An Electrically Charged Meeting
Roleplaying Log: An Electrically Charged Meeting
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Noriko catches up with Drake Riley, another mutant with electrical abilities.

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IC Date: June 05, 2019
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* * *

The Xavier Institute.

Tucked away miles from civilization.

Posh. Polished. Maintained to perfection. One would be excused for writing it off as a boarding school for the rich and snooty. The truth isn't /too/ far removed, but it's missing some very key points. The first, being that the school takes in all kinds; from the rich to the poor, even the homeless. The second is perhaps best exemplified by the goings-on in the backyard.

It's nighttime. Most students are either in bed by now, or winding down with late-night movie marathons. But outside in the darkness, beneath a cloudless, starlit sky, one student rests upon folded knees. His gaze is half-lidded, head tipped back. His right hand raises, palm bared, and a wild coil of brilliant blue electricity flashes into being. The *SNAP-HSSS* of raw ionic energy and the accompanying lightshow are notable, but each discharge is kept brief. Each stroke of electricity is perfectly reflected upon the black, glassy surface of the lake not far from him, creating a tranquil, if dramatic mirror.

* * *

Noriko had been making herself a meal in the kitchen when she'd seen the lightshow, and, had decided to go investigate. She isn't exactly trying to sneak up on Drake, but once she spots the lone figure and determines that he's the one causing the electrical lightshow? Well, she decides to have a little fun with him.

She gets as close as she feels that she can before he might notice her, and as the next electrical burst it sent into the air - it suddenly changes coarse, and direction, as Noriko absorbs it into herself.

The blue-haired girl dressed in her usual relaxed-wear, when (or if) Drake turns around is eating a burrito with one hand, and finger-wiggling a wave with her gauntlet in the other.

* * *

To be fair, Drake is quite focused on whatever it is he's doing. It seems like he may, in fact, not have noticed Noriko's approach. To wit, when the coil of electrical energy blazes into the air and sharply redirects, Drake immediately twists to follow its trajectory as it slams /into/ someone. There's a panicked gasp- and then a scrunchy face of acknowledgment. It eases back into a relaxed, humored smirk.

"'Bout gave me a heart attack, thinking I cooked someone," he chides. "Especially given what I'm trying to do. Would've been a /huge/ backfire."

Weight shifting, Drake lifts up to his feet and bends over, dusting off the knees of his pants. "Am I keeping people up or anything?," he asks in the meantime. He's not really sure what time it is, just that it's dark out.

* * *

The girl with the hair the color of as bright, or brigher blue than the electrical charges that Drake had been manifesting finishes stuffing the burrito into her mouth and begins to approach the other Xavier's graduate. Finally, swallowing the last of her impromptu meal she shakes her head, "No. No one's complained. Just saw the lightshow, thought I'd come check it out."

She closes the distance between them with a causal gait then plops herself down in a comfortable space somewhat near him and asks, "Just what were you trying to do that would get a someone fried?" Curious.

* * *

Drake Riley straightens his back in time to see Noriko sit down. With a blink, he lowers right back down to his knees - now facing her, rather than the lake.

"Playing with electricity," he jokes. For everyone other than them, it probably /would/ be incredibly dangerous. But then he's lifting his hand once more, only to chest-height. Narrow tendrils of electricity crawl along his hand, gathering into an ionic pocket in his palm. "Nah, but really? Trying to get better at making shapes. I can kind've do it. But it takes, like, an object to work off."

The palm places down over the rather non-conductive earth at his side. A sheet of electricity webs out around him, coursing outwards a few feet. The charge ends quickly, and his emerald gaze returns to the girl. "Kind'a like that. If I can get better at it, I can do more. Bars, cages, a pimpslap."

His lips draw into a playful grin.

"You get the idea, right?"

* * *

"Mmhmm. Won't work. Probably." Noriko adds, "Theoretically? It's possible. Sure. I mean. Look at us." She holds up her gauntlets, "If I didn't have these one, I'd probably be draining /you/ right now," she says with a half-grin, and a shrug before setting her hand back into the earth. "So, anything is possible. But, you'd have to be able to defy the laws of nature of electricity to do that. It doesn't want to hold a shape. It's purpose is to discharge."

The blue-haird girl makes a thoughtful expression, "I've heard a bit about you. And, who knows? Maybe you'll be able to do it. I'm not electrocuting other people or causing blackouts, and I'm trained enough to help when and where it's needed. So, figure that's progress." She chuckles, some at that. "Wouldn't that be something. Talk about a standoff. You and me, sparring." She laughs a bit more, amused, clearly.

"But I've heard you can do some cool stuff. So, what do I know? Maybe you can. My abilities with it tend to - well, go with the flow. Pun intended."

* * *

"Oh, well, yeah-," Drake begins, but stops himself short of his nearly-excited rebuttal. She has things to say, and honestly, he's curious about it. And when she laughs, he winds up doing so as well.

With an amicable grin, the teen cants his head to her. "It'd probably come down to us just throwin' hands. You're not gonna shock me, I'm obviously not gonna shock you, so that's why we're trained for more than just that, right?" The idea is entertaining enough; he's never actually fought someone else electrically-charged, and it's bound to be amusing. Besides, from what he's gleaned, hitting her with electricity would just make her stronger. The tactical choice would be to keep it on a physical level. The flip side? They'd probably make a remarkable team, if paired.

"I studied up on you," he notes. And then quickly appends, "Not- not in a /creeper/ way or anything, God. I mean, I keep up with the rosters'n try to learn what I can about everyone." He breathes a slow, verbal, "Aaanyhoo," before continuing, "We operate a little different. See, like this…"

His left hand places against the earth at his side. Electricity webs outwards, roughly three feet, but continues to crackle as he speaks.

"…I'm not sending electricity /into/ the ground. The ground doesn't conduct very well. But I can make the electricity match its shape. Like a sheath."

The brilliant blue energy abruptly cuts off, and Drake moves his hand to his lap. "I'm pretty sure I can pull it off." He then blinks. "Not tryin' to flex on you or anything. You got that super speed thing going on, right?"

* * *

"Fastest I've ran is about three hundred," NOriko says, agreeably, "Maybe could go faster. But it's hard to keep track of things on the ground. And that was when I was in open country, flat land, open road." She grins some, agrees, "We're different. So, maybe you can."

She looks at the electrical web, notes, "I guess I'm a bit more in-your-face, while you're a bit more fancy. Doesn't matter how you do it, just that you do it, right?"

Thoughtfully she considers, "You go up a Sentinel in the Danger Room yet? We did a workout as a few teams on that. But, Dani and I are going to do some testing to see if I can actually drain and overpower one down completly before I get killed." She grimaces, briefly, then exhales. Grins. "I think I can do it. But those things are - nightmares. Really."

* * *

"Maybe," considers Drake on their different approaches. He never considered his electrokinesis to be fancy before. He's certainly made some hard efforts to refine and maximize what he can do, from minutiae to full, chain lightning blasts. It really is quite difficult to gauge where the line is, or where exactly they differ.

Except the speed thing. That is one hundred-percent Noriko territory.

The topic shifts to sentinels, and Drake gives another soft laugh. "That's /exactly/ what I was doing, too. Sentinels are machines. All I've gotta do is touch it. 'Course, they run on these crazy powerful generators, and back-ups, and- this is all crap you already know, isn't it?" He crinkles his nose a little. "Sorry. Point is, I totally think you can do it. The catch is not being Shadow of the Colossus'd while you're doing it."

* * *

"Right?! No. I think if I utilized my speed, while draining it, then used that drain plus what I already had stored up I could over power it. Or just drain it completely. We'll figure it out," Noriko says, agreeably.

She shifts position in the grass a bit, eyes moving to the lake. "And here I thought we'd kind of clash. You know. Like - well, like two sides of the same coin. Maybe that's why I never bothered to sit down and actually talk to you much." She shrugs, "Sorry about that."

* * *

Drake Riley's eyes widen as she explains her process, and he nods eagerly. "That is a /way/ better way of doing it than I was. God, that speed buff is O.P." A short, lighthearted laugh follows, completely self-aware of the nerdy gamer lingo that may, in fact, be a little self-depricating. Out of everything he took from Noriko's file - at least, what he had access to - it didn't mention anywhere whether or not she was a gamer.

His merriment dims back as he adopts a more sincere, less jocular smile towards her. "Hey, it's cool. You were here first, I'm sort've encroaching on territory. And I didn't know how you'd be, either. But, ah… for what it's worth, I'm glad you decided to be say hey." Beat. "Even if it nearly gave me a cardiac." His nose crinkles good-naturedly at her again.

* * *

"Don't worry. If I ever do give you a cardiac, I can just recessitate you with these," she says, holding up her gauntlets and wiggling fingers again. "Thirty thousand volts oughta do it, don't you think?" She grins back, shrugging. Still, she seems amused enough, and nods to him. "Yeah. I'm glad we finally sat down, now. Hey. Are you going to college anywhere? ESU, or anywhere?" She adds, mildly, "I'm not. With everything going on, I'm sticking around here, for now."

* * *

"Y'know, I've thought about that. The whole, recussitation thing with shock paddles. Electricity doesn't phase me. I've never seen any kind of electrical blast do it. Nothing the Danger Room's thrown at me." His shoulders raise in a loose shrug. "So would the shock register enough to restart my heart? Is it the shock itself, or the energy? It's like.. baffling to think about."

Realizing he'd gotten off a bit on a tangent, Drake's smile turns a little sheepish and he lets the subject switch over to more serious, grounded topics. "Yeah. I am. Right here, in fact," he mentions, patting the ground. "It was part of them taking me in. I had to take on college classes. If it wasn't a requirement? I.. ah…"

The green eyes lift to the sky, and Drake slouches back, hands propping up behind him.

"I don't know. When I graduated highschool, I was like, 'Yeah, no more of /that/,' and didn't wanna look back at it. And now…" The gaze lowers again to Noriko. "..I have no idea what to focus on. I'm doing core requirements for this first year. But, like, I don't blame you. It's a lot to balance, between the training, the missions, and the study.."

* * *

"It's not even that. It's - doing whatever I can to get rid of this stupid registration before other states start adopting it. Helping to show the world, and the lawmakers here, what a terrible mistake it is." Noriko has her cause, clearly. She exhales some, "Rallies, events, doing whatever I can. With - well, while doing it the 'right' way, as much as I think sometimes the Brotherhood might have the right idea on this one."

* * *

Drake Riley blinks at her and shifts forward again, propped on his knees, at attention. "That's.. that's definitely a thing, yeah. God, in the middle of everything, I actually /forgot/ that was a thing." He shakes his head, bewildered at himself. Clearly he's not been attending said rallies. He refocuses on her. "It'd be a lot easier, wouldn't it? And with seeing so many people hating us for being what we are, it really makes it tempting to hit back."

He exhales a breeze of a sigh. He doesn't have a good answer for her.

"Someone told me once that real strength is having power and choosing not to use it. People like us - not just mutants, but us, in particular - we're forces of nature. There aren't many non-violent or lethal ways for us to use our powers. They don't make us politicians, they don't make us actors, or singers, or musicians. They make us weapons. So… it's frustrating. But that's what I hold onto."

His gaze falls aside briefly before returning to Noriko.

"Does that make sense?"

* * *

Noriko tilts her head. "We make ourselves whatever we want to be. They can say we're weapons. Try and skew the story. And some people will believe it. But, ultimately, we choose our own fates. The Brotherhood has made themselves weapons, that's for sure. We've - well, we're more like first responders. Aid. Peace. Defense. We can protect people. But we aren't going to be the ones to strike first. At least, that's not who I am," Noriko confesses.

She adds, morosely, "But, when you've /had/ to register to avoid getting deported? You definitely remember that's a thing." It's not a secret of where Noriko came from, or how she got to the school, afterall.

"But, your friend - or whoever said that is mostely right. It's choosing when to use it. And using it with discretion. At least, in my book."

* * *

Drake Riley blinks once, then shakes his head quickly. "Nono, I mean this," and lifts his hand, tiny arcs of electricity dancing between his spread digits. "We're not telepaths, we don't exhale.. like.. charm-dust, or change shape. At least I don't!" He hopes that clarifies what he meant a little more. Either way, the electrical currents shut off and his hand lowers again.

"No, you're right, we should still use it. That's why we're in this team. And discretion's my middle name."

"Okay, middle initial."

"Yes, my initials are DDR."

He clears his throat softly, a little jab at himself in hopes of easing the air and bringing the mood up a bit.

"Can I be honest with you? I always wanted to visit Japan."

* * *

The sound Noriko makes is one of disgust. "Yeah? Well. I hope you enjoy it. I'll never be going back." Her mouth sets, hard, and her brows furrow. She shakes her head, grimacing. Then, after a brief exhale of her own she suggests, "But, hey, if you want to go? There's plenty of cool things to do, see there. I'm sure it's only gotten better since I left a few years ago."

She pushes herself off the ground then, "We should hang out sometime, Drake. I should get back, though. I want to get some practice in the Danger Room in and got a session booked to do some testing. See you around, yeah?"

* * *

Oh. That was a complete backfire. Whatever happened with Noriko in Japan, Drake's not privy to. "Hey, I- I didn't mean-," he stammers, taken completely off-guard in his attempt at an apology. The idea was to bring her mood /up/, not pull it /down/. But he's not going to force it down her throat as she seems to be attempting to redirect the overall tone, herself. He'll have another opportunity to fix his mis-step later. Hopefully.

Rocking back, Drake lifts smoothly to his feet again. "Yeah- I mean, okay. You have my contact info, right? It's on the roster, I think?" At least, he volunteered it to be. Sure, he's one of the younger X-Men, but he joined for a reason. That said, he doesn't mind it being used for a social call. "Anyway, sure. And if you wanna try tag-teaming some things, hit me up for that, too."

* * *

Noriko nods, grinning, "Sure. Maybe we can tag-team a session sometime soon, see how we work together. It'd be interesting, at the very least," she agrees.

Before she turns to walk away, she shrugs, "It's okay. FIgured you knew. Most people do. Let's just say I got disowned by a very influential man in Japan, and leave it at that." But, Noriko smiles, "It's okay, as I said. Wound up here. Better family anyway. See you around, Drake. Have fun praciting."

Noriko lifts a hand in farewell, then turns back to the mansion and starts to casually stroll back.

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