Hello, Pizza Hut
Roleplaying Log: Hello, Pizza Hut
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Carol decides to get in touch with Rocket and Groot to talk space-shop.

Other Characters Referenced: Clint Barton, Jessica Drew, Zatanna Zatara
IC Date: May 29, 2019
IC Location: Gotham City
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Posted On: 30 May 2019 05:33
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It's one of those lazy kind of days where Rocket's got nothing better to do than fiddle around with things and turn them into highly dangerous objects that may or may not blow your face off or obliterate a continent.

Sparks crackle and bounce off the worktable as the raccoonoid cuts through a metal paneling, blue light reflecting off of the welding visor over his face. It's delicate, precision work that takes utter concentration so he won't damage the components underneath—

o/`BABY COME BACK..! You can blame it all on me…o/`

The cellphone on a side table bounces as it vibrates, spitting out the random tune Rocket had set and completely forgotten about, and honestly he hadn't even been sure what he'd set.

"GAH!" the little Guardian sputters, torch jerking and slicing a sharp line completely off kilter from the neat little rectangle he'd been meaning to cut away.

Somewhere on the side, Groot's eyes dart away from his handheld gaming device, also visibly startled by the ringtone and vibrations the cellphone brings about.

Maybe not as badly as Rocket does, since he isn't dealing with delicate torch work, but having the torch go flying away from its designated area causes the treenager to wince.

"I am Groot!" he yells, somewhat relieved he wasn't anywhere near the Raccoonoid when that happens. But he does get up from his seat, tromping over to pick up the dancing phone before it jumps off the edge.

A moment passes before he gives up on trying to use the touch screen, scowling a bit as he goes to hand the phone over to Rocket. "I am Groot."

Agent Danvers isn't one for sitting at a desk if she can help it. Often she'll put off doing paperwork as long as she can in order to avoid the tedium. For once, however, she can't help but feel a tinge of excitement as she holds on the line. Biting her lower lip as her foot bounces under the desk, watching the blinking light on the 'Call Waiting' signal.

Ugh, if that Pernicious Procoyn gave Clint a fake phone number.. Well that would be typical for that guy, wouldn't it? As long as it isn't Pizza Hut, that's all she's asking of the Lord at this moment.

Since the odd duo made it clear they weren't kosher with Registration Laws she wasn't sure if she'd ever see them again. At least not on.. Friendly terms.

Time having passed, as much of a mess they made she can't help but kinda miss seeing Groot around.



..Oh and Rocket too.

Rocket is at the moment spouting out every alien curse word he can think of before smothering it down as he realizes Groot's here with…oh right. The phone.

"And don't you ever say any of those things I just did!" he says sternly as he swipes the phone from the treenager after powering down the torch and setting it aside. He swipes at the screen after scowling at the name that comes up. Eh, figures S.H.I.E.L.D. would've had to call sooner or later.

"AHEm. Pizza Hut, how can I help you?"

Luckily for Groot, he's heard every one of those curse words being tossed around. They can be really creative phrases, too.

"I am Groot," the treenager sighs, rolling his eyes and drawing back his hand as he's told not to do it. He can see the double standard in play, but he goes along with it.

For now.


Carol halts mid-curse as she processes beyond the sentence and to the accent carrying it. She tilts her head, glaring at the speaker phone as she wonders who could have put him up to saying that.

Clint? Clint.

Clearing her throat she straightens in her chair, "Rocket? Is that you? Captain Marvel here." Recovering as much formality as she can. She IS technically representing SHIELD right now after all. Albeit in a much diminished capacity. Better not ruin what Agent Drew has been working on or she'll catch Holy Hell.

"I hear that you spoke with Agent Barton a few days ago?" Cutting to the chase quickly before he has a chance to hang up in disgust.

Rocket waves a hand at Groot as he hits speaker, covering his mouth to stifle snickers at Carol's near outburst. He's not doing a very good job, so even if Carol hadn't worked out the voice behind it, the laughing would definitely have given it away.

"Oh hey Captain," he says, dropping his chin into a hand as he sets the phone on the table. "Long time no talk-to. Been keepin' yourself busy?" At least he doesn't bring up old news. "Barton…Barton Barton… oh that guy. Yeah, what of it? We had pizza and a couple'a beers. If he wants a second date he needs better entertainment."

Groot keeps quiet enough once Rocket goes with the Pizza Hut approach, the corners of his mouth twitching as he saunters off to the side again to plop his bark butt down into another chair. It's hard not to laugh when the beginning of the conversation almost starts off with another swear word.

Still, he leans back, catching the voice on speaker mode as the older Guardian finally speaks with her. Marvel? Marvel. Barton's name also has the same kind of haze to it until Rocket drops the magic words attached to him. "I am Groot," he comments with a cough of a laugh, his own voice still caught between growth stages.

Carol's head bounces on her shoulders as Rocket's identity is confirmed. She replies briskly, "Yeaaaaah, you could say that." Not getting into current events. The less Rocket knows about Carol's situation the better - in her book.

"Huh. Pizza and Beers. Interesting.. Interesting.." She muses as she looks over the report on her screen, mousing over and highlighting a particular sentence, "Says here that Agent Barton got you to agree to a little more than a second date. Turns out SHIELD is really putting something together here and we could actually use your help."

Knowing exactly who she's talking to she then adds, "And since you're still on Earth and all I'm betting you could really use more of that money stuff the cool kids are into. Now that our hangers are staying mysteriously intact and full of gear these days."

After her blythe commentary on the state of SHIELD equipment she hears a familiar tone, "Oh, hey Groot." Smiling in spite of herself.

He's adorable damn it.

Is that a yawn? It sounds like a yawn. Rocket doesn't even bother covering his mouth as he does so, but at least he's still listening as Carol goes on. "Oh, that. Eh, I guess we agreed we'd give a few pointers for space newbs." He wrinkles his nose. "I have no idea what you're talking about. And didn't yer hangars get demolished?" His ears perk at a thin whining sound that starts to progressively make itself more audible before glancing over at the thing he'd been trying to slice open earlier. Light can be seen between the lines he did make, and he groans. "One sec," he says, stepping away from the phone to grab the cylindrical device and dash towards the open bay doors to chuck it out. A muffled explosion can be heard shortly after.

To be fair, cute is probably the last thing anyone would think of Groot right now. But Carol hasn't seen him for…how long has it been, exactly?

"I am Groot— "

Groot's reply to Carol is cut off just as Rocket grabs and dashes, leaning his tall and scrawny body back even if there's room for the raccoonoid to hustle. Even then, he looks back down at his game, playing through the explosion that follows.

"We got more." Carol replies defensively.

The answer is more flip then she's comfortable with on such a sore subject but time has managed to round some of the sharpness. Besides, she doesn't expect Rocket Racoon to have anything resembling sympathy.

"Uh huh." She replies, resting her chin on her knuckles as she waits. Squinting blue eyes peering off into nothing as she listens to the calamity and explosions in the distance.

Inwardly she's just glad the explosions aren't happening on SHIELD property for once. Though she can only wonder exactly where those kabooms are going off right now.. But its speculation she has to table. Otherwise, as Rocket seems to be occupied she hears Groot, again smiling as she calls out, "Hey Groot. Staying out of trouble?"

She thinks on that.

"Keeping Rocket out of trouble?"

The sound of coughing heralds Rocket's return as he steps back into the hold, waving away smoke that's clung to him from whatever he'd chucked outside. It's fine. There's a reason they park the Milano in a junkyard whenever Rocket's got stuff to fiddle with. Mostly due to Zatanna not being happy with craters in her front lawn.

He shakes himself off as he hops back up onto the bench. "Bleh, that was a close one," he mutters before pulling the phone closer again. "So what was that about money?"

'Staying out of trouble?' Beat. 'Keeping Rocket out of trouble?'

Groot blows out a breath, maintaining his focus on the game than the conversation. "I am Groot," he answers gruffly, which can be loosely translated to 'all the ti-ime.' But now that Rocket rejoins them, he's happy to let him continue from where they left off.

He also personally thought the craters gave Zatanna's lawn more character, but that's him.

Carol's cheshire smile never wavered. She continues as if Rocket never walked off to mourn destroyed parts that are outrageously expensive on a pre-space travel society such as Sol III, "I don't know if Barton neglected to mention that this is a paying gig. I can't go into details on the phone but if we can meet up and go over important details we can talk about compensation for the vast wealth of galactic knowledge you can offer. I have a few pointed questions that, depending on your answers, could add up to a percentage cut of the non-trivial variety."

"Whaddya mean 'all the time'?" Rocket questions Groot, fixing the teen with a suspicious look. He's not sure he likes Carol's tone either, but at least she can't see him scowling.

"He did mention something," he confirms. Technically the guy had said they'd owe them a favor, but then it also developed into 'payment to be worked out as things went.' "I do like bein' paid. All right, let's talk." It's still surreal to think that someone's willing to pay them for space experience. Of course, with Carol saying she's got specific questions, Rocket supposes he can't be all that surprised that it won't be as easy as he'd have thought. But still.

"When do you wanna meet up? I can toss you some coordinates provided you don't plan to sneak any SHIELD trackers in."

The look from the furry Guardian is met with a wry smirk that's barely hidden by the device Groot holds up in front of his non-existent nose. It's as if he's been keeping mental tally marks for a while.

Carol pumps a fist in a moment of silent triumph.

Let this be the first and only time Danvers thanks Barton for anything in this or any future incarnations. She wasn't sure if Rocket would even pick up the phone, let alone agree to anything. She suspected the little furry mercenary would come around with enough zeros being suggested in the price tag.

"Excellent. We can meet up with you or, considering current legislation, a neutral location of your choosing. I can't promise anything about trackers. Some of these guys have tracker placement down to an art form and get all huffy if we don't at least try a few. Now lets see what we have open.." Mousing over to her schedule planner and beginning to work out details.

She's got a good feeling about this. Drew is right. It feels good to work on something positive for a change, especially with how this year has turned out so far.

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