Roleplaying Log: MIA
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Emery calls upon Jessica Jones and Dani Moonstar to help find Emma Frost.

Other Characters Referenced: Emma Frost
IC Date: May 30, 2019
IC Location: Emery's secret garden house
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"Hi luv, Emery here. Can ye meet me after 10 PM? Gotta get Kennis down and set up with a sitter before gettin' to work today. Address has been sent to your phone."

A variation of a message like this has been left for both Jessica and Dani a couple of days ago coupled with a text message with a date for today and a location that seems to be in the middle of no where. There's a barn, a small house and a garden. Like something out of a post apocalyptic movie, there's no goats or cattle or animals.

There is however, a shirtless Irishman using a shovel to dig holes an even distance apart as there's crates of different herbs and god knows what else stacked up beside him. He wears a pair of dark jeans, boots, long hair pulled back into a sloppy man-bun and a hint of stubble at his cheeks as he digs.


The middle of no where -

Thank god for flying horses.

- because that's how Danielle Moonstar and Jessica Jones find their way to Emery's little Waystation of Butler-ness.

Brightwind offers a smooth ride to rider and passenger and with a tuck of a wing the Asgardian winged-horse begins to spiral lazily downward to the ground. There's a solid thump as all four hooves hit the ground and the stallion lands with his precious cargo.

His head turns just enough to focus one blue-eye upon Dani and then Jessica, and then Brightwind turns his head back in the direction of the shirtless Emery.

This seems to be a good enough sign for Dani as she glances over her shoulder, "You need a hand?" She asks of Jessica, mindful that not everyone can read the pegasus' looks. Once Jessica dismounts, Dani is not too far behind her, landing with practiced ease upon the ground.


"No thanks," Jess says, to Moonstar's offer of help. This results in a dismount that has her landing with awkward awkwardness upon the ground. As she takes in the scenery the detective raises one brow even as the other lowers, her head tilting to one side. "Okay, I'll bite," she says. "Why are we herb gardening at night?"

She peers into the herbs. Maybe there's a body they're actually being summoned to help hide. Or treasure. Or something. Seeing nothing but herbs, she turns her confused look back to Emery.

Not that she's not happy to come, or to give him a hand with whatever he needs, but it's certainly an odd set up. And when Jess doesn't understand a thing, she pokes at it until she does.


"Because I'm old as feck luv and I remember back in me day, people didn't always skulk about in the main city or village tryin' to find a good place to have a private conversation. They just hoofed it outside a ways, took a walk in the park or a turn in the garden." He turns his back to the women for a moment, that full back tattoo that is a set of darkly inked angel wings on display for a moment. Emery whips a bandana out of his back pocket and dabs at his brow before tucking it back into place. "Oh! Master Brightwind! I've a basket of apples and a barrel of brew waiting for you in the barn." He bows respectfully before turning back to the women. "Also, because I'm making pesto tonight and while the chicken is still roasting I needed something to do." Shovel is leaned against a crate. "And I apologize, I only had time to make 2 pies."


A hand raises in greeting to Emery once Moonstar is down upon the ground and then much like Jessica, Dani turns a curious look towards the man and the leafy greens that can be seen.

Jessica's question brings Dani's attention off of the various herbs and back over to Emery to see what he has to say, and when he answers the Agent of SHIELD can't help but grin at his tone.

The sight of the tattooed wings draws Dani's eyes, but it's not as if she's never seen them before, still they are a sight to behold.

"Only *two* pies, Emery?" Teases the Cheyenne woman with a good amount of amusement, "I'm aghast."

Brightwind whickers a noise of greeting to Emery and when he hears the mention of apples and BREW, the winged-horse flicks a wing to the Butler before he promptly heads for the barn; it definitely doesn't need to be said twice for Brightwind, that's for certain.

Dani's amusement transfers to Brightwind for a moment, then it's back to Jess and Emery, "So, what can we help you with, Emery?"


Jessica is equally amused. Only two indeed. But she's also satisfied by the answer. Dani asks the next logical question.

But while they're talking, she might as well offer a hand. "I can at dig a hole, if you tell me where. You don't want me touching your plants, they'll die from sheer contact, but I can dig a hole."

Well, no. Dani asked the second most logical question, Jess realizes. The real question, the most important question, is this one:

"What kind of pies?"


There is a faint smirk as Emery gestures towards the shovel. "Evenly spaced." He directs, showing the distance between the other holes as he looks to Jessica. Then to Dani he is already selecting a rosemary bundle to offer/hand over to Dani with a nod towards one of the holes. "There's alot I need 'elp with my darlings."

He huffs softly, leaning forward as he selects some basil and kneels down to start getting it planted. "Just a couple of custard pies with caramel drizzle. I've some ice cream chilling just waiting for it." Then the Irishman falls silent for a few moments. "Have you two been keepin' out of trouble?"


Jess' question brings another grin to Moonstar's features; that really is the correct question to ask. Just what kind of pies have been made?

When the bundle of rosemary is handed over to her, Moonstar delicately cradles it in her hands, and once Emery gives his instructions the Cheyenne woman steps off to plant the herb.

Uncaring of the dirt, Dani knees and tucks the small bundle into the pre-dug hole in the ground, then with careful movements Moonstar pushes the excess dirt over the roots.

And while her attention is on what she's doing, she's still mindful of the conversation. The mention of just what sort of pies Emery has made prompts, "That sounds delicious.", from Dani, but his question about trouble causes Moonstar to flick a look between Jess and Emery, before she answers, "I'm going to have to say for myself that's a negative, no."

Then her gaze moves back to Jessica, to see what the PI's answer is.


Jessica follows the directions, but snorts as Emery asks the question. "You'd be disappointed in me if I were," she says, with a smirk. "Granted…maybe not as much as I have at other times."

Debatable. Highly debatable.

Her hole digging is brisk and efficient. Roots don't exactly slow her down. She just cuts through them with a swift strike of the shovel and lets them fall, then finishes her task and moves on to the next one. If he wants a garden full of holes, he'll have one quick. And Jess will feel like she maybe earned the chicken. And the pesto. And the pie. Well, she supposes the chicken and pesto might be for someone else.


"Well, that's how I know ye both are who I tink ye are." Emery drawls softly as he finishes planting another bit of basil with a soft sigh. "You two are nosy and have jobs that depend on all that. So mebbe you can help me. After all, I've been on leave from one of my clients and in that time she's gone missing." He sighs softly. "In this day and age, that's not uncommon but for someone as high profile as she is. This could prove a wee bit of an issue."


As long as Emery continues to give Moonstar plants, Dani continues to plant.

It's obvious she's planted a garden a time or two in her life.

The mention of being nosey causes the black-haired woman to glance over at Emery, then over to Jessica, and with a quirk of a grin the Agent of SHIELD says, "We are nosey, aren't we."

Then her expression turns a bit more serious as Emery reveals just why he asked the two women here (beyond feeding them delicious food).

The mention of high profile has Moonstar mentally reviewing any bits of news she might have heard about missing people in that sort of stratosphere. When no one immediately jumps to the forefront of her brain, Dani asks, "What's her name and how long has she been missing?"


"I prefer to think of us as professionally curious," Jessica says, but she won't banter long. Down to business. "Missing people are one of my specialties," she says. She nods to what Dani asks. "And where did she disappear from, and who was the last person to see her, and what have you already tried?" She figures Emery would have tried something. And if he did, she will rule out all those avenues as decent avenues to sniff down.


"This is breaking all me rules about keepin' my jobs separate." Emery finally replies with a grunt and shake of his head. Because no, he's never spoken about who else he works for outside of Danny. "But seein' as I'm also chasin' down an international and possibly immortal terrorist, I've no time to be persnickity about this." He wipes his forehead with the back of a hand, leaving behind a dark smear of dirt as he kneels in the dirt with his head bowed and takes a deep breath.

"So, me other client…that I work for is Emma Frost. She's been missin' since the 2nd but it took her assistant a bit of time to reach out to me to let me know." He purses his lips thoughtfully. "So again, this is gonna require so much discresion that even yer secrets can't know about this secret."


"Professionally curious." Dani murmurs, "I like that. I'm going to remember that verbiage next time I'm caught snooping around."

To the rest of Jessica's questions, the Cheyenne nods to them. All good questions to be asked when it comes to a missing person.

"Sometimes rules have to be broken." Moonstar says to Emery, "Even if we don't -" Wait did he just say international immortal terrorist? "- What? An immortal terrorist? Let's circle back around to that later, Emery, because I have so many questions."

But first it's back to the original topic at hand.

The name of his client causes Moonstar to rock slightly back on her heels, though she doesn't show her surprise in any other way, as she calmly reiterates Jessica's questions, "Jess had the right questions - where did she go missing from?"

By now Moonstar rises back to her feet casually dusting her hands free of dirt, "And who saw her last?"


Jessica has met Emma on a few occasions. And once, Emma Frost tried to read her mind, which alerted Jessica just as she had been alerted when Moonstar tried using her powers on her.

"Once is a fact," she says grimly. "Twice is an oddity. Three times is a pattern. I'm working a missing persons case right now. Two missing kids out of Queens. They're both telepaths. Like Frost. She's not on walkabout. Somebody abducted her. And these guys are good. Professional. They aren't making too many fuck-ups, because the trail's been cold as ice, with thin leads, most going nowhere fast."


There's a shrug of a shoulder at the question from Moonstar about the terrorist but he's quick to jump back to the topic at hand due to the questions coming from both of the women. "Hmm, last person who saw her? I've got some basic footage of the street and such. Milady appreciates her privacy. She was seen at an art show the same day and then in teh evening when her driver dropped her off back home. After that…" He sucks his teeth. "Just poof. No traces."

Then he clears his throat and straightens up as he narrows his eyes Jessica with that update. "Well shite." He sighs and exhales as he looks at the plot of freshly turned and holed up dirt. "Trails never go cold, luv…not really. We just grow numb to what to feel for."


A pattern and telepaths to boot?

That brings Moonstar's troubled gaze over to Jess, "Telepaths are going missing? Do you have specifics of what kind of telepaths they were? It might be important." And then, "How long has the kids been gone? Before or after Emma?"

The Cheyenne's gaze turns more trouble at the mention of the trail going cold, "Professional then, like you said. I can see if I can discreetly see if SHIELD has anything on the missing cases, but I don't want to ask too many questions and alert them to the missing telepaths."

"Not until we know more of why, who and figure out what's really going on."

A look then shifts over to Emery again, "And no ransom letters I take it? For Ms. Frost?" Then back to Jess, "Or the kids?"


Jessica agrees with Emery on that, and she tips a finger at his statement. But her brow furrows in confusion at Moonstar's question. "What kind? There's more than one kind? All I knew was telepaths. One registered, one not. I didn't see any special details about types in the paperwork. Hers just said 'telepath.' How many different kinds are they? What are they? What the hell?"

Jessica exhales and says, "I've got a vehicle, a Lincoln Town Car. No plates, not even a partial, because they hacked the cams, I think. They definitely have a hacker, there was weird keylogger software on Liliana's computer. Both of them went to strange parties, one illegal, one questionmark that moved a few times. And if you want to coordinate, Moonstar, Ulysses Arngrim is an old contact of mine and he's been helping me out a little. He's got background already, if you need to pull hacker help."

But she shakes her head. "None. And it wouldn't do them any good in two cases anyway, ransom notes. Both the kids are college aged, middle income parents, gearing up to have more debt than assets. I don't think we're going to see ransom notes, I think this is something else, though what I couldn't say."


Emery just takes a deep breath as he hears the age of the 'kids' and he just shakes his head. "There are /many/ different types of telepaths, Miss Jessica. Some more powerful than others and they can be great assets to those who are in need of their skills." He straightens up and wipes his hands on his thighs before huffing out a soft breath. "To take someone like Milady…" He trails off and his eyes narrow a bit. "It is always about power, Miss Jones. Always about power." He smiles softly. "Come, lets go get something to eat and talk more about Nosiness."


A nod is given to Emery's points, "He's right, there are many different types. My powers are considered psionic in nature, which is what telepaths technically are."

Then specifically to Jess, "I'll look up Agent Arngrim and get in touch with him. I've a feeling we're going to need hacker help." And when Jess details why she suspects there's going to be no ransom notes, that just causes the Agent of SHIELD to frown.

"Definitely something else." She agrees and while Moonstar has some thoughts on what this could be, she doesn't necessarily say them out loud. Not yet. Emery's mention of 'milady' prompts the vaguest of sour looks to her features, but once more the Cheyenne nods. "Power is what everyone always wants." And Emma Frost is powerful, "Now to answer the question of why and what for and to find the kids."

As to the food, Moonstar will dutifully follow Emery inside for delicious things to eat, that's for certain. Not to mention more discussion on this case.

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