Roleplaying Log: Gunmas
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It's like Christmas with Guns! Though leave it to Deadpool to be five months off schedule.

Other Characters Referenced: Warren Worthington
IC Date: May 23, 2019
IC Location: Gotham
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Posted On: 23 May 2019 23:03
Rating & Warnings: R for language and violence
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It's foggy in this corner of Gotham. The seasons are endlessly waging war with each other for dominance which leaves the air heavy and muggy. Domino had only recently gotten back from the casino hit, cashing in on not one but TWO contracts in one go. With that run coming to an end out in the New York area it seemed like the right time to duck back into one of her Gotham safe houses.

The one which happens to contain all of those guns she had taken back from Wade Wilson, as it turns out. What are the odds, right?

It had been some time ago but for whatever reason she never quite got around to taking inventory on what came out of that haul. Deadpool's haul, specifically. She already knows what she took home that night. Some of those items have already seen active use. Thanks again, Warren!

And so we find our ornery albino sitting at a table with a hazy yellow light hanging overhead by a bare wire, the Santa bag resting to one side of her and a bottle of bourbon sitting at the other. The guns which should have gone home with Wade are ready to be picked through, fully intending to add them into her own ever-growing arsenal.


Wade Winston Wilson.

The Deadpool.

Right now he's watching a particular safehouse with all the stakeout trimmings. He's on the roof across the street. He's got the night vision binocs going. Some day and a half old Mexican food strewn all over the place. He's even got one of those painful to sit on stools that makes seeing out of those strategically placed binoculars even easier. It's all a matter of perspective.

Which is why Wade frowns when he looks through the window of the building across the street and Pennywise flips him the bird.

"… Uhhhhhh." Wade sighs and looks down at his duffle bag and digs around for a moment before coming out with a giant movie script with the words: "Common Descent" typed across the front. He mutters and grumbles to himself and flips through the pages until he gets to now. He reads.

"OHHHHHH!" The script is slammed closed and dropped back into the duffle. "I'm supposed to be at the /Rear Window/."

One Movie Magic Transition Later…

Wade Winston Wilson.

The Deadpool.

Right now, he's watching a particular safehouse… again… with all those same stakeout trimmings. This time, he gives a scan through his binoculars to make sure that the coast around the building is clear before he prepares to make his move.

"I know you're in there, Dom. You better not be fondling my weapons." Deadpool reaches down to grab his Santa Hat and pulls it onto his head. "Don't worry, guys. Dadpool's coming for you."


Better not be? So..what happens if she -is?-

There's only one real way to check out a new gun and that absotively posilutely involves plenty of (wo)manhandling of said gun. Dropping and slapping the magazine, racking the slide, pulling the trigger, the whole gambit. It's not a particularly considerate act, either. Weapons are tools to be used, not coddled. It might seem that Domino has plans for these additions.

There's really only one downside (besides Deadpool) to all of this. While she's relaxing in her happy place with a strong drink and a heap of modern firearms there's some other shady sorts rolling into the neighborhood in all black vehicles. BMW sedans. A couple of SUV's. One van. They close in on the block where Dom's holed up and come to a stop, quickly spilling out lots of even shadier individuals.

Three guesses which building they're looking to hit!

It sure would be some kind of epic timing if another gun-happy merc who sorta-kinda gets along with Domino might happen along in the nick of time, as highly improbable as it might be…


Santa Pool stands up like the badass that he is and peers from the rooftop upon which he was stool-sitting. He poses his hands on his hips dramatically for a moment as the wind that doesn't exist blows by him in a breeze of anticipation. Deadpool looks as armed as he always is, his katanas stored and ready to go to work. His pistols are also holstered and Deadpool looks almost like he's posing for the poster of his next hit Deadpool film.

"Alright, Lady Luck. Let's roll the dice."

Deadpool takes a step, immediately loses his footing and goes right over the side of the roof. There's some smacking into various objects and other pieces of building as he makes his way down to the ground where he just lays there in the middle of the street, right in front of the safehouse that he has decided /has/ to be housing his weapons galore!

"… Gonna' need a minute." Deadpool raises a hand into the shot. "… Do some more lead up and come back and get me. Ow."


More lead up?!


A tactical team would have gone in silently, moving as a unit and covering all of the doors. Thugs'R'Us don't subscribe to such methodology. They're a back door sorta crew. Stay away from the streets, draw less attention, etcetera. Nevermind that there's, like, a whole lot of people all closing in on the place. Only a couple go through the front because there isn't room for them at the back.

Only problem? They may have narrowed down the building and the part of the city where their mark is supposed to be camping out but they haven't yet figured out what -room- she's in. Thus begins the entirely thuggish door to door 'housekeeping' check.

Fortunately for SOMEONE in this scene there's some random ornery as hell NPC who doesn't take to this intrusion kindly. The noise factor ramps up with the sound of a cut down shotgun going off. It's a sound which isn't repeated, the follow-up instead taken by an automatic nine millimeter SMG.

That lights a fire under Dom's ass. Two guns are taken then she comes to hide alongside the front door, waiting for her 'turn.'


Deadpool peels himself off the pavement and tries to brush off his suit. He has another moment of despair when he looks down to see his Santa Hat in a puddle of dirty water. His fist clenches slowly in classic Arthur Meme style and even Deadpool's normally jovial voice takes on a much darker one.

He's acting, Hugh. Y'know, that thing you don't do.

"I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more!"

Deadpool cracks his neck and looks at the building that is being invaded by people that are not Domino. To which his anger grows even more because there's shooting going on in there and if these idiots kill her before he gets to… THERE'S GOING TO BE POOL TO PAY.

Deadpool reaches up for his katanas and gives them both a bit of a twirl. Just enough to show that he knows what he's doing. And then he takes off running towards the front entrance.


And the moment Wade crosses that threshold, it's cut anybody that moves time!



Oh my god.

The very LAST thing that ANYONE is expecting today is to get a rushed delivery of the Crimson Clown (which is totally not a reference to Pennywise after he's gotten hold of his next victim.) The classic expression 'don't bring a knife to a gunfight' still applies when it happens to be a sword. And when there happens to be two of them.

For Deadpool, the ol' healing factor is the great equalizer.

The incoming wall of bullets may slow down the raging tides of Deadpool but they won't hold it back forever. Lead turns to blood as Wade plays Fruit Ninja with their faces.

Upstairs Domino is invoking the spirits of John Woo and John Wick (seriously, why is this not a thing yet?!) The first one to burst through the door gets shot through the foot, twice to the chest and once to the head. The second takes a round up under the chin, spattering the ceiling before the next few guys in line get around to firing back.

She's going to need a new safe house after today. Anything caught between the muzzles and the far wall of the dingy apartment gets torn to pieces.

Then a handgun hooks around the corner and blindly pops off another shot, dropping the third.

More baddies pour down the stairs after Deadpool while Domino pushes them further back from her apartment. One by Wade gets neatly cleaved in two while fancy footwork has the albino bouncing off of the walls and leg-pinning a guy before she guns down a few more of his buddies then pops -him- in the head.

Somewhere in the middle of this bout of hard contact is a gooey red center where these two mercs are going to bump into one another. Maybe they'll have gotten it out of their systems by then?



Deadpool is in slice and dice mode because he's pissed off. His guns are still waiting to be used and he's still cutting more than a rug as he makes his way through these fools like a Serial Killer Ballet. Arms, legs and heads get lopped right off and Deadpool doesn't stop moving. Even when the bullets being aimed at him just go in and out the other side. Deadpool doesn't flinch. He doesn't slow. He just keeps on Poolin'.

"Cuttin' my way inside, stabbin' you, guttin' you as I skip by… o/~"

Wade sings his own rendition of A Thousand Miles, there's even a Vanessa Carlton sticker on the outside of one of his pouches.

Wade wheels around a corner and stabs through two more stupid goons and as they fall off his swords, he decides to switch to guns. He grabs /their/ guns and heads in the direction of what sounds like Domino's Shooting Style. They go way back. He knows the sound of Lucky Shots when he hears it!


Do those Lucky Shots sound like cash registers? Because there are -plenty- of money shots being delivered. Hunting heads is a lot like hunting watermelons which aren't always stationary. Between the two mercenaries the interior of the entire building is getting painted in fifty shades of red.

A smaller combat boot strikes out and pins a shotgun against the wall as it fires, the spread taking out another of the thug's pals who comes tumbling down the stairs with half of his face and shoulder ripped apart.

The killing is steady, methodical. Almost Zen. The Dastardly D's are in their element.

Did I mention the screaming? Because there's been a lot of screaming. Mostly because of the swords. Getting shot in the head doesn't lend itself to verbal outcry so much.

Now that Wade's switching it up to guns there's a lot more bullets in the air. Nevermind needing a new apartment, this entire building is getting condemned after today!

Suddenly it all comes to a close. The thugs are done and gone. A sleek shiny black arm snaps out around the top of the stairs and takes a shot RIGHT BY Wade, splintering a worn wooden railing fixture which happens to be mighty close to his head.

Just as quickly she's hiding back around the upper corner and yelling out "Whoa shit, party foul, my bad! Kinda got lost in the moment!" Tactical relooooad… "What brings you to the neighborhood, Wilson?"


After all that killing, the shot that cracks the wood near his head, has Deadpool flinching. "Dammit, Woman! Stoppit!"

Deadpool tosses one thug gun off to the side and gives the other one a twirl. Might as well keep this one. It's pretty. He skips his way off in the direction of the Domino and his voice has returned to its normal Ryan Reynoldsness.

"So. Uh. I don't wanna' be rude but you kind of shot me and left me on the side of the road. After I helped you on the Roadtrip of Doom. And like, I did come here to shoot you in the face because I'm sorta' kinda' still pissed. BUT! I'm willing to let bifocals be bifocals if you just give me my stuff. Cuz technically you hired me and it kind of sucks not getting paid."

Wade makes sure to say all of this with his hands where they can be seen. He's not here to make threats. He's here to make amends. Or at least get paid.



Despite that Red and Black Death came all the way out here -for her- Domino can't help but grin at the 'Dammit, Woman!' Maybe it's funny to her -because- it's so blasted dangerous!

Then Wade does something unexpected. He's talking. honest attempt at a conversation. Dom cautiously peeks around the corner to see that, would appear that it's a genuine request.

She knows what the alternative is. Not many people can get away with hiring the guy, shooting him, stealing from him, and getting a chance to live to do it all over again.

There's just oooone teensy weensy little detail left to discuss…

"Yeah?" she calls back as a dead body slooooowly gets dragged further to the edge of the stairs before it can start lazily tumbling its way down toward the landing with a series of wet, meaty thuds.

"Then maybe you can tell me why you've chosen to side with those pro-registration fucktards, because I'm not too keen on helping arm the other side of this conflict. C'mon, Deadpool. I saw the videos. I thought you were being satirical. When you said it to my face it changed the rules a little. What's your play?"


"I don't have a play!" Deadpool steps over the newly arrived body that's been tossed from above. He cares even less about these dead dudes so he just keeps treating them like objects being thrown in his path on his way up to his promised land of super cool guns.

"I'm registered but I'm not /Registered/. It's complicated. Like me on Twitter." Deadpool offers a shrug. "At the time, they made the best offer. So if you wanna' buy me back to the other side… I'm willing to negotiate!" Time to see if he can score some money out of this whole thing too.


Dom could just facepalm. SO HARD. "You aren't gonna like how I negotiate," she flatly warns while keeping tabs of where he is upon the stairs. "This is one of those times where you need to make a decision and damn the consequences, Wilson! It isn't about money or having the work, we're dying out in the streets because of this nonsense! Take the blinders off, I can't do it for you."

He's getting closer. Shit, what's she going to do here? Popping him in the temple might buy her some time but it's -not- going to work twice as a long term solution.

She also can't -give them up- without a fight. Not if he's going to be on the other side of the war.

She comes to stand out in the open at the top of the stairs. Guns still very much in hand. She may as well try to level with the guy.

"Here's how it's gonna be, Wade. Either you're against registration and I'll give them all back to you, or you're pro-registration and you'll have to get through me to take them back. That's the best deal you're gonna get here. What's it gonna be?"


"Come on, Domburger. You have to work with me. Give me /something/. I made up an entire fake identity to Register under. And you expect me to throw that all away for a Super Sized Sexy Santa Sack of some of the coolest bangers and mash I've ever seen?" Deadpool actually takes a moment to swoon against the wall of the stairwell that he's in. He shakes off the thoughts of fighting with some of those guns to focus on the semi-serious conversation that he's having. "You want me to give up all these So-Called Perks that I've yet to see come to the light while being Registered. And for what? For a bunch of people that don't even like me. A bunch of weirdo freaks that have this cool place to live and bond and be a /family/… and yet, /Deadpool/ is not even invited?! CHEEZUS RICE, DOM. THEY HAVE A POOL. A /POOL/."

Poor Wade. He's… lonely.

"I just wanted to be a part of something."





Of all the things Deadpool could have done to Domino. Punched her. Shot her. Stabbed her. Thrown her out of the building. Set her on fire. (Okay maybe not that one.) Of -all of the damn things he could have done-…

Sucker-punched her. Right in the feels.

It's a side of him she's never seen before. It's so -out there- that she's wondering if it's some kind of trick. It's..something..that she has no defense against. Maybe he knows it. Then again, maybe not.

Also of note: -Fake- registration. And she's seen him out there before, too. He's never gone out of his way to attack any mutants, has he? Nerf guns don't count.

This game's falling under different rules now. Once again, there's two ways to swing it. Either she can try to get him involved with the X-Men (and doesn't THAT sound like a recipe for disaster?) Or, she can give him back the toys. He already has some, it's not like he's going to immediately run around and shoot at other mutants.


Dom's shoulders hang slightly, the tension evaporating out of her smaller wiry form. Maybe she can't help him to not be so damn lonely, but..she knows what cheers her up at times like this.

"C'mon up Wade," she quietly offers with a slight twitch of a pistol.

Goddamn conscience.

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