Bud & Lou's Night Out
Roleplaying Log: Bud & Lou's Night Out
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Bud and Lou take their evening constitutional with substitute hyena walkers. It goes badly.

Other Characters Referenced: Harley Quinn & the Joker
IC Date: May 27, 2019
IC Location: Gotham
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Posted On: 28 May 2019 07:10
Rating & Warnings: G
NPC & GM Credits: Bud, Lou, and Goons by Harley Quinn
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So, there's a problem. And the problem is that Harley Quinn is MIA. Now, for some people, maybe that doesn't actually qualify as a problem. For two particular men in the Joker's employ with unseasonably warm black windbreaker jackets on, this is a significant problem.

Why, do you ask?

Why, because they've been given hyena-walking duty this fine, clear, warm evening!

Bud and Lou, beautiful boys of approximately 150 pounds a piece, are sporting the brand new purple and green collars that their mistress bought for them just before she disappeared yesterday and tugging heavily on the leashes that the two large henchmen are trying to hold onto. Well, tugging heavily isn't quite the description. They are dragging the two men behind them. Because they're hungry, and Quinn hasn't been around to spoil them with their butcher cuts of meat.

They drag the Joker's men into the heart of town. And then? Then they break loose.

At first, the henchmen try to catch the spotted beasts. It proves to be a bad choice as they both nearly lose a hand when the animals bite at them, only to turn and start racing down the street.

Lou is fairly sure he smells a purse dog, and purse dogs are delicious.

Two big puppy dogs. Kara is walking along the sidewalk when she spots the large animals being walked. She starts to move in their direction with eyes big and a grin on her face. Then there's… well, a sudden explosion of energy and those leashes go out of the hands of the big guys.

Eating from a full family sized bag of frosted animal cookies she is munching and following along at a normal pace. Dressed like a normal person. Looking around, there's a few people getting startled, but that's normal - some people don't like dogs. Crazy people.

Walking right up to the goons she looks up, "What're their names? Your dogs are so cute. I love the spottedness. What breed are they? Did you have to use any particular gene therapy to get them that big?" And she's chewing on cookies in between words, looking up at the bigger, taller men, even as she watches. "Oh, look, they are trying to play with that woman's purse." She giggles a bit as she watches, shaking her head a little bit, "Such excitable animals…"

NICO MINORU had come to Gotham town… on a secret and dire mission. Several of them in fact.

One of them was to get cloves at the bodega six blocks south of the train station. This was done as a moral imperative because Nico Minoru is upset with Captain Marvel. After this, Nico went around to various thrift shops, pausing regularly and warily to look around as if expecting a demonic incursion or catcalling or something at any point. And yet. AND YET.

Nico Minoru encountered no crime (other than the petty one she committed). Maybe there's something to this bat guy after all, Nico thinks, as she emerges from a thrift shop with a milk crate cart stuffed full of things she intends to reclaim rolling merrily behind her.

Nico Minoru is wearing a white crisp dress shirt that has been given an extremely subtle tie-dye with a light violet pigment. She also took off the sleeves, though she's wearing elbow length gloves along with an inch-wide tie and a pleated skirt made out of leather and snap-on fasteners. Also sneakers, because you can only go so far with fashion.

Then a hyena notably larger than her runs past Nico.

Nico's brow furrows.

One of them goes for the purse! "Hey," Nico says, raising her voice: "HEY! GET OFF HER! HEY!" She sets her little pull-cart up in order to clap her hands and raise her voice at the… hyena…? "GET AWAY! SCAR SUCKS! SHOO!"

Let the screaming begin! As the two animals tear down he street, there's screaming and lots of it.

The two goons look at Kara like she's possessed, not sure if she's serious or not. "B-bud and Lou," one finally stammers. "They're, uh, pitfall mixes." He looks to his cohort, only to have the other man shrug back at him. "Y-yeah," he continues on in his lie. "Pitbulls."

They're not even in the same family as dogs! Bud, as though comprehending the accusation leveled against him, sneezes, and then continues harassing the purse in question, trying to rip it out of the woman's hands. Inside the purse, a terrified Yorkie starts squealing and barking.

At the clapping, Lou turns his head toward Nico and then lowers his head between his haunches. The laughter comes next because he knows something very important to be true: people can be tasty, too.

"Pitbull mixes?" And then Kara ohs and nods her head, "Pit buuuulls. Hmm. They don't really look like other pitbulls I have met. What were they mixed with?" Though a woman in tie-dye kind of walks up and starts yelling at the Hyenas and Kara tilts her head a bit.

Now -that- is strange, a hippie looking to scare away some dogs. Kara's expression changes a bit, scrunching up some, though the never ending cookies being shoved into her mouth doesn't stop, diffusing some of her minor anger toward the hippie woman. Because the history books are full of humans who wear Tie-Dyed shirts being - well, hippies. And walking past the two large me, "Excuse me, citizens."

And she moves closer to the hyenas and is starting to point at Nico, "Scar does not suck. He just misunderstands the delicate ecosystem that he found himself in. Which is understandable, he's only a lion, and received none of the education that Mufasa received." A few crunches on cookies and Kara smiles in the direction of Lou who was headed in Nico's way, "Cookie? Who wants a cookie? You are so cute. Yes you are, yes you are." She shakes her head a bit making her mane of blonde hair wiggle and shake about.

Then she's holding out her hand with a handful of those frosted animal cookies on them. "Who wants a cookie? I bet you do. So handsome!" Though there's a tilt of her head, looking away from Lou, and toward Bud and the purse with the squealing coming from it. Distracted, Kara doesn't yet know what fate will befall her hand.

Nico Minoru, scion of the Minoru bloodline, possibly last of the Minoru bloodline, is faced with not one but TWO hyenas (hyenae? she makes a note to ask Cyborg later), which are, at the least, sort of kind of not killing everyone right now.

She has no weapon. Nothing but her strength, her wits, and her native charm. She opens her mouth -

Kara comes up.

"… What - what?" Nico replies to Kara as she blinks twice, quickly, not threading the needle between her own free-association and Kara's reply. She sounds agitated.

"These are like wild animals," Nico says then as Kara moves forwards. "Don't - It's gonna bite your hand!"

Nico looks then towards the henchmen, raising her voice, "What the hell are you idiots doing?! Are these yours?! Get over here and leash them, you clowns!" Perhaps this will be familiar. She hastens then, towards the woman under threat.

Nico thinks a running series of swear words as she runs towards Bud. For Bud's primary weapon is now engaged in seeking the TENDER FLESH of a Yorkshire terrier. Nico, thus, knows she has an advantage. Yet hitting something bigger than you rarely works out. But Bud isn't MUCH bigger than her…

So Nico aims to use all her hard-won physical fitness to vault over Bud's back and get the hyena in a neck lock.

This is fine, Nico thinks. I'm not going to die and go to hell with Alex. This is fine. Maybe Batman will show up and bust them. Can hyenas even commit crimes?? (As possible last thoughts go, it's certainly novel.)

Hyenas probably aren't supposed to eat cookies. However—as they are the ill-gotten property of one Quinn, Harley and Joker, The—it is probably safe to say that these two particular hyenas have eaten worse. Far worse.

Lou bites down on Kara's cookie… as well as the hand that holds it. And all of his weight is thrown behind it, ready to pull her down and start tearing her apart.

To the insults hurled their way, one of the pair who loosed this horror upon Gotham tonight bellows back, "Yeah? Have you noticed they still have their leashes, ya dumb broad? I ain't gettin' near 'em!"

To which the other man elbows his colleague in the ribs. "Yanno if we don't get them back, we're paste, right?"

"We'll just nab 'em after they eat somethin'! They just got, like, the hangries or somethin'. It'll be fine."

As for poor Nico: the first thing she will notice as she moves to get her neck hold squared away is that hyenas stink. Like, A LOT. Bud is mortally offended at this treatment, for what it's worth and he is immediately attempting to wrestle free and find an ankle to bite, cackling all the while.

"Wild animals?" Kara looks around, startled, "Where?!" And then she laughs a little, and shakes her head at Nico, "These are not wild animals. You can tell from the fact they have collars on. Wild animals do not have collars. Sometimes they have Radio Frequency Identification chips in them, but…" She looks over at Bud who's in mid-playtime with Nico. "Nope, neither of them have one."

That's when Lou has her by the hand and she's grinning to the big dog, "Awwwww, love nibbles. Just be careful. Don't hurt yourself." And she reaches up and scritches the Hyena who attempts to bite her other hand, and she moves it away faster than he can. She gives a bit of a stern look, "Now, who raised you? You shouldn't bite this hand, because then-" And she pulls up her other hand and wiggles them both in the direction of Lou. "Now I have both hands."

Turning to look over at Nico, "I do not believe this breed of dog understands English." And she swaps to Japanese, the Italian, then German, and rotates few a dozen or so other languages before looking confused. "Krypto understands about 6 different languages. It's more than that, but he refuses to respond to Russian."

Kara is grinning at Lou, as she has both of her hands, but one of them is covered in Hyena saliva. "Alright, hmm." Turning back to the goons, "What languages do they speak?" She shouts back a bit, then shakes her head toward Lou, reaching out and grabbing the Hyena's face and shaking it back and forth a little to make his ears flop a bit, "Poor puppy, your owners probably didn't teach you -any- languages. Oooh, maybe Esperanto?" And she says a few things there, and then switches to Klingon for a moment before grumpily sighing. "You can always tell the quality of the owner from the dog." And she reaches out to grab the leash again, tilting the bag of cookies in Lou's direction if he wants to shove his face into the bag.

Back to the wrestling Nico, Kara sits down holding onto the leash and perhaps even tormenting Lou with her undigestable hands. Canting her head to Lou she says, "I think your brother is going to win. Hippie lady, I am sorry, I didn't get your name." She calls over to Nico, "Does this happen often around here on E-, Gotham's streets? Is there an app on my iPhone that I can download to find when dog wrestling will occur and where?"

Nico Minoru flips the Coin of Ill-Advised Action and gets tails.

The goons have officially gone on Nico Minoru's List, which will probably never matter to them. They bring up the leashes and Nico looks upwards, sees it.

These things stink, Nico thinks. She tries to breathe through her mouth, reaching forwards with her right hand and using her left arm - the dominant one! - to hold on, even as the creature starts to snap and thrash. One particularly unfriendly lunge hits the leather of her skirt, and this stuff is not for play - it is probably upcycled from old biker jackets.

Meanwhile she is being addressed by Kara. Nico struggles her hand up through the loop of the leash and then turns towards Kara as she begins to speak. Nico recognizes Japanese and Spanish and can guess at the other ones, blinks once, and then gets her leg snapped at again!

Nico takes this opportunity to roll off the other side of Stinky the Hyena Hound, landing on her back with a grunt and rolling the leash round her arm, trying to push the thing down and keep the hyena's neck in order. This is a strategy which has worked on Labrador retrievers, but it's ALL NICO KNOWS! For now. Other than punching the animal in the jaw repeatedly.

Nico looks towards Kara again then, mid-struggle.

"… What??? Wait, did it - are you a robot or invincible or something?! Can you like, take the leash here or something??" Nico wriggles her wrist out of the leash, extending it towards Kara with hope. (Surely, Nico thinks, her superior robot strength or something will win. Maybe she knows V-)

"I'm from LA!! I don't know what happens here!!"

To say that the hyena near Kara right now is unimpressed by the fact that his teeth did nothing would be a exercise in vast understatement. He makes several other attempts to bite her - a knee, a thigh, her stomach - but finds her always infuriatingly somewhere other than between his teeth. The cookies are not what he wants, and so he turns sharply to try to make his way to somewhere else instead. The woman running away with the yapping snack in her purse, perhaps?

Unfortunately, that means his leash is exposed and easy enough to grab. He turns on his heel and begins frantically thrashing and trying to slip the leather band of his collar.

One of the Joker's gang has actually lit up a cigarette to watch how this goes down. The boss isn't watching, after all, so why shouldn't they let someone else do the work of wrangling the animals back in? With how angry the fur balls are getting, there may be a surprising amount of wisdom there.

As he gets punched in the jaw, the hyena occupied with Nico yelps sharply, and then decides he's had enough of her rudeness. He moves to roll and try again to find a place to bite down on her. Any soft part will do…

Keeping Lou next to her, Kara just ignores the snapping of the teeth, and the horrible stench. After all, with super smelling, everything reeks. The whole world, and she's grown accustomed to being a walking chemsniffer. She smiles and watches Nico as she rolls about Bud, getting a few good movements, almost getting bit a few times. And Kara is wrapping an arm around Lou before picking him up.

"Fiiiiiiine. I thought you were enjoying this, but I guess you are going to lose." And she walks over with a hyena wrapped up in one arm and then grabs the leash with her other hand. Holding it she keeps Bud from snapping at Nico any longer.

"L A. Los Angeles? No, I imagine they do not. Florida there is alligator wrestling, that was kind of fun. Did you know they have immense jaw strength, but only while snapping closed? In L A, I imagine it would be some kind of celebrity wrestling." A pause as Kara grins bigger, "Because of Hollywood. I'm so jealous though, I want to go to Disneyland so badly." Meanwhile there's a dog in her arm snapping at her and kicking a bit, scratching at her shirt and tearing that up but not getting any purchase in her side or arm. And in the other hand without concern, Kara holds back Bud from biting Nico. "For the record, I am not a robot, not that I've seen anything I would qualify as a robot here, yet. I am Kara, though. What is your name, Hippie Wrestler?"

With her head turning to look over at the owners, "Please, come get your dogs. And you should really get them trained." They are trained… probably to murder things. Turning back to Nico, she shakes her head a bit, "I hate it when couples buy exotic animal mixes, and they do not take the time to properly get them trained. Don't you?"

When the stinky boy who is wrangling with Nico rolls and tries to start snapping, she leaps upwards and away - because Kara, whoever or whatever she may be, has the leash.

Which could still break, Nico thinks immediately as she staggers, almost into the street, putting a hand on a plastic dispensary for auto sales fliers and panting for breath as Kara begins to speak. Those leashes could still break and the things could get away, but if they stayed on… then…

She focuses a little, sweat running down her face and playing merry hell with the makeup she has on. Her breathing steadies.

"Uh," she says.

"I'm not a hippie," she says. "My name is Nico."

A moment later, she says, brow knitting, "Why are you being so…? Uh, welcome to America, thank you for your help. Uh." She then takes a deep breath -

To yell at the loitering goons. "Come get your animals, pricks!!"

"I am so sorry," she calls towards the woman whose dog was nearly eaten. "… Maybe we should call animal control or something instead. Are these like, from the zoo? There has to be a zoo in Gotham, right? I think I read about the Riddler robbing it." She's muttering mostly to herself although Kara can of course hear it quite clearly.

With both hyenas contained, one actually picked up still under her arm, Kara keeps them back from Nico. "Oh, hello Nico. Nice to meet you. I'd shake your hand, but … my hands are full." And she is smiling a bit and then pauses a moment, before quirking her mouth to the side. She thinks about it, "I know there's a zoo. Though, if these are already owned, and no one got hurt, then I think it's best to just return them to their owners with some stern words."

As the goons come up to get the Hyenas, Kara gives them over one at a time, but before the goons can go. "Just so you do not lose them … again." Kara wraps each leash over its corresponding goon's wrist. Then … lasers come out of her eyes, and melt the leash to itself, and she's careful not to burn the goon with her laser vision. Once done with that, it'll take a knife or scissors to get those leashes off of their wrists. Maybe bolt cutters if they are chain leashes.

"There. Now, get those adorable puppies home before we call the k-9 patrol on you two." Striking a pose, fists on the tops of her hips she waits for the goons to make their departure. Turning back to Nico, Kara's shirt is a bit torn up, so are her jeans, but she's unharmed herself, "Stay safe, Citi- Nico."

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