Somewhere to Crash
Roleplaying Log: Somewhere to Crash
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Jen gives Quake and Co a place to rest.

Other Characters Referenced: Phil Coulson, Gwen Stacy, Supergirl
IC Date: May 14, 2019
IC Location: Jen's apartment outside of Metropolis
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Posted On: 23 May 2019 23:00
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for some language
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Jen Hayden's apartment actually… surprisingly… doesn't suck. It's not in Metropolis proper, but rather in a suburb outsid the dense heart of that city. It's one of those apartments, too, that once in a while you stumble on and never let go. Near bus lines, subways, not far from a freeway onramp but not close enough to be an issue of noise and crime. For as shabbily as Jen dresses, it's even in a relatively upscale looking building.

The door's pushed open and Jen tosses her keys at the bowl. It's a big, white-walled apartment in a renovated machine shop or something, with ceilings *just* high enough to admit a lot of light but not be worth turning into a split-level.

It looks about seventy years old, with a repaint/remodel in the late eighties. But it's habitable enough, and Jen starts turning on lights as she goes.

Her phone's dug out of her worn out old overcoat and she texts Daisy. <Yo bring food and stuff, all I have is a bunch of Ramen and 10 gallons of milk>. A beat. <dont ask>

She hangs her jacket off a tall barstool chair near the kitchen counter, and with a weary sigh starts digging linens out of the closet to put on the rickety futon against the wall.


Who knew that the girl who could conjure up freaking -submarines- out of thin air also had a decent enough place to house another vigilante or two? Quake (who is totally not Daisy nor an undercover SHIELDie) is willing to take some extra assistance because living in a van is cramped enough with just one person, let alone two, and the lack of a bathroom is kind of the pits.

Plus, now she can't use Coulson's safe house anymore. Options are rather limited.

Of course, the first thought on her mind upon stepping through the door isn't 'hey thanks, this means a lot to me!' Rather, she takes one look and gawks "How the -hell- can you afford this. You can't even legally -drink.-"

Seriously, it's nicer than her place back in New York!

Now, she could have brought in a bunch of pre-made food or something from a fast food joint but she's had to live off of that stuff for plenty long enough. Having access to an honest kitchen again means that she's willing to step out of her comfort zone and try to follow in Gwen's footsteps of actually making food. There's a black bag slung over her shoulder which happens to contain a few more bags which happen to contain a variety of foodstuffs and having the fire department on speed dial might not be the worst idea in the world.

Though before anything else?

She gives Jen a hug. Like a -real big- 'I don't care if anyone is watching us' sort of hug, complete with ..gauntlets. Because she never had the chance to after their stunt on Governors Island.

"Gold star on the whole 'lying low' thing, Jen. I wasn't sure if you had died or something."


"It's just a— hurk!" Jen's plowed into by an affection Daisy, and staggers a little at the embrace. She goes tense as a beanpole, then awkwardly reaches around and pats Daisy's back. Totally not hugging the other woman, though, because Jen's Too Cool for such things.

Even if she's smiling to herself at being reunited with one of her few friends.

"Nice to see you too, Da— Quake," she catches, and backs up out of the hug once released.

"This place? It ain't that bad, actually," she tells Daisy. "Kinda in this weird city/county zone so there's some rent adjustment, an' I qualify for minority housing, 'cause—" she gestures at herself. "Rest of it's just me not blowing my cash on hookers an' blow, y'know?"

It's pretty sparsely decorated— *really* sparsely— but it's clean smelling and comfortable enough. The only things on display are all a bunch of very shabby personal items clumped on one shelf in the corner of the room, and they look both priceless and lacking any value to anyone but Jen. The furniture all looks shabby, secondhand, but probably very comfortable.

"And I ain't dead, I just dropped off the grid for a bit. I lived out of a backpack for like, two years before the Westchester crew took me in," she explains. "I could hitchhike from Metropolis to Los Angeles and no one in authority would know shit about it."

She fluffs out her curling mass of green hair so it lays against her shoulders. It doesn't look terrible, but clearly her styling regimine involves nothing more complicated than a towel and a broken comb.


"Aw, Jen, you disappoint me! I thought that's all that you spent your money on," Quake teases with a grin. Though upon seeing the state of the sparse furnishings, the lack of personal touches, the empty feeling to the place as a whole, her amusement does fade slightly.

Okay, so maybe Jen can afford a place like this but it apparently hasn't left much of a cushion for anything else. It's..a space. As a fellow foster child she understands it, too. A fear of trying to take root but also not having much of personal effects to spread out.

The truth is that they could all help one another. Just like with the Island. A micro-community of misfits.

"Listen, I never got around to properly thanking you for helping out. I still don't know what happened to me back there but I'm -pretty sure- that the only reason why I got away from that place was because of you."

This said she finds her way toward the kitchen to put away what needs putting away while pulling out what needs to be pulled out. Chicken, a red sauce, bread crumbs, white cheese. Who the hell knows how this is going to go.

"It the way. I've made it through the cold dark doors of the Brotherhood. It's..gonna take a while to get anywhere useful. So, it's kinda helpful for me that you didn't go to live out in Westchester but I do kinda wonder..why didn't you? I've seen it out there, it's like living in paradise compared to the big city. ANY big city."


"Hey, like—" Jen hoists a fist in the air, clenched upright. "Power to the people, right? That registry was totally shitcakes. Shouldn't have had it to begin with. Can't feel bad about taking back something that the government shouldn't have had in the first place."

"And the Brotherhood ain't *that* bad, I know Brotherhood types. Some of 'em are… I mean, yeah, they're assholes," she concedes, "but they're assholes all the time, so it's not like the Brotherhood goes out and recruits 'em specifically. Gotta crack some eggs to make an omelette, right?"

She rubs her bare arms and eyes her comfortable, worn old heavy coat as if weighing putting it back on. "The… Westchester's okay." Awesome, really. "But it's all rules and regulations and stuff. Bedtimes. Curfew. Classes like… all the time, and you can't smoke pot or drink on the premises, and it's just this, like… whole lame scene, you know?"

Jen fusses with a few sheets of opened envelopes on her counter, then glances up at Daisy. "Oh, hey, I think I'm gonna settle on a superhero name," she says. "'Jade'." Hands make sparkle motions, lacking any real sparkles. "Yeah? Whatcha think?"


"No, I completely agree with you, it's shitcakes and shouldn't be a thing," Quake seconds. She has some deeper thoughts on the subject but they're kept to herself for now.

When Jen starts talking about the Brotherhood she stops sorting things on the counter and thinks with brows furrowed. A couple of questions swirl around but the one which takes center stage is "What do you know about the Brotherhood?" As far as Quake knows Jen hadn't been sworn in with that gang before…

"It may be a lame scene but it would offer safety," she suggests while tossing a loaf of bread aside. "Sometimes you have to play by someone else's lame rules to reap the rewards, like free access to a pool. But you know that much."

At the codename idea Quake looks over a shoulder to the green girl and smiles. "Finally getting settled, then? I like it. Short and simple, no need to summarize. Makes you sound all ..shiny and tough," she says with a little flexing pose. "Best of all no one knows you by that name yet so you can totally go incognito like that. The name is everything, take it from a pro," she jokes. "I've gone through four of 'em already."


Jen squirms at the suggestion she's 'settling' in any way. The vagrant in her chafes at such a notion. But when Daisy presses her on the Brotherhood, she gets that guarded, shifty look she often sports after filching candy bars from vending machines.

"Look, like, I just… I know what everyone else knows, that's all," Jen tells her friend evasively. "I, uh, I mean I might have hung out a few of 'em," she says, and rubs the back of her neck. The real conflict here is between trying to keep secrets, and for some reason, being reticent about keeping those secrets from Daisy. "They hang around Mutant Town, sometimes. I seen 'em fighting with the racist dickholes who come down from the Cannery district to tag buildings and shit," she clarifies. "They're gangbangers, mostly, I mean, I've hung around gangsters since I was like, ten. Long as you leave them alone, they won't get in your shit."


"You already dealt with the" Quake starts in then abruptly stops herself as both palms slap down upon the counter. Now she's fully turning around to stare at Jen, her disbelief perfectly evident. "You probably could have saved me a -whole lot of trouble- if you would have told me this before! Jenthis -whole time- I was worried that you'd get caught up in this mess and it turns out you'd already been involved before me! What were you even—"

She has to stop herself again. Mostly because a fork sitting on the kitchen table has started to vibrate, rattling upon the surface for a couple of seconds before she realizes that it's acting up -because of her.-

An empty hand comes up. She takes a deep breath. Then she takes off a black leather-like jacket and rolls it up to set aside. It's more than another set of goofy fingerless glove she's wearing, Quake's got some proper elbow to palm devices which look like they were put together by a professional outlet. Minus a few rough edges. Probably not SHIELD tech..?

Up comes that hand again, now shifting into a single index finger being held out. "You mean to tell me..that you've dealt with SHIELD, the Westchester crew, -and the Brotherhood.- And you didn't think that -might- have been a -little- important? You -do- realize that if they find out you're going to get ripped apart, right? You could be the star of their next internet attack video. Jen… Oh my god," she caves while dropping her face into a palm with a long breath.

"Just…" that hand comes away to momentarily flick in Jen's direction, "tell me that you've thought all of this through."


Jen blinks at Daisy's ire, and her neck turns a darker shade of green in embarassment as Daisy starts sounding almost frantically upset. The vibrating fork, though, provokes a confused glance. She puts it togehter, realizing that the whole *apartment* is vibrating slightly. Eyes go wide in surprise and Jen's shoulders coil in towards each other as Daisy vents her spleen. Daisy misses a flash of light behind Jen's green eyes, something lambent and intrusive as she reflexively checks her guard against what power Daisy brings to bear.

But then the little explosion settles, and Jen forces herself to relax when Daisy facepalms. "Yo, like… just chill the hell out a second, okay?" It's said with a wary street tough's voice, not a rebuke, and she flexes figners at Daisy. "I been takign a lot of the shit you're saying on faith," she reminds Daisy. "You gotta let that street go both directions. I ain't *with* the Brotherhood," she clarifies. "I know some people who run with that crew, that's all. Mostly just… street level boosters and shit. I also dated a dude who was with the Latin Kings," she points out. "It don't mean I'm like, gonna call up their boss— whoever— and hit them up for money or nothin'."


"No, I know, it's just…sorry," Quake gives in with fingertips rolling a circle against a temple. A few items are gently brushed aside on the counter to free up enough space that she can hop back and have a seat right there, leaning forward with elbows on knees so that she can give Jen her full attention.

"They're more than just a gang. They're a tight-knit crew. More like a family. They all swear loyalty to one another and, in case this needs to be said again, -they took down SHIELD.- Riding the fence around them is a dangerous game, I've seen it for myself. And I'm not trying to sound like I'm somehow better than you or anything, it's…"

Quake pauses long enough to roll lips inward and bite down a little while looking off to the side. "I'm putting everything on the line for this stupid idea. I don't want to see what few friends I have get swept up with it. If I had known you had any connections with them at all we might have been able to completely avoid the Island. Then I wouldn't have put you both into that shitstorm."

Dark eyes seek out green ones again, the lecturing giving way to a pleading tone. "Just -please- be careful around them..okay? If they so much as suspect you're dealing with SHIELD…"


Jen squirms uncomfortably again. "Look, like you're— that's not— the Brotherhood, that crazy red bitch and the fast guy," she says. "It's like any group, they're not all terrorists or whatever. Those two are crazy, they're … extremists." She shivers, violently, and her eye twitches at a remembered migraine. "And for the record, okay— I wasn't miss Pom-Poms for SHIELD, but I'm as bailed as you are. If I'm lucky, I won't spend forever on a government watch list," she says, bristling with an intense if tiny anger. "So, like, you're not the only one with frien— stuff on the line, okay?"

An awkward silence fills the air, and Jen sighs through her nose and looks away from Daisy. "I… I'll be careful," she concedes, with a mumbled resignation. "Thanks. For givin' a shit, and … shit." She climbs down off her barstool and moves to a little cabinet near the kitchen, and comes up with a bottle of something clear and a little box that looks like her personal stash. "All I got is some cheap Patron and some decent weed," she says, but sets both on the counter in arm's reach as an offering of peace. Better than a peace pipe!

"Okay, god, enough of this, we sound like a friggin Lifetime movie or something," Jen declares. "Is Gwen comin' by tonight or is she crashin' in the van again? I can put you both up here, but it's gonna be a bit cramped." She frowns. "I got the futon here, an' a sofa in my studio, an' I could bunk up with someone I guess, but they better have a sleepin' bag and not snore."


There's something that Jen says in there which causes Quake to visibly lean back somewhat. There's more she could say overall but the part which really stands out is Jen's claim that she's 'as bailed' as Daisy is. Her mouth opens slightly then closes a heartbeat later. Some things are best left unsaid.

As the personal stash is brought out she's more than happy to put that business behind them. Quake doesn't need to participate in these vices, either. Emotions are out of the way and she still has intentions to try and make something edible for dinner.

The thought of sounding like a Lifetime movie brings a thin smile and the suggestion that "You'll appreciate having had the chance sometime. Being alone sucks, you know?" Of course Jen knows! Being surrounded by other parentless kids doesn't make you be not alone, either. It only serves to make it worse.

"I really appreciate you letting us crash here. I can't speak for Gwen ..and I also don't know what she keeps getting up to a lot of the time, but.. I'll let her know. And I don't plan on spending too much time around here. Need to keep on the move. Low profile, and all. But having access to a shower is worth its weight in -gold.-"


Jen snorts, but it's a tone of agreement rather than disdain. "Right? No one stealing my shit while I'm showering, I can sleep anywhere I want— I sometimes just come and sleep in the living room 'cause I /can/. Don't have to share the TV with no one, either," she says, proudly.

"Oh, uh, heads up— Supergirl's been by here a few times. She hangs with me. Hence the milk, she had a late-night thing and wanted something to eat, an' all I got is mac'n'cheese, so I asked for milk, and…" Fingers spread. "She's chill, though. Says if we ever need a buildin' knocked over, she'll hook us up."

"Not that I wanna /do/ that again," she amends, hastily. "That kinda sucked. But, uh, you know. We could do worse than havin' some badass super-alien artillery in the wings, right?"


Quake chuckles softly at the idea of crashing in the living room 'just because.' "Hey, if that isn't freedom then I don't know what is."

Mention of Supergirl gets an arched brow. In fact, she leans back over to the fridge and pops open the door as if to confirm the story. "Okay, that's a lot of milk."

A slight shrug follows. "Gwen already befriended her so that shouldn't be a problem. Though, I'll..uh..try to keep my distance. She almost compromised everything that I've been working toward once, already."

A questionable look crosses Quake's features. "Sure..if we're confident that we can keep her in check. I mean her power seems -kiiinda- limitless. She's in the news at least once every other week. She's the complete opposite of subtle, and she doesn't seem all …there..?" she hesitates with a slight cringe. "Maybe on account of that..whole..-alien-..thing… I don't know. But I'm glad if you two can help keep her occupied."


"Christ, she's overpowered as shit," Jen agrees, cutting through Daisy's delicate evasions. "And she's a frickin' space cadet, no doubt. She got all worked up over ice cream and stuff the other day. Kept raving about how it's our greatest contribution to the galaxy."

Her smooth brow furrows. "But yeah. Her…. Kara's whole thing kind of screams 'aim away from face'. I got a feeling if we told her to cut loose, she'd level half the damn coast before anyone got her to stop. I can't even follow how fast she moves, sometimes. I'm just glad she's on our side. At least, notionally."

Her phone buzzes, and she moves to the door. "Hey, laundry's done. I'm gonna go down to the machines, it's your bedding an' stuff. Figure out where you wanna sleep, I'll bring up sheets and blankets in a minute."

She fidgets, once, not quite leaving. "Listen, I, uh… I know how it feels to be crashing somewhere. So like, if I can… I mean, if there's something that'll make this feel… like, homier." She gestures vaguely. "Lemme know."


Quake barks out a laugh at Jen's eloquent summary! "Yah..nailed it on the head there, Jade. I mean, sure, ice cream's pretty great and all, but if that's our greatest contribution then we're in serious trouble."

At the phone buzz and what follows she looks up away from prepping dinner and offers another smile. "Hey, no worries. I'm just glad that you're giving us some room here. We'll figure it out, and once this whole situation blows over? You'll have somewhere to crash out in the Big Apple, too."

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