Kara and Liz's first fight
Roleplaying Log: Kara and Liz's first fight
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Kara and Liz have a fight over Liz wanting a normal life, and Kara finding that dull.

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IC Date: May 20, 2019
IC Location: Liz's Apartment
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Posted On: 03 Jun 2019 19:20
Rating & Warnings: Relationship fight
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Tonight, Liz is the first one back. She was working in a frenzy the night before and ended up back quite late and, surprisingly for her, tired. Today, however, she is on the couch when Kara arrives, her eyes wide and her expression bright as she stares at the television, knees drawn close to her chest. She is watching a recording of 'Wicked'. Notably, the song playing is the on Kara and Liz sang together on their first (one million) date. She quickly reaches for the remote to shut it off when people are approaching, however.

"Wrist?" Liz asks blankly, though after a split second of eternities to think she presents her right wrist for inspection. The left hand still clutches the remote, the movie having been shut off with some alacrity as Kara arrived. Not that super hearing wouldn't have picked it up anyway. Liz watches Kara's grinning features with some degree of idle wariness. But she doesn't seem resist. Liz is always the snarky, deadpan sort. Even when she's hyper. "Should I ask?"

Reaching out to the presented wrist, Kara wraps around it a perfectly fitted thin chained bracelet that has series of small charms that are attached. There's a half-heart, a micrphone, a slice of pizza, and many more things that symbolize stuff that Kara and Liz have done, "It's a very strong material. It's a newer version of Inconel. Can withstand lots of pressure, upwards of 4 to 5 thousand degrees, freezing colds. And the charms are made from the same stuff. It'd take someone like me to really break it." She smiles and hooks two ends together, and then she hrms, and quirks her mouth, "I… um, need to shoot it with my heat vision. I hope I don't burn off your hand." And she lights up her eyes doing pinpoint precision to seal the bracelet.

As the bracelet is being sealed Liz holds perfectly still. A rarity for her, to be certain. She takes a deep breath and holds it, staring at the bracelet that is now fused to her wrist. A blink follows. "I can't take it off, can I?" That's just a quesiton, without /too/ much emphasis to it. The Brazilian woman slowly lowers her wrist afterward and turns to properly face Kara in her place on the couch. "So… How was your day?" Liz asks slowly. "Week. Whatever." The woman seems to be oddly calm right now. This really doesn't happen often.

"I mean, you -can- with vibrating. I figure it can hold up to your super fastness. And whatnot." And Kara smiles in your direction and bobs her head back and forth a little, grinning. She wonders, "Do you like it? I made all the charms, and laser cut them and everything. It took longer to find the material than it did really to make, but that's because I already knew what I wanted to make!" Kara smiles abit and leans forward to give you a kiss on the cheek before adding to that, "My day's been great, mostly good. My new instagram account is doing pretty well, from what Jen was telling me. How about your day?"

Yeah. I like it," Liz agrees. She smiles bak at you and then nods her head slowly, taking a deep breath. "It's fine," the woman replies without a great deal of conviction. How his differs from normal might be hard to clearly make out. But she's certainly far more subdued than she usually is. A deep breath is taken and then exhaled in a slow, measured way that is honestly completely unlike her. She does return your smile gently. "Instagram, hm? What are you posting up there?" It isn't like Liz to be behind, but she might just have been working too hard too come up for air.

Squinting at you, Kara peers almost like she were trying to scan you with her vision. But she's not, she's just looking at you confusedly. Her face leans in as she looks right at you, canting her head to the side she pulls back just a few inches, "What's wrong?" Questions Kara and she folds her arms over her chest, "You are… dead. Like, slow, and … normal … and … not at all like you are normally." Looking at you pretty intently she doesn't seem to be willing to move along.

"Nothing's wrong," Liz replies immediately, studying your expression while she does. "I'm just- trying out a new treatment." she states this carefully, moving at a fairly normal, sedate pace. She twistsi n her seat to face you, drawing a knee beneath herself as she steadies to watch your expression. "I think it's too much. But I'm fine. Just… Relaxed. For once." She even offers a faint smile, as if to prove her own words. "I'm okay. Really. Just… Calm."

There's a few more blinks, and Kara has kind of this… worried and slightly grimacing facial expression. "Uhh, treatment?" She questions a little bit, "So you are on drugs, to make you, like … this?" Another pause as she looks straight at you, and can't seem to hide any of her emotions at all. "You are … slow. And, unexcited, dull, and all that. I mean you are normally super excited, and jittery, and going crazy." She reaches out and grins bigger, laughing a little, "Are you playing a joke on me?"

"ANd going crazy," Liz repeats back, lengthening each syllable as she does. She watches you intently from where she is seated beside you, waiting for a few long seconds before she asks, "What about this is a joke to you?" The Brazilian chemist tilts her head slightly to the left, studying your features intently. "I'm trying to find the right balance for my treatment. Yeah." Liz certainly isn't grinning right now.

Blinking a few more times, Kara puts her hands in her lap and kind of leans back a bit, "I just. I thought you were, kind of, like me?" She questions a bit confused toned, "Are you going to be like this… all the time?" Reaching up she kind of pulls on some of her blonde locks, running fingers through her hair. She shrugs and takes in a deep breath, and then lets it out slowwly, "Crazy, isn't … bad." Fidgetting with her feet, she's moving them about, and slumps her shoulders, "I just, I … it's fine, nevermind." Looking away as she leans back against the couch and breathes kind of noisily.

"Centuries," is Liz's reply. "Centuries spent stuck in my own head. You don't have to sit there watching everyone else crawl by while you wait, just to be able to hear what they have to say. Fifty years in a line waiting at the DMV. Can you even imagine? Really imagine?" Liz shakes her head in a flurry of dark tresses. "I won't be like this all the time, Kara. But of course I am trying to do anything I can to try and find a way to just slow down. Just once in awhile. Even a little bit." Now Liz looks away as well, sighing in turn as she leans back.

"I was stuck in a pod for 30 years." Kara shrugs her shoulders, "And I can feel your heart beat, twitches of muscles, I can hear your neighbors, I can… hear the world." She offers and looks over at her much slowed down girlfriend, "And, I kind of understand. Not, fully, no, I sort of can move in and out of super speed type stuff … normally. But, what about like, 20 years kissing? Or doing other things? And, eating food, and dancing, and singing, and being able to zip around town?" She pulls her shoulders in and lets out a little sound, and chews on her lip some, looking back to you and then turning on the couch to face you again. "What about all the fun we are having? Is it like, now, only when you want to have fun? I just, I don't understand. Does this mean you don't like me? That, I'm not fast enough?"

"Twenty years spent kissing is an awfully long time," Liz replies seriously. She shakes her head slowly then. "It has nothing to do with liking you, Kara!' She grimaces in turn now, and lifts her right hand to rub the sides of her nose with two fingers in a circular motion. "It has nothing to do with /you/ at all. I can't do this all of the time. YOU get to move in and out of it when you want to." Liz turns to face you properly once more. "That's all I want too."

With her eyes in a kind of sad expression, Kara mentions, "Yeah, but … I don't like you this way. I really liked the … excited, zippy you." She shrugs her shoulders some more and then lets them down a bit. "I want you to be happy, of course, it just, you aren't very excited about the bracelet, and you are watching … tv … and you asked me how my day was, and you aren't eating, and you don't know what's going on with my instagram, and you are just …" She winces a little bit, "Normal…"

"…Well. If I'm too normal for you then I guess that's your problem," Liz replies in a caustic tone. She shakes her head then and leans back into her seat, twisting away from you once more. Brown eyes are trained on the far wall of the living room as if her gaze might literally bore a hole through it and out the other side. From Liz's half of the room silence reigns.

"Fiiiiine." Kara grumbles and shakes her head a little, "I guess that's -one more- problem for Kara Zor-El the stupid alien girl." She stands up and starts walking toward the window, "Message me when your treatment wears off, so I can see if you still even want to be around me. The strange and weird one." Looking back over her shoulder, "I felt … like I wasn't alone, for the first time since getting here. I hope you like the bracelet …" Muttering to herself, "Stupid, Kara, you are so stupid."

"I never called you weird, Kara," Liz will call after you as you leave the apartment. "You're the one who decided I wasn't good enough for *you* unless I made myself the girl you wanted me to be."

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