Gambling with Lady Luck
Roleplaying Log: Gambling with Lady Luck
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Moonstar's working undercover at a casino which is about to become ground zero for highly improbable antics.

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IC Date: May 22, 2019
IC Location: New York City
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Posted On: 23 May 2019 02:59
Rating & Warnings: R for violence, language
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Casinos are wonderful things. Seriously.

They. Are.

They bring a whole host of employment opportunities which are mostly legal.

And then there are some opportunities that aren't.

Like money laundering.

That's what brings SHIELD into this particular Casino, an Agent placed undercover as a server. As such, Danielle Moonstar can be found in the thick crowd of part-time and full-time gamblers. She's dressed in all black, a tray balanced expertly upon one hand a she calls out, "Drinks. Anyone need some drinks?"

She moves through the crowd easily enough, a bored expression affixed upon her face. Just your typical waitress here, nothing more, nothing less. Move along move along.

Of course, as Moonstar moves through the crowds a flash of something catches her eyes. Something familiar. Or perhaps something odd or out of place. Either way, that something brings her gaze to the middle of the Casino, where her SHIELD sensibilities find themselves piqued.

And in the middle of the Casino a group of men, all big and burly, are cutting a path through the gamblers. They all have the look of a BOUNCER. Or perhaps MOB ENFORCERS is more accurate. The point is, the four men are converging upon the exact spot that Domino can be found at; her unique pale appearance having tripped SO many ALARMS by those that watch the crowds via CC security cameras.

Either the MOB has a vendetta against her, or one of the thugs do, or it could even be a little bit of both; Domino's infamy knows no bounds.

As the men get closer each reach into the jackets of their mostly well-tailored suits. One has to be they're not reaching for their wallets!


This casino happens to have made a bit of a reputation for itself of late. Besides Moonstar's business around here it's also been making waves in the mercenary scene. One contract wanted to place to be busted up. The pay was good but it was too high profile, Domino had skipped over that one. Instead she picked up a job to go after JUST ONE PERSON in the whole place.

For reasons.

She doesn't quite get that far.

It starts with two bruisers cutting her off head-on. Trying to go around reveals a few more. Trying to turn around and backtrack reveals a few MORE. Before a person knows it they're caught up in the middle of a testosterone circle with their hands coming up in a 'seriously, WTF?!' gesture.

At first appearance, beyond the chalky skin and the spot and all, she's dressed fairly reasonably. A black pant suit with just enough in the front revealing what might be a shiny black undershirt zipped down somewhere at sternum level. Lower boots which don't quite scream 'tactical' even though they totally are. No gloves today.

Also no weapons. Supposedly. They have metal detectors at the front doors and given how quickly she's drawn such a huge crowd of huge people she prooobably came in through the front.

Standing in the middle of impending mayhem she hooks a thumb over a shoulder and asks the group "Hey, does anyone know where I can find Jerome? ..No? Nevermind, I'll find him myself."

No one's fired a gun yet. They've also kept them -mostly- hidden to avoid stirring up a panic. So, it really catches them by surprise when the lady whom had gone through the scanners and -should be clean of weapons- flicks a blade into the jugular of one of the thugs.

Gotta love modern ceramic knives.

Up come their weapons and down goes the albino, the first shots zipping all around her and hitting anything -except- her. Slot machines, a blackjack table, their own people… Amazingly none of the other guests have been hit. Yet. But the initial shots get their attention, everyone not currently engaged in the fight ducking low with plenty of yelling and screaming going on. The usual drill.


Moonstar's ruffled SHIELD sensibilities keep her gaze turned in the general direction of the men and Domino.

She has yet to SEE Domino, but it'll only be a matter of minutes; or seconds.

Brown eyes narrow as her gaze flicks to one man, then a next, and then to the third … and that is where it goes wrong.

Dani's eyes suddenly widen as an image, wholly in the metaphysical realm and only for her to see, appears above the man's head. A death image. A warning to the Valkyrie that death approaches. The image depicts the faces of the man's fellow enforcers; his compatriots.

The people he calls coworkers and possibly friends and even in some regards family. That's who he thinks will kill him -

A pity he's wrong.

It's that ceramic knife from Domino that kills him. Gurgling the man drops like a two hundred pound sack of potatoes.

This, of course, prompts the other men to react.

Bullets begin to fly and the crowd goes wild, and not in a good way.

Moonstar, for her part, elbows through the nearest cluster of people. "Out of my way!" And as she pushes through the crowd the Agent of SHIELD subvocalizes into the mic that's wired into the collar of her uniform. "Who the hell are they shooting at?"

And when the little voice in her barely-there earbud describes what they see (from those supposedly closed circuit cameras), Moonstar actually pauses. "Are you serious?"

The little voice confirms.


Guess who's pushing through the crowd fast now? That's right, Moonstar!

As soon as she's near enough to one of the men that circular serving is flung at the man. Like a frisbee of death it slams into the man's head.

The giant barely blinks from the hit and soon enough turns around to face Dani. A slow frown twists his mouth downward, "She got back-up!"

His gun raises and points at Moonstar now.


The inclusion of a random thrown serving tray turns out to accomplish more than piss off one of the thugs. It is also the first item which sets off an utterly bonkers chain of reactions which would leave Rube Goldberg a very happy man.

After it smacks against the big lug's head and goes wobbling off to the side it turns in just the right way to catch the light and blind one of the other thugs.

The same one Domino has been rushing toward, as it turns out.

The yelp of surprised blindness is repeated a second later as the gun is twisted upward and away from his hand, bumping the trigger and sending a round into the ceiling where it clips the chain of an ornate chandolier which crashes down on top of two more thugs.

The blinded and disarmed guy gets shot in the foot as Dom fumbles with the gun, causing him to slump into the side of a slot machine which then..pardon the pun..begins a domino effect as one machine after another falls down and disgorges tokens upon striking the floor.

Another thug comes running closer in time to slip on some of these tokens and hits the ground hard, bumping a spray of automatic fire which catches a fire extinguisher which blows up across the room and pelts -another- thug with shrapnel while another chunk takes out a bank of fluorescent lights, bursting in glass and sparks which somehow causes -yet another- thug to lose his eyesight with a howl.

While all of this goes down there is active shooting from both sides. The row of falling slot machines becomes cover as the albino lady rolls across the carpeted floor and shoots -between- the falling machines before those gaps disappear.

The fleeing crowd bottlenecks and overturns one of the tables further into the room which neatly blocks the aim of another thug..who then trips on the roulette ball and shoots himself right through the thigh.

The security footage of these few minutes will be freaking amazing to watch in slow motion later on. Maybe that can also shed some light on exactly how the albino has already gotten herself -three different guns.-


It's a chain reaction that would do chaos proud.


For Dani, that gun comes up and the woman automatically tenses. She has no gun here, being undercover, and all she can do is prepare herself.

Only the shot never rings out. Or rather, the shot is never fired at her. All Moonstar can literally do is watch the crazy shenanigans unfurl like a flower. Petal by petal, piece by piece, until it culminates into a moment of silence. Where the thugs lay upon the floor groaning (or dead) and their gunfire ceases. That doesn't stop the people within the casino from continuing to run and stampede out, but at least for the thugs their gunfire has stopped.

That quiet is enough to shake Dani out of her surprised stupor as she really tries to understand what she just saw happen.

Later, though, later. She'll definitely figure it out later.

Now the Cheyenne woman hot-foots it to the last seen location of the rolling Domino, "Domino." She yells, cause really, this undercover is definitely failed and no, Moonstar doesn't even ask how or why the other woman is here.

She just accepts it.

"Time to get out of here before more trouble comes!"

And as if summoned by her words a set of doors that lead to the backroom *bang* open. They reveal more black-suited men and unlike the others, their weapons are right there plain to see.

Lots of guns.

So many guns.

They open fire.



Somewhere across the casino one of the machines plays out the jackpot alarm and starts dumping more tokens.

Then a familiar black and white head pops up from cover, scanning the room with stolen guns until she gets to the one other person left standing. Some waitress who knows her name—

"Moonie?" comes after a quick double-take.

So Dani just saw all of—


"Well don't just -stand- there, grab a gun and let's go!"

Doors bust open, allowing the casino's 'upper crust' to enter the scene. It's a pretty imtimidating sight to be sure but—THAT'S JEROME. Dom can't leave without getting Jerome!

First she's diving into a roll across the floor as a hail of fire shreds the space she had been formerly occupying, making an absolute mess out of an absolute mess.

"Stop destroyin' tha machines, yah idjits!"

That's probably Jerome.

"Ya done messed up auh joint, beech! Ya know we can' let yah walk autta heah!" Then noticing the 'waitress' still left behind, Jerome makes a dismissive motion her way while lighting up another cigar. "Get autta heah, toots. Yah don need ta see dis."

From behind cover Domino's muttering "No wonder someone wants that goomba toasted…"

Now exercising a smidge of restraint the guys spread outward, broken glass and debris crunching under their fancy Italian shoes. It's a definite calm before the storm, more bad things are going to happen before this battle is over.

Dom removes just one token from the floor and gives it a front to back looking over. "Lady luck versus the House."

The coin gets flicked out from cover and out into the air with a musical *ping!*


Oh she saw all of that.

Yes, Dani did.

While the hazard of slippy tokens are on the floor the Cheyenne woman still manages to keep her feet beneath her. "I can't wait to hear the reason why you're here!" It only gets a little wobbly when she stops her forward momentum toward Domino to grab a fallen gun. She has just enough time to grab that gun and straighten before the doors bust on open.

There's a quick mutter from the woman, "Don't send anyone in.", even as she tucks the guns lose to her leg, to hide it as best she can.

And that's all Dani can give for instruction before Jerome speaks.

The SHIELD agent's expression stays pretty flat with only her eyes showing the disgust that she currently feels when he motions for her to leave. Moonstar pretends to hesitate, as she visibly shifts from foot to foot. She also twists her features into a look of uncertainty as she shifts her gaze between Jerome, his thugs and Domino. She takes a step away and just as she takes a second step there's the musical *ping* of the coin being tossed out.

The flash of the silvery token automatically grabs the eyes of the thugs, perhaps even Jerome, and even Dani stops a second to glance toward the sound and flash of silver.

Whether Domino meant that as a signal or not, Dani chooses to see it as such a thing. It causes her to snap her gun upward, her motions quick and efficient, even as she sights at her first and second targets.

The nearest two thugs go down with bullet wounds in both of their legs.


Sometimes the pieces fall in Domino's favor by setting the stage. Sometimes it happens purely out of doing random things and letting it all play out as it will.

The token is one distraction.

Dani shooting two of the thugs is another.

Jerome's look of shock and the start of some manner of protest or outcry is silenced before it gets past the first syllable, his face locking in that dumbstruck expression as the door behind him gets splattered in red.

Down goes Jerome.

The remaining thugs go freaking -nuts.-

Dani's made herself into a target by attacking the two. The problem with leg wounds is that those boys are not out of the fight, and now they're pissed!

Dom's already going to get in some manner of trouble for this because -freaking Dani Moonstar is here- so to try and earn some brownie points she blitzes through the carnage toward the Cheyenne woman to offer some proper support.

An empty pistol gets flicked out of her hand without a care while saying over the rain of gunfire "I heard this was the hottest casino in town but this isn't quite what I had anticipated! At this rate we're gonna need some fucking air support!"

A few more seconds of back and forth gunfire leads into a most peculiar sound. Distant at first. Oscillating. Growing louder. -Quickly- growing louder.

So loud that it starts to drown out the gunfire right before the roof comes crashing down, a rain of so many sparks and debris and a -horrific grinding sound- along with five acute *PANGS!* screeching out across the massive room.

It's enough to send anyone nearby to the floor as the building shudders from the impact, so much smoke and so many bits and pieces raining down across the casino's interior.

Embedded into the floor right between the two mutants is a very long black object. Almost like a sword which lazily rocks back and forth with a comically repetitive *dud-dud-dud* sound. Except that it's way too long to be a sword…

Where all of those thugs used to be standing is a crashed helicopter, the side of one door visibly displaying the mangled remains of one of the city's TV news stations.

It is…

And Dom's eyes are HUGE.

Then she slowly turns to Dani with a sheepish smile. "Probably not the last we've seen of that, huh."

Because it'll sure as Hell be on the news later!


Chaos seems to currently have control over this situation.

The men Dani shoots go down, as does Jerome himself, and then the area all but erupts in complete chaos.

Dani knows those she shot are going to retaliate, or their teammates will, and so the woman moves. As gunfire erupts, Dani tosses herself bodily out of the way. She finds herself like a ship in the night, passing Domino as the other woman begins her own blitz campaign to help the Cheyenne out.

"That would be pretty nice, but I'm fairly certain we don't have air support right now." Calls out Dani, referring to SHIELD and its current capabilities -

And while she curses beneath her breath for lack of air support the distant sound of *something* drags at Moonstar's attention. It brings a furrow of brow, but when you're dodging bullets odd noises aren't always focused upon.

Not, at least, until those oddities turn into something far more LARGE.

Like the shudder of the room from an impact. A big impact.

The terrible shaking knocks Dani off her feet and as the woman elbows her way back to something of an upright position her eyes land upon the embedded television news helicopter.

That brings a rather open-mouthed look from Dani, then slowly the agent of SHIELD staggers to her feet.

Her wide-eyed gaze stares at the downed helicopter for a few silent moments and then slowly Danielle Moonstar's gaze turns to Domino, especially when the other woman offers that sheepish smile and words.

"I feel the need to say 'smile, you're on Candid Camera.'"


Domino has the audacity to look completely innocent. "Hey, don't look at me! Your guess is as good as mine." That's kind of the beauty of her brand of chaos, no one really knows what they're going to get!

Like a helicopter to the face.

"Wish I could say this is the first time this has happened," she mutters while doing a quick check of the remaining stolen guns. Then a look is passed back to Dani. "You good? You hurt? We should really be hauling ass about now. I give this place another eight minutes before we're armpit deep in NYPD and probably about -two- minutes before Whirly von Crashenstein ignites and takes out half of the building. Unless..there was something else you needed to do here?" she hooks a thumb over a shoulder with a questioning look.

Oh yeah, and the merc has effectively completed -two- contracts today after all! She'll have to take credit on that other gig so she can cash in on it tonight.

Dom's already on the move, her footsteps followed with the chorus of broken glass, disgorged tokens and spent shell casings. Remember the guy who tripped on the roulette ball and shot himself through the thigh? Yeah, he's kind of off to the side and still alive. Lost a lot of blood, but the faint groan proves that he hasn't lost consciousness yet.

He just might lose something else. Whitey comes to stand beside him, leveling one of the guns down at his head. "Bad night to work for a crime lord, kiddo."


As if on cue with Domino's words about igniting various images begin to crowd within Dani's more metaphysical vision.

Death. So many depictions of death.

A grim reaper here, a vulture there, a ghost, a skeleton, a zombie -

It's enough to cause the Valkyrie's senses to spin wildly from it all.

While Domino's words are heard, Moonstar tries to take a quick silent moment to find balance. To compose herself. To accept that death happens and it's okay, especially in this line of work. That internal mantra helps to a point, it allows the black-haired woman to dig deep within herself and to pull a very faint veneer of separation between herself and everything that only she can see. Up until a new image of death drags at her peripheral vision. There's a sharp turn upon heel as the Agent of SHIELD pivots in the direction of Domino and the poor wounded kid.

Seeing the image that hangs above the kid's head jerks Moonstar into action.

Domino finds herself soon joined by the Valkyrie and Moonstar reaches out to the other woman's gun. Her touch is quick but firm, and as soon as Dani's fingertips touch the gun there's the expected downward pressure. Along with that pressure is a touch of coldness; the smallest bite of winter now felt within all the metallic parts of the weaponry.

"No." Dani says sharply, "Everyone deserves a chance to learn from their mistakes." And here Moonstar's attention shifts to the kid, "Learn from them, otherwise death won't be quite so forgiving next time."


Yeah..something's definitely not right with Dani. Not in the usual sense, either. Whatever she's dealing with, she's left to deal with it alone. Domino still sees business to take care of and she did kinda mention that timeframe they have to work in.

Is the 'kiddo' really a kid? Hard to tell. She has a habit of calling everyone that. Whatever the reason behind it may be, she's not looking to be the forgiving sort today.

Not until Dani's hand finds its way onto the top of the gun.

And the steel goes -cold.-

One brow curls upward as she looks back to Moonstar, with both eyes a bit wider than before. Sure, it's been well figured for some time now that Dani's a mutant but no one's ever talked about her powers with the albino. All of this time and she's never truly known what the Cheyenne could -do.-

Maybe it isn't an ice-based power or whatever? But somehow she brings a most unexpected chill!

"This is a mistake, Moonie…" is said in warning. "People like him get a mind for revenge and it never turns out well for anyone involved."

As if testing her luck -again- Dom tries to lift the gun upward only to have it held back down. This leaves her with only one proper course of action.

Dom rolls her eyes.

"Fine! Whatever," she declares while meaningfully flicking the gun away from everyone. "But if he can't crawl out of here fast enough to avoid becoming a high octane bonfire it is -not- on me. Now c'mon, we -really- gotta get moving. Unless there's anyone ELSE you'd like to pretend to save."


A heavy silence might be felt from Moonstar.

Or maybe it's a frown-y silence.

Definitely disapproving and it's focused on Domino for those few quick seconds.

"Emergency crews are already on the way." States the Agent of SHIELD resolutely, "They were called as soon as the helicopter hit the building." And while they could definitely stand around and chat, Moonstar doesn't necessarily want to die in a big explosion of fire. "Let's get out of here and allow the others to do their job."

Which means the emergency workers.

As soon as Moonstar's touch is off Domino's gun the other woman will notice the chill immediately abates. For the Cheyenne, she gives one last look over her shoulder to the various downed members of the gang before she turns away and moves.

Very quickly.

Their running out of the building doesn't stop Moonstar's next question, "Who had a contract out on Jerome and what for? We've been watching this place for months trying to catch them in money laundering."


"Gotta admire a prompt response time," Dom deadpans to Moonstar's comment about the emergency crews. There just MIGHT be a hidden jab in the comment, as well. As in 'why are we still standing around waiting to be caught in an explosion?'

Now that Dani seems to be on board with GTFOing Domino's moving again. To her credit she's not trying for another shot at the wounded guy, either. It may have been an argument before but once it's been settled she seems to accept the result for what it is.

Maybe she can be reasoned with after all? ..Sorta? Maaaybe..? It seems to be a fine balance between being gentle and being forceful.

While running she's also struggling to figure out how she can hide the stolen guns without being too obvious about it. Maybe she should have also taken the holster for the one…

To the question about Jerome she rolls her shoulders with a "Hell if I know. They don't exactly hand out that kind of information. Despite what Hollywood might lead you to believe there -is- a degree of crimelord/hitman confidentiality." She hesitates before thoughtfully adding "Though money laundering would certainly provide sound motive."

"Now, not to point -fingers- or anything, but for what it's worth, this crew is..was..guilty as hell. Also I'm smelling fuel."

Closer to the exit now! While slinging the submachine gun around a shoulder she quickly looks to Moonstar again. "Hey. This isn't gonna..y'know. Be a problem between us. Is it?"


There's that exit. Just a bit more and they'll be free.

Not necessarily scott-free, but free from dying in a fiery death at the very least!

The mention of Hollywood brings a crack-of-a-smile to Dani's face, "Yeah, I get completely how Hollywood pushes false narratives, but I won't lie I really wish their depiction of hitman contacts were true. I and SHIELD would be interested in knowing who wanted Jerome dead."

Then comes the more important question; will this become a thing between the two women? That brings Dani's gaze around to Domino and that sub-machine she just shouldered, "A problem?" Repeats the Agent of SHIELD with a hint of *some* kind of emotion to her voice, "No."

It doesn't take Moonstar long to elaborate even as the two run, "Does it make me happy you're taking contracts? Hell no, but I can tell you that you're right - this crew wasn't saints and angels."

By now Moonstar is at the emergency exit and while the door is closed, it doesn't stop Moonstar from running nearly full-tilt into said door. She uses her shoulder and arm to slam the door open, so the two women can GTFO of there as quick as can be.


Hey, if Dani wants to take point in crashing through the door then more power to her! Domino is -happy- to let her take that one for the team.

At this point it should probably come as no surprise that the explosion happens -right- as they're leaping through the exit. Albino gets flung off of her feet, catches a Moonstar mid-flight, and—

—Ends up shielding her from the falling debris.

It seems to be working out well at first. Lots of bits and pieces rain down all around them but nothing really lands on -top- of them.

Not until a chunk of wood slaps squarely across the back of the mercenary's shoulders.

"Rrrgh!" is hissed through teeth. "Didn't see that one coming…"

Now moving a little more stiffly while getting back to her feet, Dom offers a hand to the Cheyenne. In more ways than one.

"Tell you what. I don't normally do this, but seeing as we've got some history lately I'll do a little poking around on my end. See if any names crawl out of the woodwork. And, just gonna throw this out there, but -maybe- in return you can keep my involvement here between us should it ever come up. Sound good?"

Of COURSE she would say this right as she's likely to be helping Dani back to her feet. 'Oh look, we already shook on it!'


Why is it when Dani and Domino get together the potential for explosions is so high?

A question to be pondered later, after they survive this.

The force of that explosion sweeps Dani right on off her feet, "For the love of -!" That's all she gets out before she's literally tossed into the air. She tries to twist to get herself righted, but it seems pretty pointless. When she lands it's just going to hurt -

Only it doesn't. Not when Domino so gallantly helps Moonstar through the air, as well as shield her from falling debris.

At that proffered hand Dani takes it, though she's careful not to actually exert weight upon the grip she has upon Domino's hand. She definitely caught the fact that Domino was hit by something.

And while Moonstar was just about to ask if Domino is okay, the other woman speaks. The offer to locate a name brings a look from Dani, something hopeful, but then Domino's next words dims that hopefully look.

The Cheyenne considers her answer for a few seconds and while her mouth thins slightly, the woman does finally nod. "I won't say anything to anyone." Which is a promise and is what causes Dani's hand to automatically tighten on Domino's own.


Neena nods once. While she's never enjoyed owing anyone else for anything there are some situations where it proves to be a necessity. Or at the very least a very smart play.

"Appreciate it."

As far as being hit by debris goes she totally had it coming.

This still isn't enough to keep her from grinning big to the Cheyenne. "This was fun! We should hang out more often."

A quick and completely sarcastic salute is given to the other woman before the albino turns to head out to somewhere a whole lot more quiet and a whole lot less on fire.


This was fun. That prompts an incredulous look from Dani, but before she can say too much the albino turns and walks away.

"Pretty sure this deserves some kind of hazard pay." Mutters the woman, then like Domino she turns away to begin the long and very involved processed of wrapping this case up.

Is this even a case anymore? Is it really? No, now it's just clean-up.

A long sigh might be heard from the Cheyenne as she treks across the way to the emergency equipment.

"Definitely hazard pay."

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