Spiders and Spells
Roleplaying Log: Spiders and Spells
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Ruby stumbles upon a crime in progress, one that Spider-Woman was on the tail of!

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IC Date: May 25, 2019
IC Location: New York
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Posted On: 05 Jun 2019 08:32
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* OOC Time: Sat May 25 09:33:09 2019 *

* * *

Afternoon in New York, another day of her 'normal' life. Since she'd fled to the city Ruby didn't have the luxury of some secret fortune or knowledge of that fancy mythical trick of conjuring gold from nowhere, she'd had to get a job. Besides, how many places would accept payment in disappearing gold anyway?

Her apron was still around her waist as she pushed out the door, her hair was still tied back in the usual tails and the young Witch was lamenting the dismal tips she'd managed to gather from the shift. Could the day get any worse?

Of course, as if on cue, the wail of sirens filled the air along with the screech of tyres. Apparently the seizing of an armored cash car down the road hadn't gone as smoothly as intended! As the stolen vehicle and the second team's SUV hurtles through the street, Ruby's eyes go wide as she's suddenly looking at a fast approaching grill.

She had to ask.

* * *

Then: Spider-Woman happens.

Spider-Woman isn't passionate about stopping armored car heists. She mostly only bothers because you never know which thieves are trying to feed their families and which ones are trying to fund an orbital death laser, so she'd been swinging along above this truck and thinking about a proper angle of approach when something she actually does care about happens: a threat against someone just walking down the street. Yikes!

About a hundred feet up in the air, she dives down in mid-swing, head to the ground, arms and legs straight to cut down wind resistance and turn her body into… well, if not a bullet, at least a lawn dart. The New York wind whips at her cheeks even through her mask; only her lenses keep her from going blind from tears. About thirty feet above the ground, she decides she's taken every chance she can, and yells cheerfully at the pedestrian, "Watch out for above!"

Her arms stretch out, one up to aim a webline at the building across the street, one down to slap a palm against the pedestrian's back and stick there. The webline springs, jerks taut, and Spider-Woman kicks her legs east, to the car's right: she swings like a pendulum, dragging Ruby along by the back of her dress, all the while commenting, "Ugh, isn't it just the worst when you're walking along and a spider falls on you?" She hauls Ruby up into a rough, one-armed hug against her side and leaps off the webline before she can scare the civilian's wits out of her skull, landing about twenty feet away, taking care to absorb all the impact of the landing with her knees and ankles. As she sets Ruby down, she continues, "This city needs fumigating, that's what *I* think!"

* * *

The noise that comes from Ruby? It's somewhere between a yelp and an 'eep'. But she's pulled back, yanked out of the path of the wild vehicle speeding away. Then she's off the ground! That's not good…at least not when she's not in control of it. Her response? It's about as normal as things might get for someone like her: she gives a cry of terror and throws her arms around the nearest piece of stability…that just happens to be Spider woman.

"Where did you-?" she begins, only to look down and immediately tense, closing her eyes for the impact that never really comes thanks to Gwen's bracing before settling down to her own feet. "That was…wow." It actually took her a moment to catch up, for her brain to realise what was actually being said. "Wait…aren't you a spider though?" she asks dimmly.

Alright, so she might need a moment more.

As the vehicle speeds down the road, several NYPD squad cars come tearing along behind them and draw close enough the criminals decide to get a little more brazen. One of the masked men leans out of the window and begins to start firing his gun wildly back towards the pursuers without care for where a wild round might bounce.

* * *

"Hey, if anyone would know how bad it is to have a spider fall on you, it's another spider. We usually start eating each other. I have PTSD about it," Spider-Woman lies cheerfully as she sets Ruby down. "Anyway! I'm gonna go fall on those guys now and see how they like it. Have a good morning!" She tips two fingers at Ruby in a salute and leaps toward a lamppost, catches it, pushes off with spider-strong arms, and by then is high enough in the air she doesn't mind swinging after the bad guys again until she's close enough to start thwipping the masked man's gun. "Get back in the car!" she yells reprovingly. "Didn't your school's bus driver ever tell you this is how you lose an arm? Or was that just my childhood?"

* * *

Of course, now there's bullets flying down the street and a Spider Woman swinging away, the waitress Witch just blinks for a moment and catches up. She should do something, shouldn't she? Sure there was an already experienced 'hero' already on the case but…well, this was what she wanted, right?

There was enough time for her to duck down the nearby alleyway, a few murmered words and a twisting light that reshaped her clothing. The white spagetti-strapped top twisting to an armored and practically corset-like number, her skirt twisting and turning into a pair of shorts and her jacket shifting to an almost military-coat shape.

It wasn't exactly normal, but it was certainly eye-catching enough one might not take in her face. Another flare of light and Ruby takes to the air, zipping through the skyline to try and give chase.

Spider-Woman's landing is met with panic as his gun us yanked away, along with calls for the other members to 'waste the bug'! More windows come down, more guns come out and suddenly the air around Gwen was filled with lead!

* * *

Spider-Woman's spider-sense goes nuts, like a swarm of bees in her brain, except instead of stinging her, the bees want her to dodge. …Okay, so that's a terrible explanation, but YOU try crafting a good explanation for a psychic ability there are no words for while you're busy dodging gunfire if you're so smart! Spider-Woman hops hither and yon atop the SUV's roof, often stuck by the the tips of one hand's fingers just to make sure she doesn't fall off a moving frigging car, while she yells, "Actually, it's a common misconception that spiders are bugs! We're arachnids, typified by our eight legs our chelicerae! Do you know what chelicerae are? You should put down your phones and Google it! I'll wait, I promise!"

* * *

Alright, so how does one stop and armored car, or a car with a hero on it without causing a fatal crash? Well…good question. Appearing further up the path in a flash of violet light, the Witch has a moment to think, a moment more to doubt and then? She raises her hands and creates a sudden surge of pointed spurrs through the road. It had absolutely torn up the tarmac but…well, she hadn't thought that far ahead.

Suddenly both vehicles were hitting a street-wide 'spike strip' and blowing out their tyres. That was probably going to make their escape a little messier!

* * *

Spider-Woman is so busy dodging, she honestly misses the magical appearance of police carpet. She just assumes some dedicated cops got out ahead and laid the stuff down. She silently thanks the boys in blue and the sisters in cerulean for their foresight and leaps forward off the top of the van, twisting in mid-air to face back the way she came so she can fire a webline at the roof and pull herself savagely forward, ankles and knees tightly together to kick through the windshield and into the driver. Up to her waist now in safety glass, there's nothing she can do but kick hard to her left to take out the passenger while she punches the windshield to widen the hole enough for her to be able to manuever without shredding her flesh.

"There's a joke here about bug meet windshield, but darned if I can figure it out," Spider-Woman muses.

* * *

Oh hey! She did good! The vehicles are stopped! She Ruby actually raises her hands in a little air-pump of victory…right until some of the cop cars barely screech to a halt before bursting several of her own tires. Crap…there was no way she was going to be paying for that! Guess she's going to have to flee the scene of this particular outing quickly.

Well…maybe in a minute.

While Gwen does her Spider-woman 'styling' all over some very startled criminals in a confined space, the two men still in the armored car make to flee from the vehicle and bring their weapons toward the heroine. A grunt of effort and Ruby makes a large swiping gesture, some invisible force hoisting the men into the air and then slaming them both into the side of the van with a heavy thud.

* * *

In the SUV, Spider-Woman slithers through the hole in the windshield to come face to face with the third guy in the back. "Hi, I don't think we've met. I'm Spider-Woman. I have spider powers. You're Derek, and you have a gun. Are we going to have trouble here, Derek?" she asks politely as she gets way, way too close to his face.

* * *

At this point, with his car disabled, cops well and truely limiting him from fleeing on foot and, oh yeah, a Spider-Heroine resting right in front of him who could easily beat the crap out of him? The thug who may or may not be called Derek decides to call it a day. His weapon his dropped and his hands are raised. He might have even murmered something about it not even having been his idea!

Cops are moving in, making their way between the spikes raised from the road itself towards the vehicles, Ruby looks around for a moment before turning towards the street and begining to run for it.

* * *

Spider-Woman, no fool she (except for all the times she's a fool), webs the gun to the floor of the SUV for good measure while telling Derek approvingly, "Good choice, Derek. As a reward, I'm going to stop calling you Derek and start calling you your real name, though I understand if you don't want to give it. Right to remain silent and all that. Oh, crud, that reminds me I'm a criminal because I haven't registered, so I better get outta here. Nice to meet you, Henry. (I assume your real name is Henry.)"

Spider-Woman hops out of the car toward the only visible person who seems like they're powered and asks, "Hey, are you registered? If not, do you need someone to get you out of here? If so, do you promise not to punch me while I run away from the cops? I should have asked that last part first."

* * *

Registered? Ruby? Absolutely not. She'd gone out of her way -not- to be known on public record where someone from the very cult she'd fled from when she'd come to the city. Of course, she couldn't go soaring down the street in a blaze of light like she'd done moments ago. "No I…Out of here would be good, sooner rather than later. I don't exactly have a permit for…that. Or money to fix that street."

* * *

"Sure thing," Spider-Woman says, and holds out an arm to offer (another; not that she knows it) one-armed hug. As soon as Ruby steps in, Gwen thwips, pulls herself into the air, and swings off down the road, each swing ended by a heart-stopping drop since she can't thwip two-handed like usual; but her goal here is height rather than speed. She wants to get onto the rooftops and out of sight of the cops.

* * *

There was no mask shielding Ruby's face, but the outfit was drastically different to her work clothing she'd been missing before she almost got 'trucked'. Lifted up, up and away, the poor Witch has to clench her eyes shut as she's hoisted upwards and plummeted downwards over and over. The touch down on the rooftop was fantastic by comparison. She actually wobbles on her feet for a moment before she steps back and raises her hands. "Okay…I'm okay…" she begins before taking a breath and looking up to the white-clad spider. "Thanks for the quick getaway."

* * *

"Sure," Spider-Woman says expansively. "I'm here to help heroes run from the cops and kick ass, and I'm all out of ass." She lets Ruby down onto her feet. "You good from here, or do you want me to run you a little further away and get you to ground level? I'm good with either."

* * *

Despite herself, there was a laugh and a shake of her head, the blonde Witch turning her gaze to her surroundings. "Here should be fine, there's probably an elevator or stairs I can use to get me back down to ground level." There's a pause, a glance to the web-slinger and she tilts her head. "Thanks again, for the save…saves."

A bite of her lip, it's pretty clear she's not sure what else to say and so? She turns away. "Good luck out there!"

* * *

"Hey, you too. Thanks for stopping those guys before they could hurt anyone else," Spider-Woman says sincerely, before breaking out with eerie suddenness into a sprint and leaping off the edge of the building to thwip away.

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