Roleplaying Log: Correspondence
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A series of communications between Frank Castle and Barbara Gordon.

Other Characters Referenced: John Constantine, Dinah Lance, Zatanna Zatara, Tim Drake
IC Date: May 20, 2019
IC Location: Various
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Posted On: 28 May 2019 21:37
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A plain envelope with a handwritten address and no return address, postmarked from St. Louis, MO


I'm onto something. The guys I ran into before. I'm chasing down some leads. Making sure that doesn't happen again. It's something I can do something about, not like magic. I'm outta my depth there, outta my league. You need me, you know how to get in touch. Give Blondie my best too. Take care.

See you around.


A text shows up on Frank's phone, from Red
Got your letter. I always need you, Frank. If it helps I'm out of my league with magic too. Dinah says hello and wants to know if you need our help. I want to know if you need my help, too.

Texts several days later, from Frank
Hah. You've been holding down the fort long before you met me. You got this, Red.
Best I do this myself. I'll let you know if I need a couple of Jimminy Crickets.
That's a joke.

Almost on the heels of Frank's texts, Red's come through
Thanks. I kind of needed that. John seems to think there's some high level demonlord involved in everything that's going on in Gotham and NYC.
He's going to be giving me some charms for protection but I don't even know how to go up against these guys.
And that was a very funny joke, Pinocchio.

A plain envelope with a handwritten address and no return address, postmarked from Tuscaloosa, AL


Trust yourself, not charms. You've got the brains and the moves to take down anything dumb enough to get in your way. Think of them like body armor — nice to have, but you can't assume it's going to be enough. There's some nice backwoods roads in this country. Kind of a shame to live your whole life in a city and never see some of them. Max says hello. He doesn't get carsick much anymore.

Watch your six, and Blondie's too.


An image file comes through, grainy on Frank's crappy old phone. Barbara is holding up Alaska by his underarms, smooshed against her face so she can snap the selfie
Alaska is a weak cuddler. Tell Max I miss him and all his couch hogging.
You're in Alabama, huh? Weather says it's cold out there. You making sure to not just sleep in your car right?
Send me an address when you're at a hotel next. I'll send Pete a care package.
Going to be heading into trouble for a few days. Don't worry if I don't message back.

texts two days later
That's a lot of fluff. Of course he can't cuddle.
It ain't that bad, but I'm inside most nights. I've had worse.
Don't really know where I'm going to be before I'm there, but I'll try.
Make sure your kit's in tip-top shape, and Blondie hasn't run out of stab plates.

a delay of several hours, then…
Send me a message when you're done.

Two days later
Pete's at < address in Phoenix, AZ > for a day or two.

Hours after the announcement of Pete's temporary address
Checking in. All limbs accounted for. Gotham sewers not safe right now. Whispers are seriously maxed out. John pretty sure we're dealing with a demon deal.
I dropped a package in the mail. Overnight shipping.
Let me know when it gets there.

Package arrives at Pete's address with a vacuum-sealed bag of freshly ground coffee from one of those NYC local roasters. A mixed collection of venison, gator, and Korean pork jerky. A sleeve of Jaffa cakes that appear to be straight from the U.K.; there's also a Costco pack of t-shirts, boxer-briefs with a sticky note that says 'Dinah's contribution,' and gold toe socks. A letter is also with the box.

Hey Frank,

I thought I'd go weird with the care package. Dinah insisted that you needed some essentials because, and I quote, "He's probably gotten blood and holes in most of his shit." Consider it a mark of affection.

We went into the sewers under Gotham. Stuff is very real down there. Again, I was outclassed by the magicians, but Tim was down there and he had my back. John's getting really narrow-focused on all this. He's talking some serious bad stuff coming our way. I talked to Dinah and I think we're going to do some recon in some club over in NYC. I'll let you know how it goes.

Are you coming back soon? I think things are starting to get tense with registration just a few months away.

Be Safe,

A text 30ish hours after the package should have arrived
Got it. Thanks. On the road again. Glad you're safe.

A few days later, a letter postmarked Boise, ID

That was some weird shit, but that pork was awesome weird. And who the hell puts orange jelly in cookies? A genius. Definitely was running out of shirts, and the best thing to get a serviceman is socks. Coffee's way better than anything you get on the road too. Appreciate it.

Don't forget to take a breath, Red. You hone a knife too much, the edge'll break. Take some time just for you. Or you and Blondie. Or you and John. Whatever. Some time where you don't talk about all that shit.

I've still got work to do out here. I don't want these shitheads coming after me somewhere that people might get tagged, so I've got to take them down where they are. Registration… it just doesn't mean that much to me.

Remember you've got big guns you can call in if you need them. I mean that metaphorically. I mean, literally too, but the metaphorical ones are closer.

Take care.


A series of texts that all come in a few days later
You're welcome. I thought you'd enjoy some harder-to-get road food. Those Jaffa cakes are amazing! I bought like 20 sleeves when I was planeswalking over to the U.K.
Planeswalking is this thing John can do. I guess that means I've kind of traveled out of Gotham and NYC, but it sometimes feels more like I'm in some kind of simulation.
I took you advice. I got out of Gotham for a few days. I went to update NY for a little while. It was nice.
I'm headed back home after patrol. Dinah hasn't been answering my texts.

Some hours later
Something attacked the house. John is putting up defenses and making sure it doesn't happen again.
I'm out of my depth, Frank. Really out of my depth.

Two days later, texts popping up in very quick succession
Are you okay, Red?
Is Blondie okay?
Is everyone okay?
Get out of there. Find somewhere else to plan your next step.
It doesn't take magic to wipe that house off the map if they want to do it.
Sounds like it's time to take the fight to them. You know as well as I do that the only thing a bully or a predator gets is being attacked. Find them and hit them, Red. Let them know they can't hit you where you live. You've got to make them hurt. You've got to be okay.

It's only hours later before Barbara responds
I'm okay. Dinah's okay. We're both okay. Dinah's pretty pissed off.
John's starting to scare me with his obsession. He said that getting close to him would put me in danger. But this is the kind of danger I don't think I can combat.
Maybe I should talk to Zatanna.
I don't know.
We're going to stay.

A response comes quickly enough that Frank probably left the phone on
Focus isn't bad. But you've got to look out for your squad too. You don't take them in somewhere they can't handle.
Pretty sure you can handle anything though. Just got to use that big brain of yours.
Talk to everyone you can. Get all the info you can. Use the weapons you've got. Get other weapons you need.
Also, planeswalking? WTF? Use it. Stay somewhere else, walk back to patrol and hunt.
I'm still following up on leads. Some of the things these guys are saying don't make sense though. Pretty sure I've got the attention of the assholes after me though. And probably the Feebs too. You need me, I'm only a couple of days away, Red.

Another series of responses come in, on the heels of Frank's
We're okay.
I don't think I can handle this.
John's given me access to his library and armory. I should be okay.
Okay. Dinah and I will go to the greenhouse.
Stay safe, Frank.

a quick text response
You can handle it. Trust your skills, Red. You got this. You've got the bars, you're the team leader. Use the experts you've got, but you're the one who makes the call, because you're the one everybody trusts and everybody follows.

Almost a week later

20ish hours later
Still here, Red.

Two hours later
Just checking.

A few minutes later
You still there too?

Just a minute later
Yeah. I'm still here.

Been worrying about you, Red.
Lying low, doing some thinking, some healing.

Are you alright? Hurt? Do I need to come get you?

I've had worse. Just need a day or two and I'll be able to keep going.
Want to check one more cell at least.

Okay. John's disappeared. He left me a note saying he was going away for a while.
He didn't leave me a way to contact him.

You still have the Whispers hanging over you, Red?

Talk to Zatanna. Or some other magic user. Get their input.

I can't get in touch with her. Registration has freaked everyone out. The vigilante laws are starting to rear up, too. I almost got arrested two nights ago.
The Whispers have gone quiet.
I think something is happening.
Frank, are you coming back soon?

If they're quiet, it might be good. It might be bad, but it might be good.
You're not gonna let cops catch you, Red. You're better than that.
I think I've got to come back. Some things aren't adding up.
Need a little more info, but the source is on the way.
Watch your six until I get there, Red.

Okay. Be safe coming back. Things are getting tight around Gotham and NYC. If you can, come via Metropolis.
I'll see you soon, Frank.

Metropolis. Man, the only place I fit in worse than Miami Beach is Metropolis, Red. I'll let you know when I'm in the area.

Just look out for the Boy in Blue.
See you soon.

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