Punching In at the Punchline
Roleplaying Log: Punching In at the Punchline
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Batman and Misfit collect intel from the criminals near the Punchline and talk next steps.

Other Characters Referenced: Batwoman
IC Date: May 28, 2019
IC Location: Gotham near the Punchline
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Posted On: 29 May 2019 04:12
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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Gotham City. It's night. It is always night, or at least it seems to always be.

On a rooftop Downtown, a pair stand on a rooftop. It's the standard of the Bats: corner brooding and surveillance. The street below them looks normal, pedestrian even. It's dark, the streetlights obscured slightly by fog. It is one of those weather patterns that tend to affect Gotham more than Metropolis. It's hard to tell what it is Batman is interested here. There are quite a few things that could interest him: West Downtown is a place that is a step above the more poverty stricken boroughs about it, however crime is still prevalent. There are nightclubs here and more than a few of the people on the street are those that have been frequented. They're ripe for muggings or more, depending.

"See anything unusual?" He asks the woman he has brought with him for this.

* * *

That is partially why Charlie thinks Gotham City is under some sort of curse. I mean it is always so gloomy and shadowy even during the day. The nights, well those are something extra special in the depths of the darkness. It may also be why so many villains go crazy. Some form of wicked lack of vitamin D.

Still this isn't time for discussing potential curses. This is brooding and doing Gargoyle impressions time. Better known as patrolling, probably with teachable moments.

Misfit reaches up and taps her goggles swapping the filter to infrared due to the fog. "Well nothing that immediately seems unusual for the neighborhood Batman. Some gang members are loitering in front of that pool hall. The Rhapsody club … I think that couple may have chosen their parking badly and could be mugged on the way to their car."

She looks up to Batman flicking her goggles with a blink back to normal. "What am I missing?"

* * *

Standing at his appointed perch, Batman looks across the blocks and tilts his chin toward where a group of people are gathering. There's a line outside, it's a new establishment so it has the new and trendy scene. It's been recently written up, it's the new and best thing.

"New place: The Punchline. Already attracting people. It's always in our best interest to look into new businesses. Places down here have a tendency to be mob fronts. Mostly it's for family members with a certain disposition: they like to cook, have always wanted to be the person who knows everyone."

Crossing his arms, he watches it, jawline firm. "I want to know more about it."

* * *

There is an ooh from Charlie as she focuses her attention down where indicated, she figured they were random patrol crime fighting not staking out a particular spot. Teach her to make an assumption.

Her head tilts. "Well.. the name implies a Comedy Club." she may be chaotic, a bit ADHD, but she has been learning and isn't slow. "Have you run down the filings with the city, shell companies, that sort of thing yet?" thoughtful, not bad questions. "Shaken down any random criminals in this neighborhood?"

Really she is trying to figure out where they are starting from on this one. Misfit mms "Also well I mean my alter ego is a total unknown, I could probably go in there out of costume and scout it out easy enough too."

* * *

"Yes," Batman replies to the name implying a comedy club. "It does."

As for the basics on the club, he nods his head. "It's all filed under a woman by the name of Lena Zelle. It seems, so far, above the board. However, people can be paid off. Should we wish to shake anyone down, I believe this is the night to do so. The Punchline looks to have quite a capacity and this is a night for people to get robbed if there is one." And they will stop it and find out what they can when it happens.

"Yes. I was also thinking the same thing." As Misfit and Charlie are something of his pocket trick, this is the time to use it. "After tonight, I'd like you to look into this more in the civilian fashion. Find out what is happening inside." Discreetly does not need to be said outloud, as that is the Bat way.

* * *

Well I mean honestly sometimes it is useful to tell Charlie to be discrete about things. Still the fact she will be doing it in her civvies not in costume means she is much more likely to not need to be told at this time.

"Hum… okay I can do that of course." accepting the assignment, as if there was any chance Misfit wouldn't be game. In the meantime she leans a bit and then points down at the couple she marked earlier, walking past the punch line and towards their car still. There is movement in the alley betweem them and the car. "Think they will bite?"

* * *

"Don't let anyone know we're interested in them as a criminal organization, because they may not be." Batman has a neutral expression about that. If this is more than a stakeout, more than an inquiry, it is hard to tell.

However, the twitch of movement is immediately noticed. The couple walking to their car is met with narrowed eyes. "Yes."

It's enough of a start to cause Batman to jump over the ledge of the roof. He makes barely a sound, only the flutter of his cape as he drifts down to a fire escape nearby. He assumes Misfit knows what to do. Jumping again, he moves further down the alleyway toward the shadows, hidden there amongst the garbage cans and the debris.

From the street, a man pulls a gun on the couple. "W-wallet. Wallet and valuables. DO IT. Do it NOW."

* * *

"I can do that." probably.

Also well I mean yes, Misfit definitely knows what to do.

Which mostly is wait until the guy in the street pulls the gun on the couple.

Once the robbery is going down she leaps off the building they were perched on and teleports, bouncing out of existence and retaining her momentum.

Moments later she appears right in front of the gun man and her foot impacts his midsection in a kick even as a bat-a-rang flicks out of her hand disarming the gun.

The goal of this exercise in physics was to send him flying back into the shadows of the alleyway.

At which point Misfit vanishes again appearing on a fire escape in the alley to see how her plan played out.

* * *

Misfit is quick on the street, knocking back the killer with her foot. He tumbles backward. Rising out of the shadows, Batman is quick to take the situation under control as Misfit flies back into the shadows. The masked crusader quickly apprehends the man with the gun and zipties him. Do those zipties have bat emblems? That is for a CI to see. He's there, immediately taking credit for Misfit's attack and collar. "How did that feel, you scumbag?" He asks with a rough and tumble voice. He sounds like he's smoked a hundred cigarettes and swallowed even more pebbles.
FRAfter a second he looks up. "Where's your accomplice."

The intent is clear, find whoever may be working with this sleezbag. A dark figure darts through the back alleyways

* * *

From her perch, since Batman is taking credit for taking out the gunman and making himself a target, Misfit gets to be observant. I mean she figures Bruce has sensed, or heard the approaching figure. Still she subvocals "Accomplice at your six rushing in now. I'll give him a nice push."

There is no reason for her to think the same tactic's but slightly changed up won't work again. She leaps from the fire escape towards the street this time, and teleports, appearing behind the figure darting down the alleyway towards Batman. She is aiming both feet right between the figures shoulderblades planning to give him a push face first into the alleys floor and skid him along it to Batman.

* * *

"Take." Batman intones through their monitors. Then, the tone changes, though still serious and intone," me seriously. I will find out what you are doing here."

To the couple who were about to be mugged, he looks up, terrifying or reassuring as he may be, "Go." This couple has no interest to him at the moment in time.

As the man skids to a stop behind him, he doesn't even register it, he assumed Misfit had it covered. "Who are you?" It's clear he's indicating the both of them.
fThe man underneath Misfit's watch starts to cry. "We were just doing-! We just-!!! OH GOD please don't kill me!!!"

* * *

Honestly it is best that Batman lead the way with the intimidating voices and asks the questions. In the dark alley the slight askew of her costume and all just blends with the shadows and makes her look just about as batty as the Batman.

She does drop down and grab his arms pulling them up behind his back and zipties are applied with alacrity. Which probably hurts a hell of a lot and takes away leverage the way she does it. Really she gives a purposeful tug there and leans her knee into his back, looking up to Bruce, eyes rolling a little behind her goggles.

She subvocals "Alley clear unless they are ninja good." but she is keeping an ear and eye out now.

* * *

"Good." Batman looks to Misfit and then turns his chin toward the roof. "Good collar. I've got it from here, Batwoman. Cuff him and leave him to me."

Then, he ignores Misfit, letting her do what he says. Should she know he doesn't call him Batwoman? Certainly. Should she know what is going on? Almost certainly not. "I've got this. Got back on patrol. This is nothing."

Then, he looks up at her, eyes focused. It's a moment and then he is dialed into this arrest.

* * *

The weight on the man on the alley floor shifts off him as she leaps off and ducks into the shadows.

There is a curl of crimson smoke as she vanishes again, perhaps smoke bombs.

Another wisp of smoke accompanies her as she appears back and on another building, with eyes on the roof he indicated. First off she wants to make sure it is clear.

She isn't sure if he was indicating another villain there or if he was indicating she should watch.

It will determine what she does next based on what she sees, but she did get the basic gist of the chin point.

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