A Former Angry Bird
Roleplaying Log: A Former Angry Bird
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Warren chats with Dani about the Domino incident and brings Rogue in for future back-up.

Other Characters Referenced: Domino
IC Date: June 03, 2019
IC Location: X-Base
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There hasn't been much further word from Warren regarding the Domino matter, ever since he said he was going to confront her with what the so-christened 'Spyfish' had dug up on her past. That could be either a good or a bad sign, honestly, when it came to 'strong' personalities like Warren Worthington and Neena Thurman.

At the least there weren't any news articles or shocked entries in the gossip rags about murder at Worthington Tower, so it probably went well. Right?

That's probably what Dani Moonstar will be wondering when Warren finally messages her to come stop by the base, because he has some things of import to tell her. He's not anywhere super-secure and he's still got all his limbs attached, which suggests it's not that terrible a Talk, but then again Warren has been known to have a rather skewed view of what is serious or not.

He is perched in a chair in the common area of the base, not far from the kitchen, with a nearly-empty mug of coffee at his side. He's frowning at something on a tablet. Possibly more news articles about how he's the worst.


Dani's arrival to the X-Base is fairly low-key.

In fact, the woman is just meandering through the various hallways up until she nears the kitchen. She stops within the kitchens to obtain a mug of coffee for herself and before she leaves she snags a small carafe of hot coffee and an extra mug; just in case others want coffee.

Then it's back to the hallway at hand as the Cheyenne steps into the common area of the X-Base. Immediately her gaze finds Warren perched in that chair of his, frowning down at the tablet. Dani can't quite stop the quick-somewhat-subtle once over she gives him and when she sees that he's hale and seemingly hearty a small tic of tension leaves her face.

"Evening, Warren." Dani says in ways of a friendly greetings, "What's going on?"

And upon seeing he already has a mug and that it's nearly empty, she adds, "Need a re-fill?"


One room away, Rogue sits up and rubs her eyes after a long nap. A long training session had sent her to one, where she'd instantly gone out like a light. She plucks at her clothes…ugh, she should have changed first…and then sighs. She hears voices from the other room but doesn't really tune into them yet. There's always voices around up in here.

Instead, she looks around for her phone, which is nowhere in evidence, probably because she'd been very ambitious thinking she could read something on it before she'd dropped off. Making another noise of irritation, the Southern Belle drops to the floor and starts feeling around beneath the bed.


To be honest, the only reason Warren looks as beautiful and untouched as ever is because he cheats and has self-healing powers. If he didn't, he might still be showing shadows on his features from healing bruises.

As it is, his mutation seems determined to maintain his impeccable good looks, judging by the nature of its secondary manifestation. There's not even a scar on his face to be seen, when he looks up to Dani's entry. "Ah — you're a godsend," he says. "Please. I just ran out. I'm going to have to look into whatever's being stocked up here, it's rather weak."

He nods at one of the other chairs, as of yet unaware of the ominous stirrings of a Southern belle not far away. "Please sit. I figured you'd want to know the outcome with Neena, which was — ah. She took it about as well as you might imagine."

He turns off his tablet. "Don't let my dewy good looks fool you. She went in on my face for quite a while. It triggered her all the way up to pulling a gun, in fact, which is why… I felt it prudent to give you a heads up as soon as possible." He taps his fingers thoughtfully along the back of the tablet. "Though I do think she's settled down some, at the least."


The mention of being a godsend prompts a soft snort from the black-haired woman. However, she does top off his mug with fresh coffee and likewise sets the extra mug down and the carafe. Her own mug stays in hand.

"If you want to stock up on the good stuff by all means - you won't hear me complain." Because everyone pretty much lives on caffeine, whether agent of SHIELD or X-Man. Most would also appreciate the more expensive stuff too, Dani is quite sure of that.

At the prompt to sit, Moonstar pulls a chair over and settles comfortably into it. Her mug of coffee is brought up to her mouth, but before she can quite manage to take a sip Warren invokes Domino's given name. As such, Moonstar's mug pauses right before her face as her attention now focuses completely on Warren.

"I can imagine quite a bit." Dani says, "How bad is it?"

And thankfully she doesn't have to wait long for an answer to her question. With each word of explanation from Warren, Moonstar's mug lowers away from her face until finally it hits the tabletop with a rather loud ker-thunk. "I don't know what I find more surprising." Begins Moonstar, "The fact that you just used dewy to describe yourself -" There's Dani trying for a note of humor, "- Or the fact that she pulled a gun on you and you *don't* have any telltale bullet holes in you."

"I take it with your warning she knows who all was involved in this operation of ours?"


Triumph! A gloved hand closes around a phone. Rogue backs up off the floor. Now to the shower.

A grumbling stomach revises Rogue's plan. Now to the kitchen and then to the shower.

She hesitates. Unless she's very sure of her welcome, she usually tries to stay out of everyone's way. Eating or doing just about every other thing when the others are not. It's not that she's afraid of confrontation, exactly, or suspicion, but despite her outward glibness about them she knows she's got a limit.

But she finally makes an annoyed face. She has been in and out of all kinds of scrapes, and she's gonna let a little ole thing like people talking near the kitchen intimidate her out of her well-earned PB&J? No, that won't stand.

She changes her shirt, fluffs out her hair, and then saunters out as confident as if the hallway were a runway and she the top model.


"No one ever does complain when I take care of things," Warren observes, amused, reclaiming his refilled mug (https://tinyurl.com/yy9g3534) and taking an appreciative sip. "Likely because I have very good taste when I do so." He's quick to get back to business, however, as Dani sits down opposite him.

Not just quick to get back to it — but quick to use Domino's true name. As much as any of her names could really be said to be her 'true name,' anyway, given her history.

"It's lucky that Alison was on hand," he says. "Neena would not respond to any attempts to talk her down. I don't suppose I can blame her for being upset, though one would think she would have guessed that a team like this would want to look, eventually. I left out some of the more sensitive pieces in the initial brief I showed to her, and even that caused her to go quite berserk. She pulled the weapon once Alison came in, which — well, Alison is hell on people who need to see to put bullet holes in things. I got a little angry at that part."

Moving on. "I got her to snap out of it, so I'm tentatively hopeful she won't do anything crazy, but…" He shrugs. "I can't be sure. I didn't tell her who was involved, but do not put it past her to find out. And I would rather that you and Sloane and Kitty — "

His eye turns suddenly. Rogue spotted. Another rather unknown quantity looking for a bit of redemption, as it so happens.

Warren regards Rogue a few moments, his stare bearing the considering quality of a perched eagle watching a meadow, before his expression rearranges back into its customary courtesy. "Rogue. Why don't you join us? This is something I believe you should know, also." Nothing good ever came of a conversation that started that way.


"I'm glad Alison was there." Dani is quick to murmur initially, even as she absorbs what Warren says.

The mention of berserk causes the Cheyenne woman to wince, likely imagining just how well Domino really took the news.

Which means not well AT ALL.

"I agree, I would have thought she'd anticipate that we'd look into it, especially with how secretive she is with her background. Though that doesn't mean it makes it any easier to deal with the knowledge that we looked, but —"

"Alison's arrival is what prompted her to pull the gun?" Dani asks, her tone sharp and incredulous, "Why? Did she think she was being ambushed by the two of you?" By this point Moonstar's expression is just one solid frown, which only deepens at the mention of his anger and Domino's possible craziness, "How were you able to take sense into her?"

And while there are more questions to be asked, Warren's sudden shift in attention causes Moonstar to look over as well. Upon seeing Rogue, Moonstar raises a hand in welcome. "We've got an extra coffee cup if you need some."


So called out, for a moment Rogue hesitates. But she smiles. "If this is all about the last piece of pie, I didn't take it, I swear."

To Moonstar: "I think I'll take you up on that coffee, sugar."

She settles in to do just that, then cocks her head at Warren. No good conversation does start that way, but at least she's not being called out for eavesdropping or something? She crosses her legs, leans back in her chair, and nurses her coffee cup as if she's not worried about a thing, though.

She her lips twitch in genuine humor when she notes Warren's coffee cup. But…she's getting the notion his patience for banter is limited. So she forebears.


"I suppose not," Warren says, when Dani observes that knowing it's likely people would look wouldn't exactly remove the sting OF someone looking. "Still, a gun was a bit beyond the pale. Alison didn't show up until Neena and I had already been rather noisily fighting for some time; there's no way she should have taken it as an ambush. Alison was obviously showing up to break things up."

Ah, but there's the million dollar question. How was he able to talk sense into her? Warren looks, momentarily, extremely evasive, as if wondering if he should gloss it over. "Well — I didn't talk, precisely," he says. "I — "

That's about the point when Rogue shows up. There is a slight mote of relief to Warren's gaze as he diverts his attention — an extra few moments to think about what exactly he's going to say. "I already know it's usually me who's taken the last piece of pie," Warren says, "so it's not about that, no. It's about… have you met Domino? New on the team. Bad history. Looking to make up for what she's done."

After dropping that, Warren returns his attention to Dani without a hitch, as if he hadn't said something 'very on point.' "She wasn't listening to words," he hedges, "so I miiiiight have flown her out the window."


When Warren seems to lose his words, Dani can't quite stop the sharp look she now turns his way. She even goes so far as to narrow her eyes at him, but before she can voice any questions Rogue joins the party and takes up Dani's offer of a cup of coffee.

Obligingly Dani pours some coffee into the mug from the carafe and then gently slides it toward Rogue. "You're welcome."

Then it's back to Warren, especially when he fills Rogue in on all that the two were talking about.

"She tends to like a lot of guns too." Moonstar pitches in 'helpfully' when Warren describes Domino for Rogue's benefit. "Tends to wear black a lot too. Also a quirky sense of humor, very devil-may-care."

Warren's explanation brings Moonstar's attention back over to the winged man, and when he reveals just how he 'calmed' Domino down, the Valkyrie's gaze widens. "I'm sorry, what? You flew her out the window? Please *tell* me you were on a manageable floor when you did that. Like the second level or maybe the third?"


"I maybe met her punchin' some…toad-dogs…or somethin'…the other day. If it's the same gal you're describing, she lent me a real good shotgun. But it wasn't really a stop and exchange names kind of a situation."

But as Warren says she flew Domino out the window…

She looks at Moonstar and looks at Warren's slightly guilty demeanor and concludes she sure as shooting knows the answer to that one.

She stands. She's not leaving. She just slowly turns her chair around and straddles it, as if to put some sort of barrier between herself and unwanted flights. She drapes her arms over the back, still holding her coffee.

Because Warren's description helps her draw the parallels just fine. And if it doesn't quite illuminate exactly why he wanted her in this conversation, it nevertheless gives her a moment of pause.

A goofy one. This isn't exactly a high rise.


Warren always, always has something glib to say. When he doesn't, people need to start worrying. He's a good liar, but not typically with other X-Men, on X-Men business. Something about the team trips his guilt circuit too much for him to dissemble… which means it's very easy for Dani to pick up on it when he doesn't immediately have an answer to 'how did you talk sense into her?'

There's a flash of a guilty look, a hasty hedging. Enough to make her press.

Like the second level or maybe the third? Dani asks. "Like the… n…inety-third. — hey, look," Warren's wings puff up a little in agitation as Rogue puts the back of her chair warily between him and any wildcard fly-away actions, "I already got the earful from Alison about it. I was angry at her trying to kill me over actually coming clean to her, and I needed her to stop right then. It won't happen again, anyway. She calmed down quite quickly, and we were able to actually have a conversation on the matter." To Rogue: "We were looking into her history… she told us approximately none of it, when she came to us."

He shoots a sidelong glance at Dani, one that connotes a lot more than is actually said aloud, before he tries to move right along. "She might still be taking it personally, and she was very fixated on the fact others knew, so…" His feathers lift a little, a sure sign of disquiet. "I'd just like you all to watch out for one another over the next while."

His gaze turns towards Rogue. "If you could help keep an eye on things, I think you have some better tools for quickly settling someone down, in the event shotguns get involved again." That's not really the entire reason he's pressganging Rogue into this, and that much Dani would find obvious in the glance he shot her. Rogue is another person in a similar category as Domino — a bit fringe, a bit as-of-yet-unverified, and worst of all former Brotherhood — and Warren is invested in pushing more integration with the team to see how she does.


The ninety-third floor? It's a good thing Moonstar didn't take a drink of coffee otherwise SOMEONE would be wearing it right now.

Instead the black-haired woman just stares at Warren silently for a few seconds.

Finally she finds her own voice at this point, "The ninety-third floor." That incredulous tone might still be heard in her voice, "Warren -" Not that he needs to be chastised again for it, but Moonstar can't quite stop herself from starting to say something. Thankfully, however, before she can really work herself up to a full scale Scott-like lecture, Warren momentarily defuses the situation when he brings up the need to watch each other's backs.

That causes the woman's expression to turn thoughtful and slightly grim, and she stays silent as Warren speaks to Rogue now.

His sidelong glance isn't missed, but neither is it outwardly reacted to. Instead the Cheyenne nods at various points with what Warren has to say.

"I would hope Domino would not bring out the shotguns, but everyone reacts differently to perceived danger and Domino tends to have an itchy trigger finger. An unbiased opinion might help her too."

Obviously meaning Rogue here is the unbiased party.


Rogue is caught a little off-guard with being asked to do something. Asked, indeed, to integrate with the team more. The surprise flickers across her face before she can stop it. It's gone in a heartbeat, though.

Surprised or not, there's no reluctance. The agreement is instant. "Of course," Rogue says. "I'll be more n' happy to."

She doesn't seem at all worried about getting caught on the business end of the itchy trigger finger. Indeed, she says: "I liked her. What little I saw of her. Reckon I'll enjoy her company, too."

Moonstar may know exactly what else is behind Warren's reasoning, but Rogue pretty much takes it at face value. Indeed, the request alters, slightly, her body language. The ominous tone of the wind up had put a tension in her she couldn't quite hide. Now that she's received the pitch, and caught it, she seems perfectly relaxed, despite her surprise.


"Anyone who is with me in the air is perfectly safe there," Warren handwaves, carefully avoiding the part about how he totally dropped Neena after flying her out the window. She was STILL safe with him even then, in his view, no matter Alison's cautionary words about how even he could someday make a mistake. He didn't spend fifteen years intensively training to be the best flier on the planet in order to doubt his own abilities in the air.

Besides, he's very deft at verbally and socially ducking back out of trouble once he's gotten into it — most men of his type are — and he smoothly turns the conversation over into being more about the forthcoming potential issues which a vengeful Neena Thurman could present. Warren is not wholly comfortable resting on his laurels, with regard to Domino's presentation of subdued understanding at the conclusion of their explosive dialogue. She might have deferred to him in the end, but he isn't so certain what kind of firm hand she might take with others — with people who were only pulled into this because of him.

And that's where, it seems, Rogue comes in. The positive change in body language from her when she realizes his ominous 'we need to talk' ended in a request for help, and not something worse, doesn't escape Warren's eyes. He considers her a moment, head tilted — perhaps thinking about the way Alison looked after that violent encounter with Rogue years ago — before his mouth thins, and his gaze averts. Everyone deserves a second chance, Warren, he can practically hear the Professor saying, even now. Domino's getting hers. Can he really block Rogue?

"An unbiased opinion who might have an idea what she's feeling. I think you'd get along," is his agreement with Dani's remark. "Either way… the people in question are Dani here, Sloane Albright, and Kitty Pryde. If you could be… present in the event of issues, I'd sleep better." Platitudes and niceties. Warren's good at them, at least. "…now what's this about toad-dogs?"


Much like Warren, Dani likewise sees the change in Rogue's body language and she offers a smile to the other woman, when she offers to help Domino during this trying time.

Secondary chances are what the school, Xavier in particular, is all about.

The naming of names brings a faint grimace to Dani's lips, but she doesn't necessarily hand wave it aside. "I think we'll be okay, but it's better to have another set of eyes and ears about." A look cuts to Warren, "If I see Sloane and Kitty first I'll make sure to give them a warning."

Now it's back to Rogue and that last question of Warren's, as Dani asks with an amused tone. "One has to wonder if they would ribbit or bark."


Of that list there is one Rogue hasn't met. She'll have to make it a point to. She gives Dani a quick, tentative smile back, one that's wholly different from the sparkle-eyed troll grin or the mask-like devil-may care grin she often has. Their first encounters had been rocky. A hint of something more welcoming from Moonstar helps relax her all the more.

If she notices Warren's thinned lips and averted gaze, she gives no sign. Not a hint or a blink. And he deflects that just as neatly anyway, by shifting the subject onto New York's latest round of weirdness.

"I don't rightly know, on either count, cause the noises they made were a lot more…" Here, Rogue sets down her coffee cup, makes claws out of her hands and makes a comical face. It's like a stark contrast to Moonstar's dignified bearing, or Warren's endlessly polished and genteel one. "Raugh raugh raugh slobber grrrrr."

After this demonstration, she drops said hands and adds:

"They just started all comin' up out of people's mirrors. Making people crash their cars, trying to claw 'em up and bite 'em. A transparent fellow who looked all dressed up for Ren Faire turned off whatever was making them happen. A nice guy, even if he didn't have no face that I could see. Ain't nobody perfect."

She thumps her chair down from where she was leaning it forward and says, "Didn't stick around to do no investigating. Figured someone smarter than me would get on that, and I was in the city. I hate staying in that there city any longer than I have to. Especially when things are crashed or on fire or what have you. Sherri Lynne Cooper had best buy me a second pizza for helping her move after that one!"

Her hands cut at the air as she tells this story, embellishing grandly. It's an unguarded moment of Southern short-storyism, and when she realizes what she's done she blushes a little and says, "Well, I do go on. I should probably go on and get some food in me. Hankerin' for a shower, too."


"Well, as Alison keeps telling me," Warren grumbles, "you can't be too careful. I swear, she's like Scott with breasts. What a horrible thought. Don't let me have that thought again."

Taking a long drink of his coffee to purge the very idea, Warren touches briefly on the matter of Domino and the Spyfish and Rogue's inclusion in the matter one last time, before — with his customary deftness — he pivots the conversation away again, hooking onto a throwaway remark Rogue had made previously. You really do learn to listen carefully and navigate annoying or awkward conversations very quickly, when you're raised in the kind of environments in which Warren was raised.

The kind of environments in which Warren was raised, however, did NOT prepare him for grand Southern storytelling, especially the raugh raugh raugh slobber grrrrr part. He blinks a bit owlishly, his coffee held decorously in both his hands, his feathers sleeking down in mild startlement. "It does seem New York is overrun with supernatural occurrences lately," is his eventual take on the matter. "All the trouble means the city just needs our presence there more than ever, now. Onerous as it is to spend time there." A faint smile crosses his features.

"But don't let me keep either of you any longer," he nods, as Rogue expresses a desire to get going. "I had a few messages to pass, and I have passed them." He cocks a blue eye at Dani. "I can tell you're raring to yell at me further, but perhaps circle up with Alison first before you do. You can compare notes on what I haven't already been yelled at about." His smile widens fetchingly; he's clearly trying to wield his weaponized charms. "I'm a proponent of efficiency and the avoidance of redundancy."


There is just a slow-stare from Dani at that remark, about Alison, and Scott, and breasts.

And while she could say something thankfully Rogue's explanation of frog-dogs happily nopes Dani out of possibly making that statement even worse.

So, giving Warren one last 'my god how' look, Dani shifts her attention off of the winged man and fully on Rogue.

"Mirrors are a good way to open portals." Dani says in regards to Rogue's breakdown of what she ran into, "Reflective surfaces and all of that. I'm glad you were able to avoid getting hurt by the demons." Now comes a nod to some of what Warren likewise says, "It does seem like the magical side of the world is rearing its ugly head again." Dani states in agreement, her expression now more contemplative than frown-y. "Perhaps we should reach out to a few people to see if they sense anything behind all of the oddities that have been cropping up.

Of course, the frown-y comes back when Warren advises Dani to circle back around with Alison. "Redundancy." The Cheyenne woman remarks dryly, "Yes, we wouldn't want that. I'll happily go chat with Ali to see what she's covered and then the two of us will think of other things to yell at you for. I'm sure the list will be comprehensive." And exhaustive, probably. So exhausting.

A look turns back to Rogue, "Talk with you later, Rogue. If you don't mind circling back around later I'd like to get a bit more info on how these frog-dogs looked. IF we can determine what plane they came from we might be able to track down some information about them and who brought them here."

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