"Really?" In Kryptonian she says some word that sounds like she's swearing, it it's all jibberish on this planet, and she shakes her head. "There are all these, strange rules here." And she shrugs her shoulders, "Oh well."

Though you talk about not supposed to talk about stuff, "Fiiiiine, I get it. You can't talk about it. I just wanted to help." Kara lightly complains and then she is wondering, "Boudoir?" She thinks about it a moment longer, "Ohhhhh. Yeah, I could see how people would want to see pictures of other people's bedrooms. Layout is super important." Kara smiles in Jen's direction, "Hate to eat and fly, but I have to go make bracelets or, rings, maybe just bracelets. Was going to cut them out of something super durable."

* * *

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* * *

"Aww, c'mon, stay a while," Jen whines at Kara. "I got a text from my friends and they need to crash here tomorrow, so I might as well get to have some fun with you before I start renting my damn futon out," she says. Jen gestures sourly at the furniture.

"But I'm outta noodles, so if you want more food, you better figure something out," Jen advises her friend. She moves to the counter and hops onto it, then pivots on her butt to face Kara. "No, like…" She eyes Kara. "I can never tell when you're messing with me," she mutters at the Kryptonian. "I'm talking, like, porn and stuff. You know. You, naked, beating up one of those Japanese anime pillows with a a spatula or something."

She looks at Kara, then shrugs as if absolving herself of any rsponsibility. "Hey, I didn't invent the internet. I'm just saying, I've got a good portfolio, but the shit that sells is the nude prints. No one gives a shit about 'spiderweb at dusk'," she mutters, and points at a very exquisitely composed print of that very photograph hanging on her wall.

* * *

Kara is about to move to head to the window when… she stops, "Really? Okay. What kind of fun do you want to have? We can play board games, or video games, or just talk." Shrugging a little bit, Kara smiles back to Jen, "Probably a good idea, as I'm not sure I know what super strong durable material I'm going to laser things out of with my eyes."

Though she's almost about to grab her bowl again when you tell her you are out of noodles. "Do you want ice cream?" Gone, back, in a blur and she has a triple scoop chocolate covered ice cream and a second one for Jen. She holds it out to the green woman as she starts to bite the super cold treat, and chew on it like it's normal food.

As she listens, she gets very confused, "Why, would, someone pay to see someone beat up a pillow with a spatula? Even if she's naked?" Confused, very very confused, her eyes are kind of wide as she watches Jen.

"Mess with you? Why would I do that?" Again, confusion, scrunching up her perfect facial features with a squint and her eyebrows compressing some. Even that manages to be cute, but she adds, "I don't really go onto the internet, much. I did do some research about pornography and never saw… -that-. I dunno about… posing, nude for something… that'd be weird." A pause as she chews on some more ice cream, and then she asks, "How much do you think I could make? Though, just, as a thought experiment."

* * *

"I—" Ice cream arrives before Jen can really object or approve, and she just shrugs and digs into it with a spoon. Her lips twitch sideways, and she tries to give Kara a flatly honest appraisal at her question. "I don't know. You've got a great body, and you've got the whole celebrity superhero thing going on. Couple grand a month, easy," she assures the blonde alien. "But that doesn't last forever, you gotta keep making weird kinky shit or you'll lose subscribers over time."

"But hey, you know, there's some porn stars pulling down ten g's a month on Patreon. What would *you* do with a hundred grand?" she asks, and lifts a curved green brow at Kara. "New apartment? All the fast food you can eat for a year?"

* * *

"Is that a lot?" Questions Kara as she's eating more of her ice cream, assuming it is she quirks her mouth, "I don't know. Maybe stop being a hero. Live a normal life." A shrug as she sighs out, "But then I'd just be trading people knowing me one way to knowing me another. And I might kill someone."

Sighing, she looks at Jen who's on the counter, and she grumbles, "I dunno. I'd rather keep all that stuff private … I guess." A shrug of her shoulders follows. She does perk up a bit at the end about the fast food though, and she smiles, "Okay, that -almost- sold me. But a year goes by so fast. Maybe I should look at a different job. Maybe something lowkey so I can just escape from ever having to save someone ever again."

* * *

Jen's narrow shoulders, which *are* gaining a bit of muscle, wiggle in a neutral gesture. "It's enough for a nice apartment in my area, or a crap apartment in the city," she says, lifting her chin at Metropolis in the distance.

"Our minimum wage is about thirty-five thousand a year," Jen explains. "So a hundred grand, that's… I mean, that's a huge increase. Get out of debt, buy a nice car, go on expensive vacations. I do OK with what I make on the internet," Jen says, lifting her chin at her computer— one of the sole items in the apartment that actually has tangible value. "But I ain't gonna run a webcam outta here or nothign, either. Maybe I have kids someday, I don't want them seeing that shit on the internet, mom's tits out for cash."

* * *

Letting out a little hrmmmmm, that takes a while, Kara offers, "Mayyyybe I'll ask Liz first to see what she thinks. She's pretty good about explaining cultural ramifications to me and suggesting good things versus bad." She smiles in the direction of Jen before adding, "I mean, I'm tempted, but I don't need a lot of money really. I get some from my cousin, and I get some from his friends, and then I can just sort of… wing the rest of it. I eat a lot of Liz's food, I don't really sleep much, if at all, ever. Anymore. And I can fly to just about anywhere I need to go in the world. Or, further. I love hanging out on Venus watching the electricity spark through the gases there, and see sunrises that close, it's probably a better vacation than I could buy. But… the fast food thing, that seems pretty stellar."

Then she shrugs a bit more, eating more of her ice cream, she's been eating this slower than her noodles, but she's just taking full bites of it and so is consuming it quickly despite moving at more of a human's pace. "Do you know The Juggernaut?"

* * *

"Heard of him," Jen tells Kara, and shrugs. "But I ain't ever met him. He's that big badass bruiser dude, right? He hustles for the Brotherhood?" She wiggles her shoulders at Kara in a shrug and digs back into the ice cream with a dip of her spoon.

"Why do you ask?" she inquires, curiously. The petite photographer gets up and digs some instant lemonade mix out of one of the cabinets. She had to drag around a little footstool with her to reach to the higher shelves, though. Once some sugar and ice is added, Jen offers Kara some lemonade to sip. "Are you thinking of introducing yourself to the Brotherhood? Some of them are, uh…' Jen's lips thin. "Kind of radical about mutant rights."

* * *

"Brotherhood?" Questions Kara and she chomps on some more ice cream before she offers, "I think he's a cool guy. We're friends, I think. I mean, I kind of know. But he's not a … nice guy, I get that. But he mostly just robs and steals, when he's hired to do so. That doesn't seem half as bad as some of the people I've met. AND on top of that, he also doesn't like the Registration Act."

Waiting a moment, she squints a bit, "And he was super nice to me. Helped me find some help that wasn't him, didn't punch me or anything. I can't walk down a beach without someone yelling at me, or throwing something at me. Just thinking, I wanted to talk to him more. Maybe get his help with stuff. A show of force, not like, blowing up buildings, just for a March. No one would likely stop us from marching if it was me and him at the front of the pack. You know? Just… thinking."

* * *

Jen winces, and pushes her messy green locks back from her face. "God, I *just* had this conversation with Daisy." She glances uneasily at the futon in the corner, then looks back at Kara and sighs. Heavily. Her inner iconoclast struggles against not wanting her friend to end up on the six o'clock news as associating with terrorists.

"Look, the Brotherhood, I mean— they're rough around the edges," she allows. "I seem 'em fighting with the racists who tag up our walls. you know, those Humanity First dicks," she clarifies.

"But they— goddamnit." Jen rubs her face wearily. "Fuck. Some of them are okay. Some of 'em have got some…. real good reasons to be mad. But some of 'em are just total assholes and they're only with the movement 'cause they want a reason to kick ass and beat people up. I heard that Marko dude /tore/ someone in /half/," she says, with careful emphasis. "So I ain't sure he's like, a good pick for the face of the metahuman pride movement, y'know? No one likes a bully, even someone who's got some good justification for it."

* * *

"Must've been after I met him." Kara comments as she listens and shrugs a bit, "He told me he only steals. And I mean, that's not -good- but currency in its own right is a bad and horrible thing. So, if he's showing off why it shouldn't be around any longer on this planet. I don't know if I'd stop him … plus, I told him not to make a reason for me to you know, punch him or toss him into space for a while."

Then Kara chomps down more on her ice cream and she ohs, and smiles, "So you know Daisy then? She's part of the whole secret agency thing, right? I met her when she was hurt, Gwen was there, I was there, a computer with sensitive information was there. I don't think she knew I could see through the walls of the van, or watch the wireless signals and eventually decode them if I really wanted." And she chomps down more ice cream. "I'm not looking for a 'good face'. I'm looking to threaten the entirety of the United States. Like, better stop this stupidity … or else. Not that I'd ever -do- anything, but it might get things moving faster."

* * *

"Aww, fuck, I blew it already," Jen mutters. She drops her spoon on the counter with a clatter and palms her face. "Damnit. I ain't cut out for this superhero shit."

"Look, just…. be careful. Remember, we talked about this? Building a movement? You gotta have some sympathetic characters on your side, or everyone's just gonna think you're a bunch of goons breaking shit for no reason."

She hops off the barstool and backs up a few paces. "Okay, topic change. Did I tell you I picked out a codename? 'Jade'," she says, proudly. "Shit's tight, right? And I haven't showed anyone this yet, but…" She holds her arms out to the side, takes a deep breath, and closes her eyes. Green energy limns her frame and walks from shoulder to feet, resolving into a sleeveless white leotard with a green device in the center of her sternum. Darker green, the shade of her hair, wraps around her hips and transitions into stylized thigh-high boots. Jen peels off her clothing and kicks it aside, then gives Kara a nervous look. "It's still there, right?" she asks, freezing, then looks down. "Oh phew, shit. The first few times I tried this, it kept disappearin' on me. I still ain't good at makin' stuff last very long." She thinks about it, then makes a little tying motion around her hand. A green emerald band appears there, devoid of inscription. "Hey, there we go. I'll tie a lil' rope around my finger to remember."

* * *

"You blew what?" Kara wonders as she looks to Jen, and then shrugs her shoulders, "You and me both … Superheroing … I'm so much better at other things." She comments and shakes her head a bit, chomping down on ice cream in between conversation. Then she smiles big and nods her head, "I'll be super careful. I -am- Supergirl after all."

Then to the costume change and the new name, and Kara kind of turns her head a bit, "Huh. It covers quite a bit. Isn't it custom to just wear skirts and things, or jeans, I suppose. Though those are jeans. Kind of looks like Trajectory's outfit, skin tight, basically like walking around naked just with… decals on or something." And she smiles up to Jen, and offers, "It's cute? I like the whole… skin tight thingie. What's up with the green energy though? Is that like… green cause you are green?"

* * *

Jen looks down at herself, then shrugs at Kara. "Girl, if you wanna flash your undies at the pervs while you're flying over 'em, I ain't gonna kinkshame," she says bluntly. "You got the legs for it, anyway," she mutters, enviously. The skintight outfit Jen's wearing shows off a little muscle she's gaining, but she's still on the extremely petite side of someone her height.

"Annyway, I don't know why it's green and shit. Something about plants? It took me forever to figure out how to do the white bits," she explains, gesturing at her costume. "Like I had to sit an' think about doing it all whole different way an' remember it every time. Easier just to—" she makes a gesture with her hand and a set of translucent emerald party balloons manifest into existence, then vanish with a series of silent *pops*.

* * *

Watching with the whole balloon thing, Kara looks around before looking back to Jen, "Soooooooo, is all you can do is make clothes and balloons? Or can you like - blow something up with your powers? Or not take any damage from like… a super punch. I could try and flick you, see if it breaks?" Questions the blonde as she is grinning and nodding, this is a GREAT idea.

"And, I don't flash, my undies. I'm wearing boyshorts underneath. I'm not sure that's called flashing." She offers in the direction of the green woman. With a little hrrmm she titls her head and asks, "You think it runs off of photosynthesis?" And her eyes glow, "I can probably blast just the color spectrum at you see if it powers you up."

* * *

Jen yelps and dives for cover behind the counter between them. "God! No! Fucking a, don't zap me with shit you crazy alien!" she yells. She shakes her head resignedly and looks skywards in mute appeal to whatever gods are mocking her.

"I didn't say it's photosynthesis," she points out, and gets to her feet. "I said I'm green, and something plants. I don't know," she admits. "Doc said I got fucked up blood and stuff, like I'm packed full of chlorophyll." She gives Kara an uneasy look. "Can you like… turn that eyebeam stuff down to 'warm tan', or is it one of those things with just a 'kill' setting?" she inquires, without a little trepidation.

* * *

Eyes still glowing, Kara laughs a bit at Jeen as she goes diving off, and Kara chomps the rest of her ice cream, including the waffle cone as it its all the same to her as she chews. She smiles big around her chewing while her eyes still emenate light, "You are so scared of things." And she shrugs a bit, "I've emitted all kinds of things before. Chlorophyll, is the chemical in plants that is light sensitive and absorbs the photons in the red and blue spectrums, mostly, in order to produce complex carbohydrates. You know, fruits, and well, most of the other plant structure as well."

She waits a second and then zips around to be right next to Jen, "Come on, let's try it?! How else are you going to know what you can do? Huh?!" And then it flares, the color light spectrum is emitted from Kara's eyes right at Jen. It's harmless, if a bit bright to look at, and she shoots Jen with essentially sunlight.

* * *

Jen reflexively screws her eyes shut and winces away from the raybeams until she's sure she's not gonna melt. "Hey, that feels… pretty good," she admits. Her demeanour, often sour and grim, improves noticeably as Kara bathes her with low-intensity solar radiation. "Man, that is just like… a big warm hug." She hugs her arms to herself and of all things, *smiles* with her eyes shut and face uplifted to the source of the light.

"An' yeah, I'm scared of all kinds of shit," Jen confirms. "I'm lil' and squishy compared to you. I trip and fall down the stairs, I can break my neck like anyone else. I gotta watch out for big stronk girls" she leans forward and punches Kara's shoulder with a soft, relaxed fist "who're gonna decide it'd be funny to flick my forehead and knock me into the next zip code to 'test' my powers."

* * *

When Jen closes her eyes and feels all 'good' and stuff like a warm hug. Kara mentions, "See! I knew it wasn't going to hurt you. Though if you start growing strawberries … actually, do you think you can grow strawberries? That would be so great." And she listens as the woman talks and punches her in the shoulder. Kara moves her shoulder with the punch a bit, so as to not risk hurting Jen's hand.

"Oh right!" Kara is reminded, and she reaches up and immediately flicks Jen in the shoulder. It isn't knock you to the moon kind of strong of a flick, it's more like bruising strength for a normal human. Though she's up and doing it faster than most beings could ever hope to react. Yes. She tends to just 'do' things, that's Kara.

* * *

"Ow!" Jen squeals and falls back, rubbing her arm. "God damnit, you— what the shit was that for?!" she demands of Kara, crossly. A flickering barrier of green light appears between them, a reflexive manifestation of Jen's metahuman talents.

"Thump me, I'll, I'll—" She goes to flick Supergirl with a finger, but it's kind of hard to do that from three feet away and also she knows it's going to *hurt* because the blonde is literally made of pain if you hit her.

A giant green hand appears in midair between them and *smacks* Kara on the point of the chin with a fingernail the size of a football.

* * *

"It was a test. And clearly, that's not a protective barrier." And Kara chuckles a bit, "You'll heal. You might even heal faster if I keep my eyes on you." And then there's the hand that comes out to flick her from a few feet away. Kara seems confused by it at first, and then there's a big hand, comically sized, that flicks her.

Kara goes flying backwards, crashes through the window and flies out the building, there's a cracking sound as she hits the building across the street and manages to leave a Supergirl sized imprint.

Then she falls, but shaking her head a bit she manages to recoup fast enough from her fast healing and she zips back up, through the broken window. She's rubbing her jaw a bit, "Wow. That um, packs a bit of a punch." She blinks a bit, surprised by the attack, and now there's a broken window Jen's responsible for, "I think I started up your powers. And…" She's moving her mouth around, back and forth, and squints, "That actually kind of hurt…"

* * *

"Oh shit!" Jen's face drains of color and she covers her mouth with both hands. "Oh shit oh shit oh shit" she says over and over, until Kara's floating in front of her again. The green-skinned woman skips towards Kara and reaches out to her with reflexive concern. The motions's aborted at the last second— Jen's sensitivity about violating personal space showing— and she instead steeples her hands over her mouth.

"I didn't mean to! I am so sorry! I was just *mad* and I didn't want to hurt my finger, but … oh god, are you okay?" She looks past Kara to the hundreds of dollars worth of damage she just did to her apartment, and palms the flat of her belly with a sick expression.

* * *

The blue skirted hero wobbles a bit in her float till she lands and gets on booted feet. With a few closures of her eyes Kara smiles, "Yeah, I'm fine. I haven't been hurt, in a while. The last time was with the Hulk. What is it with green people hurting me?" She chuckles a bit, and winces a moment as her still sensitive jaw causes her to be in a small touch of pain. Though soon enough she's fine.

"We, heal pretty fast. You know, one of the first few fights I was in, I had a piece of metal shoved through my shoulder? It hurt… a lot." And she looks over her shoulder toward the window and grimaces a bit, "Sooooorrrry. I uh… oh hey, getting you mad got you to activate your powers? We should go to a field, I'll get you really pissed off and we can really test your abilities?"

* * *

"Dude, I don't know!" Jen says, and peevish vexation flickers over her delicate features. "It ain't exactly a SCIENTIFIC process. Sometimes like… yeah, okay, I get panicked an' it just sort of HAPPENS," she exclaims. "Like—" she gestures mutely at the massive hole in the wall behind Kara. "I'ont even KNOW how I'm gonna explain that to the landlord," she mutters.

"God, you and Daisy, fer chrissake," she grumbles at Kara. "Look it just… I don't know, it happens, and I don't know why. Sometimes I get scared or panic and I can't make *anything* happen, I freak out too much. I gotta be… I don't know." She scrapes her foot against the back of her calf. "Zen, or some shit. It's all stupid," she mutters, embarassed at her lack of enthusiasm for tapping those talents.

* * *

"Uhhhh, just tell it how it is. Supergirl busted through the window. Everyone hates me already." Kara grumbles and then she reaches out and holds Jen by the shoulders, looking right at her with a serious look. "Look. We need to see how hard you can hit me. And if I have to start popping in here when you least expect it, and shoot lasers at you while you least expect it. I will. I can see through -everything- I'll know when you are sleeping, I'll know when you are awake. I'll know when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake."

Blinking a moment, she pauses, and Kara scrunches up her face a bit, then smiles a bit bigger. "I got that off a card… and so, yeah. A field. And I'll try and spook you or piss you off. Ummm, what is it. Oh, like, I'm a white blonde girl and I think that all the best songs are the ones played at the mall. That, makes you mad right? Or, I have better legs than you. Um, you are green, and everyone is a bit put off by it." She is chewing her lower lip, trying to think up better insults.

* * *

Jen flinches when Kara grips her shoulders. It's subtle, but she can't help it. The petite meta forces herself to relax and awkwardly pats Kara's hand on her shoulder, just to show it's not something intended to be personally insulting.

"Look, Santa Claus, you ain't," Jen says wryly. She stares up at Kara as the Kryptonian tries to spin her up, but she just bites her lips together to try (in vain) to suppress a smile. She relaxes by slow measures against Kara's hands. "You ain't got better legs than me, you friggin' milkmaid. Thighs like a couple of pressed hams. See, this is what happens when you ain't gotta work for yoru superpowers, you get thick. /I/ been doin' my pushups and squats and shit," she says, proudly. "Gotta get some of that badonkadonk back in my trunk, y'know?"

* * *

Kara doesn't take wincing at her touch as an insult. She's kind of used to it. She's broken so many Earthlings by accident she's lost count. And she squints, "Oh, I know that reference." Grumbling, Kara moves her hands off of Jen's shoulders and then brings her fingers into grips, she pulls her arms up to her sides, and very cutely throws a mini-tantrum, and then she gets a big grin. "Halloween!" She blurts out, "That's where Santa Claus is from, right?"

hough the rampage of insults kind of make Kara that much more confused, "Milk, maid? What? Pressed, hams… is that, an insult? I really like ham." Though the words about getting her powers without work, gets her to smash her right first into her left hand's palm in front of her chest. "Really? I carried a building, like 5 days ago. A BUILDING, you can do pushups till you are blue in the face, if you can -even- get blue, way better color by the way. See if you can even come close to picking up a small cottage with those flimsy little arms. And I'm, not -thick- I've just got an ass, an' you don't…" She even rocks her head back and forth, before she grins, "And I have no clue what Badonkadonk means… but… miniskirt. All I gotta say."

* * *

"Close, but so far. Christmas, dummy. The one with presents and mistletoe and shit." Jen grins at Kara anyway. It's growing a little endearing, her persistent attempts to integrate into American culture.

"You've got white girl butt," Jen accuses Kara. "Flat. Like a bookend. Gotta get some of *this*." She hops in place and turns, and wriggles her hips in a gyrating motion. Skinny as she is, her curves are at least proportional to her frame, and she dances with her arms out in front of her. "Be all like, booty got *pow*, booty like *pow pow*," Jen sings off-key, and swings her hips to emphasize each word. She backs up at Kara. "Then 'back it up, back it up'," she says, trying to bump Kara off balance.

* * *

There's a pause, and Kara's excited face about guessing at Halloween and getting Christmas, she squints. "I'm -not- dumb. I'm probably seventy times more intelligent than the geniuses on this planet. I mean, they still think that Faster Than Light travel isn't possible." And she shakes her head dismissively, starting to chuckle a little as she rolls her eyes.

"White girl, butt. Oh, that's one of those racist things to say, and indicates small, which is not sought after?" Ruining, in part, the joke, by looking for explanation. And she's watching you bounce at her, with your booty, and she winces a little bit, "Wow, if you, um, had any less of a butt it'd be, um, a…" She lets out some kind of swear in Kryptonian. "What's that… thing, you use, it is a paddle for that game.. with the small hollow ball, you hit it across a table. Ping pong! Your butt is as flat as a ping pong paddle! Hah, I win. Cultural reference AND I wasn't being racist." She gets bumped by you and she just laughs as you try and knock her over, sending a hip bump in your direction that likely results in someone being flung forward more than a few feet. "You are so weird."

* * *

"I can't be racist; I'm a mutant," Jen tells Kara. "And you're taking all the fun outta— ooof!" Jen goes stumbling forward as she's hipchecked, but arrests her momentum with a palm on a ratty old recliner in the corner of her room.

"God you're strong," Jen complains, and gets to her feet again. "I'm not weird. You're weird," she mutters.

The green-haired girl retrieves her sweater and jeans from the ground and tugs them back on. They're getting a little tighter and she has to work to get into them. Once she's got everything zipped up, her green and white attire is dismissed with a flash of light.

"Hey so like… I've seen you get hit really hard," Jen says, frowning. "I dind't think that finger flicky thing really was that much of a big hit. Am I just like, super swole, or what?" she inquires, and jams her hands into her hoodie pocket.

* * *

"You can totally be racist. You are calling me a white girl, by which you were implying an Earth White girl, who does not have as rockin' of a rear end as I do. I know I do, because I've been told so. Multiple times." She smiles with her nose kind of up turned, and arrogantly as she sticks out her tonguee. "Besides… I'm the Alien. So, if anyone gets to play the I can't be racist card, it's me."

Then she thinks about it, "Come to think of it. I mean, racist, in your way. You know, where you still consider people from India to be, a different race. Mutants aren't even different. You just have different genes turned on, genese that are present in the DNA of a large quantity of Earthlings. It's just… turned off."

A shrug as Kara hrms and then contemplates the last little bit. "Oh, cause of the hand? I just, I wasn't expecting it, I think. Plus, like, different energies hurt differently. If it were a hand made up of yellow sun radiation. I'd probably of just smiled a lot. I -love- getting close to the sun. I try and ride solar ruptures, and stuff. It's… amaaaazing."

* * *

"That's— that's not how that works," Jen stammers, in protest. Her cheeks go a little darker green and she waves off Kara's assertion rather than challenging it. The petite rebel meta eyes the mess on her floor and makes a sweeping gesture with her hand. A giant broom manifests into existance and starts pulling glass and detritus up, piling it neatly as possible under the hole in the wall. Jen examines the massive destruction and then makes another gesture, and a green tarpaulin appears from nowhere and *tacks* itself to the drywall. It'll at least keep out the weather and noise for a while.

"I have no idea how we're going to fix that," Jen mumbles, sourly. "I guess I'll call my insurance agent tomorrow. Hopefully they ain't gonna bust me up if I tell 'em 'Supergirl did it'."

* * *

"That's actually, exactly how it works. You Earthlings are pretty … dumb when it comes to genetics. I'm a different race. You and that guy walking down on the street with no powers. More or less identical DNA. Now, since you are reproducing in the most horrific way possible, there's likely a small variance, 60ish genes that vary from parents to children." A shiver rocks through her, "Bursting, is not a good, or even close to an approximation of good way of having children. Growth chambers aren't even that difficult." Her eyes almost bug out of her head in thoughts of normal pregnancy.

Though she lets you veer from the topic if you want, after her little tirade about baby bursting. "I dunno. I never stick around long enough to see how that all pans out. If it were up to Cat Grant I'd be in jail, and paying for millions of dollars worth of damages in Metropolis monthly. I hate that she gest to me. And she's probably right. I mean… case and point."

* * *

"Yeah, this wasn't exactly *your* fault," Jen tells Kara. "I'm the one who punched you. Even if you kinda had it coming," she adds, slyly. The petite mutant climbs up on a barstool again and reaches for the ice cream. It's starting to melt. She grimaces, makes a face, and finishes hers up anyway. Jen's not one ever to let food to go to waste.

"Listen, just… don't listen to that Cat Grant bitch, okay?" Jen tells Kara. "She's out to make a buck by stirrin' the shit and you're just an easy target. If she was really about like, makin' good social changes and stuff, she'd be all about helpin' meta kids get into good schools or fixin' our absolutely fucked adoption system. She's just in it for the fame and money."

* * *

"Kind of was." Kara flashes her eyes again, so they look white hot a moment before cooling down again. "I sort of spooked you. You -do- spook easily though." And Kara laughs lightly before slumping her shoulders, coming to the kitchen counter again. "I have to listen to her, you know how hard it is to tune out a voice I -know-? Did you know she wrote an article about why the World, the WHOLE world, doesn't need Supergirl? She doesn't dislike Kal, just me. Me. She hates me, calls me impulsive, reckless, emotional."

Angrily, Supergirl almost growls at the idea, and then just simmers into a grumble. "I hate that she is right all the time. Kal doesn't break things. That never would've happened with him." She waves her hand at the window, "He's… stupidly perfect at treating your planet as something other than a fragile place. And he -doesn't- like getting into fights. Really. I mean, I tried to get it out of him, somewhere. Nope. He doesn't. He doesn't even like beating up supervillains. How is that even possible? You don't have powers like these, and NOT get some kind of thrill from using them. Right? I bet it is great that you can do all those green things, and stuff. Right? You like it, right?" She's gotten a little wide eyed and persistent with her tone.

* * *

Jen eyes Kara a little warily as the blonde gets up a head of outraged steam. When the question is pressed to her Jen flexes her palm and looks away, shaking her head. "Woah, like… okay, I don't like gettin' in fights," she admits. "But I don't hate endin' 'em when some asshole starts trying to tell me I'm gonna go t' hell for having green skin, neither," she tells Kara.

"But like, Kal— Superman, right? Superman's been doin' this shit for how many years now?" she asks Kara. "Maybe he got all that outta his system like, real early on. Or he's just spendin' too much time sittin' on his butt in space," she adds, with a lift of her brow. She hops off her stool and moves to rinse her spoon in the sink and throw away the empty carton. "I mean you're down *here*. Every day. Gettin' in the shit and watchin' all this oppressive bullshit happenin. I don't think you got the problem, I think *he* does," she tells Kara. "It's real easy to stand back an' say 'oh this don't affect me' unless you got friends down here." She gestures vaguely from herself to Kara.

* * *

Taking in a breath, Kara blinks a few times, and then looks away. "Sorry. Yeah, uh, you're right. That's what I mean, the whole… ending fights thing. Just like, you, uh, said." She doesn't sound so sure, but she also scrunches up her face in a bit of confusion. Does she even know? "And, yeah, Kal is Superman. That's his Kryptonian name, Kal-El. Were cousins, our fathers were brothers. Jor-El, he … he was alright. I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but he wasn't my father by any stretch of the imagination." My father is better than your father - childish stuff happens on Krypton too.

And Kara nods her head a few mores times, smiling slowly, "Thanks, for… saying all of that. It… it makes me feel better. I can't stand by and just let, bad things happen to good people. And, I feel like, some of the heroes here step back. They don't want to feel guilty, or ashamed, or be less than perfect. So they take on the bad guy, lock them away, and then… they get out again. I'm wondering if that's, you know, the right way of doing things?" She questions, looking over at Jade and scrunches up her face again.

* * *

Jen Hayden listens carefully. She looks a little surprised at the outpouring of information from Kara— probably a handful of people on Earth know her precise relationship to Superman. Then Kara gives Jen a hardball question and a confused look.

"Oh, no no no, that question, that's *way* outta my pay grade," Jen says, and waves a hand horizontally through the air. "I think it's fucked as hell how that goes down here. 'cause every time someone starts talkin' about like, prison reform an' shit, somehow it always ends up comin' down hardest on the barrio and the ghetto," Jen says. Her dark tone suggests some personal familiarity with that particular scenario. "Look like— I don't mean, you, personally," she amends. "But like, you look at the prison population. It's racist as shit. An' then you get people who get put back into jail 'cause all they learn how to *do* in jail is crime shit, an' then they get out an' society treats 'em like lepers, and then why do anything but crime after that?" She's getting a little vituperative, and backs off with a controlled exhale.

"I'unno man. I just… I hear you and I know your heart's in the right place," she assures Kara. "I also know I don't trust 'nnyone else who might be in your boots in the future," she adds.

* * *

Kara looks around, and then wonders, "Do you have any more food? I get hungry when I get … thoughtful." The blonde looks around some more before she adds, "Oh, I shouldn't eat your food, you already said. You can't afford it." Slumping her shoulders she pouts and rests her elbows on the counter, head on hands, "So, I get it. I don't mean for non-metas. I mean, for all those crazy supervillains out there. Right? Like the people with mega powers, not even like limited powers like most people. Just, big time powers. And they come back, send in waves of giant insects that eat people, or robots, or demons, or explode subways full of people. Knock over buildings, blow up people with the power of a star. It's just… they're too much to let… go again, and risk it. Right? That's not racist, it's just… fact."

And Kara slumps her shoulders, "I know I shouldn't be thinking like that, but we don't have a phantom zone to send people to, we shouldn't of ever sent anyone to the phantom zone. I just, I can't stand seeing villains hurting people and then getting to do it again because we're… afraid to do the wrong thing - when by doing the right thing, more people get hurt or die."

* * *

Jen gets to her feet and moves to her kitchen cabinets. She starts rummaging around, eying what's available, and comes up with a few stacks of Ramen. "You owe me Ramen," she tells Kara, bluntly, and tosses them into a pot of water to start boiling. She has some veggies in her fridge and even two eggs, which are started on a skillet. Jen cooks like someone who learned to cook by watching television shows, instead of being taught by a parent or someone with some experience.

"Okay like… don't think of it that way," she tells Kara. "Yeah, bad guys go free. Happens an' it's shit when it does. But you go yeet on them, you start puttin' pressure on people who just got screwed by a shitty system. Some dude who's robbin' banks 'cause he got fired from his job for bein' gay, now he gets the … what'd you call it? 'Phantom Zone'? Is that like space jail?" she asks. "He gets that Phantom Zone treatment. It's better to fix *systems* than *symptoms*," she tells Kara.

* * *

Perking up with a smile, because there's still food Jen is willing to lose into Kara's solar metabolism. She doesn't even technically have to eat, but she does, and enjoys it more than most. "Well, there are some people who are just bad. Just evil. And they want to destroy the whole world or kill people indiscriminately. It's again, not like I'm… and yeah, Phantom Zone is kind of a prison." Kara looks to the side, and then sighs, "It's a cruel, horrible place. It locks you in time, in an alternate dimension. So you might get a thousand years. All your friends, family, they are all dead by the time you come back. But at least you get to come back, in case there's some kind of danger. But… it, the technology, it helped lead to a kind of… destruction." She squints a little bit, wincing some, as she says it.

"New topic. Anything. Go." Kara says, looking at Jen.

* * *

"Okay, circlin' back to work an' shit," Jen says. She stirs veggies into the noodles, strains them all, and once it's all done she adds the egg. A little soy sauce is set on the table and she mixes everything thoroughly before serving them both. Kara's given a noticeably larger helping. Jen really does eat like a bird to begin with, but the blast of Kara's solar radiation definitely checked the petite woman's appetite. "Maybe we can find somethin' you're good at other than 'porn star'. Uh… message delivery service?" she hazards. "Could like, stand you up in a field an' you could keep the crops growin' with the laser eyes thing," she adds, wiggling two fingers at her own face. "Go be a one-woman construction crew, flyin' girders around an' stuff." She considers, chewing heavily on the soft noodles. "I donno, like, what do *you* wanna do? Like, if you could get paid for anythin'?"

* * *

As everything is settled, Kara is busy watching the food be made and presented. She grabs the soy sauce container, opens it up and drinks some of it down, before settling it on the table like it's a drink. And then she eats up some of the noodles, slurping them into her mouth with a smile. "Really? Are you just thinking about my powers? I'm totally super smart too. Like, physics and chemistry, biology… botany, um, genetics, engineering. Lots of things." Though she shrugs her shoulders a little bit. "I dunno. I mostly just… like flying around, eating, … hitting things." And she scoops up some more food, "Could I get paid to eat? I mean, like those restaurant critics, something like that? I just go in, eat all their food, and then give them a review on it all."

* * *

Jen watches with a slack jaw as Kara swigs down the soy sauce. At least the dispenser keeps her from outright chugging down more soy sauce than Jen uses in a month. "No. No, I think you would *not* get paid to do that," Jen says slowly, and shakes her head in the negative.

"Problem with the science shit is that you ain't got a degree or nothin'," Jen tells Kara. "So you'd need to find someone who'd vouch for ya, or hire you off the street. I don't know anyone who does any engineerin' or nothin'," she admits, wryly. "I could probably find you a job slingin' dishes at a restaurant or whatever, but without a degree you gotta build a business up yourself. No one is gonna gamble on ya." She uplifts her chin at her office door. "I could teach you how t' use a camera though. Get you on Instagram, social media, maybe build your 'brand' up a little? I hate those stupid InstaTHOTs who are always takin' pictures of themselves in Aruba an' shit, but I gotta admit they get paid good for it," she concedes.

* * *

"That's pretty good." Kara mentions about the drink, and then consumes more food. She is looking over at Jen and she smiles, "What? Do I have something on my face?" And then it becomes clear to her. She was bawking at the idea of eating for money.

"Insta … what? Build my brand? You think people will pay me to look at pictures of me? I mean, that aren't, the other kind with me spatula whacking a pillow." She eyeballs Jen some more and then shakes her head, with a little rub of her temples. "All your… human slang it. It hurts sometimes. I try and figure out what you are talking about thousands of different ways and I still -can't-. Instathot, is that something different than Instagram? And how do we do both? And I thought you said before people would only pay for those naked pictures. So, now we're going back to just… hopefully, normally clothed pictures? Ooh, or are they pictures of me eating?!"

* * *

"Dude, you're in America. Assimilate," Jen tells Kara. She finishes her noodles and pushes her bowl aside. Her phone's dug out of the back pocket of her jeans and she spins it around so Kara can see it. Instagram's dialed up. "Aight, so THOT, that's slang, means 'that ho over there'. They make all their money by posin' on Instagram doin' sexy shit, maybe not anything that is not safe for work, but they're still just leveragin' their looks for money."

She swipes through a few profiles. Universally, the women look the same— beautiful, bored, and conveniently near branded goods. "Okay, so some of 'em go 'hey, I want more money', and they get over to one of these websites, like Patreon." Jen logs into her own account. It's … a surprisingly good portfolio of art. Some of the photos on her walls are represented there. "I post my art and shit, but then they go and do stuff that gets people all hot an' aroused, and people send 'em money and stuff. I mean, like, okay here this girl, she plays the guitar naked, this guy is makin' comic porn, this girl…" she blinks. "Oh, hey, she's gettin paid to eat things, /while/ naked." Fingers flex in a 'there you go' gesture.

* * *

There's a look over at Jen as Kara mentions, "I am assimilating. Like the Borg." She comments as she then sees the Instagram profiles. And you start swiping through some stuff, "She's kind pretty. And her too. He's kind of good looking too. There are populations of humans that are this well defined?" Pulling out her iPhone she says, "Siri, download instagram." And she waits, then there's a boopboop. Then she waits, and it closes out. So, she does it again, this time waiting for the sound then asking, and finally it pulls up a thing. "Why does it still need me to click? I hate… hate, this phone." But she goes through the motions of clicking, and getting it downloaded. "And now… Instagram wants an account…"

She types quickly with her thumbs, "What?! Supergirl is already taken?" And then she blinks, "Kara Zor-El is as well?! Why would they take my name?" The name she broadcast on the internet a few weeks ago. And she starts searching and her eyes get wide, and she blinks a few times, "That… is… not how I look… that's… just, they've, altered me … and clearly edited off some of my uniform … what kind of…" She scrolls down and her mouth drops, slack jawed, flushing a bit, "Who, would write something like this in a public comment?"

* * *

Jen's in the fridge looking for something, and only paying half an ear as Kara starts reading aloud. Then she groks what the blonde's saying, and hastily reaches over to slap a palm over Kara's phone screen.

"Okay, listen, first rule of the internet, never read the comments," Jen says, bluntly. "The internet is awesome and it's unfortunately full of grubby parasitic assholes who can't get a girl unless she's on a Japanese body pillow. But they will absolutely crush your soul if you read a word of their bullshit."

She glances at the image on the screen and immediately turns a darker shade of green. "I, uh… yeah, welcome to the internet," she says, finally. "'s why I don't do a lotta selfies. I don't need some incel loser photoshoppin' my pic for his buddies to drool over." She hands the phone back to Kara.

* * *

When the hand goes over her phone, Kara swaps to X-ray and finishes the comment she was on, eyes still practically bulging out of her head. She then looks up, and her eyes are wide as she looks and listens to Jen. "It's just, they don't… they've never even met me. And someone is responding like they ARE me. How do I find this person who has taken my name? I will take their account, and erase everything. Then there won't be a problem."

There's a little bit of shock, as she shakes her head a little bit, "I only understood half of what I was reading. And still… it's just. I mean, do people realy… no one has that large of, well, I've been face to face with Wonder Woman and Power Girl, and even still." Leaning back some she is still stunned a bit. "I don't think I want to be… on… Instagram."

* * *

"Yeaaaah, I don't think you're ready for that," Jen agrees, wryly. "Or—" she rattles her green nails against the countertop. "Listen, I got an idea," she offers. "I'll run your Instagram account for you. Some good social media coverage will help with the social justice stuff," she assures Kara. "But I mean all you do is like, get selfies of you in cool places. Right? Like tops of buildings, some cool shots of like, the city from a mile up, exotic locations. I can teach you the basics, help you with stuff like, uh, composition, color patterning, depth of field, that kind of thing. We get some good coverage of you, maybe… you know, we can get some stuff sold. You can go places most photographers wouldn't ever dream of going. Volcanos, jungles…"

She frowns. "Hey, how fast can you fly?"

* * *

"You'd do all that for me? Then we split whatever money is made. You get half, I get half. If that sounds cool?" Kara speaks out pretty quickly, "And oooh, I can be like flying there and the sun rising up behind me. I like those kinds of pictures of other heroes. And some in front of like the American flag, but maybe not JUST the American flag. At the UN there's all sorts of flags, could take tons of flag pictures." She chews on her lower lip in thoughts, "Plus, all the super cool places. Volcanoes might be a bit dangerous for the phone, they are so hot, if the lava is moving, they can disrupt electronic devices… but I know what you mean. Annnnnd, phones don't do well in space, which is a real shame since - Venus is gorgeous."

A pause as she looks up, "Oh, I think, around large gravity objects only about the speed of light. In just… open space, probably faster. Kal says he's been able to do interstellar travel before but… better to go via ship for other reasons."

* * *

Jen gets to her feet and moves to her office, and comes back with a camera. She almost offers to Kara, then pauses and holds it in her and a beat longer. "This is a Leica camera. They don't make these anymore. It cost me more than I pay on rent in a year, and if you drop it or break it or *mess with any of the settings*, I will never be your friend again."

She takes a breath and hands it to Kara. "It's an actual chemical camera. I got a lil' darkroom setup. I can go digital, too, with my Nikon, but—" she taps it. "There ain't nothin like a chemical camera for color composition. Computers can't get close. If you… like, okay, what I'm sayin' is, I'll go with you."

She lifts a hand from her folded arms, fingers upflicking. "I'll ride on your back or whatever, we'll go do some photography stuff. I'll get pictures of you all over the friggin' world if you want. Shit that'll really sell, not just for pervy internet bros, but I mean like, nature magazines." She sighs dreamily, eyes going out of focus. "Maybe even National Geographic…"

* * *

As Kara looks over at the camera, she is about to reach out and take it, but then you start talking about what will happen if she breaks it. So Kara pulls her hands back and crosses her chest with her arms, and sort of tucks her hands away. Not wanting to even touch a camera that might break and destroy a friendship.

Since, you know, she's bound to break anything she has or is given. "Oh. Okay. Jibberish. Most of that. I mean, I understa Chemical and Camera. Darkroom, isn't that a movie about a woman trapped in a room while… uh, nothing." And she grimaces at that and looks away.

"Sure, yeah. We can go all over the world, and the geography of this nation. Aren't most nations smaller than the world? Oooh, do you think it'll work on the moon? You'd have to keep it warm." Smiling a bit bigger, "Where do you want to go first? I'll take you all kinds of places. There's Antarctica, there's the south pole, under the ocean, Atlantis is down there, and it's gorgeous. Umm, Mt Fiji, where ever you want to go? You could take a picture of me fake fighting with a Yeti. They're pretty nice people, not too many of them around anymore, but yeah."

* * *

"Uh…" Jen examines her camera. "Yeah, I mean, the Apollo astronauts used cameras on the moon," she says, confidently. "I mean, I think they were chemical. Probably. I'll… have to get some research going," she admits.

She retreats, puts the Leica away, and comes back with her big digital Nikon. "Same, don't drop it, but it's okay to hold it," she tells Kara, and holds it out to the Kryptonian. "You can try taking a picture." She removes the lens cap, set's the macros to 'auto', and shows Kara where the button is on it. "This is my usual work camera. I use it for prints and stuff when I'm at weddings an' conventions and shit. I can take about a thousand ultra HD pictures before I gotta dump it on my computer." She gestures at the computer in her office— sleek and modern equipment, a stark contrast to the ratty state of the Chuck Taylors near the front door and the miserly distribution of furniture in her apartment.

* * *

"Oh, um." Kara looks to the Nikon and she shakes her head, smiling, "I'm okay. I don't want to owe you a camera." She doesn't grab the Nikon either and just stays back. She listens to the words that Jen is mentioing, "And, Ultra Ehhj Dee is good? And a thousand is counted as a lot?" A questions, "Does it store them in holographic files? Or on some kind of interconnected wireless mesh storage?"

Yes. She comes from s pace, from a much more advanced species. "I prefer to, draw when I'm trying to express something visually." Kara admits, as she looks around, "Or, paint, I like pencil and paper moreso than paint, but sometimes you need color. Water colors are my favorite paint though, you can mix things so it looks almost real." A sigh as she smiles and then adds, "But you'll be with me, so I don't have to learn how to not break your camera."

* * *

"It's an SD— er, it's a memo— yes," Jen says. "What… you said."

She sets the camera on the counter after replacing the lens cap. "I want you to learn how to use it eventually," Jen tells Kara. "I'm— listen, if I didn't trust you with it, I wouldn't have *shown* it to you," she tells Kara. "I know you wouldn't break it deliberately, I just wanted to make sure you understand that it's a very expensive, very *fragile* tool. And it's like… my entire livelihood. I could get by without the Leica," she admits, "but if the Nikon got wrecked— worse, stolen or lost— then I don't know if I could replace it for a couple years."

"If you…" Jen tugs her earlobe, grimacing. "If you ever want some, uh, advise, on the art stuff. I don't know. You're probably really good at it. But I gotta lotta learning I did on color theory and composition an' perspective an so on. If some pointers would— I mean, if you want the help."

* * *

"I could draw you. If you wanted?" Kara questions a bit, smiling, and she zips off in a blur, then returns with her pad and a bunch of pencils. Some of them look like they've snapped in half and are now sharpened on both ends. A lot of them are just colors. She zipped and came back with a decent gust of wind.

Then her arm is moving really quickly as she isn't even looking at Jen, but her hand reaches out in a blur of motion to the counter, grabs some other pencils, and within a few seconds is done. She spins it around. And it's a near exact replica of Jen in her Jade outfit… doing the booty hopping dance in her direction. Perspective and all gives Jen a big butt, cause it's the closest thing to the viewer.

Giggling, Kara smiles big, and happily, the white and green outfit drawn on there, shaded, the kitchen isn't drawn in the background but there's that slight green aura wrapping around the woman. "See? This one you can keep. Frame it, and display it in your living room." She carefully tears it from the drawing pad she has and sets it on the Kitchen counter. "Ooh, I have another one." And this time she produces a very comic-esque styled version of her in what she guesses was her posture, almost folded in half, being knocked backwards. Jen's big green hand flicking her, and Jen cowering next to the kitchen counter. She shows it off, it's in the style of Merry Melodies kind of cartoon characters. "Heee, this you can keep as that time you beat up Supergirl!"

* * *

Jen stares at the picture. Jaw, slack, eyes wide. In thirty seconds, Kara just produced a sketch so photrealistic that it could pass for a photograph at a glance.

Then she does it again. Jade stares at both of them.

"Okay, new plan. I'm gonna get you work as a graphic artist," she says, finally. "I mean, we'll do the photography thing, but…" She looks from one paper to another. Then she looks up at Kara. Of all the things Supergirl's done, the effortless production of art seems to unnerve Jen more than anything else.

"This is, uh… really good, I mean. Really, really good." She stares at them again, then carefully sets the two pictures aside where they won't be damaged. She even returns a few moments later with an artist's folio folder and carefully tucks them into individual slots designed to protect and preserve sketches.

"You're kind of good at everything, aren't you," she says, and rubs her arms with a shiver.

* * *

There's a pause, and Kara is smiling big, she's happy. Like genuinely happy after she draws. And she looks to Jen, "What? Why would someone buy those?" And she blinks a few times, and then looks at how Jen is carefully handling the paper, and she is a bit taken aback, but she laughs a little more at the booty picture when she gets a glimpse of it again. And then she sighs and settles her tools down.

"You think those are really good. I did this drawing of the sunset from the Fortress of Solitude. It was just… open tundra, sun, some clouds and mountains. But… it was just pretty." And she sighs a bit, looking up, "I guess I'm pretty good, at most things." She shrugs a bit, "Isn't everyone? Though? I mean, if you put effort into something and try, willing to fail. You just get better at it. And I was raised by a mother who was part of the Religious guild, and made that rare transition to the Science guild. And a father who was part of the Artist guild but was always working on something for the Science guild. Geniuses, they … were … geniuses. I'm just… meh."

* * *

"No," Jen says, slowly, and shakes her head. "No one's- I mean, good at" She breaks off, and shakes her head again.

"Forget it," she tells Kara. "I'm glad we found something you wanna do. For real," she says. "So like, okay. Tomorrow, let's go get some pictures, okay?" she asks Kara. "We'll keep it real simple, like… fly out to the Cape or something, get some good photos of the coastline. Man," she says, and laughs. "I been thinking about buying a drone for some of those aerial shots. You know you just saved me like, five grand?" she says, wryly.

She glances at the window. "I mean, theoretically," she mutters.

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