Jade and Supergirl fight? Train?
Roleplaying Log: Jade and Supergirl fight? Train?
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Kara convinces Jen to train with her, though Kara comes at it with anger, Jen returns the favor.

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"I'm not sure this is a great idea, Kara," Jen says uncomfortably.

She's standing in an empty field with Supergirl. For the faithful readers curious, they're about eight hundred miles from New York where a particularly lovely bloom of wildflowers had been spotted. For the green-skinned metahuman and her blonde Kryptonian friend, it was simplicity itself to get into the field. Ten minutes of flight. The cross-town express doesn't go that fast.

So after getting a new round of Snapchat and Isntagram pictures of Kara, it'd be suggested that they take a little time and flex on Jen's budding powers. She'd sheathed herself in a translucent green parka and motorcycle helmet for the flight over, and now stands in her green-and-white bodysuit with a foot anxiously scratching the back of her calf.

At least the sun is shining. She turns her face to that searing orb overhead, absorbing the warmth and heat, and then looks back at Kara. "What do you even want me to *do*?"

* * *

Pictures, that Kara wasn't that excited for and her normal exuberence was either forced or just not there. Though she pulled off some serious facial expressions, and angry ones, and with the sun shining behind her she did a good job of silhouettes. That said though, it was dull and boring, and she said as much. So, off to train. She knew -just- the place.

"What? You are going to create something to fight me with. I'll still to your… object, cause if I really fought you you wouldn't be fast enough. So, just, give it your all and like, hit me with something, and I"ll try and break it." Kara gets wide eyed a bit, looking over at Jen, "Or, I could just shoot you with my heat vision and you could try blocking it."

Her eyes flare up and shoot the ground at Jen's feet, burning away some of the wild flowers, but her vision is too hot to really cause the field to light on fire - it all just burns to black and crumbles too fast. "But, this time I'm prepared, and I'm -not- going to stand still… but I'll try and stay within human speed limits. You know… cause, I don't want to kill you."

* * *

"Uh, okay," Jen says, cautiously. She frowns at Kara's indiscriminate slaughter of the wildflowers. "Hey, don't rip the fucking flowers up,they didn't do anything to hurt you," she scolds the blonde.

She exhales a breath, trying to center herself, and then quickly binds her hair behind her head with a scrunchie so it's out of her face. "So what, just like… hit you with something?"

She thinks about it, then shakes her head, and thinks about it again. "Oh, fuckit," Jen seeths, and makes a fist to swing at the ten yard distance between the women. The only warning is a flickering of green light in the air that abruptly resolves into an old-fashioned boxing glove the size of a VW Bug, and similarly padded.

* * *

"Really? You are upset because a few wild flowers got burned?" Kara folds her arms about her chest and just to be a jerk, zaps a few more flowers. Burning them into the ground. Canting her head, "Come at me." And she unfolds her arms and does the whole Matrix thing where she's Morpheus and you are Neo and it's the first scene where she's going to kick your butt.

And when you ask about hitting her with something, she slumps her shoulders in an exaggerated exasperation, "Yesss, please, wow. Jen, you have to-" As the VW bug sized thing comes flying at her she grins a bit, and turns her attention to it, jumping up to punch her fist right into the boxing glove coming at her. Her goal, to crack that thing into a thousand million pieces.

* * *

Kara's fist sinks into the glove. Then thorugh the glove. And then it turns inside out around her like a flytrap closing around the Kryptonian, as if she'd just tried to stab a particularly predatory bowl of jell-o. It flickers and changes shape into a cartoony net. Face set in concentration Jade's fingers shape themselves into a claw and she closes it into a tiny fist, trying to capture Kara in the net's 'fibers'.

* * *

Getting dooped into attacking… Kara's first step in almost any conflict, she's trapped inside of a net. And she's squirming about, and she starts to tense up. She's wrapped up, getting squeezed by the net's fibers into being held. And she lets out a loud scream right at the net fibers in front of her. Quickly her hands move forward and she grabs ahold of whatever she can, using her immense strength to start tearing the green stuff open, her eyes flare up and she does a broad wide beam of intense heat and energy even as she screams loudly.

She looks kind of like she's pissed. Angry, mad. Horrifyingly scary? Yes.

* * *

"Jesus CHR—" Jen dives for cover and puts a hand over her head. A green dome of force snaps around her like a blanket and thickens instantly into something that almost obscures her from vision as she puts a barrier between herself and Kara.

She waves her hand sharply and the net construct disappears around the blonde, evaporating into nothingness from whence it came. "Kara, 'fuck's sake!" she yells at the Kryptonian, her voice modulated weirdly by the green energy shield. "Calm down, it was just a stupid net thing!" she tries to reassure the supergirl. Jen's seen what Kara's like when she's calm, angry, or just inattentive. /Angry/ Kara is immediately terrifying.

* * *

Zipping down to the ground where the dome is, Kara punches it, not once, but dozens of time at super speed just not at full super strength as she's moving fast not hard. "Jen, really?! You gave up that fast? Just Kara this, Kara that. Calm down!?" She lets out, eyes flaring but not emitting anything, "I -am- calm. You need to wise up. There are monsters out there…" Pointing off behind her and up, as if to indicate the sky or beyond into space.

"And they won't be even half as nice as I'm being. No, not at all." Kara growls, "You think they'll let up when you ask, begging? Huh? Do you think that you deserve to be … listened to? You green little puny mutant. I'm not even going at full strength Jen, come on. You'll have to get a lot more creative than a big boxing glove and a net!"

* * *

The green-skinend girl yelps and falls on her back. She tries to crabwalk away but Kara's hammering on the dome, causing it to bend and flex and drum with earsplitting revereration as the Kryptonian hammers on it.

Then Kara says 'puny mutant'. Jen's eyes flash, and that's about all the warning Kara gets before a blast of energy hits her. No warning or telegraphing. It's completely crude. No form, no substance. No fancy constructs or designs. Just a column of utterly adamant, unyielding green force hammering into her. Not fast, not compared to Kara, but there feels like there's near-infinite *mass* behind the hammer blow.

"You scared me, you blonde bimbo!" Jen snaps. Her voice is gone high and reedy with anxiety. "Fucking a, I didn't know we were FIGHTING. I thought you were trying to help me like, learn and shit!" She scrambles to her feet and backs up, warily furrowing her brow. She grimaces and starts manifesting multiple ten-foot tall walls between her and Kara, reflexively trying to make space.

* * *

Pounding on the dome, Kara is just jack hammering against it until - Boom, erupting from well, no where, a green column hits her. It hits hard, and Kara is knocked backwards, staggered and knocked about. And then she runs her hand up against her mouth where there's a little bit of blood. She looks at it and scoffs a moment, "Help you?"

"Really? Is that all I'm good for… helping others? Making it so you feel good about yourselves? Why should I? Inferior, dumb, slow. Weak. Fragile." Her eyes burn, hot, very hot, and she's busting through the column that hit her first with just pure intense lasers from her eyes. The walls that are being placed on the ground, Kara starts hitting with full force.

"Weak!" She growls, and then hits again, "Stupid, creatures! Boring, drug addicts!" And she's hitting the walls as hard as she can, actually hurting her knuckles. Not that she doesn't heal fast, incredibly fast, but she's hitting with enough force against a magical wall to injure herself. If she weren't Kryptonian those injuries would stay for much longer than the few moments they last with her.

* * *

The 'drug addicts' crack really pisses Jen off, because there's a surge of motion overhead. A gorilla— a Kong-size gorilla, five stories tall— roars up to life. Sunlight glints off canines as long as a parking meter. It raises both fists overhead and brings them swinging down at KAra with enough force to flatten a parked car.

"Hey fuck you, blondie!" Jen's own green temper is flaring in response to Kara's raging slurs, and it's obviously starting to affect her powers. Light glows around her and starts to shine radiantly in an aura of furious intensity, and her feet slip off the ground so she's hovering in place. "What kind of fucking hero are you if you can't keep your shit together?" she demands with a furious vituperation.

* * *

A gorilla, big gorilla. Kara briefly glances up before hands are smacking her into the ground. She lets out a groan as she's caved in some of those wildflowers, and cratered a bit into the ground from the heavy force. Then all is quiet. For a good long moment. And then those hands are being pushed up, slowly, Kara shaking from underneath, her body and uniform covered in dirt. And she looks shaky, as if she were that park car and having just got squashed hard. Right into the Earth.

Once her hands are up, she shakes her head, "You. You have one insult for me? The color of my hair? You swear, because you lack the education to come up with anything better? Human, Earthling. Pathetic." And she squats, and there's a vibration in the ground as she is pushing against those monstrous hands trying to keep her down and in the ground.

"You don't get it. I'm stronger than you, faster than you, smarter than you. Better, than you. And still, your own people? They like ME, the screw up, better than you!" And then she is the pivot point for the giant gorilla as she's got him by the middle finger. She starts to spin, picking him up off his feet, and spinning spinning spinning, as she attempts to batter up Jen.

* * *

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* * *

Jen blanches and holds a hand up. If the gorilla was real, it'd crush her. Dead. Even with the flickering quarter-dome of power she manifests between the two of them.

The gorilla shatters against empty air and vanishes in a sparkle of green light. Reclaimed? Dissipated? Jen doesn't seem like she's wanting for energy. It's bright and shiny out. She's well fed, well-rested for a change. The workouts and calisthenics and training with Daisy Johnson are doing wonders for her metabolism.

And she's *pissed*.

An iron maiden manifests out of nowhere, clamps around Kara. Jade isn't a killer— there are no spikes that strike the Kryptonian. More Miss Trunchbull than Inquisition. But it's full of sharp and pokey things, a child's nightmare brought to life.

Jen surges forward, still wreathed in that nimbus of adamant green flame, and bangs her fists on the construct. "You DON'T FUCKING KNOW ME!" she screeches. The impact of her fists would be laughably tiny. Insignificant. The energy wreathing them, however, translates to hammerblows that bypass the cage around Kara. "You're not special! You ain't got no parents, you ain't got a home!" she says, fairly sobbing with anger. "You think you're fuckin' special?! If you was special, someone would love you! But ain't no one comin' to adopt you!"

Jen puts a palm against the construct, right above Supergirl's sternum. Light flares, almost white-hot in its intensity, mirrored in her eyes which have gone totally jade-green, lacking any iris or pupil.

The explosion of the contact detonation hits Kara light a freight train, shattering Jen's constructs into glimmering nonexistence.

* * *

The gorilla… disappears. And that surprises Kara for a moment, she's still spinning, having had the gorilla one moment, and then sparkles of green energy the next. And then… oh, crap, and then.

Kara is trapped inside of a small vessel type thing. Something similar in size to the cramped cockpit she spent thirty years inside of, a space where she had to watch… her parents, as she zipped off away from a dying planet. And everything Jen is saying gets to her, she's screaming now, "Noooooo! Noooooooooooooo!" It's a gurgling mess, she's shaking back and forth, inside of this iron maiden type trap. Hit from side to side from the power manifested by Jade.

There's no more fighting back with words, there's crying inside, "I love you, dad, please, no, don't send me away! No! I can't do it! I can't take care of Kal, I can't carry this burden, NOOOOOOooooo! I want to stay with you!" And she sobs, crying out more from inside the green chamber.

With the explosion of the constructs Kara is sent crashing into the ground, and she hits with full force from the detonation, starting to crawl, "Please, dad, no. Send someone else, I can't, I can't do it. I can't be our last chance, please, no, why… why me? I-I don't deserve to survive, please dad, I just… I can't… I won't make it!"

She's on the ground, crawling, her eyes are wide, she is shaking, staring at everything around her in horror. Unseeing of the wildflowers and Jen, and more seeing what can only be imagined as the destruction of her world. Her hands even go up against what is an unseen, by Jen, wall as she stares. Trying to claw at whatever is keeping her from moving further, "I don't want to go, no, no, please, mom, dad! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!" The last scream blood curdling, loud, a burst of sound erupting from her and destroying wildflowers and nearby trees that explod as the shockwave hits them.

* * *

Jen's iridescent avatar shudders back from the force of that wailing scream. It buys Kara a few seconds— seconds where Jen's focus is disrupted, where that impossible force burning through her brain is startled out of tune by the primal reaction in Jen's heart to the anguish in Kara's voice.

"No," she rasps. She looks at her hand. Another lance of power in her palm, this refined to a needle point. Readied. Aimed at Kara's heart.

"Nooooo," she groans again, and forces her fingers shut. The energy in her hand doesn't evaporate. It seems to crawl back up her skin and into her head. Jen moans in pain and her body wracks and writhes as she drives back the power surging through her blood and being. It looks painful.

It is painful.

She settles to the ground and collapses onto her hands and knees, face twisted into a violect rictus. "Done, all done, not gonna… not gonna…" she trails off in incoherent mumbles. Blood drips down her nose and stains the flowers red.

But she's holding off unconsciousness, even if just by the tips of her fingernails. She doesn't quite look up at Kara yet. Not ready to deal with… that.

Two women, locked in by tidal forces of the mind. Both, in their own way, screaming and frightened children clamoring for a hand in the darkness.

* * *

Kara puts her face in her hands, on her knees, back turned to Jen as she sobs into those hands. She's mumbling something now in Kryptonian. And it continues on, and then with one last look up she shakes as she sobs, just letting the tears trickle down her face.

Finally her eyes seem to focus in on the destruction and the aftermath of what has happened, and she looks down toward the ground. "I don't think I'm special." She says more quietly, "I think I'm a horrible person. I want to hurt… people. Bad people, but… I think that's just an excuse. Inside of me is a darkness, a fear, my parents didn't see it. My dad, Zor-El, he always told me that it is in what we do that we can measure our worth… not in what we fear we might do."

Slumping down her shoulders, bringing a sleeve up to her face she rubs away tears as she sits backwards on her feet, and she looks up toward the sky, "This planet… I… I wanted to show you that you had strength, in anger. I did not mean to break down, I'm sorry."

* * *

Jen's just flat on her back, staring up at the sky. Resiliency takes on funny forms. Kara weeps and vents and talks. Jen's quiet. Withdrawing into her own world, burning her emotions away and locking the remainders in her belly. Somewhere safe and secure where they can't get out and can't hurt anyone and most importantly, can't be used against her.

Because Kara, if nothing else, provokes strong emotions.

When Kara looks back, Jen just tiredly flips her the bird. "Fuck you," she says, the words lacking any particular ire. She's just tired. And probably in a lot of old, deep pain, the sort she doesn't let out. Not like Kara can.

Her hand falls flat on the ground and she stares up at the sky overhead. She'll have some bruises tomorrow, but the migraine and bloody nose are probably going to put a crimp in her day.

She snivels, then digs a tissue from her pocket and wipes her face with it as best she can. Quiet resumes again.

Finally: "You still owe me ice cream. Buy me ice cream. Then we're square."

Jen's tone is laconic and withdrawn, but an olive branch is an olive branch. Apparently.

* * *

"You want to… what me?" Kara blinks a few times, and then looks at Jen, staring, "I do not think this is an appropriate time to be letting out your desires. I know, that I am attractive to your Earthling standards, but wow, Jen. I'm pouring my heart out and you want to … do -that- to me?" Kara shakes her head a little bit.

She's a bit stunned, looking back, and turning over onto her backside, knees up, so she can wrap her arms around them and rest her chin on her knees. Smiling a little she offers, "Kidding. I understood what you meant. And yes, I'll go get you ice cream. Where do you want it from? I can basically get it from anywhere in the world. Pretty quickly." And she breathes a little easier, letting out her emotions helping her, though she also wants to put as much distance between her and the horrible flash back to her entire people dying right before her eyes… as quickly as possible.

"And hey, you really had some pretty amazing powers you showed off. So, that you can thank me for later when you can defend yourself against something big. And mean." Kara sighs and then rubs the side of her face, her temples and everything, just rubbing, while she waits on an ice cream destination.

* * *

Jen doesn't react for a few seconds. Then she snorts. It almost sounds like an aborted hiccough and she clamps her hand over her mouth. Then she chokes again, and falls into a fit of giggles that she can barely keep from spluttering past both hands.

"Lord almighty, *someone's* got a high fuckin' opinion of herself," Jen says through the giggle fit. It doesn't last long, and she manages to get herself under control again. But the bleakness leaves her features and she stares at the sky again, a smile in her eyes.

She closes her eyelids and inhales slowly four times, then rolls smoothly to her feet. The workouts with Daisy are helping her pack on muscle into a frame long accustomed to being skinny and malnourished. She walks over to Kara, staring down(ish) at Supergirl, with her arms folded across her stomach. "You're still a SuperBitch," Jen says, and a little dimple appears near her cheek. "But probably nowhere near as bad as me. Let's go get some Coldstone."

She offers a hand up to Kara. Not that the blonde needs it. But because that's what friends do.

"What's up with that speedster chick you were seein? Ain't you two banged yet?" she asks, more conversationally. "I ain't above poaching but I also don't wanna, like. Get dead by someone who can hit me from a mile away."

She manifests her 'flying attire'— which looks a lot like motorcycle gear— and taps on Kara's shoulder to prompt her to take a knee so Jen can hop on the Kryptonian's back.

* * *

It's the laughing that gets Kara to smile a bit more and she sighs out a little, "High opinion of myself? Jen, drugs don't work on me. Unfortunately. I so wish I could just get drunk, or high or -something-. Even just getting a jjjdhfhfk tattoo, is impossible." The weird word in the middle being in Kryptonian as she swears in a language from far far away.

Looking up to the hand she grabs it and really doesn't pull herself up, it's more like she stands in an unnatural way that could only be accomplished from 'flying' to a standing position. "Thanks." She says and then she shrugs, adding on, "I dunno. She was really… boring, when I saw her last. Like, normal, and… it was weird. I don't know what that means really - but we kind of fought about it. Why can't she just be the excited energetic woman I fell in love with? Even upset she was moving like 70 miles per minute, and it was great. I didn't have to slow down, for anyone, and she ate a lot, and … other, advantages."

Kara kind of blushes a moment, "Let's uh, stop talking about that, and go get some ice cream, okay? Wow, I'm like your, pet Kryptonian who flies you around everywhere?" Though she doesn't stop you from getting into a piggy back ride, "Hold on… cause… here… we… gooooo!" Off into the air, to land soon nearby a Coldstone. The front door in fact, Kara doesn't have much of a 'hidden' identity and so is just showing up.

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