Roleplaying Log: Favors
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Moonstar pulls Merrow aside for what is expected to be a private talk.

Other Characters Referenced: Warren Worthington, Rogue, Dazzler, Cyclops, Colossus, Owen
IC Date: June 04, 2019
IC Location: Xavier's, Westchester
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Posted On: 05 Jun 2019 04:16
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Sunday evening Danielle Moonstar learned some important news - several pieces, really.

Firstly - Warren is going to start buying them the *good* coffee.

Secondly - Rogue tangled with demons that she's affectionately termed 'toad-dogs'.

Thirdly - and this one is the most important - Warren should never be allowed to put the next three words in a sentence ever; Alison, Scott and breasts.

Just because no. That will haunt Dani for a very long time.

But, on a more serious note, the last bit of information is truly the most important and the most serious. Domino has found out about their little research project and the possibility is good that she and Sloane are now in Domino's crosshairs. It's not a great thing to contemplate.

In fact, that's what has Danielle Moonstar stalking through the hallways of the Xavier Institute in search of the elusive (not really) Sloane Albright.

When she sees the Feesh, well, Moonstar pretty much hot-foots it over to the other woman, "Sloane. We need to talk - "

And just like that the Cheyenne woman glances up and down the hallway before she hustles herself and the Inhuman woman right on through a side door. The door itself leads into a small sitting room, something less formal and far more homey and comfortable than what's found in the public rooms of the mansion.

As soon as the two are through that door Dani wastes no time, "Have you talked to Warren?", is her immediate question, then, "He told Domino about our little side project …"



Sloane L. Albright, SHIELD Agent, Beloved Intern, and X-Friend has been struggling with a lot in the last few weeks; distractions professional and personal nagging at her while she tries to keep it together.

Warren's text comes in first. Seeing only the brief version of the push alert, she only gets through a quick, cursory glance of the short text before her thumb eases onto the display to open it—

— and then the phone rings. "Huh? Hey — Rach? What's— wait, you can't—"


She's forgetting something. She absolutely knows that she is.


Sloane looks a little distracted, really; her face is pensive and scrunched just a bit, a soft guitar case over her shoulder as she strides the halls on the way toward the music room. An impromptu jam session of her own, and possibly using one of the only guitars that she managed to escape New York with intact.

The loss of her music collection is tragic, but what was it she was thinking about? What was she forgetting?

Dani's suddenly there, catching the Agent's attention with a flutter of her eyes and a slight jolt. "Oh, I — Yeah, sure, what's up?"

No, not out here. In the sitting room, Sloane is looking bewildered and curious until Dani's asking the most important question of them all:

Has she talked to Warren?

Hand sliding into the pocket of her jeans, the ginger takes out her phone, clicks it on, and thumbs open her texts. Without even looking up at Dani, her lips pucker and her eyebrows lift. This, as she reads the text.

This is what she forgot.

"Aw, shit."


So far it's been a rather uneventful day. It's quiet on the Gotham front. It's quiet on the New York front. Frankly she doesn't care about the Metropolis front. Plus the weather is -just right- for some high speed motorcycling through the rolling rural roads of Westchester. Where did the bike come from? Domino actually bought it! They're a lot of fun and really lend themselves to putting her power to the test.

What can she say? Business has been good lately. For her. Which is what matters.

Since she was in the neighborhood it seemed like a fine opportunity to swing by the Institute, because why not. She had come in all pasty white skin and shiny black biker leathers and wandered around, going wherever fate happened to lead her.

As it turns out this, too, all comes down to an important and wholly beneficial reason. For her. Which is what matters.

There's a downright unnatural aligning of the stars when Danielle Moonstar and Sloane Albright happen to walk into this side room. Right on cue when Dani mentions 'our little side project' the door sloooowly begins to close behind the two until it meets the frame with an abrupt clunk, riiight about at the same moment that Sloane decides to drop a curse. It's all -so- damn convenient.

There, leaning back against the wall with a half sliced up apple in one hand and a knife which is approximately twice as big as necessary to carve up said apple in the other, is one leathered-out albino mercenary with a wicked dark smirk now falling into place.

"Well. It must be my lucky day."

So much for being rather uneventful.


Forgetfulness. It's a terrible thing.

And Moonstar can only watch silently as Sloane pulls out her phone, thumbs through the screens until she reaches her texts, and then realizes what she's forgotten. The expletive muttered at the end prompts a rather crimped smile from Dani. Understanding and empathy mirrored in that not-so-happy-smile of hers.

And truly, Moonstar was just about to open her mouth to agree, only before she can even think about doing the door that was left ajar begins to move and seconds later the telltale *click* can be heard as it closes; a sound that seems to echo ominously within the room. It's that noise that brings Moonstar's gaze back to the door, which then obviously brings Domino (and her overly large knife) into view. Upon seeing her standing there, Moonstar's expression immediately flattens to stark dismay, then a second later that dismay is hidden behind a mask of blankness.

For the first few seconds there's very little that Dani can think to say. It's only after she gives Sloane a bit of side-eye that Dani finally makes a move. It's nothing grandiose, Moonstar only moves to take a step toward Domino, as she likewise greets with a simple, "Domino."


Though she's trained and has experience in detecting traps and ambushes, it's a sign of the gulf of difference between herself and the third party in the room that she had absolutely no idea. When those words are spoken, her eyes widen, her gaze lifts, and her face falls, staring at Dani as though a ghost were speaking directly behind her.

Nervously laughing as she turns, Sloane unshoulders the guitar in the case, leaning it against one of the easy chairs. Tugging up the sleeves of her raglan t-shirt on her forearms and weaving her fingers together, she tries very hard to mask all of the things she's feeling at the same time right now.

"Hi, um. We've met before, kind of — at the Danger Room? I was on a different, team for that exercise, but — um. I'm Sloane."

The ginger's hands, still clasped together, lift a little. Her hope is fragile; praying that this won't go south. "We should probably talk, right?"


Another piece of the apple is shaved free and neatly popped into Neena's mouth as she nonchalantly side-steps to position herself in front of the door. Right as Dani takes that one step closer the knife is angled so that it's held business end toward the Cheyenne. It's not -exactly- threatening, and yet..it absolutely is.

"Moonie," the albino flatly greets her in turn. Then the knife is pointed towards Sloane, soon being reminded that they have in fact met once before. "Oh yeah. I remember you, Bluegill."

'We should probably talk, right?'

The knife kind of bobs up and down as Dom takes on a thoughtful looking expression. "You know..you're right. An opportunity like this shouldn't go to waste. We all have some unfinished business to deal with."

With a neat flick of the wrist the knife is spun about then roughly jammed back in between the door and the frame with a *THUNK*, effectively locking it closed by way of friction.

"Warren did indeed tell me about your little side project. Really, I wasn't surprised that he felt like doing a little digging. What -did- surprise me is how much he was able to uncover. That amount of detail requires connections. Allies. Outside agencies," she lightly shrugs. "Maybe something a little more connected, like..say..SHIELD."

Here a pointed stare lands upon Dani.

"But you had some help, didn't you. I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that the reason you wanted to talk to her directly is because she shares these connections," now motioning toward Sloane. The Institute is just FULL of rumors, after all.

Then comes the expectant look being leveled at both of them. "Am I on point?"

That might be a running theme of hers today, the 'point' seems to be getting a fair amount of screen time so far.


There's definitely a ghost there and her name is Domino.

While Moonstar wouldn't typically take her eyes off a target (Domino), that nervous laughter of Sloane's momentarily pulls her attention off the Merc. Now Moonstar turns her gaze onto the other Agent of SHIELD and while Moonstar would normally offer an encouraging smile, or even nod, tonight she can't quite find it in herself to do any of that. Instead the only message that might be seen in her eyes is 'be careful' or maybe it's 'be ready'.

As Domino speaks, Dani returns her attention back to the leather-clad woman. The business end of that knife is given a long look, but Moonstar isn't stupid enough to say 'put that away'. Instead she just lets Domino speak and move freely about.

Which allows Domino to jam the knife hard between door and frame, effectively cutting off the easiest escape route for the SHIELD agents.

Lips compress into a tight line, "Yes, we get your point."

Domino isn't the only one that can use point it seems!

"Sloane is right, we should talk." Dani continues with, "And it comes down to playing it smart. Before anything you do your research, you make sure all the i's are dotted, t's crossed, you don't go in blind. Can you say you don't do the very same thing? Especially with potential mission partners?"


'Warren did indeed tell me about your—'

Sloane raises her hand a little bit, quietly trying to politely interject, "His—"

'— little side project.'

Meeting eyes with Dani, she doesn't nod, but it's the little things — the microexpressions, the most subtle of tics in her face and eyes that show she understands exactly what Moonstar is think-suggesting and reinforcing exactly why Sloane is trying to keep her arm-scales turned outward at the moment, kept as part of her stance and how she shifts her hands from folded, to arms crossed, to hands on her hips.

Is she on point? Does she share those connections?

Dani leads off. Sloane nods, shifting her stance to something more neutral. "Warren just wanted to be sure, so we can all be safe. That includes you being safe, too."


Another bite is claimed from the apple in a slow and meaningful manner as Dani begins to explain, though ultimately Dom holds up a hand to try and stop her short. Sloane's quick interjection to correct a former point is also heard. However, to Dani's question she offers a Devil may care smile. "Not always. Sometimes it's fun as hell to fly by the seat of my pants."

Then she's actually motioning toward Sloane when the next detail is accurately voiced. Warren went through all of this trouble for the singular goal of safety.

"You're right. And you can both stop right there because I get it. I do," she repeats with a subtle nod. "The only one to have followed some semblance of standard operating procedure when I joined the team was Colossus. It left a lot of unanswered questions, and …let's be real here… I have a habit of playing by my own rules. Rules which don't align well with the late Xavier's Golden Dream. Warren came to you both asking for a favor, one which you both fulfilled."

"The -problem- here," she continues with a finger lifting away from the apple to emphasize her point, "is that you two now know a -great- deal about me..and I know next to nothing about the two of you. Now I've previously dealt with people who have learned a whole lot less about me in my preferred method, but..see Point X, not a very good fit for the team. Herein lies our dilemma."

With most of the piece of fruit having been diced and chewed away the remainder gets flicked aside toward a garbage bin. It hits the wall first but continues to drop neatly out of sight. Then the jacket is allowed to slip free of her shoulders, bundled up and lightly tossed aside to reveal a dual pistol harness. Walther PPQ's. Fully ambidextrous nine millimeters. Fifteen round mags.

"We might be able to straighten out our differences, but it's gonna require some effort on your parts."


It's good to have a fellow SHIELD-y in the room. It's good to have those silent messages been seen and understood.

It's especially good to have those team members put forth salient points that Dani didn't think to voice aloud.

The mention of Warren and this being his plan earns a slight flick of Moonstar's gaze back to Sloane, but by and large the Cheyenne woman keeps her gaze focused mostly on Domino.

And when Neena slips her jacket off and shows off the amount of firepower that's on her person, Moonstar can't quite stop the grimace that flicks across her features. Still, seeing that firepower doesn't stop Moonstar from crossing her arms over her chest. Nor does it stop her from speaking again, "And what would you have us do, Domino? To make this all right by you. Especially as you flash the knife and now your guns at us."

With that mention of the weaponry that was brought, the slightest notes of anger might be heard in Danielle's voice. Though with her last words that anger turns to something else. Something less confrontational. "We aren't your enemy, even if that's how it feel to you."


Domino's presence was somewhat intimidating; the knife moreso. Now, with the jacket shed and the guns in full sight of the two SHIELD Agents, Sloane draws in an awkwardly-paced breath before blowing out a small sigh.

Her head tips forward, and she pinches the bridge of her nose between thumb and forefinger as though the scaly Inhuman were nursing a sudden-onset migrane. "Look. … Honestly, I'm tired of all of the spy shit getting me and the people I care about hurt. You want to know about us? Or me? You want a dossier? Stories? What do you want to know?"

"What do you want?"


Domino actually shakes her head at Dani's insistence that they aren't her enemy. "Oh, I know. We already have a good bit of history together, Dani. Don't think that I've forgotten." Not that she's -at all- opposed to using some serious amounts of intimidation. That's just how Neena rolls. "And you," she shifts back to Merrow, "you're a tough little fish. I've been debating if a hollow-point would even make it past your scales. But that's another subject. And, no. I'm not going to pull a Warren. Your history is your own business."

The question 'what would you have us do' gets straight to the heart of the matter. And the 'flashing of guns' does serve a purpose, albeit a twisted and somewhat malicious one thanks to the albino's warped way of thinking.

"See..I have a habit of getting into trouble when using my preferred methods, and upper management has made it pretty clear that something has to change. Can't just start pulling my shots, either. Tried that, didn't work so well. Buuut..I've come to understand that -SHIELD- has some fancy-ass toys of an appropriate caliber which have been designed -specifically- to incapacitate without permanent injury…"

Another glance shifts between Sloane and Dani. "If you two want to wipe the slate clean between us, you ladies have two options. You can either help me source some replacements so that I can continue doing my thing in a more family friendly format, or you can owe me a favor." Because someone like her can -always- use more Get Out of Jail cards.

"You've already done a wonderful job with what Warren had asked of you so I know you're both good for it. Honestly though, I'd prefer getting some new gear. Just keep in mind that I tend to go through a -lot- of ammo. Help me help the team and we can put this whole ordeal behind us."

Yeah… This whole huge performance comes down to her asking for a pair of ICERs.


The mention of history, a good bit of it even, prompts a nod from Dani. However, even with that history and knowing just how Domino is, the mention of whether hollow point bullets would get past Sloane's scales causes Moonstar to *frown*. Deeply.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, where random little thoughts pop up, Moonstar makes a mental note to really introduce Domino to Owen. She has a feeling the two might get along; especially in the sarcastic banter department.

But, for now, that is neither here nor there. The focus right now is not getting shot full of bullet holes for either herself or Sloane, even as the two SHIELD agents cut right to the chase.

And when Domino finally reveals just how Moonstar and Sloane can make this better, how they can wipe the slate clean, the Cheyenne can't quite stop the look of surprise that slides across her features. Was she expecting Domino to ask for ICERs? Clearly not. Is it a good idea to give the Merc ICERS … the jury is still out, but it does solve the problem of potential overkill and that's always a good thing.

Soon enough that surprise morphs into another fleeting emotion which Dani quickly blinks away.

"I see." Is all Moonstar says even as her gaze turns to Sloane for a second, to see how the other agent of SHIELD is taking this request.


Sloane lets out a soft, sensible chuckle at the praise for her innate body armor. She will not, of course, mention that the coverage is in swaths rather than a full-body package, because Domino has not gotten to the point yet — and she still has guns and even if she's talking tough, the Inhuman is still a little bit unsure… and intimidated.

"It's also pretty boring," the ginger meta adds, letting her hand slip up to the back of her neck. Her mind keeps racing around the track of hollow-points versus her scales at point-blank range. She's pretty sure she doesn't want to find out.

Then, Domino's request becomes clear. Favors, or … gear. ICERs?

One arm crossing over her chest, her other hand lifts to her chin as she actually considers the request, orange eyes drifting toward Dani — and even turning her back a little bit toward Domino to confer with Moonstar, stepping closer to the fellow Agent. "It's not impossible," she says, her voice staying low and quiet. "It's more about the ammunition, right?"


That moment of surprise which crosses Dani's face only serves to bring the lopsided grin back to Domino's. The Cheyenne doesn't display the emotion for long but really, she doesn't have to. Similarly for the earlier frown. So sue her. Didn't Warren preach about the importance of trust? This is Neena being honest! Knowing what her teammates can take in a fight is important! Not that -she's- thinking of putting Sloane's metahuman gifts to the test. She hasn't found any reason to.


The end result of all of this is juuust a little anti-climatic with Dani. Dom kind of motions outward with her hands then lets them drop back at her sides. "C'mon, Moonie. Ya gotta give me something to work with here. This only goes for so long before it feels like I'm beating a dead horse."

Dom's 'I'm in charge here' has been swiftly interrupted by Dani's resounding 'nope.'

Fortunately, it would seem that Sloane might be willing to play ball. The question about ammo may be voiced low but in a smaller and quiet room it's not too difficult to overhear. Neena doesn't know much about the ICERs yet, not by name nor by tech, but it's SHIELD. They HAVE to have something fitting her description, right?

It was another shot in the dark, to be honest. But, she happens to be rather proficient at those.

For the moment she's willing to let the two have their own 'private' discussion on the matter. Meanwhile she reaches for her jacket, more to hide the current armament than due to being chilled. The Walthers have served their purpose today.


When Sloane steps closer to confer, Moonstar returns her gaze to Domino, though not out of worry or fear.

Not at this point.

No, it's something else and Moonstar will try to hold the other woman's gaze, even while she holds that quiet conversation with Sloane.

"It is." Agrees the Cheyenne woman, "But we can possibly get around that if we're able to crack the proprietary formula of the sedative inside each round. If we can do that we can stockpile as much ammunition as needed."

"It'd probably be safest if we just have someone analyze the contents of a bullet and then recreate it, versus stealing the actual *formula* on file. Or having to continuously steal more and more ammunition." And here Moonstar brings her attention back to Sloane, "I even have someone in mind to do the analysis. Well, two someones, but the second person is someone I'd only use as a last resort. He's a little … crazy at times."

Dani means HIGH. Owen is typically high as a kite, but that's a conversation that can be saved for later.

Now it's back to Domino and Dani's expression twitches at the nickname of hers - Moonie.

"You could have just asked." Moonstar says, her voice dips with some of the disappointment that she currently feels, "Without all of *this*. We would have helped even without the implied threat of violence or death. It's what we do."


Sloane's jaw sets to the side, scales shifting against her skin while she considers Dani's suggestion. "Sounds good to me. I mean, we do this, we kill two birds with one stone." Her hand wheels around a little after a beat, "Stun. Two birds. I'm gonna shut up."

Her other guy is 'crazy.' Sloane scrunches her brow, wondering just /who/ Moonstar has on tap for something like this that even she defines in that way, shifting her other arm to join the crossing. Stepping back, she turns toward Domino. "Especially if you're looking to go non-lethal on missions," she adds. "It might take some time, though."


Finally, after having to get through so much talking by herself, -finally- the other two have more to say. Even if it isn't meant for Domino's ears. At times she might claim her time on the ol' soapbox but really, she doesn't enjoy it. Well..not typically. Admittedly, sometimes it's fun to watch other people squirm for a bit.

Case in point! When Dani says 'you could have just asked,' the VERY SAME WORDS that Neena wants to pin on Warren after -everything that's transpired,- she smiles dismissively and states "Where'd the fun have been in that?" before wrenching the knife out of the doorframe. It's given a quick and entirely dangerous upward flick into the air, caught, then neatly dropped back into hiding.

Sloane's correction about stunning two birds has Neena snirking from the sidelines. "You're some kinda alright, Sloane."

Mention that this might take some time is at first responded with a showing of two empty hands. "Whatever it happens to take. I'm confident that you two will figure it out. Oh, and if this happens to come up with Warren? Feel free to tell him. Turns out that guy -hates- secrets," is said with a rolling of eyes.

The door is pulled open and without a word of goodbye Neena sees herself out. That lovely new motorcycle won't break itself in.

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